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Jennifer Lawrence Plays 'Name That Jen' on 'Live!', Gets Every Answer Right - Watch Now!

Jennifer Lawrence Plays 'Name That Jen' on 'Live!', Gets Every Answer Right - Watch Now!

Jennifer Lawrence stops by Live! with Kelly & Michael to make an appearance and promote her new movie X-Men: Days of Future Past, which aired Friday (May 23) in New York City.

The 23-year-old actress played a hilarious game of “Name That Jen” on the show with host Kelly Ripa.

Jennifer correctly identified Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Beals, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Connelly, Jennifer Hudson, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and more.

“I AM KILLING IT!” Jennifer screamed at one point, before starting to scream all her answers. So funny! “I KILLED THAT” she said after the game.

Jennifer Lawrence Plays ‘Name That Jen’

FYI: Jennifer is wearing Dolce&Gabbana.

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  • pup

    She’s so adorable.

  • stella


  • Luv It!

    She’s the most fun celebrity! She’s got the most amazing energetic spirit!

  • Rima

    Hahaha. She deserves her own tv show. I would like to see her as the tv-host. That would be hilarious

  • Jimmay

    She is very competitive and gets into the game. Between this and the fandango newlywed game she did with Josh it shows. Its a good thing to, no need to be all prim and proper all the time. I like it.

  • Mia

    So great ,she gives good tv … And damn there are a lot of Jennifer’s in celebrity vile.

  • Ava

    Love that she comes to these interviews to play, and knows it’s about entertaining and having fun, love that dress, she looks gorgeous .

  • Paula

    Glad Xmen is finally out , can’t to see it this Saturday. Jen love you , don’t let the haters, people jealous of others especially women being too successful change you, keep being open, and fun and spontaneous.

  • lina

    She’s the youngest A-List celeb. And one of the few of her age who is actually down to earth lol

  • Coco

    Really she is just so joyful, her smile so open & sweet and she looks so good, the hair is awesome and love that dress.

  • the a$$ kissing reeks here

    omg these nice comments make me sick, im indifferent to jennifer and don’t see the hype that these people see but are the first 10 comments from her PR team cause they seem so fake LMAO

  • Rob

    @the a$$ kissing reeks here:

    I’m indifferent to her as well as I dont know her for anything but so far I have enjoyed most of her movies, but these comments really don’t bother me. People like who they like, she seems relatable to her fans and to the haters say she is fake. But isn’t it like that with every celebrity on comment boards.

  • Lala

    Love Jen! She’s so adorable))! <3

  • nyc

    I like Jennifer Lawrence but this Kelly show $uck$ and it has $ucked for a long time. Beyond boring.

  • salma

    Annoying both of them !

  • kris

    @the a$$ kissing reeks here: you’re obviously not indifferent.. from your comment, you seem to not like her

  • ugh

    gosh, she lost my respect after her ‘funny’ joky!!! she needs to realize that she is not somebody! or someone important to say whatever she wants.

  • Stergios

    She’s so adorable! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ADORABLE!!! Insanely talented, insanely intelligent, insanely funny, insanely pretty and just totally insane – in a good way. She’s simply phenomenal!!! I want to marry her right now!!!

  • Steve

    @Stergios: You got the insane part right.

  • Real

    She’s like a bad joke.

  • jon m’shulla

    She totally kicked a*s*s in X-Men Days of Future Past. Her role was very big and the movie was outstanding. Best X-Men movie of all time.

  • my beauty queen!!!

    @jon m’shulla: I’m dying… I want to see this movie!

  • Kim

    SHE’S her

  • Stergios

    Steve, I know, man, I’m a little insane about her!!! I freaking love her so much!!! I sound like a crazy fan of hers, I know, but that’s ok, because I am!!! Or just crazy on the whole, who knows, haha!!!

  • Stergios

    Couldn’t agree more.

  • Rock

    @Stergios: @Stergios: hahaha, you are ridiculous.

  • Franck

    Not interested in seeing her defend her brand and fake persona. Phony all the way!

  • Hahaha


    But you were interested enough in commenting on an article about her. Why is that???? LOL some people never cease to amaze me.

  • Jojo

    @Hahaha: I think the person (frank) meant that he finds phoniness or fake personas uninteresting, because it’s staged.

  • Highway

    They look alike. ugly faces.

  • Stergios

    Haha, I’m madly in love with her, man, she’s awesome, what can I say? I hope I’m not as ridiculous as you are.

