Tiffany Thornton's Husband Chris Carney Speaks Out About Abduction Charges

Tiffany Thornton's Husband Chris Carney Speaks Out About Abduction Charges

Sending prayers and good thoughts out to Tiffany Thornton and Chris Carney during this trying time.

First reported by TMZ, Chris is accusing Tiffany, 28, of abducting their two young children, KJ and Bentley.

Speaking with The Insider, Chris opened up about the situation, saying, “I want my kids back so much that I’m willing to put a felony charge on my wife. That sucks. That’s how bad I want them back…[Thornton] is dead to me…until she gets help and admits that this is not her. I don’t know this person.”

He added, “I’m not seeking any type of media attention, I’ve exhausted every resource to try to get her attention. I called her every day for the first week and said ‘I’ll do anything you want me to do, just come home’ and she ignored that. The second week [it] was ‘Just come home.’ The third week was ‘Just come home.’ Then I went dark…[and] had to go get legal involved because my rights were taken from me.”

Chris‘ mother Ruth explains that just before the two wed in 2011, Chris was in rehab for almost two years and is claiming Chris is still dealing with addiction and is not willing to get help, often coming home drunk and yelling in front of his children. He’s denying the addiction.

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  • Wow

    I pray for all those involved. I can’t be on either side because I don’t know these people personally or their situation. It’s he said/she said. But, the fact is that this is a damn shame when family business like this gets played out in the media. It’s sad for both parents, both sides of the family and the worst for their children. Even if they get past this or settle this, this won’t vanish from the internet and those kids will know about it. The fact that their father said their mother was dead to him too. Awful. Such a shame.

  • or not

    she didn’t ‘kidnap’ her children
    they are HER children she grew them in her belly .
    he merely acted as sperm donor after a few minute of sex.
    he is using manipulation and attempting to destroy her reputation as a mother in order to get her back …it’s not about the children it is just all about power.
    that is all.

  • Wow

    @or not: Yes, I’d like to retract part of my earlier comment about not being on either side. While I still don’t know them or their situation I agree that it’s not kidnapping, it’s being a mother and taking your children out of a hostile situation. If his own mother is saying he has issues then I don’t think Tiffany did anything wrong by having her kids with her. She may also have a lawyer that is telling her not to return his calls and other ways of reaching out. It’s not like someone else took their kids. I still stand by my comment about this is a matter that shouldn’t be public information. I hope it ends well though because those kids are most important.

  • http://facebook tammy

    I don’t get you people. you say your not taking sides but sure sounds like it ot me! Both are wrong. no woman should just take their kids and not let him see them at all! Its not like he was hitting them. and saying he was shouting but having no proof is BS! I have seen plenty of people think they know what happens in someone elses house behind closed doors. and there are just as many bad mothers out there as bad fathers. I just hope they figure something out that will be good for the kids. if he has such a bad problem then why did she stay for so long before disappearing with the kids. and yes it is kidnapping unless she had 100% custody and he had zero visitation from a judge.

  • Wow

    @tammy: Well then you clearly have a reading impairment because I simply said that it was a sad situation and that it shouldn’t be played out in the media because I’m on THEIR KIDS side. Not either of them. In my follow up comment all I said was (in a retraction on the keeping sides comment) that whether he has the kids or she has the kids it’s not illegal (i.e. kidnapping, abduction). We don’t know more to the story and for all you know, she could have a court order to have them. The fact is that someone outside of their family didn’t abduct his kids. His kids were not taken out of the country. There are parents out there who actually have their kids taken to be hurt, by people they don’t know, so if he has a way to reach Tiffany and has the law involved, he doesn’t need to bring this crap to the media to spark some abduction hype. That it leaves a history trail for his kids to read someday. That’s not taking sides, that’s stating a general fact. I’m not on Tiffany’s side or Chris’ side, they could BOTH be in the wrong. I don’t disagree with her taking them out of a hostile situation, sorry, I don’t. Should she ignore his calls? Probably not, but like I said, a lawyer could’ve told her not to. You sure as heck don’t know why either. But you know who IS taking sides? Chris’ own mother. There are just as bad mothers and bad fathers, yes, but their kids are not bad and that’s the side I’m on. Their kids. So you “dont get us”? I don’t get you. You’ve assumed that I stated that I know what has gone on in their home, you’ve assumed that I think he’s a bad father and you’ve assumed that she doesn’t have legal rights, because you know, you’re her lawyer. You know as much about him being a father as you know about Tiffany’s legal rights so take a chill pill and stop attacking people who just feel genuinely bad for the all around situation.

  • Marianne

    I think its hard to judge because we don’t know whats really going on. If he was being abusive, or if he was constantly drunk, I can understand why she would take the boys (probably for their and hers safety). However, if he’s done nothing of the sort and she’s done this only because she pissed at him or no longer in love…then thats a total douche move. He is those kids father and deserves to be in their life. I can see it both ways.

  • Wow

    @Marianne: THANK YOU. You said in many less words (lol) what I was trying to say. You can somewhat see both sides without taking sides. See, this exactly proves my point of why he shouldn’t put this in the media. Intentionally or unintentionally, their problems get dissected.