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The Bride's in White! Kim Kardashian Wears Sexy White Dress on the Eve of Her Wedding

The Bride's in White! Kim Kardashian Wears Sexy White Dress on the Eve of Her Wedding

Kim Kardashian wears a super low cut, sexy dress as she and Kanye West head out of their residence on Friday evening (May 23) in Paris, France.

The 33-year-old reality star and her hubby-to-be headed to Versailles, where they are hosting a private tour and dinner of the palace with their 120 guests on the eve of their wedding.

Earlier in the day, Kim and her fiance met up with famous designer Valentino Garavani for a pre-wedding brunch with her family at his castle.

10+ pictures inside of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West heading to Versailles…

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the brides in white kim kardashian wears super sexy dress 01
the brides in white kim kardashian wears super sexy dress 02
the brides in white kim kardashian wears super sexy dress 03
the brides in white kim kardashian wears super sexy dress 04
the brides in white kim kardashian wears super sexy dress 05
the brides in white kim kardashian wears super sexy dress 06
the brides in white kim kardashian wears super sexy dress 07
the brides in white kim kardashian wears super sexy dress 08
the brides in white kim kardashian wears super sexy dress 09
the brides in white kim kardashian wears super sexy dress 10

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  • like..

    like whore..

  • lina

    Tasteless dress. You can almost see her boos… ewww

  • G

    No matter how much money u got u cant buy CLASS

  • ….

    wow, couldn’t even wear something appropriate to Versailles of all places? pathetic, tacky woman

  • jasmine

    boycott kartrashian

  • Chris

    Its ridiculous how they take themselves so seriously. These two truly believe they are something special. A washed up, sex tape D list celebrity and a rapper who hasn’t been relevant in a decade +. Truly pathetic and very sad. Congrats to the happy couple tho! Cheers to you for many happy years together!

  • sillyme

    She looks so plastic and fake. Too much surgery, too much makeup.

  • aranka paul

    She should have gone naked – she practically is. She is dressed like this for Versailles palace of all places. Oh well, to each his own. Her hair style is horrible, it makes her longish face even longer (a bit like a horse), not attractive at all. And what is with the white, of all women in the worlds she is the one who should never appear in white (what is she trying to sell us, her chastity and virginity). Lord, save us from this bunch.

  • kizbit

    It makes me laugh how they pretend to hate all the media attention, despite filming this entire charade for their “reality show” . If you don’t want people in your face, then stay home and shut the cameras off!!!!!

  • Stephanie

    Read on one of the other gossip sites that she was queening it around Versailles, feeling just like Marie Antoinette. Which is so hilarious considering that the real Marie would never even have acknowledged someone as tacky as her.

  • whatever

    HEr third wedding right? I give them 4 years till thy split. She may remarry a few times as she idolizes liz taylor and apparently thinks many marriages is glamorous.
    I prefer a tiny wedding and a solid marriage to a huge wedding and a weak marriage.
    I don’t even think she likes kanye that much. I think she likes that he is famous and rich and can keep her feeling like she is a list.

  • Cate

    How come all we see are pics of the tacky Kardashian clan and their cronies? Doesn’t Kanye have any friends or family in attendance?

  • jimmy

    the dress is macadamia nuts

  • Mary

    She looks like a ghoul – a miserable, trampy ghoul.

  • whatever!!!

    @whatever: Find another name for this site. I already OWN it. And if this ugly cow thinks a bed sheet can hide her ugliness and fatness she is dumber than we give her credit for.

  • anna

    Oh my God, she’s so beautiful and bright I feel like bleaching my brain and taking off my eyes *monotone voice*

  • NYC

    Dear France and the rest of Europe,
    These “people” are not typical Americans. We are completely humiliated by their behavior and they are in no way representatives of the American way.
    They are disgusting to many of us. KK is not a “lady” and her ability to remain in the news is a mystery to many of us. She is uneducated, gluttonous, rude, self-centered, self-obsessed, materialistic, phony and repulsive to most Americans. Please do not assume all Americans are like this woman and her entourage. What a disgrace!

  • Butch

    Seriously this girl looks unhappy. How can someone look so utterly unhappy on the eve of their wedding day? I guess they thought it’d be cool or some sh*t to have the circus, but clearly it’s taking a toll. She should be looking fresh, happy and beautiful and instead is looking weary and overwhelmed.

  • emma

    They should show a clip from her second marriage when she was yelling I’m getting married today I’m getting married today. Then a scene from this trash getting married. Funny how she is in Paris SPENDING MONEY yet AMERICAN’S buy her s- hit. She’s literally laughing all the way to the bank. Have to say I’m looking at B and Jay z differently. Thought they were better, had more class than to be associated with this trash.

  • P@rno Star

    She is so slutty. Always dressed like a stripper. After all she is just a porno actress and looks like one. That’s how she made her money and rose to fame, having sex on screen. She and Kanye are perfect for each other.

  • P@rno Star

    @P@rno Star: The word is Sl#tty.

  • Love is Blind

    Did you open your eyes today? Your slor baby mama looks hideous.
    After this last round of lipo suction- get ready when the fat grows back this time. Whoa.

  • KK is a katastrophy

    How did this happen to us?
    How can she be stopped?
    What can we do to end this?
    Why is she winning?
    What is wrong with us?

