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Leonardo DiCaprio Steps Out in Cannes After Night of Partying

Leonardo DiCaprio Steps Out in Cannes After Night of Partying

Leonardo DiCaprio wears a plaid shirt while stepping off of a yacht following a cocktail party on Wednesday afternoon (May 21) in Cannes, France.

The 39-year-old actor was seen just a couple days earlier enjoying a party during the 2014 Cannes Film Festival where he flirted the night away with some beautiful girls.

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Leo was seen mingling with the gals despite the fact that his girlfriend Toni Garrn, who he has been rumored to have split from, is also in attendance at the festival.

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808 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio Steps Out in Cannes After Night of Partying”

  1. 1
    #1 Says:

    So will this thread be as angry as the last one?

  2. 2
    courtey Says:

    I wonder what that hat smells like on the inside…

  3. 3
    also... Says:

    What? He split from Toni? I haven`t heard that!

  4. 4
    Life of Leo Says:

    “who he has been rumored to have split from”

    Isnt rumored anymore that Leo have officially moved in with her? LOL

  5. 5
    Leokas's assistant Says:

    The real Leokas has been unavailable ever since Leo abandoned him for Cannes so I will be here to sprinkle around some Leokas comments

  6. 6
    Leokas's assistant Says:

    Lover boy looks a bit solemn without Lukas *sigh*

  7. 7
    Brave Doormat Says:

    Toni is being comforted by Irmelin and Dave.

  8. 8
    Rumors Says:

    Rumored to have split..?? Since when? I just saw on another blog Toni was with him & his mom on a yacht today

  9. 9
    OhCanada Says:

    I love his movies. Brilliant actor. CREEPY human being.

  10. 10
    Leo in Cannes Says:

  11. 11
    #1 Says:

    @Leokas’s assistant:
    Ikr look how sad he looks staring at the ground with a sense of regret. Lukas always makes him happier </3

  12. 12
    Rumors Says:

    Wish other blogs would post more about the rumors of a break up.. but no instead we get “oh so important” posts like whether or not Kim F*cking Kardashian ever finished that ice cream cone? Spoiler alert.. yes it went straight to her asss

  13. 13
    #1 Says:


  14. 14
    JJ got the goods!?! Says:

    Did JJ get some new info that only he knows about?!?!”Rumored split?” Or maybe they’re still on shaky ground?!?!

  15. 15
    also... Says:

    @Rumors: LMAO!

  16. 16
    poor leo Says:

    Looks like his plan to get rid of Toni flirting with any model available in Cannesdidnt work.

    Here some tips for Leo.

  17. 17
    F*ck Jared Says:

    @JJ got the goods!?!:
    Man I wish it were true but this is such a low rate gossip site compared to others that I don’t buy it.

  18. 18
    @12 Says:

    @Rumors: JJ just made up this rumor.

  19. 19
    haha Says:

    Even gossips sites are pushing them to break up! LOL

  20. 20
    F*ck Jared Says:

    However if it true and Jared FINALLY has some good tea for once..

  21. 21
    Mother's Rules Says:

    He cant dump Toni because of his mom.

  22. 22
    prediction Says:

    I give them 2 weeks!

  23. 23
    @Leokas Says:

    Well obviously you need to buy a leash. Any doggie will run away looking for attention. Girls love cute puppies that get all excited and run to them to be pet. Sorry but doggies do that and you ain’t taming that one. Good Luck.

  24. 24
    @20 Says:

    @F*ck Jared: LMAO

  25. 25
    also... Says:

    @Mother`s Rules: He can`t dump Toni because of his mom? Why? He can go out and publicly humiliate her but not dump her? Funny rules his mom has!

  26. 26
    #### Says:


    Yeah and at this point I’m not believing it either. I guess Jared didn’t see the pic of Toni with Leo’s mom and boyfriend taken today on the same yacht that Leo was on! LOL

  27. 27
    Mumsy Says:

    @also…: His mom is f.cukn evil, typical mom who shelters their kid and thinks their precious boy is too good for everyone. It doesn’t help that Leo is put on a pedestal either.

  28. 28
    Miss Schadenfreude Says:

    They are under strict contract and Toni threatened his family and Pr to tell the interesting stories about all of them.

  29. 29
    beth Says:

    @JJ got the goods!?!: I think Just Jared moderators read the threads of the celebrities that attract a lot of comments (DiCaprio, Gerard Butler, Bradley Cooper) and then create new threads based on our conversations because I swear we started that rumour lol.

  30. 30
    Leokas Says:

    @Leokas’s assistant: I am NEVER UNAVAILABLE for Leo! I am always here for him. Its just time for us to take a break! Our love has been growing stronger but Leo is scared to commit, he is scared what ppl will say. He is not ready to give up the Playboy image, but I know he will do the right thing. He will choose me, he will give up this life for a life with me. He will be a good faithful husband and a wonderful father to Leokas Haas Dicaprio Jr. Love conquers all. Leokas 4 life <3

  31. 31
    Newcomer Says:

    I can see Dave I think on the 3rd pic but no Toni. Maybe she is hidden or she left with a different boat. So his publicists didn’t say anything about the other night but there are no pics of them together (yet?) to “make a statement” (like to say “look we are still together”) either.

    TMZ spoke about the night and called him King of Punany if I understand the word well. What does it mean?

    To the one who wanted to see Toni with the beautiful Spanish model Jon Kortajarena, they are currently together at the Cavalli boat party:

    There are plenty of celebs (Sharon Stone, Kylie Minogue, Justin Bieber, Rosie HW, Irina Shayk…) so maybe Leo is also there but there is also the Robin Thicke/1Oak/Gotha party tonight. I don’t know when it starts though.

  32. 32
    Jesse Says:

    Could anyone please explain me what does it have in common to be sucessful, rich and famous with f### every moving woman around? I don’t understand it. Is he some kind of primitive animal or what? What about some morality or just not being a human pig? Women are not a one night stuff. And honestly, what kind of woman let him treat her like a who#e? I would never let him humiliate me like he does to his girlfriends.

  33. 33
    #1 Says:

    Missed you! You bring well needed humor to these threads please dont leave! Btw WTF is up with you and your underage girlfriend???

  34. 34
    Miss Schadenfreude Says:

    Playing with the wrong girl!

  35. 35
    The real Leo Says:

    Yall need to face the fact that Leo, Toni and everyone else in Hollywerid are like this, there is no coming back once you enter it. They don’t care about love and relationships and a happy life, all they care about is money, fame, status, sex and power, and they would go great lengths to maintain it such as PR relationships, contracts, etc…. I have on sympathy for Leo or Toni, they deserve each other. People in the real world should never have to deal with men and women like Leo and Toni if they want a happy life. Leo has been lost ever since he got into Hollywood, and that was long long time ago. Leo is not that sweet boy from Growing pains.

  36. 36
    also... Says:

    @####: I don’t know where he got that but Jared said toni was in attendance while he was hanging out with gals and they split. What he wrote makes sense even with the boat picture but who knows where he got that?

  37. 37
    Newcomer Says:

    @Leokas: LMFAO! Poor Lukas, alone in LA! Well not alone, he has Vinny, but without his Leo. Last year, they were scouting the clubs together.

  38. 38
    Amy Says:

    @Newcomer JJ is a celeb friendly site so it’s interesting that Leo’s PR didn’t give them pics of Leo and Toni together.

  39. 39
    also... Says:

    @Newconer: it’s pretty late over there already ( 2 am ) so even the 1OAK party must have started. I’m counting on you for sightings!

  40. 40
    LOL Says:

    @Amy: Too soon for photo ops? LOL

  41. 41
    Newcomer Says:

    @also…: I think he means that Leo was mingling with girls in the club, not at this cocktail party, and that Toni is in attendance at the festival (even if we know thanks to Dave that she was also there at the cocktail party). I am wondering how paps didn’t get pics of her if they have some of Leo and she was there. Or they will be published later, but even if he couldn’t buy them, I guess Jared would have at least seen them if they exist and he wouldn’t have said that they were rumoured to have split.

  42. 42
    Leokas Says:

    @#1: Don’t worry, I’m not doing anything with her, I’m trying to make Leo jealous so he could come back to me.@Newcomer: Please all the Leokas lovers pls pray that Leo comes to his senses and that he will stop his partying, and playboy image and settle down with me in a lil cottage in Canada. He is beginning the stray from me, I can’t deal with him any longer….. Leokas 4 life <3

  43. 43
    Newcomer Says:

    @also…: I will try to find them. I guess if he is at the Cavalli party with her, even if he didn’t pose for the photographers unlike others, there will be pap pics. But sorry to repeat myself but do you know what “Punany” means (TMZ video)?

  44. 44
    Newcomer Says:

    @Leokas: We will keep our fingers crossed!

    I just thought that Bieber is at the Cavalli party but will probably go to Gotha later so I guess there are already people at Gotha but Robin is probably performing later (3 or 4 am).

  45. 45
    #1 Says:

    Love ya Luke <3

  46. 46
    Punany Says:

    it meaans PPPPuuuu$$$$$yyyy LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO

  47. 47
    #1 Says:

    Its Indian slang for p*ssy

  48. 48
    Newcomer Says:

    @Punany and #1: OK, thanks! I thought it was something like that but I wasn’t sure.

  49. 49
    Research Says:

    They havent split they were spotted together today

  50. 50
    Newcomer Says:

    OK girls, Mr #killingit has arrived in Cannes and he is at Gotha with Robin Thicke:

    I guess Leo is there as well then and not at Cavalli’s boat party. Maybe Toni will join Gotha later.

    He has already posted plenty of pics of a yacht, restaurant… He ate at La Petite Maison in Nice tonight so Leo was probably also there. Even if Dave posted that pic, with all the sightings that we got of them yesterday and today, it doesn’t seem like they are spending a lot of time together.

  51. 51
    Newcomer Says:

    It seems this guy is staying with them as well:

    He tagged Vinny but also Richie.

  52. 52
    Research Says:

    Richie talks un the 2nd vid

  53. 53
    #killingtheenvironment Says:

    More yachting after Cannes.

  54. 54
    Quote Says:

    “Only be with someone who you think you can learn from. They should be smarter than you in certain ways so that you can continue to grow and be interested. Above all, you should undoubtedly be proud that you are with them.”

  55. 55
    also... Says:

    @Quote: That’s nice but would never happen to Leo!

  56. 56
    Quote Says:

    Probably not, but you can’t predict the future

  57. 57
    also... Says:

    @Quote: we kinda did last night… in a way! It would be nice though and I love the quote a lot!

  58. 58
    Squish Says:

    @#killingtheenvironment: hahaha

  59. 59
    #### Says:


    So they travel with their own DJ??? LOL

  60. 60
    LOL Says:

    ‘But sorry to repeat myself but do you know what “Punany” means (TMZ video)?’ I rolled on the floor laughing after reading this. Newcomer is too cute.

  61. 61
    Hooplah Says:

    Oh please they have not broken up, im suprized jared has jumped go that silly conclusion, i dont see what the big deal is over those pics I mean your in a club you have to get that close to someone so they can hear you, he was literaly seen talking and then leaving alone and thrre have been no reports of after parties at his place or girls at his place etc like there was last year, if there were girls back we would know. Its even more ridiculous that the brown haired girl is married and the 2 blonde girls posted pics on their IG accounts bacically been omg spotted taling to leo dicaprio, if they have hooke up etc that would NOT have been posted. Dont see the big deal with this at all.

  62. 62
    Hooplah Says:

    Sorry for terrible spelling its hard to type on an iphone…also these pics are just tiny 1 minute snippets of his entire night, people shouldnt jump to conclusions so quick, your just beliving what the media is portraying which of course is always going to be the bad

  63. 63
    @Hooplah Says:

    Prepared to be accused of being from BZ and angry essays being replied to you

  64. 64
    @#### Says:

    @####: I thought Dizzle was the official DJ.

  65. 65
    Hooplah Says:

    Great well its 2am here so im going to bed so let them post away…deep down tthey know this is bull and any day now were going to get leo toni pics, howeverr some things do seems a little odd and it wouldnt suprize if they break up soon just not right now

  66. 66
    Newcomer Says:

    @LOL: I don’t know if you are making fun of me or not but it is not that I am naive (I had kinda guessed the type of things that it could be) but English is not my language so even if I know some slang words, there are some that I ignore. But I know what a p*ssy is.

    @Hooplah: I posted a tweet that night from a girl who was at his after party in a villa and then, one of the blonde girls flirting with him on these pics posted about having lunch the day after with him on a boat. So actually, we know about some girls. Also, it seems he left alone with his male friend but according to the paparazzi who posted the video of him leaving, the girl throwing up next to the car was actually inside the car (before throwing up outside) Leo was using to leave the club. So no pics of him leaving next to girls, but girls in his car. And let’s not forget a French journalist saying that he brought back a dozen of girls from the club (to his villa).

  67. 67
    The Great CornHoLeo Says:

    God, PLEASE tell me the Hamburger hooker has been kicked to the curb! No sympathy for her from my end; she comes off as a right snob, so I don’t care if she gets heartbroken. As for Leo, I’d like to see this idiot do the responsible thing and get a vasectomy, the scumbag playboy. How ANY female on this site can respect, or crush on, a known womanizer – who treats women like they’re worthless toys – is beyond me.

  68. 68
    Hooplah Says:

    @### hes the after party DJ ;)

  69. 69
    @63 Says:

    @@Hooplah: Not anymore since even Bz agrees he was cheating and its a open relationship.

  70. 70
    #### Says:



  71. 71
    @Cornho whatever Says:

    Srsly, you sound like a damn lunatic. You’d do everyone a favor if you gtf and stopped masturbating over Toni all damn day

  72. 72
    Newcomer Says:

    @Hooplah: This being said I am not saying that they broke up, but he is not spending a lot of time with her either. Yesterday afternoon, she was at the Martinez, he was on a yacht, yesterday night, she was at Grisogono party and after party while he was again at Gotha, today, they were seen on the same boat, but it seems they had dinner in different places (he wasn’t at the Heart Fund Gala where she was and one of his friends posted from a restaurant in Nice) and she went to a boat party while he is at Gotha. Maybe she will join Gotha later but something is strange between them.

  73. 73
    Well Says:

    Getting close to someone so they can hear you is one thing. But touching and almost swallowing someone’s ear is another.
    Leo enjoyed every second of getting close to these beauties.
    As for how and with whom he left after the party…..
    Not because a girl didn’t tweet she was at his place that he was alone.

  74. 74
    Newcomer Says:

    @Hooplah: L Dizzle is in da club!

  75. 75
    Well Says:

    … besides like @Newcomer mentioned: “a French journalist saying that he brought back a dozen of girls from the club (to his villa).”
    Typically Leo):):)

  76. 76
    also... Says:

    @Well: He was glued to her even when he wasn’t whispering into her ear.

  77. 77
    Newcomer Says:

    It is a Brazilian party for Robin Thicke tonight:

  78. 78
    It takes two Says:

    That woman willingly flirted with Leo back and got close to him when she had a husband so, don’t know why Leo is only getting shade on that one.

  79. 79
    The Great CornHoLeo Says:

    @@Cornho whatever:

    Not going to leave just to make you happy, cupcake, so you best come to terms with that already.

  80. 80
    also... Says:

    @It takes two: We don’t know the women and this is not their thread. He was seen flirting with several women so he was on a roll.

  81. 81
    It takes two Says:

    Yeah but why isn’t that woman getting shade or being called a famewh0re when she has a husband and willingly got close to Leo? If Toni can be called one don’t see why that Katie chick can’t

  82. 82
    Leo B*tch Says:

    That b*tch isn’t fooling anyone. Toni is a d*mn fool it will make laughing at her that much sweeter when he does dumps her a**!

  83. 83
    Newcomer Says:

    @It takes two: I said yesterday that imo, she was more a famewh*re than a genuine woman but not everybody agreed (and I respect their opinions). I wasn’t the only one criticizing her so I would say that she got shade as well yesterday.

  84. 84
    It takes two Says:

    Its just whatever. Wish people here didn’t take Leo’s relationships so personally and intensely but they do. Wake me up when they breakup

  85. 85
    also... Says:

    @It takes two: I speak for myself but I don’t know her, I don’t care about her. She is married and she was publicly flirting with him. Inappropriate just like what Leo did. But this is Leo’s thread so probably that’s why. By the way we talked about the photos a lot on the previous Leo thread and Katie was discussed as well. By this thread only Leo and Toni are left.

  86. 86
    Forgiving Says:

    Toni wouldnt care even if she finds Leo in bed with another model.

  87. 87
    Aww Says:

    We need PDA pictures of Leo and Toni in the club tonight.

  88. 88
    also... Says:

    @Aww: No, we don’t. Maybe you…

  89. 89
    also... Says:

    No photos from Gotha last night or tonight. Since Richie has his pop up club there maybe he banned cameras?

  90. 90
    #### Says:


    Maybe we’ll get some tweets. I can’t imagine he wasn’t there especially with his boys there.

  91. 91
    Aww Says:

    @also…: Now it’s Toni’s turn to be whispered by Leo

  92. 92
    also... Says:

    @Aww: Well, after all this time in Cannes and after all those girls you think it’s time for her to whisper into his ears? Saying what? Thanks for humiliating me again? Go on, honey, flirt with whoever you want to and will just stay here smiling like I always do.
    @####: with Vinnie there there’s no way he wasn’t there partying.

  93. 93
    Well Says:

    Remember when the girl tweeted that pic from Leo’s rented villa last year?
    She specifically mentioned that no photos of him were aloud.
    Perhaps after seeing all these paps from the other night, there was a warning for everyone to leave their phones at the entrance if they wanted to be admitted at the party.

  94. 94
    also and Newcomer Says:

    You both seriously need lives! You’re here 24/7 obsessing over this “relationship”!

  95. 95
    @Aww Says:

    I LOVE how your posts are aggravating also.
    Watch for her to say otherwise and she won’t ignore and can’t help but respond to anything you write, cause its pro Leo and Toni.
    Keep it up

  96. 96
    Newcomer Says:

    The Robin Thicke party has started and I don’t think phones or cameras are banned:

    Maybe some of Leo will surface later.

  97. 97
    also... Says:

    @Well: I’m sure in his villa that was a given but not in Gotha. I think now with Richie’s help the cameras are banned from the club as well.
    @94: keep your advice to yourself or whoever asks for it. :)

  98. 98
    also... Says:

    @@Aww: aggrevated? No, honey, I’m far from aggrevated. I was making fun of her. You need to try harder to start something here.

  99. 99
    Newcomer Says:

    Amaury Nolasco, who was seen at Leo’s after party in his villa Monday night, posted a video from the same restaurant as Vinny, so I guess they are all together again:

  100. 100
    also... Says:

    @Newcomer: I guess cell phones can’t be banned entirely. I was thinking more like about the Monday night club photos. Don’t you think those were pap photos? They didn’t seem like cell phone photos.

  101. 101
    Newcomer Says:

    I think they are paps, but using more discrete cameras than when they pap people in the street or on holidays or take pics at a photocall. But the pics are too clear (last year’s as well) to have been taken by phones.

  102. 102
    Newcomer Says:

    But I also think paps are not allowed in the club so they go there like normal clients and then take pics.

  103. 103
    also... Says:

    Party must be ending soon and no sighting or anything?

