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Jake Gyllenhaal Finally Shaves His Beard Off - See the Photos!

Jake Gyllenhaal Finally Shaves His Beard Off - See the Photos!

Jake Gyllenhaal shows off his clean shaven face while going shopping at Bloomingdales on Monday afternoon (May 19) in the Soho neighborhood of New York City.

The 33-year-old actor is showing off his newly clean-shaven face after sporting a beard for the past six months!

Jake has had a bushy beard all this time while working on his upcoming movie Everest and he also has been seen with very long hair. We’ll have to wait for him to take the hat off to see if he got a haircut as well.

Last week, Jake was seen out and about without the beard, though his hand was over his face so we didn’t get a clear look.

DO YOU THINK Jake Gyllenhaal looks better with the beard or without?

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jake gyllenhaal finally shaves his beard off 01
jake gyllenhaal finally shaves his beard off 02
jake gyllenhaal finally shaves his beard off 03
jake gyllenhaal finally shaves his beard off 04
jake gyllenhaal finally shaves his beard off 05

Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • karen

    Well hello, Gorgeous!

  • Burp

    @karen: Hi Karen!

  • Roxie


  • BAD!!!


  • yay

    And a fresh haircut too. He looks 10 years younger.
    See for yourself: Jake with his niece Ramona and the kids actors from musical Newsies

  • sasha

    did you eat something bad or are you green with envy cause you’ll never be hot like Jake?

  • july

    Guy, why are you so beautiful?! With beard and without it..)

  • Demi

    He probably shaved to go to the play and look at is face. He already has a shadow. I hate that beard, but I do like a little scruff. Yum. Jake is pure sex. He has perfected the “I just go out of bed” look.

  • Humorstoo65

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  • Martin

    Daily papped photos of Jake lately. Wonder why.

  • bbm

    i have to say… he’s beard looked good

  • carrie


    Gosh, I forgot how pretty he is. thanks, you made my day :-)

  • BAD!!!

    @sasha: Jake had a nose job and is face is flat, as if someone put a plate on it. he has no lips by the way.

  • Kara

    For our viewing pleasure. xoxo Kudos to Just Jared for our daily dose of Jake eye candy!!!!!! Please give us more until his facial hair grows back again!!!!

  • Tay

    @Demi: his breath stinks and he’s gay!

  • Zee

    Jake called the paps again! by the way, people say how complicated he is and how self centered he is.

  • http://JustJared celestialacademician

    I wonder if Jake laughs at news like this about himself. I mean him not having a beard anymore isn’t news.

  • god!

    You’re too much for me, Jake. I wish I new how to quite you)

  • sasha


    it’s official, you need to check your eyes, you’re blind.

    unfortunately there’s no cure for your envy and delusions. do you see little green aliens too? do they talk back to you? LOL

  • http://JustJared celestialacademician

    @Zee: Most celebrities are self-centered because almost everyone caters to them which is a dangerous thing for the celebrity and their perception of reality.

  • Reply

    @sasha: Oh so the world has to bow down to hairy jake? As if he was perfection on earth? Nope, he isn’t. He’s plain and boring. get your ego checked Jake. You’re starting to confuse your paychecks with your value as a human being.

  • http://JustJared celestialacademician

    @sasha: The little green aliens talk to meeeeeeeeeeee. :)

  • 8

    @celestialacademician: Well, jake is cut from reality. He doesn’t know what it means to struggle and to appreciate things.
    He thinks he’s a king or something and he’s not. Those people think they are disney characters or something. weird.

  • Green like grass.

    @celestialacademician: green eyes are the most beautiful eye color ever!!!! very rare. I do not associate green eyed monsters as you say to jealousy.
    Some people may simply not like Jake, period.

  • Los Angeles

    @sasha: I think jake is blind himself. I think the links in his brain are all messed up. That’s why he can’t think clearly.

  • ace11

    Still a tool

    Women that are fascinated by him must be blind

  • Barry

    Jake is scared because he’s gay.

  • jennie

    He’s like a toy that is being passed around in Hollywood.

  • Diana

    He should never hide his perfect face under that bushy beard. Then again he’s so beautiful when shaved, we’re all drooling over the keyboards and it’s too messy.
    You’re right Jake, just once in a while is better for our health. I’m gonna love Southpaw.

  • Frankie

    @Diana: sweetheart, jake is in the closet!

  • Burt

    Jake has beards to cover up his homosexuality! :)

  • Truth

    It’s true that jake had a nose job!!! ha ha ha

  • Diana

    Oh, you wish! You reek of desperation. Keep dreamin’.

  • trolling as a job?

    No, it just happens so that some people are beautiful, talented and intelligent. And other people are not able to accept this. Life’s hard, hold on) And if serious, are you payed for your awful posts? If not, you’re asexual or blind or stupid. Sorry.

  • mark

    to hell with him, where’s Alyssa?

  • M

    @Zee: Only Taylor Swift said that. Most people say he’s a nice guy.

    @8: How do you know it? Do you know him personally?

  • Truth

    OMG, the trolls crawled out from their moma’s basement.
    They hate it when Jake shaves, showing his beautiful face, just like they hate it when Jake makes one movie after another. He’s a beautiful talented actor and the weirdo bunch of gays can’t stand it.

  • Truth

    @mark: such a phony couple. he dates idiots. who are as shallow as him.

  • M

    Most of these posts are coming from the same person. I bet it’s from OMG blog, they are upset with Jake living in New York.

  • Unsealed

    How dare he speak of PTSD and EMDR?
    The guys doesn’t know what it is to suffer from a post traumatic stress disorder! It’s a very intense thing. He should shut up.

  • Garrett

    @Truth: Hey, I’m gay and I love him. And I’m not a weirdo!


    @M: he should go back to L.A. new york is too cultivated for him. he’s a corny person.

  • Chl.

    A post on tumblr said that Jake was in a rehab just recently. Maybe that’s why all the pap photo sets lately. An exchange to keep the story quiet?

  • M

    @AZERTGHB: Hello, PG!

  • july

    Your angry posts show your REAL PASSION, guys. So pretty))

  • 54

    @Chl.: in rehab for what?

  • Surprise visit

    His sister maggie is hidden lesbian. She’s envious and competitive with other women and doesn’t want jake to be happy, she’s a hypocrite.

  • google-fu

    these jake posts sure bring out the loonies.

    found this – is this what you are talking about CHL.? It an anonymous source.

  • Gayle

    He’s cute, but I don’t like his sunglasses or the wool hat.

  • 1998

    @google-fu: a sex addiction? that’s what he was treated for?