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Miranda Kerr Makes a Floral Entrance at Kora Organic Media Call!

Miranda Kerr Makes a Floral Entrance at Kora Organic Media Call!

Miranda Kerr keeps it floral while attending a Kora Organics Media Call at David Jones on Tuesday (May 20) in Sydney, Australia.

“Live in the sunshine. Swim the sea. Drink the wild air,” the 31-year-old Australian supermodel posted earlier in the day on Instagram to show her love for poet Ralph Waldo Emerson.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

Last week, Miranda was hot pink while promoting her Royal Albert Teaware Range in Sydney.

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr looking chic at a Kora Organics media call…

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miranda kerr kora organic media call 01
miranda kerr kora organic media call 02
miranda kerr kora organic media call 03
miranda kerr kora organic media call 04
miranda kerr kora organic media call 05
miranda kerr kora organic media call 06
miranda kerr kora organic media call 07
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  • Amy

    Miranda looks AMAZING in this Erdem dress.

  • Elena

    Today On Keeping Up With The Kerrdashians: Miranda Kerrdashian looks absolutely radiant in this beautiful floral dress. Her hair and makeup looking flawless. She is just so feminine. Its great to see her promoting her lovely organic skincare line Kora. What an amazing woman, keeping so busy promoting Kora , Royal Albert and Swarofski. Keep it up Miranda. Love you xoxo

  • Nina

    She looks really fresh and very girly. Love her

  • Kath

    Great to see Miranda is at DJs to promote Kora. While her products are a bit pricey her enriched body lotion is worth every cent. I have been using it for 2 years now and my keloid scarring on one of my tattoos has now totally healed & disappeared. An older friend of mine uses it for crows feet around her eyes and they are slowly going. I dont care what anyone says this product is the bomb & smells beautiful. Miranda looks stunning in Victoria B dresses bu that dress she is wearing here….sorry to say….is ugly…..

    And to the TROLL…. ELENA….dont you hate it when JJ updates this site when your asleep…lol…youve missed the boat here….your NICE twin got in first! Ha! Suck it!!

  • Well

    I’ve used Kora for 5 months last year and other than its beautiful smell, it didn’t have any impact on me. So I stopped using it because it’s a little expensive and obviously not worth it for me. I always find it odd that she promotes it in this manner every year. It kind of says the business is moving but slowly
    she looks beautiful, the surrounding of her eyes is beginning to show her age though

  • Kath

    @Well: Sorry to hear you had no impact with the body lotion. But can you explain what result you were wanting? My friend uses it on her face only. I use it on face, neck & any spots that may appear dry. Ive used it twice a day every day & took about a year to notice a significant difference with my keloid. Another year on & its totally gone. I never expected that to happen by the way. I just wanted a good moisturiser & tried it.

  • BB

    Ive yet to try Kora but it sounds like the creams must smell nice. She does look beautiful. She is showing a little in age lines but at least shes natural looking. Her blue bikini Shopstyle photos look good too with the little extra weight shes carrying.

  • isa

    waoouh ! Love that dress !

  • DanaJ

    I’ve never seen a woman with more stupid expression on the face. She looks like she has a cloud in her head instead of a brain.
    And yes, I did bother to come here just to write this! She makes me wonder whether she’s really brainless or it’s just an appearence.
    This dress is beautiful.)

  • jeanie

    @DanaJ: #9
    LOL…Your comment is right on the money.

  • NativeNYker
  • Two Cents

    @DanaJ: If you have never seen a woman with a more stupid look on their face than you must not get out much? Idiot.

  • Wow…

    Miranda looks so beautiful & that dress is gorgeous!!!

  • IMAO

    I think she looks very classy here, very nice indeed.

  • 15

    I dont mind Miranda, she says some dumb things sometimes but hey, dont we all. The dress is whatever

  • Lovely

    Love love love the dress. Miranda ALWAYS looks so effortlessly stylish!
    You can see why she’s such a successful Supermodel & businesswoman. So beautiful, the “face” of so many campaigns, her own company Kora, a killer body & has incredible style!

  • yukf

    fat chipmunk face. She would have never made it when models were actually beautiful during the 80s and 90s.

  • @15

    I don’t think she says “dumb” things just being herself.

    Her interviews recently in Australia have interesting, thoughtful, smart & funny!

    There are many many thousands of beautiful models in the world but very FEW make it to the top let alone stay there. You have to have MORE than just looks alone.

    The fact that Miranda is the 2nd highest paid model in the world & has been in the top ten of highest earning models for years IS for a reason.

    Miranda has that unique ability of being both high fashion & commercial.
    Her combination of looking sweet, feminine, elegant & sexy all at the same time gives her a lot of versatility as a model.

    One of the CEO’s (I think it was Swarovski) recently said she has broad appeal to both men & women. It’s why all these huge companies have hired her to be the “face” of their campaigns. Escada & Reebok are very different yet Miranda is able to do both because she has that versatility!

    Apart from the “haters” a lot of people like the fact she always has a smile on her face & a positive attitude. I personally like looking at pics of her with Flynn & to see what she’s wearing as she very rarely puts a foot wrong fashion wise!

  • rachael

    the dress is beautiful. and she looks very fresh and pretty in it.

  • Faux

    Only idiots would buy her products. Shes no dermotologist, she doesnt know anything about skin care. My dermatologist says that oils is what your skin needs, if you dont have enough your skin will wrinkle. So what Cheap Argan and Moroccan oil will do for your skin, why waste your money on this overpriced, overmarketed cr@p with questionable quality?

