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Emma Watson Will Graduate from College This Sunday!

Emma Watson Will Graduate from College This Sunday!

Emma Watson chats on her cell phone while making her way out of JFK Airport on Wednesday evening (May 21) in New York City.

The 24-year-old actress will be celebrating a very momentous occasion this weekend as she will be graduating from Brown University this Sunday!

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Emma started her education at the college in 2009 and took five years to earn her diploma as she took a break in 2011 to focus on her career amid the release of the final Harry Potter film.

FYI: Emma is carrying a Saint Laurent bag.

15+ pictures inside of Emma Watson at the airport…

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  • Nina

    Congratulations to Emma, I will graduate also in the next weeks and I’m very happy about it..

  • Carey

    This means that she’ll no longer be able to use her education as an excuse for her lack of projects… But sadly, the actual reason why she has so few upcoming films is that she has no acting talent, lol.

  • Alaia

    @Carey: Well she was just in a Darren Aronofsky film…

  • Jane

    @Carey: LACK OF PROJECTS? ARE YOU KIDDING? I watch two movie she was in last year and I watch NOAH this year. It’s not that easy to get a role and she has had more than most. Back off.

  • Kylie

    I’m really proud of her. She has her head screwed on right.

  • Kylie

    @Carey: You must think getting acting jobs is like going to the grocery story. It is a lot more complicated than that. She has had quite a few roles in the past two years.

  • Black

    Congrats Emma!

  • Tori

    Her and Daniel are the only child stars that were able to not f*ck up and still have a career in adulthood.

  • MT


    She is doing something right to get you all worked up! She has Regression coming out next year. Be sure to catch it if you can.

  • Great

    I feel like proud momma, even though she is other than me. I watch this girl grew up to be this wonderful person. She kept grounded and didn’t go down the wrong path.

  • Paula

    We are graduating at the same time!

  • Paula

    @Great: lol me too.

  • Leah

    Such a lovely girl. Congratulations

  • bap

    Congratulation’s Emma!

  • Living In Box

    With the free time she could star in a tv show.

  • ow

    Oh how i envy her. No more assignments, no more exams. Ahh f*cking college life. I have 3 more freaking yrs.

  • Kate

    @Great: same!

    Congratulation’s Emma.

  • Lou

    I’m just about to starts. I hope I enjoy it.

  • Willow

    She is so cute.

  • Carey

    Sure, getting roles isn’t easy, especially for Watson who’s a bad actress and loses challenging parts to the truly talented actresses of her generation (and yeah, they have much more projects lined up). I’m not saying that her career is going to be over soon – because it won’t (after all, Jessica Alba, Minka Kelly and Megan Fox manage to get some parts, lol), but she’ll always be mediocre at best and I doubt if she’ll ever be able to steal the shows next to real professionals. I’m an admirer of Aronofsky’s many works, but Noah was just dreadful and Watson’s acting – atrocious.

  • Living in a box

    I get what people trying to said, but she’s currently below par. Currently on top Jennifer Lawrence, we talked about young actress here. I just saw a trailer for Emma Stone new movie been directed by Woody Allen,she is also have a film with Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, and also have a secret project with Cameron Crowe, it seen to me she want to dethrone Jennifer Lawrence because everyone is agreed Jennifer stole her career. Then we have Anna Kendrick, after that Amanda Seyfried. Last but not least the new comer Shailene Woodley. Emma Watson have to do a lot of catch up.

  • Carey

    @Living in a box: Yeah, you’re right. Even Kristen Stewart, whom I don’t really like as an actress, manages to get to get more serious parts than Watson. BTW, Although JLaw’s quite good, I still find her way too overrated and wouldn’t really mind it if Stone, who’s IMOP much better, finally manages to dethrone her. I guess, we’ll just have to wait and see :)

  • Mary

    Well, top critics says she can act. Good reviews too on her role as Ila in Noah so…

  • Nicole

    Lame girl who’s only famous because she got lucky with HP franchise. However, she’s not competitive enough as an actress to become a respected performer post-HP.

  • Sara

    I think she can act and I don’t even like her movies that much. Bitter people, just congratulate her on graduating college. That’s pretty admirable. Congrats Emma!

  • Robb7

    Congratulations on a young life well lived!!! Unlike most of young Hollywood stars, if her career stalls — she actually is well educated and will have options!

  • Lauren


    @Living in a box:

    To begin with,to whoever of you talked about her not srealing the show.In Aronofsky’s Noah,where she had a limited role,she managed to get massive praise from audience and critics with many calling her the stand out….all that while starring alongnise some Hollywood legends.

    As for her projects …she’s doing great.Right now she’s filming Amenabar’sRegression.Her part is really difficult and challenging.Apart from that she is also confirmed to star in Chbosky’s While We Are Young ,Freaking Guilliermo Del Toro’s Beauty and the Beast and in Queen of The Tearling,which is basrd on a high fantasy novel and has great response from critics.She was also rumored to be talking to Scarlett Johanson to star in a movie adaption of Capote’s Summer Crossing (another challenging role) and another thriller that i have hard time remebering details about it.

    Also she was offered Keneth Branagh’s Cinderella and Mathew Vaughn’s The Secret Service and rejected both projects.Tom Hooper was eyeing her to play Cosette on Lem Miserables.

