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Alexander Skarsgard, Taylor Swift, & More Featured on 'Giver' Character Posters!

Alexander Skarsgard, Taylor Swift, & More Featured on 'Giver' Character Posters!

Check out Alexander Skarsgard and Taylor Swift in these brand new character posters for their highly anticipated upcoming film The Giver.

Also featured on their own individual poster are co-stars Katie Holmes, Meryl Streep, Odeya Rush, Cameron Monaghan, Jeff Bridges, and Brenton Thwaites.

Here’s the plot: In a seemingly perfect community, without war, pain, suffering, differences or choice, a young boy is chosen to learn from an elderly man about the true pain and pleasure of the “real” world.

Look out for The Giver, in theaters on August 15.

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alexander skarsgard taylor swift the giver character posters 01
alexander skarsgard taylor swift the giver character posters 02
alexander skarsgard taylor swift the giver character posters 03
alexander skarsgard taylor swift the giver character posters 04
alexander skarsgard taylor swift the giver character posters 05
alexander skarsgard taylor swift the giver character posters 06
alexander skarsgard taylor swift the giver character posters 07
alexander skarsgard taylor swift the giver character posters 08

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  • queen b

    This movie in a nutshell–swifty fans will flock to it, Streep and Alex will do the actual acting. Holmes will do her usual mediocre job at best or cringe worthy at worst and will get to say she is in a move with Meryl.

  • Nathan

    Love you Katie your the best.

  • anna

    @queen b: Pretty much it.

  • lah

    OMG @queenb you are so on target. Now I am more excited than ever to see this movie – multiple times. ;)

  • The Dude

    When’s the last time Bridges has made a good film….

  • pushing the agenda


  • Caro

    You absolutely nailed it QueenB although if I remember The mom doesn’t do that much emoting does she? So Katie’s wooden acting may actually look good.

  • Nathan

    @queen b:

    Katie Holmes is just as good as Alexander Skarsgård. She is Way better of an actress than people give her credit for. I think katie has mad skills and she will win an Oscar one day. Laugh all you want but she will do it.

    Remember Harvey Weinstein already said katie gave an Oscar performance in Miss Meadows He seen the movie and he knows talent when he sees it.

  • clandestine

    Poor Meryl. She has to take all the responsibility of the movie since the others can’t act. They all should thank her.

  • Amy

    Taylor Swift is more worthy of a mention in the title than Meryl Streep? REALLY? LOL Jared you’re pathetic!

  • Lola

    He was probably just catering to the audience here which is much younger then the Meryl Streep crowd in general. Dude needs the hits.

  • Lucy

    @Nathan: “Harvey Weinstein already said katie gave an Oscar performance in Miss Meadows He seen the movie and he knows talent when he sees it.” HAHAHAHAHAHA
    Like he saw an incredible talent in Gwyneth Paltrow, Roberto Benigni, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicole Kidman’s nose in The Hours and many other laughable performances and movies? LOL
    The last “talent” he saw was Nicole Kidman’s botoxed face in Grace of Monaco, but the movie and her performance are getting very bad reviews now!
    Yeah, Harvey knows exactly what talent is! the man is known for buying Oscars for his sh*tty movies! LOL

  • Monica

    there is a bit of a story with the Harvey connection so his words (if he did say those exact words) are not without agenda.
    Holmes agent just started working with him so he is taking Holmes as part of the deal trying to make her a hit now. He is throwing her name around now a lot but who knows what will come of it until it happens. His wife is of course the owner of Marchesa fashion line and she dressed Holmes for the met and we saw what a disaster that was! If that is a reflection of what we can expect from Harvey and Georgina taking on Katie then I doubt he is going to be able to make a oscar winner out of this Eliza Doolittle.

  • betty

    Harvey knew that Grace of Monaco was a turkey. That’s why he desperately tried to drop it when the director refused to re-edit it.
    He’s definitely a smart business man.

    I loved this book growing up. I know that they made a lot of changes, but hopefully they’ll still capture the essence of the story.

