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Halle Berry Talks Different Sucking Styles Between Boy & Girl on 'Ellen' - Watch Now!

Halle Berry Talks Different Sucking Styles Between Boy & Girl on 'Ellen' - Watch Now!

Halle Berry gets scared while making an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, airing on Tuesday (May 20)!

The 47-year-old actress chatted about her baby son Maceo and the difference between having a boy and girl. Watch the video below!

“There’s a difference between boys and girls. You know, I’m nursing both…I breastfed Nahla and I’m nursing my baby. When I would put Nahla on the boob she would go (light sucking) a nice little girly suck with him it’s like (chomping suck) he’s like sucking the life out of me. So I see the difference between boys and girls,” Halle shared during the show.

Also pictured: Halle sporting two different outfits on the set of her new show Extant on Friday (May 16) in Los Angeles.

Halle Berry – ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’

FYI: Halle is wearing a Mango dress and Ruthie Davis heels for the interview. On set, Halle is wearing Yosi Samra flip flops.

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  • go go

    Isnt this something you just tell your girlfriends sbout, not the world? Smh

  • Ray

    As in she still nurses nahla? Breast feeds her daughter? How old is nahla?

  • uiolkoi

    so funny!!!

  • msirene

    She still looks very nice and still trying to promote her work, which is what actors/actresses do. What I find puzzling, however, is that she never seems to go into detail about her husband, Oliver. She doesn’t talk about what kind of father/husband he is, or how he helps her with Maceo. I have not seen but one photo of him & his son, the one where he is carrying the baby in a carrier, to or from dinner? Something is still kind of strange, regarding this family. Oh, well…’s not my business!

  • Melissa B

    Why is she nursing a 6 year old? I don’t think they even do that in Africa!

  • uiolkoi

    @Melissa B: She never said she was!

  • ugh

    @Ray: @Melissa B: ” I breastFED Nahla..” ….you know…. past tense…. jee… learn to read!

  • Old

    Doubt theres any milk in those ancient boobies of hers. Thats why the poor kid is struggling.

  • Frida

    Yes because clearly all babies are the same…

  • Justin

    1- I doubt Halle and Olivier are actually married. You have to live in France at least 40 days before you can obtain the documents to marry.
    2- They are living apart according to every gossip blog which to me says she will break some news before her next TV show or movie.
    3- I saw the trailer for her TV show and it looks stupid. I am shocked that Spielberg would invest in something like this.
    4- She looks a mess! Age and time does not look kindly on her. What the hell happened to her face? Is it motherhood? Is it that bad? I’ve seen other mothers who have to surmount much worst who look much better.
    5- The paparazzi don’t stalk her, her people(s) call their people(s). Besides, there are richer and more famous people who can live with out the paparazzi stalking them. She’s just mental.
    6- I think Olivier has a lot of things on his side because he can tell the real reason why he attacked Gabriel! It wasn’t his idea….
    7- No one is going to watch the TV show during the summer….people have things to do especially outside and being social.

  • carla
  • just saying

    Halle just needed to shut up!!!!! Every time she open her big mouth she just put her foot in it with the dumb thing she say, come on give us a break if you have IVF big deal it an everyday thing it happen, it life deal with it.

  • carla
  • Wurry

    Does she have to lie about EVERYthing?? She isn’t nursing, unless her saline was removed before or something. And she just had a breast lift before her show began filming.

  • shelbethegreat

    This was a really sweet interview. Halle was hilarious, and it is nice to know women still understand the importance of breastfeeding. She will always be a class act in my book.

  • shelbethegreat

    @Justin: You got some serious mental issues, Halle is doing great, and so is Olivier.

  • lol

    You accuse others of having mental health issues……..take a good look at yourself lady. You stalk this family like a delusional nutcase. Face facts, you have no idea how they are doing. Go get that basic education you so obviously missed out on

  • Peach Cobbler

    halle Berry had ugly bow legs ,and her legs are getting uglier and more b bow legged looking as she gets older. Those are the legs of a 50 something year old not a 40 something.Someone is lying about their age.

  • Shelbethegreat

    There sure are some jealous hags on this blog. Doesn’t matter, Halle is still far more beautiful than any of the mutts criticizing her.

  • cute segmanet

    cute segment w/the breastfeeding/other Nahla stories and funny when she stormed off w/spider bit.

    Still say her pregnancy was planned, it was a surprise when it happened. Who knows if she did have IVF w/Maceo and/or Nahla (talked harvesting eggs on Tavis)—rumors. If she did, she did.

