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Beyonce, Jay Z, & Solange Smile Wide in New Family Photo!

Beyonce, Jay Z, & Solange Smile Wide in New Family Photo!

Beyonce, Jay Z, and Solange Knowles surround their matriarch Tina Knowles in this beautiful new family photo taken on Saturday (May 17) in New Orleans, La.

The whole family was down in the Big Easy where Solange currently resides with her son Daniel and her boyfriend Alan Ferguson.

Bey could be seen sitting with her daughter Blue Ivy at the lunch table in one of the photos as well!

The photos were all added to a new section of along with the just released video for “Run” to promote Beyonce and Jay‘s upcoming tour.

FYI: Beyonce is wearing a Torn by Ronny Kobo outfit.

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beyonce jay solange smile wide in new family photo 01
beyonce jay solange smile wide in new family photo 02
beyonce jay solange smile wide in new family photo 03
beyonce jay solange smile wide in new family photo 04
beyonce jay solange smile wide in new family photo 05

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  • Candice

    I like beyonce but this is sooo fake. Im not a kid anymore B!

  • Joelle

    Oh, oh! They brought in the big guns. With mom in the picture we just know this is a happy family. I don’t even know why they bother. Another picture of the back of Blue’s head.

  • lol
  • hah

    Every family has their issues, the carter-knowles family are no exception so they need to get back with reality and stop toying with the media. #damagecontrol

  • rnd

    seriously !!! those pictures screams FAAAAAKE , literally we are not in the 60′s or 70′s were that trick was actually working , this move will definitely gonna harm them , shiiit LOL

  • Renata

    Fake? No, it’s called moving on.

  • mel

    ooooh fake smiles , fake smiles everywhere , they need to stop posting pics about their “happiness” . The fight happened and not for no reasons

  • sweetshade

    They are a stupid family and try to act that they have it together….losers!

  • Matt

    damage control.
    they’re just lucky the Audio wasn’t released.

  • Renata

    Leave Beyoncé and her family alone… it’s not your business!

  • kel

    Can’t move on if they keep on posing for haaapppy family pictures.

  • saymyname

    London misses you Beyoncé

  • Rachel

    Damned if they do, damned if they don’t… people just like to hate on successful black people.

  • Sshe-Whom-shall-not-be-named

    Now they are turning to the oldest tricks in the books. Tina is forcing a smile. She is always pissed and has quite a temper.Im sure when she had private time with Jay-z it was nothing like in this photo..Yawnn

  • ladyb

    The damage control tour continues.

  • The Truth

    Wow, this “fight” was faker than Jennifer Lawrence.

  • Rebekkah Mitchellkig

    My Uncle Cameron got a nine month old Land Rover Range Rover by working part time from a computer… browse this site ……………

  • whaa???

    Wow, can we GET anymore transparent? Does she think people are THAT stupid? It’s embarrassing and sad.

  • http://JustJared celestialacademician

    Ok…I was cool with Beyonce posting photos of her and her sister on Instagram. I was cool with the joint statement they put out. Now this is taking it too far.

  • Verity

    STOP putting on fronts!!! Fake foolishness

  • aquarius64

    Damage control is in full swing.

  • courtey

    OMG WE GET IT!!! This is just FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE! Cut the sh!t already!

  • Sam

    @Rachel: #13

    Damned if they do, damned if they don’t… people just like to hate on successful black people

  • guest

    You people are so ignorant. No matter what this family does, you a$$holes will tear them apart.
    Like the other poster said, they are damned if they do, and damned if they don’t.

  • courtey

    @guest: No they’re not. The 5 instagram pictures of Beyonce and Solange was enough to where we got it, then came the released joint statement.. but these united pictures of “Look at us we’re so so happy LOOK SEEEE!!!” is just getting ridiculous. Their PR is on major overkill with the damage control and think everyone is stupid! We get it, you’re one big happy family of robots!

  • guest

    @ladyb: #15@aquarius64: #21

    There is no damage to control. Only miserable people like you all who don’t have a life, and want to make something out of nothing.


    This goes to show the elevator incident at the MET Gala was pure PR stunt right there at our noses. Beyonce watned to draw attention to her so all we could say was Ohh poor her and she acted like a DIVA so in order to fiz the problem now after the incident, now she is posing and smiling with her sister again only for damage control. Beyonce is a fake fake fake fake, self aborbed lady. I dislike her, all cause she believes is a DIVA or thinks she is the best. Best my as#^#$^$^$^$

  • allison

    Where is the picture of JayZ and Solange next to each other? LOL

  • TT

    Can they just please go away!

  • Jen

    Mrs carter world damage control tour…

  • dummy

    @Rachel: obviously you’re not smart enough to be successful, couldn’t even get that saying right.

  • web address


    LOL!!!!!I have to say it’s sad but true, the Men In Black neuralizer is definitely in play.

  • Mel


    “people just like to hate on successful black people.”

    People like to hate on fake people

    There I corrected that for you. So stupid when black people pull the race card every time criticism is thrown their way. GROW UP!

  • aquarius64

    @Renata: When they are posting these pictures they are making it everyone’s business.

  • http://justjared chrissy

    This is a bonce of garbage, Solange cray, cray and she wiped Jay-z up and B just stood there; now this, they should have kept quiet. Now a stupid video oh my what’s next, rest on it.

  • mom50

    I suppose all you haters have no family problems ever. I really like Beyoncé. I am glad to see she is smiling. She has looked so sad lately. Even at the Met Gala before the fight. I hope if Jay Z is cheating on her , she kicks him to the curb. He is NOT irreplaceable.

  • Martian

    Pathetic clowns who want to be white so badly! Theyre a disgrace to black Americans. They disgust me. I see they are still taking pics of the back of Blue’s head. Go away fake robots!

  • Hamster

    Beyonce looks like she has an IQ of a hamster. No wonder she puts up with an abuse from such ugly creature. She’s to dumb to leave him. Rumor has it he’s enjoying some young new meat, namely Rihanna.

  • BasementBaby

    So we can conclude that Blue Ivy was born faceless? I wonder how long Tina hid Solange’s face, til she could no more..Like mother like daughter huh.

  • Gina

    Just stop with the fakeness, none of it rings true.


    See they do love each other. A happy family.

  • Kodak commercial

    Intended response: Oh, look they are a happy family. That must really have been a spider that Solange was trying to whack off of Jay-Z.
    Actual response: Fake and staged.

    I must admit, they are great actors though. They also swallow pride very well.

  • Guest

    Trying too hard?

  • tasha

    I actually think that people wouldn’t give a shit about the accident if they stoped trying so hard to get people to stop giving shit about the accident..

  • Bey Jay Inc.

    This doesn’t look like a family. It looks more like a corporation. Fake smiles all over.

  • NativeNYker

    nice try at a white picket fence front…

    Native NYker

  • Alaia

    @Rachel: Haha, so it’s a race issue? I’m sure most people would be calling them out if they were white, too.

  • faker

    They can’t be too bright if they think this fake facade is believable. Faker than Beyonce’s blond wig.

  • Cleopatra

    Sad people with those stupid fake pictures, how very screwed. We DONT care about ur fights and HELL NOT about your fake ‘we are all oke’ pictures. Growwws.. Find a life for yourselves instead of trying to be of any use for anyone.

  • sue

    when B was starting her career, i admired her so much! She was this strong independent woman and she was saying to us that we should be proud of who we are, as women but also as person..but now? Sorry B but its just FAKE!…