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Jennifer Lawrence & Julianne Moore Are Dark & Sexy at 'Mockingjay Part 1' Cannes Party!

Jennifer Lawrence & Julianne Moore Are Dark & Sexy at 'Mockingjay Part 1' Cannes Party!

Jennifer Lawrence rocks a plunging neckline while attending The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 party at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival on Saturday (May 17) in Cannes, France.

The 23-year-old actress was joined by her beautiful co-star Julianne Moore.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jennifer Lawrence

Earlier in the day, Jennifer and Julianne were all dolled up while attending the photo call for the film, which hits theaters in November!

Bruce Wagner and I met a friend for drinks #cannes2014 # birds,” Julianne tweeted the day before with a pic. Check out the pic below!

FYI: Jennifer is wearing a Dior Couture dress, Christian Louboutin shoes, and Irene Neuwirth jewelry.

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  • nat

    wow Jennifer looks hot

  • Space travel

    Why is jlaw’s chin so ugly?

  • Stella

    jennifer stunning.just stunning

  • Bill

    What has happened to Jennifer? She looks more beautiful than ever! Such a nice and talented girl. She deserves everything she’s been accomplished.

  • Jane

    There hasn’t been 1 Dior dress that Jennifer has worn that I liked. She always looks incredible with other designers.

  • Thriller

    @Bill: I know, she’s so overrated and plain looking.

  • Cupcakes

    Why does jennifer lawrence look like a man in a dress?

  • q

    Is she still with Nickolas? And where is he, when there is so many boys all around her?…))

  • max

    She never lose opportunity to show her BOOBs. Thank you, Jen!

  • truth

    Beautiful, but overhyped, overrated and OVERPAID!

  • LOL


    If she looks like a man to you there is something wrong with your eyes. She looks great, the haircut is really working for her now.

  • Shelby

    Does anyone know who designed this dress??

  • Melanie

    Jennifer is so

  • Laura

    Jen is perfection.nothing else has to be said

  • Bink

    Wow she has great boobs and she looks great.

  • Rich


    That’s the biz, if she lines the pockets of the producers she will get her fair share. Such a strange business but respect to her as she so far seems to be herself. And she looks great.

  • Fair

    Who did she sleep with for her oscar?
    I think she needs to step out a little, people are getting sick of her.

  • Jerry

    I think jennifer has an inflated ego.
    She’s too attracted to money, superficiality and vanity.
    There’s just something in that woman that needs constant attention.

  • monica

    Rich, its NOT HER who bring money to THGames movies- its franchise itself successful. If in Jennifers role Katniss go to Mia W, Rooney Mara or even Lily Allen(!!) it still will be success because of the great story and good directing. Jlaw was just lucky to be casted in this franchise and not in some flop like Mortal Instrumentals or Host. She should be endlessly grateful for such a luck.

  • Poppy

    Jennifer’s a hard worker who doesn’t have to ride anyone’s coattails. Smart cookie with talent, brains and beauty.

  • well

    @Jerry: i don’t think shes too attracted to the superficial stuff but i do think her ego has considerably gotten bigger since her Winter’s Bone days, especially the whole keeping up with the “down to earth” image and trying to win people over all the time, her fans will fall for it and love her but others have seen through it as a straight up PR act. id love to see more and diverse looking actresses in their 20′s get the chances that she has, her being in too many movies will get tiresome. she or her agent should know better to space out movies for her so she won’t be considered overexposed but i think they will start managing that better once THG is finished.

  • xxx

    So when Lawrence need to sell the movie – she play nice sweet, lovely girl. But in between promotions her true face as ignorant, impudent and defiantly person comes up quickly. You didnt fool us, Jennifer! We see your overinflated ego///

  • Pat

    Jennifer had the biggest nose, now it’s just weird.

  • Craig

    I think she got really lucky, that’s it. wining the lottery. Those franchises that have a lot of special effects and come from successful books do all the work and the people in it almost be anyone. I think those “stars” don’t know how to make the difference between today’s hunger for movies and stars and who they really are. like Brando said, don’t confuse talent with the size of your paycheck.

  • US

    @well: well said. I just think that faking an image gets tiresome. She is beginning to come across as hypocritical and fake.

  • why?

    I’m still can’t believe that Leo Dicaprio has no the Oscar but this kid has. Harvey Weinstein is wizard. LOL!

  • Yolo

    XXX, she has every right to flip of paparazzi when she is not on a red carpet. I don’t know how celebrities handle the paps with how intrusive they are. When she is working on red carpets and interviews you notice she takes time for fans and photos. I think she wants her private life as well and the paps try to take that away. I know I couldn’t handle it.

  • Destiny

    I’ve recently discovered the movies from the 70s. Man, there were some incredible actors from that period, I mean, real talent. I see the huge gap there is between then and now. Now we rarely see original and unique actors. They just put on a certain image and fake persona and try to explore the one type of role they are able to play. Today’s society suckssss!

