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Jennifer Lawrence Confesses She Threw Up at Madonna's Oscars After Party on 'Late Night'!

Jennifer Lawrence Confesses She Threw Up at Madonna's Oscars After Party on 'Late Night'!

Jennifer Lawrence is all smiles as she makes her entrance while making an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers at NBC Studios on Wednesday (May 21) in New York City.

The 23-year-old actress talked about her latest film X-Men: Days of Future Past, meeting Brad Pitt, and confessed that she threw up at Madonna‘s 2014 Oscars after party – Watch the hilarious clip below!

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Over the weekend, Jennifer was spotted leading the way out of her hotel while in town for the 2014 Cannes Film Festival.

Jennifer Lawrence – Late Night with Seth Meyers

FYI: Jennifer is wearing Alexander Wang and Jennifer Meyer earrings. This interview was pre-taped and done when she taped The Tonight Show.

Click inside to watch the rest of Jennifer‘s interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers

Jennifer Lawrence – Late Night with Seth Meyers
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Credit: Lloyd Bishop; Photos: NBC
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  • DB

    We were all her age once.

  • bap

    JL consistently flaunting her ignorance!

  • Devlin

    Love her…!. Jennifer Lawrence is the best talk show host.

  • Devlin

    *guest*….not *host*.

  • DanaJ

    She is so funny! I love her)

  • lol

    @bap: lol at that comment, ignorance is always bliss for Jen and her idiot fans eat it all up with joy. Her outfit is hideous btw, wtf is that “thing” (watch her stans say how stunning and gorgeous she looks in that “outfit” in 3, 2, 1…….)

  • Ava

    God I love her, so unpretentious and can I say that hair working for her, great length on her.

  • web domain

    I would say that many in the community view her as a sincere, adorable, true to life actress. Which I can understand why considering her bubbling personality which is evident by her interview by Seth. Nevertheless the outfit selection for her appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers could have been a lot better in my opinion.

  • Megs

    From watching that interview it sounds to me like Jennifer’s best friend is a bad influence on her. But a 23 year old girl having fun is normal, we all were that way at that age and those not there yet will understand eventually.

  • Nick

    @ lol. The only person ignorant on the post is you. And people who think they’re the moral authority of behaviour …Yes let’s get our panties in a bunch because a 23 year went to a party and had too much to drink , oh the shame..especially in Hollywood , when probably most of the people at that party doing coke and other drugs.

  • Sammy

    What I like about Jennifer Lawrence in when tells stories or talks about herself , it isn’t to make her look good, just the opposite , so many celebrities try to make themselves look better then they are, so fake in public , while being someone totally different in private.

  • Sidney

    Finally X men is out, can’t wait , going to see it tonight , hope it’s as good as they’re saying.

  • bap

    LOL Jennifer will get a pass from the critics. LOL you are right on target regarding your analyzes!

  • Game

    @Megs: Her best friend is a douche. Did your read the sh!tty thing she wrote about the oscars? She’s such a loser, trying to get to hollywood through jen.

  • Melissa B

    Love her!

  • David

    she’s very immature for a 23 year old. she’s gonna be 24. she should grow up.

  • Keys

    Nothing wrong with trying to be funny, but in her case, she always comes across as an annoying high school girl.

  • Bill

    Jennifer is always the best. lol She’s so sincere and honest to herself and her public. And she looks prettier than ever! I love her and I’m sure X-Men will be a huge hit partially due to her charisma and her loyal fanbase.

  • Mike

    When will people learn that no one in Hollywood is sincere. Her rape joke is just starting to come out and it will blow up by tomorrow.

  • Pam


    Don’t know where you have been but its been blown up. It was overhead at a party so who knows the truth and on top of that is was not a joke it was a bad word choice describing why she was reacting the way she was to see the director. What she said was wrong but it the bloggers are making way more of it then it was.

  • Mitch

    I like that she can make fun of herself and she tells real stories of Hollywood parties.

  • Porto

    She has become the caricature of herself.

  • ZED

    She’s an idiot who behaves like she’s the center of the universe.

  • Potsy


    But if she started to change and become more muted and demure in interviews you would probably say she has gone Hollywood. Celebrities can’t win in today’s social world.

  • Ava


    So telling self-deprecating stories about herself makes you say she think’s she is the center of the universe. Good lord she is 23 and partied then told the funny story and the fans in the audience laughed.

  • EREN

    @Ava: It’s her dumb attitude. She’s fake and trying too hard. I prefer beautiful classy women like Marion Cotillard.