    That’s a very imprrssive list with great directors.I say she’s doing perfect.

  • Ivy

    Have you guys seen Noah? I’d be pretty stupid to say that Emma wasn’t good at Noah because she was good. It’s so obvious that she was good in that movie. Even critics says so.

  • Lisa

    So happy for Emma, she is so AWESOME, she will have her own Oscar soon.

  • Danielle

    Congrats Emma! I think she is lovely and talented. Besides Hermione, I loved her in Perks, Bling Ring, Noah and even in This is the End.

  • Jessie

    Relax people. Just congratulate her and be happy for her. She does a good thing and she’s being criticized. She’s an Ivy league graduate for God’s sake. That’s pretty huge!

  • Haylie

    @Nicole: Why can’t she?

  • Haylie

    @Jessie: exactly!

  • Haylie

    She going to graduate college for Christ sike while being an is a A actress. She has accomplished a lot.

  • Sandra

    LOL at her delusional fans who keep claiming that she will win an Oscar. That will NEVER happen because she’s a horrendous actress!!! I’m not always satisfied by the choices the academy makes, but at the very least, all oscar-winning actors are talented and Emma is not!

  • Danielle


    Calm down, you don’t like her we get it. No need to attack people who think differently from you. Nobody owns the truth.

  • Every person reading this post


    Dear Carey, go F yourself.
    Sincerely, every single person reading this post.

  • Melanie

    Glad to see that more and more people are starting to realize what an awful actress she is. I mean, seriously, how can her fans think that her wild eyebrow acting is good? Also, a lot of critics called her pathetic performance of Ila problematic and unconvincing, but her fans tend to ignore the harsh truth.

  • Carey

    Queen of the tearling generally got very bad reviews, beauty and the beast is not happening anytime soon if it ever happens, and as one commenter already mentioned, she got mixed reviews for Noah. While we’re young and regression? Well, these projects don’t look like groundbreaking opportunities to prove oneself as an actress. Sorry :)
    @Every person reading this post: Oh, baby, you’re so pathetic that I can’t help but feel sorry for you. What a shame, looks like you’ve run out of constructive counterarguments and try to insult me. Guess what? You failed, cuz I don’t get offended by some unreasonable people like you. Have a nice day!

  • Danielle


    I can assure you that Emma’s performance in Noah was more praised than criticized, just check Rotten Tomatoes. From Russell Crowe to Anthony Hopinks, all cast members got some negative reviews in Noah. But in general those who received more praise were Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly and Emma Watson in this order.

  • Lisa

    @Carey: You PILLOCK.

  • Anna


    More people?I’m pretty sure that “the more peole” you are reffering to is you with different names.And if that’s not stupid enough,hating a person you don’t know with such devotion,you are also making up stuff.That’s pretty pathetic.

    Her performance of Ila was widely praised by audience and critics alike.

  • Melanie

    @Danielle: That’s what I actually meant: not all critics lauded her performance but some fangirls keep claiming that they did. That’s kinda annoying.
    @Anna: I’m not a hater, I don’t dislike her in general, I just find her performances almost unbearing to watch and am surprised that some of you like them. Whoah, posting with different names? Hehehe, whatever makes you sleep at night XD

  • Living in a box

    Yes, she did been praised for her performance but not strong enough. What her memorable role after Harry Potter? Jennifer Lawrence might be overrated but she did give amazing performance in The Winter’s Bone and then won an Oscar. Whether Jennifer deserve that Oscar or not, she did won the Oscar. If we talked about Emma Stone, suddenly Easy A, Zombieland and The Help appeared on people mind, Emma been nominated for Easy A and The Help. Like I said before Emma Watson have to do a lot of catch up.

  • piana

    ojala intente ejercer aunque sea poco su carrera, de hecho que literatura que es lo que estudio le ayuda, de hecho que cualquier cosa que uno estudie ayuda mucho a un actor vez el mundo de otra perspectiva, que bien por ella!!!

  • Mike Bohenek

    Good for her…

  • Gabby

    Yay!!!!!” I’m so proud of her!!!! Its impressive she did it in five years considering how busy she’s been since she started University. Five years is quickly becoming the average time it takes to graduate these days because people change majors or take semesters off so much.

  • molly

    She is graduating from college while having a crazy career. That is a big accomplishment. Why are you people talking about her acting and movies when it’s not the subject of matter here? Hating for no reason.

  • molly

    This is not the place to critique her movies/acting. Just congratulate her for being a soon to be Ivy League graduate.

  • pathetic stans

    You people are idiots you think she got into an Ivy League school because she’s smart? Please! The girl has loads of money off Harry Potter(which she’s only famous for) and her boring acting. Are you stans that naive ? Anyone with connections and money can get into an Ivy League school. Most of the people that go to those type of schools are nothing but spoiled brats that are waited on hand and foot, and they do whatever they want. Have you heard of that saying “money talks bullspit walks”? So no, i don’t congratulate her, because there are people,(me for example) that worked our butts off to get into college. Not only that she is a stuck up britch celeb, which most famous brits are. She always thinks she’s too good for certain roles, when her acting IS in fact unbearable. I never saw Noah, but the people i know that did see it were disappointed.