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Olivier Martinez Carries His Motorcycle Helmet Like a Purse!

Olivier Martinez Carries His Motorcycle Helmet Like a Purse!

Olivier Martinez holds onto his motorcycle helmet while dropping by a liquor store on Monday (May 19) in West Hollywood.

The day before, the 48-year-old actor sported his favorite “Unstoppable” t-shirt while grabbing a baguette and a bag of goodies at Bristol Farms in Beverly Hills.

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In case you missed it, Olivier‘s wife Halle Berry recently appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she chatted about their son Maceo.

FYI: Olivier is wearing a Superdry leather jacket.

25+ pictures inside of Olivier Martinez dropping by a liquor and grocery store…

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olivier martinez carrys motorcycle purse like a purse 01
olivier martinez carrys motorcycle purse like a purse 02
olivier martinez carrys motorcycle purse like a purse 03
olivier martinez carrys motorcycle purse like a purse 04
olivier martinez carrys motorcycle purse like a purse 05
olivier martinez carrys motorcycle purse like a purse 06
olivier martinez carrys motorcycle purse like a purse 07
olivier martinez carrys motorcycle purse like a purse 08
olivier martinez carrys motorcycle purse like a purse 09
olivier martinez carrys motorcycle purse like a purse 10
olivier martinez carrys motorcycle purse like a purse 11
olivier martinez carrys motorcycle purse like a purse 12
olivier martinez carrys motorcycle purse like a purse 13
olivier martinez carrys motorcycle purse like a purse 14
olivier martinez carrys motorcycle purse like a purse 15
olivier martinez carrys motorcycle purse like a purse 16
olivier martinez carrys motorcycle purse like a purse 17
olivier martinez carrys motorcycle purse like a purse 18
olivier martinez carrys motorcycle purse like a purse 19
olivier martinez carrys motorcycle purse like a purse 20
olivier martinez carrys motorcycle purse like a purse 21
olivier martinez carrys motorcycle purse like a purse 22
olivier martinez carrys motorcycle purse like a purse 23
olivier martinez carrys motorcycle purse like a purse 24
olivier martinez carrys motorcycle purse like a purse 25
olivier martinez carrys motorcycle purse like a purse 26

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  • booze and baguettes

    see he’s making his daily/weekly booze/baguette run

  • Wurry

    LOL… his daily baguette and booze. At least it’s past 6:30am this time at the liquor store.

  • nathalie

    That’s how men wear their helmets in France when they don’t wear them on their heads. Ignorance of foreign habits…

  • Ashley

    He never actually leaves with booze, he’s buying cigarettes duh.

  • brenda

    Halle is already tired of him. They are never spotted together. I wouldnt be surprised if she’s flirting with other men. She hypnotizes them and then leaves them like tissues.

  • just saying

    How do you know if he not buying booze? he could carry a small bottle inside his jacket hello!!!!!!

  • shelbethegreat

    Only in JJ would a man carrying a motorcycle helmet be compared to carrying a purse. JJ need to learn of other cultures and how they do things. Riding a motorcycle is one of the most masculine things a person can do and Olivier is all male, HOT!

  • shelbethegreat

    @brenda: Not true, Olivier, Halle and the kids were seen together on Mothers day. He is such a gorgeous masculine guy, Aston Martins, Harley’s and baguettes.

  • shelbethegreat

    New pictures of Olivier’s beautiful baby boy in this article. Maceo is so adorable.

  • JJ is a gay owned site

    @shelbethegreat: what do you expect from another gossip site owned by a gay man and his brother?

  • not true

    @brenda: Not true…happy family pix of them Easter, Mothers Day, him out with Nahla pre-Mother’s day while Halle was doing her Revlon thing, they took Nahla to see Disney on Ice’s Lion King etc. Who knows if she’s tired of him, yet?

  • U don’t know

    @Ashley: You don’t know what’s in that bag not do you know what he got at the liquor store.

  • true

    @Wurry: true , he’s not doing an early morning run all disheveled going to Gil Turner’s and not just for smokes…still can’t get those images of him being seriously hungover on JJ unshaven, hair a mess and shoes untied

  • carla

    I really don’t understand this kind of gossip! every body knows so many thinks about them! I don’t think we can say if a couple is happy or not just because they don’t out alone! I think Halle was always very open to show her divorces and also Olivier. What I can really see is that she never spoked too much about olivier, even when they started. They were spotted together, but she was different about her private life. Even when she was engaged she didn’t say much.
    Maybe I’m wrong but she’s a 47 years old woman, 2 kids and some more maturity, in past she talked too much about her husbands, maybe she learned the lesson!!

