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Who Won 'The Voice' 2014? Season 6 Winner Revealed!

Who Won 'The Voice' 2014? Season 6 Winner Revealed!

Find out who won season 7 here!


Another winner has been crowned on The Voice as season six has come to a close!

It has been a great year for the show, which continues to be one of the top rated shows across all network television programs.

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The final three contestants this season were Team Adam’s Christina Grimmie, Team Usher’s Josh Kaufman, and Team Blake’s Jake Worthington. Shakira, who will not be returning to the show as a coach after this season, was shut out of the finale.

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The Voice Crowns Winner

Second place: Jake Worthington
Third place: Christina Grimmie

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  • Maggie


  • Gina

    Thank you for getting it right America!! I was sick of the popularity contest that surrounded the judges.

  • kate

    Usher won yay!!

  • Laird

    CHRISTINA GRIMMIE is so much more talented! She sings straight, clean. perfect notes, with a gorgeous true tone.
    America likes the Kardashians and Honey Boo Boo. & Mily Sirus , Lindsay Lohan. . . Showing they don;t have a clue what is great!

  • james


    Ain’t that the truth…

  • Eiram

    I feel bad for Adam, but he deserved this, Josh was one of this best voices and he preferred to choose Delvin instead, that was his huge mistake! Although I hope he learned the lesson and make better decisions in the future seasons. I’m happy for Josh!

  • Steve B

    Can’t believe after last night these are the results. Christina was original, sang with such skill and purity. All of her performances last night were flawless. The other 2 sang off key at times and fell short. The whole I tunes fiasco was bull…. Too. What’s up with shutting out the west coast every save too.

  • Kat

    Jake Worthington should have won, if for no other reason than his incredible rendition of “Don’t Close Your Eyes”- the best cover of the late Keith Whitley’s song I’ve ever heard- made me cry. I hope Blake helps him seal a record deal quickly! He definitely deserves it and will sell records!

  • Nahbro

    @Steve B: Christina was already an established artists too and those other two gave her a run for her money and they didn’t have the experience or past taste-of-stardom opportunities she had. She shouldn’t have been on the show in the first place. She went into the show with a fanbase, they didn’t and they still came out on top. America clearly could do without another Carly Rae Jepsen. The only messed up of this Top 3 is that Christina took Delvin’s rightful spot.

  • jg


  • Joelle

    Everyone has their own opinion and not everyone can win. America voted and whether anyone likes it or not, that’s the way it is. I know the Grimmies are upset because when this all started they thought she had the win in the bag because of her fan base. Well, apparently that base isn’t big enough. There’s always American Idol or some other show for her. Grimmie was not perfect, none of them wear PERFECT, but that doesn’t take away from their talent. My favorite wasn’t in the top three, but I’m not whining about it. Jake was a true stand out because he failed once and came back to be in the top three. Kudos to him and Josh on the win.

  • Tony

    Yeah. Here is where the Voice screwed up. I would never by anything Josh would or will produce. He is too cookie cutter, nothing special. But Christina has such a cool unique voice I would have bought anything she recorded. I love the renditions she sang on the Voice better than the original artists. Josh will soon be forgotten. Christina would have been a taken the Voice to a legendary level. I can’t wait to see which record company will follow up with Christina and make her an offer to record. I’m with jg. I will not be watching the Voice next year.

  • Juli

    Tony @ 05/21/2014 at 1:05 am #12

    Christina has already recorded records. She’s been on You Tube for more than 5 years. She’s toured with Selena Gomez. Selena’s stepfather was her Christina’s manage, although I don’t know if he still is. She’s had 2 albums. Apparently the record industry isn’t as enamored of her as you are. If she gets a deal, great for her. Most winners of these competition shows are forgotten, so that isn’t a guarantee of continued success.

  • Tony


    Wow. You seem very angry.

  • jen

    @Tony: But she’s telling the truth lol

  • lol

    @Tony: @Tony: No actually you do

  • lol

    @lol: & Jen’s right Juli was just telling the truth because there have been SO many Idol & the Voice, X-factor winners but most of them are forgotten & a lot of them were as talented or even more talented than Christina Grimmie

  • Juli

    Tony @ 05/21/2014 at 1:45 am #14

    Just stating facts. I don’t know how you got anger out of that. There were no caps or explanation points.

  • Juli

    Tony @ 05/21/2014 at 1:45 am #14
    RE: #18
    Oops! That’s exclamation points, not explanation.

  • Nikki

    Finally the one I like wins the show!!! He’s got an amazing voice and awesome performance skills.

  • Geez Louise

    I actually really liked Josh but didn’t think he had a chance to win. In all honesty, he probably needed to win more than Jake or Christina. He has a family and without the win, he would have most likely gone home to tutor again. Now at least he has his chance to make something happen. I have no doubt Blake will help Jake with a career (opening act on tour??) and Adams already offered a contract to Christina for his label. Happy for Josh and loved that it was anyone’s game this season.

  • snapcracklepop

    The right person won.
    I couldn’t stand the girl and the country guy was a sweetheart with a nice husky quality to his voice but, somehow didn’t have enough ~something~ to lift his songs to another level.

