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Leonardo DiCaprio Parties it Up at the Cannes Film Festival

Leonardo DiCaprio Parties it Up at the Cannes Film Festival

Leonardo DiCaprio whispers in the ear of a fellow partier at the Gotha Club on Monday evening (May 19) in Cannes, France.

The 39-year-old actor was seen chatting with a few party-goers as he hit up the club for a fun night out.

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Also seen at Gotha Club that evening was Justin Bieber, who partied shirtless with some pals during the 2014 Cannes Film Festival.

It has been rumored that Leo and his girlfriend Toni Garrn have officially moved in together.

20+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio at the club…

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leonardo dicaprio surrounded by ladies at cannes 01
leonardo dicaprio surrounded by ladies at cannes 02
leonardo dicaprio surrounded by ladies at cannes 03
leonardo dicaprio surrounded by ladies at cannes 04
leonardo dicaprio surrounded by ladies at cannes 05
leonardo dicaprio surrounded by ladies at cannes 06
leonardo dicaprio surrounded by ladies at cannes 07
leonardo dicaprio surrounded by ladies at cannes 08
leonardo dicaprio surrounded by ladies at cannes 09
leonardo dicaprio surrounded by ladies at cannes 10
leonardo dicaprio surrounded by ladies at cannes 11
leonardo dicaprio surrounded by ladies at cannes 12
leonardo dicaprio surrounded by ladies at cannes 13
leonardo dicaprio surrounded by ladies at cannes 14
leonardo dicaprio surrounded by ladies at cannes 15
leonardo dicaprio surrounded by ladies at cannes 16
leonardo dicaprio surrounded by ladies at cannes 17
leonardo dicaprio surrounded by ladies at cannes 18
leonardo dicaprio surrounded by ladies at cannes 19
leonardo dicaprio surrounded by ladies at cannes 20
leonardo dicaprio surrounded by ladies at cannes 21
leonardo dicaprio surrounded by ladies at cannes 22
leonardo dicaprio surrounded by ladies at cannes 23
leonardo dicaprio surrounded by ladies at cannes 24

Photos: AKM-GSI, FameFlynet
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948 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio Parties it Up at the Cannes Film Festival”

  1. 1
    LU Says:


    Poor Toni!

  2. 2
    Vanessa Says:

    Shocking! Poor Toni :O

  3. 3
    Vanessa Says:

    Cheating is unacceptable ugh :(

  4. 4
    LU Says:

    “I want it in my a**hole”


  5. 5
    not a gentleman Says:

    He’s gross

  6. 6
    Sayer Says:

    A middle-aged man and his groupies.

  7. 7
    sugarbaby Says:

    LMFAOO! He is such a dog, he will NEVER CHANGE
    Do you see how his tongue is literally in that girl’s ear, LMFAOO EWW
    I love how Toni is there while he is hitting up other girls LMFAO, ofc she is fine with it, like all his previous gfs
    As long as she gets the publicity and perks , right Toni?
    People who are acting suprised are damn fools, Leo has always been a cheater and a gross son of a gun.
    Any women who still vies for his attention even tho they know he is a gross person and cheater have no self respect, aka Toni!

  8. 8
    Yeah Says:

    Another one bites the dust.

  9. 9
    bye bye Says:

  10. 10
    Also from TMZ Says:

  11. 11
    @sugarbaby Says:

    His girlfriend wat not there

  12. 12
    @sugarbaby Says:


  13. 13
    tits4Leo Says:

    He cant stand her and they’ve just moved in!!

  14. 14
    lol Says:

    Dude has no girlfriend, apparently. Assh-le.

  15. 15
    Yes Says:

    Leo partying and clubbing with girls during the Canes festival!!!!
    What else is new. Thanks JJ!

  16. 16
    Leokas Says:

    Playing the field and Toni while I’m not around
    Showing everyone that he is not tied to anyone but ME
    He is putting on a show for the world!!
    But he’s real with me
    He does the same things to me too
    Pours a drink for me, whispers sweet nothings in my ear, puts his tongue in it, he moves his tongue further down south…….
    Only I can tame that dog with my leesh ;)
    Leokas 4 life <3

  17. 17
    alexandra Says:

    Can you see him cheating?? He is just dancing and talking to a woman. It isva normal thing to do when you’re at the disco.

  18. 18
    Lol Says:

    Leo had the ear (and probably a lot more later) of hot chick after hot chick last night in Cannes — as he held court at Gotha Club … which, based on photos, does not allow any women under an 8.

    Read more:

  19. 19
    ... Says:

    Tiesto said on video that Leo was the best celebrity DJ, can imagine what his house parties are like LOL

  20. 20
    calm down Says:

    the brunette was identified, shes married and knows the entourage guys think she stared in an episode so I’m sure her and leo are being friendly and know each other

  21. 21
    Wild Girls Says:

    Mystery solved

  22. 22
    sugarbaby Says:

    Woops my bad, in other photos it looked like her
    Better for her that she wasn’t there seeing this in person LMFAOOO
    When will they ever learn?
    Leo will always be trying to slam every girl he ever lays his eyes on!
    He thinks hes so mocho for having all these girls parading around him, they think about his power and status, not how he looks or acts now

  23. 23
    @calm down Says:

    So what if she is married?

  24. 24
    ha Says: picture of him pouring champagne i think into a red bull bottle, thats so gangsta!!

  25. 25
    Ruhe Says:

    Now…now guys…who says Leo is cheating. He very well may be single again. We don’t know yet…he loves the ladies…so what…so do almost all the other men I know.

  26. 26
    @@calm down Says:

    Then shes not hooking up with leo if shes married

  27. 27
    Love is Real Says:

    Leo and Toni are going to show everyone what is real affection and love in Cannes. His eyes, hands and lips are just for her.

  28. 28
    limit Says: tiesto talking about leo at the end

  29. 29
    limit Says: leo sans cap, sexy

  30. 30
    sugarbaby Says:
    did anyone read this article about cocaine feuled rants about women/politics on blindgossip
    He prolly was on one at that club!

  31. 31
    limit Says:

    those blinds are total bull stop wasting your time reading them

  32. 32
    @@@calm down Says:

    Married women don’t cheat?

  33. 33
    LOL! LOVE IS REAL????? Says:

    hahahaha Where is LOVE IS REAL?????HAHAHA

  34. 34
    Leo and cocaine Says:

    He has been making an effort to be healthy as of late biking all over Manhattan and Brooklyn.

  35. 35
    ahh Says:

    hes just talking? dont see what the big deal is

  36. 36
    boo Says:

    I’ve never seen someone who loves women so much but has so LITTLE RESPECT for them!
    How many of y’all think him and Toni are dunzo?

  37. 37
    Love is Real Says:

    @LOL! LOVE IS REAL?????: Here but I said in the other thread. Nothing is happening here. Just a guy having fun and talking very close because the music is very loud.

  38. 38
    ahh Says: he left alone

  39. 39
    Newcomer Says:

    I posted this on the other thread.

    “Hello everybody!

    Wow, I come back and there is 10 new pages and even a new thread! I have tried to read everything but there was so much! So clearly, the blonde girl with her hair tied was not Toni yesterday. I don’t know what he is doig but he is acting all single. I am on the fence about a break up. There were pics like that last year in Cannes but it was before his relationship with Toni was confirmed (it was only a few weeks later in Versailles) so I am surprised that he is so openly acting like that this year when he knowes there are paparazzi in the club. On the other hand, when Toni left for Germany, she posted from near his place and then she liked the pic of Dave when he said he was heading to Cannes. So except if they broke up by phone, I would have thought they were still together. But then, I have just seen that she was tagged on a airplane pic and the girl says she is flying from NYC to Cannes so does it mean that Toni actually went back to NYC after her shooting in Germany (she didn’t caption that Hamburg pic so she could have taken it earlier and only posted it after) and didn’t fly to Cannes with Leo? I am not sure at all. There is the de Grisogono party tonight I think so she might go and if he is as well, we will see what happens.”

    “About the pic where she is tagged, I am just suggesting that she is flying from NYC because, for instance, Anne V that she also tagged seems to be flying from NYC.”

    And I have just seen that, now that these Cannes pics with several girls have appeared, the NY Daily News is now reporting the In Touch story about him cheating with two girls.

  40. 40
    wtf Says:

    That lady moves her mouth strangely…
    Btw look at Bieber’s face LOL

  41. 41
    hands Says: thats how not to get bangd girl

  42. 42
    sugarbaby Says:

    Everyone knows Leo is a huge alcoholic and has a coke addiction, you can see it in his very bloated face, sit down hunty!

  43. 43
    What? Says:

    @also…: Did the blind say that the A lister wanted his girlfriend to sleep with a male host? Why?
    I kind of believe it.

  44. 44
    Blacksharpie Says:
    Read the last two comments from daniitungg and gvill1998. Lol!

  45. 45
    Get self respect Says:

    The blind gossip is mean because if Leo did that then Toni wouldn’t have anywhere to go. Shame on him if true
    I would have frayed my eyes out and dumped him on the spot if he did that to me.

  46. 46
    Oh boy Says:

    @Newcomer: Grisogono party tonight …………………………………………………………………………………………..

  47. 47
    Think it's true!! Leo!! Says:
    Blind Items Revealed
    August 8, 2013
    This A+ list mostly movie actor banished his current girlfriend from his vacation for one night because she refused to sleep with the host of the vacation. he allowed her to return after one night away so I guess she changed her mind. This is what happens when you have been famous and rich for too long. You get carried away with seeing how far you can go. This used to be a nice guy.
    Leonardo DiCaprio

  48. 48
    Silent Observer Says:

    I was never a fan of Toni but right now I am so embarrassed for her, you can imagine how she is feeling right now, she comes across as someone who wants everyone to have a perfect opinion of her perfect life and tries hard making out to be mature and intelligent (maybe even looking down her nose on Leo’s exes for not being smart enough to tame him), now her less than perfect relationship is ending in front of the world media leaving her wondering what people like Jen Meyer, her friends Jamro, gabrielle e.t.c are thinking of the drama. I would literally die of embarrassment.

  49. 49
    Newcomer Says:

    The girl who said she was at an after party at Leo’s villa also tweeted this:

    Cam ‏@CamilleLaluque 4 h
    @Nico_lelouw et on a même parlé mon gars😎 y’avais Amaury lonasco aussi adriana Lima cara delevingne 😘

    She said she talked to him and that there were also Amaury Ionasco, Adriana Lima and Cara Delevingne.

  50. 50
    @newcomer Says:

    @Newcomer:Did the blind say that the A lister wanted his girlfriend to sleep with a male host? Why?
    I kind of believe it.

  51. 51
    @39 Says:

    @Newcomer: So that means Toni was in NY all this time?

    Maybe she was indeed the blonde sitting next to Leo in the restaurant.

  52. 52
    shame on Leo! LOL Says:

    For all the idiots saying that she’s married and I’m still not believing she is or you in fact know this mystery woman don’t you kw married woman never cheat right?!? LOL This is clearly so disrespectful to Toni and she IS an idiot of she stays with Leo. Leo would never act this way with Toni in a club. He will only do so on a private island where he thinks he has privacy but doesn’t…lol

  53. 53
    Blacksharpie Says:

    I am not sure if that blind is true but if it is, I believe the date on it was August 2013. If your boyfriend asks you to sleep with another man you have to know he’s not serious about the relationship and doesn’t really care about you IMO. She’s still around so I am sure she understands the status of their relationship.
    Last night is the most blatant he’s been since they have been together. He had to know there would be pics. Maybe they have recently broken up.

  54. 54
    #### Says:


    Hmmmm…..interesting comments.

  55. 55
    @What? Says:

    No I don’t think that blind is Leo. I don’t see him sharing his girl with anyone. Scorpio is possessive.

  56. 56
    Newcomer Says:

    @@39: I have no idea but I find it strange that she would be tagged on the picture of the airplane if she wasn’t flying with them. Maybe it was her in the restaurant. The only night he didn’t party was the night the restaurant pic was taken so I don’t know. Maybe she stayed in Germany the entire time and she has just been tagged as she is going to be there, or maybe she went back to NYC and she took this flight to Cannes with all these people that the girl tagged.

  57. 57
    Newcomer Says:

    Wasn’t it said that CDAN is not reliable at all? I don’t think Leo would do that, even if I think he is a cheating womanizer. And about the brunette being married, maybe nothing happened with her but it seems like he is clearly flirting with her, and also with other girls, so if he is still with Toni, he is not really respecting her by acting like that.

  58. 58
    Newcomer Says:

    One last thing. I have just read the Daily Mail article and it says they tried to contact Leo’s rep for a comment. And I guess the rep didn’t comment or didn’t return their calls or they would have published his response. When the In Touch story was published, they immediately denied it. Here there is a story who is making the rounds, not very positive for Leo, but they have still said nothing. This is a bit suspicious but I don’t know if it means something as his publicists don’t seem to be doing a good job.

  59. 59
    Well Says:

    Maybe this is why Toni has been quiet on twitter and Instagram?
    Wasn’t this his M.O when he and Erin broke up?

  60. 60
    hmmm Says:

    This is really embarrassing and humiliating forToni.
    Leo sure does act like a single and free man.

  61. 61
    twitter Says:

    it’s not a coincidence if Toni is suddenly quiet on twitter.

  62. 62
    Aferdita&Nina part2 Says:

    So Leo is talking to ANOTHER MODEL in another CLUB. Shocking Repeat patterns. Usually after they get “caught” with Leo a break up ensues. Remember that aferdita woman in Miami was engaged to be married then she got “caught” with Leo and they broke up. Same with Nina…got “caught” with Leo and then she broke up…I see a pattern here. I don’t think leo cares if they’re married or not. He must have truly lost his mind or Toni is very boring now and its killing him. He needs to branch out…He’s over Toni. Not saying they’re breaking up just yet but the end seems like it might come this year. lol
    I think its clear he has no deep feelings for Toni now whatever they still “have.” T-Bone better get prepared, Leo getting ready to drop that hammer. This is truly shocking. Its like he doesn’t care! lol

  63. 63
    @blackshaprie and ###### Says:

    @Blacksharpie: What were the comments?@####: I do not have Istagram?

  64. 64
    #### Says:


    Leo is no dummy. After all the pics that came out last year showing Leo partying in Cannes, he would no doubt know that the same thing would happen this year. He’s in a club with other celebrities so people are taking pics. He obviously doesn’t care. I guess we will see what is going on over the new few days.

    I still say it’s strange that Toni hasn’t posted anything at all about heading to Cannes, being in Cannes, nothing…..she acted the same way when something happened between she and Leo in December. She just kind of stopped posting as much on instagram.

  65. 65
    Blacksharpie Says:

    What would the publicist say? They can’t deny it, there are pics. To say they are just friends ( even if they really are) would sound kind of ridiculous IMO, given the pics.
    What’s interesting is that she hasn’t posted on IG in three days.
    She might have been in NY this past week but why wasn’t she seen and why didn’t she post? The last indication she was in NY was Mothers Day when she posted the pic of Freedom Tower and said, “… On the day of my departure”.
    I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. The next 24 hours could be interesting?!

  66. 66
    also... Says:

    @@39: I don’t know what’s going on with the girl who tagged to I but I’m pretty sure she wasn’t in NYC with Leo before Cannes. Many Leo sightings and tweet photos but not once with Toni. And she posted that photo from Hamburg at the end if last week I think so I think she was in Germany.

  67. 67
    .... Says:

    Well this is spreading fast. I repeat, I hope they are broken up because this is really embarrassing. I don’t think she deserves this kind of public embarrassment. Maybe monogamy is just not in the cards for Leo.

  68. 68
    sugarbaby Says:

    @Aferdita&Nina part2: He doesn’t care about anyone but HIMSELF. He is selfish and and disgusting. I have no sympathy at all for Toni, his previous gfs and other women that pursue him. They very well know how Leo is and they still go after him, what ever happens to them, they deserve it. Unfortunatly, Leo will never get any slack from his gross behaviour, no consequences for him, its all great for him, but not everyone else. Leo is just like the rest of the Hollywood elite, weird, gross and effed up!

  69. 69
    also... Says:

  70. 70
    What? Says:

    @@What?: Who do you think it is then?
    @Blacksharpie: I guess so, but I have could imagine it to be true. Hope it isnt or then Leo is mean and toni just needs self respect.

  71. 71
    #### Says:

    @@blackshaprie and ######:

    Here are the last two comments from TG’s instagram.



  72. 72
    Blacksharpie Says:

    @@blackshaprie and ######:
    I can’t cut and paste comments on IG. One of them said “I was rooting for you. We were all rooting for you.”
    The other, ” Leoni was real.” This comment had a crying face and cracked heart emoji.
    They were both posted in the last few hours.

  73. 73
    where is the ballsy toni now? Says:

    miss hints/chatterbox has gone all quiet… what’s the matter?, kat(ie) got your tongue? lol

  74. 74
    also... Says:

    Toni’s latest IG

  75. 75
    Newcomer Says:

    @also…: What I would mean with her being in NYC would be that she came back after her shooting, maybe was the girl in the restaurant pic and then they would have broken up, hence the many sightings of Leo clubbing and eating but never with her. Because he is acting like a single guy but if she stayed in Germany, it would mean that if they have broken up, it was on the phone and I don’t think he would break up on the phone. She posted from his place before leaving and then she liked that Dave’s pic but then, after Thursday (the only night where he wasn’t partying and there is a pic with a blonde in a restaurant), she went quiet, except for that Hamburg pic. Maybe she stayed in Germany, but I don’t understand why she is tagged in that NYC-Cannes flight.

  76. 76
    Blacksharpie Says:
    She just posted.

  77. 77
    Candies Says:

    I’m sorry but I’m looking at this pics and Leo seems to be into this woman. Is it a surprise that she’s a model?!?! hmmmm I don’t know if they’ve broken up but maybe Leo is bored of Toni now and they will soon break up over the summer. We will just have to wait and see. But how can any woman be ok with this kind of behavior of Leo. If he’s seen with another woman its almost always a model whether they’re in a relationship or not. Is that a coincidence???
    Self esteem is a B*tch!

  78. 78
    Newcomer Says:

    @also…: Anyways, now that she is in Cannes and there is the de Grisogono party, we will know if once again, she decides to turn a blind eye or if they have broken up.

  79. 79
    fighting words frm the scorned Says:

    A minute’s silence for Toni’s shattered dignity..

  80. 80
    Newcomer Says:

    As she wasn’t really working in Germany (if she was still in Germany), I would have thought that she would have joined him yesterday. I wasn’t expecting that story honestly.

  81. 81
    also... Says:

    @Newcomer: Well, that’s a possibility. I guess we will see soon enough what’s going on but do you think he would go to Cannes right after the breakup to party with other girls right in Toni’s face? Wait… didn’t he do that with Lively? I think Bar was in Cannes. Anyways as I said we will see since she is in Cannes now.

  82. 82
    Blacksharpie Says:

    So, the question is did she fly in yesterday or this morning?

    I may be reading too much into it, but her comment on the post sounds like “keep a stiff upper lip, let’s just doing this and get it over with.” ?

  83. 83
    Agree Says:

    This is embaressing, eventhough I’m not a fan I feel a bit sorry for her, then again as someone said she tries to come off as intellegent and funny etc. it feels like she tried to show how much smarter and better she is than his previous girlfriends. I might understand why, she was the whole time being bashed for being just another model he dated, and she maybe tried to show that “i am smart, i’m not like them dummies” boy she did wrong. Im not saying she is stuppid, but trying hard has never been good for anyone. At that age she is not even expected acting smart or like a woman that will “suit” his status or level of maturity, remember bar and gisele? yes he dated them young as well but they had their moments when they said stupid things and yes they were bashed for it, at least I give them both cred for being honest. Like that army-thing with Bar, the whole Israel (im from israel) hated her because she shared her opinion (that she didn’t want to let that ruin her so called “carer”) but at least nor she or gisele started out of sudden caring about envoirment like Toni stated in some interviews after dating leo (I have read it in her bellazon) or neither did them brag about jenn meyer. To be honest i think toni is much nicer and humble than Gisele, erin and bar (in real life) but she just couldn’t handle this leo-thing. All the instagram hints, trying to be special and everything, look now

  84. 84
    twitter Says:

    is it me or she look sad on her last picture ?

  85. 85
    #### Says:


    She’s not smiling like she normally does in these pics but maybe she’s going for a sultry look.

    Here’s a comment from under the pic. LOL

    Might want to give an eye on your bf :s

  86. 86
    @also... Says:

    Yes he did!! I remember JJ thread at that time used to be funny as hell haha! Everybody was so happy for bar they hated so much ;) its funny how she talked about it last year LOL.. she said that she was so sad after seeing pictures of him with blake that she left the party and went to her hotel and cried for hours although they already broke up. Can’t feel sorry for her, she deserved it!!!! Can’t say the same about toni

  87. 87
    also... Says:

    @@also: So I remembered well. I didn’t feel sorry for Bar and it’s the same with Toni. Sorry but there’s no way she didn’t know what it’s gonna be like to date him but she went for it anyway.

  88. 88
    #### Says:


    Didn’t he do that to Erin as well? Even going so far as to be in the same club as she was flirting with other girls right after they broke up?

  89. 89
    also... Says:

    @####: Have you seen the latest comment? JJ is mentioned.

  90. 90
    Newcomer Says:

    @also…: I don’t know but maybe they had first planned to go to Cannes together and with his mother and Dave and also Richie and some friends with all these parties that Richie is organizing. He is also being auctioned off at the AmFAR gala. Anyways, if they are still together, and it was always planned that she would only arrive one day after him, knowing that there are paparazzi everywhere in Cannes, I would have thought he would have “behaved”.

    @Blacksharpie: If she was in Germany, this is a quick flight (maybe 2 or 3 hours), so as she wasn’t in Cannes yesterday, she might have flown today and arrived this afternoon. If she was in NYC and was flying with the other people tagged, I guess they took a plane yesterday evening (NYC time so last night France time) and arrived in the middle of the day (France time).

    According to another pic on BZ, it seems she is staying or at least was preparing at the Martinez hotel in Cannes. It was posted 30 minutes ago.

    Leo is staying in a villa or at the Hotel du Cap in Antibes, where thede Grisogono party takes place I think.

  91. 91
    also... Says:

    @####: Oh, I forgot about Erin. So he would do it to Toni as well. Let’s see what’s coming!

  92. 92
    Blacksharpie Says:

    There’s another comment, “be careful DARLING”. When you clink on the posters link, she has all the pics from last night.

    There are other comments as well about keeping an eye on Leo.

  93. 93
    also... Says:

    @Newcomer: I think that’s the same hotel ( where Leo might be staying ) where Katie is staying. At least that’s what I thought looking at her IG account.

  94. 94
    #### Says:


    This one? LOL

    Leo is a ******* look at his new picture on just jared! You Need a real man not a Teenie boy ! Beauty

  95. 95
    also... Says:

    @Newcomer: who knows what’s going on? I see your point. I found it a little weird he left NYC only Sunday night or Monday morning even though his mom and Dave ( and his daughter ) were already in Europe. Then he arrives and he debuts with a Big Bang the same night ( or the night before ) she arrives.

  96. 96
    Newcomer Says:

    @also…: Who is Katie? Did you mean Toni? I guess he has a suite in the Hotel du Cap and Dave and Irmelin are there and he may be there sometimes, but he also has a villa like last year.

  97. 97
    malibu Says:

    I feel embarrassed for Toni too. Granted she KNEW what she was getting into as Leo has not changed his dating style at all. I feel so bad for her if that blind is true. Bad, sad but also indifferent because she “paid the price” and got her name out there, now we shall see what she does with her newfound fame. But then again who knew Leo was into the whole cuckold scene? But I also strongly believe this whole relationship is based around a business arrangement/image/ego thing. I agree with what others have said that she has been getting a lot of extra press lately so I’m thinking she knew her time with him was coming to an end. Business or not though I’m sure the attachment was there for both parties at one point and breakups are always hard, especially when it happens abruptly (or in their case, for all to see!). JMO!

  98. 98
    #### Says:


    She doesn’t look too happy in this pic either. No silly Toni smiles or tongue sticking out.

  99. 99
    malibu Says:

    @twitter: I think she looks sad too. Different than her normal sultry pics. Or maybe I’m feeling sorry for her? How embarrassing!!

  100. 100
    Partygirl Says:

    Well, whether Leo and Toni are still together or not it’s got to be a bit of blow to your self esteem that he thinks you’re easily replaceable. Meanwhile, Leo is there having a great time. If they are still together does she act like she doesn’t know about the rumors and pictures or like she doesn’t care. But if they aren’t together the story is they were seen partying separately. Either way not good press for her.

    Side note, I wonder if Leo has run into Blake & Ryan. Apparently no one liked Ryan’s film. The was actually booed.

  101. 101
    Timeline Says:

    Leo and toni are staying at different places??

  102. 102
    Cate Says:

    Good actor but he is such a sleaze but that has been evident for years.

  103. 103
    also... Says:

    @####: Yep, that one! LOL

  104. 104
    #### Says:


    I don’t think Toni went back to NYC to fly to Cannes. She may have been tagged in that pic but maybe they are rooming together in Cannes, they’re walking the red carpet together or any number of other reasons she was tagged. It seems to me that if Toni were in NYC, that she would have been seen more with Leo and not once was she seen with him and he continued hitting the clubs after that dinner pic that everyone seems to think had Toni in the pic. I still don’t think it was Toni in that dinner pic but who knows.

    I was kind of surprised that Leo immediately hit the club after arriving in Cannes too.

    The next few days will be interesting……

  105. 105
    Newcomer Says:

    @also…: OK, I understood you were talking about Katie the brunette. Yes, it seems she is staying at the du Cap and she was also at his foundation party to help the elephants some days ago (he wasn’t there though).

  106. 106
    Partygirl Says:

    That should say Ryan’s film was booed at Cannes.

  107. 107
    also... Says:

    @Newcomer: Katie. She posted photos from the same hotel I think.

  108. 108
    also... Says:

    Oooops! There’s another comment on her IG. I’m curious to see what’s coming!

  109. 109
    Newcomer Says:

    On BZ, Fashion Dream seems to be happy to see Leo doing this. I know I have already said this, but I am wondering why she doesn’t seem to like Toni anymore when she was rooting for them 100% just some weeks ago. Now, she is posting about models she would like to see with him and she is happy that he is “living it up” in Cannes.

  110. 110
    Newcomer Says:

    @Timeline: No idea, but the pic who was published by Karla Otto is from the Martinez and the bathroom where she took her pic doesn’t look like one from the Hotel du Cap (at the du Cap they are full of white marble and look bigger more luxurious).

  111. 111
    also... Says:

    @Newcomer: that’s interesting! Usually they stay attached to his current girl until the breakup. LOL!

  112. 112
    #### Says:


    This one?

    @toni_garrn I get that you are all secure w yourself & you probably don’t mind your boyfriend dancing/whispering in other women’s ears….however…have some respect for yourself girl! Pictures don’t lie. Leo was clearly bumping & grinding all over that model who is also married! He is a 40 year old playboy who has a reputation. Seriously, find a guy who’s going to worship the ground you walk on & RESPECT you!

  113. 113
    Blacksharpie Says:

    How do you copy comments from IG?
    There’s a doozy just posted by Meg bsurfing about respecting yourself.

  114. 114
    hmmm Says:

    Please how can someone with a minimum of self-esteem and dignity can possibly act as if nothing happened last night with her bf and a woman he was openly rubbing himself to.
    Will Toni really go to that party tonight and behaves like nothing had happened???
    She can’t be that stupid.

  115. 115
    Blacksharpie Says:

    This is the comment I was talking about.

  116. 116
    Blacksharpie Says:

    I think the party tonight is part of her job. She probably doesn’t have much of a choice.