  • huggybear

    @ carla Everyone know it’s a business deal. Olivier don’t actor like a new father at all you never see him alone with his son, only when their have sage outing very funny.

  • carla

    Well, maybe you right, but the baby has 7 months, I don’t think much appropriate take a little baby to shopping or to buy groceries. I see a lot pictures of nahla and olivier together and they look fine and litle girl very confident in his company.

    Maybe you right, I don’t live in states so may be I’m wrong.

  • huggybear

    @ Carla Give me a break look at Josh Duhamel you see him all time with his son alone doing lunch etc. Please stop coving up for that drunk and booze fool.

  • Carla

    @huggybear: i am not conving no one! I don’ t have to acuse or coving someone that i don’t know! Just express my opion! Sorry if i upsted you! Of course uou know much more than me! As i told you before i don’t live in states!

  • Shelbethegreat

    @Carla: Carla, your right, just because Halle doesn’t say much about her husband is no indication anything is wrong. These haters on here just want to put down this lovely couple with no proof whatsoever. I know you don’t live in the states but you are right. I too think that Halle has learned not to say to much about her man and keep that part private, maybe they have an understanding. They looked like the typical family on Mother’s day. The haters on here can only wish they were as happy as the Martinez’s.

  • just saying

    For a happy couple their try to stay away from each other very much only when it a special day that normal people do, you do see them together like mother’s day and Easter otherwise noting. It look like she is also keep her business side separate too good for you Halle you finial getting wise in you old age.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @just saying: Now your saying they only get together for special occasions. Your always looking for strife where there is none. They both are WORKING hard unlike the leech and with a new baby maybe they just don’t have time like they use too you think. I bet if you saw an article with them both walking down the street holding hands you would think it was a publicity stunt. Nothing will ever be good enough for you. You have hate in your heart and you feed on it daily.

  • just saying

    @ Shelbethegreat Set a trap catch a rat like you, when last have you seen them together on the red carpet you dumb a** .. The only leech around is you. Have you seen the special on E new’s talking about Hollywood secret’s after you have seem it come out and play A**

  • Shelbethegreat

    @just saying: Oh, you need to watch your language, sounds like your upset. Olivier unlike the leech actually walks the red carpet and not the drive way to pick up his welfare check. As for secrets the only secret is what a numbskull you are continuing to defend that mooch. Your Gabe does absolutely nothing to support his daughter financially and that is okay with you. Halle supports a grown man and his daughter but you have only bad words for her. If Olivier buys cigarettes or baguette’s at least it is his money and no one else’s.

  • You don’t know that

    @Shelbethegreat: You don’t know if he pays for his own booze, butts and baguettes? You also don’t know what model boy pays for Nahla w/any of his own money or not. Plus the money does get is not for his personal use. And the only reason he gets anything at all is:

    a) Halle didn’t expect him to care and stick around

    b) never had a document in place in case of a split (which by California State law he is legal to for Nahla’s behalf;

    c) always claimed while she wanted to find a sperm donor or partner to have a kid with that should never ask him for a dime /and couldn’t care if stayed (it’s all over the internet if you look)

    d) (also all over the internet) his high level of integrity and hard work ethic (all over the Internet, Oprah, the view etc).

    e) the family court Judge got tired of Halle’s bs including her complaining in full histrionic drama queen mode claiming that Aubry couldn’t keep Nahla in the lifestyle she has been been accustomed to by Halle, gives Halle her Paul Mooney “Niqqa Wake Up Call” moment and names $20K/mo to shut her up. And she kept up with her shyt until where we are now.

    Another example: you and your husband or partner have a kid. Both of you have jobs. You make more than your mate. Both of you contributed to the bills and your child’s welfare/well-being.

    Surprisingly, you split. At the time of the split, you don’t have a document in place because you thought you never needed one. You both try to come up with support, custody, visitation etc. You don’t agree. You go back in forth with the lawyers, family court etc.

    Depending on what US state you live in, the parent who makes the most money is the one who pays support or even they /that State’s court system can take both incomes and divide it and that’s what’s for support.

    Keep in mind, while all of this is going on, your ex is still contributing to the child’s well-being somewhat financially.

    Do you think less of your ex regardless of what he has and is shelling out for the kid because you have to pay support which is only for the kid and not personal use?

  • yep JS

    @just saying: Yep spot on JS. She’s doing what should have been doing in the first place. Still don’t think the “marriage” is what she expected and is keeping her mouth shut with the exception in the Ellen segment :20-25 downplaying the “love” comment. Because of the pappi law, she has to put her money where her mouth is on this,plus even though we don’t know all /any of the terms of their agreement with Aubry…my understanding is there’s a possible gag order on her /them to directly discuss the terms even though she made a general brief referewnce on Latifah.

