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Johnny Depp Looks Like Jack Nicholson in His Movie Makeup!

Johnny Depp Looks Like Jack Nicholson in His Movie Makeup!

Johnny Depp waves to his fans from the window off his car while leaving the set of his upcoming movie Black Mass on Wednesday afternoon (May 21) in Boston, Mass.

The 50-year-old actor is sporting a balding wig cap and some fake teeth for the role, and we have to say he sure does look a lot like Jack Nicholson! Anyone agree?!

It was just announced that Benedict Cumberbatch will be replacing the previously announced Guy Pearce in the film. He will take on the role of Billy Bulger, the brother of Johnny‘s character Whitey Bulger, according to the Boston Globe.

10+ pictures inside of Johnny Depp leaving the set of the movie…

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johnny depp almost looks like jack nicholson in movie makeup 01
johnny depp almost looks like jack nicholson in movie makeup 02
johnny depp almost looks like jack nicholson in movie makeup 03
johnny depp almost looks like jack nicholson in movie makeup 04
johnny depp almost looks like jack nicholson in movie makeup 05
johnny depp almost looks like jack nicholson in movie makeup 06
johnny depp almost looks like jack nicholson in movie makeup 07
johnny depp almost looks like jack nicholson in movie makeup 08
johnny depp almost looks like jack nicholson in movie makeup 09
johnny depp almost looks like jack nicholson in movie makeup 10
johnny depp almost looks like jack nicholson in movie makeup 11

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • aine

    Omg hahaha he does

  • bostonian girl

    It’s scary how much he looks like Whitey. I’m impressed.
    Even the teeth. WOOOOOOOOW

  • Ker

    Johnny is the best! He must be the actor who has had the most transformations on screen! props to him for challenging himself!

  • Berny

    Well, Jack Nicholson did some sort of version inspired on the same Whitey Bulger in “the departed”, so it’s natural some resemblance

  • Living in a box

    That’s actually look really cool!

  • dave33

    Just based on looks and height I don’t think Benedict is a good choice for that role, and I like BC as an actor. Seems like a weird choice. Guy Pearce on the other hand would of been perfect.

  • JDF

    Ignorant much, JJ? He looks just like Whitey Bulger and not Jack Nicholson.

  • K

    Oscar.. Soon.

  • Lia

    Just awesome, great transformation

  • Selena

    Agree with the Cumberbatch part. I like and respect Benedict as an actor, but Guy Pearce was PERFECT for that part.

  • emelly

    Just another movie with Johnny in heavy make up that bombs at the Box Office. At least production didn’t have to invest in fake teeth, Johnny’s teeth are naturally rotten.

  • Mala

    @emelly: Not really, this is transformation makeup to make him look like the real life character and not just “heavy makeup” he doesn’t look like he is in makeup like in Alice In Wonderland. This makeup is needed and no it’s not another movie with him in “heavy makeup” because he wasn’t wearing “heavy makeup” in his latest movie “Transcendence”. the budget for this movie is $35M which means it’s not supposed to make money so don’t worry it won’t bomb, it will be a hit if it was good and Depp will most likely win an Oscar.

    They did invest in fake teeth, Johnny’s teeth are not rotten like that.

  • jada

    @emelly: Did he beat your favourite puppet or something? Why the hate, love?

  • allison

    @Ker: Johnny is stuck playing roles that allow him to put on disguises. His goal should be to show us he can be a great actor with out all that stuff.

  • Yall

    Sup yall! James franco is the best. johnny is not!

  • Marco

    @Yall: James franco ? he’s the scummmmm of the earth!

  • lol
  • Paul

    @allison: He is far from stuck. He is doing all kinds of movies and roles. Do you not realise that all actors put on disguises for movies? That’s the point of acting. You are supposed to be something that you are not and not look like yourself and dress like you do in real life.

    He is not wearing a flashy costume here so what is your complainant? He also didn’t put on a disguise in Transcendence. He acted without that “stuff” more than he did with it and he gave great performances in movies like Public Enemies, Finding Neverland, Secret Window, Blow, Donnie Brasco, etc. He is a legendary actor and he’s got nothing to prove,

  • Paul

    @Yall: Lol! in your dreams maybe.

  • PaleHawkDown

    He looks a lot like Kevin Bacon

  • Marc

    Johnny is fantastic, even under makeup we can see that he’s already in character. He’s the best

  • Marc

    @lol: I didn’t open this link, so I don’t know what is in there. But, Vanessa didn’t make sex scenes naked as Amber made in The Informers.

  • Joker

    You gotta be kidding me, please tell me you are joking @Yall:

  • Janice

    Johnny is the best!

  • Brian

    @Mala: The only problem is Amber, she jinx everything around her

  • N

    @Marco: James Franco? Ewwww, Johnny is by far hotter, more popular and better actor. You have a disgusting taste in men.

