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Jennifer Lawrence is Under Fire for Allegedly Making a Distasteful Joke

Jennifer Lawrence is Under Fire for Allegedly Making a Distasteful Joke
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  • Martin

    she’s always over the top with everything. she’s got mental issues.

  • Blah

    After reading that article it sure seems like Jennifer chose a bad word to describe why she was acting the way she was to get the directors attention. I wouldn’t call it a joke, she should have used a different word. But this is the interwebs and scandals are loved so here we go.

  • Jared

    man she’s such an idiot

  • eye roll

    “rape scream” is not remotely funny or a common phrase used to describe a scream at all, completely unnecessary to use that word at all. It’s not amusing literally and figuratively on how she said it. she’s a try hard with keeping up the I’m so adorable humor, jeez stfu already Jen.

  • no

    Her sense of humor is NOT at all funny, it’s ignorant, offensive, inappropriate, controversial, rude and just plain stupid. This girl feels herself irresponsible for what she is said, which is arrogant and overconfident. Remember when Megan Fox said dumb stuff every time while open the mouth – and how its ended up… not really good. Jlaw should thinking before talking.

  • jdl

    why did she lie about miley telling her to get it together? sometimes I feel like she just says whatever she wants to get a laugh, even if it isn’t true (like this time)

  • oh..

    .. “rape scream” .. ha-ha.. NOT!!! Lawrence should publicly apologize for such a unacceptable “joke”.
    p.s if KStew or Anne Hathaway said something like that – they would have crucified.

  • IDK


    Where did you get that she lied about Miley, I don’t see her lying on national television.. It sure isn’t on Miley’s twitter, instagram, etc and Miley hasn’t spoken publically about it.

    Oh I know you saw the supposed screen grab someone posted on gawker or another site showing a supposed Miley tweet… anyone can make a screen grab and make it look like a celebrity said it.

  • dumb ass**

    What an idiot!!.. Just ask victims of sexual violence, how much it’s FUNNY…

  • Seriously

    Seriously do people really read what happened. I don’t like or hate this actress but this is way overblown in the way its reported. She did not make a joke she made a faux pas in using a bad word as an adjective to describe to the director why she was screaming and acting as such as she met him. Everyone has used the wrong words in their life. On top of that it was suppose to be a private conversation that was overheard so who knows the real truth. So I say she made a mistake not a joke. I would never want to be a celebrity.

  • white trash

    Typical uneducated blonde bimbo, who constantly talking about farts, vomit, boobs, butt plugs, headaches…plus pot smoker/drinker … is anyone really surprised?

  • activist

    To №10
    Wrong words can be like a weapon, its can really hurt someone. That is why polite people carefully choice of words and if happens to say unacceptable things – they APPOLOGIZE. Couple years ago both Kristen Stewart AND Johnny Depp publicly apologize for similar “rape” comments.

  • lol

    Is it necessary to her be so low-intelligent and vulgar? She make Miley Cyrus sound smart.

  • Natalie

    It’s called dark comedy or black humour … you people take things too seriously.

  • blow


    LOL I think Jennifer is nit wit as well but lets be honest she is nothing compared to the vulgar and dimwitted Miley Cyrus.

  • ken

    Oh God fame really changes people. She used to be a sweet talented girl but now…i kinda hate her.

  • activist

    when people make some racist/anti semitic/homophobic rants is it black humor too?
    Don’t you think, there is should be moral line that cant be crossed?

  • lola

    Just in two years (2012-2014) she has gone from adorable sweet lovely and really funny gal to kooky, vulgar, obnoxious and offensive, annoying stunt drama attention seeker. RIP JLaw as we knew her, her сute personality will never be back.

  • Boom

    she sucks

  • Courtney

    I don’t think Jennifer intentionally meant to joke about rape. She doesn’t seem like the kind of person to intentionally condone rape culture. It was a private comment made to someone at a private event. Maybe she should have chosen her words more wisely, but she’s definitely not that mean! As for the supposed outrage on Twitter, there’s no HUGE tidal wave of hate comments. There’s a handful, but that’s nothing like the social media rags make it out to be. This has been blown way out of proportion! From what I’ve seen and heard about Jennifer, I believe she still is generally a good person who has her flaws–who doesn’t? She’s gracious to her fans and has genuine talent. Quit crucifying her for something she didn’t mean to say!

  • fried chick

    Flash of instant heady extreme fame done gone fried her brain.

  • fried chick

    Flash of instant heady extreme fame done gone fried her brain.

  • carrollyn
  • carrollyn

    @carrollyn: This comment about Jennifer is not worth
    printing and maybe not even true. Go to work and find some gossip we can read and laugh about !

  • Sweet

    Too much. This is a no-brainer; she’s 25 or whatever and should know better. I think she need to pull her head in and be more restrained from now on. At least if I were her agent I’d advise her to do that, in response to the general backlash toward her overexposure. However, if she doesn’t care she can do whatever she likes and keep irking people with her outthereness.