  104. 104
    Gmaysie Kartofe Says:

    Leo spent a lot of time on his knees servicing Hollywood producers in order to live this lifestyle.

  105. 105
    Blacksharpie Says:
    Another funny article about Monday night.

  106. 106
    Newcomer Says:

    @also…: I am going to check if there are sightings. I couldn’t do it as I was working. I guess he is there as his friends (Richie, Vinny…) are there and I guess pics could surface later like what happened after Monday night.

  107. 107
    8! Says:

    ARE they still together?

  108. 108
    Newcomer Says:

    I have’t found a sighting from tonight but there are plenty of pics and videos of Robin so if he was there, I guess pics will appear later. But searching for sightings, I have found the account of this girl. She was at Rick Ross party Monday night and she posted a pic from an after party on Tuesday morning around 7 am. The house looks like the one some guy filmed (I posted his IG account earlier and Richie is in one if the videos) and on the pic, we can see Cara Delevingne and Richie. It was said by the girl who was at his after party that Cara was there so I guess the pic is from his after party even if we cannot see Leo.

  109. 109
    Newcomer Says:

    She also tweeted this after:

    Johanna Thuringer ‏@Missthuringer 20 mai
    Såg alldeles för mkt igår om för kända personer, man kanske skall kontakta lite skvaller tidningar and make some cash hahaha😂

    According to Google translate, it means that she met plenty of very famous people the night before and she could tell gossip to some magazines to get a bit of money (she says it jokingly).

  110. 110
    T Says:

    Katie Cleary could not be an escort in Cannes?

  111. 111
    amfAR Says:

    There will be plenty of pics of the lovebirds tomorrow at the amfAR party. Perfect photo op opportunity for mother, son and granddaughter, while creepy Dave can drool watching Toni.

  112. 112
    Whore in tow Says:

    No random hookers for Leo when ***** garrn is on service.

  113. 113
    Damn Says:

    On Leo’s general thread someone is def not letting the posters make excuses for Leo!

  114. 114
    Damn Says:

    BZ to clarify*

  115. 115
    really??? Says:

    @Damn: really even on BZ they’re turning against sweet Leo! haha…

  116. 116
    True Colors Says:

    All that is coming out now is Leo’s true colors. He’s not what people think he is and he definitely isn’t in love with T-Bone,

  117. 117
    Damn Says:

    Nah I don’t really think so, because the poster doing it sounds like they lurk JJ or post here, they even referenced this site in their comment and their comments sounds a lot like what people here say. But I def think BZ is changing their mind on what kind of relationship they really have

  118. 118
    Damn Says:

    @True Colors:
    How are his true colors showing now when he’s always been like this?

  119. 119
    really??? Says:

    @Damn: BZ people are very fake because they don’t criticize Leo on the boards but they email each other and criticize him behind the scenes, so they pretend also. They IM each other in private what they can’t freely express in their thoughts. They don’t all see Leo as perfect tho they wont say that because they will get banned but its the same sentiment.

  120. 120
    Damn Says:

    Yeah some other posters even admitted to not liking all his actions and have criticized him before but its usually very subtle or low key, I think they stopped doing it less more in the fear of getting banned or moderated so now they just go on for their Leo news

  121. 121
    True Colors Says:

    @Damn: because more people are seeing it now. A lot of people didn’t expect to see these pics of him while he has a gf. Only a few people are defending him and even those that do don’t think this relationship is that special. That says a lot.

  122. 122
    Damn Says:

    @True Colors:
    I think everyone knew this relationship was never special from the start though. And before the Bora Bora pics, nobody really assumed Leo and Toni were that serious, more like friends with benefits. I still don’t think the public really considers them much of a couple/nobody really cares

  123. 123
    Damn Says:

    Like even on BZ many were agreeing that it was likely an open relationship or going to be over soon so

  124. 124
    Jesse Says:

    @The real Leo: Thanks, very true. I might be still too naive about people…

  125. 125
    T-Bone Says:

    T-Bone is putting on a brave face but these pictures are going to bother her and this incident is going to bother her and eventually she’s going to leave him soon. Good job Leo! You horny b:astard!

  126. 126
    Srsly Says:

    Y’all need to stop projecting. If Toni had a problem with Leo’s cheating she would’ve left him months ago, its obvious she doesn’t. Get over it already

  127. 127
    RIP LEO+TONI 2013-2014 Says:

    Dearly Beloveds,
    We’re gathered here to commiserate The Walking Dead relationship of Leo and Antonia. It will only be a matter of time before the Sun rises and truly finishes them off. Flowers will grow in lieu of the boring concrete marking the end of spring and the beginning of summer.

  128. 128
    insider Says:

    Leo is selfish. But he can be nice and funny.

  129. 129
    @T-Bone Says:

    I was of the same impression as you on Monday but i’m sorry if she can be comfortable enough to stay with him after these pictures and further boat encounters the next day then I know for a fact that never mind her career or public humiliations, she’s not leaving until Leo pulls the plug himself. Amazing but true.

  130. 130
    @127 Says:

    LOL, spot on!.

  131. 131
    Just me Says:

    @insider: you means he has money, because that’s the only reason for stay with him

  132. 132
    eat own sh.... Says:

    @Srsly: and you get over what people want to be fixated on…srsly

  133. 133
    @129 Says:

    Does anyone think the so public flirting pics from Cannes were maybe Leo’s way of trying to get Toni to leave him? It makes a lot of sense if you think about it. I dont see this lasting much longer either

  134. 134
    @Just me Says:

    Another reason to stay could be lack of self esteem, in which we were all shocked to find out applies to her.

  135. 135
    Just me Says:

    @@Just me: sure, but if you have money you obtain nearly everyting, it’s sad but the majority of people have a price.

  136. 136
    TBH Says:

    I think Toni is just hanging on for the luxuries and perks. I think she knows it won’t last but decided she’ll wait until Leo does the dumping. I dont think she cares what he does behind closed doors as much as you guys think.

  137. 137
    @133 Says:

    Yes i think that was the case. Come on it’s not his first or second time in Cannes or that club, he knows the drill, he must have been as shocked as we were when she decided to turn the other eye. So it’ll be interesting to watch how this unravels. The next big excuse I can see him using is work which he won’t be starting till September or so. And I’m sure she’s already planning on visiting him on location every other weekend or more often to keep the relationship alive. So this will be really fun to watch.

  138. 138
    Joanna Says:

    Why can’t he just tell her,why does he have to make a public scene?

  139. 139
    haha Says:

    You all think that Toni is the one who decide everything about their relationship. Poor Leo is FORCED to stay with Toni.

  140. 140
    Joanna Says:

    @haha: What do you mean by that?

  141. 141
    Real Time Says:

    You guys have to remember that this is real life and not a TV show that has to be wrapped up in 30 mins to an one hr. So Leo had some “indiscretions” we don’t know how Toni is feeling right now. She could very well be thinking about leaving him right now. Their relationship might be on thin ice currently. Of course she is going to put on a brave face to the public. But I personally believe that this relationship took a turn for the worse and its never going to come back.
    Sometimes you might find out your man or woman is cheating you and you take them in again only to say f*ck this’ and walk again because you have some self esteem. I personally believe they’re not in a good place at the moment and knowing Leo’s track record it will only get worse because it was nothing to begin. So you’re starting from a 5 gone to 2 wont make a level 10 relationship anytime soon. Saying that I can’t wait to see the first public pics of them together! How far will the space be? One foot? Two feet? Will running and back turning be involved?? C’mon Leo you have to make it look good! I wonder if we will get pics of them in Cannes?? : )

  142. 142
    Real Time Says:

    Its also one thing to cheat on you and its another thing to cheat on you with pictures and let everyone see it and gossip magazine ridiculing you for a relationship that was never on solid ground. So yes it will be interesting to see this play out. Leo was doing some heavy duty ear wax, head touching, dancing from behind flirting and having lunch with some of them. But if he’s now bored of Toni you have to ask yourself the question is it going to get better for him or worse especially knowing he basically picked an interchangeable. Once Leo gets to that level of boredom where he doesn’t give a fck and doing things in PUBLIC its basically over. Yeah I think they’re gonna break up soon too. I feel bad for Toni. I’m lying don’t really feel bad for her.

  143. 143
    Abdul Says:

    Leo knows he did something wrong that’s why we don’t get any more club pics for 2 days straight. I guess he has gone into pretending again…

  144. 144
    Maybe Says:

    As there were pics of leo and toni on the boat yesterday maybe they arr actually broken up and she was just saying hi/goodbye to irmelin but leo and her didnt interact…just find t weird that in like 3 days theres been no pics of them and in fact very few of leo

  145. 145
    Maybe Says:

    Sorry as there were NO pics of them on the boat yesterday

  146. 146
    Abdul Says:

    @Maybe: I know he came out with a BANG now he’s being quiet! lol

  147. 147
    @Maybe Says:

    +1 Toni acting friendly and polite with Leo’s mother doesn’t mean everything is ok with Leo.

  148. 148
    Patience Says:

    As with all things TIME WILL TELL and we just have to WAIT AND SEE…all will be revealed in TIME…

  149. 149
    party Says:

    Rosie comforting (hug) Toni, there’s a reason…

  150. 150
    @party Says:

  151. 151
    lol Says:

    @Abdul: That’s what I think too

  152. 152
    #143 Says:

    @Abdul: It is weird especially as his friend and fellow man w*h*o*r*e Robin Thicke was the one opening at Gotha last night

  153. 153
    Maybe Says:

    Ugh statemen is so fug, how he even got rosie ill never know

  154. 154
    also... Says:

    @Abdul: I agree I think he knows this was bad. But I don`t think it has anything to do with his consciousness but more like his image and the negative publicity it brought to him. He has a gf and he does this? Lively-Polish model 2.0
    LOL @ the convo between Kevin Connolly and Vinnie on IG
    Kevin: Vinny would go to 1oak North Dakota #killingdakota
    Vinnie: @kconnolly88 haaa. 1oakalaska next!!
    #killingdakota LOL!

  155. 155
    sexyback Says:

    Out with toni in with the next victoria secret model.

  156. 156
    lol Says:

    @also…: LOL. At least Kevin C seems to have SOME awareness of the ridiculous

  157. 157
    Beach Says:

    Maybe Leo was there but was not photographed for some unknown reasons…

  158. 158
    sexyback Says:

    I bet leo stank. He broke up with erin because she complained about his stench. Toni older looks older than 21. Does leo allow her parents around, he seems very controlling.

  159. 159
    @157 Says:

    Fellow club goers would have happily tweeted Leo’s presence. They always do

  160. 160
    @Beach Says:

    The blonde next to Robin Thicke looks like Toni (same haircut/shoulders)

  161. 161
    @Beach Says:

    Maybe she was at the Cavalli party and then Gotha club

  162. 162
    also... Says:

    The girl could be Toni or anyone else. I think guessing would lead to another pointless argument.
    I bet Leo was there but it is odd that there weren`t even any tweets. Photos I understand but no tweets? Maybe someone will post something today…
    @lol: I know! That`s why I wanted to post it! It was funny to say that about Vinnie. And the #killingdakota is priceless!

  163. 163
    Whats going on Says:

    Well spotted that does look kinda like her, uh i just dont know I really want an answer either way..

  164. 164
    also... Says:

    It could easily be her but if you think about the photos from Monday night there was a blonde around Leo who resembled Toni a lot ( hair length and color ) so I think this is something we will never know or not until we see photos of her at the event.

  165. 165
    sighting Says:

    Infiniment fêtard ‏@Monsteratique

    So he was at the Gotha last night

  166. 166
    lol Says:

    @@157: Even more than that in NY or Cannes ppl still use their cam phones to snap at least his newsboy cap in nightclubs as well as excited tweets. Nightclub Cannes has been going crazy for Bieber and Leo, but its being silent for 2 days.
    I’m with Abdul on this one.

  167. 167
    @166 Says:

    Newcomer tends to have the tweets, and she’s French too. Maybe she’ll have something but it needs to be multiple sightings from fellow club goers because there have been hoaxes before

  168. 168
    sighting Says:

    there was a lot of people last night at the gotha with Robin Thicke

  169. 169
    also... Says:

    @sightings: thanks for posting the tweet. I would have been surprised if he wasn’t there… He is really keeping a low profile since Monday night.

  170. 170
    Honestly Says:

    Toni and Leo do not even look like they are together. If it was real they would be together. Doesn’t she realize it is over between them. Its obvious Mr. D is scouting for his next gf. I can’t imagine what this is doing to her self esteem, I would be very upset, good thing she has friends there to comfort her and I’m sure they doing their best to support her , but she has to move on or just keep licking her wounds. Long term if she stays with him what will happen to her self esteem and reputation. Just because Leo is flirting and talking to all these girls doesn’t mean he is sleeping with all of them, but don’t you think if he was committed to Ms. Garrn he would not behave that way and she should be with him at the parties. Something doesn’t fit here, they do not look like a couple at all.

  171. 171
    Exes Says:

    Bar just facebooked she’s at Cannes

  172. 172
    sexyback Says:

    Please put up more sightings. I don’t see leo in none of these pics.

  173. 173
    #killingdakota Says:

    No Barbara Palvin for Vinny

  174. 174
    Ultimately Says:

    Allright everybody let’s give it up for the Ultimate No Drama Girlfriend.

  175. 175
    #### Says:


    I’m sure he’s been in the club but I’ll bet he has his bodyguards blocking pics.

  176. 176
    Aww Says:

    Hopefully Toni was with Leo in the club last night with her arms wrapped around his neck to send a message to the ****** models don’t even dare to approach her man.

  177. 177
    Source Says:

    Someone scolded Leo. He has been very quiet and head down.
    Who was it? His mom?, his girlfriend?, his Pr Team?

  178. 178
    Leo picture Says:

    I have found a pic on twitter of leo and toni in the club, they are sitting down she is on his knee he has his arm on the small of her back/bum and and she has one arm around his neck and the other i cant see…he is wearing a black tshirt and grey pants and his newsboy cap and they appear to be talking closely. You can also see the little twirp richie in the corner of the pic and i think vinny. I want to post the pic but i am very bad when it comes to technology (only recently got facebook) but its in twitter to see.

  179. 179
    also... Says:

    @source: PR team gets my vote! The Monday night photos were embarrassing for Toni and for Leo as well.
    @####: I’m sure he was there and it seems like he is really dodging the cameras after Monday nights fiasco. I think Richie might be helping him to stay low key while partying.

  180. 180
    also... Says:

    @Leo picture: What’s the name on the twitter account? It would make it easier to find.

  181. 181
    ,,, Says:

    She is losing it by the day she was soo much hotter last year, can kinda see why leo is losing interest her hair is doing her no favours

  182. 182
    LOL Says:

    @also…: now she will say she doesnt know how to write the name Lol

  183. 183
    Toni's IG Says:

    Toni still ignoring the obvious what a desperate girl . She still doesn’t know her relationship status! .

  184. 184
    Ruhe Says:

    Well one thing is for sure…after meeting married Katie…Leo now knows the ENTIRE package is out there… And well guys it is a known fact men never chase what they already have…

  185. 185
    ,,, Says:

    Hmm who ar the guys in the pool…strategically placed pic to not get the heads in…OR this is her way of saying im single look at me checking out hot guys

  186. 186
    sexyback Says:

    Leopicture is lying. U aint no damn pic.

  187. 187
    also... Says:

    @LOL: lol Seeing is believing! I haven’t seen anything like that in twitter. If Newcomer can’t find it then it doesn’t exist.
    @Franglaise: Heidi Klum is next door…and Leo DiCaprio just walked past

  188. 188
    @183 Says:

    @Toni’s IG: What has that picture go to do with her relationship or Leo? Why the aggravation?! There is nothing to say or prove that’s Leo in the pool. They could just be random cute French guys being checked out.

  189. 189
    also... Says:

    ”’: I think the photo is taken at the hotel where Leo is staying so I think that was the point.

  190. 190
    Back to Lalaland Says:

    I bet they laughed about the misunderstanding and ended up having a ton of extra streamy make-up sex after that.

  191. 191
    lol Says:

    @@183: It’s not yet as bad as yesterday’s post.
    That was just one hot mess of hurt feelings and anger *shrug*

  192. 192
    sexyback Says:

    Wheres the picture? Leopicture.

  193. 193
    Aww Says:

    @Source: If Leo knows that he messed up and he apologized and learned his lesson, she did well forgiving him.

  194. 194
    Toni's IG Says:

    @178: You would have posted the pic . dont believe you for a second . People and their fairytsles! eyeroll*

  195. 195
    ,,, Says:

    If you zoom in the guy on the left looks kinda like leo, beard longish hair

  196. 196
    also... Says:

    Who is the supermodel stalking? She refers to herself or former model Corine Roitfeld?

  197. 197
    Hotel Du Cap Rocks Says:

    I wonder if anybody probably heard moanings and headboard banging from Leo’s room the last two days in Cannes.

  198. 198
    also... Says:

    I also doubt the tweet photo exists. You don’t have to be technically savvy to post a tweet or anything that would help others to find it.

  199. 199
    sexyback Says:

    Whats the name of the twitter account.? Whats takin so long leopicture.

  200. 200
    Proud Doormat Says:

    @Toni’s IG: A day in the life of our favorite pathetic girl.

  201. 201
    Toni's IG Says:

    its obvious they dont know the guys ion the pic ..but its strange how Toni is hinting at checking out guys all of a sudden .. but she using the girl in the pic as the one who’s looking *sneaky

  202. 202
    friend turned Bf/Gf Says:

    Have you ever broken up with someone who was your friend first? There is the conversation about how you are going to stay friends and assure each other of it. So then you days after have to prove this by coming together and acting normal with just basically no touching. You do this over and over to prove you are OK but usually the person who got dumped is dying inside the entire time. Then you make a point of avoiding them for awhile to let your life adjust and you can get back to being single. Usually months later when you see them next it feels better and you can be just friends for real again. Or the one who ended the relationship freaks and makes some declaration about how much they missed you and need you back. Of course this is after they tested the other so called greener grasses. This is when you say you think it is better to just be friends. Burnnnnnn Lol

  203. 203
    Love is Real Says:

    Tonight Leo and Toni will make their first official appearance as a couple in the red carpet at the anual amfAR Cinema gala. They are going to be the hottest couple in Cannes.

  204. 204
    Blacksharpie Says:

    I think the pic is her way of saying she stayed with Leo last night.
    Kind of a strange pic though – the comment sounds kind of arrogant “if they only knew WHO was checking them out?” And then she hashtags supermodelstalker??? (Is she considered a supermodel?)
    Of course, the fact she is checking out men is interesting …

  205. 205
    #### Says:


    How do you know it’s the same hotel? I thought she was staying at The Martinez or something like that.

  206. 206
    lol Says:

    @Love is Real: LMBO Oh troll! You can be quite amusing.
    Wish Leokas or soulmate were here to respond

  207. 207
    Toni's IG Says:

    @love is real: Sure and Lukas will be their flower girl too!

  208. 208
    also... Says:

    @####: The pool looks like the one at the hotel where Leo is staying. I could be wrong but I think it’s the same.

  209. 209
    also... Says:

    @lol: She deserves some credit for being so stubborn and not giving up on them even after Leo embarrassing her so badly in public. A for effort!

