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Sophie Turner Takes the JJ Portrait Session Series Throne

Sophie Turner Takes the JJ Portrait Session Series Throne

Sophie Turner is bold and beautiful in exclusive new pic from the latest edition of the Just Jared Portrait Session Series.

The 18-year-old British actress reprises her role as Sansa Stark on the hit HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones, which only has three more episodes left in its fourth season. Tune in on Sundays, June 1, 8, and 15 – the big finale!

Sophie gave Just Jared some clues about the GoT finale and upcoming season five, shares about her exciting new action flick Barely Lethal, and opens up about her some of her strange obsessions.

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Sophie Turner Interview – Exclusive

Just Jared: What’s your favorite scene that you’ve ever filmed for Game of Thrones?

Sophie Turner: One of my most controversial ones! It’s the one where I nearly got raped. Just because working with the stunt crew is so much fun and I got to slap and knock people around. That was probably the most fun out of all of them. Then any scene with Peter Dinklage is my favorite as well, because he’s hilarious.

JJ: What’s your favorite memory with him?

ST: I remember when we shot Joffrey’s wedding. (laughs) We were literally just, it was a five day shoot, and we were just sitting next to each other, pointing out all the extras. Watching the extras on set is the funniest thing you could do, especially when you’re bored. And we were so bored, we were playing Scrabble and stuff, and there was this one extra, he was eating all the fake fruit. He was trying to bite into it and he was like, “Mmm this is actually really good.” And then he fell asleep in the shot, and it was so funny, we were laughing so much because it’s just hilarious watching those guys.

JJ: Do you have a favorite prop from set?

ST: No. I don’t like any of the props because they smell, because they’re medieval. But, I guess, it’s not a prop but my dog. I kept my dog from the show, so she’s like kind of a prop I guess.

JJ: Do you have a favorite off screen memory with cast or crew?

ST: When we were in Croatia, the production company used to throw us one or two parties like every weekend. So we’d have a party and this one time, everyone on the crew and cast got so drunk. Not me because I was underage! (laughs) But there were like a hundred people there, everyone got so drunk and some people were lap dancing on each other. It was a fun night!

JJ: How do you feel about possibly marrying your cousin on the show?

ST: Oh, well considering he’s supposed to be ten-years-old, I’d say not great. (laughs) And he’s this kid that breastfeeds off his mom still at age ten! So I’m definitely not up for that, I’d rather stay married to Tyrion if I’m honest.

JJ: Sansa’s a virgin. Who would you lose your virginity to on the show, as your character?

ST: There’s no one nice on the show! (laughs) Let me think… I mean, if it had to be anyone, for Sansa it would probably be Loras, but he’s gay so it wouldn’t really be all that much fun for him. It’d be great for her!

JJ: If Sansa was the one who killed Joffrey, how would you have done it?

ST: I probably wouldn’t have poisoned Joffrey like he died. I would’ve probably done all the mean things that he’s done to me and my family, I would have done them back to him. Which basically means he dies over and over again. Beat him, strip him, humiliate him, shoot crossbows at him. (laughs)

JJ: Can you share anything about the season finale?

ST: Oh yes! I can tell you that the end of the season, I mean, we have really great ends to every season. This season, there’s been peaks the whole way through, but the one at the end is spectacular. And it’s one of those, like the last three seasons you get chills at the end, but this one is actually really good because it takes the storyline to a whole new level of a particular storyline. And you’re like “WOW.” Then you can’t wait for the next season.

JJ: Is it a dramatic turn, a comedic turn…?

ST: It’s a hopeful turn. It’s dramatic but it’s like, for once Game of Thrones isn’t so depressing. (laughs)

JJ: Do you know anything about season five?

ST: All I know is that we’ve got season five and six renewed. No one knows if anyone’s going to be in it or anything like that. We could all be screwed, it could be a totally new cast for all we know. We get the scripts in a few weeks. But all the producers keep telling me and all my friends on the show that it’s going to be amazing for everyone.

JJ: But you could get a script and be like, “Oh my god, my character’s dead.”

ST: I know! That’s the problem. I think we all live in fear of that. But, we should be okay. I hope. They haven’t warned us though.

JJ: Moving on to Barely Lethal… Describe the team in one word. Director Kyle Newman.

ST: Immature. (laughs)

JJ: Jessica Alba.

ST: Hot.

JJ: Hailee Steinfeld.

ST: Amazing.

JJ: Jaime King.

ST: Beautiful.

JJ: Dove Cameron.

ST: Fun.

JJ: Thomas Mann.

ST: Cuuuute.

JJ: Gabriel Basso.