  • Shocked

    EREN I don’t see her as fake I think what she says is genuine, yes she is probably trying a little to hard in interviews. I am sure as she matures she will calm down and transition into actresses like Marion Cotillard, Cate Blanchett, etc. but most forget she is so young and famous so fast, not many actresses that people compare her to become that famous both commercially and critically at the same time.

  • Blah

    I don’t hate or love Jennifer but I think she needs to calm down, she has so much anxiety in this interview. But I did laugh.

  • Jesse

    If you hate her and saying she should be like this and that, you are crazy then. She is very true and unique. And how refreshing is her no faking personality. Not everyone has to love this kind of personality. But she’s just like that and that means she’s perfect. We are all different and we are friends with people we like and date people we like. If you don’t like her, that’s OK. But only if you leave her alone and let her be herself. You wouldn’t like it to be changed either…

  • Trish

    Kind of obvious that she is judgmental in her “sense of humor”. she seems to be surrounded by critical and manipulative people and it shows in the way she behaves.

  • thatguywitha9inchD

    She tries to hard to come across like “look at me! I’m soo average! I trip sometimes and I puked! Do you wanna hear me talk about how dumb and clumsy iam, since its so cute?”. I can’t stand hoity toity famous a**h*les who act like they’re better than everyone else.. but I also can’t stand famous people who try too hard to seem normal to keep up with their persona of “girl next foor”. Seems like all an act. I’m sure she gets pissed sometimes.. but god forbid that ever went public and destroyed part of her image.

  • meh

    i don’t know how naybody can NOT see that she’s such a try hard with her constant “im so adorable and klutzy” humor and always trying to upstage evening show hosts so she can win audiences over, even the audiences laughs were cringe worthy trying to laugh at every word she says, like cmon it really wasn’t funny, its like the producers told the audience before she got on “to laugh at everything this girl says” just like how they plan the laughs to every sitcom. sad that her young fans have no understanding of what the term “Public Relations” mean cause she is a manufactured product of it as much as hollywood spins it around to make it seem like she isn’t, i wonder what she sold to the devil for hollywood to constantly defend her but at least i can see through this rose tinted glass.

  • Meine


    I have to say her pissy mood has been made public, ever see how she flips off the paps all the time. Lots of actors put on a public perception and I for one would rather have celebrities being themselves then always sticking their nose in the air when interviewed.

  • 5

    @meh: well said. You’re not a sheep and you have your own opinion. A lot of people are influenced by the media and don’t know how it works.

  • blow


    This is a funny comment. I can’t see a public relation team allowing her to say half the shit she says, she would be much more polished in which she clearly isn’t. I work for a PR firm in the NASCAR industry in North Carolina and we would never let our guys say the things she does. To me this girl has anxiety pretty bad when in front of people and that is why she comes off the way she does. And to call people sheep if they happen to like a celebrity PR prepped or not is kinda insulting. People want to be entertained and if she is entertaining to people they have the right to like her.

  • Doony

    @blow: shut up!

  • Michael


    Can’t handle someone expressing their opinion. I disagree that Jennifer has anxiety but everyone knows how the Hollywood game goes and I do agree that people have the right to like whoever they want and are not sheep because of it.

  • Doony

    @Michael: Yeah and The poster 5 said that about sheep, what the other person answered didn’t make sense;

  • Razorsfury

    Most of the people commenting are the idiots not Jennifer Lawrence lol

  • Amy


    Are you for real? Most people don’t “grow up” until their late 20s/early 30s.

  • meh1


    you remind me of what it is like to look out at the world with a pair of shades/sunglasses on.

    but i can tell you that there are people who are genuinely like that (you know: bubbly, humble with a self-deprecating sense of humor, etc.)

    it reminds me of a man i heard of who didn’t trust doctors. now he does all sorts of volunteer & community service work. i wonder what happened to change his attitude? wish i knew

  • Weinstein rules

    Harvey Weinstein and Jennifer Lawrence Pictures

  • Judy

    Strange! I should like her only because she talks like she’s trying to make herself look bad? That’s sooooo ridiculous. She knows her fans thinks like this and this is a TOTALLY designed personality. It’s working for the morons all over the world.

  • almondjoygotnuts

    She’s the hottest thing out there right now. So different from most of the fake, stuck up, egotistical, “stars” out now. She’s real, she’s funny which is hot in a woman, she’s hot as all get out. Anyone got something bad to say about Jenn can “suck it”