  • just saying

    @ Shelbethegreat who are you to tell anyone to watch their language, You are the one who always calling Gabriel all kind of bad name, you are a witch and a hater and you will be soon hating on Olivier when he and Halle break up THRICK TACK.

  • carla

    @just saying: c

    sorry, but what special e news talked about? i really didn’t see. Thanks

  • carla

    @just saying:

    Sorry, what happened on special e news? i really didn’t see. Thanks

  • shelbethegreat

    @just saying: You know that goldilocks doesn’t spend a red nickel on his daughter, that money is Halle’s. I know Olivier spends his own money because there is proof all over the internet that he works, L’homme, movies, restaurant which is more than the loser. You can’t accept the fact that your boy is a leech who can’t support himself. You go ahead and pretend ol’ Gabe is a man, but you know he’s not. Bet if your son lived off a woman you would feel nothing but shame.

  • Too our resident financial exp

    @shelbethegreat: Not JS and thank you for being a celebrity financial expert and not a lawyer—you’d never win a legal argument.Your argument is still not true and don’t jump JS when she didn’t post that comment. I’m with the others, I can’t wait when the truth comes out about how much a sham their marriage is and was for business just like Gabe, Eric and the others.

  • No one gives a flying Fuq

    @shelbethegreat: No one really gives a flying fuq–why should you care so much about people you don’t even know and will ever meet believing the bs on the Internet…guess you graduated college on the Dean’s list and Magna Cum Lade (highest honors) (yes more saracasm)

  • Shelbethegreat

    @No one gives a flying Fuq: Oh shut up @just saying. Two postings within minutes. And what do you mean by most, it’s just you.

  • Just saying

    @ Shelbethegreat Now we see what a fool you really are, I wish I said it like @No one gives a flying Fuq you are sick.

  • thank you

    @Just saying: Thank you!

  • Hey JS

    @Just saying: She REALLY does think you posted when it was me up early this morning. OMG—LOL

  • shwlbethegreat

    @Just saying: You always care what I think.

  • shwlbethegreat

    @Too our resident financial exp: Your just like the other idiot. I guess if your a blonde male model nothing you do is wrong. You can live off a woman and never work for the rest of your life. In the real world a man like that would sicken you. I hope you marry a man like Gabe, who don’t work and will live off you.

  • Who gives a flying Fuq?

    @shwlbethegreat: shelbethegreat…why all the hate, seriously? Why do keep this stuff going on and on? If you don’t respond…the others may not post to get you all worked up or even respond.

  • http://jj jtb

    @carla: Why wouldn’t you take a 7 mth out shopping? Mothers have been doing it forever. You take your stepdaughter out but not your own kid. I say bs!!!!

  • http://jj jtb

    Oh please people. Oliver don’t want to be carrying a black looking baby around…lol. When the child is supposedly 75% white. My sister is dark brown and hubby white. My nephew is shades lighter than Halle son with straight sort of curly brownish blonde hair.

  • http://jj jtb

    For the ones that are calling Gabriel a leech. Have u stopped to think maybe Nahla isn’t Halle’s biological child. She made have used egg donor like she used for Maceo tricking Oliver. Therefore she have to pay up to the biological father. Oliver found out and left her crazy behind. I’m no expert but I know a kid that isn’t 75% black shouldn’t look pure black.

  • to jtb

    @jtb: Maceo is lighter than Nahla …

    She never said she conceived naturally–yes, I think Olivier is more of a leech than Gabe regardless of his recent working.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @jtb: @to jtb: You are obviously a racist. Anyone can look at Maceo and see he is lighter than Nahla. You have zero proof that Halle had donor eggs which also makes you a gossip monger. Gabriel is a leech, proven not by speculation but facts. Fact one is he’s living off a welfare check from his ex. money that should go to his daughter and her brother. Two, if a person works as hard as Olivier does it proves he is the better man period. Keep lying to yourself if it makes you feel better but the truth is the truth.

  • wasn’t being racist-proving pt

    @Shelbethegreat: was proving how f’infg stupid @jtb’s post was. Don’t care about the rest of their argument…the rest was from them probably to get you riled up.

  • just saying

    @ Shelbethegreat Why do you have talk about Gabriel every time you open your big month when no one else is talking about him you really have a problem with him do you. What happen he didn’t want you?

  • Shelbethegreat

    @just saying: The only person who wants that leech is you.

  • just saying

    @ Shelbethegreat again fool why are you talking about Gabriel ? The subject is ugly Olivier no one else, so get right