  210. 210
    @blackshaprie Says:

    @Blacksharpie: It was her friend not her I think

  211. 211
    sexyback Says:

    In your dreams love is real. Are a toni fan.? Im still waiting for the twitter pic. Second why hasn’t he walked the carpet with her yet. He did it eith gisele. Does toni have to put up with his **** for four years to get that recognition.?

  212. 212
    also... Says:

    @####: I was right. Look at this photo. It obvious she was in that white building when taking the photo and this is where Leo is staying.;_ylt=AwrB8o6FEX5TqTQAu1mJzbkF;_ylu=X3oDMTIycnRobWtzBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1nBG9pZAM3MjRlNTkxZTkzNDI0Y2YxOWVjMDllNGZmMjVjNGIwOARncG9zAzYEaXQDYmluZw–?

  213. 213
    also... Says:

    Wow! The longest link I ever posted! lol

  214. 214
    Joanna Says:

    The girl is not giving up her luxury lifestyle that easy.Leo is going to have a hard time getting rid of this one.First attempt failed,waiting for the second one.Your move,Leo.

  215. 215
    Love is Real Says:

    Toni is his perfect girl. Besides his mother adore her, his friends love her and evryone supports the relationship. His fans needs to accept that she is the love of his life.

  216. 216
    also... Says:

    Maybe this IG and checking out guys is her response to the Leo flirting heavily photos? Leo flirts and she checks out guys? lol

  217. 217
    #### Says:


    If Leo is even staying there. He may be staying at his villa with his pals. Those videos on that DJs instagram showed them in a villa right? Isn’t this hotel where they have the AmFar Event tonight?

  218. 218
    Leo's rom-com Says:

    @Joanna: How to Lose a Gilrfriend in 1 year.”

  219. 219
    Mother's Rules Says:

    His mother has forbidden him to leave Toni.

  220. 220
    Blacksharpie Says:

    Yeah, that’s the same pool. She’s back to hinting. Lol
    My bad on my last post. I didn’t realize the woman in the pic was a model. Toni probably means that woman is checking out the men in the pool.
    Either this is a casual, open relationship or Toni has absolutely no self-esteem.

  221. 221
    Lol Says:

    @Blacksharpie: All of the above

  222. 222
    Toni's IG Says:

    Just like some who said Leo was so “serious” about Toni maybe now they will finally believe he is not ..she’s no diffrent from the rest .. except he did’t hid them like he does with Toni . seems he is bored with this “Uh huh UH HUH “whatever you like I like girl” hah!

  223. 223
    also... Says:

    @####: Yeah, that’s where the AmFAR is going to be and it seems like she is hanging out with this ex model. Who knows what’s going on? Maybe something like before Christmas? Some break or he needs some space? He is very low key but there are sightings but nothing really with Toni ( I know they were both on that yacht yesterday ).
    @Blacksharpie: No self esteem, no self respect at all.

  224. 224
    Toni's IG Says:

    @love is real :your almost as deperate as Toni..

  225. 225
    Joanna Says:

    @Toni’s IG: Maybe “love is real” is Tony.

  226. 226
    Abdul Says:

    @Love is Real: I don’t think so as they’ve never made an “official” anything. Maybe they’ll be officials at the after party but of course there will be no pics because Leo already has her and he’s pretending to be good for the public eye, not because he cares about her. Amazing! Still no pictures of Leo or clear shots? What happened Leo? lol

  227. 227
    Joanna Says:

    I do believe she would be so pathetic to post here.

  228. 228
    lol Says:

    @Abdul: I don’t even understand why people are using Leo going “official” as a barometer of anything.
    Gisele is the only one that got a red carpet and that was after 5 YEARS!
    Then they broke up shortly after.

  229. 229
    #### Says:


    I’m definitely not trying to say she wasn’t with him but there have been no sightings of them together so for all we know he moved to the villa knowing she was going to be at that hotel for the AmFar event tonight.

    Who knows what’s going on. We won’t know until we get pics of them together or a really good solid hint from Toni or one of her friends. :P:

  230. 230
    Love is Real Says:

    Toni and Leo are truly in love, and everyone around them think they are made for each other.

  231. 231
    #226 Says:

    @Abdul: IKR. Compared to how many shots we got of him in Cannes last year on yachts, clubs (and even in 2011). He has almost dissappeared

  232. 232
    Leo101 Says:

    @Abdul: I think he over estimated the reaction this would cause but I do believe that’s the real him. He probably started to believe he was invincible and took a step too far and now he’ll be more discrete. Leo loves the ladies and this is in line with all those girls that continually go back to his house in LA to do god knows what when she’s not around. Toni is really a loser.

  233. 233
    @also Says:

    Isn’t Leo staying at his rented villa?

  234. 234
    Aww Says:

    @#226: Leo is behaving to avoid more problems with Toni.

  235. 235
    Amy Says:

    @Love is Real Leo and Adriana Lima would be the hottest couple in Cannes

  236. 236
    Toni's IG Says:

    Toni is a stalker .she stalkes Leo’s ex gfs and friends She’ll probally lurks Katie Clearly ‘s IG now !

  237. 237
    Blacksharpie Says:

    It’s a strange relationship.
    Before Cannes, they had been apart for over a week, I think. Wouldn’t you be excited about seeing each other ? Instead, he hits the club hard and flirts (and probably more) with half the women in the club.
    I know I’ve said this before but it’s interesting that there were all those pap pics Monday night. He was papped on the boat both Tuesday and Wednesday but not papped with her on the boat. She had to rely on Dave to get a pic of her on the boat. Today she’s letting us know she’s at his hotel with her IG. Just seems strange to me.

  238. 238
    also... Says:

    @@also: I think it was said the other day that this hotel has villas and he is probably renting one but it belongs to the hotel.
    @####: I agree. It’s strange what’s going on since the photos were published. I guess we have to wait and see what’s going on.

  239. 239
    also... Says:

    @Blacksharpie: I agree. Something is off but I tend to believe they are on maybe just taking a little breather from each other while in Cannes? It is weird though…

  240. 240
    Love is Real Says:

    There is any problem between Leo and Toni. They completely trust each other and they feel closer than ever.

  241. 241
    #### Says:


    I think they’re just going to quietly get through Cannes. When does it end by the way? And then I guess we’ll see what happens after?

  242. 242
    @Love is Real Says:

  243. 243
    sexyback Says:

    Maybe her clingy ways is getting on leos nerves. Leo is somewhere sleeping off that liquor. Second, why is it that noone knows where hes staying. Dont the paps follow them back to their hotels.?

  244. 244
    @Love is Real Says:

  245. 245
    @Love is Real Says:

  246. 246
    Cake Eater Says:

    @Blacksharpie: exactly, after 2 weeks of not seeing someone wouldn’t you be excited to see them?!? Nope it takes him almost TWO days to be with his “gf” Leo wants to have his cake and eat it too. Hes’ really a player at heart but he puts on a façade for the pubic eye. He wants to live one way but feels constricted. I don’t think he would have a prob dating multiple women if it wasn’t for public perception. I also think he has stunted emotional growth development.

  247. 247
    @Love is Real Says:

  248. 248
    sexyback Says:

    Was that for me love is real or should i say tonigarrns stalker,

  249. 249
    heh Says:

    @Love is Real: Love is Real you’re starting to sound comical now. LOL

  250. 250
    also... Says:

    @####: it ends Monday but I kinda think the big parties are going to be over by the weekend. I also think he wants to stay under the radar especially in Cannes. But not even a dinner sighting together? Strange! And as Blacksharpie pointed it out he wasn’t really in a rush to meet her when she got to Cannes. Instead he gave her a load of embarrassment.
    Let’s see what’s next?

  251. 251
    sexyback Says:


  252. 252
    Toni's IG Says:

    So Bar will attend the Amfar also ?? AWKWARD!

  253. 253
    Partygirl Says:

    To me this whole thing goes back to the “moving in together” story. Leo was probably pissed about it and it didn’t matter whether Toni’s people started the rumor or the tabloids made it up.
    After the denials didn’t kill the story then came the acting out.
    Party at his house with multiple girls spending alone time with him.
    Then he managed to spend lots of time in NYC without her.
    Finally, he was grinding on any girl within arms reach at Cannes where he and Toni started dating/their anniversary.
    Seems like he wants out and was willing to give her a reason to walk away, even if it made him look bad. Unfortunately, he underestimated her personality. Her hanging with his mom on the yacht screams let’s put this behind us.
    @Amy yes, Leo and Adrianna would be the hottest couple ever, but I’m not sure that will ever happen. I have a feeling she has heard too many stories about Leo.

  254. 254
    also... Says:

    @Cake Eater: I agree. He wants to have his cake and eat it, too. At heart he is a player with the need of some comfort, regularity. But he can’t have it both ways especially because of his image. I think if he just stood up and said this is who I am ( like Clooney did ) it would be easier for him. At least he owns up to it and then he doesn’t have to bother about his image. JMO

  255. 255
    Toni's IG Says:

    So Bar will attend the Amfar event ? AWKWARD!

  256. 256
    Blacksharpie Says:
    She did go to the Roberto Cavalli party last night. The other models who went had so many pics of them up today I didn’t think she had gone.

  257. 257
    sexyback Says:

    Who cares. Wheres leo.? She now has her own thread. REALLY.!

  258. 258
    Love is Real Says:

    Leo and their families and friends are gonna show off their support when Toni hit the catwalk show in Cannes. They’re so proud of her.

  259. 259
    New Major Twist Says:

    Love is real could be Dave?

  260. 260
    sexyback Says:

    @love is real is delusional. All they do is party do they sleep. Maybe its the cocaine.

  261. 261
    Cake Eater Says:

    @also…: exactly, he’s afraid of what people will think if he goes from one woman to the next but deep down I think he wants to explore without being judged. But I guess he has to live up to his A list illusionist life style. He doesn’t have the guts to be himself really and make no apologies for it so he has his “girlfriend” front and he so very often tries to control that image. Well it failed 2/3 days ago! lol Sooner or later the walls come crumbling down…just ask Humpty…Yes what is next!? I think Leo is bored.

  262. 262
    Partygirl Says:

    Oops… That should say never happen.

  263. 263
    #### Says:

    @New Major Twist:

    BAHAHAHAHA!!!! Wouldn’t that be the kicker!!!

  264. 264
    Blacksharpie Says:

    I tend to think Monday night was his way of sending a message to her, either for the moving in story or so etching else. I know others have said there are always paps in clubs but, to me, The amount of pictures was excessive. The timing of it too – he just about gets off a plane and he knows she is arriving the next day and is working in Cannes and it is where they were they were both seen together for the first time last year.
    This doesn’t seem random to me at all. Who knows, I could be wrong.

  265. 265
    @Black Sharpie Says:

    Alessandra, Cara, Irina, Lara, Rosie were models who also attended the Cavalli bash. Its invite only.
    Toni is walking AMFAR tonight – she always does – the site has published the models names

  266. 266
    sexyback Says:

    I bet leo and his mom are so obnoxious. They probably think noones good enough for them. Where is leo.? Getting his coke stash no doubt.

  267. 267
    #### Says:


    I totally agree that this started after the moving in together story. His PR denied it but that story went totally viral and I think that’s what sent him over the edge.

    I think Leo and Toni are going to get through the rest of Cannes quietly and then I guess we’ll see what happens after that.

  268. 268
    Blacksharpie Says:

    He changed his tag line on IG. I guess he was p***ed about some of the comments being made on the Toni boat pic.

  269. 269
    lol Says:

    @Partygirl: I disagree with your logic that Leo is a prisoner of sorts. Dude does what he wants and the whole he’s trying to get rid of Toni but can’t is laughable.
    Last year this dude blew of his own movie premiere in the native country to publicy party despite a backlash – knowing he would get away with it.
    He’s not a prisoner or a victim of anyone or anything.

  270. 270
    Wow Says:

    I think at this point they are just pretending. Taking advantage of whatever everyone is winning with this relationship. And sorry for bringing ex talks but reminds his last years with Bar. Although they traveled together, they were partying together and even were rarely affectionate, really didn’t feel like they were actually together as a couple.

  271. 271
    Blacksharpie Says:

    Even some of these stories about Monday night reference the fact that they are supposed to have moved in together. Maybe he is so afraid of commitment that he completely “lost his mind” over that story! Lol

  272. 272
    sexyback Says:

    F the amfar event. He’s not gonna the red carpet wit miss spaghetti or sit with her. Face it people she is a blow up doll for him.

  273. 273
    Amy Says:


    LOL at her not wearing Cavalli at a Cavalli party.

  274. 274
    Blacksharpie Says:

    @@Black Sharpie:
    My point is the other models got a lot of press out of going to the Cavalli party. She did not.

  275. 275
    #### Says:


    What did he change it to?

  276. 276
    also... Says:

    @Blacksharpie: He would be a good fit for bz. lol

  277. 277
    Blacksharpie Says:

    I’ve never heard of the designer she is wearing. It looks to be along the lines of the short outfit she had on in the boat pic.

  278. 278
    sexyback Says:

    I’ll check back with you folks later, right now its boring.

  279. 279
    Amy Says:


    No one has heard of that designer. Must be a newbie.

  280. 280
    niop Says:

    …and here we thought we would get endless pics of leo in cannes….I guess it was only the first day…

  281. 281
    Partygirl Says:

    @lol: I don’t think he’s stuck in the relationship. I think he got pissed and stopped caring. Rather then call her up and say we are done. He is just f*cking with her mind and figuring she’ll get the message. #classicScorpio

  282. 282
    Toni's biggest fear Says:

    No, is not Leo cheating on her..

    is worse #wrinklesonthedress

  283. 283
    Amy Says:


    This is what Dave put up on his IG:

    ” I will often block serial bloggers who follow me and will delete comments that I don’t appreciate when entered from people I don’t know.”


  284. 284
    Aww Says:

    I’m not happy. Where are the pictures of them together?

  285. 285
    #### Says:


    He’s such a joke! LOL

  286. 286
    Blacksharpie Says:

    Thanks for posting. I am on my phone so I can’t copy comments from IG.

  287. 287
    Amy Says:


    Here you go! :)

  288. 288
    The Great CornHoLeo Says:

    Need anymore proof that Toni is a full-on narcissistic b*tch? Read her IG comment where she says “If only those guys in the pool knew who was checking them out #supermodelstalker @amfar @carineroitfeld #cannes2014″ Oh, get the f*ck over yourself, honey! Yes, those guys should just fall to their knees and thank the Lord that the goddess, Toni Garrn, was gracious enough to acknowledge their existence!

  289. 289
    Bar and Toni Lookalikes lol Says:

  290. 290
    Newcomer Says:

    Hello people!

    I have not found sightings for the moment about last night (I didn’t have a lot of time to search so I will try better a bit later). I have just seen the tweet in French that somebody posted some pages ago (thanks btw!). I believe one of the reasons why we got sightings Monday was because Bieber was in the club. This is how I found the sightings and how the video was found as well. Tuesday and yesterday, I have found plenty of tweets about JB’s fans being at Gotha and hoping that he will come again but they just tweet about that. And about the video of Leo with the girls (we see Bieber, then Paris and then Leo), I don’t know if you remember but it seems Leo is in a VIP area close to the dancefloor (probably the place he was when the pics of him with girls were taken) and the video is taken from above so maybe he is now hanging in a more private area of the club, whcih would explain why we only have one sighting from Tuesday night and also only one from last night. One of Vinny’s friends posted a video of Robin last night and it seems they are a bit above and behind the DJ booth so he may have been hidden there:

    I don’t think Toni is the girl in the pic of Vinny and Robin because I posted that pic yesterday and approximately around the same time, I posted a pic of Toni at the Cavalli party. I said that she might join later so maybe after her dinner and after party she joined them but this pic was taken before she (maybe) arrived imo.

    About the villa: the videos and pics posted from his villa show that the villa is surrounded by others villas and it is quite close to the city. There are only two villas inside the Eden Roc park and they are surrounded by trees so I think that like last year, he has a big suite at the Eden Roc (Hotel du Cap) where Dave and Irmelin stays and where he might go if he spends the night with Toni and he has a villa away from that for his parties.

    Toni posted from Eden Roc but she is with Carine Roitfeld, the woman who organizes the show this evening and all the models have come to Eden Roc for the fitting and as the event as started 30 minutes ago, I guess Toni was there and having a chat or a brunch with Carine before preparing herself for the gala and the fashion show. Now, she may have spent the night here with Leo and hint about it, but she has a good professional reason to be in the hotel right now. One of her fans commented under that Eden Roc pic that she saw her at the Martinez yesterday so it seems she is still staying there. Maybe she has seen Leo but even if they are still together, they don’t spend a lot of time together. If he had wanted to spend the night with her, I guess she wouldn’t have gone to that dinner and after party alone. If she joined him, if what either in the club or after the club in his room. I still think it is strange, that except that pic Dave posted, we have nothing about them being together and sightings of them in different places.

  291. 291
    Newcomer Says:

    At 4 pm, he was hanging around the Hotel du Cap:

    Karen Hockney ‏@Franglaise 2 h
    Heidi Klum is next door…and Leo DiCaprio just walked past

    The red carpet (actually it is a white carpet) and the cocktail started at 6 pm (nearly one hour ago), the dinner, auction and fashion show are at 8 pm and then, the after party at midnight. If he goes, there will be pics I think.

  292. 292
    Aww Says:

    @Newcomer: Probably he was visiting Toni in her dressing room.

  293. 293
    Newcomer Says:

    There is a pic of Toni, with the same clothes she has on the boat with Irmelin, at the Martinez hotel. So I really think she is staying there and not with Leo. Maybe she went to see him but it seems they are staying in different places. There have been plenty of sightings of her at the Martinez. When she arrived, before she left for the Grisogono party, this new pic which was taken yesterday afternoon before or after the boat cocktail, her fan who saw her yesterday evening here…

  294. 294
    @newcomer Says:

    Thanks for the info newcomer, I believe this hotel du cap is quite popular making it a hotspot for paps, and the fact that events are taking place on the premises also makes me believe that Leo is not lodged there. We all know he values his privacy too much for that. If he was we would have gotten more pictures for sure. I believe he is at one of their Villas as earlier mentioned. This means asides the dave picture, they have not stayed in the same place for up to a day since she got to Cannes, as the Martinez hotel commenter confirmed on her instagram. Oh boy, this is getting interesting!.

  295. 295
    Amy Says:


    Oops! That Link doesn’t work. Try this one:

  296. 296
    Blacksharpie Says:

    Maybe whoever is sponsoring her and the other models in Cannes gets rooms at Martinez for the women to get ready for various events?! There was a pic just posted on here of a bunch of models and it was posted by IMG. Is that a model agency?
    I think her IG today was to say she was with Leo.

  297. 297
    Newcomer Says:

    @@newcomer: I don’t believe he is in one of the Hotel du Cap’s villas. They are next to the hotel so paps are around as well. The video Vinny’s friend posted from the villa clearly shows that they are not in the park surrounding the hotel (where the Hotel du Cap’s villas are located). Also the villa doesn’t look like one of the villas you can rent on the Hotel du Cap’s park. He is staying outside the hotel, closer to Cannes. The Hotel du Cap is in Antibes. But I believe he has a suite at the du Cap and he goes there from time to time. His mom and Dave are probably at the du Cap. He is also spending a lot of time on yachts. These pics of him Tuesday afternoon on a yacht and Vinny posted a pic of a yacht saying they will stay there for the week.