  117. 117
    also... Says:

    @####: That’s it! Actually a good one. Not mean but right on point.
    @Blaxksharpie: I can copy comments from IG only on my laptop. I have no idea how to do it on my phone!

  118. 118
    #### Says:


    I’m at work and for some reason it’s letting me do it from my desktop. I wouldn’t be able to do it from my phone or ipad or laptop I’m sure! LOL

  119. 119
    @Newcomer Says:

    @Newcomer: Seems that poster wants him to date the model Hannah Ferguson

  120. 120
    Newcomer Says:

    The Grisogono party starts at 9 pm at the Hotel du Cap, so in 20 minutes.

  121. 121
    also... Says:

    @####: I think you can do it from a desktop or laptop but not from mobile devices.
    @hmmm: I see your point. Let’s see what’s coming since she has work in Cannes and arrived just before her work event ( just like Leo arrived for the 1OAK opening – his ‘work’ ). I wouldn’t take it in the same situation.

  122. 122
    lol Says:

    Leo doing this while with a girl is not new. The only diff with Toni is that social media, mobile phones and twitter has magnified Leo’s antics ten times

  123. 123
    lol Says:

    I meant *while having a girlfriend*

  124. 124
    Leo Says:

    He also had Adriana Lima hanging all over him:

    the twitter poster said it was her and she was there with a bun in her hair. Toni is not the only one.

  125. 125
    Blacksharpie Says:

    @also…: @####:
    Thanks. At least it’s not my ineptitude. Lol

  126. 126
    @leo Says:

    Adriana and her husband called it quits just recently.

  127. 127
    I don't know Says:

    Everyone is saying they feel bad for Toni but I just don’t. This is hardly the first time Leo has been caught with another model in the media yet she still stuck by him, she could of easily left him a la Blake and found a much better boyfriend if Leo’s cheating really bothered her so much(and if I were her it would of bothered me too) Plus she was friends with Erin at one point and must of surely known/heard about Leo’s antics yet she still went for it, all for exposure and some fame but I dunno, I think she also just wanted to see what it was like to date a Hollywood movie star. I just don’t feel bad for her. She’s a VS model, pretty, and seems outgoing. Guys will be all over her and she’s still young. She could of left him easily by now but she hasn’t, or hasn’t yet. She knew what she was getting into and I doubt she seriously thought she was going to marry him or something.

  128. 128

    No.1; So what.

  129. 129
    matter Says:

    His problem is that he only attracts btches. He takes advantage of them but they also take advantage of him in a way.

  130. 130
    @#127 Says:

    …and how about looking for a guy closer to her age next time.
    An aging modelizer will never change. Hope she learned something.

  131. 131
    I don't know Says:

    Not all older men are terrible boyfriends. But someone more age appropriate would probably be better for her considering how immature she seems

  132. 132
    lol Says:

    Some outlets are now repeating the (denied) sleazy In Touch threesome story along with this, dude obviously doesn’t care

  133. 133
    I'm curious? Says:

    The woman in the pics Leo is flirting with is come y’all aren’t also commenting on that? Lol

  134. 134
    also... Says:

    @I don’t know: I absolutely agree with you. This is not the first time and she knew about his reputation.
    @lol: True: this is his first ‘social media relationship’ and I think that’s why many sees it so differently than the previous ones. I think it’s a replay of his previous relationships but we see more of it thanks to cell phones, IG or Twitter.

  135. 135
    also... Says:

    @I’m curious?: There were comments in it but maybe on the previous thread. We mentioned that the young blonde model might just be a status thing and unofficially he might be interested in different types.

  136. 136

    No.132; Dittos times two…

  137. 137
    @im curious Says:

    and she seems to be a well established charity woman.

  138. 138
    Newcomer Says:

    Toni at the Grisogono party with two other girls:

  139. 139
    I'm curious? Says:

    @@im curious:
    ONTD was going crazy over that too. Leo with a woman over 25 and a brunette, and she seems to be into charity too? Quite surprising

  140. 140

    No.135 at 3:01; Whatever… Most women are kind of attracted to men who love women.

  141. 141
    I'm curious? Says:

    I def think the dating only blondes is for status as well but I don’t get why it would kill him to date a brunette. I really wonder about him sometimes, I never used to believe in the contract things but now I am starting to

  142. 142
    Newcomer Says:

    It is quite difficult to find sightings about Leo as Twitter is all over this story of him with the girls and about him partying in the same club as Justin so I haven’t found anything yet, not even from yesterday’s after party at his villa, as Twitter is really a mess right now.

  143. 143
    Amy Says:

    Love is Dead

  144. 144
    also... Says:

    @I’m curious?: Well, he is not dating her just flirting / partying so I don’t think her accomplishments matter to him too much but it’s nice to see that women over 30 can catch his attention ( even if it’s a short term interest ).

  145. 145
    also... Says:

    @Newcomer: I checked twitter as well but it’s crazy over there so I quickly gave up.

  146. 146
    I'm curious? Says:

    True but when you look at her you can tell she’s older than his usual type, so I agree it’s refreshing for once

  147. 147
    Love is Dead Says:

    Toni has a sadness in her eyes. Definitely missing the sparkle in her eyes

  148. 148
    Newcomer Says:

    Pure People, a French gossip site, has 47 pics of him last night.

    I don’t know if all of them have already been posted as I didn’t open all the pics or all the articles, but in case you want to see, here it is.

  149. 149
    pablo Says:

    @also…: Twitter is crazy. Everyone repeats the same.

  150. 150
    BZ girl Says:

    @Newcomer Toni is still not smiling in that pic ..?? weird. @####:That vera girl that posted on IG is a hater she’s always lurking on celebs ig accounts ..bashing them shes a wanna be! lol

  151. 151
    Cannes Says:

    I think Toni is a little sad but ‘stronger’ than Erin.

  152. 152
    Newcomer Says:

    Vad Huimer @DavMuhire · 1 h
    Une pote paparazzée en train de flirter avec DiCaprio en soirée à Cannes.. On a pas les mêmes problèmes :/ ^^

    So one of the girls he was seen flirting with last night is a friend of this guy.

  153. 153
    @also Says:

    According to BZ Toni is at this party with other models including Anne V.
    Do you remember when Anne V and Leo had a fling in 2008/2009

  154. 154
    @Cannes Says:

    Agree, Toni seems colder and more strong to me than Erin

  155. 155
    beia Says:

    @BZ girl: Toni is playing the embarrassed role now but in reality she doesnt care. Yeah, its sad how dumb girls can be lol

  156. 156
    @Cannes Says:

    Tbf I don’t think Toni is as heartbroken and devastated as some are making her out to be. I feel like she knew it would be coming to an end soon and she’s been aware of his cheating for awhile

  157. 157
    #### Says:


    It’ll be interesting to see if he shows up at the Grisogono party party. Isn’t that where we got first pics of Leo and Toni last year?

    Also, the pic someone just posted of Toni with two other girls….once again no smile from Toni. Usually she’s much more bubbly in her pics.

  158. 158
    @Newcomer Says:

    Pure People reports Leo is staying at Eden Roc hotel.

  159. 159
    Newcomer Says:

    Julia A.R.M.S ‏@lapinmatin_g 2 h
    Una amiga beso aller a leonardo Dicaprio a cannes …. #noproblem #normol 😱😱😱😱

    “Aller” should be written “ayer” I think but it means: “A friend (female) kissed Leonardo DiCaprio yesterday in Cannes”.

  160. 160
    Adriana Lima? Says:

    Would people here mind if Leo dated her? She’s in her 30s and is now single, or has she done something bad I’m unaware of?

  161. 161
    beia Says:

    @Newcomer: If she’s french why does she write that in spanish? hm

  162. 162
    Newcomer Says:

    @####: Yes she seems sad but maybe she will still join him later. The Nina Agdal pics didn’t prevent her from staying with him, but here it is way more “explicit” I think.

    @@Newcomer: Yes, I think it is like last year. He has a suite at the Hotel du Cap (Eden Roc) and a villa for the after parties.

  163. 163
    They broke up Says:

    Accept it FFS! But now this seems everyone is going to pretend like they love Toni and will start praising her just like they now do with Blake and Erin

  164. 164
    Newcomer Says:

    @beia: Some of her tweets are in French and others in Spanish. There are plenty of French people who have Spanish or South American roots.

  165. 165
    #### Says:


    All I can say is wow!

  166. 166
    beia Says:

    @Newcomer: if she had spanish or south american roots and lives in france she should speak spanish perfectly.

  167. 167
    Blacksharpie Says:

    Yes I think it the Cap du Antibes Eden Roc Hotel. I believe they also have villas on their property. I assume he is renting one of these villas, like he did last year.

  168. 168
    Yikes Says:

    Ughh he is so sleazy.

  169. 169
    Ohh Leo Says:

    Leo a total womanizer I bet he will take that brunette to his place after that party and get a way with her, unless he already fukc her right there in that night club, they seem to be having a lot of fun and the lady seem very willing to be with Leo

  170. 170
    Newcomer Says:

    @beia: Spanish is not my language but the only mistakes I see is for “beso” which should be written “besó” and “aller” which should be written “aller”. I think it is normal that she makes those mistakes if she has a French iPhone. I have one and when I try to write “ayer” it corrects it into “aller” (“aller” being a French word which means “to go”). I have seen plenty of text messages or tweets in English, French, Spanish… which are full of mistakes so I don’t know what the big deal is here.

  171. 171
    They broke up Says:

    Does this look like a guy in a committed relationship? This is basically screaming, “Hey, I’m single and ready to mingle!”

  172. 172
    Blacksharpie Says:

    Yes, I think the pics of her in the white suit and he in a suit with an open collar shirt are from de Grisgogno, if I remember correctly. I actually think these are the first pics we saw of them together.

  173. 173
    They broke up Says:

  174. 174
    ex fan Says:

    Can’t wait for the kiddies who are going to tweet selfies from Leo’s villa.
    Just like last year.

  175. 175
    @168 Says:

    LMAO @ the excitment
    He did the exact same thing last year and in the same club.
    Only he was surrounded by famous models one night

  176. 176
    @168 Says:

  177. 177
    Newcomer Says:

    @Blacksharpie: The villa he was renting last year was outside the city (Antibes or Cannes), it was in what we call the “arrière-pays”. The real name is Hôtel du Cap-Eden Roc and they don’t have villas. Here is a view of the hotel:

    The hotel is in the background and there are some places to tan or relax close to the swimming pool.

  178. 178
    @168 Says:

  179. 179
    beia Says:

    @Newcomer: Yes, you are right. But she also says “a Cannes” which in French would be “à Cannes”. In Spanish it is said “en Cannes”. That’s a grammar mistake. I dont know her but I think she doesn’t have spanish or south american roots.

  180. 180
    Ohh Leo Says:

    I wonder what Leo is whispering in that lady’s ear!! I mean sorry but that lady I bet is a hooker taking advantage of Leo status as a playboy so she has to have a way with him and not miss that chance. She is not there by accident, she is there on purpose to hook up with Leo as she knows Leo is a playboy the more pow4er to her.

  181. 181
    olalall Says:

    the party just got bigger ;) look who’s getting there as well ;) lets not hope for a reunion;

  182. 182
    They broke up Says:

    So a woman is automatically a hooker just because she models? That woman is also an actress too

  183. 183
    beia Says:

    @Ohh Leo: and since she’s a stripper who didn’t get contracts from modeling agencies lol

  184. 184
    Newcomer Says:

    *”aller” which should have been written “ayer” sorry. You see, it corrected it without me actually seeing it LOL

    @Blacksharpie: I forgot to say that the hotel is located in Antibes, in a place called “Cap d’Antibes”.

  185. 185
    #### Says:


    I think you’re right. They were the first pics we saw of them together and then of course after they’d been together a couple of months, pics of them arriving on the same private jet to Cannes surfaced.

    I’m curious to see if we get any tweets of Leo going to this party. It’s just started and we all know he shows up late to parties! LOL

  186. 186
    Newcomer Says:

    @beia: You are right, I forgot that grammar mistake. I think she wouldn’t tweet in Spanish if she didn’t know the language at least a bit. Maybe she is just French but is currently living in a Spanish-speaking place and wanted to tell her new friends about it? No idea. The rough translation is that she has a friend who kissed him in Cannes yesterday LOL

  187. 187
    beia Says:

    @Newcomer: LOL She probably just said hi

  188. 188
    Blacksharpie Says:

    Oh, my bad. I thought this was the hotel since they have villas.

  189. 189
    beia Says:

    What happened to Rihanna giving a lesbian dance to Leo with Katy Perry? LOL

  190. 190
    Blacksharpie Says:

    Too funny!
    Toni will get her pic taken with her next! Lol

  191. 191
    Newcomer Says:

    Anne V posted this, tagging Toni and the girl who tagged Toni and Anne in the plane earlier. They were still at the Martinez hotel one hour ago so I guess Toni is not staying at the Eden Roc. The party is at the Eden Roc so I think it would have been easier for her to prepare at the ER if she was staying there.

  192. 192
    also... Says:

    I’m curious to see what’s next? ‘Affectionate’ photos or nothing? I think she will be unphased and continue this circus for a while.

  193. 193
    Toni Says:

  194. 194
    @Blacksharpie Says:

    hahahah exactly my thought!!! What’s next a picture of Toni and Bar? ;) leo won’t be happy since he hates bar heheheh

  195. 195
    Toni Says:

  196. 196
    Newcomer Says:

    @Blacksharpie: Sorry, you are right, they also have villas in a park nearby. But last year, Leo’s villa was located elsewhere. I don’t know how to explain to you what the “arrière-pays” is in English, but it is like you have the cities close to the seafront and then, “behind”, in the hills, you have the “arrière-pays”. For instance, according to this map:

    The “arrière-pays” would be Vence, Grasse, Saint-Paul-de-Vence, Cagnes-sur-Mer, La Turbie…

  197. 197
    They broke up Says:

    Is it Toni’s goal to be pictured with every girl Leo has hooked up with/dated? Lol she technically already has a pic with Bar, she just needs Blake next,

  198. 198
    Newcomer Says:

    According to this French gossip journalist, Toni has arrived at the Eden Roc for the party, “showing off” her legs, but without Leo:

  199. 199
    beia Says:

    The relationship Toni-Leo is only enjoyed by silly girls some of them are already looking embarrassed.

  200. 200
    @lol Says:

    so bar is going as well?? that stupid girl she’s trying to get leo’s attention!! sooo anoying

  201. 201
    Hmm Says:

    @Newcomer: Yeah he was staying in another villa outside the hotel.

  202. 202
    #### Says:


    Gosh….hard to say. Her pics from today have either been no smile or a reserved smile not her normal happy smile.

  203. 203
    also... Says:

    @Newcomer: Could that slit be any higher?

  204. 204
    @also Says:

    I hope we get something
    Rather that than the millionth exes talk which just start a pic spamming storm

  205. 205
    Cannes Says:
    Leo’s reputation… Except hardcore Leo fangirls, a lot of people don’t like that kind of behavior

  206. 206
    @205 Says:

    By the time of the Kardashian/Kanye wedding it’ll be old news!

  207. 207
    also... Says:

    @@also: I much rather go through the pic spamming than more photo of this couple.
    @####: Yep! I guess we will know more soon.

  208. 208
    Question? Says:

    Would you guys be happy if they broke up or wouldn’t care either way?

  209. 209
    Blacksharpie Says:

    She always seems to have bruises on her legs?! You can’t blame it on Leo because I do to think they have been together in over a week! Lol

  210. 210
    Newcomer Says:

    The girl is in NYC right now and she just tweeted this. I doubt he would go to Cannes for only one party but here it is:

    Megan Sanderson ‏@Meg_Sanderson 2 min
    Beyoncé, Leonardo DiCaprio and James Franco all spotted in New York today 🙏🙏🙏

  211. 211
    also... Says:

    @Blacksharpie: LOL! The lights are not too flattering on that photo. Her face can be barley seen.
    Still no comment from Leo`s camp? Considering how quickly they responded to the two recent rumors it`s surprising.

  212. 212
    #### Says:


    I’m curious to see if he’ll go to this party since he was there last year.

  213. 213
    bliss Says:

    here is a pic from the party she look happy and beautiful

  214. 214
    this is getting embarrassing Says:

    its becoming embarrassing now for him he is becoming a bit of a joke – on paper he tries to portray himself as a serial monogamist who went from gisele to bar to erin to toni (yes ive missed some out i know) but hes constantly chasing young women and i honestly think that with all the recent press hes been getting it could start to affect his credibility as an actor. i love him and even im starting to feel fed up with his bad boy immature behaviour – same old same old grow up leo youre becoming a joke……

  215. 215
    also... Says:

    @####: It`s already 10pm over there so I guess it will be just a few hours to see if was there.
    @Newcomer: Sounds unlikely. I mean there were no sightings of him today in France but going for one party? I don`t think so…

  216. 216
    sugarbaby Says:

    Now Toni is going to look like a total loser at Cannes thanks to Leo taking away her spotlight LMFAO
    Leo truly gives no F’s

  217. 217
    Candies Says:

    @Blacksharpie: lol this is better than Guiding Light! lol

  218. 218
    also... Says:

    @bliss: As I said I don`t think they are over ( I just don`t think she cares about his ways or how embarrassing this is for her ) but what did you expect on the red carpet? Glum face looking miserable?

  219. 219
    @214 Says:

    The woman he was pictured with is 32 though, but IA otherwise

  220. 220
    Newcomer Says:

    So another French gossip journalist tweeted this after the girl tweeted about Toni arriving without Leo:

    Yann Le Poulichet ‏@YannLePoulichet 6 min
    @PerrineSabbat @grazia_fr Léo était au Gotha, très bien entouré (il a pris les filles pour des oeufs, il en a ramené une douzaine)

    He is making a strange joke, comparing girls to eggs as eggs are sold by dozens in France. “Leo was at Gotha, very well surrounded (he took girls for eggs and brought back a dozen)”

    And then, the girl tweeted back, telling him that she will ask Toni if she has the right to eat that (eggs).

    Perrine Sabbat ‏@PerrineSabbat 6 min
    @YannLePoulichet @grazia_fr Haha je vais demander à Toni si elle a le droit d’en manger.

  221. 221
    Blacksharpie Says:

    You’re right!

  222. 222
    Newcomer Says:

    @@214: He was pictured with at least 3 women, including the 30-year-old brunette.

  223. 223
    Hmm Says:

    @Newcomer: This was the villa where he was last year. The same home theater from the escorst’s instagram last year Lol

  224. 224
    Partygirl Says:

    @Candies: If this was a movie it would be box office gold. I have to know how this ends and will there be a dramatic run in between Leo and Toni.

  225. 225
    #### Says:


    I can’t imagine he’d fly to Cannes for one party! Not to mention weren’t the pics we were getting from early early in the morning like 4AM and then he’s already back in NYC???

  226. 226
    Newcomer Says:

    @Hmm: Maybe there was a party there but a serious French newspaper (Le Parisien) said that he was staying outside Cannes (this villa is in Cannes) and he received producers and was organizing parties there. Maybe he changed locations plenty of times LOL

  227. 227
    @214 Says:

    Yes but this brunette woman is getting the most attention on the gossip sites so

  228. 228
    Newcomer Says:

    @@214: Sorry, I didn’t read your comment properly the first time and I misunderstood. I have just understood that you were responding to the “young” part I guess.

  229. 229
    Red Carpet Says:

    @bliss: yeah read carpet is fake. You have to fake smile regardless of how you feel

  230. 230
    web address Says:

    The pics definitely don’t show Leonardo in a good light that’s for sure. It seems he can’t go anywhere without pics over analyzing who is he with and what he’s doing.

  231. 231
    beia Says:

    Would he cheat on Toni the same day/party their relationship was published?

  232. 232
    ,,, Says:

    im suprized me got no day pics of him today must have been very low key

  233. 233
    sugarbaby Says:

    Lmao have you guys seen Leo’s twitter and fb talking about the poor elephant. Coincidence huh? I think not, he needs that good PR right now but it defo not going to work. His team is working hard while he’s working hard getting laid. Does he even care about animals or the enviro at all? This is the same thing that happened when that blind about the cocaine came out, he donated 1 million dollars to charity apparently…. The timing is always funny when he does some sort of charity work. It tries to cover his ass from the crap he does!
    Now Toni will just be a fool like all the others haha

  234. 234
    @sugarbaby Says:

    I find it funny you stalk these two people’s lives considering you hate them so much

  235. 235
    #### Says:


    It’s funny that you bring that up. I actually mentioned that quite a few months ago because it’s happened a few times over the past year where he’s gotten bad publicity for his personal life and then all of a sudden his foundation is giving money to the sharks, tigers, etc. I guess his PR thinks that you can cover up the negative stuff with something positive.

  236. 236
    Question Says:

    Has Bar tweeted a pic of her from Cannes 2011 to let the people know she is coming to Cannes this year or what?

  237. 237
    Ok Says:

    @Blacksharpie: I think they may be small birth marks rarther than bruises.

  238. 238
    FACT Says:

    Learning the hard way. Just like Erin she waited until the last minute of humiliation to open her eyes.

    Once you let it pass, he’ll probably do it again.

  239. 239
    sugarbaby Says:

    @@sugarbaby: How is that stalking when it comes up on my newsfeed and dashboard when I scroll LMFAO gtfo, the real stalking is the ppl who look at every tweet/insta that shows where Leo is at the exact moment…@####: I noticed it recently but thanks for telling me its happened before… sad sad… Leo tries to use actual serious problems around the world to mask his own.. Poor animals and environment….

  240. 240
    @Question Says:

    Yes she has;)

  241. 241
    Just Guessing Says:

    Leo probably didnt expected the party goers of the hot tub after party opening their big mouth to tell the press.

  242. 242
    Well Says:

    Dear Leo….×0-1.jpg

  243. 243
    Aww Says:

    Irmelin need to have a serious conversation with his son and Leo has a lot to explain to Toni.

  244. 244
    h8er Says:

    This will be Aaron Taylor-Johnson in a few years when he realized how much of his youth that old hag took from him.

  245. 245
    dddf Says:

    Is the blonde in the picture touching his hat not toni? Or was she at the party? I am a little confused

  246. 246
    adrianafan Says:

    No Adriana Lima stay away from this fugly womanizer, yuck! youre better than that.

  247. 247
    also... Says:

    @dddf: Toni wasn`t at the party last night.

  248. 248
    Leopard Says:

    So he’s go to france and instead of being by his gf side when he lands he goes straight to clubbing with a bunch of different bimbos apart from his gf. I guess he doesn’t miss her that much and no that’s not Toni in the picture. All blondes don’t look alike! lol

  249. 249
    panda Says:

    @They broke up:

    Anyone who stands up for themselves and refuses to let Leo humiliate or disrespect them gets a thumbs up from me. I wish more people had the strength to do it, because it would be good for him. But he surrounds himself with mostly youngins who don’t know well enough, manda and aging frat boys with dim career prospects who depend on him.

  250. 250
    dddf Says:

    Thank you! I didn’t think so but some people on other gossip sites were fighting about it.

  251. 251
    Newcomer Says:

    I think I have found one of the girls who was flirting with him yesterday. First, I have found a tweet by one of her friend:

    DreamChasers ‏@antoinemrchat 10 min
    @MelodySanderson qui se fait draguer par Leonardo Di Caprio 😳 Ramène le au Pecq je t’en suppli 😱

    “@MelodySanderson being hit on by Leonardo DiCaprio. Please bring him back to Pecq” (no idea what Pecq is, maybe a village, a club…)

    And then I went to the girl’s account and she tweeted this:

    Melody Sanderson ‏@MelodySanderson 4 h
    Had a very interesting lunch with Leonardo Di Caprio and @BBiche_ on our boat today! #CannesFilmFestival #boat #lunchtimedebate

    Melody Sanderson ‏@MelodySanderson 4 h
    Look what i found on youtube! #leonardodicaprio #cannes #mysteriouswoman #gotha #cannes #video

    She is a model. Her friend @BBiche_ retweeted the lunch tweet and then, she has probably asked about it by a friend whose account his private so I cannot see the questions but she says he has not been sexy since Titanic and that she is working (in Cannes).

  252. 252
    Newcomer Says:

    *she was probably asked about it by a friend

  253. 253
    Newcomer Says:

    *whose account is private

  254. 254
    also... Says:

    @dddf: The girl resembles Toni but it’s definitely not her.

  255. 255
    Newcomer Says:

    And DreamChasers has just retweeted this:

    thib ‏@TDebril 1 min
    Je suis passé avant DiCaprio! Seul certain peuvent comprendre!!

    “I went/came before DiCaprio. Only a few can understand.”

    But because of the retweet, I guess he means that he “hit it first” with the girl.

  256. 256
    Newcomer Says:

    And he just added:

    thib ‏@TDebril 27 s
    Je suis assez fiers de moi sur se coup la!

    “I am quite proud of myself on this one”

  257. 257
    #### Says:


    So it may be safe to assume that if he’s having lunch with girls NOT Toni that he won’t be at the party that is currently going on and that Toni is at?

    Any tweets that he’s been seen there yet?

  258. 258
    Sigh Says:

    Its the hardest thing in the world to be a Leo stan :/ I hope posters like Zzzzz are still around

  259. 259
    LOL Says:

    @Newcomer: Dinner, breakfast and lunch? LOL

  260. 260
    its official... Says:

    Leo is now officially bored of Toni. Even if you see them together again it wont be the same. It will be like when Erin and Leo were taking a picture together and Leo was barely touching Erin and you saw his hand sticking out.. I think they’re still “together” but not really. The relationship will naturally phase out. They will part ways soon just like he did with Erin. You can always tell when Leo is ready to break things off. You get a vibe and that’s the vibe I’m getting….

  261. 261
    Newcomer Says:

    @####: No, I don’t think Toni was at this lunch. According to a poster on BZ, Toni is staying at the Martinez (and also other models like Alessandra Ambrosio) and it seems she arrived today and just went to the Martinez hotel and then she left for the Grisogono party at Eden Roc (there are pics of her leaving the Martinez hotel in her dress). So I don’t think they were together today. I have not seen sightings of Leo from the Grisogono party yet. The French gossip journalist I reposted earlier spotted several celebrities, including Sharon Stone and her 10 bodyguards, but nothing about Leo for the moment.

  262. 262
    Well Says:

    So that Melody girl mentioned she had a very interesting lunch with Leo on her boat…?

  263. 263
    Could Says:

    Could this be the link Lilly was talking about, and the big thing another poster was talking about?

  264. 264
    hmm Says:

    There is a chance Leo could attend the Grisogono party…. but only the after-after-party.

  265. 265
    panda Says:

    Stanning for him is waste. Once you get out of Leostan, you’ll realise how many more worthile people and actors there are who are worth being fans of, and how overrated he is. I still appreciate his talents and charms, but there are better. Much better.

  266. 266
    Newcomer Says:

    @hmm: Maybe he will go back to Gotha tonight but last year, he was at the actual party. He was trying to escape photographers but he was spotted by people. For the moment, he hasn’t.

  267. 267
    Newcomer Says:

    *he hasn’t been seen yet. I send the comment before finishing it lol

  268. 268
    ??? Says:

    I wonder if Toni saw this coming or she really thought that Leo was faithful.

  269. 269
    tinkerbell Says:

    Go for it, its from Crazy Days and Nights. Note, this jives with two other pieces of gossip, one from years ago. First off, there was one that Vlad made Naomi sleep with his friends. Two, there was that classic “Airing out Leonardo Di Caprio” that a lot people thought was Lukas Haas because he got left out at the last minute for Leo’s birthday party next to the pyramids on Lipstick Alley. The poster said he knew for a fact that Leo had slept with Naomi even though she was with Vlad then… so they “swing.” Wonder if Barfie girl went along with that, all the time she spent on Doronin’s yacht? There was also the blind on CDAN about Leo kicknig Toni out of his hotel room one night …do not envy this girl. He is NOT a nice guy, and Enty actually used to know Leo personally, has written favorably about him before, or at least intimated that. The Jay-Z Beyonce is also ridiculous. Read the comments too.

