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Rachel Bilson is Pregnant, Expecting First Child with Boyfriend Hayden Christensen!

Rachel Bilson is Pregnant, Expecting First Child with Boyfriend Hayden Christensen!

Rachel Bilson and her longtime boyfriend Hayden Christensen are expecting their first child together, sources confirm to

“They’ve both talked about this for awhile and are so excited,” an insider told Us Weekly. “Everyone is beyond thrilled for them.”

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Rachel, 32, and Hayden, 33, met in 2007 on the set of Jumper. The couple got engaged in December 2008 and then called it off in August 2010, only to reconcile 3 months later.

Rachel talks about wanting to be a mom on Health magazine’s June 2014 issue: “To start a family would be good, any year in the next few years. I’ve always wanted to be a mom. I have always wanted kids. I can just see this little toddler waddling around the house.”

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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  • Mrs. Gaston

    congrats, but sometimes i’m not sure about this couple. she seems way more into it than he is. wishing them the best of luck. maybe they’ll finally get married.

  • Emma

    Yet again another pregnant celeb ditching the engagement/wedding thing like it’s an old fad. Boring! I’m not a prude, but let’s get some new trendsetters in Hollywood, and actually do get married first.

  • Sienna

    Yay!! Totally called it… a few weeks ago she was photographed in a bikini, with a baby bump.

  • last laugh

    @ just me—will you finally come down to earth?

    CONGRATS to both Hayden and Rachel.

  • pia

    He seems boring and not in the mood to look for a better girl.

  • louise

    OMG yay!! So happy for them :)

  • Ray

    @pia: no need to find one she’s gorgeous

  • bilyana

    glad for them she is so cute!

  • guest4114

    luke i am your father
    sorry, but someone simply must call it

  • ace11

    Bad move by this guy

    She now has trapped him

  • CarrieFromBelgium


  • tattle

    Wow, congrats to them! They’re hot couple. It’s gonna be one beautyful baby)

  • Katie

    @guest4114: OMG! They have to name it Luke! hahaha

  • askalice

    They are jumping the gun here. They can’t commit to each other, but are willing to take on the life-long responsibility of caring for an innocent human being? If they think raising a child is easy, they’re nuts. This kid will end up like so many others from a broken home, raised by one parent. Not a good trend, people. Random procreation wasn’t invented by people like them. More Hollywood narcissism. I see nothing to celebrate.

  • qui gon jinn

    The midi chlorian count on their kid is gonna be off the charts!

  • tattle

    @askalice: they’ve been together for 7 years! How is that random? Not everyone needs a huge rock on a finger and a wedding for people to talk to be happy together.

  • Living in a box

    Que the Imperial march theme!

  • snapcracklepop

    I don’t think they are jumping the gun, they’ve been together for many years and know each other very well.
    They broke off their engagement because he was butthurt about his bad acting reviews/career issues and wanted to hide away on his farm in Canada. She wanted to live in LA to keep working, be around people, etc. Looks like her breaking off the engagement four years ago was the wakeup call he needed to grow up.

  • DD

    Congrats! Glad she decided to have kids, I thought shed be one of those Hollywood women who never settle down. She’ll be one hot put together pregnant woman, unlike that slob Mila.

  • askalice

    They need to grow up and get their act as a couple together before they bring an innocent life into the world, in my opinion.

    It doesn’t matter how long they have been together if they are not able to make a commitment to each other to be a family.

  • yay

    great news,cute couple <3 congrats!!!

  • verox87

    congrats to this sweet couple!

  • Ellie

    Awwwwww, congrats! Can’t wait for cute Baby-Bump pics!

  • Emmaa

    Omg! Rachel would make an amazing mom! I can’t wait to see her pregnant! Such great news <3

  • Letisha

    I better she keep on nag him about wanting a baby while he is don’t interested of have kids with her, they are dont in love with each other enough to bring human into the world., we will see and good lucky to them

  • Alice

    Oh my God!!! I love Rachel i can’t believe it 😱😱😱😱

  • :)))


  • Really?


    What stupid thing to say.

    I knew they’d be together, when I saw behind the scenes filming of jumper and the way she looked at him. Hayden is very low key but he is NOT boring, he’s very smart. He’s Canadian though and they don’t like drama. He obviously loves her and is solid as a rock. Why does everyone have to be an attention wh\ore, flashy shallow couple to be “good” better like how? A crazy nut like Amnada Byrnes? How is maturity and steadfastness in need of bettering?

  • Really?

    Anyway! CONGRATS! Finally you guys! I am so happy for you both!!!!!

  • just me

    @last laugh: I don’t have the last laugh cause that could not be true ok. Us weekly lie about things like everyone else ok. You can’t believe nothing that those magazines say. Their rep have not said anything about it being true anyway. Rachel said she was going to wait anyway. Another false rumor again. And hayden said he was not ready to have a family right now. Hayden never said he was looking forward to have kids she was always talking about it. And that was not a baby bump. She was flat when she was at her upfront party. So its just a rumor for now!