  • Paula

    I do think she got lucky with Hunger Games but the girl can act just go watch Winter’s Bone. She is a little over exposed but 5 monster movies (hunger games and x-men) and two roles that led to Oscars will do that. I am sure after the Hunger games and next Xmen the over exposure will go away. But I don’t think she is fake she seems genuine, look are her interviews thru the years, she is the same just now there are a lot more of them.

  • Mitch

    Them BOOBS… she looks great.

  • Porto

    @Paula: I saw winter’s bone. it’s boring. nothing spectacular about her performance, she just looks pissed off the whole time, big wooo.

  • Shelby

    Is this dress custom Dior or from an existing collection?

  • Stores

    @Paula: well, she knew what she was getting into by signing hunger games and xmen. She didn’t have to do both so she was looking for that type of fame. That’s luck by the way. she doesn’t seem to know what it is to live a normal life and to really apreciate things. these stars look like toys that are passed around. The other movie she made with david o was the same type of role she did in silver. Same old same old.

  • future

    JLaw(or her PR team) created likeable image because they didnt want to repeat Kristen Stewarts mistakes, but in reality Jennifer is not so much diffrent from KStew – she smoking weeds, constantly demonstrating middle finger, complain about fame, publicly dissing fashion but signed advert contract,ect. It wouldnt be surprising if in two years she will be caught with a taken(married/engaged) man/costar.

  • Jobs

    she got a boob job eye job nose job

  • Paula


    I also said it was luck that she got those movies. I don’t think she did it looking for that type of fame though, it has been documented it took her days to accept the Hunger Games. I disagree with you that I think she does know a normal life and that is why she flicks the paps off, she wants her private normal life as well. Its her fault for taking the Hunger games to lose privacy, but really actors/actresses should have privacy just like you and me. And you are right the producers do use these actors as toys to pass around to make money.

  • Rick

    Who is the young girl in the picture next to the love Julianne Moore? Julianne looks great.

  • reality check

    Oh… poor celebrities, can’t handle paparazzi 2-3 times a month… let feels sorry for these multi millionaires that live in mansions, wearing the best clothes(for free or even paid for!), has a assistants, drivers, chefs AND NOT FEELS SORRY for the ones that suffering from hunger, diseases, lack of clean water…

  • Stores

    @Paula: I do agree that actors and actresses should have privacy, everybody should get it. But to a certain extend those actors and actresses begin to sell a sort of strange “brand” and start being over exposed and overrated. They seem to need more and the people see their need and use them to get more money or to sell whatever they feel like selling. It’s just dishonest and phony. They use them then they throw them away. And in between those people put on a mask and pretend to be the most important thing on earth. They seem to be cut from reality….

  • Yari

    @reality check:

    Jealous much… how would you like to be followed by people waiting outside your home 24/7. As for the suffering of poor its very sad, I try to do my part and I know lots of celebrities donate to charities for the poor, suffering, and abused. I know Matt Damon has that clean water for the world charity.

    By the way Jen looks great in that dress.

  • Dance

    @reality check: well said, well said.

  • Dance

    @Yari: That is the most superficial post I’ve seen in years. After everything you said and how you ended your message. wow, priceless.

  • Cher

    I tend not to like Jennifer’s movies and she is too quirky for me but reading these comments I had to say something. The paparazzi are absolute scum, I have seen it first hand, they say the nastiest things to these people to get a reaction, they actively stalk these people, and physically invade their space. No celebrity should have to put up with what those scum paps do, just go to LA hotspots and watch the scum paps for yourself.

  • Sara


    Yari made a good point in the first part in my opinion. The end sentence was funny though, it was out of place in that message but this article is about Jen in a dress… lol.

  • Jerry

    @Cher: Nobody said the paparazzis were great people or that they have a right to harass people. I think most people think she is overrated and a little too full of herself when she is no big deal.

  • Louisa

    So many peeps jealous of Jennifer Lawrence. It’s probably because she is posing with Liam and Josh in Cannes and her boyfriend is Nicholas Hoult. Jennifers a ‘natural’ beauty who has a lot of talent. So excited for Xmen and the rest of the Hunger Games movies.

  • Dance

    @Sara: You see!
    that’s why it’s a disgrace !
    I feel like people only talk and comment on a bunch of barbies who put on different dresses!
    Wow, what an event!

  • Bill

    @Louisa: Oh get a break. Nobody is jealous of Jennifer lawrence. And second, she is not natural, she got a nose job, sweetheart. Who cares about her boyfriend, he looks gay anyway. you’re just trying to find lame excuses because you can’t accept that some people dislike her.

  • 888
  • Lori

    She is beautiful and talented … the ones that think she is ugly must be gay and single . She will be sticking around for many years to come .