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Taylor Swift on Cat Meredith: 'She's A Chubby Housecat'

Taylor Swift on Cat Meredith: 'She's A Chubby Housecat'

Taylor Swift turns heads on the sidewalk as she arrives at the gym in New York City on Monday morning (May 19).

The 24-year-old singer recently opened up to People mag about her cat, Meredith, attacking her MET Gala gown earlier in the month.

“I’ve never seen more fashionable people lose their composure quicker than when a cat walks up to a satin, custom Oscar de la Renta gown and then decides to make a home inside of it,” Taylor shared.

She added about Meredith making a home for herself around the gown, “She just passed, dug her claws in and started to roll…like when you see a crocodile attack an antelope on National Geographic. That’s what she tried to do to the dress.”

Thankfully, there was no damage whatsoever: “She’s a chubby housecat. She’s not very strong!”

15+ pics inside…

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taylor swift red dress meredith met gown 01
taylor swift red dress meredith met gown 02
taylor swift red dress meredith met gown 03
taylor swift red dress meredith met gown 04
taylor swift red dress meredith met gown 05
taylor swift red dress meredith met gown 06
taylor swift red dress meredith met gown 07
taylor swift red dress meredith met gown 08
taylor swift red dress meredith met gown 09
taylor swift red dress meredith met gown 10
taylor swift red dress meredith met gown 11
taylor swift red dress meredith met gown 12
taylor swift red dress meredith met gown 13
taylor swift red dress meredith met gown 14
taylor swift red dress meredith met gown 15

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • stan


  • Dance

    I think her features are nasty looking, she looks like joan rivers. everything about her is so staged. She’s neurotic and bitter. She’s bad luck too.

  • superb


  • k

    Okay whether you like her or not you have to admit she is wear SO much make-up. It makes her look fake. She is so pretty without it.

  • alice

    that’s how she goes to the gym?

  • selena forever


  • Roxie

    This woman is absolutely gorgeous and so classy. People who diss her are just jealous! Taylor Swift is beautiful on the inside and out. What a fabulous role model for young girls.

  • James

    @Roxie: Are you out of your mind? What has she done to deserve to be a rolemodel? She writes stupid songs about dating boys a her life is about choosing what to wear at the gym, because of course there will be paps, and to post pictures how cool she is hanging out with models? That’s hardly something you admire in human. Girls who do sports, who do science, who take care for animals, who try no matter how difficult their life conditions are…those are rolemodels. Not this fake girl. Think of life values better.

  • ……..

    She’s going to be nothing more than a cat lady before long.

  • right

    @Roxie: I agree. Taylor is a natural beauty. No fake tan, no fake hair. That is what you call a natural beauty. Now if she were to ever want a fake tan or fake hair so be it but that fact that people call her fake when she wears nothing fake at all is stupid. She does not even wear fake nails. Haters hate because she is s ooooooooo successful. That is all.

  • Bio

    @Roxie: that’s because she’s a narcissist. she has an inflated ego that makes her delusional about her fake self. She wants to be something she is not.
    Her brain is dumb and vile. She can’t take a critic or the truth because her ego will go nuts.
    Those pictures are so staged and fake, just like her. She looks awkward too because she’s so tall and bizarre looking that she is uncomfortable in her own skin. Maybe she should write a song about that…..

  • karen


    Dear Gawd, no! Jealous? She’s a mess. There is not one thing about her I envy. Nada. I think Taylor is a joke. As fake as they come with ten pounds of make up on wearing clothes so her publicist can take her picture. It’s like a parade. No on who really lives in NYC looks like that on a daily basis. She’s a fool. I think she is trying to change her eye make up so she looks more like Karlie Kloss. She has a fake personality. When Jessica Alba and Hilary Duff get their picture taken people laugh, but Taylor is ten times worse.She is definitely not a role model for anyone I know an I wouldn’t want my kids to think she’s important either. Ugh.

  • yepidipey
  • Humorstoo65

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  • Prudence

    Yep, Taylor will be an oooooold pasty cat lady.
    She will write her bitter songs about all the cats in her house who will be dying to get out and get away from her.
    To her they will be her imaginary boyfriends and they will inspire her the same old things for her songs.
    You got away, then tried to come back to me for some more food. Don’t look back, i won’t you liter freak bla bla bla”

  • Jerry

    Taylor swift smells likes an old vagiiina!

  • Night armor

    The tbone swift called the paps, again!

  • Sam

    Never know why people make such a big deal about what she wears to the gym. She’s goes places after you know, rather than going home and changing then back out, she just does it after her workout.

    Not to mention who wants a freshly workout photo all over the internet for the rest of your life especially somebody in the public eye as much as she is.

  • Ken

    @yepidipey: I know, but she’s ugly, even after the nose job; she’s a fake. her face is strange, bbbrrrrr

  • Mail

    She looks like a giant skeleton in an 80′s horror movie….

  • Bruce

    @Dance: You are really nuts, bozo. Taylor is beloved worldwide and looks like a supermodel. You’re disturbed.