  • talia

    @Emma: why do they have to get married? considering so many marriages in hollywood end in divorce after a few years,not getting married is the better option.

  • just me

    Rachel didn’t want to work anymore and her show was going get cancelled next year so she had to do something for publicity. Hayden should have stayed away from her when he had the chance to. Rachel use hayden for that and you people know them. She kept saying that and so people could notice her for something. Hayen should have forcus more on his career instead are being around her so much like I said. It will come out not being true like the other stories she has made up. Rachel always talk for hayden anyway. He never said he want kids a made up story. Until her rep come out confirm it jared. You know for sure its true. You print anything about Rachel. She said she didn’t want any kids yet and wanted to wait. Until her rep confirm otherwise and she come out. Rachel lied for not having kids until other celebrities was having kids for attention, Then she wanted to jump on bandwagon to. She didn’t want to do her show anymore or have a career at all. Just like hayden . He stop acting and he didn’t want a career to let Rachel use him like that. Still don’t believe it! Jared ask Rachel rep before print stories. She didn’t go barabadoes and she didn’t go to cannnes. So she decide to make up a story or let one are friends do it for her like last time. I don’t think Hayden is that stupid to get Racheel preganant do you? She did that because no one was paying her no attention!

  • ella

    @just me: wow, something is seriously wrong with you, go get a life, visit a therapist maybe

  • Emerald

    Emma@ 05/21/2014 at 8:14 am

    Why is it any of your business if a celeb chooses to ditch the whole engagement/wedding thing? Really, these two people are not causing anyone harm. Marriage is way over rated.

  • Really?


    This person has been dying of jealousy over Rachel for years already.

  • Jane

    They have been together since…forever! They dated longer than a lot of hollywood fake marriages. Congrats to them! The baby would be so cute!

  • Emerald

    askalice @ 05/21/2014 at 8:59 am

    Neither Rachel nor Hayden care what you think. You are not important to them at all.

  • just me

    @ella: You know Rachel did this on purpose and she use hayden ok. Hayden said he didn’t want any kids right and Rachel knew this. Rachel didn’t want a career are she would have went for movies instead are laying up getting so called preganant . Hayden knew better than to do this. He don’t have a career and Rachel didn’t want one. She didn’t want hayden to have a career so so she mess him up. Hayden is let her use him like I said. Hayden don’t talk about his private life anyway. All she want to do is take his money that’s it. Something is wrong with you all and Hayden for letting Rachel use him like that. All somebody said that she had a baby bump and people think she is pregnant and she jealous are other people Hayden has should have stayed away from her while he had the chance. Rachel was the one that she wanted kids not hayden. All she is jealous and a control freak. If its true didn’t hayden know Rachel was going to pull a trick on one day with a baby? Hayden could have a better person to be with him than Rachel and you all know this? She didn’t want to work and it wasn’t plan. Rachel let herself get pregnant if its true. If not Hayden should leave her alone for good and get his career back. Cause he need to. Being pregnant does not make a career and both careers are gone now.Hayden stupid for been around her and not getting his career back! She will drain all his money now!

  • Scala

    OMFG! Josh Schwartz created a new couple – Summer Roberts is Pregnant with Anakin Skywalker and they lived happily ever after in Fake Empire Land!

  • Guest

    They’ve been together for years already so he should at least have the decency to marry her now that she’s pregnant

  • Kara

    Oh, and if its a girl?.

  • Kara

    It should be called Leia.

  • Liz

    I see all of Rachel’s fantards have invaded here. lol! If it were some ugly looking actress, you’d all be bashing her to pieces.

  • troll

    @Really?: You’re comment is the stupid one. First stupidest is not a proper word, second you can’t spell, and third! The almighty third! “He’s canadian though and they don’t like drama” wahaha! Then.i guess Justin Bieber isn’t canadian, because he absolutely adores drama and attention.

  • REALLY?????


    “@Really?: You’re comment is the stupid one. First stupidest is not a proper word, second you can’t spell, and third!”

    Where did I say that? No where in my 2 posts. You have poor reading comprehension. Not to mention grammar failure.

    And Justin Bieber is a typical messed up child star. He’s not the average dude. Lame@ss comparison.

    Lame@ss troll.

  • REALLY?????

    @just me:

    You are mentally ill.

  • funny

    @guest-and you’re assuming he doesn’t want to marry her? And not the other way around, huh?

  • troll

    @REALLY?????: and fourth to top that one off! You don’t even know what you said when it’s right there in the comments! Proof that you are an illiterate arse! Have you made up too many names on this post you don’t even remember what you say now? Or are you that nuts that you conversate within yourself. Loser.

  • REALLY?????


    I only posted as Really? You are mentally ill too. You and Just me must be the same jealous idiot. Too bad.

  • Anna

    Congrats!!! The baby will be perfect