  298. 298
    Blacksharpie Says:

    But she’s just talking close because the music is so loud! Lol

  299. 299
    Amy Says:


    I’m shipping them for the hotness :)

  300. 300
    niop Says:

    @@newcomer: why wouldn’t they stay in the same hotel? I don’t get it??? weird….

  301. 301
    Newcomer Says:

    @Blacksharpie: Yes, IMG is a model agency. Like I said, it could mean anything. All the models were at the du Cap for the fittings and she posted this pic only 2 hours before the event starts so I guess she could have been there to prepare for the gala. They both have a good reason to be at this hotel right now. She walks the show, he is being auctioned off. Let’s see if they are together.

    Leo is at the Gala or will arrive soon.

    Sonia ‏@_SONiiiA_ 4 min
    @LiLBOOBREEZY en parlant de Mehdi là il est pépère dans la voiture de Leonardo Di Caprio à cannes. Pdt qu’on rouille ici lol

    “Speaking about Mehdi, he is now in Leonardo DiCaprio’s car in Cannes. While we are here lol.”

    Sonia ‏@_SONiiiA_ 4 min
    @LiLBOOBREEZY il fait sa sécurité il m’envoie un message “j’attends dans la voiture de Léo” mdr

    “He takes care of his security et he is sending me a message “I am waiting in Leo’s car” lol”

    Sonia ‏@_SONiiiA_ 4 min
    @LiLBOOBREEZY & ce soir il fait la sécurité au Gala de charité de l’Amfar (ou j’sais pas quoi lol)

    “And tonight, he takes care of the security at the AmFAR Gala”

    So it seems Leo was at the hotel earlier this afternoon but left and is about to come back for the gala.

  302. 302
    @newcomer Says:

    Thanks for clarifying. I think all signs point to them not staying together at the moment. But then considering the Heidi klum next door and Leo sighting I just don’t know what to think anymore. Hope we get a clearer picture of what’s going on tonight.

  303. 303
    Newcomer Says:

    What I understand from these tweets is that the guy is/was waiting inside the car for Leo to arrive and then Leo was being driven to the Gala and the guy takes care of the security there. If he is waiting for Leo in a car, Leo cannot be at the Hotel as this is the place where the Gala is.

  304. 304
    #### Says:


    If what newcomer says about that girl that Toni was with is correct, then it is hard to say whether she was there with Leo or not. I think with Vinnie and his boys now in Cannes with him and Richie, they are all staying at the Villa so who knows….

  305. 305
    Blacksharpie Says:
    If he goes, do you think Leo will bid on this? He loves dinosaurs.

    There are lots of pics of the Amfar gala on IG so it must be underway.

  306. 306
    Newcomer Says:

    These are the women organizing the fashion show:

    There are pics on this IG of fittings and on the other woman (not Carine Roitfeld)’s IG, you can see Karolina Kurkova with the dress she will wear tonight.

  307. 307
    Newcomer Says:

    This is being auctioned tonight. Leo may want to buy it LOL

  308. 308
    Newcomer Says:

    @Blacksharpie: LOL! We got the same idea!

  309. 309
    #### Says:

    So Leo is auctioning himself off? What does that mean? Will Toni bid for him??? LOL

  310. 310
    Amy Says:


    It means exactly what you think it means. ;)

  311. 311
    Blacksharpie Says:
    I might be wrong?! (I’ve been wrong about a lot this week)
    This is a vid of the models rehearsing for tonight. She must have been at the rehearsal(can’t see her in the vid) and it was posted around the same time as her “pool” pic. Maybe she was just at the hotel for rehearsal.

  312. 312
    also... Says:

    @####: maybe he is hoping for someone hot to win him and she can get the full Leo experience! Is that space trip even happening? The one he was sold for last year?
    I’m curious to see if there will be any photos of them together.

  313. 313
    Newcomer Says:

    @####: A place with him for the space trip is being auctioned off LOL, not him!

  314. 314
    #### Says:



    I think the space trip is supposed to happen sometime in the Fall/Winter of this year. We’ll see though. It was already pushed back from last year.

  315. 315
    Amy Says:


    Depends on who wins the bidding war. ;)

  316. 316
    #### Says:


    That was auctioned off last year. Why are they doing the same thing again? LOL

  317. 317
    Newcomer Says:

    Her father told her that he was driving plenty of celebs, models at the Gala and he has also seen Sharon Stone and he told her that Leo will be at Gotha tonight:

    Méline @Meline__k · 1 min
    Et il rajoute y’a Dicaprio au gotha ce soir

    I don’t know if he also drove Leo or if he got the information from another person.

  318. 318
    also... Says:

    @Newcomer: or he just has some common sense. I mean it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out where he’s gonna end up later tonight! 1OAK can’t function without him.

  319. 319
    Newcomer Says:

    @Amy: LOL

    @####: Yes, I think it was pushed back and so the winner of this year will go with Leo and the winner from last year.

  320. 320
    Amy Says:


    LOL @ “Leo will be at Gotha tonight”

    I think we could have figured that out on our own.

  321. 321
    The Great CornHoLeo Says:

    Look up the word ‘eingebildet’ in the German dictionary and you’ll see Toni’s picture next to it. Other words associated with her include ‘selbstgefällig’ and, the most appropriate one: ‘fotze.’ Fick dich, Toni!

  322. 322
    Blacksharpie Says:

    I’d bid! Lol
    I think the smart woman is the one who looks at him as a “long weekend” kind of guy, a fling not a relationship.
    Seriously, I think there’s an auction item for a seat on the space trip with Leo.

  323. 323
    also... Says:

    @321: You definitely won’t find her picture next to self esteem or self respect.

  324. 324
    Newcomer Says:

    @Blacksharpie: Like I said, she could have been hinting but she actually had a good reason to go to the Hotel du Cap this afternoon.

  325. 325
    also... Says:

    @Newcomer: She had a reason to be there and Leo was there as well according to that tweet and he might not even be staying at the hotel. I think they are low key but on. She has no self respect so I think it will go on for a little while longer. She clearly enjoys the perks that the job brings so she won’t give it up too easily.

  326. 326
    #### Says:


    Maybe he overheard him talking on the phone about where he’d be tonight?

  327. 327
    Newcomer Says:

    @also…: Yes, but according to another tweet, a guy taking care of his security was waiting for him in a car to then drive him to the Gala, so it seems he was/went to the hotel this afternoon and then left and will come back later/is on his way.

    An article about Leo asking a photgrapher to delete pics of him at a recent event in NYC:

  328. 328
    Newcomer Says:

    This journalist tweeted this:

    Assma Maad @Assma_MD · 8 min
    Déjà deux ex de Leonardo DiCaprio (ici Bar Refaeli) #FigaCannes #amfar

    “Two exes of DiCaprio already there (here Bar Refaeli)”

    I don’t know which is the other one. Erin? Blake? Gisele?

  329. 329
    sexyback Says:

    You ladies need to quit. Its still on. He likes her she likes him get over it THEY ARE TOGETHER.!

  330. 330
    also... Says:

    @Newcomer: Blake was in Cannes but hasn’t been seen for a while. Who knows who is the other ex?
    There was a tweet from someone at the hotel earlier today that said he just walked by so he must have been there.

  331. 331
    also... Says:

    @sexyback: And you need to stop telling people what to do. What does it matter to you what do we think or post?

  332. 332
    Toni Says:

  333. 333
    Newcomer Says:

    AP Entertainment ‏@APEntertainment 4 min
    We’re at the #amfar party! Leo Dicaprio, joh Travolta, Kellan Lutz and more are here … In the rain.

    Leo is at the Gala.

    @also…: The tweet from the woman at the hotel was earlier in the afternoon. The tweet from the guy waiting to drive him at the Gala was just one hour ago. So he left the hotel and he has now come back. Not saying they are not together or didn’t see each other but Leo had a busy schedule this afternoon LOL (and she was rehearsing at the Hotel).

  334. 334
    also... Says:

    @Newcomer: That might have been the MoMA Garden Party. I think there was something about him avoiding or not allowing photographs.

  335. 335
    Blacksharpie Says:

    Re: the article ” he has knack for slipping in and out of parties …” Clearly he didn’t have that knack Monday night! Lol
    I wonder what the recent “soirée” was and why he didn’t want to be photographed?

  336. 336
    Newcomer Says:

    @Toni: So they walked the red carpet together it seems LOL

  337. 337
    Amy Says:


    I KNOW that she and Leo are together. This picture of her is so beautiful too…'s+Secret+Lingeie+July+2013-004.jpg

  338. 338
    Newcomer Says:

    Bieber is a pain in the a*s. It was easy to find AmFAR tweets but now that he has arrived this is just a mess.

  339. 339
    Joanna Says:

    @Newcomer: Together?You mean hand in hand?

  340. 340
    The Great CornHoLeo Says:


    Agreed. I think they’re still on as well. Leo really is a despicable scumbag, though. No excuse for treating women this way. And yet, he still has so many female fans!

  341. 341
    Blacksharpie Says:

    I think the hair and makeup are for the Marilyn Monroe theme.

  342. 342
    sexyback Says:

    @also u sound crazy and obsessed. I sure leos reps will release a statement when they are done. Second,people have open relationships. I believe thats whats happening here.

  343. 343
    Newcomer Says:

    @Joanna: It was sarcasm because somebody (Love Is Real or Aww) said that they would walk together and be the hottest couple. She arrived alone.

  344. 344
    Amy Says:

    @The Great CornHoLeo:

    These women allow themselves to be treated that way. Toni doesn’t have to stay with Leo but she chooses to for fame. Women don’t have to hook up with Leo for one night stands but they choose to.

  345. 345
    well Says:

    Thanks for the HR article, Newcomer.
    No only Leo likes to control his gfs but he now needs to control the professional photographers.

  346. 346
    Blacksharpie Says:

    I don’t think its Blake. Ryan’s movie was apparently. Of well received and he was supposed upset about it. I think they’ve left.
    Maybe it’s Gisele?!
    Barbara Palvin is there. Wasn’t she a rumored fling?

  347. 347
    TONI rules Says:

    Toni is so muuuuuch hoter than bar that fugly fat cow look how ugly she looks

  348. 348
    also... Says:

    @sexyback: Whatever you say, honey. But try to relax and let others post whatever they want to even if you disagree.
    @Joanna: I think that was a joke.

  349. 349
    Newcomer Says:

    @Blacksharpie: I guess if Gisele or Blake were there, they would have been pictured (the journalist was covering the red carpet). Erin is in LA so either she means Toni or one of his flings/rumored flings.

  350. 350
    Amy Says:


    I think it’s funny how Blake had to settle for Ryan Reynolds after failing with Ryan Gosling and Leo.

  351. 351
    Newcomer Says:

    It seems Leo is here already (according to AP) but he didn’t walk the red carpet (it is now over) and went directly to the hotel for the dinner. I guess photographers don’t have the right to take his pic so let’s see if there are pics later.

  352. 352
    #### Says:


    IMO not too impressive.

    I think since Leo’s clubbing pics came out, there’s only been one pic where she looks like she’s genuinely smiling and that’s the pic of her and the hot male model. Other than that she’s either not smiling or they seem forced. Just my opinion…..

  353. 353
    Joanna Says:

    @also…: I get it.I would be surprised if they walked the red carpet together after all this circus.

  354. 354
    LOL Says:

    just saw a picture of bar she looks awful so she is there for sure, which one of Leo’s other exes could be there? Maybe Blake? she loves cannes

  355. 355
    Amy Says:

    @TONI rules:

    Ummm… hot and Toni don’t belong in the same sentence.

  356. 356
    @TONI rules Says:

    Toni is the laughing stock in Cannes. Leo took care of that.

  357. 357
    TONI rules Says:

    Hi Bar stans

  358. 358
    The Great CornHoLeo Says:


    I know. If women refused to treat Leo like some god and stopped throwing themselves at him, maybe he’d shape up and start treating women like they’re human beings with feelings instead of objects to use and throw away!

  359. 359
    Blacksharpie Says:
    I found this.
    Did he come by boat?!
    He, of course, came with his Mom(and Dave).

  360. 360
    Toni Says:

  361. 361
    sexyback Says:

    Wheres a picture of leo on the red carpet for the amfar gala. I wonder if they will sit together, why does hide on carpets other major stars don’t.

  362. 362
    Amy Says:

    @TONI rules:

    I only stan for

    and Leo and the love they found in a nightclub in Cannes.

  363. 363
    Partygirl Says:

    @Blacksharpie: Nice job finding the arrival pic.

  364. 364
    Newcomer Says:

    @Blacksharpie: So I guess he was being driven to a boat in Cannes and then the boat went to Antibes (Hotel du Cap). So he didn’t stay at the hotel this afternoon.

  365. 365
    TONI rules Says:

    Toni looks like a goddess, eat your heart Bar you ugly cow

  366. 366
    also... Says:

    @TONI rules: You started the Bar thing and now whoever responds is a Bar stan? It’s a well known fact how much I don’t like Bar but she doesn’t look any worse than Toni. Toni keeps wearing light colors that wash her out. At least Bar wears color. I’m not a fan of hers or her looks but Toni has nothing on her.

  367. 367
    Amy Says:


    Leo’s date to every event: His mom, Irmelin

    You can bet on it!

  368. 368
    Newcomer Says:

    What I meant is that if he arrived by the main entrance, there was the red carpet and the photographers, so he arrived by the sea to avoid them LOL

  369. 369
    also... Says:

    @TONI rules: Seriously? What’s your problem? Nobody really cares about Bar here. Relax!

  370. 370
    Amy Says:

    @The Great CornHoLeo:

    “objects to use and throw away”

    Ehhh… Don’t agree. A one night stand is agreed upon by both people involved. They both choose to have casual sex. So they’re “using” each other.

  371. 371
    The Great CornHoLeo Says:


    Why does he avoid the red carpet and other stars don’t? Because he is WAAAAYY up his own ass, the arrogant c*nt, just like Toni! He is truly convinced he’s above everyone else. I wish something would bring that man down to earth.

  372. 372
    Blacksharpie Says:

    Maybe the boats arrival was a way of avoiding press/photographers ?

    The pic was taken from above and was taken by a makeup person who might have been looking out the window of the hotel at the time he arrived?
    I only found it by has tagging him on IG. There do to seem to be any pics of him or her under hashtag amfar.

  373. 373
    TONI rules Says:

    @also… HER UGLY STANS DO!! Thats why they hate Toni so much, jealous that Toni is soooooo much better looking than the fat cow? bar is fat ugly and thats the reason even leo hates her and thats why she dosent have any boyfriend. All her lame fans that hate the fact that he at least cares about Toni cant stop making up lies on how he cheats on Toni. Only because he cheated on bar which we know why because she is ugly as F** dosent mean he does that to Toni

  374. 374
    Coming Up Says:

    Boys trip to Miami.

  375. 375
    Blacksharpie Says:

    Honestly, I am never too impressed with how she dresses. I know she probably doesn’t have much control over what she wears to these events but, somehow, her counterparts usually look better.

  376. 376
    @TONI rules Says:

    You have problems… SERIOUS problems

  377. 377
    The Great CornHoLeo Says:


    I think when women sleep with him, they’re not getting the same satisfaction out of the sex as Leo does, because I’m sure deep down, they want more, whereas a quick hump and dump suits men just fine. I would bet that the women are left feeling used while Leo walks off, just having blown his load and feeling like a stud. But maybe I’m just more of a traditionalist when it comes to relationships and sex. I don’t think casual sex is something most women truly want, even if they engage in it. And just because these women are letting themselves be taken advantage of, it doesn’t make it okay for Leo to choose to take advantage of them.

  378. 378
    Hot Says:

  379. 379
    sexyback Says:

    @The great cornho leo u r so right. He and irmelin thinks they’re all that. This relationship is so strange even that rascist guy Don Sterling allowed more pics with stiviano and hes married. I guess when u r rich u can do whatever. If i was toni i would demand he walks me down the carpet.

  380. 380
    #### Says:


    He has to mean Bar and Toni. We would know if Gisele or Blake were there. Unless Erin is there but has anyone heard anything about her being in Cannes?

  381. 381
    also... Says:

    No AmFAR for Vinnie

  382. 382
    also... Says:

    @TONI rules: Seriously? Let it go, already! Bar must haveeft a very deep impression on you if you suspect her behind everything anti-Toni. Trust me I don’t like her, never did but it’s time to let her go. You were the one who came here and started the Bar thing for no reason.

  383. 383
    Amy Says:

    @TONI rules:

    LOL. I don’t like Bar’s personality but she’s much more attractive than Toni.

  384. 384
    Aww Says:

    I cant wait. After party with Toni.

  385. 385
    Blacksharpie Says:

    I am not a fan of Bar either but I certainly don’t think she looks awful. At least she has a sensuality/sexiness about her and she knows how to work the cameras.
    I think its ballsy of her to wear red when red dresses are part of the theme of the fashion showbut I guess thats typical of Bar.
    Just think if a photographer could get a pic of Toni and bar together! Priceless!

  386. 386
    The Great CornHoLeo Says:


    He’s an as*hole. She could demand til her face turned blue, but he’d still refuse so that she wouldn’t get too comfortable and think she’s the next Amal Alamuddin. In Leo’s mind, no woman is good enough for him. Leo is always #1 and he makes sure the ladies know that.

  387. 387
    Amy Says:

    @The Great CornHoLeo:

    We definitely don’t see this the same way. The words you’re using like “take advantage of” makes it seem like these women don’t have any free will and don’t make any choices. You might not want to have a one night stand but there are women who enjoy them.

  388. 388
    also... Says:

    @####: I don’t think Blake is there. We would have heard if Gisele was there and someone said Erin is in LA. Maybe people assumed she walked away after Monday night?

  389. 389
    Blacksharpie Says:

    But he’s killing it! Lol

  390. 390
    killingit Says:

    Bar and Toni posing together, Please! make it happen

  391. 391
    @Amy Says:

    We all know that you hate Toni. you call her t-bone and you’re a fan of Bar. just admit it.

  392. 392
    The Great CornHoLeo Says:

    What is with all the white dresses Toni wears? They’re so boring, and they do nothing for her complexion.

  393. 393
    Amy Says:


    Nope. Never called her that name and I don’t like Bar. I’m just talking about looks.

    She’s much hotter than both of them anyway:

  394. 394
    Guessing Says:

    No crazy after parties for Leo.

  395. 395
    Newcomer Says:

    Maybe Leo had a party or an after party Tuesday night or yesterday night in Monaco (on a yacht, a villa?). I suggest Tuesday or yesterday as Monday night he was at Gotha and then the after party was in a villa close to Cannes I think.

    Clarisse Sorlat @SorlatClarisse · 54 s
    Lol mon cousin qui a été invité à la soirée de Leonardo DiCaprio à Monaco

    “Lol, my cousin was invited to Leonardo DiCaprio’s party in Monaco”

    Clarisse Sorlat @SorlatClarisse · 36 s
    Et qui bouffe une pizza en tête à tête avec lui a 5h du mat

    “And he eats a pizza in private with him at 5 am”

  396. 396
    Newcomer Says:

    Clarisse Sorlat @SorlatClarisse · 54 s
    Il paraît que les soirées qu’il fait ressemblent aux soirée dans great gatsby

    “It seems the parties he organizes looks like the parties in the Great Gatsby”

  397. 397
    amfAR Says:

    Leo when Toni walks the fashion show.