    Blind Items Revealed

    August 8, 2013

    This A+ list mostly movie actor banished his current girlfriend from his vacation for one night because she refused to sleep with the host of the vacation. he allowed her to return after one night away so I guess she changed her mind. This is what happens when you have been famous and rich for too long. You get carried away with seeing how far you can go. This used to be a nice guy.

    Leonardo DiCaprio

  270. 270
    Sigh Says:

    Not really, I can think of a lot of male actors who have said questionable things, done shady stuff, or are womanizers themselves, both past and present. People just only focus on Leo and act like he’s the only womanizer who ever lived

  271. 271
    Polliwog Says:

    This is why Leo will never win an oscar. No one takes him seriously, it’s such a shame. But this happens when you’re surrounded by “yes” people. I’m no Toni fan, but I feel sorry for her. She’s young and naive. However, I feel even more sorry for this brunette’s husband. This must be very embarrassing for him! Marriage is even more serious than a casual bf/gf situation. Jack Nicholson recently said he wished he would have had an enduring love and not the life of a gigolo because that never ends well. He’s asked women to marry him but they never took him seriously. Leo should take heed and listen to a now wiser and older Jack. I think one day Leo will fall head over heels for someone and want to marry but she won’t take him seriously. Karma will get him eventually.

  272. 272
    tinkerbell Says:

    Just so you all can read it better

    Blind Items Revealed

    August 8, 2013

    This A+ list mostly movie actor banished his current girlfriend from his vacation for one night because she refused to sleep with the host of the vacation. he allowed her to return after one night away so I guess she changed her mind. This is what happens when you have been famous and rich for too long. You get carried away with seeing how far you can go. This used to be a nice guy.

    Leonardo DiCaprio

  273. 273
    Major Twist Says:

    So “The end” is finally here and The End is Near is not here?

  274. 274
    Newcomer Says:

    @tinkerbell: I don’t really believe this CDAN blind. He spent holidays with Toni and Vlad in Ibiza last summer, but there were also his mother, Dave, Vlad’s teenage sons, Leo’s teenage godson Milan and one of Toni’s friends Jamie. He is not a saint but I don’t think he would do something like that in front of his family, some teenagers and Toni’s friend as everybody would have seen that she wasn’t sleeping in the house Vlad was renting for one night and wondered why.

  275. 275
    tinkerbell Says:

    Love the pix, I mean LOVE THE PIX.

    Yes, that girl is next,or was next. I would say Toni’s 15 minute of Leo is over with … he always knows exactly what he is doing and for this to get out means he doesnt care he is on to next. Must have been those silly rumors about them moving in together that was like a red flag to him to get distant.

    If Toni looks fine, she is probably relieved, doesnt have to date him anymore. She did what Mommy and VS wanted her to do and he she is off… 21, a model and will have a nice guy probably in minutes (ie read, the real guy..) probably be married by fall.

  276. 276
    @tinker bèll Says:

    @tinkerbell: I be,I’ve the blind Leo sounds mean. But could you simplify what you said as I got confused.

  277. 277
    Newcomer Says:

    And I think Vlad’s girlfriend was there too. Of course, this is JMO but I have also read several times that CDAN was not reliable and was inventing things.

  278. 278
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Newcomer: Unfortunately, I am not a newcomer, I am old as the hills in forum sense, and I do. I believe it about Vlad etc.

    Lucky hot brunette! She gets to be the next bish Leo makes sleeps with Vlad Doronin! Because they are on a yacht and like there is no place to go but overboard. NIICCCCCCCCCCCCCCEEEE.

  279. 279
    @newcomer Says:

    @Newcomer: I could se eleo like this. He kicked Toni out of the room, where was she suppose to go? He did this is December so I believe it. I think they’ve seen worse.

  280. 280
    Newcomer Says:

    @tinkerbell: You are mental!

  281. 281
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@tinker bèll:

    Hi there, all I said it goes with other blinds about the people mentioned.

    1. Vlad made Naomi sleep with his friends

    2. Leo slept with Naomi at his birthday party sponsored by Vlad…or at least was said so in Lipstick Alley post by someone close to Leo.

    I believe it. People do like and make things up, but three of em over time… I dont know.

  282. 282
    Newcomer Says:

    @tinkerbell: I am not the one calling you “mental” as I don’t insult other posters. I often have somebody using my name and saying BS so if this happens again, it wasn’t me.

  283. 283
    Wow Says:

    He really doesnt waste time. Even before announcing the split he’s publicly hooking up with models.

  284. 284
    Wow Says:

    Some people really think they know everything huh!

  285. 285
    Name changer Says:

    @Newcomer: Gerard butlers thread. Newcomer forgot to change her name.

    # 760 Newcomer @ 05/20/2014 at 6:02 pm
    @Pamela: I like westerns and I think Gerry could pull it off. Clint Eastwood is a great director and I liked GFW answer to the question time. What is your opinion?
    @reply | flag this

  286. 286
    tinkerbell Says:


    I don’t know about that. It is hard to know what/who to believe, but a lot of what Enty says comes true, he scoops people.

    For example, he was reporting that people were concerned about L’Wren Scott before she offed herself at least a week before she did. Not the first time either.

    As someone said, yes people lie, but do they lie the same lie over years and years?

  287. 287
    tinkerbell Says:


    Hi there, guess you fell for the Barfie bait!

  288. 288
    @Tinker bèll Says:

    @tinkerbell: That makes sense @Newcomer: Read this

  289. 289
    Guess what... Says:

    Just ignore the trolls

  290. 290
    tinkerbell Says:

    You always do !


    yeah, I’m mental, (read cerebral) in terms of being much, much smarter than you are….

  291. 291
    Newcomer Says:

    And I forgot to add. I don’t post on other people’s threads, just Leo’s so, as my trolls already said BS about me posting on Bradley Cooper threads, and here I see somebody saying the same about Gerard’s threads, it is just not me.

  292. 292
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Newcomer: Is this Adi or did they hire someone new? I have been wondering why Barfie isnt posting…have they finally given up?

    or you are some other ‘tard. I dont care.

  293. 293
    @tinkerbell Says:

    I like your posts but im confused. I thought you were done with Leo?

  294. 294
    Newcomer Says:

    @tinkerbell: I repeat, I didn’t call you mental. The trolls are there again but it is not me. And I respect your opinion about the blind but I simply don’t believe it.

  295. 295
    tilli Says:

    Being brutally honest I first became interested in leo when I read on someone Blog that it was a well known Hollywood secret that he was gay and had been involved with Lukas Haas for years (yeah go leokas)

    I felt mad at myself for beliveing the playboy modeliser image PR had cooked up and was curious to find out more. I loved the idea of them being a normal couple with a quiet happy life together and their boston terrier having to hide their Love and Leo posed occasionally with girlfriend ‘out and about’

    But sigh I don’t believe that he is really gay and I’m starting t see that the playboy image is just who he really Is and I have lost respect for him to be honest. This shallow existence lacks substance and the fame and excitement will go eventually And hel realise that the only thing that matters is Love and family. Looks like Jack Nicholson is realising this belittle late in his life.

    I preferred the leokas story….

  296. 296
    brave duck face Says:

  297. 297
    tinkerbell Says:


    Newcomer, yes that happens a lot on this thread. Could be Bar’s PR hack Adira Ronen trolling the site because I put something in there to piss her off on purpose, she used to be on here all the time. Or someone else’s.

    Apparently Jay-Z and Bey are also known to use professional “cleaners” it is well known on Lipstick Alley. The bipolar story about Solange was part of that …

  298. 298
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Wow: Just most of it. Have forgotten more than certain people around here ever knew.

  299. 299
    @Newcomer Says:

    @Newcomer: Don’t worry someone has got your back

    Troll @ 05/20/2014 at 6:08 pm
    Newcomer @ 05/20/2014 at 6:05 pm
    And I forgot to add. I don’t post on other people’s threads, just Leo’s so, as my trolls already said BS about me posting on Bradley Cooper threads, and here I see somebody saying the same about Gerard’s threads, it is just not me.
    @reply | flag this
    # 762 Troll @ 05/20/2014 at 6:08 pm
    Newcomer is nice. Leave her ALONE
    @reply | flag this

  300. 300
    Timeline Says:

    Wow she looks awful in that pic…still no sightings of leo anywhere? Hmm she seems to be sticking to her girls..

  301. 301
    tinkerbell Says:

    @tilli: No, he is not at all gay. Just a jerk. Cute jerk, rich jerk, formerly believed to be talented jerk


    a jerk. I am through caring but still get amused by all this.

  302. 302
    Guess what... Says:

    I know this is a leo thread but I am curious what is your opinion on the elevator incident?

  303. 303
    GOING TO BED Says:

    Im going to bed so do not post too much. I will be up in about ten or seven hours. Good night.

  304. 304
    Newcomer Says:

    It seems Jack Nicholson feels very lonely now so if Leo really plans that in the future, he wants to settle down and have kids, I guess he should listen to what Jack said about not being taken seriously by the women he wanted to have a serious relationship with or marry.

  305. 305
    Newcomer Says:

    @@Newcomer: Where was this reposted???

  306. 306
    @300 Says:

    Leo must be on a yacht ******** the hookers from last night before choosing new ones for tonight.

  307. 307
    Blacksharpie Says:

    @brave duck face:
    She doesn’t look too happy in this pic despite the goofy face. Is that Rosie Huntington-Whitley hugging her?

  308. 308
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Guess what…:

    Okay like most people, especially in NYC where it happened, I read all the points of view including the tea on LSA which is pretty lethal and on target at times. Because unlike a lot of sites, people who work in Hollywood (bar tender, personal chef, trainer, make up artist, sales people at designer boutique) actually do post there and occasionally take scalps.Much more brutal and on the money there.

    My final take, given that they made up etc ….is that Solange left Jay’s label and has had a hard time financially. Given that she is a single Mom and has to struggle, I bet Camel face made some remark like, “So Sis, HOW IS YOUR NEW LABEL GOING” to piss her off. And there is more tea there than I can even waste my time deciphering.

    If you see the video it was epic, multiple spitting instances from Solange for example.

    I think Solange might have substance abuse issues (another blind, convincing) and maybe got a little soused at the Met, which is one place you really dont do that, and also Rachel Roy might have said something to make her go off as well. The entire group is shady and I dont like Camel face or the Creole Queen, hoping to see them go down some time.

    These are all nasty people who think their SH*T doesnt stink. Read the revealed blind on Bey on CDAN today…but Leo has had similar things said about him as well.

    Got to catch a train, not a yacht because I am an ordinary person and I only fill my life with nice people if possible.

  309. 309
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Newcomer: Jacky had what is known as a “coke stroke” his cocaine use made him more likely to stroke. Can afford private nurse but wont be showing up much in the public…how the mighty do fall.

    I wish we still had the thumbs…old school posters remember those????

    Like the time the spread between me and Bar’s hack was 1,500? And then she had to start wasting time back browsering and changing them…

    there is nothing like actually interfacing with someone close to the person you hate and torturing them.

    I think my new name will be Chocolate Croissant, something nice and comforting like that… just kidding. I will be evil bish tinkerbell from now on.

  310. 310
    tinkerbell Says:

    The caption should read “lucky Brunette that will be the next girl Leo tries to make sleep with Vladimir Doronin,”

  311. 311
    So Says:

    What is next for Toni? Unfollow all his friends?

  312. 312
    Blacksharpie Says:
    Richie Akiva finally posted a pic from last night.
    Some of his hashtags are ironic to say the least:
    #unforgettable nights, #onefortheecordbooks

  313. 313
    Daily Mail Says:

    New DM article about Cara Delevingne and tonight’s party describes Toni as Leo’s “ex”.

  314. 314
    To tinkerbell Says:

    What’s your opinion on all Leos ex’s – Kristen, Gis, Bar, Blake, Erin, Toni and whoever else? Genuinely interested as you seem honest/opinionated.

  315. 315
    Bar 2.0 Says:

    Toni will take him back.

  316. 316
    Behive & Leo Fan Says:

    @tinkerbell: Too bad, Queen B will reign despite what you think. She’s here to stay and will keep getting invited to the White House. The Obamas love her. Michelle has good taste! Beyoncé rules!! And haters gonna hate…: )
    Of course no family is perfect but she is flawless in her imperfections. She wont be losing sleep over a comment on JJ. That will be for the Beygency like me and I’m done now. #shewokeuplikethis

  317. 317
    @315 Says:

    @Daily Mail: hahah

  318. 318
    also... Says:

    @Bar 2.0: Even if she it’s going to be downhill from now on. So far so many believed that this was special ( probably because of the social media exposure we saw more than before and it seemed different ) but after this mess it’s obviously just another typical Leo relationship ( if it want clear for some people so far ). Who is going to take this romance and Toni seriously after this?

  319. 319
    Amy Says:

    @Daily Mail:

    I knew Leo was done with Toni when that moving in together story leaked to In Touch. Someone from Toni’s camp must have leaked that rumor. Once you do that, you’re done. Leo doesn’t like rumors about engagements/settling down.

  320. 320
    @psychic2 Says:

    Where are you?

  321. 321
    @also... Says:

    @also…: who took it seriously before?

  322. 322
    @314 Says:

    @To tinkerbell: Just look at past JJ posts and don’t start Loe ex telenova stories along with Lipshite Alley conspiracies again

  323. 323
    @321 Says:

    @@also…: Love is Real and poor toni. lol

  324. 324
    @315 Says:

    @@314: exactly. You can read up on her lunatic ranting else where

  325. 325
    @319 Says:

    @Amy: BS. There were many engagement rumours every year with Bar and we even had settling down/having babies stories with Erin without a Leo denial

  326. 326
    #324 Says:

    @@315: LMAO.

  327. 327
    #### Says:


    A couple of days ago I posted a “theory” that I thought Leo was doing all of this daily clubbing ion NYC to dispel the moving in rumor and a poster jumped on here and basically made a mean comment about what I had posted!

    It might sound stupid but we’re talking about an almost 40 year old man with a frat boy mentality so how do we think he’s going to react to a rumor of him moving in with Toni? He’s going to go out and party his butt off to prove that he’s not settling down!

  328. 328
    #325 Says:

    @@319: Right. And of course it’s AGAIN supposedly the girls’ camp leaking. I’m not saying Toni or any of them are innocent but its funny when it comes to Leo how for some its ALWAYS the girls that get the can. #stanningcausesblindness

  329. 329
    Robbie Says:

    THE GIRL IS KATIE CLEARLY. She was on season 1 of ANTM and IS Married to a rich Jewish man.

  330. 330
    Blacksharpie Says:

    I’m wondering if her camp released that rumor about them moving in together and Leo got p*ssed? The threesome story and last night are because he’s angry.

  331. 331
    Amy Says:


    Yeah, I agree. He’s being way more obvious now.

  332. 332
    Amy Says:


    Exactly. He wants to prove that he’s not tied down. Toni miscalculated if she thought this would force a commitment from him.

  333. 333
    Popcorngirl Says:

    It look like a just have broken up or maybe toni following leo around or trying to win him back?!?!

  334. 334
    Popcorngirl Says:

    Toni just won’t give up on leo and never will?

  335. 335
    #### Says:


    and @Amy I guess we’ll see whether or not we get pics of them at Cannes. So far Newcomer hasn’t posted anything about him being at the party tonight.

  336. 336
    @Popcorngirl Says:

    @Popcorngirl: She actually has a reason to be in Cannes! Looks like Leo intentionally tried to embarrass her.

  337. 337
    Blacksharpie Says:

    I personally don’t think we will get pics of them together and I don’t think he went to this party tonight. Time will tell.
    We didn’t start getting tweets last night about Gotha until about 10pm EST. the pics of him with the women didn’t come out until about 5am EST this morning.

  338. 338
    Amy Says:

    Leo has a message for Toni:


  339. 339
    Newcomer Says:

    @####: I have looked on several agencies websites (like Getty) and there are pics of plenty of celebs at the party but not Leo. I have also searched on some Twitter accounts of journalists/gossip bloggers… and they didn’t mention him either. I don’t think he was there but he will probably go to some party in a club tonight.

  340. 340
    Amy Says:


    Leo’s still tired from last night. ;)

  341. 341
    Love The Shoes Says:

    Also at the club was Leonardo DiCaprio and I wish JJ would put of a thread. Besides the bevy of beauties buzzing around Leo, he had in his entourage the fine FINE Gary Dourdan! I’ve been wondering were he’s been and now I know.

  342. 342
    Cannes Says:

    I saw a new pic of Toni. she look really happy for someone newly single lol

  343. 343
    Wow Says:

    @@Popcorngirl: I agree. These pictures scream “screw you I’m single.”

  344. 344
    #### Says:


    Thanks for keeping us updated! :-)

  345. 345
    Newcomer Says: also published pics of last night:

  346. 346
    Love The Shoes Says:

    @Love The Shoes:



    Make that:

  347. 347
    Newcomer Says:

    @####: You’re welcome!

    @Amy: Maybe he is taking a nap now before going back to the club but he was lunching on a boat today with one of the models he partied with last night.

  348. 348
    #### Says:

    @Love The Shoes:

    Wow I was wondering if that was him or not! And so Leo is now hanging with someone who had serious drug problems a few years back and may still have them?

  349. 349
    also... Says:

    @Cannes: I`m on the fence about their current relationship status but she is there for work so I would be surprised to see her sad.

  350. 350
    Popcorn girl Says:

    @@Popcorngirl: oh man! That isn’t nice of leo to do that.

  351. 351
    #### Says:


    I am too…

  352. 352
    @Popcorngirl Says:

    @Popcorn girl: Well he knew she would be there right? And he seems pretty open with his actions. He makes more of an effort to hide coming out of a restaurant with his mommy. He has to know by now people are taking his picture in these clubs.

  353. 353
    also... Says:

    @####: I just don`t wanna jump into conclusions. On one hand the way she left on Mother`s Day and the sightings before… don`t suggest breakup. But him partying so much in NYC and yesterday makes me wonder. I think it could be either way so let`s see what`s happening in the coming days.

  354. 354
    Popcorngirl Says:

    I just don’t think leo is ready for marriage and toni want that, leo still
    Want to have fun, I always read that they have a open relationship? Could be like that since he been dating her. I just think toni want leo doesn’t want anyone else but only him. I dont think toni had no idea when she gotton in relationship when she started dating leo, she thought he will be serious with her, she got all that wrong?!?

  355. 355
    Timeline Says:

    I hope we get pics of whatever hes doing tonight…or whoever should I say

  356. 356
    @350 Says:

    @Popcorn girl: And what she did to Erin? That wasn’t very nice either.

  357. 357
    Popcorngirl Says:

    @@Popcorngirl: yep that true.

  358. 358
    Popcorngirl Says:

    Boy leo need to learn someday about dating girls, if he keep that up he will be single until he real old man! Haha.

  359. 359
    Popcorngirl Says:

    Has leo ever been in ‘love’ with someone in his life???

  360. 360
    Mélanie Says:

    cheating ? wtf is wrong with y’all ? y’all are 12 or what ? he’s saying something in the ear of the lady for 10 secs but the photos are making it looks like it was for 10 minutes , stop being so shocked for nothing groupies !!

  361. 361
    @359 Says:

    @Popcorngirl: Irmelin Indenbirken

  362. 362
    Popcorngirl Says:

    @@359: oh geez! That funny.

  363. 363
    BZ girl Says:

    Im with @also… about the break up rumors i think its still a go .. but Leo was seen doing this with Toni at one of these cannes parties where he’s whispering in her ear etc. And looking at Katie Cleary IG she seems to do a lot of enviroment work but looking at her at first glance i would assume p*orn star or playbunny..imo , as for Toni Im sure their will be even more awkward pics of them together Deja Vu… @tinkerbell are you the real ?? If so you need to come here more often! You are definatly #killingit girl LOL!

  364. 364
    also... Says:

    @Melanie: You have a lot of websites to visit to clear up this situation.

  365. 365
    @354 Says:

    @Popcorngirl: Toni knew exactly what she was getting into, but let’s give the benefit of the doubt. IF she didnt knew at first, she learned later since the relationship has been exposed constantly to rumors of him with other girls from the beginning, that she decided to ignore or maybe she was more busy or interested in the Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend label, status and exposure.

  366. 366
    Please Says:

    Breaking up over these pictures? This is a laugh for Toni.

  367. 367
    also... Says:

    @Please: That says a lot about her and not in a good way

  368. 368
    Can You Blame Her? Says:

    @@354: Every girl thinks she’ll be the one who can change a “bad boy” no matter his reputation.Toni is still young, and she wasn’t even legal when her and Leo first got together.

  369. 369
    Back to Lalaland Says:

    They will be back together for the amfAR party.

  370. 370
    sugarbaby Says:

    @BZ girl: omg this is exactly how Leo got Toni, well at a diff party but still at Cannes. Leo is always finding ppl at parties! This is literally one yr from when he met Toni, and now she got dumped LMFAO! She must feel so stupid! Maybe he will find another “gf” here now! Leo literally does the same exact things over and over AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER again, his life is constant, nothing changes!

  371. 371
    sigh Says:


    Maybe she is relieved.

  372. 372
    Newcomer Says:

    I am on the fence as well. I think she turns a blind eye usually but here there are pics. He was having lunch with other girls today, despite the fact that she was there or about to arrive and it seems she is not staying at the same place as him. But she could once again pretend nothing happened, like after the Nina Agdal pics.

  373. 373
    Aww Says:

    Maybe Mama Irmelin is convincing Leo to not leave Toni.

  374. 374
    also... Says:

    @Newcomer: Unlike the Nina photos this got a lot of publicity. I mean he did it in Cannes where he can`t go unnoticed and it`s mixed with the InTouch rumors. I think this is more public and more embarrassing for her but I`m still not sure if it`s over. Yet. As I said earlier I think it`s gonna be downhill from now on.

  375. 375
    siggy Says:


    Of course there are, but there are also a lot who aren’t. You think everyone only focuses on Leo because you mainly focus on him. That’s the life of a stan. Turn you attentions elsewhere. He’s not worth it.

  376. 376
    BZ girl Says:

    Its amazing how Leo and Katie look more “together”in these party pics than Leo and Toni did within the last year.. just sayin !

  377. 377
    Timeline Says:

    Who was he having lunch with??

  378. 378
    siggy Says:


    Bar rolls with the same crowd. Not surprised she is going. It’s probably not about Leo. It’s about trying to score her next bought and paid for spread in the Daily Mail and get her party on.

  379. 379
    also... Says:

    @BZ girl: LOL! That`s always the case. She usually has more chemistry with the unofficial girls.

  380. 380
    Oh MY Says:

    “Pretend nothing happened”.
    She’s got to be even more stupid than I could imagine.
    Young, barely legal and willing like no one. How come her parents never taught her what is the meaning of self-esteem, pride and dignity.

  381. 381
    BZ girl Says:

    Does anyone else think Leo is purposely flirting to get rid of Toni maybe he just doesn’t have the guts to dump her ?? Toni should get a clue smh

  382. 382
    Newcomer Says:

    @Timeline: This girl, who is a model, tweeted this:

    Melody Sanderson ‏@MelodySanderson 8 h
    Had a very interesting lunch with Leonardo Di Caprio and @BBiche_ on our boat today! #CannesFilmFestival #boat #lunchtimedebate

    And she is one of the blonde girls he was seen talking to yesterday:

    Melody Sanderson ‏@MelodySanderson 7 h
    Look what i found on youtube! #leonardodicaprio #cannes #mysteriouswoman #gotha #cannes #video

  383. 383
    siggy Says:


    How many times have you had to make that excuse for him? Think about it.

  384. 384
    Blacksharpie Says:

    Her most recent IG post from today has gotten the most comments of any of her pics, I think. Most are supportive, one even said Leo was cruel for doing this at Cannes since that’s where they met(not sure if that’s really true?). Some of the comments are harsh.

  385. 385
    #### Says:


    IMO last night was pretty blatant and in your face by Leo. Was not expecting him to do that all all!

  386. 386
    I wonder... Says:

    @Blacksharpie: Why she is getting negative or mean comments and Leo is the one creeping in the club? He’s a 40 year old who lives in the club, yet she’s getting the backlash.

  387. 387
    Popcorngirl Says:

    That pic kinda look like toni but it not her.

  388. 388
    also... Says:

    @####: I agree. His behavior last night puts me on the fence about them. In Cannes, in front of everyone so – you are right – blatantly and in her face. That`s pretty low of him.

  389. 389
    siggy Says:


    Oh bull. In Touch is a piece of crap tabloid no one reads except for laughs. If it was People, that would be another story.

    She probably has few illusions about him by now, but I bet she didn’t think he would go all the way to Cannes to embarass her like this before they even announced a split. That’s a low move even for Leo.

  390. 390
    BZ girl Says:

    Anne V and looks like Toni’s older sister! Toni is taller than all those girls in that pic..she has to be over 5 ft 11? yikes

  391. 391
    Lover's Quarrel ? Says:

    Maybe they had a lovers quarrel right before cannes?? And Leo is showing that he doesn’t need her to have a good time not that he “needed” her to begin with?lol

  392. 392
    Phony Says:

    Toni dont give a sh*t about Leo. She’s just dating him because the perks and his fame so what he does with random girls in a club dont take away her sleep. If he decides to continue the relationship is fine. If he doesnt, then will be another famous actor or celeb to drive her to her goal and her mothers to become a household name.

  393. 393
    @390 Says:

    @BZ girl: She’s 6’2

  394. 394
    Blacksharpie Says:

    I think she’s a famewh*** but I admire her hustle.

  395. 395
    Soulmate Says:

    Do people still want Leo to find his “soulmate?” I hope not. This isn’t someone who knows how to treat a woman.

  396. 396
    Blacksharpie Says:

    @I wonder…:
    I think they are more like “wake up” comments. ” He’s cheating on you, have some self-respect, you know his rep.”,things like that.

  397. 397
    @386 Says:

    Toni is getting support, not backlash on her IG

  398. 398
    hmm Says:

    I’m suprised nobody is talking about how this Katie girl aligns perfectly with the “soulmate” the psychics predicted.

  399. 399
    #389 Says:

    @siggy: Why do you think he did this?

  400. 400
    #389 Says:

    ……unless he was hurt? Because this seems malicious

  401. 401
    Blacksharpie Says:

    I agree. It looks vengeful IMO. He just arrives, has dinner and parties hard with a bunch of women. I don’t think he’s ever been faithful but he’s never been this blatant.

  402. 402
    Newcomer Says:

    @hmm: I don’t think she aligns 100% with what they said but I think people are not talking about it probably because she is married and also because he was talking to other girls, even if she is the one who got more attention from the media, and he was even lunching with one of the other girls he flirted with yesterday.

  403. 403
    Well-shoot Says:

    Do not wish that kind of torment on his soulmate. This way of life would destroy her. Her heart is best to run away as fast as possible. He proves more and more that he’s a sleaze. So very upsetting

  404. 404
    hmm Says:

    @newcomer it looks like that Katie girl was on a boat today too, she posted a pic of it, similar to the ones the other girl posted.

  405. 405
    also... Says:

    @Blacksharpie: I agree. I would also call them wake-up-call comments and not harsh or bashing.
    @hmm: Actually you are right. Maybe this whole sm idea is fading away even more now.

  406. 406
    Soulmate Says:

    @Well-shoot: Please if this amazing woman truly exists, I hope she isn’t subjected to this BS. Just let Leo and his mother live happily ever after!

