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Vanessa Hudgens Banishes Her Braids After Pilates

Vanessa Hudgens Banishes Her Braids After Pilates

Vanessa Hudgens shows off her midriff after a pilates class on Tuesday morning (May 20) in Studio City, Calif.

The 25-year-old actress just returned from a weekend in Miami, Fla., where she was seen celebrating Ashley Tisdale‘s last days as a single lady.

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“Yacht life selfie #nofilter #bluewaters,” Vanessa captioned with one last pic from the bachelorette bash, where she enjoyed the sunny weather with Shelley Buckner and Kim Hidalgo.

FYI: Vanessa is wearing Reef flip flops and a Porter Lyons bangle.

10+ pics inside of Vanessa Hudgens heading to pilates…

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vanessa hudgens pilates after tisdale wknd 01
vanessa hudgens pilates after tisdale wknd 02
vanessa hudgens pilates after tisdale wknd 03
vanessa hudgens pilates after tisdale wknd 04
vanessa hudgens pilates after tisdale wknd 05
vanessa hudgens pilates after tisdale wknd 06
vanessa hudgens pilates after tisdale wknd 07
vanessa hudgens pilates after tisdale wknd 08
vanessa hudgens pilates after tisdale wknd 09
vanessa hudgens pilates after tisdale wknd 10

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  • Ew

    Scarecrow weave

  • anney

    she looks gorgeous and i love her hair <3

  • Another duckface selfie

    How unoriginal

  • steph

    those extensions are nasty looking

  • selqnee

    @Another duckface selfie:
    kissy lips ;) that´s how V calls her pose. isn’t she adorable?

  • selqnee

    flawless bb.

  • Josh

    At some point you have to ask…If Vanessa Hudgens career “Just Jared Starred” because for someone who doesn’t do a lot of movies, don’t have a lot of talent and isn’t exactly the most popular B/C-Lister in the world, she gets featured on here A LOT.

  • tina

    @Josh: You are allowed your opinion but this isn’t the only place she is featured. In fact while she is here going to the gym other sites actually show her going to meetings and actually in more than just yoga pants. Believe it or not she actually has a life. We (fans) have asked where are the photos of her going to meetings and some actually post links. If you’re only basing her life off of what you see here, of course you have a limited opinion.

  • Grainknot

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  • welly

    V always does that with her lips even on the red carpet. Hate that when she does that. Her hair is augly and dryed up strackely. Take those hair extenison out and put them in the garge. And start looking for a movie roll. or austin should get you pregant so you have something to do.

  • welly

    Pretty soon V will be a nobody in hollywood. Just like her other friends.

  • hola

    When was the last time she went to a meeting? Your makin it sound as if its day to day happening. I read other sites as well but they report pretty much the same thing everyday. #testing#

  • hola


  • BOOOOOO!!!!!

    Get us a real celeb!

  • Yacht life 4eva

    “Yacht life selfie” What kind of superficial idiot posts a title like that? Why is she trying so desperately to be a Kim K Paris H clone? She’s gonna have to get way more teen clothing ad endorsements if she wants to keep bumming around for much longer.

  • Give vanessa a job please

    Any job will do instead of posing as a fake celeb

  • This chick sucks

    Total loser

  • tina

    @hola: Not everyday but more frequently than detractors make it out to be. She stated she was working on a project this year. I personally believe it has to do with her Church which has opened a branch in LA. This is her choice, sometimes in life there are things more important than making money.I have seen photos of her attending meetings and working in a studio. You find what you want, I suppose. People who want to find fault do, plain and simple. When you see pictures of her entering a gym just be wise enough to know that is only a small part of her day.

  • lola

    Vanessa needs to wake up and start working. There’s too much competition in this field . you cannot afford to be gone from big screen for too long. ‘Neighbors’ has even hit 150m worldwide. wake up ness

  • maria

    @lola: There is no reason to think she needs to wake up. She had other things going on for a bit, including being part of her BF’s wedding. Did it ever occur to you nitwits, that MAYbe, those things are MORE important to her? And frankly, I’ll bet that pretty boy would trade that $150 million if it meant he would never have gotten drug and alcohol addicted. No need for you to worry so much about her. She has her priorities straight.

  • tina

    @lola: I am happy that he has a sucessful movie. Didn’t I predict he’d do well playing a drugged out punk? They are not in a competition no matter how much you want them to be. She made the decision to take a break to work on a project, stated it in an interview with Larry King before you all started your ever changing count. At the end of the day, it’s her life. Maybe, her health and happiness mean more to her than money. Imagine that.