  398. 398
    Amy Says:


  399. 399
    Vegetarian cheat Day Says:

    @Newcomer: And Toni hates pizza. Gf needs to step up her game.

  400. 400
    Lol Says:

    @Newcomer: Another cousin invited to Leo’s private parties.

  401. 401
    #### Says:


    So sounds like he is continuing the partying. He’s just keeping it low key after Monday’s debaucle!

  402. 402
    LMAOO Says:

    What is up with people on JJ not even trying to deny they post comments on Toni’s IG? Really 0 photos and you think you’re fooling everyone?

    “You have no dignity”

  403. 403
    Newcomer Says:

    @####: I find it strange, that besides that boat cocktail yesterday, it seems they are never together, not having dinner together, not partying together, not even staying at the same hotel or house. When I saw that pic Dave posted I thought they were still together (and maybe they are), but it is like he is avoiding her. Let’s see what happens at the AmFAR Gala. There is the dinner, fashion show and auction right now, then the after party at the same hotel in 2 hours, and Lil Wayne at Gotha and last year, he organized another after party at his villa.

  404. 404
    #### Says:


    I agree. We’ll just have to wait and see but I do think Leo is being purposefully low key right now because of the pics from Monday.

  405. 405
    Newcomer Says:

    @####: Yes he is very low key, but once again, because of Dave’s pic, I thought he would be low key but with her (like joining the Grisogono after party or having dinner with her and not going on partying like he does but hiding).

  406. 406
    Question please Says:

    So…c ould anyone let me know if its worth it to check the last 300+ comments that blew up seemingly overnight? Anything notable happen or is it the same banter/trolls?

  407. 407
    Blacksharpie Says:

    I am wondering that myself. I guess we have to wait and see.
    She has to be at Cannes for work and he wants to be there to party …
    There might be an announcement afterward????

  408. 408
    Newcomer Says:

    Jayne ‏@Jay_Joh 1 min
    My best friend is at the Cannes film festival charity dinner tonight and has just met Leonardo DiCaprio. #sojealous

  409. 409
    Newcomer Says:

    I can’t see Leo on the pic but this is what the Gala looks like:

  410. 410
    @406 Says:

    @Question please: Nope!

  411. 411
    Newcomer Says:

    And live performances by Lana Del Rey, Robin Thicke and Aloe Blacc.

  412. 412
    #### Says:


    Except for the fact that we know they were both on that yacht at the same time, it doesn’t seem like they’ve spent any time together while in Cannes.

    I don’t know about an announcement because it’s not like anything was ever “official” about their relationship but I do wonder if there will be something leaked after Cannes is over. I mean so far we have JJ and Daily Mail talking about “ex” and “split” and then someone tweets about 2 exes being at the AmFar Gala assuming they mean Bar and Toni.


  413. 413
    Question please Says:

    @@406: Thx

  414. 414
    The Great Sexwhore Says:

    Leo is sickening, whores it up on his gas guzzling yacht then instructs his lessers to post environmental tweets in his name so he can take the credit. Parties the night aaway and humiliates his girlfriend and parents (it does not reflect well on them that he still has not become an adult… or even a 25 year old) and then slaps on a tux and voila he thinks all is well. Can’t believe he dares to show up to this gala with his parents and supposed gf but still thinks he’s too above it all to take red carpet pics what a JOKE f.uck him seriously I wish idiots would stop throwing themselves at his feet.

  415. 415
    Newcomer Says:

    Leo is bidding tonight!

    Jada Yuan ‏@jadabird 6 min
    Leo DiCaprio bid €100,000 on a Bulgari necklace modeled by Carla Bruni at #amfar #Cannes auction. Was outbid for €400,000 in 1 min.

    Maybe he will win the skeleton LOL

  416. 416
    If Says:

    Not a Bar fan but she’s way cuter, prettier than Toni. She has shape and eyebrows and looks healthy.

  417. 417
    If Says:

    leo looks weird coming off the boat and he looks like he has a five head

  418. 418
    The Great Sexwhore Says:

    @Newcomer: Meanwhile Angelina (love her or hate her) donated $50 000 to charity. Why did Leo want that necklace exactly? band aid for Toni or ego fuel for Irmelin? LEO SUCKS

  419. 419
    tastes Says:

    Toni is more beautiful than Bar IMO. We all have different tastes.

  420. 420
    Monkey Fetish Says:

    @tastes: Lukas is more beautiful than all of them

  421. 421
    Newcomer Says:

    @The Great Sexwh*re: He has 250,000,000 dollars on his bank account. If he had wanted it, he would have had it.

  422. 422
    Clooney to wed in September Says:

  423. 423
    Amy Says:


    LMAO at the eyebrow comment…

  424. 424
    #### Says:


    He obviously didn’t want it bad enough if he got outbid! :-(

  425. 425
    Newcomer Says:

    Lana is singing the Great Gatsby’s song:

  426. 426
    Amy Says:


    LOL. Leo is cheap. I think this has been well documented already.

  427. 427
    The Great Sexwhore Says:

    @Newcomer: I think Leo got outbid because he’s so fat and couldn’t react fast enough at the auction.

  428. 428
    Newcomer Says:

    It seems the fashion show is done. All the models on stage together:

  429. 429
    Amy Says:


    Leo’s busy deciding which ones to invite back to his villa tonight. ;)

  430. 430
    If Says:

    @tastes: great for you and no eyebrows! : )

  431. 431
    sugarbaby Says:

    It’s so funny that alot of people are NOW recognzing who he really is (even tho he’s been like this forever) but they still dismiss his actions and gives excuses for him, especaily his crazy fan girls
    They really think that Leo is a faithful man to Leo, that he only thinks about her, loves her, comes home to her…
    HELL NO!
    He doesn’t even want to be seen with her
    He only cares about himself, and ofc the only lady in his life his mama
    Its crazy how mommas boys love and resepct their mothers so much, but can do the same for other women,,?
    That makes no sense!
    I noticed the whole PR enviro tweeting thing too, its sick, he uses real world issues to hide his own!

  432. 432
    #### Says:


    Toni in the dress with the long sleeves and leg slit, her hands together, maybe clapping and her head back a bit, to the left of the middle???

  433. 433
    Blacksharpie Says:

    So true!

  434. 434
    @sugarbaby Says:

    I don’t get it, do you just come on here to cuss Leo out daily if you claim to hate him so much?

  435. 435
    Newcomer Says:

    Sorry the fashion show is about to begin:

    amfAR @amfAR · 9 min
    The wait is over: our Cinema Against AIDS 21 fashion show, curated by Carine Roitfeld of @crfashionbook, is about to begin. #amfARCannes

  436. 436
    Blacksharpie Says:

    I think you are right. 9th from the left.

  437. 437
    Newcomer Says:

    @####: Yes, maybe it is her. The girl seems taller than the rest and Toni is very tall.

  438. 438
    Newcomer Says:

    They were all on stage together for the dresses to be auctioned off I think:

    Jada Yuan ‏@jadabird 5 min
    Carine Roitfeld curated red dress collection at #amfar #Cannes sold for €3.5 mil. Sharon Stone, auctioneer, kept saying “dollars.”

    Jada Yuan ‏@jadabird 34 s
    What’s that rich guy gonna do with 50 sample-sized dresses for €3.5 million? #amfar #Cannes

  439. 439
    also... Says:

    Ao for there was bidding/ auction and then the fashion show? Maybe Leo thought they were bidding on the models! lol
    By the way Wva Herzigova is at the AmFAR Gala and she is a Leo ex. A fling really but I remember him causing trouble in her marriage a long time ago. But she is not that well known for being involved with him.

  440. 440
    sexyback Says:

    Does anyone know if they are sitting together.? It seems they dont want major pda at award shows. I be so glad when leo goes back to work.

  441. 441
    Blacksharpie Says:
    This might be the necklace.

  442. 442
    also... Says:

    *So before

  443. 443
    sugarbaby Says:

    @@sugarbaby: Um how am I cussing him off when im speaking the TRUTH LMFAO. I’m sorry for dissing up your HOLY god Leo the Jack Dawson, Gatsby, Romeo of our time.

  444. 444
    Newcomer Says:

    @also…: I think it started with a cocktail during and after the red carpet and now they are having dinner and the auction is during the dinner. In between, there are performances from artists (Lana Del Rey was the first) and now that the dresses are auctioned, the fashion show has started. I guess that after that, they will auction again and other artists will perform and then around midnight, the gala ends and there is an after party at the hotel and some other after parties at Gotha or VIP Room or villas…

  445. 445
    Newcomer Says:

    @sexyback: It seems the models who are doing the show went on the red carpet, posed for photographers and then they had to change themselves for the show. So the models will only be seated at the dinner after the show I guess.

  446. 446
    Newcomer Says:

    Sorry, maybe they are seated during the cocktail or the beginning of the dinner and then, they go back to the dressing room for the show. Here is her table. She is close to another model and the guy next to her seems older than Leo (his hands):

  447. 447
    Newcomer Says:

    Getty Images has published this pic of Toni at her table but no pic of Leo, so I guess photographers don’t have the right to approach him, or if we have pics, he will not pose, that will be “stolen”.

  448. 448
    also... Says:

    @Newcomer: it doesn’t look like his hand. I agree it looks older and based on the fact how little they were seen together in Cannes I don’t think he is sitting next to her. Probably with Irmelin and Dave. JMO

  449. 449
    also... Says:

    @Newcomer: Even if he doesn’t allow pictures I think there would have been tweets about them together.

  450. 450
    Blacksharpie Says:

    There were pics of him last year at his table. He was seated with his mom and Dave.

  451. 451
    Newcomer Says:

    @also…: I don’t think they are at the same table because the hands looks like they belong to an older man but also because, if the photographer had been so close to Leo and noticed it was him, he would have tried to include him in the pic (even from behind) or to go in a more discrete place and to “steal” a pic. In Cannes, they have all seen the pics of Leo with other girls and all the gossip journalists were wondering if he would appear with her at the Grisogono party, so if a photographer notices that they are seating together, it is a great pic for gossip and it will be taken, whether Leo likes it or not. JMO of course, but if they are close and a photographer is around, I guess it will be known.

  452. 452
    Newcomer Says:

    Two pics from last year’s gala. We can see Irmelin but also his friend Bert Hedaya. As Bert is also at the festival this year, I am wondering if he is also here tonight.

  453. 453
    Newcomer Says:

    Two pics from the fashion show:

  454. 454
    Just a thought Says:

    Wouldn’t it be funny if Bar bumped into Leo?

  455. 455
    Newcomer Says:

    AFP (a French press agency) confirms that Leo is there. Maybe later, they will manage to take a pic LOL

    AFPCannes @AFPCannes · 2 min
    Leonardo DiCaprio compte parmi les 900 personnes qui ont répondu à l’appel de #amfarCannes

  456. 456
    also... Says:

    @Blacksharpie: I assumed. They are his date…
    @Newcomer: Good points. I mean threes only one person to blame for those Monday photos and that’s him. He should own up to it and not hide like this. It’s so puzzling how it doesn’t register in his mind how his behavior reflects on his image and his gf. With a PR team and people so close to him always in tow. He is really living in his own little Leo-land.

  457. 457
    here is toni Says:

  458. 458
    Newcomer Says:

    Toni’s dress:

  459. 459
    @Newcomer Says:

    I thought T-Bone was presenting a dress or something? She is not on the stage?

  460. 460
    Newcomer Says:

    Another one:

  461. 461
    @Newcomer Says:

    If my eyes are correct it seems Toni is wearing the dress similar to Marilyn’s in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

  462. 462
    amfAR Says:

    Leo seeing Toni on stage

  463. 463
    @Newcomer Says:

    @here is toni:
    Oops, never mind. Looks like she was going for the How To Marry A Millionaire Marilyn look.

  464. 464
    Newcomer Says:

    @also…: I have said it before but I really think his PR team does a sh*tty work with him. Maybe they have no “control” over him or he doesn’t listen to their advices though.

  465. 465
    Rich and Dumb Says:

    @Newcomer: He looks awful and I’m surprised Kidman is brave enough to show her plastic tundra face in these parts after the disaster of Grace of Monaco

  466. 466
    also... Says:

    @@Newcomer: Maybe she got the look based on the title of the movie?
    @Newcomer: Yeah. I don’t even understand why he has them since it seems like he just does whatever he wants to no matter what.

  467. 467
    Blacksharpie Says:

    The dress mustn’t fit her?! She’s pulling it up.

  468. 468
    also... Says:

    @466: Those photos are from last year. I don’t know if Kidman is there.

  469. 469
    . Says:

    So no pics of Leo so far at this event. Don’t care about Tbone

  470. 470
    A.sshole Says:

    @.: Leo don’t allow pics taken of his precious face

  471. 471
    Aww Says:

    Maybe he was trying to buy the Bulgari necklace for Toni.

  472. 472
    lol Says:

    @.: Here are clear pics of all the models and guests.
    Rosie HW looks stunning and she actually walked the show like a real model (unlike Irina and Bar)

  473. 473
    Rich and Dumb Says:

    @also…: woops, my bad

  474. 474
    WHAT Says:

    Garnn in a dress similar to Marilyn’s???? LOLOLOLOLOLLLLL!
    With her figure looking like a skeleton, no hips, no boobs and long arms that look like a monkey’s.

  475. 475
    @473 Says:

    @lol: Agreed that Rose is stunning, but Toni walked the show too

  476. 476
    also... Says:

    @lol: So you are saying the models who are there but didn’t walk the show are not real models? Like Heidi Klum?
    Duck face

  477. 477
    Dailymail Exclusive Says:

    Current girlfriend. They are still together. hahaha

  478. 478
    lol Says:

    Yes that’s exactly what I’m saying *eye roll*
    I’m not in the mood for a fight right now so just ignore my posts

  479. 479
    @also Says:

    Well according to fellow German Karl Lagerfield. Heidi is not a real model
    “Other commenters have waded in to the debate citing Klum “too short” and too “voluptuous” for high-fashion work. Fellow German fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld recently remarked: “I don’t know Heidi Klum. She was never known in France. Claudia Schiffer also doesn’t know who she is.”
    But anyway Heidi was never high fashion, she’s a very successful commerical model and she’s too old to walk this now

  480. 480
    also... Says:

    @lol: I dont want to fight. I just wanted to clarify if I understood you well.
    @DailyFail Exclusive: They are glamorizing Toni like nothing happened and saying she was upstaged by Bar… okay… lol

  481. 481
    #478 Says:

    Toni looks deranged and Bar looks like Chelsea Handler

  482. 482
    also... Says:

    @@also: I don’t really care what Karl Lagerfeld has to say so…

  483. 483
    #### Says:

    @Dailymail Exclusive:

    So a couple of days ago, they say she’s an ex and now DM is saying she’s his current squeeze! LOL

    Even the gossip rags are confused!!!

  484. 484
    @also Says:

    But you care what lol had to say? She has to explain her opinion to you?

  485. 485
    @lol Says:

    Your post did not bash Toni enough is why. I think you even by walking implied she was a real model #goestolookformoreduckfacepics

  486. 486
    also... Says:

    @@also: Oh, here you are! I almost missed you and your nit picking. I asked a question and she didn’t HAVE TO explain anything. That’s how it works. Someone asks a question and you decide whether to respond. She did and I told her I just wanted to make sure I understood her comment well. Not the first time it happened. What does it have to do with the fact that Karl Lagerfeld’s opinion doesn’t matter to me?

  487. 487
    sexyback Says:

    Very funny#478. You are so right bar also looks old. Toni looks easy and wet behind the ears. Why is there no photos of leo.?

  488. 488
    Newcomer Says:

    Jessica x ‏@jessicajohnsonj 3 min
    so emotional at the fact our family friend is at a Cannes film festival dinner and met Leo DiCaprio, gonna cry

  489. 489
    also... Says:

    @@lol: Her comment in question wasn’t even about Toni. She talked about RHW not Toni if I remember well so what kind of Toni bashing are you talking about?

  490. 490
    Newcomer Says:

    AFPCannes @AFPCannes · 53 s
    A deux pas de Sharon Stone, DiCapriio tire sur sa cigarette électronique et de l’autre main, décourage les photographes #amfarCannes

    Just nearby Sharon Stone, DiCaprio is smoking his e-cig and with his other hand, is dissuading photographers.

  491. 491
    @also Says:

    If it was just a question, why throw in Heidi Klum’s name, (when Heidi is considered a model, maybe not High Fashion but she’s a model). If you were not trying to be provocative or aggressive as usual? Which is why you got the eye roll I suspect. And yes my post was in response to that,some in her industry don’t think she’s a model. It does not have to matter to you, it is what it is

  492. 492
    sexyback Says:

    Shutup@newcomer you will probably never meet or date leo.

  493. 493
    @sexyback Says:

    and who tf are you?

  494. 494
    also... Says:

    @@also: So now I have to explain myself to you? Because Heidi was the only model I saw there who wasn’t in the fashion show. That’s all. If anyone is trying to be provocative about a convo that has nothing to do with her is you. FYI the eye roll was unnecessary because I had no intention to start a fight as I told ‘LOL’ before you managed to butt in again.
    It doesn’t have to matter to me and what I think doesn’t have to matter to you.

  495. 495
    lol Says:

    Pic I saw on BZ. He looks his age here

  496. 496
    S Says:

    Looking handsome!

  497. 497
    Newcomer Says:

    @lol: Thanks! He looks old on this one. Maybe it is a bad pic but he looked better some days ago in the random pics we got from NYC imo.

  498. 498
    #473 Says:

    @lol – Correction – Irina DID walk the show Bar did not (no surprise)

  499. 499
    Aww Says:

    Still no sighting of the beautiful couple together? Sharing a drink, kissing her cheek, holding her hand or anything?

  500. 500
    red Says:

    i spotted Dave at Toni’s table

  501. 501
    @sexyback Says:

    Why would anyone expect Bar to walk the show? She was never a high fashion model and I don’t remember her ever walking on a runway. These are the kinds of photo shoots she is most popular for

  502. 502
    red Says:

  503. 503
    #### Says:


    He does. :-(

  504. 504
    sexyback Says:

    Shut up red you aint seen nothing. Are u there red.? Is it on tv.? Stfu.!

  505. 505
    .. Says:

    Leo looks so ugly

  506. 506
    #501 Says:

    @red: Where do you see Dave?? Toni is a pretty girl but she needs to quit that smile. She and Candice Swanopoel have gummy smiles

  507. 507
    Newcomer Says:

    @red: It is not him I think. There is a bigger version of the pic on Toni’s BZ thread and it doesn’t look like him even if he has white hair like Dave (but more hair than Dave). And the guy next to her has really old hands and a giant ring on a finger which Leo doesn’t have.

  508. 508
    Newcomer Says:

    There is another pic from her table and we see part of the guy’s face and imo this is not Leo. I guess the bigger version will be posted later but it doesn’t look like him.

  509. 509
    sexyback Says:

    Ok which one of stole my name sexyback. I don’t care when bar walked any runway use your own name. My real commit was to red.