  • Missy

    Just to clarify, Harvey is not working with her agent. He is supposedly helping her publicist form a new company. Hollywood is all about connections, so the fact that he has a connection with her rep obviously gives her advantage. But I have to point out that her publicist reps several actors, including Megan Fox for example. And yet, I don’t see him hyping her up and casting her in his movies. Clearly, there is something about Katie that he likes. She’s already been cast in another film that he’s producing.

  • Monica

    Ok had it mixed up a bit but the agenda is still there.
    We don’t know why he hasn’t mentioned the others by name but perhaps they don’t need the leg up right now. We don’t know but it does show agenda that he is trying to help her company and therefore why he is helping Katie.

  • liz

    the only one in the cast with genuine acting talent is meryl. she’s a boss. the others are mediocre to just plain bad. and taylor swift can gtfo

  • K-Flop – Weinstein

    Nothing to add to the new posters… I wait for the reviews and box office numbers.

    Prediction: Mediocre sales, but will make cost. Underwhelming to fans of the book.

    Thoughts on Weinstein –

    “The Disappearance Of Eleanor Rigby, and in particular the performances of Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy. ,Weinstein told his marketing team it has been a long time since he’d seen performances like these, and that they were to start working on the Oscar campaign strategy and go for it.” (re: Deadline)

    Schemer … its about the Win (or Wins). Chastain, Holmes, whoever. But, I think he has a better/solid (more believable) chance with Chastain.

    As for Leslie Sloane Zelnick, she was identified as Harvey Weinsteins publicist/spokesperson for his joint venture with James Dolan on The Rockette’s show “Hearts and Lights” (production postponed/cancelled) at Radio City. “The National Football League draft is scheduled to be held at Radio City on May 8 to 10. Mr. Weinstein, in a statement provided through Ms. Sloane Zelnick…” (NYT Mar 2014)

    She was also listed as Weinsteins ‘spokeswoman’ by the NYDaily for the same Rockettes show this past March.

    Only half way through the year

    ******2014 Year of K-Flop *******

  • Mania Days & Misc

    Kflop what do you know about Mania Days?
    Is it actually coming out?
    Responsible adults isn’t on IMDB anymore. When did that get taken off? Not being made?

  • Mania Days & Misc

    Very interesting.
    As of just a couple weeks ago RA was on Katie’s IMDB
    Now it’s gone but RA still have a page but with Sara Paxton as the star.
    I doubt Holmes made the decision to back out since she doesn’t have much work lined up. If you scroll down to storyline they haven’t even changed Holmes and Crawfords names out yet. Must be a new development.

  • K-Flop – Mania Days *Crickets*

    Mania Days —–>>> Crickets

    It will probably make its way to some film festival …eventually.

    “Days and NIghts” has only premiered at 2 or 3 film festivals, but Spotlight Pictures has just secured International rights to it. –

    All done by ICM which K-Flop is signed to, so that was probably all internal.

    Responsible Adults, if it does get made, ever, will probably be with an all new cast.

    A mix of media reporting and my thoughts.

    A little late to JJ’s 9th anniversary of the “Oprah Couch” incident, but in relation to that post and this –

    “What if they were allowed to choose their own mate? And chose wrong?”

    “It’s the choosing that’s important, isn’t it?”

    ― Lois Lowry, The Giver

    ****The Giver – August 15 – 2014 The Year of K-Flop?****

  • annie

    You people bag her to death, but people in the business like her and always have. Harvey W obviously likes her . You underestimate her, because she doesn’t play games, at least publicly, and is quite secretive. I think that when the role suits her, interests her, and she’s really involved and gets her teeth into it, something dark, power playing, quirky, and intense , she’ll succeed but if it’s only a supporting role to someone else, with really nothing to get her going, it won’t work.
    I will be really surprised if she doesn’t get good reviews for the movies she’s made recently, like Mania Days, Days and Knights, the reviews have been good for Miss Meadows, or at least her performance. These movies are up her alley, like Pieces of April, quirky and complicated.
    She also has a strong role as the mother in the Giver, she is the head of some council in the movie, forgot where I read it.
    People make it sound like she’s the only client ICM has , seriously!
    Any reason will do to put her down!