  407. 407
    Blacksharpie Says:

    I may have misspoke by saying “harsh” but sometimes a wake up call can be harsh.

  408. 408
    Well-shoot Says:

    That’s exactly what I was saying. She deserves better. Who ever she is.

  409. 409
    also... Says:

    @hmm: She posted from the same hotel where Leo is staying.

  410. 410
    Newcomer Says:

    @hmm: Yes but what I meant is that if she was the soulmate, he would probably not have flirted with other girls. And this is a personal opinion, but she looks a bit trashy so even if I don’t really believe all the soulmate talk (and she doesn’t fit all the soulmate talk btw), I hope that if Leo has a soulmate that will be some classy woman. I don’t think publicly flirting with a guy when you are married is very classy, even if he looked more into her than her into him.

  411. 411
    smile Says:

    I never realized before today how much of a lie detector a smile can be, I’ve never seen Toni look like she did at that party, her smile never past her lips and her eyes betrayed her greatly, they looked dazed, confused and hurt all at the same time. Never seen her look so vulnerable and young.

  412. 412
    Hey Says:

    @hmm: I can see Leo meeting his soulmate in a club and starting rubbing herself against him while he could be cheating on his current girlfriend.
    After all, Brad meet his soulmate Angelina on-set and had an affair with her when he was still with Jennifer Aniston.

  413. 413
    Newcomer Says:

    Actually, looking at it again, she posed from the hotel in front of the sea and not a boat.

  414. 414
    BZ girl Says:

    I sound bittchyy but I dont feel sorry for her not even 2% ..maybe she now knows how Erin felt even if they didt break up.. Toni is an arrogant ,smug ,sneaky vindictive little twit! She would never do that with Cara Delevingne’s ex bf because Cara would have kicked her a$$.Cara is the juvenile delinquent of her model peers! LOL

  415. 415
    @412 Says:

    @Hey: Johnny Depp met his soulmate while he was in a relationship too. Apparently that’s how you find true love in Hollywood.

  416. 416
    lol Says:

    @Soulmate: That was funny. Norman Bates

  417. 417
    @BZ girl Says:


  418. 418
    @Newcomer Says:

    @Newcomer: Isn’t she a pretty open golddigger? I mean she was on Millionaire Matchmaker right? The goal of that show seems pretty obvious.

  419. 419
    siggy Says:


    IKR?! I don’t even card one way or the other, but why is it almost always the woman being accused of planting stories? Why couldn’t it be a tabloid making **** up, like they often do? Why not Leo throwing her a bone, and trying to burnish his image as a good boyfriend, in preparation to go on a tear? It makes about as much sense.

  420. 420
    hmm Says:

    @newcomer he was talking with other women, but it seems he was most interested in her. At first i think she also is trashy, but looking at her instagram, she is covered up, and very conservative. Mostly posts about animals.

    someone mentioned how she is somewhat connected to the fashion industry which is true, she used to be a model/barely is one, and is now more of an activist.

  421. 421
    @418 Says:

    No, she was on America’s Next Top Model

  422. 422
    Newcomer Says:

    @@Newcomer: Yes, she seems to be some goldigger. Honestly, I think Toni is a famewh*re but even if she is hinting, she keeps most things on the low. That Katie belongs more to the trashy category, openly goldigging, 3 tons of makeup…

  423. 423
    siggy Says:


    She often has a hurt look about her, but maybe she was embarrassed and wasted.

  424. 424
    @414 Says:

    ‘arrogant ,smug ,sneaky n vindictive’ that about sums her up!.

  425. 425
    @418 Says:

    How is Katie now trashy? Because she was a model? She was never on Millionaire Matchmaker FYI. Not smart to judge a person by just their appearance

  426. 426
    @Newcomer Says:

    @@418: She was on Millionaire Matchmaker too. She was engaged to the guy.

  427. 427
    @401 Says:

    @Blacksharpie: Vengeful? That was just Leo.

    Remember he was in Lavo in a table full of models when Erin was with her friends at the same place almost crying and right after Blake left Sydney after their break up he was lining up Aussie models in the club and leaving used condom on the floor of the Star Hotel.

  428. 428
    Newcomer Says:

    @hmm: Once again, JMO, but if he is planning on replacing Toni with her, I would prefer him to stay with Toni or even to date Bar again. She just looks like all the Euro-trash women who are currently all over Cannes and the South of France. And I am repeating myself, but she is married. I don’t believe the soulmate thing, but if there is one, I don’t think it is her at all. She knows the Entourage cast, so I think he met her before and if he had wanted to get to know her, he would have gone to that dinner for his foundation one week ago. And on Pure People and other websites, I have seen pics of him pretty interested in two other blondes as well.

  429. 429
    smile Says:

    @siggy plus her hair!!, almost as bad as the vinyl store hair, who put that mess on her head and called it styling?, makes her look rushed, unprepared and confused. Poor girl, today will go down as one of the worst days in her oh so witty, smug and sarcastic life.

  430. 430
    hmm Says:

    @@newcomer she was on millionaire matchmaker. But did you look at all the charity work shes done? Plus she doesn’t dress with her boobs poping out all over the place, despite having “that look”

  431. 431
    Newcomer Says:

    @@418: Not because she was a model. There are models I find classy. It is JMO of her. Feel free to disagree.

  432. 432
    also... Says:

    @Newcomer: Is Katie divorced already? I`m just asking because some of you are already talking about Leo replacing Toni with Katie.

  433. 433
    Fan Says:

    Unlike many of you, I have a nice feeling for this Katie Cleary. After taking a look at her IG account and the pics she posts in regards to the animals, we clearly can see she is a truly devoted animal defender.
    Besides, she is a real beauty and I sure can see Leo attracted to her. We have no idea, but it might not be the first time these two see each other. It’s pretty obvious, Leo can’t keep his attention away from her. Body language is pretty much revealing though these pics.

  434. 434
    siggy Says:


    Because he can? The women are there and he does what he wants. Toni can put up with or not. Maybe that’s his attitude.

    He was hurt by what? It doesn’t seem like he’s given her a lot of reason to trust him, but I don’t see her pulling a Blake and telling him enough.

  435. 435
    @Newcomer Says:

    @hmm: I used to watch Millionaire Matchmaker all the time, and the premise of that show seems pretty obvious. I know nothing about her, but IMO it seems pretty clear why someone would go on that show. Looking for a rich man to marry. That’s all I’m saying! I’m not trying to degrade her.

  436. 436
    hmm Says:

    @newcomer did you even look at her instagram? The only indication of something bad about her is that she was on millionaire matchmaker a long time ago, in which she actually found somebody and has stayed with them ever since. She doesn’t dress provocativly, and actually is trying to make a differance in the world and not just pose in magazines. And thats better than toni? And I don’t think shes married anymore lol

  437. 437
    Finally Soulmate is here Says:

    OMG Look… The charity event he didnt attend to be at The Met Gala.

  438. 438
    Newcomer Says:

    @hmm: Most of the time, Toni doesn’t dress with her boobs popping out all over the place, but I still got famewh*re vibes from her. Gisele does a lot for charities and, congrats for that, but I still can’t stand her. I don’t know her, just as I don’t know Toni or Gisele, but the feeling I get from her is that she is not classy at all and a goldigger. Leo has been seen flirting with girls like her for years.

  439. 439
    Finally Soulmate is here Says:

    AND she likes art.

  440. 440
    siggy Says:


    That show is degrading to everyone who agrees to be on it. They degrade themselves. No help from us needed lol.

  441. 441
    @also... Says:

    Exactly! Like the man we all saw in those pictures looks like he’s just ready to skip to the altar and live happily soul mate after. Chill guys, i think Leo certainly needs some alone time to evaluate his repetitive lifestyle. I’m sure he’ll come good one day.

  442. 442
    @hmm Says:

    @hmm: Okay and people have been doing the same thing with Toni for the past year. Where’s the beef? If something did end up happening between her and Leo, she’d be the next in front of the firing squad!

  443. 443
    Newcomer Says:

    @hmm: Yes I have seen her IG, and congrats for her charity work and she seems devoted, but I still don’t think she is the soulmate and this is a never-ending discussion. I think she is still married.

  444. 444
    BZ girl Says:

    @newcomer: Stay with Toni or go back with Bar? Nooooooooooooooooo Wayyyyyyyyyyyy I thought she looked a certain way too but she is has a more exotic than iceburg Toni .. she looks more womanly euro trash sounds a little rascist all girls cant be cookie cutter cute especially in their 30′s.. too be clear iam not shipping Leo and Katie as a couple mostly because she’s married!

  445. 445
    @Newcomer Says:

    @siggy: I agree. That’s why I stopped watching it! LOL

  446. 446
    Newcomer Says:

    @BZ girl: I am European so when I say Euro-trash, this is making fun of ourselves. Unfortunately, a lot of people here (men and women) are dressing trashy.

  447. 447
    Finally Soulmate is here Says:

    And she is involved in filmmaking and production.

  448. 448
    let it go guys... Says:

    must you always book a hat each time he’s seen flirting or getting his freak on?. He’s just thirsty for variety from the no color, no ass, no tits german machine of a giant.

  449. 449
    Book a hat? Says:

    @let it go guys…: Could you explain this expression? Never heard it before

  450. 450
    also... Says:

    @Newcomer: I agree with you in Katie. It seems money is important for her and she looks kinda trashy. But I like her charity work. I have the feeling Leo has known her for a while from LA though. Someone posted a TMZ video of her and her speaking reminds me of Toni. Quick and hard to understand. I didn’t watch the whole video but she said something like guys should peruse stupid girls until they find a great girl. Okay…
    Anyways I think speculation is premature. There not even a breakup with Toni ( so far ).

  451. 451
    fyi.. Says:

    ‘Finally soulmate is here’ and the rest plugging this katie should give it a rest, she is married so sing another tune. Also i heavily suspect ‘Finally soulmate is here’ is love is real/poor toni repackaged, for our annoying pleasure :)

  452. 452
    @Finally Soulmate is here Says:

    Hmm..the psychics DID also say she was very sensual, Leo wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off her, and that his fans wouldn’t be sure of her at first…

  453. 453
    Newcomer Says:

    About whether she is married or not, she posted this pic on March 3rd with her husband:

  454. 454
    Katie Cleary interview Says:

  455. 455
    Newcomer Says:

    @also…: I agree! It’s stupid if she said that.

  456. 456
    dead! Says:

    @let it go guys…: “no color, no ass, no tits german machine of a giant” hahaha

  457. 457
    @book a hat? Says:

    Lol it’s what people (females) who have been invited to weddings do, buy a dress, book (rent) a hat to wear/ rent a tuxedo (males) e.t.c.

  458. 458
    W Says:

    Soo… everyone is fine with Leo wrecking a married couple’s home? Is the Toni hate really so strong that we want this hussy to be the SM? We need a girl who will keep Leo AWAY from the clubs and maybe wear a shirt that holds her watersacks in

  459. 459
    HAHA12 Says:

    Hey everyone. I said I was taking a break, but I’m going to try to comment every once in awhile now that my studies are pretty much over and I’ve got time rn to be on. Thanks for the support from the other day btw :)

    Does anyone else feel Leo is trying to prove something? He wants to always show he’ll do what he wants, he DGAF about anything, embraces the playboy he is, doesn’t care if he seems like a douche, etc. And along with that to hanging out with always shady folk, ditching his own foundations/premieres to party, lining up multiple woman on more of his yachts, cheating on Toni, he just seems desperate to hold onto his youth and is like in a perpetual life crisis. And it also shows raging insecurity imo, he just doesn’t seem right lately. Men who forever try holding onto their youth end up becoming the most alone and depressed. I’m starting to realize he’s probably never going to change and may always be like this, but its still embarrassing and sad to witness. Btw I’m in the camp that thinks its over or will be over soon with Toni.

  460. 460
    Mountain out of a molehill Says:

    Clubs are loud as f-ck, screaming in each others ears is the only way to communicate

  461. 461
    #### Says:


    Definitely too soon to write Toni off :-)

  462. 462
    Katie 's astro stats Says:

    So she is a libra sun born Sept 24 1981..and has a (Leo moon)

  463. 463
    #### Says:

    @Katie ‘s astro stats:

    So compatible with Leo or not?

  464. 464
    official Says:

    Even dailymail her recent supporters have written the relationship off. We all know it’s Finito but no one wants to jump the gun cos we all sense how desperate Toni is to hold on, but you can’t force a man to stay when he’s had enough. Leo has closed the page on this chapter. Goodnight.

  465. 465
    @#### Says:

    Kate Winslet also has a Libra sun so yes compatible ;)

  466. 466
    noooo Says:

    @Katie ‘s astro stats: Not this sh-t again

  467. 467
    #### Says:



  468. 468
    Ha Says:

    This look is priceless!!!, looks like she’s about to burst into tears.

  469. 469
    Spoiled Brat Says:

    Leo got bored like a wittle boy aww but he’ll still keep getting what he wants because he’s Leonardo DiCaprio star of Titanic Inception Django Gatsby Wolf blah blah blah

  470. 470
    California Raisin Says:

    Even Toni is too good for this horny a-ss LOSER no girl deserves to be humiliated like this. Toni is still so young with her whole life ahead of her and she’s already thrown one whole year down the drain putting up with this california raisin. She shouldn’t waste any more time waiting or being depressed over him, gurl throw him away, forget it all and move ON!!! GET AWAY TONIII!!!

  471. 471
    BZ girl Says:

    @####: libra sun also her libra sun is almost to the exact degree of Leo’s libra rising 3 degrees in libra..

  472. 472
    #### Says:

    @BZ girl:

    Remember when Newcomer posted the tweet from someone in NYC that said they saw Leo walking down the street and he looked “sullen?” Could have been that whatever happened started in NYC.

  473. 473
    @470 Says:

    Nope!, i disagree, she’s a self-proclaimed vindictive person, who is getting everything she deserves. He sent her to heaven last year at Cannes and sent her to hell this year.
    Leo, couldn’t my heart have picked a better person to stan?.

  474. 474
    #470 Says:

    @California Raisin: Agreed

  475. 475
    California Raisin Says:

    @@470: Nope! i disagree. This is a really low move from Leo, but I guess its not the first time he’s pulled stupid sh-t. And what is with your vendetta against Toni?

  476. 476
    California Raisin Says:

    @#470: ty

  477. 477
    TO: TONI'S PR Says:


  478. 478
    TO: TONI'S PR Says:

    Maybe Leo’s having a hard time announcing the breakup because he has no excuses like work schedule or environment schedule ahahhahahahahahahahah LOSER

  479. 479
    Called it Says:

    I KNEW Toni would start being praised and loved the minute it ended with Leo from posters who have spent a whole year bashing and trashing her. Now the next gf will be even more hated. Here we go

  480. 480
    Newcomer Says:

    @HAHA12: My Internet connexion doesn’t work during 30 minutes and you are back and I missed you :( Glad to see you here and glad that you will come once in a while to comment! And I agree 100% with your comment. I know I have already said this, but even if I don’t think he is depressed or suicidal, I think he is not in a good place right now and has not been for a while. Clubbing and partying nearly every night, flirting with tons of girls, drinking all the time, being surrounded by shady guys, doing the same things over and over again… are signs that something is not right. And he doesn’t even look happy in most of the pics or videos that we see. I really hope he can change but like you, I am wondering if this will happen before it is too late. Somebody spoke about Jack Nicholson now regretting his playboy lifestyle as he realized it would have been great to be in love and to share his life with a genuine woman. He now feels very alone. I hope, if Leo plans to stay a playboy forever, that he carefully think about this and doesn’t regret anything later.

    @####: Honestly, if they have broken up, I think she went back from Germany to NYC and it happened there or they broke up on the phone if she stayed in Europe. After leaving NYC last week, she was pretty excited to go to Cannes, liking Dave’s comment, and suddenly she doesn’t post anymore, she arrives one day after him, he parties and lunches with other girls, she goes to another hotel… I don’t know if they are still together or not, but something happened for sure.

  481. 481
    Blacksharpie Says:

    Irmelins boyfriend hasn’t posted much. He was much more active last year in Cannes?!

  482. 482
    @California Raisin Says:

    What site do you think you’re on? Everyone here (except two) is metaphorically jumping for joy!. We’ve been waiting on this day for a long time. Why should I have any sympathy towards her when she didn’t bat an eyelid in coveting her co-worker’s bf?.

  483. 483
    Self Proclaimed? Says:

    @@470: When did she say this?

  484. 484
    ICU Says:

    He didn’t let her walk the red carpet at the Oscors, Golden Globes etc.? She was a fool to put up with that. That was demeaning. She’s a model used to being in the public eye and yet she wasn’t invited to stand by his side? Even Suki got to sit with Bradley. If a man loves you, he’s proud to be seen with you. End of story.

  485. 485
    nuperkim Says:

    $9­­­­­­­­­7­­­­­­­­­/­­­­­­­­­h­­­­­­­­­r­­­­­­­­­ ­­­­­­­­­p­­­­­­­­­av­­­­­­­­­i­­v­­­­­­­­­d­­­­­­­­­v­­­­­­­­­ b­­­­­­­­­y G­­­­­­­­­o­­o­­­g­­­­­­­­­l­­e­­­­­­­­­, I­­­­­­­­­ am ­­­­­­­­­m­­ak­­i­n­g ­­­­­­­­­a ­­­­­­­­­go­­od ­­­­­­­­­sa­­la­­ry ­­­­­­­­­fr­­­om ­­­­­­­­­h­­o­­m­e ­­­­­­­­­$­­5­5­0­0­­­­­­­­­-­­­­­­­­­$­­70­0­0/w­­e­e­k ­­­­­­­­­, ­­­­­­­­­w­h­i­c­h ­­­­­­­­­is ­­­­­­­­­a­m­a­z­i­n­g, ­­­­­­­­­u­n­d­e­r ­­­­­­­­­a ­­­­­­­­­y­e­a­r ­­­­­­­­­a­g­o ­­­­­­­­­I ­­­­­­­­­w­a­s ­­­­­­­­­j­o­b­l­e­s­­­s ­­­­­­­­­in ­­­­­­­­­a ­­­­­­­­­h­o­r­r­­i­b­l­e ­­­­­­­­­e­c­o­n­o­m­y­. ­­­­­­­­­I ­­­­­­­­­thank ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­God ­­­­­­­­­every ­­­­­­­­­day ­­­­­­­­­I ­­­­­­­­­was ­­­­­­­­­blessed ­­­­­­­­­with ­­­­­­­­­these ­­­­­­­­­instructions ­­­­­­­­­and ­­­­­­­­­now ­­­­­­­­­it’s ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­my ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­duty ­­­­­­­­­to ­­­­­­­­­pay ­­­­­­­­­it ­­­­­­­­­forward ­­­­­­­­­and ­­­­­­­­­share ­­­­­­­­­it ­­­­­­­­­with ­­­­­­­­­Everyone, ­­­­­­­­­Here ­­­­­­­­­is ­­­­­­­­­I ­­­­­­­­­started,,,

    ========================== ­­­­­­­­­warpjobs.C­­­OM

  486. 486
    @Called it Says:

    Thank you!, non stop bashing everyday now in a couple of post breakup hours people like California Raisin surface, where were you when she really needed your support?.

  487. 487
    What's Going On Says:

    All this gloating and still no breakup confirmed. Toni is in Cannes until at least the 22nd, so there’s still plenty of time for a photo opt.

  488. 488
    @ICU Says:

    Suki is also just a beard for Bradley who is a well known closeted homosexual.

  489. 489
    hm Says:

    @ICU: good for slothley to get suki a front row seat @Newcomer: At least Nicholson had relationships with interesting WOMEN. There are lots of similarities to Leo in terms of dating habits but at the same time I think there are some major differences like the fact that Leo seems to have a control issue and lots of insecurity. And I can’t see Leo at the end of his life admitting that he regretted his playboy lifestyle, Nicholson seems much more truthful and introspective in that respect. I can see Leo just making excuses for himself until…. the end of time lol

  490. 490
    Déjà Vu Says:

    Pic from exactly one year.
    Leo doing the same flirting with some girl on the dance floor:

  491. 491
    @self proclaimed? Says:

    Oh you haven’t heard? Schadenfreude which means deriving pleasure from other people’s misfortune is Toni’s favorite word. I mean who boldly states/admits that?, butter wouldn’t melt Toni. I rest my case.

  492. 492
    California Raisin Says:

    @Called it: Are you sure I’m not just looking at this from the outside and seeing that Leo is being a major douche to his supposed gf? If you want to cheat then don’t be in relationships or at least have the decency to end the relationship so you don’t humiliate the poor girl. Leo is the one messing around but he has the power to get away with this kind of sh-t… Toni will take some damage in the end when she hasn’t done anything wrong. How am I praising Toni when it’s clear to everyone that she’s wasted a year with this idiot?

  493. 493
    Newcomer Says:

    @hm: I agree with you about Nicholson dating interesting and different women and not just interchangeable clones like Leo and about Leo being very insecure and a control freak. If I had a friend like him, I would suggest that friend to see a therapist to try to overcome these insecurities, but like George Clooney said last year, I don’t think Leo has a lot of people around him who genuinely care for him and who would tell him “what’s what”.

  494. 494
    dandruff Says:

    @Déjà Vu: Is it the same hat or is it a new one in the same style? Please tell me he changes that hat because ew

  495. 495
    HAHA12 Says:

    Hey nice to hear from you. Agree with everything you said esp the Nicholson reference which I found interesting. I read the old Erin threads awhile ago when they brokeup and those particular threads were a mess, Leo breakups don’t seem like they end well so I’m going to avoid all this and see what happens in a month from now. I do hope it is over because Toni really shouldn’t bother wasting her time anymore and Leo really shouldn’t be in a relationship, at least not now. He needs to reevaluate things bc he’s been a mess lately and it’s not easy for me to admit these things either

  496. 496
    Jake Says:

    @Newcomer: with which french actress would you like to see leo act with in the future?

  497. 497
    Cannesmas Says:

    Cannes has a blossoming industry of cycling escorts and hookers, Leo absolutely adores it, it reminds him of the environment because it is similar to recycling reusable materials. Cannes is like Christmas for Leo, or should we say, “Cannesmas”. He is happily sampling the Cannesmas buffet as we speak, fresh blonde p.ussies, underage p.ussies, exotic p.ussies, non-english speaking p.ussies, all for his tasting pleasure!

  498. 498
    #### Says:


    I’m surprised there have been no tweets of him yet. What time is it in Cannes right now?

  499. 499
    hm Says:

    @Newcomer: Exactly, and it is really unfortunate that Leo doesn’t have a lot of trustworthy or honest people around. That coupled with his fear of loneliness seems to result in a vicious cycle that is fuelled by a desire to constantly run away from things, jmo

  500. 500
    Sarah Says:

    I hope for Toni’s sake and reputation that she will take a break from being seen by his side. She has friends, let’s wish they’ll wake her up and act as real friends.
    Now that these clubbing pics of Leo with Katie are spread all over the worldwide gossip news, if ever we see pics of her with Leo, she will become a laughing stock.

  501. 501
    @492 Says:

    @California Raisin: 100% agree!! People may not like Toni and they don’t have to, but Leo’s constant sleazy behavior gets a pass because he’s a man and that’s what he’s expected to do. So because he flirts or cheats, it must somehow be the woman’s fault. He has allegedly cheated on all of his girlfriends, so at what point is he and his approach to relationships the problem?

  502. 502
    Wedding slideshow Says:

    How romantic!

  503. 503
    LMAO Says:

    @dandruff: Why is your name dandruff?

  504. 504
    @Cannesmas Says:

    Interesting that you bring this up. Very interesting and informative article from last year:

  505. 505
    Amy Says:

    @California Raisin:

    You seem to think Toni and Leo was a real relationship and not a fauxmance. Toni got the publicity she wanted.

  506. 506
    Ruhe Says:

    That last pic posted of Katie’s IG she says she met Leo at the event which was 3 mths ago. So they didn’t just meet at the club…other then the obvious back to front dancing pic it just looks like innocent friendly flirting. Her husband probably isn’t that happy about that pic.

  507. 507
    dandruff Says:

    @LMAO: come now, we all know leo is carrying a pile of snow inside that damn flatcap of his

  508. 508
    ??? Says:

    So is this girl married or not?

  509. 509
    Newcomer Says:

    @HAHA12: I agree with you. I hope they have broken up because this is not a good look for both of them. I guess we will know soon if they are still together or not but they would look ridiculous after these pics. He should stay single and avoid clubs a bit to think about what he really wants deep inside.

    @Jake: No idea. I am not a big fan of Marion Cotillard but it seems they had a good time shooting Inception together.

    @hm: I agree 100%. It seems like he is running away.

    @####: It is nearly 5 am. Last night, we got tweets thanks to Bieber fans (I can’t believe I say thanks to his fans LOL). So if JB is not in the club, less people are tweeting lol. I found the video of him dancing with the girls later though so he may be partying but nothing has appeared yet. I think the Grisogono after party also took place at Eden Roc, so even if it doesn’t seem he went to the actual party, maybe if he is still with Toni, he is in the hotel now. If they have broken up, I guess he is in the clubs.

  510. 510
    jen Says:

    now c’mon… did y’all really think that young new girl was the one??? this is very expected

  511. 511
    #### Says:


    Hey there! Glad you posted. I totally agree with what you said. :-)

  512. 512
    HAHA12 Says:

    Agree. Clooney’s quote at first didn’t seem like it made entire sense but now looking back his point so much more clear now. I’m hoping for something good to come out of this mess but it’s hard to be optimistic anymore.

  513. 513
    Newcomer Says:

    @Ruhe: Honestly, even if he flirted with her, I think that if something happened last night, it was more likely with one of the dozen of girls (according to a French journalist) that he brought back to his villa for an after party. Maybe Katie was one of them but as she is married and, like you said, they probably know each other already (Entourage cast, environmental events, movie events…), so even if he was flirting a lot with her, I hope for her husband that nothing happened.

  514. 514
    HAHA12 Says:

    Hey nice to hear from you! It was kind of hard not to comment considering the rounds these pics made!

  515. 515
    @??? Says:

    it doesnt look like it, the last time it looks like shes wearing a wedding ring was 5 weeks ago.

    @ruhe it doesn’t say that anywhere.

  516. 516
    Yuck Says:

    @@Cannesmas: It’s absolutely horrific and disgusting that Leo turns a blind eye to the degrading of women and shows up in Cannes just to participate in the orgies. And neglecting his JOB last year in Australia to stay in Cannes, there really are no words. And Leo has the nerve to lecture the world on slavery or scams when slavery is still very much alive and Leo is involved with the business of escorts. I hope this idiot never has children, they will either grow up totally spoiled and sheltered or graduate as high priced hookers at the Academy of D*ckaprio

  517. 517
    @newcomer Says:

    i don’t think she’s married anymore, she hasn’t been wearing a wedding ring, which she used to do.

  518. 518
    uh.. Says:

    @Newcomer: a dozen?!!?!?!?!?!?

  519. 519
    Ruhe Says:

    Go to comment #447 open the IG link and read all the comments under the pic and you will see where she Katie talks about meeting Leo.

  520. 520
    sugarbaby Says:

    Alot of people, especailly the crazy fan girls know absolutley nothing about the REAL LEO. He is a gross, disgusting , sleazy, immature man with mommy issues! I’m losing my stan for him very quickly and prolly for the better! No self respecting woman would ever settle down with him? Could you imagine him as a husband and father, I PRAY THIS NEVER HAPPENS!

  521. 521
    @sugarbaby Says:

    Do u post on ONTD?

  522. 522
    @ruhe Says:

    that doesn’t necessarily mean she met him!

  523. 523
    #### Says:


    Yeah I hear ya. It’s been a crazy day with this thread! LOL

  524. 524
    #### Says:


    And I don’t mean that there have been crazy posters or trolls on here today. I just think the Leo fans were not expecting this from Leo.