  • Drats

    She’s gained about ten pounds, all in the middle and hips. That’s why she’s been wearing loose cargo pants and dresses like these lately

    She’s gonna gain even more weight when she sees a photo of Orlando on a date with a blonde woman yesterday.

  • JustChill’n

    I’m not a fan or hater of Miranda Kerr. I don’t really like or dislike her either way. However, I have taken note of her fashion attire from her recent internet pics. I gotta say, I’m loving her style lately! She looks so refreshing & classy compared to the trashy & skanky style of most in the entertainment world.

  • spirit7

    I like that she is so unique and pretty. Im glad she isnt like every other model. Tall , bony and narrow. I love seeing her in pics

  • Elena

    Today on Keeping Up With The Kerrdashains: Vapid, insipid platitudes will fix everything that’s wrong in your life! Um…no. Changing your image and pretending to be Xtian and hanging out with your decrepit old grandmother won’t help you, either. When you have established your identity as a diva b*tch and a golddigger, there isn’t a single floral dress that can save you. You have to keep banging billionaires and hope this one knocks you up, too, so you can get his support checks and his name and his tabloid cache just like you did with the actor you framed for the last hideous, deformed melon headed monster that dropped out of your festering, diseased crotch. Oh and comment #2 and #4 are the same freak who has been stalking me like and obsessed maniac for ages. #18 is just a deranged idiot. They are both fat.

  • @24

    And you are obsessed maniac what you approve every day when you come here! And it looks like you will die if you not post comments on Orlando and Miranda, are you! Poor, little, miserable b*tch! But you know how it say: like parents like children!

  • ????

    @Elena: Um the crazy b#tch is back acting like shes all important. Its such a pity shes so stupid she cant tell that…..we dont care!

  • Kath

    @Faux: Gee…thanks for the insight….Miranda isnt a dermatologist….really? You really dont expect us to think that Miranda didn’t bother hiring the right people to test & put this line together do you? Sorry no Argan & Moroccon oil here. No its more like Rosehip, Avocado, Macadamia & many more etc….and say what you will, I stand by my comments as Ive used the body lotion for just over two years now & you obviously havent. Im not saying its a miracle cream. I experienced a surprise with my skin I didnt expect & I love the body lotion. And a true decent dermotologist would also tell you that your diet is highly important for good skin. A diet high in hydration & natural superfoods would be highly beneficial to anti-ageing not just the hundreds of different brands of creams out there. I love the Dr Perricone diet & try to apply that to my lifestyle as much as possible. Oh & Elena…dont flatter yourself…I wouldnt bother trying to copy a nice version of you…..but its great to see its p*ssing you off!!

  • Jess

    No amount of flowers on the outside will cover up the ugly that lurks inside of her heart.

  • Jess

    @Kath: Read this comment after mine posted and I have to say that I feel sorry for people like you who fall for all of that fad diet woo that you seem to have fallen for and that Miranda spouts off when she talks about her “healthy lifestyle”. Dr Perricone’s diet is dangerous for women as it is entirely too low in calcium. Any diet that removes important nutrients and requires you to take supplements to replace it is bad, bad bad. You just follow what a model tells you to follow without question and that makes you stupid. She got a certificate in healthy program from a for-profit degree mill “school” with no real accreditation and is an expert in nothing but woo taught by hacks. You will understand that when you get sick.

  • Zachary

    She has some disgustingly greasy skin.

  • Kath

    @Jess: Ummm….. while your allowed to have your opinion, I must say you didnt read my comment properly. I apply Dr Perricones diet as much as possible not 100%. I eat plenty of dairy and plenty of carbs…but all in moderation. I also exercise in moderation with walking, riding my bike, swimming & canoeing thats it. I dont go to the gym. I live in Noosa QLD, the lifestyle & the access to beautiful foods I have here in my part of the world is pretty fantastic. Go for a swim at the beach then go get an ice cream & walk home. Go to the farmers markets on the weekends to buy fresh foods. Anyway Dr Perricones diet has dairy in it. I only take a multivitamin & fish oil when it comes to supplements. And I pretty much dont ever get sick.. Besides Dr Perricone is an expert in his field…..are you an expert in nutrition…in anything? No didnt think so. And dont try to put words in my mouth….I dont follow what Miranda says. I simply bought her body lotion thats it & now your trying to tell me I follow what she says like a religion. Please go push your bulls*it on someone else. I will say many naturopaths & nutritionists agree on one thing Miranda says is that a diet high in alkaline foods etc does help to prevent certain cancers ,arthritis, inflamation & many more body ailments. I suppose people who are Vegan etc….are stupid in your eyes too. And if Miranda has greasy skin maybe she should try different makeup. When she has no makeup on she looks greasy….but maybe thats just a moisturiser she wears……you w*nkers…..

  • Fatema

    Hiya, Please remember this special message of support for Miranda Kerr: @Miranda Kerr´╗┐


    She sold herself to illuminati and they are funding her business. Her income on the business was said to be “infinitesimal” by the Intellectual Property Office, and they also mentioned that Kerr is a household name because of her husband Orlando Bloom.
    Face it, the woman was before Bloom, and since she “breeded” Bloom’s child for the illuminati for further uses, she is being paid by the illuminati, by feeding her luxury life and painting her as a business woman even though she is not. Can you believe she will give that innocent little boy to be raped and abused just for the sake of money….
    That is why her wh0re image is being cleansed in the press and Orlando is being slandered as a young girl abuser, so that Kerr will win if there will be a possible custody battle, since Orlando would never give his son to the illuminati.

    The ugly truth about this woman is so unbelievable that her brainwashed little fans cannot comprehend it.