    She really could have thought sans IVF etc that she couldn’t get pregnant again. It was rumored in some circles to one of the many reasons that she & Aubry split up and not what was being printed on the internet (not making it up) and were trying before they official split up.

  • cute segmanet 2

    More rumors are being fueled again of them splitting/living separately combine the old news on the internet with her comments on Ellen about her changing her mind about the need about getting married and downplaying Ellen’s love portion of Ellen’s comment love and a baby change everything.

    See above :20-:25+ or see in Ellen video below.

    Halle did the same type when Tyra interviewed her when she was still with Aubry with her comment implying problems even though they didn’t officially split 6-8 months or so after the interview.

    Not saying any of this is true. Yes Irene etal her behavior is inconsistent and odd regardless of holiday event and other pix /interview comments.

  • jean

    this is one stupid, I will not watch this stupid t.v. show, she looks like an old white bug eyed crazy monkey. we all laugh at that so called acting, my god what a mess. she looks mental, her top part is long and she has short legs, grandma having her own grand kids. she will be a old mother when those kids get teens. where is that ugly fake husband, drinking. yes , to talk to her he needs to take a drink. ps where is the big nose kid. got her on a diet.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @jean: Your a sick woman.

  • LOL pot calling the kettle….

    @Shelbethegreat: If that ain’t the pot calling the kettle black , can’t you do better than that.

  • carla

    @cute segmanet 2:

    Well, I don’t know if I agree with this point of view. She talks her son’s name (Martinez) very happy and proud! and agree that loves changes everything. So I think are rumors are just choosing “words” but don’t show everything, we have to hear all conversation.
    Maybe I am wrong

  • shelbethegreat

    @carla: Your right, she is proud her son is a Martinez. And look at her husband, what’s not to love.

  • did I miss something?

    @carla: Carla, did I miss something—cute about the breast feeding stories and her /their son ‘s name sounding like a race car driver etc. I heard her agree that having baby/child does change everything…she didn’t say that about love, I could have missed it.

  • carla

    @did I miss something?:

    yes! you right!!!! she also sad that! it sounds like a car driver!!!! not very “gently” but… actually when Ellen sad”love changes everything”she sad yes but then she talks about her son!

  • http://jj jtb

    Halle please stop lying on your daughter. I for one know that Nahla is autistic and non verbal. Not once have I ever seen that child holding a conversation. Halle is a pathological liar. I have autistic nephew and he makes same facial expressions and touch your face. People would have to know or be around autistic kids to know. Nahla and my nephew are in the unusual category. They are laid back…calm and you can pretty much take them anywhere. Reason Halle doesn’t want to show her son is because he looks pure black. How do you get a black looking baby who us 75% something else…lol. Yes ge resembles Oliver in looks and that is about it. Oliver took one look at that baby and knew that wasn’t Halle’s egg. The one time we did see Oliver carrying carrier was a front. Every male celebrity in Hollywood have been seen with their baby except for Oliver…why? Yet all the years he was with Halle…He always had her daughter in his arms. Now he have his own son and we have never seen him with Maceo. Oliver and his family never in a million years expected that black baby….lmto.

  • to jtb

    @jtb: The are plenty of pictures of her holding a convo regardless of her touching fac es when she was younger. She must be highly functioning because she goes to the prestigious The Buckley School in Sherman Oaks (info from one of Nahla’s uniforms in the Fall).

    Don’t know about the egg donor w/ Nahla or Maceo or Halle’s got some strong genes—possible IVF w/ both–she did talk about egg harvesting w/Tavis right after her pregnancy w/Nahla was announced.—and was allegedly a long-time client of he LA Fertility Clinic in Glendale (pix on the internet) from trying to conceive w/ Nahla and Maceo.

    The are recent pix from Mother’s Day of him putting Maceo in the car with Halle standing there and another site (see links on this or other OM/HB posts) has pix of Maceo with the nanny and Halle on the set of her TV show.

    The kid is usually with the Nanny or brought to the set w/the Nanny and one of Halle’s bodyguards. Maceo’s lighter than Nahla etc

  • to jtb
  • Shelbethegreat

    @to jtb: Those are about the most racist, biased comments I have ever read on this blog. Your will one day choke on the bile you spew. That baby look more white than Nahla, not that it matters to his father. You have no proof that her pregnancy was anything but natural and yet you continue to throw out these lies. Your a sick, sick person.

  • wasn’t being racist-proving pt

    @Shelbethegreat: Shelbe, re-read my post. I wasn’t being racist. I was trying to prove a point from the stupidity of @jtb’s and others asinine posts.

  • carla

    what’s your point?
    what’s the problem if her daughter is autism? and her son is black? she’s black? so???? i really didn’t understand what you mean