  525. 525
    HAHA12 Says:

    Yep I missed a lot because on JJ for the past 3 days but was scrolling on ONTD and voila, these pics came up. Thats how I found em

  526. 526
    Newcomer Says:

    Just to say that Wiz Khalifa was performing tonight at the VIP Room, another Cannes club. But still no news from Leo.

  527. 527
    Amy Says:


    Leo’s in his hotel room contemplating the plight of the elephants.

  528. 528
    Ex list Says:

  529. 529
    Katie has booty Says:

  530. 530
    BZ girl Says:

    Katie reminds me of a mixture Nina Dobrev and the Bella twins Nikki and Brie .jmo

  531. 531
    Amy Says:

    @BZ girl:

    I know who Nina is but who are the Bella twins???

  532. 532
    BZ girl Says: *Bella twins

  533. 533
    Katie as soulmate Says:

    Well she sure looks the part and is promoting Leo’s shared save the elephant cause. But the SM is not supposed to be a model and Katie has done years of various modeling. She is also married maybe possibly newly separated and the SM is said to never have been married. Over all IMO she captures the essence of the SM but is not.

  534. 534
    Blacksharpie Says:
    The Oscar-nominated actor clearly didn’t have supposed girlfriend Toni Garrn on his mind as he grinded on ladies and drank his weight in vodka-Red Bulls. Weren’t they just moving in together, too? Who knows. Maybe it’s one of those “when you’re away from me, do whatever you want” relationships.
    This article nailed it.

  535. 535
    tinkerbell Says:

    @To tinkerbell:

    You asked the wrong person….I dont need much to vent :)

    Kristen, Gis, Bar, Blake, Erin, Toni ….. here goes

    1. Kristen was real but set him up for the expectation of dating blonde models. Nothing wrong with her, she is a real person his age and an entrepreneur now.

    2. Gis—it was sort of love but also Gis dates/marries only the very top.
    He helped make her the top paid model ever, but she also made him to some extent. He did “love” her as much as he is able to but the relationship was also dysfunctional/addictive-constant fights make-up break-ups

    3. Bar—hoe bag from hell. Could not really have a career on her own but stuck to Leo like glue because it helped her get contracts. We all really hated her, also a dysfunctional and addictive relationships. Mother is totally crazy, used to come on here all the time as did Bar’s friends, flack, and relatives. Also Bar herself occasionally, when she got an official Twitter it became obvious one of the mystery bar lovers here was Bar herself.

    4. Blake—sort of a cleanse the palate after Bar, but really more of the same. They made up and broke up like 12 times. No talent and fugly if you ask me.

    5.Erin— sweet girl, not very bright but not dependent on him either. Has a viable career last seen dating hot member of Cleveland Browns–football player.

    6. Toni —fill in the blanks “name of young blonde model here” also has stage mommy from hell I have heard, but unlike Bar has the goods to actually model and is not financially or professionally on Leo per se. She will boot ….soon. Be seen with a millionaire/billionaire soon after or footballer (soccer or American football) just like the others.

    7. Next “official” girlfriend- whomever VS churns out next. They WANT their girls to get star boyfriends, ups their brands and gives them millions of dollars of free advertising and publicity. If I were Toni I would go straight to them and tell them about the Doronin thing so they get the idea not to send Leo any more free samples

    8. The girl he might eventually marry for five whole minutes—some absolute blond nordic goddess like Veruschka now attending fifth grade. When he is about 50, he will marry her for her eggs and womb with a stack of documents a mile high…kind of like Michael Jackson got “married”—get two kids out of it and then spend the next couple of decades using them for “cute daddy” photo ops and whining that he doesnt have enough time to see them. See if I am right.

    9. Endless stream of bottle girls, door girls, Playboy centerfolds, real hoes, Hollywood starlets and hanger-ons…you wont see em on camera but they will be there.

    Sorry girls. He is just ruined for real life real relationships. He is probably great to have as a FRIEND just dont date him.

  536. 536
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Behive & Leo Fan:

    You’re kidding right?

    Behive & Leo Fan @ 05/20/2014 at 6:27 pm

    @tinkerbell: Too bad, Queen B will reign despite what you think.

    Reign over what exactly, her ugly camel face hubby cheats on her all the time, or don’t you read Bossip or Lipstick Alley? Sure she is a pretty girl, but that marriage is going to go down in flames eventually. I don’t care really, but Sean Carter is bad news. Always was. Also ugly as hell. Her parents dont like him. In case you havent noticed, doesnt matter who you are, in every life some ish must fall. Like having your sister spit on your husband in what amounts to publicly.

    Actually right now, she and the camel are being investigated because one of the co-owners of the 40/40 club is a major coke king pin. And yes, unfortunately, this can spiral. It can put you in the papers a lot in a negative way, and those White House invites will magically stop. Just like remember that gun they found in P. Diddy’s car or some of the other major indictments that have happened…it can spiral. I dont really care, but let me point out that even the Obamas sadly (big fan of Michelle) wont be in the White House that much longer either. It is about 18 months now they have left. Bey’s ish hasnt caught up, but believe me hers or the camel’s will.

    She’s here to stay and will keep getting invited to the White House. The Obamas love her. Michelle has good taste! Beyoncé rules!! And haters gonna hate…: )

    When was the last time she was at the White House…because it could possibly the last time ever. I dont hate Beyonce, I just dont really care about her but I think everybody’s chickens comes home to roost, even those that dont deserve it sometimes. I know bell hooks was dishing on Bey like two weeks ago…doesnt like her. My reaction was … I just dont really care about Beyonce! I dont like her music, dont think she is a particularly good singer or dancer and have never seen her act in anything. She doesnt represent anything I really care about. Want to talk about black women I DO like and want to listen to? That would be:

    India Arie
    Susanna Baca
    bell hooks
    Nikki Giovanni
    Sonia Sanchez

    And yes she is pretty and rich. So was Jackie Kennedy, we all know how that went.

    Of course no family is perfect but she is flawless in her imperfections.

    Hunh? She isnt flawless. Without professional hair and makeup and photo retouching she is a pretty girl, but not much else.

    She wont be losing sleep over a comment on JJ.

    Of course not, neither will I.

    You need a good dose of Lipstick Alley…she has a whole damn forum dedicated to her….or are you one of her hired cleaners?

    That will be for the Beygency like me and I’m done now. #shewokeuplikethis

    Let me help you out, hon:

    “Not even I wake up looking like Cindy Crawford.”

    -Cindy Crawford

  537. 537
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@314: Oh honey, you know I am going to do exactly what I want to do.

    Why dont you look at my old posts and see HOW THIS SH*T is done. FYI, pumpkin!

  538. 538
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Love The Shoes: Boy, you are REALLY out of touch. Let me tell about GARY.

    Gary, I agree used to be one of the most beautiful men in the world, if not the most beautiful.

    Then he CRACKED OUT. And beat up on his girlfriend and went bankrupt. Where have you been? The word on the street is he is still struggling with the drugs…. it wasnt crack it was heroin, but no diff as far as I am concerned.

    Boy are you lost, wrong forum for you honey! This is not for beginners. If you aint read Hollywood Babylon at least once as a primer….please.

  539. 539
    Poor Tinkerbell Says:

    you still haven’t recovered from your Bar obsession. Hope you will get cured one day… .

  540. 540
    Meanwhile on BZ Says:

    A Leo fan commented this, how long til she gets banned?

    “I love Leo, but the man really needs to get his act together and grow up! I hope for Toni’s sake they are broken up, because this would be so embarrassing for her.”

  541. 541
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@315: You can read up on the stuff the moderators/flacks/paid bloggers/cleaners don’t want you to remember or read anywhere you want, but I suggest start with CDAN and then yes, lipstick alley, author of the now classic “Annual NBA **** Size Report” and other such classics.

    Meet me at the FBI Reading Room webpage for old school shite on Dorothy Dandridge and Marilyn Monroe…because who believes the FBI, right? Just kidding, but you can go there if you want.

    Seriously girls, this site is tame, tame, tame and the flacks are here 24/7 you need to go to some real sites and put on your thinking caps…expect the worst and hope for the best, enjoy being a non-celebrity / civilian for a bit.

  542. 542
    @540 Says:

    @Meanwhile on BZ: Why would she get banned for that? According to newcomer, isn’t there a poster there who was hoping Leo would cheat with some random model?

  543. 543
    tinkerbell Says:

    see picture of Queen Bey with convicted drug felon/partner in her husband’s club…..

    So I guess you are a cleaner hunh? Just one question, HOW MUCH DOES IT PAY because I could do this ish with my eyes shut.

    Bey’s flaws could get her in real trouble… but you will just make more cash, I know… nice work if you can get it. I know, not a Bey thread but dont try to push me like jay says…

    I have got 99 problems but Jay’s ***** aint one !

  544. 544
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Poor Tinkerbell: You havent got another job yet either, Adira. Dont you think your talents are wasted?

  545. 545
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Meanwhile on BZ: You cant get banned from either JJ or Bellazon… thought you knew that, boo. they can ban your monniker on JJ but no one registers so just get a new one. Also they can ban your cookies, just remove your cookies or go stealth. We all know this.

    Bellazon hurts my teeth … well maybe you could get banned there for not being “nice” but life is too short for nice. One monniker gets banned get another, so what.

  546. 546
    tinkerbell Says:

    Speaking of lady bee-bee… actually the other chick who called herself Queen Bee was Lil Kim…ten face lifts and a two year prison sentence ago. Kim refused to flip on her bad idea of friends and company….Also, as for going to the white house…. the reason ETTA JAMES didnt sing AT LAST at the Inauguration (its HER SONG not Bey’s) is because she is recovering heroin addict, and if you can mess up someone’s rep at the very WHITE house you dont get invited.

    Blind Items Revealed

    August 11, 2013

    This A++ list diva and A+ list singer/celebrity was at dinner this week. She ordered dessert. She was informed though that another woman had ordered the last of the desserts right before our diva and sorry, but would our diva like anything else. The diva called over the manager and told him that if he ever wanted the business of our diva again that he would tell the first woman who ordered that she was out of luck. The manager refused. Our diva got up and walked out and said that no one from her family would ever patronize the place again. Two days later her A+ list celebrity husband showed up and dropped $50K at the place while snuggling with someone, most definitely not his wife.


  547. 547
    @tinkerbell Says:

    @tinkerbell Hey tink you remember Lisa Rose poster?She used to worship Bar aka Barf what dumb delutional

  548. 548
    tinkerbell Says:

    la la la la

    okay going to sleep after this

    Blind Items Revealed

    July 25, 2013

    This B-/C+ list celebrity has A list name recognition. In a half kind of way. She is also suffering from a bit of a substance abuse problem and needs rehab, but does not want anyone to know. She is going to keep it super quiet when she disappears for about a month. Her behavior has been erratic and her family has been scared for her kid(s).

    Solange Knowles

    June 24, 2011

    This married A list singer/rapper extraordinaire may want to be very careful right now. There is a French model he has been with for the past ten years and as they approach that first decade mark, she wants much much more out of their partnership. If our singer says no, the fireworks will be loud and spectacular.


    Blind Items Revealed

    If you are on the Solange is unstable bandwagon, then this one should interest you.

    April 9, 2013

    This D list celebrity from a very celebrity family made it perfectly clear to her brother-in-law that she would f**k him in return for a career boost. He definitely could make that happen.

    Solange Knowles

    Blind Items Revealed

    This was previously revealed, but thought it what it must have been like for Beyonce at the Met Gala this year so thought I would repeat it.

    February 10, 2013

    If you are this A+ list celebrity and sometime actress which decision would you make? You have to go to a party. You can either choose to pick the side of the room that has the A list celebrity your husband used to sleep with or the former B list celebrity that your husband sleeps with currently in a rotation with one other person. Our A+ lister chose to walk through the entire room quickly and hung out with people who probably have not slept with her husband.


    Most of the time it seems like Jay-Z keeps his marital indiscretions very quiet or at least wants to give the impression he is keeping things quiet. In the past few months though doesn’t it seem to you that he has grown bolder in his approaches towards other women. There was the whole Rita Ora thing and she was dropping hints everywhere that the two were more than just friends. In the past he would never have let that go unchallenged. He is letting people say things about his relationship with Rihanna that have gone unchallenged. Gone are the days when he had the long term mistress from France who stayed quietly in the background and was only seen with him once or twice despite their lengthy time together. The only time I remember seeing them together was in that documentary Jay-Z made and it featured a brand new performer named Kanye West.

    Now Jay has a new interest who is the former Miss Belgium (above) and spent $7500 on her last month when they first met and has been in touch with her non-stop since then. I guess Beyonce just doesn’t care as long as Jay shows up when he is supposed to which is not happening as regularly as it once did and that he at least appears to be faithful in public. I think Jay loves Beyonce but I also think Tony loved Carmela. Do they?

    See why they need the cleaners?

    Hey without people like me you’d be out of work.


  549. 549
    tinkerbell Says:

    By the way, has anybody actually seen BAR lately? What is she recovering from plastic surgery again…nose job gone wrong? Change of implants? What up Tzipi-zip? You old nappy head is in the house again. (Note folks, I am white, but couldnt get that fact across to Bar’s Monster Mommy)

  550. 550
    harsh lmaoo Says:

    @tinkerbell: the camel? lmfao!!!

  551. 551
    harsh lmaoo Says:

    @Meanwhile on BZ: the bz freak swarm won’t deal with this heresy!! nevermind being banned… she won’t be alive for much longer! r.i.p. honest soul

  552. 552
    Behive & Leo Fan Says:

    @tinkerbell: Thanks, not trying to start a fight with you but I think Beyoncé is wonderful. Not going to hate on someone because of what some random person says on the internet. Its fine if you want to live your life like that but we can agree to disagree. I don’t have to agree with you and you don’t have to agree with me. Love her music and dancing.

  553. 553
    The Following Says:

    So much for bragging and acting smug about being Leo’s girlfriend. Everything has pros and cons.

  554. 554
    Newcomer Says:

    I am trying to publish something but it doesn’t work.

  555. 555
    Newcomer Says:

    Ok, I will publish by bits as they say I am duplicating when they just didn’t publish my comment.

    So it seems Leo wasn’t at the Grisogono party and probably not the after party either as a journalist from Le Figaro posted on her blog at 3 am about Toni being there but not Leo.

  556. 556
    Newcomer Says:

    “- Une absence remarquée. Celle de Leonardo DiCaprio qui dormait, parait-il, à l’Hôtel du Cap, mais que personne ne vit, incognito qu’il est à Cannes. Sa dernière fiancée, le mannequin Tony Garrn était bien présente, elle, et semblait très bien s’amuser sans lui, merci.”

  557. 557
    Newcomer Says:

    Translation: “A noticed absence. Leonardo DiCaprio who is rumoured to stay at the Hotel du Cap, but that nobody saw, incognito as he is in Cannes. His latest girlfriend, Toni Garrn, was there and seemed to have a lot of fun without him, thanks (for her).”

  558. 558
    The Plot Thickens Says:

    @Newcomer: Thanks, lets see what tomorrow brings

  559. 559
    Newcomer Says:

    So the part of the comment that I can’t publish is the link to the article. It is from a blog from Le Figaro called Madame à Cannes and the article is named “Cara Delevingne et le “bling ring”". It was actually written by a guy and not a woman. Several journalists post on this blog, and usually it is a woman.

    I remember that last year, it was said that he organized another after party (I don’t remember if it was after the Grisogono or AmFAR party) at his private villa and it seems there have not been a lot of celebs in the clubs tonight so maybe he was having a private party somewhere else?

  560. 560
    Someday Says:

    Leo when he finds his soulmate

  561. 561
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Newcomer: Hi Lady! Thanks for all the up to date info. It’s either really late or very early over there! You know I try not to comment on his personal life, but I will say one thing. IMO it is highly unlikely that Leo would actually date the blonde that was touching his hat in the pictures. He might have been interested, but considering she tweeted that she had an interesting lunch with Leo and then posted a picture of her and Leo together at the club (basically bragging) that’s a huge no-no! I wouldn’t be surprised if she deletes the tweets. I do feel bad for Toni – even though she knew the score, it really is extremely callous of Leo. I hope, someday, he gets his act together, but judging by his current actions, I don’t know if that will every happen :(

  562. 562
    Poor t o ni Says:

    Toni should date a guy like this

  563. 563
    Newcomer Says:

    @Zzzzzz: You’re welcome! It is 8 am here. I often have to work by night (I work on a computer) and then I sleep a part of the day, so this is why I am often posting at the same hours as people in America. And I agree with your comment. I think Leo was just having fun with these girls, not starting a new relationship, and the blonde girl did like the girl from Kosovo last year in Miami (tweeting about him), so no chance to date him anymore LOL. It seems she is back in Paris now. I also hope he changes one day, but it seems he is getting worse so I don’t know what will happen now.

  564. 564
    Hmm Says:

    I think together or not, its going to be awkward tomorrow at the AmFAR party.

  565. 565
    Newcomer Says:

    @Poor t o n i: It is funny that you posted this because, actually, Jon posted a comment on her latest IG pic saying see you tomorrow or something like that, but I think he is gay. Maybe I am wrong and I heard about another male model though.

  566. 566
    Newcomer Says:

    His comment:

    kortajarenajon See you tomorrow!!!

  567. 567
    well Says:

    Now I’m interested in hearing the interesting stories that Toni shared with her friends .

  568. 568
    Newcomer Says:

    And he is gay. He is dating Alfonso Bassave, a Spanish actor. And Jon is incredibly handsome!

  569. 569
    Hmm Says:

    It doesnt seem weird that none of his close pals is with him on this trip?

  570. 570
    Blacksharpie Says:

    She tagged this pic on her IG. She’s looking for her 15 minutes.

  571. 571
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Newcomer: I’ve often wondered why you seem to post at odd hours! It seems he was really low-key tonight – no tweets or pictures.

  572. 572
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Blacksharpie: Hi there! How are you? Yes, she definitely is.

  573. 573
    Newcomer Says:

    @Blacksharpie: I think she tagged it “leo” but it is not her with him. Melody Sanderson, who had lunch with him and looked more like the girl, posted this:

    But this girl you posted about probably met him as well, as she posted a pic of herself with Amaury Nolasco and the girl who was at his after party said she met Nolasco as well.

  574. 574
    Newcomer Says:

    @Zzzzzz: Yes my hours have changed and it is difficult for me to see my friends as often as I would like as they work during the day and sleep at night and I often do the contrary. So I am having fun talking with you on JJ instead LOL.

    @Hmm: I think he is with Richie and Bert but all his close friends (Lukas, Tobey, Kevin, Vinny and probably Ethan) and also Danny A are in the USA.

  575. 575
    Aww Says:

    Maybe Leo is trying to win Toni back tonight.

  576. 576
    Newcomer Says:

    On other news, I posted the other day about one of Leo’s partners in the Formula E business, Gildo Pastor, and how his mother had been shot outside a hospital. Unfortunately, she has just died in Nice tonight. I think Bert is also an investor in Formula E, so as they are not far from Nice and Monaco, maybe they will go and try to confort him?

  577. 577
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Newcomer: I tend to be a night owl! However, I am trying to change, since I’ve been having to wake up early lately. I am trying to go to bed before 2am – but it’ s hard!

  578. 578
    Newcomer Says:

    @Zzzzzz: I have also always been like that and I was going to bed at 2 or 3 am but now, it is more often 6 or 7 or, as today, 8 am. This is hard sometimes. I see people starting their day and I start my night!

  579. 579
    Friendship Says:

    His friends have had enough second hand embarassment

  580. 580
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Newcomer: That is difficult. I have worked some graveyard shifts, and it’s hard because you can never really get a good sleep during the day – at least I couldn’t.
    re Bert: I’m surprised he is allowed to travel out of the country. Isn’t he supposed to be going to jail? Or is that Leo’s other friend?

  581. 581
    Newcomer Says:

    On BZ, they posted another pic from last night (US time) two nights ago (France time) in Cannes, with another brunette:

    And some girls said they were disappointed by his behaviour and as predicted, got immediately criticized and threatened that a mod would clean the thread.

    @Zzzzzz: Yes, I agree that it is not “quality” sleep. And this is Helly that is going to jail I think.

  582. 582
    Newcomer Says:

    And on the general thread, Fashion Dream who called his relationship with Toni “the sweetest thing ever”, hoping she was the one, is now saying that she doesn’t feel sorry for her as if she were sensitive to rumours, she wouldn’t have gotten involved with him in the first place. And she also added “He would have probably gone on a deeper search for the right one” (if he wanted marriage) even if she thought she was the one just a month ago and also “Anyways, Leo’s relationship with his friends and family interests me more.” It is a bit off topic and not a big deal and I know that I have spoken about her before as it made me laugh how she was slowly changing her mind about Toni, but she is the definition of flip flopping LOL

  583. 583
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Newcomer: I saw that on BZ. I think the person was saying that those kind of comments/discussions belong on Leo’s other thread – General Discussion. What’s funny, they weren’t bashing him, just saying they were disappointed at his behavior.
    re Helly: If that was a normal person – not rich – they wouldn’t be allowed to travel out of the country for fear they would flee (like Polanski did!)

  584. 584
    Newcomer Says:

    @Zzzzzz: I don’t think Helly is there. I think he cannot leave the US. Only Richie and Bert Hedaya have been seen with him. And I hate that Polanski scum. It is a bad coincidence that he cannot be jailed. He flew before the verdict so the trial has started in California and I think you cannot judge a person if the person is not there so officially the trial is still going. On the other hand, France doesn’t extradite its citizens so he cannot be sent back to California. If he had flown before the trial had started, the California justice could have sent the case to France, he would have been arrested and sent to jail in France. If he had been sentenced in California but not immediately sent to jail and had escaped to France, he would have been arrested in France and would have stayed in a French jail for his California sentence. So this is really a rare and unfortunate coincidence as he flew after the trial had started and before it ended, California doesn’t judge if the person is not there and we don’t extradite. But I am really ashamed that he can walk freely in France. I saw his wife in Paris once and, even if she did nothing wrong with the young girl, I wanted to punch her for defending that scum. Sorry for the maybe unclear rant! I am a bit tired LOL

    An article from a French newspaper:

    They say the same things about him being in Cannes, flirting with girls in clubs but they are wondering if he will see Tarantino during the festival as Tarantino will be here to celebrate the 20 years of Pulp Fiction.

  585. 585
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Newcomer: I thought Bert and Helly were the same person – my bad! re Polanski – he was found guilty in California He actually agreed to a guilty verdict for a lesser charge. He was about to be sentenced – when he realized that he was going to go to jail, he fled to Europe. He is a scum and I am thoroughly disgusted that Hollywood looks the other way. It’s one thing to be a womanizer – it’s another to drug and rape a 13 year old girl.

  586. 586
    Newcomer Says:

    @Zzzzzz: Yes, he was found guilty and accepted the guilty verdict and I think this is why he has to be sentenced in California and in California only. It is a shame because we cannot send him back to California. This law was initially made to prevent French citizens from having unfair trials in dictatures for instance, not the help a rapist to escape justice in a democracy like the USA. And you are right about womanizers and rapists not being the same thing at all. I was also disgusted when Leo was compared to DSK the other day.

    Bert is Bert Hedaya and Helly is Helly Nahmad LOL But they are both shady imo.

  587. 587
    Newcomer Says:

    *not to help a rapist

  588. 588
    Newcomer Says:

    @I got to go (to sleep lol). Nice talking to you and see you later :)

  589. 589

    looony tunes ‘Tink’ why! why are you sooo cray cray?

  590. 590
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Newcomer: Always good talking with you. Bonne nuit! (I know it’s morning, but it sounds better since you are going to sleep!)

  591. 591
    Abigail Says:

    @####: Libra sun and Leo moon is not compatible with Leo.

  592. 592
    ... Says:

    Thanks for the info Abigail :)

  593. 593
    Ok Says:

    Not sure if this has already been posted:
    I feel bad for her even though she knew Leo’s rep, but she is getting good exposure from this. The comments on the article are interesting.

  594. 594
    @Newcomer Says:

    @Newcomer: Euro trash? Kate Clearly is American

  595. 595
    #593 Says:

    @Ok: How on earth is being seen as a fool good exposure???
    And Toni has been walking AMFAR Fashion Show in Cannes long before Leo, so his association did not introduce her to it

  596. 596
    lol Says:

    The modelling profession like actresses rely on being seen as hot and desirable (esp by your other halves). None of this is ‘good exposure’ for Toni

  597. 597
    Well Says:

    So Leo wasn’t at any of the public parties last night? And decided to stay in his hotel?
    I just wonder with whom and with how many of them? Girls are such easy catches in Cannes.

  598. 598
    Ok Says:

    @#593: I was not saying it to be rude I’m just saying fame wise she got more exposure but she has not done much work. She was a successful model before Leo but dating him gave her more fame. Nevertheless, I do feel bad for her.

  599. 599
    xXx Says:

    @Well: easy catches ? they are paid so they did what the client wanted

  600. 600
    Sarah Says:

    Should we expect to read any time soon some report or article claiming that the girl Leo was rubbing to in that club was a good friend of both him and Toni?
    I dunno, I have the feeling he will be forgiven or excused and in less than a week, we’ll see pap pics of Leo and his German T-Bone together at some museum in Paris or they will attend the Roland Garros games.
    Anything can happen. Garrn is so naive and is used to run when Leo snaps his fingers and Leo is always forgiven for everything.

  601. 601
    insider Says:

    Leo and Toni are fine. Leo is a party animal, nothing more.

  602. 602
    xXx Says:

    @insider: and he thinks she’s a carpet.

  603. 603
    @insider Says:

    and you came to JJ to share your alleged inside info. lol

  604. 604
    #601 Says:

    @insider: Yep he’s only a party animal, not a man wh*re who cares only about his pleasure and no one else’s feelings or humiliation. His pal Robin Thicke is performing at Gotha tonight he and Leo can innocently hook up with 18 year old escorts.

  605. 605
    @603 Says:

    @@insider: The same way “psychics” come here to dish about Leo’s soulmate. You think they’d be off playing the lottery or something.

  606. 606
    firefly Says:

    Why should he care about a girl who loves to humiliate other women and herself? She probably comes from a nazi family

  607. 607
    also... Says:

    @@603: It`s more common for psychics to come here than insiders with real info. I don`t think it`s the same.
    @Insider: Insider? Cute! LOL! Party animal and they are fine? I never said they broke up but come on! Leo is a party animal and he was a party animal last week in NYC partying several nights in a row yet there were no stories, photos like this. Do you put the Nina photos in the party animal excuse category as well?
    He did it in Cannes where he can`t go unnoticed while partying. No way he didn`t know he might be photographed ( last year, same club and lots of photos ) yet he was flirting up a storm and seemed like rubbing himself against that Katie girl.

  608. 608
    @603 Says:

    @also…: I think you missed the point.

  609. 609
    also... Says:

    @@603: I don`t think I did but whatever.

  610. 610
    @insider Says:

    So why haven’t you informed the gossip sites about this little info?, i don’t see any denial flying around in the press, do you?.

  611. 611
    S Says:

    As much as I think it’s a good idea for these two to break up, I am not going to believe it till Leo drops a statement confirming it. We have been at this cross road before and nothing changed. So for now I expect the same.

  612. 612
    Cali Says:

    So what happened to his big, blonde, giraffe lady Toni? I thought they were living together.

  613. 613
    Cali Says:

    Of all of Leo’s girls, Toni is probably the least attractive of them all. But she does seem like a nice girl who is in to him.

  614. 614
    @Leokas Says:

    But we all want to know did he sleep with them or did he come home crying to you.