  • anne


    Scientologists and Tom team, not accepting the leap Boat Katie. She put the biggest movie star in the world on the ground. The world watched and laughed religious fanaticism of Tom
    His image is scratched. They will hope for the end of her career.

    Hugs Annie.

  • DTBH

    Sandler’s movie this weekend is a flop per A critics. Not much competition out there. Still waiting to see if that perceived greasy hair etc. is 90% perspiration.

  • ME

    No one is comparing acting abilities. It is no doubt that Meryl is one of the greatest actors out there, but if you want to promote the movie and give it a wider audience then Taylor would be a good bet to place on the poster.

  • Nathan

    Katie Holmes is Soooooooooo SEXY. She’s just got that “it” factor you need to be a big Hollywood star. Love you katie.

  • Caro

    @Nathan: if she had the “it” factor she would already be a huge star. She doesn’t and all of the exposure she got by being Mrs. Cruise didn’t give it to her. She is an okay actress, rotten broadway actress-singer-dancer-designer-model. And why would she want to be a huge star anyhow? She divorced Tom and gave it up. She won’t win an Oscar because she is no Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, Kate Winslet, etc. she has carved a small niche out for herself. Let her be.

  • unemployed actress

    she better keep carving then because if imdb is anything to go by she has no work lined up.
    She has the HW thing listed but just like RAdults who knows what will become of that. Her role doesn’t have a name yet.
    Right now aside from her hair care line is she doing anything for work?
    If not we will see her at every dlist red carpet trying to get work.

  • DTBH

    @K-Flop – Weinstein: Stein = Jewish – so he must be scrupulous. Yawn. Talk the talk. Blah blah blah

  • annie

    @ unemployed actress
    I believe she’s starting work soon on Woman in Gold, so I guess that takes care of ” she has no work lined up”.

  • DTBH

    @DTBH: surprised no one commented: I mean UNscrupulous.

  • rubyz

    Weinstein can like Holmes all he wants. But he’s in business to make money, and Holmes can’t act, so … add it up. Also, Marchesa dressing Holmes is hideous!

  • DTBH

    Has anyone noticed how pictures are not posted so much and posts have dried up without the meal ticket available? Hopefully she is behind some closed door honing her skills. Even Ncole Kidman pulled off some singing in Moulan Rouge. Let’s face it; she can’t use the excuse that TC was holding her back, so now is the time to make it or break it!

  • Keira


    Like she started work on tv pilot ‘Dangerous Liaison”?
    It’ll flop like everything else she does (fashion, theatre, movies, et. al)

  • DTBH

    When you watch ANY of her pre TC interviews, you can see that she was not nearly as neurotic/narcissistic/insecure as she is now. In most of the interviews ( I.e., 2000 with Conrad’s) she Tells the audience that she prefers to date people that are taller! Naturally! No Doubt in my mind he played her!!! Take the song “I Knew You Were Trouble” by Taylor Swift and substitute the words, Short, Shorty, A Shorty or even Shorter; with the word Trouble. It all makes since. But shame on her for knowing and taking the plunge. I remember answering an add for a “hand therapist”, the guy ( a plastic surgeon was a Orthodox Jew (with the “trimmed” mustache, beanie and all sitting behind his big “wood”en Oak desk. We knew a lot of the same people and I “thought” we connected on a professional level. NOT! … the job and it wasn’t until at least 1/2 way into my 1st day of work that shorty walked out from behind his desk that I had my ahh hah moment. By then I had already signed on for the monthly lease. Point is, the ahh hah changed everything, the month was rough and it was a lesson learned! I didn’t get swept up by “my narcissistic tendencies” (Katie Holmes).

