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'American Idol' Judges Will All Perform on Tonight's Finale!

'American Idol' Judges Will All Perform on Tonight's Finale!

Jennifer Lopez poses next to the judges table during the last performance show of American Idol on Tuesday (May 20) at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles.

The 44-year-old “First Love” singer was joined by fellow judges Keith Urban, 46, and Harry Connick Jr., 46, as well as host Ryan Seacrest.

“Can’t wait to perform with @HarryConnickJr and @KeithUrban tomorrow night on the #IdolFinale,” Jennifer tweeted that day.

“.@JenaAsciutto1 @CalebPJohnson – You are BOTH making it possibly THE TOUGHEST vote in Idol history!!!!” Keith tweeted to the finalists after the show.

FYI: Jennifer is wearing a Gucci dress and Jimmy Choo shoes.

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  • maclen

    Yes…the judges performed…rather pathetically…to the a NEW LOW in viewers of a pitiful 6.6mil….

    …of course the PREVIOUS viewers LOW set by the episode the orb performed a couple of weeks of 6.8mill…broken by ANOTHER episode the orb performed on. That clearly shows WHAT is dragging the show’s audience down…orb performing on the show! By ALL means Fox…bring the orb back next year…DECIMATE the ratings for next season.

  • sorella

    Although JLO isstill gorgeous and looks really, really fantastic for her age, I think mid-40s is the age the hemline needs to go down, this dress and the hemline is more suited to 20-something, no matter how great the body is, she’s not that.

  • chris

    When are the producers gonna realize this is what is ruining the show. It’s not about the talent or finding the next American Idol no effort is put in after the “winner” is chosen. It’s about trying to revitalize a failing judges career. This whole show needs to be rebooted by booting out those judges turn it back to a musical talent show and stop wasting our time

  • Thank You!


    I soooo agree!

  • maclen

    So, to just clarify…the Idol judges “pretaped” their performances for tonight’s finale broadcast…LAST NIGHT…explaining the youtube video posted last night apparently by an audience member.

    “Published on May 20, 2014
    Live American Idol!! Day before it airs!! True Colors and Go your own way!!”

    That’s is what the show is reduced to now? Offering “precanned” karaoke on a LIVE broadcast? RIght…real pros. Clearly they simply want to “phone it in” on this dismally viewed show.

  • http://comcast Joni

    Oh maclan, Mary Maclan aka THE CRAZY ONE. Get a life !!!!!!

  • Carolyn

    You’ve got to do a LOT of concerts to reach an audience of 6.6 million. It looks like the judges are having a good time, too. Millions of dollars pay and millions of viewers watching. It sounds like a good job to me. I hope the wives are in the audience tonight for the finale. I enjoy the show.

  • vilay

    @maclen: Clarify what? Nobody asked you a question. Get a life.

  • maclen

    “Clarify what? Nobody asked you a question.:

    Try VERY hard…. and figure it out.

    Last night’s show was down 6 mill viewers from the 36th episode of last year’s DISASTROUS season. It was down 8.5mil from this season’s premiere episode. Evidently, Idol fan’s “standards” are about AS low as Idol’s ratings and viewers.

  • JustChill’n

    Good to know the judges are performing. Now I know for sure I won’t miss anything when I don’t watch it.

  • http://comcast Joni

    # 9 and 10 same Crazy person, nobody cares whether you watch it or not. Thanks for keeping records on The Urbans Crazy One. I am sure you will be watching so you can criticize tomorrow. Like I and everyone else would like you to Get A Life !!!

  • http://comcast Nora

    Love American Idol this year. Greatest judges ever. Keith Urban has it all, charisma, talent and is so good looking. Happy they hired them for next year.

  • It’s Jess

    @maclen: Are you trying to be important because there is still no one asking for things to be clarified. Millions are watching Idol and that must be the root of the problem for your bruised ego.

  • maclen

    “Are you trying to be important because there is still no one asking for things to be clarified.”

    You are obviously AS confused as “vilay.” Since that monkey was no doubt unable to comprehend what I was “clarifying”…I will help you out. I was “clarifying” my FIRST comment. See comment #1…that was from me….and my second comment was to clarity a certain point in it. If you read my first comment VERY SLOW…you may be able to see WHAT was clarified. Do you understand it now? Or do you still need more help?
    I dont need to be “asked” to expand my observations on an opinion comment board.

  • maclen


    Do I need to explain what “comprehend” means to you as well?

  • nice try SM

    @vilay and @It’s Jess isn’t Jess at all, it’s Sewer Mistress!!

  • Me3


    You are obnoxious. Take your vendetta elsewhere. Nobody here (and apparently there) cares what you think.
    I enjoyed Keith’s performance of a classic song. He rocked it for sure! Some serious guitar skills and his voice sounded great!

  • maclen

    So Idol ends with an anemic 10.1 million viewers for the finale….

    …as compared to last season’s 14.3 million. Down 5 million from this season’s premiere. This season averaged 9 million…also down from last season’s 14 million average viewers. Again, Fox is NO longer pretending that this pathetic show can be saved…but they have nothing else to replace it…so they are going to drag this pitiful dreck of a show out once again next year…no doubt with the same mediocre judges…who in their inept judgement will once again choose a batch of mediocre singers…and the ratings and viewers will once again decline…right along the the judges already declined careers. The LAST thing the orb wants to do next year is record and release ANOTHER pathetically inane and poor selling album.

  • Duh

    The ‘performance’ was pre-taped the night before. It was leaked all over the ‘net & social media the night before. SO…if they expect the contestants to perform live, without auto-tuning, & without a dee-in-the-headlights look & action on stage…why didn’t THEY do that? Oh, that’s right…JLo can’t sing live (without editing/help/autotune/lip-synch). She spent most of her time performing dancing around (about all she does anyway). Harry was off-key a bit (he should never complain as a judge about anyone’s performance). Keith salvaged the performance. He was the only true entertainer on that stage last night.

    Now…as to what this show is REALLY about now. The judges are center stage…not the competitors. Why Keith keeps hanging his hat on this dumbfounds me. He is SO much more than that. Most of the demographic doesn’t have a clue who Harry is (other than the fact that he has been in a few films)…and he is an amazing entertainer in his element. Jennifer…well take her or leave her…never, ever been into anything (film, dance, song) that she did.

  • Good one


    “Clarify what? Nobody asked you a question. Get a life.” he he

    Gotcha… maclen.

    vilay , good job took the wind out of the overbloated sails of that idiot! Had her mumbling to herself. Probably still is LOL

    clarify …ha ha…. try admitting you made a error! lol Oh that right, that is not in your overblown vocabulary is it. ?? loser

    must be he$$ to be you

  • http://comcast Joni

    @Duh: @Duh: I do agree it is suppose to be about the contestants but it never is and never will be. I have to admit I am more interested in the judges than the contestants. I think Harry and Keith are a riot together and Keith giggles all the time over Harry and his jokes. Sorry but I love it. I think they give JLo too much camera time and Keith not enough. I confess.

  • http://comcast Amber

    They were great. I think Keith Urban stood out but I enjoyed all four of them. All very talented.

  • http://comcast Morgan


  • http://comcast Morgan

    ALSO–J LO in her little girl dresses, stop it, you are 45 years old, looks ridiculous!!!

  • http://comcast Teresa