  615. 615
    Joanna Says:

    Maybe he wanted to let Tony know that she cannot play with him like that,spreading rumours they moved in together.

  616. 616
    also... Says:

    @@insider: LOL! Good point!
    @S: I agree. Until there no breakup info I won’t believe it. And for some reason I don’t think she will walk since she doesn’t seem to have a lot if self esteem.

  617. 617
    To Tinkerbell Says:

    Thanks for replying, generally agree but hope you’re wrong about the next one. Won’t hold my breath though.

  618. 618
    #### Says:


    I wonder if well get sightings of Leo and/or toni today? They’ve both been quiet.

  619. 619
    PT109 Says:

    Is this the first time we witness Leo flirting with someone over 25 years old?

  620. 620
    @sarah Says:

    I also think there will be some report claiming that Katie is a good friend if Leo and Toni. Leo will be forgiven and he will have a nice party at his place eith her barely legal friends to celebrate her birthday like a good boyfriend.
    And people will day he is such a devoted and decent boyfriend.

  621. 621
    Blacksharpie Says:
    Toni posted his and another from last night. It looks like she and Rosie are besties ? !

  622. 622
    also... Says:

    @####: I`m surprised there was no sighting of him / them so far. He was quiet last night ( one reason why I think this is not over yet ), didn`t continue partying. It`s already late afternoon in Cannes and still nothing?
    @@sarah: No denial yet. Both InTouch stories were denied hours after they were posted and these photos from Cannes are already all over the place but still no response from his team.

  623. 623
    Blacksharpie Says:
    Apparently Dave is a movie critic! Who knew! Lol

  624. 624
    BZ girl Says: Melody IG account shes proud

  625. 625
    BZ girl Says:

    Its funny how Karlie and Toni have not been seen together at Cannes it seems they are not as close as they use to be! Toni did t look her best last night the white dress seem to wash her out! imo

  626. 626
    Blacksharpie Says:

    He may be laying low because he’s afraid paparazzi/reporters will ask him about Toni. She worked last night and it would have been a circus if he showed up to that party.
    I think the only statement he could release would be that he and Toni are fine(and I am not sure that’s true?!). He cant really deny anything since there are at least 50 pics and it’s not just one woman but multiple women.
    This may just be a timing thing. Who knows.

  627. 627
    Blacksharpie Says:

    @BZ girl:
    Karlie posted a pic this morning of her suitcase on a Tarmac so she s flying somewhere. I am not sure she is in Cannes at the moment.

  628. 628
    also... Says:

    @Blacksharpie: I don’t think it’s the questions since he doesn’t really talk to the paps. He could have gone to another place to party but he wasn’t seen all day and the same today. He could have released a statement about Monday night because this is very embarrassing f for Toni and for him as well. I think him being MIA might mean they are still together and he doesn’t want to push it. But the way he behaved on Monday knowing he is being watched is still puzzling. We will see!

  629. 629
    notice Says:

    Jen meyer, Dave, even Lukas have not liked anything posted by Toni on IG for about a week now which is rare!, they’re all consciously taking a step back. I give it to Leo, few people in his crew are pretty loyal and supportive.

  630. 630
    well Says:

    He has no reason to hide or act discrete and no reporter will ask him about Toni as Leo doesn’t have any interview to give for the moment. He is not promoting a movie or a project in particular that we know of.
    If he is in Cannes to discuss business during the day, it will remain private and the subject of him still dating his 21 year old model won’t be brought up .

  631. 631
    #### Says:


    I don’t want to say either way whether it’s over or not but what I will say is this. I’m not a fan of Toni’s by any means and I would love to see her and Leo be done.

    However, any girl would be an idiot to stay with Leo after what happened Monday night which was so blatant and disrespectful and just totally in your face type behavior. I know Leo’s a dog when it comes to girls but even I was a bit shocked by it, knowing that he knew Toni was going to be there or was there, they are supposed to be dating, etc.

    Except for Erin, I don’t remember him do this to any of his other ex-girlfriends. Maybe it’s just reserved for the young ones because he knows he can get away with it?

  632. 632
    Newcomer Says:

    Hello everybody!

    New pics of Leo on a yacht:

    Maybe this is why he wasn’t seen at any party or club yesterday? Toni was seen having fun alone by this French journalist at the Grisogono party and like I said yesterday, there are usually an official after party (which was also at Eden Roc) and some private after parties in villas. So maybe Leo was partying but not in a club or a public place. The other night, only one girl tweeted about an after party at his villa so it seems people stay quiet when they are in his private villa.

  633. 633
    Newcomer Says:

    I forgot to say it was posted one hour ago but I don’t know if the pics are from yesterday when he was lunching with girls on a boat (we don’t see any girls here) or today.

  634. 634
    #### Says:


    Well remember he was seen yesterday around lunchtime with the girl(s) from the Monday club pics. He was on a boat with them. For all we know, they took off and got away from the mainland so he could avoid the paps and/or pics being taken of him.

    Also, it looks like Dave and Irmelin spent the day seeing movies yesterday so it doesn’t seem like Leo was with his mom either.

  635. 635
    Blacksharpie Says:

    I just think if he was leaving a club last night like Monday night the place would be swarming with paps. The video from him leaving the club Monday was a pap video I think. They would probably scream questions at him. He wouldn’t acknowledge them or answer any questions but it would still be awkward.
    I am not sure that his silence and his “disappearance” has anything to do with if they are together or not.
    It will be interesting to see want happens tonight because this is just a party, nothing official for either of them. Robin Thicke is a friend.

  636. 636
    @also... Says:

    Don’t forget Leo is a PRO at breaking up, just ask his hundred exes. I doubt if he can be guilt tripped into being with anyone, if he could then he’ll still be with Bar or sweet Erin. There is no reason or signs to think Toni will be an exception, quite the opposite of an exception cos I don’t think even Erin was this publicly humiliated after it packed up. Given his devil may care attitude while being totally aware that he was being papped as always, he really doesn’t think that much of her and wants to downplay the seriousness of their involvement. If there is any communication going on right now between them it’s apologies and goodbyes. That is one thing we know this guy is good at anyways.

  637. 637
    #### Says:


    LOL I just said that maybe he took off on a yacht to get away from the mainland to avoid the paps and/or pics! :-)

    Didn’t you post that the same blogger said he took a dozen girls back to his villa for an after party Monday night?

  638. 638
    Newcomer Says:

    About a statement or a “source close to Leo” saying that he and Katie are just friends and he is still with Toni, I think that would be as ridiculous as when he was caught with Kat Torres and they pretended he met her with Toni. Here we have pics of him flirting with Katie, but also at least 2 blondes, another brunette and a pic where he is hugging another woman that some say is Adriana Lima (not sure if it is really her).

  639. 639
    Newcomer Says:

    @####: There is a journalist (from Madame Figaro) who reported Toni was alone at the Grisogono party, another gossip journalist (from Grazia) who also reported she arrived alone and another gossip journalist who responded to her saying he brought back a dozen of girls (making a strange joke about eggs).

  640. 640
    Amy Says:

    Did you see the headline for this post on JJ yet? LMAO…

    “Toni Garrn Parties in Cannes After Leonardo DiCaprio Flirts with Girls”

  641. 641
    Ha Says:

    @also… Now do you see that he’s not losing any sleep over what he did to Toni, omg!, that girl must be pissed!!!.

  642. 642
    Aww Says:

    Sugarbaby is catching up with mama Irmelin and boyfriend, i’m sure there are no hard feelings.

  643. 643
    also... Says:

    Many good points, ladies. @Newcomer: I forgot the sighting / tweet from the boat yesterday. I think it`s a puzzling situation right now.
    @####: I agree. I don`t like Toni either but if she has even a little self respect she would walk. What Leo did was low and unexpected even from him. Even if they broke up. If he is single and does this just days after the breakup in front of his ex… And if they are still together it`s even worse. No `he is just a party animal` and all the excuses I see on some IG comments can save this situation.

  644. 644
    It is Says:

    @Newcomer: It is look at the daily mail and she spchange sheer outfit and out her hair in a bun. It is her,

  645. 645
    #### Says:

    @It is:

    What DM article are you talking about? Can you post please?

  646. 646
    new sighting Says:

    Thanks newcomer for the sighting. There you have it folks Leo was on a boat for all those who thought he was hiding! lol

  647. 647
    Ok Says:

    @####: She might be talking about this:

  648. 648
    translation of the article Says:

    In last December, he announced his intention to take a longer break. But the many parties left their mark. On our new exclusive photos you can see Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio is not in top form , but with a paunch .

    A bit of fresh air on the abdomen can not hurt. So however we also get Leo’s new pounds to face. A bit of fresh air on the abdomen can not hurt. So however we also get Leo’s new pounds to face.

    He smokes, drinks wine and coffee , is in a good mood . When he gets up , he lifts up his shirt and shows his little raccoon – belly. These scenes were played out recently in Cannes, where stars and celebrities gather for the International Film Festival.

    It is not to be overlooked , Leonardo DiCaprio has increased somewhat . On a yacht he enjoys his life . Inspired he chatted with art collectors .

    Time after time , however, parallels to his last film ” The Wolf of Wall Street ” in which Leo virtually non-stop letting their hair down , and especially women hitting on .

    Only recently it was said that the 39 -year-old on a private after-party towed two girls. Now make the rounds online photos that show the Hollywood star flirting with several women in the nightclub Gotha in Cannes. From his girlfriend Toni Garrn was missing again each track.

    Contrary to expectations , Leo will soon be available again in front of the camera. The film ” The Revenant ” is currently being pre-produced . He should be released in 2015. ‘s Quite possible that Leo’s belly soon disappears . His penchant for flirting and celebrations probably not …

  649. 649
    Newcomer Says:

    So she doesn’t care:

    Dave posted this pic of Toni and Irmelin.

  650. 650
    too tall toni Says:

    Did you guys see the pic Dave posted 45 mins ago with Irmelin & Toni?

  651. 651
    @Amy Says:

    @Amy: I laughed when I saw that JJ title. How embarrassing and HILARIOUS!

  652. 652
    Newcomer Says:

    Leo is also there as Dave posted a pic of Lianne performing and Lianne posted this:

  653. 653
    Newcomer Says:

    An article from the Sun that we cannot read entirely:

  654. 654
    @Newcomer Says:

    Ahhh that’s what she wants to make you believe, it’s called doing a jayz/solange. Leo has obviously lost interest. He’s done, just like her self-esteem and career.

  655. 655
    #### Says:


    You posted the wrong pic but wow…..that’s all I can say. I guess all is forgiven! LOL

  656. 656
    Newcomer Says:

    @####: The real pic:

    Well, she has really no self esteem at all.

  657. 657
    also... Says:

    I can’t say I didn’t see it coming but wow! Toni has absolutely no respect for herself! And some people did feel sorry for her? I can’t believe it!

  658. 658
    the Rift Says:

    It doesn’t matter that she’s still there the relationship will only go downhill from now on. What’s done is done. When Leo broke up with Gisele he broke up with her and then the hung out at dinner a week later and then Gisele was seen at his house a number of times. You heard about the rift from the first break up but it took some times before you didn’t here anything again. I still think that there has been a rift and it will be interesting to see how this plays out. I still think its downhill from here.

  659. 659
    @also... called it though! Says:

    What in the world?!, so she’s really just going to humiliate herself a little longer, well we all know how fake their love really is now. She’s obviously clinging on for dear life so come on Leo, have a piece of every in your vicinity, Toni apparently doesn’t mind.

  660. 660
    damn Says:

    Even Bar wouldn’t take that….WOW!

  661. 661
    the Rift Says:

    so hold on guys and see how this summer plays out! I got cut off…: )

  662. 662
    also... Says:

    Some of us were saying we were on the fence not just me. I’m not even surprised. This girl is worse than Bar! And I agree ( as I said yesterday ) from here I think this is going to be downhill.
    Am I the only one who saw the ‘no self esteem comment’ under Dave’s photo? Now it’s gone but it was there.

  663. 663
    #### Says:


    LOL….last night she could barely smile. Today big old smile with Leo and his mom and boyfriend! Yep….no self-respect and I definitely don’t feel sorry for her because I’m sure now that Leo has so HUGELY dissed her in such a public way, she will take anything from him and he now knows it!

  664. 664
    I'll rarely ever doubt also... Says:

    And some dared to feel sorry for her, more fool them. Oh Toni don’t you see this is character/career assassination?, I see you’re not going down without a fight and total loss of respect but you’re so going to get it when he’s forced to spell it out to you in plain english. Damn guys Leo must be packing some good d.ick cos I do not understand this, help?, anyone?!. LOL!

  665. 665
    also... Says:

    @####: She really must be either crazy in love with him, dumb or just… I don’t know! And this explains ( again ) while Leo targets her demographic. He can get away with anything! And look at his mother and Dave! Perfects supporting ‘actors’ for him.

  666. 666
    @also Says:

    WHAT I WAS THINKING EXACTLY!!!! Even Bar wouldn’t put up with this, everytime there was a STORY not even pictures like these with leo and kate, you wouldn’t see bar with leo for a good time, even media confirmed that they were on “trouble” all of his previous girlfriends has 100% been cheated on but they have somehow “responded” back or done something even but Toni? She can’t wait for god’s sake 2 days… can’t believe it! and I felt sorry for her yesterday…my bad

  667. 667
    @#### Says:

    Yep! Power shift to Leo a million percent. I really thought she was made of tougher stuff but just another spineless insecure blagger.

  668. 668
    trouble in paradise Says:

    There still might be trouble in paradise we just have to watch this one. How many times people have gotten back together with someone after being disrespected to see if it will work only to walk out again, shortly after. I believe there relationship is hanging on a string and very weak at this point. She will be gone but d*mn she has no self esteem! He sure knows how to pick them!

  669. 669
    #### Says:


    I guess they’ll get through Cannes and then we’ll see what happens. I can’t imagine that they’re going to come back from this one. They may hobble along for a little while longer but the damage is done. Leo has made his point and I guess he won’t disrespect her anymore at Cannes but then after that……

  670. 670
    @@#### Says:

    She knows she can’t do any better so she’s willing to take any humiliation thrown her way, that we all know now. Yes some guys like tall girls but how many want one that’s 6 2′, only takes a nice guy like Leo hahahaha

  671. 671
    Amy Says:

    LOL. Typical. She’s in this “relationship” for the publicity. I guess the contract hasn’t expired yet. Fauxmance 2014…

  672. 672
    Cue the return of... Says:

    Love is Real and poor Toni in 3, 2, 1…. lol

  673. 673
    also... Says:

    I saw it coming but I wished I was wrong. In that case Leo would be somewhat less of a sleezebag as a bf and Toni wouldn’t look like a dumb, famwh@re. It’s pathetic even if he didn’t sleep with any of those women. Just the way he was with them in the club is a slap in Toni’s face and he did it so publicly.
    I expected some dinner sightings but not like her on a boat with him and a huge smile on her face! I can’t stand Toni ( now even more tha before ) but she should have some dignity! Leo doesn’t even embarrass himself anymore. It’s a known fact he is a dog with women. He embarrasses her and she is just smiling!

  674. 674
    also... Says:

    @Cue the return of…: You forgot Aww ( might be poor toni with a new screen name ). If they return with the same old stuff I would say they are just as dumb as Toni.
    But, hey! Love Is Real predicted they will be in the spotlight in Cannes and she was right after all! LOL!

  675. 675
    #### Says:


    On top of all of that, he did it in Cannes where Toni was heading or had just arrived at not in NYC or LA or anywhere else far away from Cannes. She might as well have been standing next to him in the club while he was macking with all of those other girls! LOL

    She deserves whatever’s coming next….21 or not, you should know to get the hell out of that relationship when a guy treats you like that!

  676. 676
    also... Says:

    @####: I know! It’s Cannes where he is in the spotlight. Same club as last year and he must have known there could be pictures! You don’t get photos like these in the US! This was really a low blow on Leo’s part and I agree. Even if you are 21 ( almost 22 though) you can’t be this dumb to take it. I don’t care how many drooling comments are there on her IG account I think people are losing respect for her.

  677. 677
    wow Says:

    Toni looks like a taller version of Dave’s daughter /Patrick Carney’s wife

  678. 678
    also... Says:

    I’m really itching to leave a comment on her IG account but what’s the point?

  679. 679
    how it goes down Says:

    Leo: Your not mad at me baby are you? I was just being polite when those women came up to talk to ME. It was loud and I didn’t want to be rude when Katie asked me to dance.

    Toni: No of course not, I know the girls never leave you alone where ever you go.

    ***All is forgiven*_*

  680. 680
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Newcomer, #### and also: Hi Ladies! All I can say is ‘Wow!’ I don’t know who is sadder – Leo or Toni :( I agree, that she just sent a message to Leo that he can do whatever he wants and she will look the other way.

  681. 681
    #### Says:


    It’s not even worth it. However, I wonder how many other posters will leave comments about how they’ve lost respect for her, how can she put up with that type of behavior, etc.

  682. 682
    Newcomer Says:

    I agree with the ones who said Toni is even worse than Bar, an honestly before today, as much as I dislike Toni, I still thought Bar was the most desperate and famewh*re one. Bar actually had a good reason to be so desperate. She had no career at all, she was just Leo’s girlfriend. Toni was not famous at all before Leo (I first heard her name when I saw the Versailles pics) but unlike Bar, she had a good career, walking for Dior, Elie Saab, Balmain…, having contracts for prestigious brands like Biotherm, shooting for VS swim… Now she is just posing for catalogue brands like Next, not walking shows anymore when way more established models are still doing the fashion weeks, barely posing for VS (not swim anymore, at least not for the moment)… and all of these for what? Some pics with a very famous actor who looks completely disinterested in her 99% of the time, sightings and pics of him cheating, flirting, inviting girls at his table in the clubs and even leaving a club with another model hidden in his car and now, publicly flirting with other girls in front of the paps (he was in the same club last year, there were plenty of pics of him and there are plenty of paps in Cannes right now, so he can’t pretend he didn’t know these pics would appear). So she lost her career, her dignity, her self-esteem, is becoming a laughing stock (this journalist making fun of Leo bringing back a dozen of girls from the club for instance…)… and all of this for a few pics with a famous guy but absolutely nothing in return from Leo feelings-wise. I am not sorry for her because there have been reports of him cheating and flirting since they started dating and she stayed with him but after these pics, I thought she would have a bit of dignity. I thought that maybe if they were still together, there would have been sightings of them, but I wasn’t expecting a pic with his mom where she is all smiles like nothing happened. And of course, Leo’s mom and Dave, like everybody in Leo’s life, don’t care at all. How can he grow up surrounded by yes-people all the time??? And I really don’t think Toni is in love with Leo, she might be in love with the superstar, starstruck or a fangirl but imo there are no genuine feelings neither from him or her in this relationship. She is just a desperate famewh*re and goldigger and I won’t be sorry for her, no matter what he does to her right now (exceptif he was beating her or something like that of course).

  683. 683
    Newcomer Says:

    @Zzzzzz: Hi! They look both stupid and sad and desperate imo but like I said, even if I could expect sightings of them together, I was not expecting a pic like that, all smiles with his mom. And I forgot to say in my previous “rant” that yesterday, while she was there or about to arrive, he was lunching with the girls who partied with him the night before, then chatting with art collectors (these yacht pics) while she was just staying in a other hotel. So not only does he cheat on her or disrespect her in public, but he doesn’t even care about spending time with her when she arrives. I guess she only joined him in his hotel room after the Grisogono party where he didn’t go.

  684. 684
    #### Says:


    Well said! I agree a million percent with what you said!

  685. 685
    also... Says:

    @####: There is a comment under Dave`s photo that says: where is Leo? I so want to respond: out of Toni`s sight whispering to a brunette`s ears! But it seems like Dave is moderating the comments since the one that one of the beauties has no self respect was deleted very quickly. Toni`s account… pointless
    @Newcomer: I agree. I expected some sighting or photos but not this. She just looks pathetic and dumb smiling like nothing happened. And I agree on Bar. She needed him more than Toni does yet he treats them the same way.
    I`m not that surprised by Leo since he did something like this in Cannes after his breakup with Bar. Bar was there and he was flaunting Lively in front of her face. Erin… partying in front of her after the breakup. This is the first time he did this so blatantly with a current gf. Cannes brings out the complete douche in him.
    The fact that I expected it doesn`t make it any easier to deal with it.

  686. 686
    @678 Says:

    @also…: Is it that serious? LOL! You really are Andrea Calbrese’s twin aren’t you?

  687. 687
    Newcomer Says:

    And the famewh*ring goes on…

    An article from a German tabloid (I used Google translate) where an “insider” says that Toni’s brother got an internship in design in NYC thanks to Leo, they call her “the future Mrs DiCaprio”, says they plans on buying a house in Hamburg to be closer to her family…

    It just reminds me of Bar and all the “leaks” and invented stories published on Israeli media.

  688. 688
    also... Says:

    @@678: Are you for real? Nothing else to pick on? You must be desperate if that`s all you have.

  689. 689
    lol Says:

    @@678: I wonder if that one will be leaving another message for them.
    She hasn’t been here a while, must be back in the hospital

  690. 690
    also... Says:

    @Newcomer: If I could count how many times he was buying property in Israel to be closer to Bar! LOL! Is it a reliable site?

  691. 691
    Newcomer Says:

    @also…: Yes he was pathetic doing this in front of Bar and Erin, but at least, as disgusting as it was for the girls, they had broken up. Now, he is blatantly flirting with plenty of girls in front of paps (and we know how much he hates paps and does everything to escape pics usually), and she is still there, smiling, so happy that after one week of heavy partying and flirting with other girls, Leo still invited her to go to that yacht party this afternoon. I can’t imagine a lot of prestigious brands (the type of contracts she had before Leo) will be interesting in a laughing stock so when this joke of a relationship ends, what is she going to do? Maybe she will be a new Bar, having a few contracts with not very prestigious brands, posting “interesting” pics on IG (like the one with the 6 “naked” guys) to stay relevant and using her “title” of Leo’s ex to get media and public attention. I have never liked her, she always seemed smug and arrogant to me, but I still thought she would be “better” than Bar, but it turns out she is the worst girlfriend he ever had.

  692. 692
    #### Says:


    Once again, trying to cover the negative publicity with something positive

  693. 693
    Partygirl Says:

    Okay. Toni decided to pretend Leo’s flirtatious club antics didn’t happen. I sort of had a feeling she would do this. Silly as it sounds I think it’s partially a Cancer thing (her astrological sign) very clingy and relationship focused. She is now trying to stay in good with his mom hoping that she’ll talk her up to Leo, but sorry Toni, he is a Scorpio and has his own mind.
    The other thing is now that she has come back things will be worse than ever even if they stay together. She’ll just try harder and at the end of the day he’ll continue using her for lil’ Leo’s pleasure.
    Toni needs to hang with crazy Cara, she knows how to keep it moving.

  694. 694
    Newcomer Says:

    @also…: I don’t think they are very reliable (after the moving in rumour, which was denied, they posted about a secret engagement I think), but I don’t know German media enough to be sure. What I know is that the most read German tabloid, Bild, published the pics of Leo flirting with girls in the club the other night.

  695. 695
    #### Says:


    I would have had just a little but more respect for her if she had avoided him throughout the rest of the film festival (you know stayed away a week or 2) but the fact that she’s hanging with him and his mom and boyfriend just 2 days after he was seen partying and flirting and doing whatever else with those girls in the club, once again just wow…..

  696. 696
    also... Says:

    @####: Weak effort. He hasn’t even been to Germany event since he started dating her. He can’t do that much, humiliated her publicly ( maybe a response to the move in rumor ) but he is buying a house to be close to her? Even Toni is not going to Germany that often! Twice maybe last year?

  697. 697
    Newcomer Says:

    Lilly Allen and Leo on the yacht:

  698. 698
    Partygirl Says:

    Funny too, that Leo is pictured hugged up with the British singer and not in any pictures with Toni directly, when they are obviously at the same event. I know it is too early to call it, but I have a feeling Leo might just be done with these VS “model” relationships. Perhaps, the club pics were an attempt to make Toni leave on her own. Oh well, guess that’s not going to happen.

  699. 699
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Newcomer: Thanks for the photo. Guess it’s too windy to wear a hat!
    Off to work – talk to you later;)

  700. 700
    also... Says:

    @Newcomer: I agree. At least Bar and Erin were his exes even though I don’t think it makes him look like any less of a douche for doing it. But with your current gf so publicly? I doubt he has much respect for her but if she is so dumb that she is ok with it … You can’t even be surprised.
    I so agree with your previous comment that there are no real emotions here. Both get what they want from being a couple and I think for her it’s the status and the perks. But she is working against herself because hobestly… who is going to take her seriously I respect her after this?
    @####: I agree. It would have been better for her just to keep her distance. That would have shown some dignity.

  701. 701
    also... Says:

    @Partygirl: Well, these are IG photos so there might be pictures of them together but not posted.

  702. 702
    also... Says:

    Ok! Someone did it for me on her latest IG! The last but one comment! Itch is gone! lol

  703. 703
    omg!!! Says:

    from Toni’s IG – I bet all those who know you (and those who don’t) are cringing at your lack of self worth. He humiliates you over and over again, then a few fake photo ops and you’re all happy again. Gosh i realize you’re young but how do you take it?.

  704. 704
    Newcomer Says:

    @also…: This comment?

    fola0211 I bet all those who know you (and those who don’t) are cringing at your lack of self worth. He humiliates you over and over again, then a few fake photo ops and you’re all happy again. Gosh i realize you’re young but how do you take it?.

  705. 705
    Partygirl Says:

    @also…: That’s true I guess she is back to following the rules of not posting pictures of their “relationship”. Perhaps, they’ll be pap photos of the event later.

  706. 706
    also... Says:

    @Newcomer: Yeah. I’m on my phone so I couldn’t copy it. Thanks for posting it. That say it all!
    @Partygirl: Yes, she is more quiet with her hints recently. Maybe there will be pap photos.

  707. 707
    Newcomer Says:

    @Zzzzz: You’re welcome! See you later :)

    @Partgirl: This was clearly a statement like “I am not in a serious relationship”. I guess she could have understood the message, but she doesn’t care.

    I know her mother is her manager and she seems to be like Bar’s mom, but if I were in her place and my mom was seeing me humiliated like that, she would be sad, depressed for me, and calling me to tell me that I should end things, or that if I don’t want to, she doesn’t want to see this guy next to her anymore. Maybe famewh*res’ mothers are as desperate as their daughters.

    @also…: Yes, he is a douche. I was criticizing Toni for being a goldigger but he is no better. I get the feeling more and more that he is a misogynist and he is being sadistic towards women, playing with them, humiliating them in public…

  708. 708
    #### Says:


    Good for whoever posted this! Do did I understand correctly that it’s already been deleted? LOL

  709. 709
    also... Says:

    @Newcomer: I wasn’t THAT shocked by Leo’s behavior as we have seen him being like this in the last. Don’t get me wrong tha doesn’t make it ok but he is who he is. Toni just proved that she doesn’t care and sheets him treat her any way he wants. Kind of a new info ( even though we have seen signs of it in the last ). But no. Leo is not better at all.

  710. 710
    also... Says:

    *in the past
    * she lets him treat her

  711. 711
    wow Says:

    You’re all upset because Toni is apparently still with Leo but that’s her problem not your !!

  712. 712
    Joanna Says:

    Leo doesn’t strike me as a person who would date a girl if he doesn’t want to.You guys think he doesn’t know she’s a goldigger,I’m thinking she has something on him.