  510. 510
    Newcomer Says:

    About the auction, the most important is coming so I guess the golden skeleton will be auctioned soon as it is nearly midnight. Aloe Blacc has performed so now it will be Robin Thicke next. Gael Garcia Bernal bought a Picasso:

    FPCannes @AFPCannes · 46 s
    380.000 € en 4 mn pour le Picasso. Bravo Gaël Garcia Bernal!

  511. 511
    #### Says:


    It’s not him. If it was him, it would be mentioned somewhere that she was sitting next to Leo. The other guy definitely is not Dave either. Bottom line is that they are just not sitting together at the dinner.

  512. 512
    @@sexyback Says:

    maybe because she has already walked runway before?

    and pleas can we stop the Bar talk I dont get why people feel the need to mention her on this thread, I get toni obsession but not Bar… i bet both leo and bar are very over this

  513. 513
    also... Says:

    He does look his age on that photo. Worn out and tired.
    @red: There’s a guy with gray hair at her table but other than the color it doesn’t look like Dave. Different hairstyle.
    @Newcomer: I still don’t think that Leo. If you zoom in he looks different to me.

  514. 514
    @513 Says:

    One runway in a 10 year career (this was as a Leo favour from the designer) Even Paris Hilton walked. Bar was still nots asked to walk this one. Even Barbara Palvin, walked this and she’s considered curvy

  515. 515
    Newcomer Says:

    Sorry Gael didn’t buy the Picasso, he was the auctioneer and managed to auction it at 380 000 euros. The journalist was congratulating his “skills” as an auctioneer.

  516. 516
    @sexyback Says:

    Toni still has a much better career then Bar ever had/will so get used to it boo. Struggling to find only one pic of her on a runway don’t mean shiz. I only referenced her because she was mentioned not walking the runway and its kinda like, well duh? All she does is pose naked in her new YouTube vids or take IG pics. Sry

  517. 517
    lol Says:

    @@@sexyback: Bar stans/haters please go talk about her and pic spam in her thread

  518. 518
    @sexyback Says:

    You brought her up so yeah, don’t point the finger @ me. Its not like you guys even ever talk about Leo compared to his exes/current gf.

  519. 519
    sexyback Says:

    @@SEXYBACK stop using my name. Its pathetic.

  520. 520
    Instagram Says:

    I can’t see Istagram pictures and love when people post twitter or BZ or other pics. I cannot see Istagram pics so can someone describe them

  521. 521
    Newcomer Says:

    The golden skeleton has been auctioned off at 11 million euros (or maybe the auction “begins” at 11 million, not sure).

    AFPCannes @AFPCannes · 2 min
    Enchère stratosphérique de 11 millions € pour le squelette de mammouth doré offert à amfarCannes par Damien Hirst

  522. 522
    @sexyback Says:

    They/I ain’t stealin your name, we’re just replying to you fool

  523. 523
    sexyback Says:

    Bull. By the way chickens that’s leo at her table about to pour champagne

  524. 524
    Newcomer Says:

    I have just seen on BZ that the woman who posted that pic with Leo at the AmFAR is a model named Dalianah Arekion (never heard about her before).

  525. 525
    @523 Says:

    @@sexyback: LMAO!!

  526. 526
    How old is everyone here? Says:

    Anyone married, in their 30s, have kids? Or is it mostly women in their 20s here?

  527. 527
    @Newcomer Says:

    Anne V is there and she’s another Leo ex. So maybe they meant her, or ahem Eva Herzigova

  528. 528
    bliss Says:

    @How old is everyone here?:

    im 23 years old

  529. 529
    Newcomer Says:

    @@Newcomer: I doubt the journalist knew about his flings, more about the “official” girlfriends. I guess she meant Bar and Toni as nobody knows what happens with Toni now and all the journalists have seen the pics of Leo in the club with other girls. So maybe she thought they were over.

  530. 530
    also... Says:

    @@Newcomer: Well, what counts as ex? Official girlfriends he has dates for a while or flings like Anne V or Eva H?

  531. 531
    Newcomer Says:

    The seat next to Leo during the trip to space has been auctioned at 700 000 euros.

    AFPCannes ‏@AFPCannes 1 min
    #amfARCannes – un vol dans l’espace avec DiCaprio en Virgin Galactic adjugé 700.000 euros par Sharon Stone

  532. 532
    Hat Says:

    @Newcomer: are you a fan of titanic?

  533. 533
    sexyback Says:

    Those definitely look like leos hands.

  534. 534
    @sexyback Says:

    Lawd, Sharon Stone is IN love with Leo. Ever since the 90s

  535. 535
    Boom Says:

    I think leo is gay.

  536. 536
    Newcomer Says:

    Bar went on stage to speak about AIDS with Rosario Dawson:

  537. 537
    Newcomer Says:

    @@sexyback: Sharon is not the one who goes to space with him. She is the main auctioneer tonight, even if other famous people are also auctioning things like Gael Garcia Bernal.

  538. 538
    Boom Says:

    @Newcomer: from what part of france are you?

  539. 539
    sexyback Says:

    Let me know if anyone sees orange head leaving the dinner with spaghetti legs.

  540. 540
    Whoa Says:

    @Newcomer: Rosario’s titties could give Leo’s a run for their money!

  541. 541
    @newcomer Says:

    Hhahhah she is stupid and desperate leo most have laughed she’s jealous she couldn’t walk with real models now she talks about stupid things to get attention who cares about AIDS

  542. 542
    Boom Says:

    @Newcomer: you are a guy

  543. 543
    sexyback Says:

    @newcomer really.! Once again forget bar. Can anyone confirm where leo is seated.?

  544. 544
    @544 Says:

    @sexyback: How can we confirm?? We aren’t there

  545. 545
    sexyback Says:

    Stop talkin bout sharonstone and bar none of them matter. Only leo.

  546. 546
    also... Says:

    @Newcomer: Wasn`t the price last year similar?

  547. 547
    Toni not smiling Says: She looks not that happy!

  548. 548
    Newcomer Says:

    @also…: Lats year, it was 1,2 million euros so this year’s is a bit less expensive.

  549. 549
    also... Says:

    @Newcomer: Oh, he is losing value? lol

  550. 550
    Damn Says:

    Leo sat with Marion but not his girlfriend?

  551. 551
    sexyback Says:


  552. 552
    Newcomer Says:

    There are some pics of Leo at the AmFAR. He is with Marion Cotillard.

  553. 553
    @Toni not smiling Says:

    She feels the need to look foolish, once more.
    I don’t understand why she bleaches her eyebrows. It is so creepy.

  554. 554
    .. Says:

    @Newcomer: he’s gross marion get away

  555. 555
    Newcomer Says:

  556. 556
    also... Says:

    @@Toni not smiling: maybe she bleached it for work

  557. 557
    Newcomer Says:

    Two more with Marion :

  558. 558
    also... Says:

    @Newcomer #556: He looks so much like Jack Nicholson on that photo.

  559. 559
    #### Says:


    Losing value…..LOL

  560. 560
    Newcomer Says:

    @also…: LOL at “losing value”. And about looking like Jack Nicholson, I agree. He looked old on that IG pic with the model and on these pics at the dinner, he looks a bit “greasy” and old as well. I am not sure all the intense partying he has been doing since he arrived in Cannes (and before in NYC, LA…) is doing him any favour.

  561. 561
    Toni not smiling Says:

    And seen with yet another married Brunette?? Take THAT Toni! lol

  562. 562
    Newcomer Says:

    This is about to end. Robin Thicke is singing right now and this is the final performance. Now, let’s see if Leo stays for the after party at the Hotel du Cap or if he heads immediately for the Gotha.

  563. 563
    Aw Says:

    Disregarding the disses on his looks for the billionth time, nice to see Marion and Leo together again

  564. 564
    also... Says:

    @#### & Newcomer: I didn`t want to be mean but it`s a half a million drop… Maybe his Monday performance is to blame
    He does look like Jack on the photos at the table and indeed a little …. greasy. Worn out and tired.
    Off topic but I just saw Vinnie on TV. Some TNT show called Graceland. I know I have seen him on Law & Order SVU recently. He was ok.

  565. 565
    sexyback Says:

    Marion looks preggers. Beyonce will not be going to kanye wedding. I wonder if leoni will be there. Beyonce must rally hate kim.

  566. 566
    Newcomer Says:

    @Aw: I didn’t want to be nasty or mean. There were pics of him recently in NYC and also in LA and I said he looked very handsome. On these ones, like also… said, he looks tired and older than usual. I was not making fun of him.

    @also…: I remember that he was quite good in Romeo and Juliet. He seems to be immature and I am not a big fan but there are way worst actors than him who gets more work.

  567. 567
    Aw Says:

    It just seems you guys are trying to insult him 24/7 and it gets tiring to hear. We already know he doesn’t look good during events or his best lately(Bora Bora anyone?) but how many times does it have to be repeated again and again.

  568. 568
    Toni not smiling Says:

    Why is Toni only wearing white..? she really does look like the ghost of cinderella?

  569. 569
    also... Says:

    @Aw: Before Cannes he look great. That tweet photo from Tacombi in NYC or in LA like that hockey game. But on these photos… he looks older and tired. It just seems like he is partying a little too much and it takes a toll on him. JMO

  570. 570
    sexyback Says:

    Leos relationship is so weird. He’s allowing pictures just not with her

  571. 571
    also... Says:

    @Newcomer: I can`t remember him in R&J. I saw him in Coach Carter. Small role but he was good. You are right. He is not the worst actor even and there are worse ones more famous.

  572. 572
    OMG Says:

    They’re not dating, get over it already

  573. 573
    Kristen Says:

    @also: I find it strange he’s not sitting with Toni at this event! And an ex attending “Bar is so awkward ..

  574. 574
    Newcomer Says:

    BZ posted two other pics from a different agency. We can see Leo, Marion, Irmelin and Dave at the same table.

    (Sorry for the long links)

  575. 575
    sexyback Says:

    Why did leo buy two extra apartments. He appears to be bored and restless. He needs to go back to work.

  576. 576
    gala Says:

    Leo and Toni were at the same table…

  577. 577
    OMG Says:

    Seriously peeps Leo and Toni are almost pretty much over, I give it a couple more weeks, maybe less. He never tried to hide Erin or looked embarrassed by her, but he really doesn’t want to be seen with Toni. Look how he’s smiling with Marion ffs

  578. 578
    also... Says:

    @gala: How do you know?

  579. 579
    gala Says:

    Leo’s hands (his bracelet) and Dave’s white hair

  580. 580
    #### Says:


    Pictures show the truth. They were not seated together.

  581. 581
    gala Says:

    I think Marion just moved

  582. 582
    Newcomer Says:

    @gala: There is another pic and we see part of the guy’s face and this is not Leo. His hands are those of an older guy and he has a giant ring on one finger and Leo doesn’t. The other guy has white hair like Dave also more hair than Dave. And we have pics of Leo at the dinner, sitting between Marion, his mother and Dave and she wasn’t there.

  583. 583
    @582 Says:

    @gala: That’s not Dave. That dude doesn’t look creepy enough!

  584. 584
    also... Says:

    @gala: I see bus #1 and #2 approaching…
    @####: I don`t think they were seating together either but I won`t argue.

  585. 585
    Newcomer Says:

    Also, if we compare these two pics, none of the guests at the tables are the same.

  586. 586
    bo Says:

    there’s another pic on getty. Toni is just behind Leo

  587. 587
    also... Says:

    @bo: Can you post the photo, please.

  588. 588
    OMG Says:

    Thank you Newcomer, some common sense! Sorry Leoni stans but the end is actually near this time, hold on for dear life, cus I know you all are going down with this ship!

  589. 589
    Newcomer Says:

    @bo: No there isn’t any new pic of Leo. Just the five who were posted and she is nowhere.

  590. 590
    I can't! Says:

    OMG! I cant believe this. LOL You mean to tell me Leo really sat with Marion his mom and Dave and left Toni by herself!!!???Muuuhahahahahahahahahaha!!! LOL Am I only the person that thinks that is seriously funny?! Why is Leo even bothering to date her?! lol Its seems like so much energy not to appear to be together! lol How does a girls self esteem survive????

  591. 591
    Newcomer Says:

    @OMG: I think the biggest “clue” is the hair of the guy versus the hair of Dave. This is very clear but poor Leoni stans were so sure that they were going to walk the red carpet and have dinner together. Maybe she will still go to the after party with him. Like for the GG, like for the Oscars, like for the Met Gala…

  592. 592
    Blacksharpie Says:

    In the first pic you posted he is clearly sitting next to him mother with Dave sitting next to her. Marion is sitting to his right. Unless they all moved, Toni is not sitting next to him.
    The only thing to keep in mind is that this is work for her. Maybe she had to sit with whoever hired her/dressed her, etc.

  593. 593
    OMG Says:

    @I can’t!:
    I honestly think he is giving her more and more reasons to leave him and is purposefully avoiding her but its like she won’t quit!

  594. 594
    OMG Says:

    Or maybe Leo and Toni are taking a break idek

  595. 595
    OMG Says:

    LMAO tell em!

  596. 596
    bo Says:

    image #493197309

  597. 597
    I can't! Says:

    He sat next to Bar when he went to Berlin for Mikhail Gorbachev?! lol And that was pretty official and a pretty important event and lets not forget Obama’s inauguration.. Poor Toni! Why does Leo not want to be seen with her so much?!?! lol Leo isn’t sitting with her…

  598. 598
    Newcomer Says:

    @OMG: I have already said this but without that IG pic Dave posted of Irmelin and Toni, I would think they are done as well. It is still strange as she is staying at a different hotel, going to other parties, sitting without him at this dinner and the day she arrived, he was having lunch with other girls, but if they were broken up, I don’t think Dave would have posted the pic. Or they were both invited at this boat event, the break up is really recent and they (Irmelin and Dave) didn’t know yet. I don’t know. We will see if they spend the after party together.

  599. 599
    That pic ? Says:

    I guess

  600. 600
    @598 Says:

    @I can’t!: That was after dating Bar for how many years? He and Toni have been together a year and there have been almost as many pics of them together already

  601. 601
    Newcomer Says:

    @bo: This?

    They are not sitting, they are on their feet.

  602. 602
    #598 Says:

    And those pics came after break up 3 or break up 4?

  603. 603
    OMG Says:

    @I can’t!:
    He didn’t even mind being seen with Erin in public(papz I mean) ! It must suck extra hard for Toni because she really wants it to be known she is his girlfriend. I honestly think they are going to break up very soon no matter how hard some here strangely root for this couple

  604. 604
    OMG Says:

    To continue the pattern watch there be no sightings of them together at the after party lolz

  605. 605
    Kristen Says: Toni’s fake smiles!

  606. 606
    lol Says:

    Damn! This picture studying and analysis of who sat where and when is so like Bus 1/Bus 2

  607. 607
    Idea Says:

    @bo: are you the same one that was talking about Toni was sitting on Leo’s lap in the club but you didn’t know how to post pics on twitter??? Instead of saying there is a picture JUST POST THE PICTURE!!!

  608. 608
    lol Says:

    And what’s Leo’s deal with these moon travels? Apparently this bid was for a second trip

  609. 609
    #### Says:


    Hmmm….so they mingled at the Gala?

  610. 610
    Newcomer Says:

    @####: It seems to be the end of the Gala and everybody got up and approached the stage to congratulate Sharon Stone.

  611. 611
    I can't Says:

    @OMG: they’re just rooting for a ship that is sinking…will sink, is gonna sink…lol I don’t even care if they show up together again a couple more times…

  612. 612
    sexyback Says:

    Toni is at the table on the second pic u can see some of her face

  613. 613
    Newcomer Says:

    This is the line up for tonight at Gotha:

    The entrance fee is 100 euros (I saw that on another account)

  614. 614
    Newcomer Says:

    @sexyback: Which second pic? The pic where she is close to him is not a pic of the tables but a pic of the end of the Gala. Dave and Irmelin are not around.

  615. 615
    Zorro Says:

    they seem to be together but it looks like a real sh!tty relationship.

  616. 616
    Newcomer Says:

    erickohn ‏@erickohn 1 min
    “DiCaprio skipped the red carpet, but was overheard…in the men’s room making a business deal on his cell while standing at the urinal.”


  617. 617
    ? Says:

    Why is Leo sitting next to Marion and not beside Toni?!?! Is he ashamed?!?!

  618. 618
    amfar Says:

    We don’t care if she was at the same table. The fact is that Leo is afraid to take a picture with Toni in public. but it’s okay with Marion. that says a lot.

  619. 619
    Newcomer Says:

    This is from this article:

    I think they are wrong about the moon. The other agencies and media said it was a trip to space with Virgin Galactic like last year.

  620. 620
    also... Says:

    @Zorro: It does! I think by now everyone, including those who were drooling all over them so far, can see for what it really is.
    @Newcomer: LOL! I wonder what the deal was that it couldn`t wait until he was done at the urinal.

  621. 621
    sexyback Says:

    They look seated to me. I meant the pic at the top of this page after#598.

  622. 622
    What Does it Matter Says:

    They’re going to get back to New York and pretend like none of this happened anyways.

  623. 623
    amfar Says:

  624. 624
    OMG Says:

    Exactly. I can’t @ people acting like this couple is going to last forever, end is clearly near no matter how many stupid sightings and disconnected pics we get of them

  625. 625
    Newcomer Says:

    @amfar: I think they were at different tables and only mingled at the end of the Gala. We have seen several pics of them at their table and like I said, none of the guests are the same. And Marion was the one sitting with him. You are right that he doesn’t want to be seen with her. The pic where they are both together, there seem to be photographers around, so let’s see if more is published about this “encounter”. It seems she is leaving the stage.

  626. 626
    LMAO! Says:

    Not even seated next to each other, are they trolling us??

  627. 627
    Amy Says:


    I just wish he had shaved that stupid goatee off. This is an upscale event.

  628. 628
    also... Says:

    @What Does it Matter: They are already pretending that nothing has happened.

  629. 629
    time Says:

    Its 2am there. I can’t believe the event lasted this long?

  630. 630
    also... Says:

    @LMAO!: She is sitting there like a stranger. Toni is so dumb and lacks self respect.

  631. 631
    amfar Says:

    agreed about his goatee…

  632. 632
    To Newcomer Says:

    Thank you thank you thank you thank you! You are the bestest! We truly appreciate you around here!!! : ) Hugs!

  633. 633
    Newcomer Says:

    @LMAO!: Wow, so she got the right to come to his table after her show (the first pics, where she is at a different table with Alexandra Richards and an old guy were taken before the show).

  634. 634
    @LMAO! Says:

    Is she crying ?

  635. 635
    time Says:

    Can someone edit a pic of the two pics together (like one above the other) so we can have an easy comparison?

  636. 636
    LMAO! Says:

    Meanwhile he’s all smiles with la Marion

  637. 637
    Erin's IG Says: Now Erin is saying #Killit LOL

  638. 638
    also... Says:

    @Newcomer: Does it really matter where she was sitting? Even this last photo LMAO! posted the whole thing is just weird and unnatural. After what happened on Monday he couldn`t make an effort to show some affection towards her? Even after what he did on Monday he can`t act like a decent boyfriend and Toni looks so dumb sitting there like nothing happened.

