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Carrie Underwood: 'Keep Us Safe' Full Song - Listen Now!

Carrie Underwood: 'Keep Us Safe' Full Song - Listen Now!

Check out your first listen of Carrie Underwood‘s brand new song “Keep Us Safe”!

The 31-year-old country singer debuted the new song during the ACM Presents: An All-Star Salute to the Troops concert, which was taped last month and aired this evening.

Carrie wrote the song specifically for the show. Click inside the post to read the lyrics!

“When we were approached to be a part of the show, I was so excited to do something to honor our troops and because ACM Lifting Lives does such great work. I wanted to take the time to really think about what song I wanted to perform,” Carrie said in a press release about the song.

Head on over to iTunes right now to purchase the song if you love it like we do!

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Click inside to watch video of Carrie Underwood performing the song…

Carrie Underwood Performs ‘Keep Us Safe’ at ACM Salute to the Troops
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  • Kerry Louise

    Carrie underpass is horrendous. She literally stinks.

  • Mo

    @Kerry Louise:
    Don’t know what you were listening to but she was incredible. Beautiful, gorgeous voice.

  • Dan

    Kerry Louise=Taylor Swift Fan. Plus, she has brain damage.

  • sorella

    No matter what she sings, no matter how good her voice is, I am ALWAYS BORED by her, nothing about her ever excites me, not sure why, she’s pretty and talented, but to me, just so bland and boring.

  • Pa

    @Kerry Louise @Sorella
    That’s fine and everything (your opinion), but at least she is spending her time doing good in the world and giving of herself, instead of posting negative comments about people on the internet. Let’s put things in perspective..

  • JayJay

    yea @kerryLousie and @Sorella…..@Pa is absolutely 100% right on this one. she wrote a beautiful song to honor the troops and sang it beautifully. I might not be the biggest fan but I cant disregard the nice dedication and tribute she just did. How can you go from watching this to saying stuff like, she bores me and she stinks……makes no sense to me really

  • GalPal

    I can tell you why JayJay. These are Swifty fans trolling anything Carrie so they can write rude and nasty comments about her. They are jealous that their non singer is not in the headlines. This is a beautiful song dedicated to our brave Military and the sacfriices they made so these idiots can use their “freedom of speech.” Great job Carrie!

  • getreal

    @Dan: are you kidding me? Kerry louise is not a taylor fan, she has insulted taylor swift way worse then this. Carrie underwood has tons of people who do not like her, after all, she just called people on twitter “dumdums”, then she had the nerve to beg for money on that same twitter page by posting a like to purchase her new single. The song never did well since released to itunes but since she callef people “dumdums” on twitter it has been steadily plummeting on itunes already down into the 180′s. So the dumdum is really carrie underwood as her charity single is not going to generate much money cuz nobody likes her much. And since you mentioned taylor swift fans, well taylor swift released a charity single a few years ago and it sold a boatload in the first week making well iver 100k. But then again taylor was not a ” dumdum” while she had it out either.

  • getreal

    @getreal: the single was/ is called Ronan and it sold 220,000 downloads the first week in 2012. Carries charity single is expected to sell less then 20k an entire 200,000 copies less, so carrie fans perhaps you need to go download this flop single instead of mistakenly identifying a hater as a taylor fan. Like I said before you guys are so obsesed and jealous of taylor swift, looking at the numbers, I can understandwhy. But you should forget about taylor and focus on carrie as her numbers are horrible.

  • getreal

    @GalPal: another dumb clueless carrie fan.

  • GalPal

    Getreal-you are clueless. All of the Swifters proclaim how many singles TayTay has sold but to whom. Tone deaf Tweens who think s she can sing. You wouldn’t know a real singer because you listen to that dribble. You need to Getreal and stay off Carrie blogs. She wrote this with the help of other writers for our military in tribute. Taylor is 24 now so let’s see if she will be writing”grown-up” songs instead of jr high school dribble.

  • shutup

    @GalPal: obviously people are not interested in carrie underwood as a singer nor as a writer hence the single is now down to number 252. Lets not talk about tweens, any grown 31 year old woman still using the term “dumdum” has a tween mentality herself. Too bad she has no solid following of teens, tweens or adults.

  • shutup

    @GalPal: btw, she wrote the song to try to get the acclaim that taylor swift has. You know carrie underwood put this single out for her own personsl gain, instead, it flopped miserably. She wanted to try to get 2 songs in the 10, she calculated this move to coincide with the release of something bad thinking she would get two sings in the top 10. This single flopping simply proves that miranda lambert is the main readon “somethin’ bad” sold as much as it did. Btw, dribble, have you even listened yo thst horrid song sonethin bad? Take dribble but you are probably wetting yourself while listening to it because you are blind and clueless as to what real music is about. The fact that she threw out an insult to people in the very same day a charity song was released shows that she did not care too much about gaining ad much money as possibly for charity. Her throwing out an insult like that, the only people who will run and purchase a song in her name for charity are her diehard fans which is obviously a small number. People do not have to purchase a song of a rude person, they can simply donate thst cash to a charity of their choice instead of giving rude carrie underwood the downloads and credit.

  • GalPal

    shutup-what an appropriate name for an adolescent who spews dribble and still uses diapers when listening to Taylor attempt to sing. My suggestion to you shutup is to do exactly that and shutup. I find it amazing that Taylor fans have nothing else better to do than to troll Carrie blogs to write dribble-oh that’s because Taylor has not been in the news. That’s right. The song was written to honor the troops. The same troops that allow us our freedom. Respect that much and just shutup and go away.

  • flop

    Wow, this has really plummeted, now down to 1134 on itunes. Carrie, the next time you try to calculate a publicity stunt by simultaneously releasing two brand new singles in the same week with television debuts you have to make sure you have the fans wnd interest to pull it off. Clearly, you are not as big of a star as you or your fans thought you were. You would have done better singing a previously recorded song like everyone else on the program. At least the industry knows now by these numbers thst you are not all that. I still say insulting twitterverse had a bunch to do with this severe collapse. Carrie underwood isbonly successful as she is becaus american idol sacrificed the careers of most of their other winners to put all their promotional dollars behind underwood. Notice since the show has started to tank, so are underwoods numbers. Country number one songs means nothing, country number singles can ge bought, americal idol had been buying her to the top spot since day one. No way would all the pop songs she has releasef to country radio made it to number one without payment from idol. Bye buttholes.

  • http://facebook helene jennings

    Your negative comments are repulsive. I don’t care about ratings, Taylor Swift or any other bashing comments. Carrie is a very talented, giving and beautiful person. Something really lacking in this generation. Didn’t your mom teach you “sticks and stones will break your bones but names will never hurt me”? She will still persevere.

  • flop

    @flop: oops make that 1241 now. This has got to be a record collapse in interest by a supposed “superstar”. Not as easy as she thought to pull off two brand new singles in one week. Even with the gimmick of charity, it still did not work. That has got to hurt even worse. But she and her fans are too dumb and delusional to understand this piitiful showing.

  • GalPal

    flop-please go away. You, shutup, and getreal are so concerned about numbers and sales. You have lost the meaning of the song. This song was written for the military that are sent in harms way to defend our freedoms. It is too bad that you don’t have a friend or a relative that is in the service to this country to understand the meaning of this song. Listen to the words and how powerful it is and what it means. You pray when you are in combat because you want to come home to your loved ones. God bless you Carrie for a beautiful song. Enough is enough-

  • http://facebook helene jennings

    I guess her powerful lyrics don’t mean anything to you. You are entitled to your opinion but she really is brilliant.