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Vanessa Hudgens: Bikini-Clad Bachelorette with Ashley Tisdale!

Vanessa Hudgens: Bikini-Clad Bachelorette with Ashley Tisdale!

Vanessa Hudgens shows off her bangin’ bikini body while lounging on a yacht with her BFF Ashley Tisdale on Saturday afternoon (May 17) in Miami, Fla.

The ladies, joined by gal pals Kim Hidalgo and Shelley Buckner, are enjoying the sunny weather while celebrating Ashley‘s Bachelorette Weekend. They were seen posing for some fun photos on the yacht and lounging out in the sun.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Vanessa Hudgens

“Off to a very exciting weekend :)” Ashley tweeted before taking off with her girls. Make sure to follow her Instagram account for all of her photo updates from the weekend.

FYI: Vanessa is wearing a Triangl bikini and a Porter Lyons bracelet.

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vanessa hudgens bares bikini on a yacht with ashley tisdale 01
vanessa hudgens bares bikini on a yacht with ashley tisdale 02
vanessa hudgens bares bikini on a yacht with ashley tisdale 03
vanessa hudgens bares bikini on a yacht with ashley tisdale 04
vanessa hudgens bares bikini on a yacht with ashley tisdale 05
vanessa hudgens bares bikini on a yacht with ashley tisdale 06
vanessa hudgens bares bikini on a yacht with ashley tisdale 07
vanessa hudgens bares bikini on a yacht with ashley tisdale 08

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  • OK

    Vanessa is beautiful as always.

  • anney


  • que

    esta chica nada de bonito como no dicen que son lesbianas hoy no pueden andar chicas juntas por que ya son lesbianas siempre estan juntas

  • James

    Ashley looks awesome in that bikini.

  • Kerry Louise

    these two are pretty short on talent but like to ensure that the paparazzi follow their every move. I don’t follow anyone that the evil Disney corporate lawyers made famous. don’t let your daughters watch this mindless filth.

  • yets

    hope they enjoy their vacation in miami.


    Vanessa and Ashley, both look good in their bikinis. Can’t wait to see V in a bridesmaid outfit and Ashley in her wedding gown.

  • assman

    nice tits

  • Haters Suck!

    Vanessa is just too damn sexy. Glad she’s having a great time.

  • hola
  • Haters Suck!

    Not much a mystery it’s an E cigerate. Both my parents use those ironically cause they want to quit smoking all together. If that’s true or not I got no idea.

  • hola

    @Haters suck
    exactly. they ‘wanted to quit smoking’ . So she smokes. I knew it when she was smoking like a steam engine in SB.

  • Haters Suck!

    I don’t know. There are rumors and some testimonials that these things help people quit smoking. Could be true, could be complete BS. I’ve just started reading about the stuff when my parents started trying it.

  • Jr

    Such beautiful girls. Ashley’s big day must be soon.

  • hanna

    it’s a hookah pen, she has a couple of those… hookah pens are harmless. they don’t even have nicotine… just flavours ;)

  • JFC

    Vanessa has an amazing body

  • JFC

    she even has her own personalized hookah pen :)

  • florence2

    No. hookah pens contain only nicotine not tobacco while hookahs contain tobacco directly. So hookah smokers get tar, residual particles in addition to nicotine. Judging by the size and dull color, most probably this is a hookah not a hookah pen.

  • woodywood

    the Tisdale girl looks like she is 50 with that body and drabness about her , sad !

  • maria

    @hola: What’s the big deal? She has openly talked about hookah, and enjoys it. Maybe she used to smoke, and does hookah now. So what? Still better than hiding with drugs. Not sure why this is even being discussed, when there are pics of beautiful girls in bikinis to talk about!!

  • Haters Suck!

    Mmmm, Vanessa in a bikini Lord knows you don’t have to tell me twice.

  • Dee

    I don’t remember you being so optimistic when Zac showed up with a e cig. Karma is a biatch. Never thought your girl would do the same in” did you? Lol

  • Nightwish

    Vanessa looks COMMON

  • Cate

    @hola: Wonder why JJ didn’t post those pics of Vanessa smoking? LOL! Much more interesting.


    She smokes, so what! What’s the big deal? How many other celebrities smoke or are social smokers? Geez!

  • http://Shanice15Xo Amoore

    I’m so happy for Ashley :) there is a lot of wedding happening this year wow…glad to see Vanessa.Kim&Shelley there to.

  • Ethan T

    Vanessa, always hot, always gorgeous.

  • Nightwish

    @Amoore: Would you kindly stop spamming under fake names? You are such a loosier. Get a life. Your idol looks like a middle aged italian woman with ugly flat feet, a flat chest and a stink _______.

  • Haters Suck!

    What the hell is your problem jackass? Amoore isn’t doing anything you, didn’t say anything to you? Does it make you feel more like a man to berate girls from behind a computer. you cowardly c**k sucking piece of $hit.

  • tinatwe

    Good to see the two of them together. Let me see perfectly legal activity in the sunshine or illegally sh it while hiding? I’ll stick with Vanessa.

  • Jr

    Once a bully always a bully I guess. You’ll never grow up will u?

  • lol

    i thought you van stans were utterly disgusted by yacht partiers….oh I guess you changed your tune now huh? lmao!!! and now you defend smoking too? interesting…

  • maria

    @lol: Are you serious? Having a bachelorette party with your best girlfriends is a far cry from being wined and dined by a rich Arab playboy, supplying women, booze, and drugs to his little protege. And doing hookah is NADA compared to being an alcoholic, who dabbles with Molly, Ecstasy, etc. You have to be an idiot to even try to compare. I suggest not going there.

  • maria

    @Nightwish: You are seriously a nasty j-erk.


    Never condoned smoking but I can understand why some find it calms them down. And never made a big deal out of it either, Efron smokes, Nina dobrev, Miley and countless others smoke so there. As long as they respect non smokers, who am I to judge?


    @maria: You are right, NightWish is a nĂºmero Uno Jerk.