  • right

    @yepidipey: she is gorgeous in the picture without makeup. She has flawless skin. That proves that she wears makeup because she likes to. The girl does jot have a pore on her face. That pick is old though, I think she was a teenager then. She is 24 now and features change with age, vut she looks the exact same. What is all the desperation to prove taylor swift is as ugly you. One thing you will never take away is that 5’10 height and legs longer then anyone in the music biz and she does not need to put a fake tan on her legs to make them stand out. They stand out on their own because they are long, tone and lean.

  • First

    @yepidipey: I know, now what’s her next plastic surgery. we know she manipulates her image and lives in a bubble.

  • Bruce

    @James: James your ignorance is so huge about whom you speak of it’s pitiful. She spends more time helping kids with cancer, funding education and going out of her way to be kind to people than all other celebrities put together, and is a naturally beautiful person. Lots of trolls here.

  • Snow

    @right: yeah right, her nose changed with plastic surgery.

  • James

    @right: her legs are ugly, too tall and bizarre. she has an ugly face and she wishes she was a supermodel. She’s just white trash in a red dress. next….

  • Z

    @Bruce: she’s had plastic surgery. it’s well documented and very apparent. she knows it, we know it. cased closed.

  • Bart

    She looks like David bowie!

  • Silver

    There’s something so phony about how she stages herself and pimps herself. She’s a weird woman.

  • right

    @Snow: all I know is that her face is beautiful. Whatever she is doing on has done, soooooo pretty, she looks like a doll. Pale skin never looked so good. Take note carrie underwood and step away from that bronzer.

  • Times

    That’s one of the things that I dislike in society. People like her who have inflated egos and show themselves off to the world as if they were the latest toy on the market. She’s not original or truthful or talented.
    taylor Swift represents those plain Janes who are addicted to attention and superficiality.

  • Nino

    She’s like the female version of James Franco, she’s everywhere and untalented, yet, they need to be everywhere until people vomit.

  • right

    @James: well instead of being a supermodelshe had to settel for being the biggest music star in the world instead. That is even better, few models if any make the type of cash taylor swift makes. She is her own empire, if she wants to be a model, she can create her own magazine like oprah and be the covergirl every month. She is rich enough to be and do whatever she pleases.

  • Hubert

    @right: Nah, Don’t think she’s attractive at all. her features are quite vulgar.

  • Sweed

    No wonder Jake dumped her bonny a$$! She’s boring, idiotic and strange looking.

  • Quentin

    @right: yeah, rich enough, but she’s no supermodel and if she tries to be one it’s because she forces people with her money. keep dreaming babe. she’s not pretty. she knows it.

  • Eddie

    Oh no, not her again.

  • right

    @Nino: how is her being out side, not on tv being everywhere. Was she at the billboard awards? No. She is outside, so if I step out side that now constitutes me being everywhere? You live a very sheltered life if you thing running errands constitutes being “everywhere”. You haters are very overy the top and irrational.

  • Eddie

    @Times: Very true. She is behaving like a toy.

  • Yardz

    Wtf is up with her posture?

  • James

    @right: She does have a big ego.

  • Nino

    @right: You know what I mean by being everywhere. that has nothing to do with a “sheltered” life as you would like to think. She loves Pr and is addicted to attention. The things she does and her image are very, very calculated.

  • right

    @Quentin: being 1 of 1000 supermodels or being the biggest music star on the planet. The argument is moot, she is rich and successful. If she wants to be a model, play a model, etc she can. Oprah is a model, you get the point dummy. When you are that rich and successful you can be whatever you want to be. Models have restrictions on them though, they are not their own, other people own them. Taylor swift is her own boss, her own empire. Models cannot even cut their hair or wear makeup without permission. I think any model would much rather be a taylor swift and own their own empire.

  • aquarius64

    As much as I like her not dressing like a slob or a hooker when she’s out, the pictures come off as staged.

  • perdida

    All these TayloRobots who passionately defend he and think they know all her personal business, and quote her album sales. Sheesh! Get. A. Life! Your world is way too small. How sad for you that this mediocre talent consumes your life as a “role model” or she is like your Gold Standard. She is plastiuc, and fake, and honey you do not go to the gym with 16pounds of make up on. Uness yu wantto test it to see f it smears.Of course Taylor is so perfect she probably doesn’t even seat. LOL!

  • lah

    She is so loved and popular worldwide. Her shows sellout in minutes. Her Australia/NewZealand tour was ALL soldout STADIUMS. She had to add 3 EXTRA shows to her 02 London tour because demand for tickets was so great. Even her June tour in Asia is soldout. You haters are in the minority.

  • Terra

    @perdida: very well said.

  • right

    @perdida: her fans would know much more about her then any hater ever will. You haters get your news from a rag magazine and thatmakes you severely misinformed.

  • Ta

    @lah: big ego, big ego, you’re a narcissist taylor, a big one!

  • right

    @lah: stop it now, haters get jealous when you quote hard true facts. They would much rather wish and tink up fake stories which they have absolute no proof of. The national inquirer is their world be damned with hard facts. They hate the true stats. Hates if you do not want the stats thrown in your face then stop peddeling your fake no evidence whatsoever hateful slimeball postings.