  • Dean

    Josh was my pick from early on. Good for him, but….

    The final performance night was a different story. He seamed disconnected with his first song, and was trying sooo hard to win, make an impression, or keep up with Grimmie’;s voice (It’s not his “thing”). that it just seamed he was copying other artists songs .

    In My opinion the Adele song was his worst of the season. It seemed desperate rather than the cool cookie he really is. Almost karaoke-ish as he took a Grimmie moment and fell to his knees. The performance with Usher was O.K., But from the first line (Usher), It was as if Usher was competing, Not Josh. (Josh sang it WAY better as usher was missing notes here and there as he worked the crowd). Still awkward.

    Grimmie,on the other hand knocked it out of the park on all of her songs.

    Wrecking ball’s vocal dynamics (Especially the quiet verses) blew Miley (the original artist) away. She has monster vocal acrobatics , but never assaults you with them for an entire song. She picks “The moment’ to push the limit thus create a climax, and often returns to a softer dynamic which is VERY hard to do vocally.

    Christina’s duet with Adam was FLAWLESS! I don’t know the original song and it’s not my genre of choice, but damn….you couldn’t even take that to the studio and mix it better. Adam’s tight crisp vocals amazed me, and Grimmie’s ability to melt seamlessly into a duet with some very obscure harmonies showed yet another of her talents. It sounded as if they were together (in more ways than one) for years polishing this song note for note. Mission accomplished guys.

    When Christina chose to put her twist on The King (Elvis), I thought, “oh crap,…Don’t go there”, but not only was I not offended, but two of our customers (we do sound for various events including weddings) Have requested that we furnish this version for their events! It’s only been two days so I’m expecting to use it frequently this year.

    Jake… Oh, Jake. America, what’s wrong with you?

    First off, can Jake sing?…Hell yeah. Maybe even better than his coach.
    Next, does he have the star quality? Heck he could very well be the most likeable guy on the planet. He just makes you smile when you hear him talk.
    But…We ARE splitting hairs here. Although Jake was way better than last year and made HUGE improvements during the season, he’s a one trick pony….Twang. No range, even for country. Think Garth, Hank Jr., Trace Adkins, etc., No depth or complexity (see a fore mentioned), He’s only 17, and judging by the tools he has now, he will probably achieve these qualities, but we’re judging the boy, not the man he’ll grow to be.

    Jake is definitely better than a lot of “artists” that have made it, but I’ll leave the “Star Maker” industry’s shortcomings out of this. All of the final 12 contestants were arguably better than the studio generated Biebers (sorry) of today.

    We were to judge the VOICES of these few contestants as compared to each other. I really liked Joshes voice, and most of his music, but hated his quirky “self nerdism” and PUT ON SOME SOCKS for cry’n out loud….. but I was still responsible enough to vote on the voice, not the guy I’d like to be my “Bestie”

    Consider this, a VOICE RADIO SHOW:
    1). Trash all the interviews and sob stories, Their families aren’t competing & we’ve all had tough times or have kids to feed.
    2). Don’t show the artist (I know, it could never happen on a reality show)
    3)DON’T skew the voting results by methods that favor one artist. I know, older artists will never have as many social media/I-Tunes votes, but DOUBLING them????? Come on guys, it’s a kick in the crotch to our intelligence!

    Now…….Take each performance by each artist and listen to it in no particular order. No commercials, No Carson, No bulls%$t. Jake would be lost in the mix of mediocre that would inevitably be the bottom 10. I’m not a hater. It’s just the talent on the show has reached incredible levels. You don’t hear voices like these at your favorite band’s live shows.

    Jake’s vocal talents; better than Sashandra? No.
    Jake being able to out sing Delvin? Ha!
    Jake having better control of the stage, better vocal range, better vocal dynamics, better breath control, better pitch, better ability to push his limits successfully than Christina Grimmie? COME ON PEOPLE!

  • Gina

    Christina was overrated, her high notes in particular sounded very whiny. She calls herself an R&B singer but she sounds more like a pop singer to me. A true R&B singer can sing any genre and still make it sound like an R&B song. Christina couldn’t do that. Now Josh on the other hand has true soul. Adam made it sound like Christina was the second coming & was so original because she sang a Drake song when in fact if you look on youtube, MANY people sing covers of that Drake song (and that Lil Wayne song) and do it far better than she has. She was getting a big head & I’m glad it was taken down a few.

  • Holly

    My prediction is that Jake will be more successful with a music career than Josh and Christina. Country music loved him this season, and it can’t get any better than a young gentlemen who wants to sing original country music that doesn’t contain pop music sounds.

  • http://n/z R.Dee

    @jg: Voters and their votes have nothing to do with this show. The judges pretend to pick the winner, but power behind the scenes decides who wins.

  • http://n/z R.Dee

    @Holly: You’re right. Although don’t underestimate those running the show and being the influence for Josh’s win. And I don’t mean the judges. They will, with endless funds, do everything in an attempt to make him a star and they have the money and the control to do so.

  • Tina

    It is what it is… Get over it. All of you saying you will not watch next year will be back I would be willing to bet my last dollar on it… :)


    Are you kidding? Wow…I am so glad I didn’t stay up to watch!