  • Sail

    Shes ugly and dumb.

  • http://JustJared celestialacademician

    @Seriously: LOL…I know. You see how quickly the turn on you, lol. When Stewart made her “rape” comment in refernce to how the paps were, I wasn’t offended by it. I completely understood what she was saying. She was talking about the intrusion and violation of one’s personal space, but of course that doesn’t bring in the ratings or the web hits.

  • Viva

    She’s annoying. I don’t understand the love and hype around her. It’s the biggest evidence that the world is rapidly becoming full with people with mental problems who become fanatics of this type of moronic celebs. Please don’t compare her to Anne Hathaway

  • Gigy

    Stupid, idiot! Actually she thinks I have got a huge number of fan following so I can do or say whatever I want and nothing can bring me down.

  • meagan

    can’t wait for this talentless, overrated dumbass b*tch career to take a nosedive. so sick of her!

  • Woah

    Got all the haters out now, the ones who hate certain celebrities for no apparent reason and the ones who hate for a cause they don’t really care about in real life anyway. But they are behind an anonymous keyboard with nothing better to do and will say anything they want.

    Then that celebrities fans will try and defend them which leads to all out game of thrones type war. Rinse, cycle, repeat. Here is my take, Jennifer is a young girl and probably made a mistake.

  • hollywood jokes

    I wonder what she could declare about Bryan Singer. After all, it is Hollywood, jokes about violence, rape, sex and drugs. It ‘s so funny.

  • bap

    JL will receive a pass for her ignorant remark!

  • hohoho


  • Blurred lines

    @Woah: she s going to 24, that’s not a young girl. that’s a woman. she needs to grow up, she’s immature for her age.

  • Mike Bohenek

    Still LOVE her…..

  • Taz

    A lot of you need to calm down.

    Why are you so overworked about it? She said something that sounded a little stupid, sure, but don’t we all make mistakes like that and accidentally slip something out every now and then? You seem to be forgetting that she – like us is human.

    And other that fact, the context of the comment was not negative, nor was the comment aimed at insulting anyone.

  • Taz

    Other than that*

  • Bill

    Stop judging her! We don’t even know if she really said it. Did anyone record it? No! It’s just allegations! And if she actually said it, there’s nothing offensive about it. If I say “my love for you is blind”, am I being offensive with blind people? Women who were raped probably wouldn’t even care about this expression “rape scream”. C’mon, the world is getting so boring!

  • @Bill

    @Bill: Bill, you’re sick. Really. I do not know how old you are. You are the example of what has caused this “hollywood brainwashing”.

  • Matt

    How do you know she even said this and it’s not some bogus story? There were a bunch of well known bloggers and reporters around her when she met alfonso and none of them mentioned an offensive joke in their articles …

  • nwo PC POLICE

    Confiscate all of her money and assets,
    blacklist her from acting jobs,
    declare her a terrorist
    then put her in jail indefinitely (NDAA) without trial..

  • Get over it!

    Get over yourselves!! She said something stupid. People do that every day. Don’t make a big deal about it just because she’s famous! No one is forcing you to listen to her.

  • puravik

    I’m getting annoyed by J. Lawrence. She’s grown woman but acts like a silly girl. All this fame and awards must be getting in her head. But she’s nothing special.

  • PaulieD

    @nwo PC POLICE:

    I love SARCASM… good job sir.

  • Oscar

    “But she’s nothing special.”
    An Oscar, 2 Golden Globes and a Bafta, not to mention her HUGE pay checks says you are WRONG!!!!!

  • GBA

    @Gigy: This is America. She CAN say what she wants.

  • I dont understand

    What I don’t get is people always bitching about celebrities being all snobbish and proper and not showing us they are human and its all a show. Then along comes a celebrity who acts like we mostly act and shows she is human and makes mistakes and gets hyper, etc but is called fake and then the internet calls for their head when they show they are human and make a mistake. I agree with the poster on her, I never want to be famous.

  • dirtyho

    What goes up must come down. She thinks too much of herself. She’s those girls that are all like “I’m one of the guys” because she acts fudging stupid. Newsflash Jen you’re nothing like a guy! You’re an idiot 5 yr. Old little girl in kindergarten! Guys only hang out with you because you act like easy p**sy! She sucks so bad at acting and always looks like she skips showers, how is any of that cute? She makes a big ass of herself, and her idiot stans think it’s ok she’s forgiven because she’s a hollywood actress in her 20′s. There are some actresses that were/are in their 20′s that are more grounded, not making a fool of themselves. She just has very low self- esteem, which is usually why she’s acting like an attention hoe.

  • Rob

    After reading this it got me wondering if only we knew the age of the posters in comment sections, I think it would really be enlighting.