  713. 713
    also... Says:

    @####: No, it’s still there. A comment on Dave’s photo was deleted. A new one claims Toni’s dress got more attention than Leo. Hardly.
    @wow: we saw it coming so I wouldn’t say it’s upsetting . Not because they are still together. It’s more like shocking or surprising that she doesn’t care about public humiliation. JMO

  714. 714
    also... Says:

    @Joanna: We never said he doesn’t want to date her. I don’t think she has something on him. They both get what they want out if this relationship and he can get away with anything. Why not stick to her if she doesn’t care about him being a party animal even if he embarrasses her .

  715. 715
    Joanna Says:

    @also…: I get you,but allhis Cannes behavior looked to me like he wants to get rid of her,and now she’s back again,that’s just weird.

  716. 716
    Newcomer Says:

    @also…: I wasn’t very shocked by his behavior either but moe by the fact that this time it was done very publicly (once again he cannot ignore that there are paps at the Gotha night club during the Cannes film festival) and that she is already there with him, all smiles. I could have expected tweets or sightings of him flirting with girls (like we get in NYC or LA or elsewhere) but I thought he would have been more cautious about it. And after the pics appeared, I could have expected a sighting of them, but not that pic Dave published where it looks like nothing happened.

    @Joanna: I think he knows she is a goldigger. But I still thought, despite her being with him for the perks, that she would have a bit more self-esteem.

  717. 717
    Joanna Says:

    Typo:all of his

  718. 718
    justsaying... Says:

    i think toni is out of the picture but i bet that we see a new pic of them together again soon. and be back together again!?

  719. 719
    also... Says:

    @Joanna: Maybe it was a message after the move in rumor that he is not getting serious with her ( as #### Said a couple of days ago ) or Cannws bring this out in him or he is getting bored or ‘the end is near’ and this was a preview? I think he will definitely keep her around for some summer vacations but Leo doing this and her not caring shows that this is just a typical Leo relationship.
    @Newcomer: I agree. How publicly he did it while still dating her was surprising. Not what he did but how he did it. And that’s exactly what I said when I saw the Dave photos. I expected sightings but not like this!

  720. 720
    Newcomer Says:

    @justsaying…: She was with him this afternoon. Dave posted a pic of her and Leo’s mom on a yacht and there are separate pics of Leo on the same yacht. So I guess she is not out of the picture.

  721. 721
    Joanna Says:

    @also…: That’s right.You do what I say or you’re out of the picture.I guess I know now why he dates them young,he could never push around a grown up woman like that.

  722. 722
    Blacksharpie Says:

    I am just seeing these pics on the yacht now.
    To me, this just proves that this is not a relationship the way most of us think of a relationship. This is a ” what can you do for me” relationship. She is a companion and “f*** buddy; he gives her noteriety. To me these people live a very different life than most of us.
    Dave is now acting like her publicist to let everyone know they are still together?! Come on!
    I find it all kind of ridiculous.

  723. 723
    #### Says:


    I’m still on the fence about whether it will go through the summer.

  724. 724
    justsaying... Says:

    @Newcomer: okay, i didnt know that.

  725. 725
    also... Says:

    @Joanna & Blacksharpie: I think this relationship was a little different ( until now ) because of the social media exposure. We got more info on them and maybe that’s why some thought this was different. It isn’t. Same old Leo thing, Leo dominating and both getting what they want – no true feelings involved. I think Monday night and her response made it very obvious.
    @####: I didn’t mean the whole summer but some vacations.

  726. 726
    justsaying... Says:

    i really dont get their relationship if he is with toni than how come is was seeing with another woman in thoses pics, why is the heck toni putting up with that crap from him, i think toni is nuts but not in a mean way like that.

  727. 727
    @justsaying... Says:

    Maybe they don’t have a real relationship, just a contract

  728. 728
    @justsaying... Says:

    maybe they’re just friends, who knows

  729. 729
    also... Says:

    A song for Toni. Oldie but goodie.
    Offspring – No Self Esteem

    I wrote her off for the tenth time today
    And practice all the things I would say
    But she came over
    I lost my nerve
    I took her back and made her dessert
    Now I know I’m being used
    That’s okay man cause I like the abuse
    I know she’s playing with me
    That’s okay cause I got no self esteem

    We make plans to go out at night
    I wait till 2 then I turn out the light
    All this rejection’s got me so low
    If she keeps it up I just might tell her so

    When she’s saying that she wants only me
    Then I wonder why she sleeps with my friends
    When she’s saying that I’m like a disease
    Then I wonder how much more I can spend
    Well I guess I should stick up for myself
    But I really think it’s better this way
    The more you suffer
    The more it shows you really care
    Right? Yeah yeah yeah

    Now I’ll relate this little bit
    That happens more than I’d like to admit
    Late at night she knocks on my door
    Drunk again and looking to score
    Now I know I should say no
    But that’s kind of hard when she’s ready to go
    I may be dumb
    But I’m not a dweeb
    I’m just a sucker with no self esteem

  730. 730
    Sarah Says:

    I knew it.
    Now just wait for the article with pictures of the two reporting how in love they are.
    It’s coming.
    Honestly i don’t think i have ever seen anyone so desperate.

  731. 731
    justsaying... Says:

    yeah, but if they are just friends but not dating, why they are even same place and together too? i think toni just wont leave leo alone, he doesnt want a relationship with her anymore??? i think toni need to back away if leo doing this to her behind her but she wont refuse too leave? just my opinion.

  732. 732
    Joanna Says:

    @justsaying…: She’s putting up with it becauseof her career.You know what they say :there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

  733. 733
    #### Says:



  734. 734
    justsaying... Says:

    i think the problem is toni wont leave leo alone until she get what she want, marriage and kids???

  735. 735
    justsaying... Says:

    @Joanna: @Joanna: yeah i guess and she is doing it wrong way by doing that, making her look like a fool kind of way. she is better than that.

  736. 736
    Joanna Says:

    If she was better then this,she would leave him.

  737. 737
    also... Says:

    @justsaying…: it’s one thing what she wants and it’s another if she is going to get it. It’s not up to her and I think now you can clearly see who has absolute control of this relationship. Leo won’t buy the cow since he knows he can get the free milk at all times.
    The sad thing is that she doesn’t realize that this is going nowhere and she is ruining her own image. No such thing as bad publicity but in their case I think that applies to Leo but not to her.

  738. 738
    justsaying... Says:

    @Joanna: yep that is so true!

  739. 739
    @justsaying -734 Says:

    Marriage and kids…?
    Please she is a kid herself.

  740. 740
    justsaying... Says:

    @also…: yeah it make sense. toni need to go find someone who isnt like leo.

  741. 741
    justsaying... Says:

    @@justsaying -734: yep put that way. i believe she want marriage in the future with leo but i think want she really want but leo isnt having it.

  742. 742
    Newcomer Says:

    I have never seen this pic before but it is old. From when he visited the Tag Heuer factory in Switzerland and he looked handsome:

    About Toni, I agree with what Sarah said. She is desperate. She actually reminds me of another Toni. The wife of a football (soccer) player named John Terry. He has always been cheating on her non stop but one day he was caught cheating with his best friend’s wife, the wife being one of Toni’s friends. It was a big scandal in England as John Terry and the guy (Wayne Bridge) were both teammates for the English National Team and after the scandal was revealed, Bridge refused to play again in the same team as Terry. Everybody thought this would be the final straw, that Toni was going to dump John Terry this time, but no. A few days after, they were holidaying in Dubai, all smiles, like nothing had happened. I think this is the level of desesperation that Toni (Garrn) has reached.

  743. 743
    also... Says:

    @justsaying…: All of his exes wanted the same thing. To tame him, marriage …etc. no surprise Toni might want the same but I highly doubt she has a chance. Personally I don’t think Leo is ever going to give up his freedom. If he does it’s not gonna be an obedient puppy gf like Toni. I think he is getting bored and this was a preview of that. As I said yesterday downhill from here. JMO

  744. 744
    Newcomer Says:

    Tania Ur @fragmata · 3 min
    Mi hermano ayer les hizo la comida de room service a Natalie Portman, Leonardo Di Caprio y Beckham. Equis su trabajo. Ni me da envidia.

    She says her brother was doing the room service for Natalie Portman, Leo and David Beckham yesterday.

  745. 745
    sugarbaby Says:

    I’m laughing at all the fan girls that think this relationship is “real” LMFAOO
    Do you guys not know how Hollywood works!? Or are you guys oblivious?
    They both get perks, he gets “public gf” that the world sees but in fact it just covers up the sleazy things he does behind doors, well no even infront of cameras
    She gets a career boost and looks cool
    Leo has done this since Gisele, you guys are dumb as f!

  746. 746
    Newcomer Says:

    I guess tonight, it’s going to be restaurant with mum, Dave, Toni and his friends and then, party at Gotha with the Robin Thicke performance. Maybe pics of them from the yacht this afternoon or from tonight in the club.

  747. 747
    also... Says:

    @Newcomer: Desperate is a good word to describe her. Dumb and desperate.

  748. 748
    sugarbaby Says:

    i can’t believe you guys STILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL THINK LIKE THIS
    Leo got you guys fooled to well
    Toni wantts marriage and kids? um no LMFAO
    More like 5 minutes of fame

  749. 749
    also... Says:

    @Newcomer: I would have expected photos by now but I think it would be way too obvious.
    @sugarbaby: I don’t think there are many people left who think this is real so no need to be so rude.

  750. 750
    Newcomer Says:

    I know her friends have also enjoyed the perks of her dating Leo (Disneyland, Coachella, Vanity Fair party after the Oscars, staying at his house…), so this is probably their interest that Leo and her stay together, but do you think one of them will be a real friend and tell her that she is ridiculous to stay with him and that she is becoming a laughing stock? I know Madison for instance, was all excited to meet the P*ssy Posse last year at his auction in NYC before Cannes, Jamie loved the “Casa de Leo” because YOLO, Gabriela was completely star struck… and even her family, especially her mother, doesn’t seem to care a lot, as they are still proudly leaking info in Germany, but I hope that she has at least one person in her life that will tell her something. Just like I hope that Leo will one day have someone to tell him “what’s what” like Clooney said.

  751. 751
    #### Says:


    He looks really good in that pic! :-)

  752. 752
    sugarbaby Says:

    @also…: Um are you kidding me!!?? This thread litterally is full of people who still think like this! They say the same damn thing in every thread of every “gf” Leo has ever had, ITS CRAZY
    Look at Brangelina, they’ll teach you a thing or two of what a REAL relationship looks like
    Love, passion, not being embarrassed by one another, no contracts, no publicity etc….
    There is a reason why Leo doesn’t publically announce his gf, maybe well bc.. THEY AREN’T REALLY HIS GFS

  753. 753
    #### Says:


    Re Toni – You would think she would have one real friend who would finally say, you’re getting played, you’re a public figure and you look stupid in front of what fans you do have, there are young girls who look up to you and your career, etc.

    Re Leo – he has too many “yes” friends and hangers on around him and they’ve been there too long. I don’t know if anyone will ever speak out against him and his lifestyle.

  754. 754
    Newcomer Says:

    Somebody posted this on Dave’s IG pic of Toni and Irmelin:

    chrisummerss leo is the creep

    I wonder how long it will stay before it is deleted.

  755. 755
    Leos one and only Says:

    Leo is my soulmate! Backup hookers!

  756. 756
    Hmm Says:

    As I figured, they weren’t going to break up just because the new rumors and new pictures in the clubs , since he did the same last year and still she was with him at the after parties in Cannes and then Versailles.

    I think the intention of picture in Dave’s Instagram is deliberately to show everyone since they are very clear that many follow their social accounts, Toni is still with him,

  757. 757
    also... Says:

    @Newcomer & ####: a while ago I would have said there MUST be someone who would give her a clue. But after seeing Leo surrounded by yes man and users I’m not so sure. As you said she is also surrounded by people who enjoy the perks of their friend or daughter dating a movie star. Even their parents are enabling this.
    The comment is there but I guess it will be gone as soon as Dave sees it!

  758. 758
    sexyback Says:

    Toni needs to read some steve harvey books.

  759. 759
    Toni Says:

    There was one angle where he had his tongue in her ear…..but this chick is married, folks. It takes two to tango.

  760. 760
    Newcomer Says:

    @also…: Dave the moderator LOL!

    @also… and ####: They are really both pathetic and surrounded by pathetic and not genuine persons.

    @Hmm: I was on the fence as well, but the difference between last year and this year is that last year, during Cannes, Leo and Toni were just rumoured to be dating and the pics in Versailles made it “official”. This year, it is very clear that they are a couple and have been dating for around a year, and yet, he still does the same. He could get away with it last year, pretending he only started dating her after Cannes, but this year, he has no “excuse”. Not even “I am only friends with Katie” as he was seen flirting with several other women, bringing some to his villa for an after party and lunching with them the day after on a yacht, while Toni was arriving.

  761. 761
    @sugarbaby Says:

    BRANGELINA are a full of s-h-i-t couple. Tax havens as ‘charity work’, she’s still addicted to hard drugs, a 2 year engagement please, they ain’t ever getting married and are stringing it along for the kids and appearances at this point

  762. 762
    The Great CornHoLeo Says:

    That f*cking c u n t is smugly posting pics to let the world know she’s still Leo’s main and I bet she was thinking, “Ha ha, losers! Y’all were hoping we were broken up. In your face!” Lesson to everyone here: Next time, don’t get ahead of yourselves and avow Leo’s relationship status unless you know 100% what it is. That’s why I held back from doing any celebratory jigs, unlike some people here.

  763. 763
    Newcomer Says:

    @Toni: I agree. Some have commented saying that in a club, as the music is loud, you speak to people in the ear, but his body language shows that he was clearly flirting with them and not just speaking to them.

  764. 764
    Bar 2.0 Says:

    Toni isn’t worse than Bar, she is exactly like her.

  765. 765
    no sense Says:

    on daily mail they have pics of lily allen on this boat, how was leo not pictured? it even appears he wasnt wearing a hat..

  766. 766
    sexyback Says:

    Have anyone ever thought leo is just doing her to upset erin.and irmelin is creepy.

  767. 767
    #### Says:


    Well as I said earlier, Toni deserves what she gets from this point forward! For however much longer they are together, I will laugh and when Leo continues to do treat her like this and she continues to take it!

  768. 768
    Proud Doormat Says:

  769. 769
    dee Says:

    I admire him so much as an actor, but ugh… as a person?? Your effing 40 bro…can you please grow up?

  770. 770
    The Great CornHoLeo Says:


    I doubt he gives a cr*p enough about Erin to have that as a reason for being with Toni.

  771. 771
    Love is Real Says:

    Nothing was happening between them. Toni trust him and Leo love her.

  772. 772
    Newcomer Says:

    @no sense: It seems the yacht they were on was in front of the Martinez, so there were probably plenty of paps. Either they have interesting pics and negotiating with media for “exclusivity”, or Leo was hiding once again. It seems Toni was staying at the Martinez hotel yesterday and there were pics of her leaving the hotel. I think the hotels who are in Cannes are the most followed by paps so if pics exist, they will surface soon.

  773. 773
    also... Says:

    @The Great CornHoLeo: The majority was not jumping into conclusions. Most of us saw it coming and I would argue who is the real loser. It’s more like Toni.

  774. 774
    Proud Doormat Says:

  775. 775
    The Great CornHoLeo Says:


    You said it! I cannot stand Leo. He’s disgusting and lost his looks a long, long time ago. The only reason I post here is because I’m sort of interested in this relationship and am hoping that Toni gets dumped because I don’t think someone as stuck-up as her deserves the ego stroke that comes with being with such a huge star, regardless if it was Leo or some other man of equal status. That said, I don’t wish a sleazy as*hole like Leo any happiness and I truly hope he never has children, because someone so selfish as him could never be the kind of parent a child deserves. It’s bad enough how his philandering wrecks the lives of the women he screws, at least temporarily, but he’d ******* up a child for life, being as self-absorbed and immature as he is.

  776. 776
    if Says:

    If Leo could do this while they’re in the same vicinity imagine how scared and depressed she’ll be anytime she has to travel for work. Now I believe that as she walks out the door a replacement strolls in. Wow what a life!.

  777. 777
    sexyback Says:

    I believe irmeline wants him with a german. He needs a change in women thank god george clooney did. Is irmelin his personal assist. Why cant she go on her own vacation. Or take her old ass to play bingo somewhere.

  778. 778
    also... Says:

    @Newcomer: He was glued to the brunette even he wasn’t whispering.

  779. 779
    lol Says:

    @sugarbaby: brangelina r cool but their movies (brad’s acting and angie’s “directing”) have got to stop lol

  780. 780
    dave's ig Says:

    Another comment on dave’s ig “Leo is the dirty old man” lolllll. People are not easing up on them today!.

  781. 781
    @also... Says:

    *waving my arms frantically in the air* EXACTLY!

  782. 782
    The Great CornHoLeo Says:


    What I’m saying is there were a few people saying they were sure it was over, but it seems these people were wrong; it looks like Leo and Toni are still together. I’m just saying people shouldn’t make calls on this relationship unless there’s solid confirmation of a breakup.

  783. 783
    Amy Says:

    @Love is Real Love is a Contract

  784. 784
    The real explanation Says:

    Iremlin is going to disown Leo (she has wanted this sweet release for quite some time) and adopt Toni, the splitting image of Jack Dawson with a little Germanic touch to the face

  785. 785
    #### Says:


    That’s just a cop out…..he had to whisper in her ear because the music was so loud! I guess she had to be backed up right against his crotch so he could get close enough to whisper in her ear too right??? WTF!!!!

    I don’t think anyone is saying that he was ******** anyone in the club but he didn’t have to. What he was doing was bad enough when you’re supposed to be in a relationship! Period!!! Anyways, isn’t that what an after party is for…..hooking up in a more private place??? LOL

  786. 786
    Ethan Says:

    I just don’t get the appeal of DiCaprio. He’s a mediocre actor, balding (hence the newsboy cap), marginally attractive (I’m being kind), pudgy, immature and treats his women like ho’s. Sure he’s moneyed, blah, blah, blah but this is a guy that drones on about preserving the environment and tools around in private jets and is always on a gas guzzling, energy sapping yacht. He’s also a modelizer and everyone knows that modelizers are shallow, shallow men. His movies also suck including his last. Quite frankly, the brunette looks disinterested because she is old enough to know to expect better and intelligent to know when the bullshiz is being slinged. Leo always goes for these generic 20 year old, Euro blondes because they have low expectations and but the bullsh*t in order to reap the so called benefits. Wake up ladies, the only one who benefited was Giselle and she didn’t need him anyway. His latest Toni should run. He’s not interested..maybe you can find some Russian Oligarch. You have it over the Eurotrashy Russian women.

  787. 787
    REALLY????? Says:

    He’s an idiot. I really have lost any lingering respect I had for this buffoon after The Wolf of Wallstreet. That was a role for a 22 year old, not his old immature @ss. He’s really a loser.

  788. 788
    sexyback Says:

    Leo needs to get his moms hair done. Second when i was19 i dated a 40 year old and it was only about sex. Maybe toni is a hot ass. I mean how can she have on panties with those shorts. She seems like the aggressive one. I bet irmeline would **** if leo brought home a black girl.

  789. 789
    Leo Says:

    He deserves to die alone with no wife and kid or be miserable for the rest of his pathetic life.

  790. 790
    also... Says:

    @The Great CornHoLeo: I agree. Some already declared him single as soon as the photos were posted. It`s not that simple and the rest of us ( waiting for more info ) were right. Toni is more desperate than some thought she was.
    @####: It`s just an excuse. I was reading comments on the DM Toni aricle like `he can`t dance with anyone but his girlfriend?`. BS excuses. What he did was inappropriate towards his girlfriend and he couldn`t care less about doing it in public. Some said ( IG comments from Leo fans ) he was drunk, he had to lean close to talk…etc. Obviously is slapping some people in the face ( including Toni ) but they just ignore it.

  791. 791
    also... Says:

    *Obvious is slapping some….

  792. 792
    #### Says:


    Actually back during the Leomania days or maybe right before they started, Leo’s mom set him up with a black girl. The girl posted her experience with Leo and how she is still friends with his mom. It’s on BZ in the earlier Leo pages.

  793. 793
    Mother's Rules Says:

    His mom wants him with the German girl. He once let go the girl that she liked for him, Gisele, she will not allow him to do the same again.

  794. 794
    #### Says:


    Oh and he dated Rashida Jones’ younger sister years ago so I’m pretty sure Leo is the one that is in control and it has nothing to do with the color of their skin.

  795. 795
    also... Says:

    @Mother`s Rules: I doubt he cares about what his mother wants him to do in his private life. And being German is the most important thing that matters? Leo wouldn`t treat Toni the way he does if what you are saying was true. JMO

  796. 796
    Joanna Says:

    @also…: I agree with you also.I don’t think his mother chooses his girlfriends,that would be really too weird.

  797. 797
    agreewithyoi Says:

    @@sugarbaby: Couldn’t have said it better myself. Angie is a walking pole and Brad is still cheating.

  798. 798
    sexyback Says:

    I guess she actually catch him in bed too see straight. Hell she might still join in and lick up everybodys juices. Irmelin is the reason leo cant get serious oh yeah and hollywood. He looks scruffy on the yacht photos. I wonder did he shower. Still noone has avswered why is irmelin always around. Where is tonis mama.:

  799. 799
    An Eye for an Eye Says:

    Toni should leak all of her “stories”. No reason to respect him anymore now, if he has no problem humiliating her then she should give him a taste of his own eco vegan medicine

  800. 800
    MiouMiou Says:

    So what’s next? Now that the pictures have been spread everywhere and made her look like an humiliated victim?
    I guess the lapdog will stick by his side and his family’s and pretend like nothing has happened?
    What a serious loser.

  801. 801
    No swim away Says:

    Stuck with Toni for the rest of his life.

  802. 802
    lol Says:

    holly molly …. this girl is soooooo pretty more than this stupid VS’s model Toni

  803. 803
    Hitler Leo Says:

    I like them blonde, blue eyed, german

  804. 804
    Joanna Says:

    I don’t think Leo has any real friends,except Toby,but Toby has his own family,that’s why Leo has to have someone around,someone that he actually cares about,because when you’re with someone you don’t care about ,it’s the same as being alone.And he doesn’t care about Tony.

  805. 805
    also... Says:

    @Joanna: For a long time I hoped eventually he will get some positive influence from his mom but not anymore. Irmelin seems to be content with their situation and how he is living his life so I just don’t think what she wants matters that much or that she even wants him to settle down. If she had dreams like that I think she would have at leats tried to influence him.
    @Sexyback: At this point I doubt she would care even if she caught him in the act:

  806. 806
    also... Says:

    @Mobswim away: Why?

  807. 807
    From NY Daily News Says:

  808. 808
    Newcomer Says:

    BZ is back to either pathetic excuses like the music is loud… :

    “Thanks for all the pics!!
    As for the ones of Leo in the clubs. Call me crazy, but it doesn’t look suspicious to me. The music is loud. How else do you talk without being right close face to face? Is he a flirt? Maybe. but that doesn’t mean he is cheating or being inappropriate.”

    Or saying maybe it is an open relationship and they would agree to have one with Leo as well, because he is Leo:

    “I guess the bottom line here we really don’t know anything about Leo’s personal life. Perhaps they have an open relationship and he’s not ready to settle down. I’m glad he had fun it looks like he had a blast hey who wouldn’t agree to an open relationship with Leo I would be down with whatever he wants to do I’m loving all the pics I wish it was like this every day!”

    “I know if there were pics of my boyfriend doing stuff like that i would not be happy, but if my boyfriend was Leo he could do whatever he wanted to (sad but true)”

    With girls like that, you understand why there are still famous guys acting like Leo. I don’t really blame the women. Society most often treats us like objets and kinda “teaches” us how all is about appearance when it comes to women but how men can get away with everything. But the fact is if less girls and women would think that, because he is Leo (or any celeb they like), he can get away with everything because it is a privilege to date a rich and famous guy, there would also be less guys like Leo. If more girls and women had self respect and self esteem, guys like Leo wouldn’t have an endless parade of famewh*res and goldiggers ready to everything to just spend 10 minutes with him. And they would have to treat women better because if they didn’t, they wouldn’t get close to any woman. Unfortunately, as long as some women are happy even if he spits in their face, we will go on living in a machist society. Don’t get me wrong. Machism and misogyny is the guys’ fault, and women don’t deserve to be treated like sh*t (even if I can’t feel sorry for women like Toni as she knows exactly what he is doing behind her back), but if we would more often stand up and refuse this behavior from guys, guys wouldn’t have any other choice but to think about how they disrespect women and how they have to change their ways. It is a bit difficult to explain in English, but I am always very disappointed when I see comments like the ones I posted from BZ, where women explain that they could crawl on broken ice if Leo asked, because he is superstar Leo DiCaprio.

  809. 809
    STJ Says:

    I hate you aaaall!

  810. 810
    sexyback Says:

    I stand corrected on the blackgirl issue. I love leo and his acting but he struggles to quit smokin and probably drinks alot. I bet he breaks up wit her before her birthday.

  811. 811
    Lapdog Says:

    Once lapdog always lapdog. #killingit

  812. 812
    Newcomer Says:

    @Joanna: I also think that his few real friends are the ones with whom he is less seen, the ones not following him around. I know this is a paradox, but I think the ones who are always with him expect something from him and this is why they are like glue to him (Vinny, Richie, Bert, Helly…). Even if there are still perks of being friends with Leo, I guess Tobey and Kevin are amongst his few real friends. Lukas probably became his friends for the good reasons (they knew each other way before Leo became very famous), but I don’t think he would tell “no” to Leo or “challenge” him in any way.

  813. 813
    JFC Says:

    I know BZ posters are a joke but can we stop acting like 2 people’s opinions = the majority? Because its funny how you only copied and pasted those 2 comments to continue on your rant but didn’t acknowledge the comments calling out Leo;

    “I love Leo, but the man really needs to get his act together and grow up! I hope for Toni’s sake they are broken up, because this would be so embarrassing for her.”

    “Yes! You are so right and not even Leo’s biggest fans can deny it. He doesn’t care if he’s seen with other women or caught cheating while he has a girlfriend, so he shouldnt even be dating Toni in the first place. I love him, but he cheats on all his girlfriends and people here need to accept it already and realize he has flaws too. I hope for Toni’s sake they broke up too.”

    “OMG, it’s soo annoying when some fan accuse other Leo fans with the same old line: “you think he’s perfect”. NO, I DON’T THINK HE’S PERFECT, I think he’s just a human being with his flaws… but some people are very quick to judge.

    To be honest I don’t like and don’t agree with his behavior as well, unless he’s single than he can do whatever he wants… we don’t have sure about it. But funny how some members just disappear from the thread and come all of a sudden just to complain about his personal life, I don’t get this. :idk:

    Whatever happens, I can only wish happiness to both Leo and Toni.”

    “He doesn’t seem like he could ever commit or stay faithful to just one woman, so I don’t know. I want him to find his true love believe me, but not if he’s going to constantly cheat on her. “

  814. 814
    Joanna Says:

    Someone mentioned on earlier threads that Leo doesn’t buy expensive gifts for his girlfriends because he wants them to like him for the person he is and not his fame.I can never forget that.

  815. 815
    Newcomer Says:

    @also…: I agree with you. I think that even if she had been in that club, or if she caught him cheating on her, she would still find a good excuse for his behavior and stay with him. Like we were saying before, I am not shocked by their behavior but by how it happened (pap pics of him with girls and her all smiles with Irmelin the day after). I think they are reaching a new level of desperate.

  816. 816
    Drunk Says:

    @Newcomer: He was also seen doing the exact same thing (“whispering” in the ear – or as you said, the music is loud) with another brunette a few days earlier. And there was also a pic of him doing the exact same thing an entire year ago lol What about the much more intimate vids we got of Leo n Toni at the bday party? I think Leo does whatever he can to get happy in the clubs (ex get drunk/high out of his mind) since he seems to have lost passion in his real life

  817. 817
    sexyback Says:

    Newcomer i agree. This is an open relationship. My little brother is having one.can anyone please post a pic of them on the yacht with leo in the picture.