  • Just

    @Stergios: hi jen, why are you writing yourself love letters on just jared?

  • Stergios

    Well, sorry to disappoint you, man, but I’m not Jen, I’m just a movies lover by birth and a huge of fan of hers. I think she definitely deserves all the praise and love she gets. I laughed a lot while reading your comment though.

  • place

    @Stergios: i think you have bad taste in movies. x men and the hunger games ? wow, “amazing”! and it’s with an easily replaceable actress. do you work for DIOR by the way?

  • chuckle


    I think Stergios is a bit over the top for his love of her but Its comments like these that are funny… are the xmen and hunger games movies defining cinema hell no but they are entertaining and decently written and make a ton of money so people do like them. What this whole post of yours was about is a subtle way to hate on Jennifer but that’s your prerogative to do. For me though I will never understand why people will take the time to read a blog and then comment on someone they obviously don’t like. I don’t like certain celebrities and so I don’t read or comment about them.

  • Ray

    @chuckle: People can voice their opinions.

  • Candice


    That’s true and chuckle even says they have the prerogative to do so.

    I kinda agree with chuckle though, I don’t like tomatoes so I don’t eat them, I don’t like country music so I don’t listen to it but I also don’t take the time to read and write comments about these things on the internet, I have better things to do. The internet comment boards are a weird place for sure.

    And to this video, Jennifer looked good and I laughed when Jennifer reacted to her own picture clue but Kelly’s show is not good.

  • Scott

    I call her out ’cause she’s a fake and a hollywood toy. At least if she had a brain. She’s phony and I think there should be more honest actors out there. She’s like a silly puppet playing the dumb blond role over and over again: on red carpets, in interviews…..
    People like jennifer lawrence encourage people to be blind and to follow a drunk girl who only says stupidities and gets an enormous amount of money for a role that could have been played by many. Where’s the originality? She’s selling a brand. I don’t encourage those types of actresses because they feed the hollywood machine the wrong way.

  • Weinstein rules

    Harvey Weinstein and Jennifer Lawrence Pictures

  • Stergios

    WTF? Who said that “X-Men” and “Hunger Games” are “amazing” movies, place and chuckle? They define cinema? Whose comments do you read anyway? Because I never said any of this shit you’re talking about. I said I’m madly in love with this woman as a personality and with actress, because I find her range incredible. And let’s face it, she’s worthy of anyone’s admiration for both. I much prefer her in films like “The Poker House”, “Winter’s Bone” and “The burning plain”, gritty, powerful dramas, that give her the chance to touch on extremely demanding roles. I enjoy films like “X-Men” and “Hunger games”, very, very much, but I didn’t say anything about these films. Literally, anything! Haha! My God, it’s like everyone is commenting on something that was never said from me. Great! Your comments, place and chuckle, are both funny and sad, I must say. I really, really feel sorry for both of you and anyone of course replying to someone’s comments without having seen before who said what. I mean, that’s just… Anyway, as for my “taste” in movies, place, man, what can I say, as I’ve said I’m a movies lover by birth, I grew up watching Bergman, Haneke, Malick, Tarantino, real auteurs and movies of undeniable cinematic strength. Yes, I enjoy movies like “X-Men” and “Hunger Games”, but no, they’re definitely not high art. I mean, I can’t even believe I’m replying to comments so, so, so dumb. I mean, everyone can say whatever crap they want, especially when they don’t understand who said what, as I said. I mean, what crappy and miserable people.

  • NM

    What a boring actress she is. These people work a couple of months a year, repeating lines, then they get dressed and made up, get paid millions. And they think highly of themselves. Other artists are more talented, work harder and don’t whooore out as much.

  • MilaKutcher


    Wow… Stergios to be fair I thought the poster chuckle while saying you were a tad over the top had your back and was talking down to the commenter place. This was a fun comment section read.

    And to NM I guess my question is what you describes is all actresses and actors, musicians as well they all work a couple months, get dressed up and promote, etc. So please define what other artists you are talking about who work harder and don’t whooore out as much? Painters, directors?

  • Steven

    She’s dumb. she needs a brain. she’s overrated, and that’s not new. Can she play anything else than herself?

  • Johnd239

    You are my breathing in, I possess few blogs and very sporadically run out from to brand. cgaedfkafgde

  • Rev

    Can people stop calling this moron adorable?

  • Camgy

    @Scott: Exactly. And idiots everywhere raise their hands and start cheering for these people.