  • Nathan

    I miss Katie. I hope she’s ok. she hasn’t said anything on twitter in weeks. maybe she’s already in the UK filming “Woman in Gold”

    Wherever you are katie take care we love you.

  • eiyiyi

    who cares as long as Alexander Skarsgard is in it! I think he is a great actor and says more with one facial expression than other actors do in a monologue.

  • Cafélady

    @eiyiyi: That’s true.

  • annie

    You know DTBH….I know you are a very intelligent mature person, but sometimes your intelligence and maturity take a bit of a dip.

  • DTBH

    @annie: Only you!

  • DTBH

    @annie: Only you, Annie

  • DTBH

    @DTBH: Correction: Take the word “trouble” in the song and replace it with either Shorty, Shorter, or even just Short. It is perfect!

  • Nathan

    Well I guess Katie is leaving now to film her new movie.

    Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise at LAX.
    Pics from:

  • Carly

    That movie is only in pre-production.
    I haven’t seen where it has started filming yet.
    There are many reasons they could be at LAX and it was a holiday weekend in the US.

  • Carly

    However, if she is arriving in LA I sure hope she didn’t do that just because Tom is arriving in NYC tomorrow for a premier.
    It doesn’t speak well of her if she is trying to keep them from any contact at all.

  • Survey

    Ok Peeps
    I have a question for the “lovers” and the “haters” who frequent the Kko threads.
    I know what the haters dislike about Holmes and I know what the lovers like about her but I am curious where the taste of the posters are in respect to who else do you find attractive in Hollywood now.
    Now this does not mean you think they are a good actress because so many of the young ones suck but this is simply appearance.

    I am interested because I saw Kristin Kreuk in an interview tonight and was reminded how pretty she is. She is beautiful but painfully boring and not a good actress imo.
    her eyes, cheekbones, her small nose. All perfect.

    So who else?

  • annie

    Not familiar with how the schools work in the US, but are they on a summer break yet, because maybe they are going home, after the weekend.
    Somehow I think that when your dad is a lawyer, he probably advises her what she can and can’t do, and how much she can get away with, might as well be honest about it, that’s how it goes, but Tom is also privvy to the best lawyers money can buy, can’t overlook that either.

    Thanks Nathan for the pics. Keep posting!

  • Nathan


    Your welcome annie. I’m from the US and my little brother is still in school and he said school ends at the end of this week.


    That chick is beautiful but from the Smallville girls i like Erica Durance.
    I don’t really have a list like some guys do but i do think these girls are hot.

    Nina Dobrev
    Rachael Leigh Cook
    Jennifer Lawrence
    Victoria Justice

    but Katie Holmes is and always will be my #1 there’s just something about her that I can’t explain and I think she is the most beautiful woman in the world.

  • annie

    I like Jessica Alba. But I agree with Nathan, Katie has something.
    I think I can name more over rated ones, and having seen a couple in real life.
    Katies pics don’t always do her justice, but her interviews for Jack and Jill with Sandler, and Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, she’s totally gorgeous.
    And I will be honest, I think she was more beautiful when she was with Tom, whether she was happy or not , she still was more beautiful.. Her hair is also such a big part of her, it suits her very long, and takes something away from her when she cuts it.
    I know, they are out of each others lives, and she has what she wanted, Suri out of SCIE, and she has her independance, and getting her career back on track, I don’t know what exactly it is, but she had it with Tom, and he doesn’t seem quite the same either. Just something about the both of them that’s not quite there. Could be wrong!

  • Missy

    Hey annie. I liked tom and Katie as a couple, so I get where you’re coming from, but I have no desire to see them get back together. I think they’re both just completely different people, not just in terms of religion, but everything. You say that something is missing from both of them. I wonder if you are simply reacting to the fact that neither of them has publicly dated anyone. It doesn’t surprise me though. After all the craziness surrounding their relationship, they must be nervous about publicly stepping out with someone. I think they’re both just trying to bring the focus back to their careers, instead of their personal lives. Maybe they’ve quietly dated other people. Maybe not. who knows?