  639. 639
    @626 Says:

    Y’all gloat happily when it seems she’s not at the table. Then we get pics of them sitting at the same table and it starts again – dumb, a tree, no self respect, LOL

  640. 640
    To Newcomer Says:

    @also…: she is sitting like a friend more than a gf! lol A friend that just came over to say hi!

  641. 641
    Amy Says:


    Marion is obviously much more interesting to talk to than Toni.

  642. 642
    LMAO! Says:

    Honestly I agree with the posters saying Leo legit looks likes he’s doing everything for Toni to dump his ass but she just will not, whatsoever. I seriously think those obvious Monday flirting pics were Leo knowing what he was doing and trying to send a message

  643. 643
    Newcomer Says:

    It seems she was at this table first:

    The guy behind her on the second pic with the beard and the bracelet, is the one whose hands we could see on the first pics we saw of her. And we also see more clearly the guy with the white hair who is not Dave.

  644. 644
    Incredible Says:

    That chick has absolutely no pride. NONE!

  645. 645
    Comments Never Change Says:

    @@626: Its only just started we have not yet heard fool, ugly, lapdog, giraffe, immature, end is still near e.t.c

  646. 646
    LMAO! Says:

    Hey now, I’m not the one saying she’s dumb and has no respect. Just laughing at what an utter mess this couple is, they are SO odd! And gotta admit very excited to see how this mess continues, way more exciting than Leo’s last previous relationships for sure

  647. 647
    also... Says:

    @@626: Really? Yet I thought we have been saying the same things ( no self respect, dumb ) ever since we saw him on that boat on Dave`s IG photo. But it seems like I was wrong and it just started.

  648. 648
    sexyback Says:

    They are far apart and she looks soooo sad. Something wrong. She looks so desperate to keep things going. Why dont marion move? What is so important for her to talk about.

  649. 649
    To Newcomer Says:

    These pictures showing Leo engaged in conversation with Marion and Toni staring into space!! LMAO!!! How embarrassing..she is literally looking off into space!!

  650. 650
    Newcomer Says:

    Forgot to say, there was another pic where we could see the guy’s beard and this is why I think it is him (with the bracelet) and she first sat here before changing tables after the show.

  651. 651
    To Newcomer Says:

    These pictures showing Leo engaged in conversation with Marion and Toni staring into space!! LMAO!!! How embarrassing. She is literally looking off into space!!

  652. 652
    Amy Says:


    It looks like she went over to Leo’s table and sat in one the seats that were empty, but Leo ignored her and continued talking to Marion.

  653. 653
    To Newcomer Says:

    Do you think she’s allowed to speak?

  654. 654
    @646 Says:

    Girl I know its not actually you. It’s just that reaction was kinda expected

  655. 655
    Newcomer Says:

    @sexyback: I think Marion was seated there first and Toni joined the table later. If Leo had wanted Toni to sit next to him and to include her in their conversation, I guess he would have asked Marion to change seats or Toni would have looked like she was talking/listening to them.

  656. 656
    also... Says:

    @LMAO!: I don`t know… If he doesn`t want to be with her why not just dump her? Why does he want her to leave him? I mean he broke up with girlfriends before. But his behavior in Cannes is odd and it makes him look more douchy. Who treats a gf like this? And what gf puts up with it? This is just pathetic. Look at Leo and Marion. That`s how you look at a woman you respect. The way she is touching his face and how he is smiling at Marion….

  657. 657
    Huh Says:

    He looks like ges flirting with marion too i simply think he cant help himself when he is talking to a woman i dont think he does it on purpose its just in him

  658. 658
    LMAO! Says:

    True but its expected at this point, nothing can really change it, but I haven’t heard a giraffe joke in a long time fyi. I used to find them so boring but lately this couple is something, its a total guessing game at this point and its kinda entertaining to watch

  659. 659
    Newcomer Says:

    Two other pics of Leo at the Gala:

  660. 660
    Amy Says:

    @To Newcomer:

    I’m sure she’s allowed to speak, but does she have anything interesting to say?

  661. 661
    LMAO! Says:

    I agree but it looks bad on both sides. Its obvious he doesn’t want to be with her but its also obvious she still wants to be with him. Don’t know, its possible they have an open relationship or could be taking a break, but yes, I do thinks she is harder to simply dump compared to his other gfs. And lol im leavin before the JJ girlfriend expert brigades come @ me

  662. 662
    Kristen Says:

    Maybe Toni is staring at Bar? lol

  663. 663
    Newcomer Says:

    @To Newcomer: There was a tweet or something like that recently about how somebody met Leo and talk with him about the environment and Toni was just there, not really speaking.

    @also…: I think they are both pathetic. He has disrespected her publicly, not even publishing a statement to say nothing happened like he did previously, she is joining his table and he stays there speaking with Marion like she is not there. On the other hand, she has been publicly humiliated, sat at another table, joins his table and seeing that he doesn’t care, stays there staring while Marion is speaking to her boyfriend.

  664. 664
    also... Says:

    @LMAO!: Too bad you are leaving. I liked your comments! I don`t know if Leo wants to get rid of her but something seems to be off for sure. And you are absolutely right! It looks BAD for both of them! Why not just end this misery? I think Leo is getting bored, wants space but maybe he still wants a companion for summer? And she wants to stay because it`s obvious she loves the perks and can`t admit this is a dead end?

  665. 665
    I Want Sexy Back Says:

    What will Leo look like in 5 years. Keep up the partying and sleepless nights, it will do wonders for you Leo. But just know you can still be with a youthful girl, and that’s what counts. Live it up while you still cannes.

  666. 666
    Huh Says:

    Oh please shutt upp this was one moment of the entire night imsure she talked to them later, if she caught leaning trying to but into their conversation you all would be calling her desperate…leo and marion did a movir together and know each other for years this has nothing got to do with toni

  667. 667
    To Newcomer Says:

    One thing for sure is Leo does not treat Toni like his equal.

  668. 668
    also... Says:

    @Newcomer: Both of them are pathetic. The whole relationship is pathetic. And it is bad for both of them. Leo is coming out of this situation just as bad as Toni. Leo looks like a sh*tty boyfriend with no respect towards his gf and Toni… And it`s not even the first time he did it.

  669. 669
    Kristen Says:

    Toni’s not eating the dinner it seems she doesn’t like food imo

  670. 670
    Newcomer Says:

    The after party is organized by Moncler right now at the Hotel du Cap.

  671. 671
    LOL Says:

    @Huh: I applaud your bravery!

  672. 672
    LMAO! Says:

    I think its what you said. He doesn’t want her to be entirely gone but probably feels lonely and knows that she likes being with him and wants to spend time with her but not 24/7. But then at the same time the pics from Monday were a total FU to her and I definitely think he knew what he was doing and wanted those pics out for a reason but of course Toni doesn’t take note and gives a blind eye. Idrk, it could just be a casual relationship and not as serious as we all thought it was. JMO, now I have to go

  673. 673
    Newcomer Says:

    @also…: He has always been like that I guess (at least with most of his girlfriends) but I think this is the first time that this is so public.

  674. 674
    @671 Says:

    @LOL: HAHA Good one +++))))))))))))))) I suggest a Purple Star

  675. 675
    Newcomer Says:

    According to BZ, the guy next to him in the othe pics (we only see his back) is Harvey Weinstein.

  676. 676
    Agreed... Says:

    Its totally plausible that Toni could’ve joined them later. Leo was first sitting with Marion and then Toni likely joined later, just because there isn’t a pic of them talking doesn’t mean they didn’t talk. But ah, as usual the Leoni enthusiasts get joy out of trash talking them for the next 10 pages like they did earlier today when there wasn’t even any news. I’ll leave before I’m called pathetic and dumb next

  677. 677
    also... Says:

    @LMAO!: He wants it both ways! Have his cake and eat it, too. He wants his freedom and he wants the convenience of a steady gf. None is good alone but this situation is ridiculous for both of them.
    @Newcomer: This was very blatant and I don`t even think he was that drunk that he wasn`t aware of the cameras. I mean he always spots them but not there? With how many different girls? In Cannes?

  678. 678
    Kristen Says:

    Where is @Love is Real now?? Guess she’s finally given up .No Red Carpet with these two big surprise!

  679. 679
    also... Says:

    @Newcomer: I thought it was him but wasn`t sure since I could see only his back.

  680. 680
    sexyback Says:

    I bet they have only one thing in common. They both love to travel. Leo need some sleep. She never goes to games with him. What does she do for animals and the environment. Someone in her family needs to talk to her. Leo said he wants a woman with humility or humour and no drama. Toni wants to be his wife so she doesnt give him drama.

  681. 681
    Typical Man Says:

    Leo is a man with a lot of money and access. He isn’t doing anything most men wouldn’t or aren’t doing behind the scenes. He’s just a public figure so it gets turned into a soap opera. And of course his crazy fan girls love the drama and opportunity to mock his girlfriends.

  682. 682
    Yup Says:

    @Typical Man:
    Its funny how they weren’t this animated and passionate about the Bora Bora pics and even refused to comment on the thread with those pics but now they can’t shut up

  683. 683
    @680 Says:

    @sexyback: What are you talking about? Leo didn’t even tweet on Earth Day! What kind of environmentalist is he?

  684. 684
    also... Says:

    @Yup: We talked about the Bora Bora pictures on the thread before the one with the photos.

  685. 685
    also... Says:

    @Typical Man: So that makes it ok for him to be like that? Being rich and powerful? And it makes it ok for his girlfriend to tolerate it?

  686. 686
    sexyback Says:

    Will irmelin please go somewhere. Why is Bar avoiding them. Gisele says hi to leo. But Bar seems to ignore like at the french open last year.

  687. 687
    Typical Man Says:

    @also…: At any point did I ever say it was okay? No.
    But as far as her tolerating it, she can put up with whatever she wants in HER relationship.

  688. 688
    Truth Says:

    Deep down Leo knows this is a right now relationship this is why he will not “official” her .. he does not take Toni seriously .

  689. 689
    Omfg Says:

    TONI COULD LEAVE THIS VERY MOMENT AND FIND A BOYFRIEND 10X BETTER! Just like what Blake did, what Gisele eventually did. What Erin did. And yet, she doesn’t want to. No the way Leo acts isn’t right but these girls have the CHOICE to dump him or leave him yet Toni doesn’t want to, its on her and I cannot @ this surplus of posters trying to go on about how awful they feel for her while bashing her at the same time.

  690. 690
    #### Says:


    IMO I think they are both trying to save face while in Cannes but I think the damage has been done. It’ll be interesting to see what happens over the next couple of weeks.

  691. 691
    Omfg Says:

    @Typical Man:
    Amen. Its her life, her choices, people need to stop being so quick to judge total strangers

  692. 692
    kim Says:

    Toni doesn’t seem too happy in these pics…especially at the table…

  693. 693
    @689 Says:

    @Omfg: They don’t actually feel bad for her or Leo. Its fake concern but this has just gotten their juices excited again to bash trash attack the two of them as they will continue to do till the ‘end is near’. Though if Leo and Toni are so detestable and disgusting why still follow their every move tweet insta or post?

  694. 694
    Typical Man Says:

    @Omfg: I wish relationships were as black and white as some people here make them out to be, but heaven forbid there might be actual emotions involved.

  695. 695
    also... Says:

    @####: I agree. The whole thing is just awkward.
    Richie was at the AmFAR Gala apparently. He could have used a stepstool

  696. 696
    @kim Says:

    Are you kim kardashian if so tell Kanye to suck it and for godsake’s stop with the surgery!

  697. 697
    @694 Says:

    I doubt most of the posters here have actually been in relationships.

  698. 698
    sexyback Says:

    Open relationships and friends with benefits are popular among the young people today. How would you guys be like if you were leo. I would love to be him for a month i would f everything in sight.

  699. 699
    @693 Says:

    @@689: shut up

  700. 700
    again Says:

    I bet she was next to Leo and he said NO to the phographer

  701. 701
    also... Says:

    @again: The link doesn`t work

  702. 702
    Typical Man Says:

    @@694: I mean I’m starting to wonder lol. There’s like zero empathy shown for either side, whatsoever.

  703. 703
    @Typical Man Says:

    You have interesting points, whats your take on this whole situation? Or do you not really care

  704. 704
    lol Says:

    @again: Well he’s done that before. Recently in fact

  705. 705
    sexyback Says:

    I bet he dont get papped at gotha or at kanyes wedding.. maybe hes paying her to be with him like michael Jackson paid Model Brook Shields. Allegedly.

  706. 706
    @again Says:

    This could have been taken while she was sitting next to the other guy, not Leo.

  707. 707
    Blacksharpie Says:

    Could have used a step stool – LMAO!
    He must be really short.
    The blond in the white striped dress kind of looks like one of the women Leo was photographed with on Monday.

  708. 708
    sexyback Says:

    I bet leos a controlling stank pot. Do anyone have pictures of Bar meeting her or talking to them.

  709. 709
    Typical Man Says:

    @@Typical Man: I think it’s highly likely Leo has stepped out on her during this relationship. He has too much access not to. But I think he likes having a steady and there have been moments when he looks like he’s into her. I think unfortunately Toni is too young to fully understand the game. Whether Leo did anything or not at the club a couple of days ago, all the whispering got to her and you could tell in her expression. She should have worked it and went to the club herself and made sure she got photographed grinding on the hottest guy she could find there. After all Leo is a Scorpio. If they know you’ll be there whenever they want, they lose interest. But I think he’ll work his magic over the next couple of days and she’ll forgive and forget. She does look sad sitting at the table with him.

    And Thanks btw. I’m not really invested in this relationship. It just looks like they have typical relationship drama, from the outside looking in anyways.

  710. 710
    also... Says:

    @sexyback: Based on some of Bar`s after breakup remarks I don`t think they had interaction. JMO

  711. 711
    @@again Says:

    Come on! Toni is the ONLY ONE of the party having a picture ALONE at her table. coincidence ? i don’t think

  712. 712
    Toni looks sullen Says:

  713. 713
    sexyback Says:

    I sure they have had fights by now. I wish leo would get back with kidada jones, or date something different like George Clooney has.

  714. 714
    @713 Says:

    I’m curious about his relationship with Jones and how long it lasted. I know he’s been with other WOC in the past but I think shes the only official one he dated after Titanic

  715. 715
    sexyback Says:

    What picture is she alone in.

  716. 716
    also... Says:

    @@again: I have seen other people pictured alone at the table just like Toni.
    Another Leo one

  717. 717
    also... Says:

    @711: Toni is definitely not the only one pictured alone

  718. 718
    Huh Says:

    I literaly dipise his hair, why cant he just leave it with no gel ffs

  719. 719
    sexyback Says:

    Leo needs to whiten his teeth.

  720. 720
    The Spy Says:

    Is it weird that Dave liked a IG pic of Toni’s Private account with her in the bath tub?? She posted it last night..creepy

  721. 721
    also... Says:

    @The Spy: Toni`s private account? Wasn`t there a debate about it that it wasn`t really hers even though Dave follows it? But to answer your question ( whether it`s really hers or not ) it is weird. I think he has a huge crush on her and he is not hiding it.

  722. 722
    Huh Says:

    @thespy what on earth are you talking about?

  723. 723
    Huh Says:

    What pic of her in a bathrub?

  724. 724
    sexyback Says:

    Sounds like Dave has a crush. Where was Leo? Why wasn’t he in the tub with her. I bet he hates how she likes to broadcast everthing on social media. Leo better watch out she might try to make a sex tape without his knowledge.

  725. 725
    also... Says:

    @Huh: There is an account that some believes is Toni`s private IG account. We talked about it a while ago. It seemed odd how she described herself on the account and soon after our discussion the description was changed so it really seemed fake. I think that`s the one The Spy is talking about.

  726. 726
    The Spy Says:

    Well on the pic she also tagged the word #alone??

  727. 727
    @The Spy Says:


  728. 728
    sexyback Says:


  729. 729
    also... Says:

    @The Spy: You can see the account?

  730. 730
    sexyback Says:

    When is another fashion week.

  731. 731
    sexyback Says:

    How much is toni worth. Where’s leo good pal Vlad Deronin.

  732. 732
    Panic Says:

    Omg I hope Marion didn’t contract an STD when she came into contact with Leo…

  733. 733
    Arnie Grape come to life Says:

    Leo is retarded

  734. 734
    .. Says:

    @Aw: They sucked in Inception together they were less romantic than a banana and a rock

  735. 735
    Huh Says:

    Can you link the pic of her in the bath please

  736. 736
    Because Says:

    @..: Marion is an awful actress

  737. 737
    also... Says:

    @Huh: It`s a private account so I don`t know if she can. None of Toni`s friends is following that account.

  738. 738
    @Arnie Grape comes to life Says:

    You’re not funny or cool especially for using the word retarded in such a nasty way

  739. 739
    .. Says:

    @Because: She does better in the french roles. I liked her in La Vie en Rose but in Inception and The Dark Knight Rises….simply unbearable, I couldn’t understand her most of the time

  740. 740
    The Spy Says:

    All I can say for now is The account seems to be real! Dont bash on me just thought I share. Toni also posted a pic of her with the other VS models backstage titled “find the real beauty” ?shetagged herself only and hashtagged #theonlyrealblonde (This girl is so full of herself I can’t fuc*ken believe her smugness .

  741. 741
    @The Spy Says:

    @The Spy:
    Can you pls link these pics?

  742. 742
    Arnie Grape come to life Says:

    @@Arnie Grape comes to life: Leo also played Arnie in Django, Gatsby and WOWS he is sooo talented!!!1`~“~~1!@@@@@!!!!!!

  743. 743
    Because Says:

    @..: In her native language she’s fine. But TDK was awful and embarrassing.

  744. 744
    also... Says:

    @The Spy: So how come none of her close friends are following it? If it`s indeed her private account? Not Jamie, Madison, Gabriella…etc. All follow her public account but not her real private? Don`t you think it`s odd?

  745. 745
    @The Spy Says:

    She’s supposed to be amazing in The Immigrant and she was good Inception, Nine, and A Good Year, so she doesn’t suck in all her English roles.

  746. 746
    also... Says:

    The party at Gotha has started.
    It seems like Vinnie`s friend was performing tonight

  747. 747
    Because Says:

    @@The Spy: I personally didn’t like her in Inception. She was like a bad Telenovela actress. I wish Kate would have accepted the role.

  748. 748
    Blacksharpie Says:
    Vinnys at Gotha/1Oak and of course hes killing it. Lol

  749. 749
    Come on guys... Says:

    This “Spy” is obviously just f.ucking with you all. Do us all a favor and go and play in traffic, fake ass spy.

  750. 750
    .. Says:

    @@The Spy: She was good in Inception?… sry but I disagree but at the same time Nolan isn’t good with female roles or believable characters in general so its not entirely her fault. She only played herself in Nine but maybe that was the writer’s fault as well.

  751. 751
    @The Spy Says:

    “Playing herself” in Nine..such a lazy excuse lol. You sound ridiculous sry

  752. 752
    @The Spy Says:

    Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy were best in Inception

  753. 753
    dljfa;ldjfkl Says:

    Did Leo even bother to introduce Toni and Marion? Is Marion aware of his dating habits?

  754. 754
    Because Says:

    @@The Spy: True! Cillian Murphy is the best in everything!