  • Tamra

    She really knows how to promote her sex tape. Look at her. I bet the sales of her tape must going through the roof in Europe right now. Kanye must be so proud! LOL

  • Peta

    @KK is a katastrophy: What are you talking about? Winning? I am sorry, but to me she is a loser. Just look at her, she looks like a prostitute, her man is a clown and her daughter is going to need truckloads of plastic surgery to look decent. She’s so poor that all she has is money.

  • Agreed..

    @KK is a katastrophy: I agree
    Noone really knows exactly how to get rid of that family of ho*** from our screen, magazines and TV. Please God help us!!! We need to put a stop to it . Lets strike do anything but lets do something.

    I mean Kim has Twitter account right? also Kanye. Why people do nto start from there. They are easy to access in the internet. If people start criticizing her on hr account maybe he will go away. But the message had to be address directly to her. We have to tell her directly that we do nto give a fukcing ratz about her life in order for the media to shove it us down the throat every single day. They are irrelevant, they are nobodies the whole family. The message has to go straight to her.

  • Morgaine

    @Chris: Yeah and the masses of people that show up to see them and follow them doesn’t help either |!

  • matt

    she looks amazing, that dress is Everything.
    i’m not even a fan but you haters are laughable, there’s no denying she looks gorgeous here.

  • QueenOfTrashin

    ‘Cuz, you know, we’s fashionistas and the fewer clothes we’s wears, the more fashionistas we’s be. Such s*h*i*t, this pimp and his ho.

  • kirki

    It’s unbelievable how many privileges (being hosted by Valentino, dinner in Versailles) these two get, especially a (literally) jobless Kim K.

  • Groude

    Anybody can rent a room in Versailes for dinner and get a tour of it. However, having a wedding there is off limits to most people. Palace of Versailles confirmed American celebs are not eligible off a wedding there.
    The only people who are eligible for a wedding there are like 500 million dollar type rich people and billionares. There was a indian billionare who has a wedding at Versailles for his daughter. That indian billonare spend about 1.5 billion for that Versailles wedding.
    Kanye and Kim don’t have that kind of money, and they are considered to trashy for a wedding there.

  • Groude

    @matt: Gorgeous? Check out pics of Angelina Jolie at her recent movie premiere or Cate Blanchett and Aishwarya Rai at Cannes. Those are gorgeous women, not this pig in a white dress.

  • Hoot

    that phrase “I’m not a even a fan, but you hatesr are laughable. I think she look amazing! Blah blah blah.”

    you sure definitely are a die hard fan. Kim is so fake, that even her fan fake comments.

  • Robb7

    Hmmm, what happened to all that privacy these two knuckleheads claimed they wanted??!! Ringling Bros. couldn’t produce something this tacky!

  • gina

    and this, ladies and gentleman, is what a whore looks like

  • Jesse

    As long you Americans wath her creepy tv show, take abpictures everywhere they move, discuss about them, go to Kanye’s concerts, you’ll have them everywher. There must be people who make them rich and famous. I rather don’t wanna know who are those idiots with their cells making a pictures with them. Their stupid happy faces. Human trash.

  • NYC

    @Groude: That makes sense. Keep it real, France.
    I like it.

  • Sheri

    The only way those famewhores will disappear is when we–the public–stop giving them the attention they crave. I personally have never watched their show–couldn’t tell you the time or channel it’s on–but when the show tanks in the ratings, and the clothing lines don’t sell, etc., they will all disappear. Smarten up America!!

  • susa

    there is NOTHING sexy about this dress!!!! donĀ“t liker her an her family… she would do anything for attention & money!!! poor baby north… :-(

  • DTBH

    Taking a Selfie?!?!

  • DTBH

    @Love is Blind: No doubt Taylor Swift is glad his radar has shifted.

  • olive

    @Groude: exactly, I’m happy they don’t get married there I don’t want tourists to think Versailles is only “Kimye’s wedding venue” it’s so much more for the French culture

  • Lisa

    Aren’t weddings supposed to be about love? What a 3-ring circus, but of course anything Kardashian and Kanye is an advertisement, promotion and an endorsement. If these two were seriously committing themselves to one another, do you really think this show would be happening? Can two people scream even louder for attention?

  • Doug

    The USA isn’t buying their C R A P , so now they’re all overseas and in Europe promoting their B U L L S H I T .

  • Dawne

    This band of fameho’s is everything that is wrong with the American celeb culture………..what are they famous for? They are not educated or talented………..I just don’t get it. They are now your national embarrassment……..taking their sleaze to the cultural icons of Europe……….it is a travesty. Not exactly your best ambassadors……but the love of all things superficial………..fake hair, plastic surgery…….s*x tapes…….scandal……tackiness extraordinaire…….you eat it up. New money at its ugliest. They think they are frickin’ royalty…….LMAO.

  • wow

    This just shows what a snoozer the Cannes Festival is this year. No would this trash be out shining the true talent but since Canbes seem to have lowered the bar this year, the Kimye show has taken center stage. I believe she, Kanye and PMK planned this wedding during the week of Cannes on purpose due to knowing the tourism count would be high so it can seem like they are being followed by fans. So sad this crap is called Americans. Like Dawne said new money at its worst.

  • shanghai

    What a waste of money – do something decent and give it to people who need it. OK are we taking bets if this one will last longer than the other two!!! I say 12 months max dont know who is the more annoying Kim or Kanye!!

  • Just_sayin

    Virginal white slu**y wedding/honeymoon-all in one dress. This is fashion

  • Towels

    She looks like she is wrapped in hotel bath towels and still has curlers in her hair.

  • Yakasuri

    There’s a war in Syria…do these “people” know it’s not only them on earth?