ST: Weird.

JJ: Toby Sebastian.

ST: Actor. (laughs) He’s such a difficult actor.

JJ: Do you have a favorite scene that you filmed for the movie?

ST: There was this homecoming scene that we did that was so much fun because everyone was in it. I think that was a three day shoot and it was basically like running around and doing stunts in short dresses. It was so fun!

JJ: Do you have a favorite prop from that set?

ST: My staff that I try and beat Hailee up with.

JJ: You used to be a die hard with Disney Channel shows?

ST: I’m such a Hannah Montana and Wizards of Waverly Place fan. They were the best shows. No, That’s So Raven and Lizzie McGuire were the best!

JJ: Are you a die hard fan of any other shows now?

ST: Breaking Bad, because I just got the box set. Or Keeping Up With the Kardashians. I love that kind of TV, like the trashy reality, it’s the best.

JJ: Do you have any favorite actors of your generation?

ST: All my favorite actors are like two generations ago. Hailee was one of my favorite actors until she became one of my best friends. Saoirse Ronan, I love. Jennifer Lawrence, I love. Miles Teller, I think he’s amazing.

JJ: You once said that he would be a perfect Elvis Presley.

ST: He would! You’ve done your research!

JJ: Who would you be the perfect iconic person for you to act out?

ST: That’s a good question. Well, I’m gonna discount the red hair because that’s not my natural hair. Let me think, who would I love to play? I mean, everyone wants to play Marilyn Monroe, but I would love to if I looked her. I would love to play Audrey Hepburn. But I think Lily Collins would be better for that.

JJ: The Vamps. What’s your favorite song of theirs?

ST: My favorite song is always “Wild Heart.” That song, I played it almost every day on Barely Lethal. It fills me joy. It like fills my heart with joy, that song.

JJ: Which celebrity would you let lick your face?

ST: Um, I’d let most celebrities lick my face. James Franco, or Robert Pattinson.

JJ: I heard you’re a big fan of spaghetti and gravy…

ST: How do you know this?!?! That was a long time ago. I started to get fat, so I was like, okay sh–, I need to stop with the spaghetti and gravy. But genuinely it’s so good, you have to try that. Now I’m more on to just spaghetti and butter. Mmmm, nice and healthy.

JJ: Why did you pull your eyelashes out when you were three?

ST: Dude! You’re like frickin Sherlock Holmes! (laughs) I guess I had Trichotillomania, which is where you pull all your hair out and it’s just like a habit. So I just did that and I used to collect them on my bedside cabinet. I thought it was really cool. But I burned all the photos of me without eyelashes, ’cause it’s so awful.

JJ: You once told a teacher that your mom poured hot tea in your ear, and she didn’t treat you as well as your brothers. What’s the story with that?

ST: (laughs) When I was younger, I was obsessed with having glasses, braces, and I really wanted a hearing aid. So I was like, “I can’t hear.” And the teacher was like, “Why why? Has something happened?” I was like, “My mum poured tea in my ear.” And they called her in and they questioned. Obviously it wasn’t true, but they were like there must be some truth to this. There was no truth to it at all. And then I guess I was just really attention seeking as a kid. So I just used to say sh– like that so that um, I get attention.

JJ: And that’s why you’re an actor now.

ST: That’s why I’m an actor now, because I love it.

JJ: Did you have a onesies obsession at some point in your childhood?

ST: In my childhood? It’s still going on. (laughs) I have more onesies now than I ever did. I’ve got a dalmatian one, I’ve got a rhino one, and I have a panda one. And then just a normal Christmasy one. I wear them to go on walks with my dog. And luckily no one cares in my village because they’re all old and got dementia, so no one cares.

JJ: I like how you live in a village. Who lives in a village? (laughs)

ST: Yeah, not many people do I guess. Not over here anyway!


Images 1 & 4: Osklen jacket, top and shorts, Manolo Blahnik shoes

Image 2: Altuzarra dress, Eddie Borgo bracelets and rings, and Kara Ross bracelets

Image 3: Giambattista Valli dress and shoes

Image 5: Giambattista Valli top and shorts, Manolo Blahnik shoes, and Kara Ross ring

Image 6: Osklen top, Vogue Eyewear sunglasses.

Producer/Interview: Jared Eng (@JaredEng)
Photographer: Justin Campbell (@JustinCampPhoto)
Stylist: Annie Ladino (@AnnieLadino)
Makeup: Patrick De Fontbrune (@DeFontbrune)
Hair: Bridget Brager (@BridgetBrager)
Talent: Sophie Turner (@SophieT)

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Photos: Justin Campbell
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