  • lola

    @maria Besides Ashley’s wedding what else does she have going on? For almost 2 yrs now she didn’t do anything. He got addicted to alcohol and he fought it and came back stronger. Just usual happening in HW. Just like how she wanna fight her psychological problems with her shrink. So stop whining.

    @tina yeah and just couple of months of ago she tweeted ”she’s very open for a project” . see

  • tina

    @lola: First you’re pulling that two years b.s. out of your ass. She just completed a film in October 2013, since it’s May 2014 unless you have a different definition of a year you’re just a liar. Secondly in answer to a question about what she wanted to do next, she said she had done the dark things she wanted to do so now she was opened to anything. No tweet, you twit. This was before her interview with Larry King while promoting a movie. Drugs and alcohol are everywhere being weak enough to succumb to that lifestyle is not a HW thing it’s a personality flaw. Finally spreading unproven sh it about her doesn’t make your boy look better, it just makes you seem desperate. Unless you have her going to an office with doctors name on it not opening a gate (just how gullible are you?)you have nothing. Everything he did, he did as a grown assed man. His choice. Nothing to do with Vanessa who has been with someone else for almost 3 yrs. Maybe you could stop kissing his ass long enough to realize this and leave her alone.

  • lola

    @tina yeah. keep telling yourself that. Except dear old JJ all the other sites reported she visited a shink. It was all over twitter too. Ok so dumbass no tweet. I made a mistake . but what does it matter. she said that herself in nylon interview. So? Also who the hell cares about some sink. Its gonna be another flop both critically and box office wise. It doesn’t even have a release date. wasn’t she bragging about wanting to do mature stuff. So why degraded to tweeny stuff vampire, zombies . what? zombies?

  • tina

    @lola: Bottom line what you are saying is you’re a liar who repeats sh it without checking it and you have no idea what the he ll you’re talking about. Name a source other than X-17 who were stupid enough to think she was really attacked in a club when she did that live play with Lena Denham which was announced weeks prior. That was their idea of payback for making them look like the fools they are. Thanks for varifying what I suspected about you, liar.

  • tina

    Love it when people say stupid things then say “everybody’s saying it” which is a lie from the start because there is no way anyone can know what “everyone” is saying. As if that make up for repeating a lie. Smh.

  • maria

    What an a$$. Does “everybody’s saying it” make anything true? Whatever. Efron finally made his mark playing himself in a raunchy dumb movie, so good for him. Vanessa has made choices for herself, and that is good by me. If she has other things, like dance, music, church, or personal projects, and a wedding to be involved in, and she is happy, then great. I don’t understand why people think Hollywood is the only option in life. It put Efron in rehab, and now he will have a LIFE long battle with his demons. I think it’s NOT so wonderful, and if she took a step back to stay happy, then that is HER choice. I think she has a great head on her shoulders.

  • lola

    Well everyone said Efron was having alcohol problems and see how it turned out to be. TRUE Afterall no smoke comes without fire. You didn’t have a hard time believing what ‘everyone was saying’ about efron. Hell it was your major comeback wheneve his fans asked to give proof to his problems. “Everyone is saying it “. So why the hesitancy now when it’s about your precious little girl, you freak.

  • Nightwish

    When is jared going to cut this bogus act about hudgens being a celeb? Tina, Maria, when will you come to terms that this loser chick you support is not wanted in any roles? Give it the f*ck up already

  • lol

    @Nightwish: this is part of tina’s job so she won’t give up, and maria is addicted to this site (notice how she can’t go a single day without posting and always has to post at the crack of dawn just to have the last word) so she won’t give up either.
    i find this thread funny sometimes, but the stans repeat the same exhausting bs over & over so it gets kinda tired after a while. they will never admit how stupid van is even though they do actually know it deep down. no one can follow her this closely & not realize that she’s a dimwit.

  • tina

    @lola:” Everyone”was not saying he had alcohol problems in fact we got many people saying he was as pure as the driven snow and wasn’t photographed because he was private. When things came out that disputed this we got “where are the photos” He ll people still say he had a miracle”cure.” The only addict I ever heard to have one, but that’s just me not “everybody.”So, where are the photos?

  • tina

    @lol: Sorry but why are YOU here again? I have said I’m a fan. Vanessa’s fan, Vanessa’ s post makes sense. You on the other hand….You have the appropriate name because you are a joke.

  • tina

    @lola: I try to make it a habit not to use never always everybody or any of those all inclusive words because they’re easy to disprove with one incident. Didn’t you learn this in elementary school?