  755. 755
    Yuck Says:

    That Vinny guy is disgusting… he is posing with Barbara Palvin who definitely could be his daughter.

  756. 756
    .. Says:

    @@The Spy: You’re the ridiculous one not even providing evidence or an argument to prove otherwise. She played herself and it might not even have been her fault, it could’ve been writers or directors who told her to do that. You’re the ridiculous one being an english-speaking Marion stan lmao

  757. 757
    ??? Says:

    @dljfa;ldjfkl: Why would she care and isn’t she a homewrecker?

  758. 758
    also... Says:

    @Yuck: Not the first time. Last year he was all over her at the AmFAR Gala. She looks HORRIBLE on this new photo! That girl is so young and is already in the middle of the lifestyle.

  759. 759
    dljfa;ldjfkl Says:

    @???: a homewrecker?!?!!?!? and an introduction would be some common decency, otherwise Marion and Leo sitting there knowing full well Toni is right there is just plain rude, it doesn’t matter how young or how much of a “beard” Toni is.

  760. 760
    :) Says:

    Leo’s face always looks so innocent
    he has puppy eyes and adorable smile
    I was a little dissapointed by his behaviour but when I see these new pics of him,all is forgiven haha

  761. 761
    lol Says:

    At least the Academy sees through Leo’s sh*tty fake image

  762. 762
    @The Spy Says:

    You sound like an ignorant twit lmao. So I guess Marion is a lonely, suffering wife who lives in Italy and abandoned her film career since you claim she ‘played herself’. Have fun with your delusion and stay pressed she’s one of the most respected and revered actresses of her generation sis

  763. 763
    Newcomer Says:

    So according to the Figaro blog Madame à Cannes (I can’t post the link once again but the article is titled “Leonardo DiCaprio incognito”), it seems Leo was completely ridiculous once again, like at last year’s gala.

    “Cette année encore, nous décernons la Palme de la tête à claques à Leonardo DiCaprio qui s’obstine à vouloir jouer à l’homme invisible en plein Festival de Cannes. Présent au cocktail puis au diner de gala de l’amfAR (table 52), il était flanqué d’un garde du corps planté derrière sa chaise, ce qui avait pour effet immédiat d’attirer l’attention sur lui, puisqu’aucune des autres stars présentes hier soir ne se sentaient suffisamment menacées pour venir accompagnée d’un gorille à oreillette. Il était formellement interdit de photographier l’animal gardé sous peine de voir des agents de sécurité foncer sur vous et exiger la disparition sur le champ de l’image incriminée. C’est donc au péril de notre intégrité physique que nous vous présentons ci-dessous quelques clichés ‘volés’ à prudente distance. A table, DiCaprio, la star la moins incognito du monde, téléphonait, tirait sur sa cigarette électronique et, à la façon d’un pape, recevait en audience privée ses pairs qui osaient s’aventurer dans le secteur 52: Marion Cotillard, Harvey Weinstein, Jessica Chastain ou Adrien Brody.Un traitement de faveur était cependant réservé à madame sa mère (qui le chaperonne fréquemment) et au top Toni Garrn, girlfriend de la saison. DiCaprio ne daigna s’ébrouer qu’au moment où Robin Thicke entama son mini-concert avant de s’évanouir dans les nuits de l’arrière-pays cannois.”

    “This year again, we award the Palme of the pain in the a*s to Leonardo DiCaprio who persists in playing the invisible man in the middle of the Cannes film festival. Present at the cocktail and then at the dinner (table 52), he was flanked by a bodyguard standing behind his chair, which had the immediate effect to attract attention on him, as no other star there yesterday night felt threatened enough to come escorted by a minder with an earpiece. It was strictly forbidden to take pictures of the “guarded animal” at risk of seeing the security guards rushing at you and demanding immediately the disparition of the incriminated image. So it is at the risk of our physical integrity that we introduce to you some pictures “stolen” at a safe distance. At his table, DiCaprio, the less incognito star in the world, was phoning, smoking his e-cig, and, like a Pope, receiving for a private audience his pears who dared to venture in sector n°52: Marion Cotillard, Harvey Weinstein, Jessica Chastain or Adrien Brody. Nonetheless, a preferential treatment (they mean that the only persons who could approach him except his A-list pears named previously) was reserved to Madam his mother (who chaperonned him frequently) and to model Toni Garrn, his girlfriend of the season. DiCaprio deigned to shake off only when Robin Thicke started his mini-concert before vanishing in the night of the Cannes “arrière-pays” (hinterland).”

    Here are the pics they took:

    I translated “palme de la tête à claques” in “palm of the pain in the a*s” but “être une tête à claques” means “to be a real pain” (literaly it means you want to slap their face).

    So it is now sure that Toni only joined him later, as she was pictured at table 34:

    On other news, Vinny posted from Gotha and Richie and the other guys who went to the AmFAR Gala were tagged, so Leo is probably there or he is at a private after party in the “arrière-pays”.

  764. 764
    Blacksharpie Says:
    About the auction. Now they are saying the trip to space will be in 2015.
    The story about him making a business deal while at the urinal also made it in to the article. Too funny. I guess he can multi-task!

  765. 765
    .. Says:

    @@The Spy: I said she’s good in French movies so relax crazed stan. And she played her own characteristics and gentle nature in Nine, she was barely in that film and again it could’ve been the director or writer’s fault so I’m not even saying she’s not good I’m saying she didn’t seem to be acting at all in that film. Watch The Dark Knight Rises and Inception dude.

  766. 766
    Whoa Says:

    @Newcomer: This makes him sound like a huge d*ck

  767. 767
    @The Spy Says:

    Yes because one bad death scene(which SHOULD be blamed on Nolan for even keeping it in the film) automatically means = omg awful actress!!11 she should never work again! so bad! worse actress to ever live!

    Give me a break. You’d make more sense if you said Penelope Cruz played her usual over sexualized self, and got a useless Oscar nomination out of it as well. I rest my case.

  768. 768
    LMAO Says:

    I’m starting to think Leo is a little touched in the head! What’s the point of going to a public event if you don’t want your picture taken? It’s already bad enough that he’s a movie star who hides his face in public but now this? Is he prepping to play Diana Ross or some other outrageous diva? He should have kept his ass in New York. This whole trip has been a mess!

  769. 769
    Space Trip Says:

    @Blacksharpie: I hope its a one way ticket

  770. 770
    @The Spy Says:

    I spot in that collage Leo talking to Jessica Chastain. Love her. That is all I’ll say on this lmao bye.

  771. 771
    .. Says:

    @@The Spy: When the hell did I say she should never work again and why bring up Penelope Cruz who is a completely unrelated actress and person?? lmfao ok keep your responses coming its funny to see you get so worked up and put words in my mouth to paint me as the satanic Marion hater from your fantasies. btw I said she’s good in french movies her performance as Piaf is one of the best of all time I’m not just saying that lmao I wonder if you’ll read this far into my response

  772. 772
    Real sexy Says:

    @@The Spy: Ya I love girls who lie about their age

  773. 773
    also... Says:

    There is a new thread. Leo and Toni at AmFAR Gala.
    @Newcomer: That is ridiculous! I mean why does he need a bodyguard everywhere? He wants to avoid attention and pictures but as the article says the bodyguards draws the attention. What`s gonna happen if they take his photo at a very public event?
    So the table mystery is solved. Initially they must have been at separate tables.

  774. 774
    Gorgeous Says:

    Toni is gorgeous! Hopefully she realizes soon she’s wasting her time with Leo.

  775. 775
    Blacksharpie Says:

    Wow, this article paints him as a real jerk!
    It’s funny that it make a point of disclosing his table number. I remember looking at pics earlier and she was seated at table 34.
    The article also says that TG was one of the few people he “received” at his table?! Who receives his girlfriend at their table? Geez.

  776. 776
    @The Spy Says:

    I was gonna reply but since you’re talking to me like a total condescending snob I won’t bother. But your attitude fits right in with the gurls of JJ who apparently rule the threads, so I guess that can comfort you. lmao @ yourself

  777. 777
    beth Says:

    I don’t think having a body guard their makes him a pain in the ass or diva. People forget he is one of the most famous people in the WORLD, regardless of the room he walks into he is always going to be the most famous person their . I’m sure if he didn’t have someone guarding him he would spend his entire night meeting people and taking pictures for instagram. He wanted to be left alone and I don’t blame him.

  778. 778
    Newcomer Says:

    @Whoa: Last year, the same blog also had a journalist at the gala and they wrote how they could approach/talk/take pics of anybody (including superstars like Sharon Stone for instance) except Leo and how they had to “steal” some pics to show them how he was. He also had bodyguards last year and they also noted how stupid it was as there was plenty of security for the event, only important people are there and nobody needs personal bodyguards. They had also said that it is a paradox to pretend to stay low key when you are the only one surrounded by bodyguards and so everybody is trying to see who is the important person who is so guarded. And of course, if you want to be discrete during Cannes film festival, you simply don’t go to Cannes.

  779. 779
    Wait... Says:

    @@The Spy: Why are you so mad about them not liking Marion but then you throw Penelope under the bus? What’s the difference?

  780. 780
    Newcomer Says:

    @beth: Carla Bruni, the wife of a former French president, who is always surrounded by bodyguards went without them. There is a lot a security so you don’t need your personal bodyguard, standing there, indicating the presence of a superstar.

  781. 781
    also... Says:

    @beth: Leo wasn`t the only famous person in that room yet only he was guarded. Why did he need one at an upscale event but not while biking around the Brooklyn Bridge in NYC? Meeting people the entire night? Wasn`t this a social event where you are supposed to meet and talk to people? Nobody else had a problem socializing without a bodyguard only him?

  782. 782
    @beth Says:

    @beth: He needed the bodyguard to protect him from Weinstein’s casting couch! I don’t blame him either.

  783. 783
    @The Spy Says:

    I like Penelope but its true she didn’t deserve her Oscar nomination for Nine and I only brought her up because that poster claimed Marion apparently played her only personality in Nine when you coudl say the same about Cruz, who played a very sensual and flirty character that seems to mirror Cruz’s persona in real life. That’s all I was saying

  784. 784
    Blacksharpie Says:
    New thread

  785. 785
    Newcomer Says:

    @Blacksharpie: I think they said the number of his table first, because after they ironically called it “sector 52″ as it was the only “sector” of a very private event which was even more private. Like you could not go there unless you were approved by Leo and his bodyguard themselves. But people were free to walk everywhere else.

  786. 786
    beth Says:

    @Newcomer: A former French President is not as famous as “Jack Dawson”. Even in France. And how do we know security would stop other strangers from approaching him for a picture? I’m sure there are people that attended who aren’t movie stars and I’m sure people brought guests that would’ve tried to speak with him

  787. 787
    Newcomer Says:

    This blog only posted the article but it seems other people knew about his behaviour as one of his fans tweeted this earlier:

    Matt Clayton ‏@mcjwserenity 8 h
    @LeoDiCaprio … don’t want to get photographed? DON’T GO TO A PARTY. You should’ve known about the photographer beforehand.

    Matt Clayton ‏@mcjwserenity 8 h
    People don’t need be tools to a photographer hired by the folks hosting the party you went to. Being nice helps.

    Matt Clayton ‏@mcjwserenity 8 h
    I lost my respect for public figures throwing their weight around. It’s one thing to demand paps stop taking photos of you…

    Matt Clayton ‏@mcjwserenity 8 h
    … but another to demand an official photographer at a soiree you’re attending to stop? That’s being a douche.

    Matt Clayton ‏@mcjwserenity 8 h
    @LeoDiCaprio , you just lost a fan’s respect. I’ll avoid every movie of yours from now on. Good riddance.

    Matt Clayton ‏@mcjwserenity 14 min
    I apologize about my earlier rip at DiCaprio, but he’s probably a nightmare to work with. #DontWorkWithAs*holes

  788. 788
    I Want Sexy Back Says:

    Just propose to Toni.

  789. 789
    also... Says:

    @beth: And? What if someone would have tried to speak to him? It’s a social event where people talk to each other. Or he is so above the little people that he can be chatted by by anyone? I’m sure the event wasn’t like a movie premiere filled with crazy fans. King Leo can’t be bothered by humans?

  790. 790
    beth Says:

    @also…: Why would he need security while riding a bicycle? If a fan approached him for a picture or to chat with him all he’d have to do is peddle away. I don’t think you guys understand he must meet people everytime he leaves the house. How else do you think we’re able to track his whereabouts on a daily basis through social media? People are constantly trying to talk to him, constantly looking at him, constantly taking pictures of him without his permission, isn’t that obvious?

  791. 791
    #### Says:


    Wow disappointing to read…..

  792. 792
    also... Says:

    @Newcomer: WOW! You can’t even argue with that. He is really becoming a douche as it seems. He goes to the most public event of the moment but acts like a diva because of the publicity?

  793. 793
    also... Says:

    @beth: What’s the difference? Anyone can approach him on the street and he can paddle away. Anyone can walk up to him at a party and he can walk away without being a tool. How is an upscale, already guarded event worse than being alone on a street? He doesn’t have a problem with people looking at him, trying to take his picture or trying to talk to him on the streets of NYC. No difference. And at an event like this he is just being a dive with his security team.

  794. 794
    Newcomer Says:

    Honestly, I am thinking about leaving this place. I like him. I didn’t become his fan because of Titanic. Even if I saw the movie at the time, I didn’t really like him. I started to like him more after Titanic when I saw that he was one of the few teen idols who didn’t become crazy (like we see now with Miley, Justin or even Britney some years ago) and that he had his feet on the ground and he was doing great work. My interest was fuelled by last year’s film festival and how he was on every French media and I thought he was humble. This is how I wanted to know more about him. But what I have learned this last year about his attitude towards the public in general, women in particular, his shady friends and businesses… is slowly disgusting me. I still think he is a great actor but I have the feeling that he is a big hypocrite and I don’t like that at all. I keep an open mind and I think that no, it is probably not easy to have people always recognizing you and to have people only approaching you for the perks (his “friends”, his “girlfriends”…) but I now have the feeling that he is losing it and becoming like Howard Hughes. I still think there is more to him than this douchey behaviour and I hope he will get better soon, but I am really on the fence about him and about staying here and posting and having all the interesting conversations that I have with plenty of people.

  795. 795
    @beth Says:

    @beth: But he’s in a room full of his peers, technically. And this was a voluntary event. If he didn’t want to be bothered, then he didn’t have to go. It comes across like he’s above it all. I could understand why some would feel disrespected.

  796. 796
    beth Says:

    @also…: Of course there’s a difference in one situation he’s on a bike where he can escape from an uncomfortable situation relatively quickly and in this case he’s seated at a table at a formal event. You expect him to get up from the table and walk around every time an eager fan approaches him? How do you know he doesn’t have a problem with it? Any sane human being would have a problem with constantly being looked at and photographed while eating lunch, he’s just learn to adapt to it and accept it otherwise he would never leave his house.

  797. 797
    also... Says:

    @Newcomer: Oh, please don’t leave! I can’t argue with anything you said about him but I would be so sad if you left the thread! 😢

  798. 798
    @Newcomer Says:

    I see what you mean. You should probably take a little break for a bit and see how you feel after returning in a couple weeks or so, if anything changes with him. This whole Cannes trip just like last year has been a mess unfortunately, but I think things may get better when Cannes ends.

  799. 799
    beth Says:

    @@beth: I agree that it does draw attention to him but no one in that room has to deal with that level of fame and celebrity. It’s easy to judge from the outside but we also didn’t have a mentally ill woman attack us with a glass. If he feels bodyguards are necessary for him to feel safe and comfortable I don’t see why anyone has the right to question it. Especially since it seems like the person who tweeted about it and the bloggers who wrote about it aren’t famous.

  800. 800
    also... Says:

    @Newcomer: If you really need to get away just take a break. Maybe it’s better if you are not around for the summer… Then come back when he starts working! But I wish you didn’t go!!!!!!

  801. 801
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Newcomer: Hi Lady! Thanks for all the posts. re Leo’s behavior. I agree with you and often find myself wondering why I am still following a guy who has no respect for women. I became a fan because of his environmental work, but that is now virtually nonexistent. I guess I stay because of the interesting conversations (and it is addicting!), although I am not posting as often. I guess I keep hoping he is going to change – but I’ve almost given up on him :( I will see how it goes in the next two weeks to determine if am going to stick around or take a break and maybe come back when he starts filming again. I’m ot work out – hope to talk to you later.

  802. 802
    beth Says:

    @Newcomer: Yep, I agree. He is a different person in private and a completely different person in public. I do have a certain amount of empathy for him because he always looks so unhappy and I cannot imagine the pressures that come along with being that famous but he is making little effort to surround himself with more positive people so why should we care? He is the real-life Howard Hughes/Jordan Belfort/Gatsby. If he wins an oscar for The Revenant perhaps he’ll take a couple of years off to re-group and re-asses his life but other than that, it’s clear he has no intention of slowing down

  803. 803
    HAHA12 Says:

    Hey you guys. I just got on JJ and was reading your comments and wanted to chime in. I felt exactly the same way as you did about being sick of all the negativity that comes with following his life and got sick of it so I took a break for about 3 weeks or so around early 2014. I actually found it pretty depressing to follow his life tbh. I’m avoiding all this relationship talk about him and Toni from now on and I’d suggest you do the same tbh, because its really not worth it. I agree with also.. and Zzzzz, its probably best to pay attention to him more when he gets back to filming. I just started following him last Summer and he’ll likely just be yachting and partying the whole time again this year, so Summer may not be worth sticking around for. I also agree with you he is slowly turning into Howard Hughes and I said this myself a long time ago on a thread way back actually.
    There’s a part of me that always roots for him and I of course love watching him on screen but it just is too much of an effort/struggle to keep up with his life and what to really think of him anymore. I’m really torn with him, because he seems like a huge douchebag, the type I would totally hate irl, but then another part of me feels he can be a lot nicer and that he does have a normal side to him in midst of the all the debauchery and I try not to completely judge him because of the fame he became famous, how he was raised, etc but as beth said he is not making any effort to at least change things up and keeps repeating the same patterns again and again. Like Zzzzz I try to read the comments sometimes but its hard to comment anymore

  804. 804
    HAHA12 Says:

    But yeah, I’d suggest you take a break too, it’d probably be better for you since you seem to be really invested in Leo.

  805. 805
    #### Says:


    I would hate to see you go but I do understand. Everything with Leo is disappointing right now. I hope after Cannes it does get better!

    I will miss your posts! :-(

  806. 806
    HAHA12 Says:

    I wonder if everyone should take a break, lol!
    It seems like now is not a good time to follow his life, esp since we all know what last Summer was like. I thought awards season would be fun, but then all the haters/trolls started ruining Leo threads so it wasn’t fun anymore and even the regulars turned on him for no real reason besides you guys. But now that he’s been acting real messy lately, the threads are 10x worse and I can see why he is getting hate this time. Although some people are kinda OTT imo, if you really hate him then why be here at all?

  807. 807
    Katrina Young Says:

    do we need to get a life people? Toni isn’t his girlfriend, and as memory serves… do you break up with a girl that isn’t your girlfriend? Maybe Katie Cleary could tell us I’m the one………pretty woman Katrina Young Beaumont Tx

  808. 808
    Johnf539 Says:

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