  • sorryjohnny

    He’s looks like a creepy Johhny Depp wearing sunglasses like Jack would wear, this will bomb like all the rest, he has lost his fan base and his charisma.

  • hollycrap

    And Amber Heard looks like dirty trailer trash what’s new?

  • brainwashedsociety

    I like how you all worship Johnnys acting, when he’s a really horrible actor. He sold his soul, just like all those actors that acting but are seen as the best. He acts like the same crackhead in every movie, always moving his head, hands, and body like he has parkinsons disease. If you can’t notice that then you’re just as blind as the rest of them.

  • Legelo

    I want johnny to play jack Kerouac!

  • Heart

    @brainwashedsociety: Don’t agree with you. The guy has an amazing talent. And he’s hot and doesn’t seem to know it.

  • Looool

    @hollycrap: No, you look like a dirty trailer trash and not the classy Amber.

  • @just open the link

    @Marc: You should open the link or stop talking about Amber and her naked scene then. Because it seems as Vanessa has been naked on the screen more times than Amber has been in a good movie. I knew she did some naked and controversial scenes when she was underage, but i didn’t know it were so many times nor that she likes to be naked on the beach, etc.

  • Loooool

    @Marc: That’s funny because Vanessa did frontal nudity scenes when she was a teenager which is worse than Amber showing her boobs in a sex scene when she was an adult.

  • Loooool

    Amber never even showed her butt, let alone doing frontal nudity.

  • Loooool

    @sorryjohnny: Enhlish, do you speak it? Yes, the makeup is making him look creepy because the character is supposed to be creepy and old and ruthless. That’s not how Johnny looks, that’s how his character looks. Do you not understand that this is a prestigious film that is getting released in the awards season and not a commerical one that is supposed to make money? It won’t bomb because the budget is small and Johnny’s movies always make money no matter what.

    He has lost his fan base and charisma? Not really, his real fans still love him and go to his movies. His latest “bombs” only made money because of him.

  • Real

    @Loooool: amber had a nose job.

  • Loooool


  • Leneya

    @<a href="/2014/05/21/johnny-depp-looks-like-jack-nicholson-in-his-movie-makeup/comment-page-2/#com@Loooool: ment-28805930″>Heart: @Looool: What an imbecile you are. You’re that person with so much internet balls, yet you just can’t seem to stick to one name.

  • Loooool

    @brainwashedsociety: You are the brainwashed fool here, trying to fight against what’s popular and liked. So all of these people who like him are wrong and you are right? He’s an amazing actor and that’s why he’s been in the business for 30 years. He would not have lasted that long if he was a horrible actor.

    He acts like the same crackhead in every movie? Huh, are you sure you’ve seen more of his movies other than the Pirates movies to say “in every movie”??? All of his characters are nothing like each others, they are all pretty different and if you can’t see that then you are blind.

  • Surprise!!!
  • Falala

    @lol: OMG is that vanessa?? i see!! i guess those claiming the moral high ground should see this. Wow good lord at least cover the front bit. Having said that, at least she was young then and has had the opportunity to grow and mature.

  • Falala

    @Surprise!!!: Looool that’s funny, her makeup team would have received a good talking to afterwards.

  • Surprise!!!

    @Falala: yep, but her whole face was redone, it’s gross, she’s so fake and staged. Johnny at least is the real thing. Great guy, talented actor! thank god for our johnny!

  • wow

    Flop after flop and this guy still gets work? His 15 minutes are over, let’s move on to someone with talent, please.

  • me


    I then open the link and if vanessa naked, look for yourself
    vanessa sex made ​​movies as a child, that the early vanessa

  • me

    johonny is not an actor who sold his soul to hallywood, including the only actor who gave the opportunity to a new director to make a film regardless of the failure.
    all the actors you have low and high, ho just in case you think that johnny is the only actor that has flop.

  • JDF

    @wow: As if his “flops” matter, he’s Johnny Depp, he’s a legend and a Hollywood royalty. He’ll always get offered big roles and he’ll always play any role he wants. He is making his own movies at this point and not just getting offered roles. He’s got his own production company for god’s sake.

    Did you know that he is the world’s fourth richest actor? 15 minutes? Hahahahahahahaha, do you mean 30 years? 30 years and still going strong! No one is forcing you to click on to read articles about him and no one is forcing you to watch his movies so why don’t you move on if you don’t like him? He’s a hollywood royalty with a huge fanbase so no one is moving on from him. Someone with talent, huh? Like your talentless a$$? There’s no one with more talent than Johnny Depp.

    But yeah his 15 minutes are obviously over since everything he does makes headlines and top stories! Lmfao.

    Get the hell outta here you bitter nobody.

  • lina

    This link of vanessa left me shocked, was very young to make those naked o_0

  • Mea

    @wow: And why do you even care that he’s still getting roles? Is your life that empty to be annoyed by a talented actor getting roles? All actors have ups and downs and some had billions of flops and still get offered roles. See: Nicole Kidman etc.