  818. 818
    Blacksharpie Says:
    You know, for herself, TG is rather dressed and has coordinated clothes on in this pic. That outfit looks like its right off a designer rack. She must have planned on being photographed. ;)

  819. 819
    Newcomer Says:

    @JFC: I didn’t copy and paste this comment, because these members post rarely and they didn’t “flip flop” unlike the ones I was posting. I agree that maybe I wasn’t being objective or I didn’t explain it clearly, but I wanted to speak about the most regular members who will first tell us that every single insignificant detail about his relationship with Toni is a proof of how madly in love he is, then when sightings or tweets (but no pics) appear of him being with other girls, they will tell you how this is a rumour and he is so happy with Toni and would never do that, then when they have pics of him flirting with other girls, they will tell us how it is normal as they probably have an open relationship or how he is not ready to settle down (even though Toni was the one just one month before)… Sometimes they edit their posts depending on how the “situation” is evolving. This is what I wanted to say mainly. I agree that there are BZ posters who disagree and are not trying to find excuses to his behavior, but they post rarely now (they did more before) so I was speaking more about the regulars who agree with everything he does or always have a good reason to justify what he does.

  820. 820
    Newcomer Says:

    *I didn’t copy and paste these comments.

    @Blacksharpie: I can’t see the pic you posted. Is this new?

  821. 821
    also... Says:

    @Newcomer: a word of advice: Don’t read their comments. Scan for new info and photos but don’t bother reading the comments. I know not everyone thinks alike ( as JFC pointed it out ) but the ones you quoted are stubborn and won’t ever change. Regulars left the thread because of this and because they couldn’t say what they really thought not even in a nice way ( clearly that doesn’t apply to me 😉 ). Some of them will never change and will accept everything he does blindly. You find comments like these in IG as well. They just don’t wanna see him the way he really is. I learnt my lesson with bz. No argument, no even slightly negative opinion and no disagreement with PinkCouture otherwise you are out.

  822. 822
    Blacksharpie Says:

    I think if this were a real relationship, her friends would be telling her she’s crazy to stay with him. I think everyone must know the deal.
    Even his friends I would think would say something to him or Jen Meyers maybe. Who publicly disrespects their girlfriend like that? Especially when you are a celebrity and you know people are taking photographs?

  823. 823
    Newcomer Says:

    @also…: Yes, this is why I wanted to say about BZ. And you are right, they find good info and pics but I should stop reading the comments.

  824. 824
    Newcomer Says:

    *this is what I wanted

    She is at a dinner at the Carlton Hotel in Cannes tonight:

  825. 825
    poor leo Says:

    If Leo is doing all this intentionally acting like a jerk to get her mad so she is the one who ends the relationship and he can be free… lol He needs to come up with better strategies. She seems to resist anything.

  826. 826
    Newcomer Says:

    Ronnie Madra, the guy who posted this pic, is one of 1Oak co-owners.

  827. 827
    kleenex Says:

    @Newcomer: wtf is she wearing???

  828. 828
    sexyback Says:

    I believe leo has a low sperm count., why hasnt he gotten anyone preggers. I mean if hes really bangin various chicks. Can someone poke a hole in the condom. I bet that would slow his ass down.

  829. 829
    also... Says:

    @Blacksharpie: I think she dressed like that because of the event. If you look at Irmelin or Dave ( he was wearing a black suit on one of his IG photos and it looks like he was boarding the yacht ) or the others posting photos with Leo. Leo of course in a plaid shirt.

  830. 830
    @sexyback Says:

    LOL @ slow his ass down.

  831. 831
    Joanna Says:

    @sexyback: You know what? I don’t think he bangs that much chicks as people say. I bet my ass some chicks say they slept with him even if they didn’t just to get publicity.

  832. 832
    also... Says:


  833. 833
    Newcomer Says:

    According to this girl who is in Cannes, Leo was at Gotha yesterday night with his newsboy cap:

    Étudiante Droit @EtudiantD · 1 min
    Sympa Leonardo Di Caprio clubbing au Gotha hier soir sous son béret

    She stopped posting yesterday night and has just posted this so I will see if she says more about it.

  834. 834
    detective Says:

    Irmelin and Toni. Do we have pictures of Erin and Irmelin?

  835. 835
    detective Says:


  836. 836
    sexyback Says:

    I cant get most of the photos. Can someone put them up.

  837. 837
    Blacksharpie Says:

    No, it’s the pic of her and Irmelin on the boat that was posted earlier today. It just struck me that she was nicely dressed as opposed to how she normally dresses.

  838. 838
    Newcomer Says:

    @also…: I copy and paste them in case they disappear and somebody wants to see them.

    georgiadicaprio leo is the dirty old man

    wynklerr Leo embarrassed Toni again and you all act like nothing happened. It’s weird.

    cmtfl @wynklerr that’s because Leo is the gravy train for everyone!

  839. 839
    also... Says:

    @Detective: I’m sure there are except his relationship with erin wasn’t posted all over social media. Toni has the passion to do it. And Erin was a quick rebound so why do you compare this to her?

  840. 840
    Ah Says:

    Whoever this is, they clearly are from JJ considering they commented on Dave’s photo but have 0 posts and probably just made the account to comment

  841. 841
    Newcomer Says:

    @Blacksharpie: OK, thanks!

    @detective: I remember there was a pic of Erin and Irmelin (and also Leo) zip lining together.

  842. 842
    also... Says:

    @Newcomer: I’m sure they won’t stay there long.

  843. 843
    @840 Says:

    @Ah: Yep

  844. 844
    LOL Says:

    Irmelin and Erin

  845. 845
    #Ah Says:

    Only Andrea Calabrese, Princess Len Len and the other loons to express their frustration on Dave or Toni’s Insta. LOL

  846. 846
    @Newcomer Says:

  847. 847
    anonymous Says:

    Ok so I’m not trying to get publicity, but i had a night with Leo a long time ago a little while after Titanic got big. I don’t know if he does this with all his one night stands, but with me he made sure i was on the pill and i even had to show him my pill pack as proof that i took it that day. I look back and think why would i let him know about something so personal? I guess i had no self esteem then, though he is a great lover. He made me ****** in all the right places.

  848. 848
    @839 Says:

    @also…: Its to start another pic spamming round.

  849. 849
    Newcomer Says:

    Irmelin and Erin:

    Honestly, if Dave hadn’t posted this pic, I would think they were done. Like it was said before, yesterday, they weren’t together and he didn’t go to the Grisogono party. Because of Dave’s pic, I thought she had joined him in his hotel room after the party, but it seems he was also at Gotha yesterday night (the girl has been at the festival for some days and she has seen everybody btw). Maybe she was there but clubbing was more important to him than trying to apologize to her it seems. And now, she is at a dinner and I don’t think he is. So without that Dave pic, we would probably think they are over. JMO of course.

  850. 850
    Blacksharpie Says:

    The comments are pretty nasty. I wonder what Dave thinks when he reads them and if he shares them with Irmelin?
    I mentioned this yesterday – TG is getting a lot more comments since Monday than she ever did before. I guess there really is no such thing as bad publicity.

  851. 851
    kleenex Says:

    @LOL: LUkas and Irmelin wearing matching shirts lmfao!!

  852. 852
    also... Says:

    @@also…: That must be it because it’s silly to assume Irmelin doesn’t have photos with his exes. Toni and Leo are all over social media so obviously that makes it different and that’s why I don’t see the point of that question TBH.

  853. 853
    Newcomer Says: has more pics from the yacht yesterday:

  854. 854
    Question? Says:

    Why does everyone act like you can’t compare Erin and Toni’s relationship with Leo because one was during a time of more social media? Instagram launched in 2010 and grew very popular by 2012, so why is everyone acting like he dated Erin when it was like 2005 and technology wasn’t as fast as it is now?

  855. 855
    Blacksharpie Says:

    I am not sure he apologized?! His attitude is more like, “this is the way it is” IMO.
    I still find it interesting that he just gets to Cannes on Monday, hits the club hard and there are so many clear pics of him?!
    If it’s true that he was at Gotha last night why weren’t there any pics of him from last night?
    Why are there so few pics of him in Clubs in NY or LA and when there are they are grainy, phone pics of him doing nothing?
    Something about Monday just seems set up to me.

  856. 856
    @855 Says:

    @Blacksharpie: Actually there are many clear pictures of Leo partying in St Tropez, Cannes and the Riviera all through the years, especially on popsugar. Not just Leo but many other celebs.

  857. 857
    @855 Says:

    And the nightclub pics of these celebs in some of Europe are always clear as day. Its not all a conspiracy lol

  858. 858
    Hmm Says:

    You know the other day Dave posted a picture of his daughter from the resturant where they were papped in LA, so he must googling Leo, and he even might be reading the comments from the Dailymail or Just Jared. He seems quite curious and eccentric to do it.

  859. 859
    Newcomer Says:

    @Blacksharpie: If he was really clubbing yesterday night (I don’t see why the girl would be lying as she has been posting about all the celebs she has met since she arrived in Cannes), that shows that when he wants to not be seen, he can, even in Cannes. There are always paps in the club, but maybe he stayed in a private booth yesterday, or if he was with Toni, he didn’t hit the dance floor and stayed more discrete. Like you said, I also found his attitude strange on Monday, especially as she was arriving the day after and he knew these pics would be published everywhere like last year.

  860. 860
    lol Says:

    Leo is often snapped in night clubs he was even snapped in the exact same place last year. He could have gone there to help for the publicity of his friend Richie Akiva whose doing 3 nights at Gotha

  861. 861
    also... Says:

    @Question?: Technology was just fine when he ares Erin but the social media wasn’t as widespread as it is now. And I think Erin wasn’t using it as much as Toni and her friends. I do think that his romance with Toni is much more on the social media than it was with Erin and not because there was no IG or twitter back then.

  862. 862
    sexyback Says:

    U can fake the pill thing. How he dont walk the red carpet with her like sean and charlize. He seems to want things to private except for the bora bora pics. U would think he would go to the grigosogno party hand and hand what a douche.

  863. 863
    Newcomer Says:

    According to one of the comments on her IG, it seems she is still staying at the Martinez. They really have a strange “relationship”:

    lapetitebiche I saw you toni ! in the #martinez ! And JUST HAD A SELFIE WITH @caradelevingne 😍😍😍😍 i’m sharing my hapinesssss #cannes

  864. 864
    Daddy Leo Says:

    Can you imagine Leo as a father and husband!? LMFAO
    He is basically a child himself
    How do u guys think he would be!?!?
    Also imagine if he got someone pregnant out of no where, what do u think he would do!?

  865. 865
    Blacksharpie Says:
    That poor little button is holding on for dear life! Lol
    Middle age is creeping up on him.

  866. 866
    sexyback Says:

    I think he would be a fun father. Didnt he try to get cara delevigne last cannes trip. She likes girls i think. Does anyone have a photo of leo with tonis parents. I wonder what her dad thinks of him

  867. 867
    WTF?!?!?!? Says:

    @Blacksharpie: *vomit*

  868. 868
    also... Says:

    @Blacksharpie: LMAO! The belly is sticking around!

  869. 869
    Newcomer Says:

    I can’t see the question as the account is private so I don’t know if this is a new sighting or if the guy is “summing up” his Cannes vacation:

    Moe Syzlak ‏@ItsUhMe_Mario 1 min
    @JJSkaff chillin with Leo dicaprio. Rick Ross. AJ from 106 and Park. The paparazzi was all over the strip. All the famous ppl. Too fiye

  870. 870
    Well Says:

    What in the world is she doing at that “heart” charity dinner?
    Is she donating money at least? Or is she simply there as a model to fill a chair?
    I really wonder if all the people who attend those charity events are truly donors or they get invited to eat, drink and have their picture taken?

  871. 871
    also... Says:

    Dave has found the comments… All gone!

  872. 872
    also... Says:

    @Well: Inthink in Cannes charity is an excuse to be seen at parties.

  873. 873
    Newcomer Says:

    Harsh but true: “Go ahead, Toni, get mad at him. I bet he apologizes profusely and gives you a beautiful bouquet of roses. Or changes his phone number and leaves you with a key that doesn’t work anymore. Definitely one of those two.”

  874. 874
    Damn Says:

    Do you guys ever take a break from moping on about this relationship? It doesn’t personally concern any of you and you guys are like so invested in it and Toni, I just don’t get it. It’d make sense if you were a friend of hers or even fans, but you guys don’t even like her. O.o

  875. 875
    Blacksharpie Says:

    Well, if he did it to give his friend publicity for his club, it worked! L

  876. 876
    Love is Real Says:

    Leo and Toni side by side at tonight’s party, showing to the world their love is strong.

  877. 877
    Blacksharpie Says:

    Well then, all the more reason for him to be discreet if he cared about Toni.

  878. 878
    Blacksharpie Says:

    I don’t think they clubbed together last night. There were sightings of her at the after party alone.

  879. 879
    Well Says:

    That’s hilarious! Thanks for the laugh.
    Honestly, look at that one and tell me if the guy looks like someone in a relationship (with somebody else)?
    Leo had a ball the other night. And you know what? I am pretty sure he had another one last night.
    Leo takes Cannes like a huge amusement park.

  880. 880
    Newcomer Says:

    @Blacksharpie: Yes, this is why I said, that without Dave’s pic, we would probably think they are done. How convenient is Dave’s pic LOL

    Maybe they have already been published, but I don’t think I have seen these two pics with the blondes. I saw some pics with the same girls, but I don’t remember these ones so sorry if it is a repost:

  881. 881
    #874 Says:

    That’s what I don’t get. Some posters are acting like they are personally friends with Toni. I’m not begrudging the disappointment of her still being with Leo considering how he treats their relationship, I just find it funny the ‘concern’ is mostly coming from the posters who month after month trash talked her all year or even admitting to not liking her, finding her a loser/dumb/pathetic, now saying she’s the worst girlfriend Leo has ever had, etc. The people who trash talked her for simple hashtags she would post or nit pick anything she posted on her Instagram account are now writing essays about how awful they feel for her and I just find a lot of filled with BS. Sorry.

  882. 882
    also... Says:

    @Newconer: LOL at that post. One of him, thousands of her.

  883. 883
    #### Says:


    Regarding the blondes, maybe Leo told Toni he thought it was her! LOL

  884. 884
    lol Says:

    @#874: I just wish there were more funny, sarky and humorous posters here rather than all this emotion (anger)

  885. 885
    Blacksharpie Says:

    Love, love , love that CelebSlam article! Too funny! And true.

  886. 886
    sexyback Says:

    Who cares. Even if they break up he will just replace her wit another lanky hoe. No one andwered about her father. Has real daddy met sugardaddy.

  887. 887
    #874 Says:

    Right, like it was understandable yesterday and earlier today but its just too much intense hate and rants and death wishes and reposting of all negative comments that it getting really old and tiring. Even during Erin era there was a surplus of humorous posters who made situations like these funny with their comments. Now its just anger, anger, anger

  888. 888
    Newcomer Says:

    @####: LMFAO! And maybe she actually believed him!

  889. 889
    Discipline the kid Says:

    Irmelin do something for f.ucks sakes

  890. 890
    @881 Says:

    @#874: I don’t think they’re concerned, I think they’re getting pleasure from her embarrassment. Whether something happened with those women or not. There wasn’t this much conversation about the Bora Bora pictures.

  891. 891
    #874 Says:

    I mean comments saying how she’s worse than Bar even though Bar has a long list of offensive quotes and lasted 5 years with Leo doesn’t make sense to me if they’re then going on paragraphed rants about how she so deserves better and what a devil Leo is. Their tones aren’t consistent

  892. 892
    sexyback Says:

    Where are the pics of him on the yacht with his mom toni and dave. Could someone post it, or tell me where to find it. He looks alone on the fangirl pics.

  893. 893
    also... Says:

    @Newcomer: at this point I wouldn’t even be surprised if she believed it! lol
    @blacksharpie: it is funny! I expected something hilarious from dlisted last night since Michael K is funny but it was boring.

  894. 894
    Newcomer Says:

    @sexyback: The pics on the yacht alone are from yesterday. Today, Dave published a pic on IG of Leo’s mom and Toni on a yacht and Lilly Allen and Lianne (two singers) then published a selfie with Leo on the same yacht but there are no pics of them together there for the moment.

  895. 895
    also... Says:

    @sexyback: You can see Irmelin and Toni on Dave’s IG photos. Leo took pictures with two singers and those are posted on their ( singers ) accounts. No pap photos.
    Here is Dave’s photo. I don’t have the other two

  896. 896
    LEONARD Says:


  897. 897
    Crying babies Says:

    @@881: Thats because the JJ babies refused to even post in the Bora Bora post and they continue to deny that Leo ever looked happy with her when those pics, and several other sightings, clearly show otherwise

  898. 898
    #### Says:

    @Discipline the kid:

    What do you want her to do, put him over her knee and give him a spanking? LOL

  899. 899
    @881 Says:

    @Crying babies: +10000000000000!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO

  900. 900
    #### Says:


    It wouldn’t surprise me if she did believe him! If she’s naïve enough to still be with him after all those club pics….

  901. 901
    @also... Says:

    ha at how you all talk about BZ and the comments, you can see they have said bad things about leo before, go back early onto I remmeber. they just don’t feel the need to repeat themselves over and over and over again like you guys do ha! and your the one who got banned right?

  902. 902
    Pat Sajak Says:

    Leo is a racist!

  903. 903
    LOL Says:

    @Crying babies:
    Its true, none of the regulars from the Leo threads even commented on that thread LMAO! Actually they all agreed and refused to, and many of them mentioned how physically ill they were from those pics

  904. 904
    lol Says:

    @@also…: What are you starting this up for? also….. did not say anything

  905. 905
    courtey Says:

    I have so many questions I would love answered but I don’t know where to find them :( I know it sounds psychotic but I am 18, I do not remember/know much about the Leo/Bar relationship. Why is she so hated? I got into Leo more around the time he was with Blake Lively then sort of dug into him a little more after watching Titanic one night LOL Saw he dated Bar for 5 years and see a lot of nasty comments about her.. what did she do that was so bad?? Did she comment on their relationship a lot to the media (which is a huge no-no for Leo ha) and if she did I can’t find any info on the quotes? Just that she cried after seeing pics of Leo & Blake

  906. 906
    2 % percent Says:

    I think they’re going to break up. They can’t whether this storm. The damage is done. Toni is saving face but don’t be surprised if you hear of a break up announcement in the next 2 weeks. This wont last and Leo isn’t going to change anytime soon. Lets see how pathetic she is. Even when Leo was dating Bar he wasn’t this obvious. At least they were on a break before you saw him in clubs with other women that close. This was no happy reunion. Trust me its really going to be over.

  907. 907
    what a troll Says:

    I think this is one person obsessing over Leo’s life. Now that’s embarrassing not these pics. Get a damn life you lonely scoundrel!

  908. 908
    Wow.. Says:

    So if something indeed happens this weekend between Leo and Toni, safe to say the psychics were actually right?

  909. 909
    @lol Says:

    @lol: They are obsessed with also.

  910. 910
    @905 Says:

    You’re not fooling anyone here troll.
    No one wants to have the BILLIONTH conversation about his exes.
    Look at earlier Leo JJ posts and comments, all will ‘answer your questions’
    You’re probably tinkerbell

  911. 911
    courtey Says:

    He probably took the photo

  912. 912
    lol Says:

    They don’t even need to look at 2008 – 2012 Leo posts. The last 3 Leo posts alone should satisfy those who seem obsessed with his exes (complete with pictures).

  913. 913
    @906 Says:

    @2 % percent: Toni, Irmerlin and Leo looked pretty happy in the pictures.

  914. 914
    Discipline the kid Says:

    @####: Leo deserves much more than a spanking

  915. 915
    @lol Says:

    also is obsessed with bellazon. she even got kicked off of the site.

  916. 916
    courtey Says:


    LOL i swear I’m not a troll.. Just new to Leomania :/ And I have no idea why I even care about his love life but I am LOL I’m fascinated with Brangelina does that make me a troll too???
    Anyways for the people who actually wanna chat about it.. is there ever a reason he splits from these girls??? It seems like him & Blake had great chemistry IMO they didn’t last too long.. then there wasn’t much about Erin. She seems like such a non-enity now.. I have this theory that Blake always wanted Ryan and getting with Leo was just to get his attention.. Also Bar was the longest & most hated apparently

  917. 917
    Crying babies Says:

    @LOL: It’s ridiculous lmao

  918. 918
    Wow.. Says:

    Just look up any of her ignorant quotes or her Go Daddy commercial or her trashy photo shoot with the Jersey Shore cast or how much her career has fallen post Leo. That’ll explain why she gets so much shade still

  919. 919
    @916 Says:

    Enter Dicaprio into the JJ search engine and read comments/gossip there for your answer.
    Or wait for tinkerbell to return with her lunacy, sorry, facts.
    But this thread is about Leo/Toni/Cannes and not all of us want it derailed into YET ANOTHER ex girlfriend Bar/Blake/Erin/Gisele debate

  920. 920
    2 % percent Says:

    @@906: so?? lol

  921. 921
    courtey Says:

    @Wow..: Where are her ignorant quotes? Also did any girlfriend EVER comment on their relationship with Leo and vice/versa?? Just the Gisele quote I saw about her wishing him well and Bar crying when she saw him & Blake. I’ve literally never seen him say anything about any female.. isn’t that a bit… odd?!

  922. 922
    FACT Says:

    Their relationship is a house of cards.

  923. 923
    Wow.. Says:

    He only ever commented on Gisele, makes sense because she was the last girlfriend he gave a f*ck about except maybe Blake I guess

  924. 924
    @919 Says:

    @@916: LMAO!!

  925. 925
    courtey Says:

    @@916: OK sorry! I’ll go do that then thanks :) On a Toni/Leo note.. she’s an idiot but she’s also a baby. She is 3 years older than me and the thought of “dating” a 40 year old makes my skin crawl.. but it IS Leonardo Dicaprio.. but still it’s not going to last if it isn’t in the processing of currently dissolving. I’m convinced all these models just want to bang Jack Dawson NOT Leonardo DiCaprio LOL :D They probably have Titanic on a loop at home when they’re at home so when it’s time to bang that huge belly Jack is in their head and not Marshmellow man

  926. 926
    @Wow Says:

    @Wow..: When did he comment on Gisele? When he said he’s never been in love before?

  927. 927
    Wow.. Says:

    I love how when tinkerbell was a regular she got so much shade and was deemed a lunatic by many posters and now that she returned a year later she is worshiped lmao, the irony of it all

  928. 928
    Wow.. Says:

    Can’t find the exact links but I definitely remember after they split he mentioned she was faithful which likely implied he was admitting his cheating and another time he said she was a wonderful person.

  929. 929
    also... Says:

    @lol: Ridiculous, isn`t it? @also… is always here to start something with or without a reason. Best to ignore!
    @@lol: Obsessed with bz? How often do you see me talking about bz? I got kicked out and I couldn`t care less. And I can go back any time I want to. Now what? Are you bored? You wanna fight?

  930. 930
    New thread Says:

  931. 931
    NEW THREAD Says:

  932. 932
    sexyback Says:

    I wonder if leo and toni will be at kanye’s wedding

  933. 933
    Lily Allen Says:

  934. 934
    also... Says:

    New thread… JJ says they rumored to have split. I wonder where he got that!

  935. 935
    #### Says:


    or want it derailed by posters coming on here and complaining about other posters and their comments.

    We were having a good conversation on here until posters started complaining about posts/posters. Once again, I wish posters would just skip comments they don’t like or just don’t read the thread at all.

  936. 936
    Leo in Cannes Says: This girl is swallowing Leo’s ear!

  937. 937
    also... Says:

    @####: Isn`t it frustrating? There is always someone to start the complaints and the whole mess starts again.

  938. 938
    REALLY????? Says:


    Didn’t he leech off Gerard butler for years? How do these freeloaders do it?

  939. 939
    Lyn Says:

    Come on people, he was only trying to talk to her…maybe they were actually having an intelligent noteworthy conversation, since they are both animal & environmental advocates…They are the very few in Hollywood that actually give a damn about these issues…They should both be admired…why doesn’t the Media report the good these two have done?
    Don’t buy into the Media hype…..

  940. 940
    sexyback Says:

    Wheres leo.

  941. 941
    also... Says:

    @Lyn: Really? In a club with loud music they had a conversation about animals and environment? Leo was glued to her back even when he wasn`t trying to talk to her. These photos are not about their involvement with animals and environment but heavy flirting while both involved with others ( and Leo flirting with others as well ) not about their charities.

  942. 942
    ella Says:

    I really think him and toni were no longer togheter so there’s no problem if he were flirting with her

  943. 943
    @also Says:

    Lolol.. i bet they were discussing environment and animals.
    Any excuse is good to preserve and protect Leo’s deep love for Toni.

  944. 944
    also... Says:

    @@also: LOL I know! He had to be close because of the loud music so he can talk to her. Sure. Even when he wasn`t talking he was grinding on her. They must have discussed animals and the environment. A whole new form of excuses.

  945. 945
    tinkerbell Says:

    Let me set you straight on this, not that it matters. What really happened is that Bar Refaeli’s paid flack Adira Ronen is all over this site like a cheap suit. And because I have a good memory and dont let things slide like comments from the Refaeli camp about the Williams sisters being gorillas and Michelle Obama (Princeton, Harvard Law School) being “simian” or Egypt being “primitive” they tried the “crazy” approach, other pathetically transparent stuff. Since I think them slanging me is a compliment (when people you despise come after you generally it is) I never paid any damn attention.

    No one is saying I am any kind of hero, they just think it is funny to see me back. I got bored with Leo because it was the same stupid 20 year old over and over and none of them were any way utterly detestable like Bar et al, so it got old. I read CDAN, LSA and the Wall Street Journal these days…have to do the last for work. Also glance at but the international reporting is terrible.

    No one is worshipping me, no real independent posters that I can remember had a problem with me, just the flack and Monster Mommy.

    Believe me girls, you bother me I am just going to repeat some of the better Bar-isms over and over. I still have the link to the blackface Halloween costume and have the picture saved somewhere else too. So don’t bug me!

    To the rest of you sorry, but she is paid to do this crap. I know you know if you have been here more than a minute. I’ll refrain from the Bar crap because really is she is VERY OVER and there is nothing to complain about anymore. All the stuff you do when modelling is over, TV presenter, actress, own clothing line failed miserably for her… and she isnt getting gigs either. So really she doesnt matter much to me anymore…

    I am enjoying the drama intrigue with the Carters and KimYe and stuff…that is funny and exceedingly fake as well. Really if Bar wasnt such a RACIST she should have jumped on Kanye herself—he knows what the fame game is.

    I love how when tinkerbell was a regular she got so much shade

    and was deemed a lunatic by many posters and now that she returned a year later she is worshiped lmao, the irony of it all

  946. 946
    tinkerbell Says:

    BTW girlies, and this is the last comment I will make…

    But a long time I ago I put together an archive of all the embarrassing comments you ever made, screen shots, the stuff when Emily came on here, and Bar’s brother and all the NAPPY HEAD remarks. So if you have cleaned them up doesnt matter, I still have them. I also have all the international press articles where you all really screwed the pooch by threatening to out the journalist, etc.

    Also all the embarrassing articles and photos, like the picture of bar with a teeshirt on that says “I only sleep with the best”—hmmmm. It was backward on the internet but I flipped it in Photoshop.

    So keep going.

  947. 947
    MeDontKnow Says:

    Yessss I knew it :p I want him single again!

  948. 948
    MarginalPhilo Says:

    Hollywood’s last Straight guy.

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