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Vanessa Hudgens Misses The Boat Life

Vanessa Hudgens Misses The Boat Life

Vanessa Hudgens picks up a rather large bottle of smartwater while while out running a few errands on Friday afternoon (May 23) in Studio City, Calif.

The 25-year-old actress kept it casual in a double denim look with some caged gladiator knee-length sandals.

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“Missing the boat life,” Vanessa captioned on Instagram with a new photo of her and Kim Hidalgo on the yacht for Ashley Tisdale‘s Bachelorette Party last weekend.

Ashley is rumored to be getting married this weekend!

FYI: Vanessa is wearing Chinese Laundry shoes and a Porter Lyons cuff.

15+ pics inside…

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vanessa hudgens double denim boat life 01
vanessa hudgens double denim boat life 02
vanessa hudgens double denim boat life 03
vanessa hudgens double denim boat life 04
vanessa hudgens double denim boat life 05
vanessa hudgens double denim boat life 06
vanessa hudgens double denim boat life 07
vanessa hudgens double denim boat life 08
vanessa hudgens double denim boat life 09
vanessa hudgens double denim boat life 10
vanessa hudgens double denim boat life 11
vanessa hudgens double denim boat life 12
vanessa hudgens double denim boat life 13
vanessa hudgens double denim boat life 14
vanessa hudgens double denim boat life 15
vanessa hudgens helps ashley tisdale celebrate day two of her bachelorette weekend01
vanessa hudgens helps ashley tisdale celebrate day two of her bachelorette weekend02
vanessa hudgens helps ashley tisdale celebrate day two of her bachelorette weekend03
vanessa hudgens helps ashley tisdale celebrate day two of her bachelorette weekend04
vanessa hudgens helps ashley tisdale celebrate day two of her bachelorette weekend05

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  • Erik

    She actually looks amazing!

  • Eduardo


  • whatever!!!

    Is a daily photo opportunity considered a career these days?? Oh, nice straw wig too.

  • Living in a box

    Recently I wrote a comment about Emma Watson, that she need to do a lot of catch up. The currently leading for young A-list actress is Jennifer Lawrence, then you have Emma Stone. We also have a new challenger like Anna Kendrick, Amanda Seyfriend, Elizabeth Olsen, and Emily Clarke. From across the ocean we have Adele Exarchopoulos, Alicia Vikander,Astrid Berges-Frisbey. People also eyeing on up coming actress like Nicola Peltz, Daisy Ridley, Britt Robertson and Kaya Scodelario. With all the name list I gave, now you know where is Baby V level. Have a nice weekend.

  • ish

    tacky warrior shoes

  • Katie

    I wouldn’t have known it was her if her name wasn’t in the title since she isn’t leaving the gym, a Pilates class or a yoga class.

  • maria

    @Living in a box: Nice list…..white girls. Every single one of them. Since Hollywood is extremely racist, now YOU know where V stands.

  • Amy Lee Christian

    Who really cares about this untalented person? Every day she calls the photographers and pays them. She should be in an insane asylum.

  • kami

    did she split with her bf? haven’t seen them together in forever. she needs to get new management. i think she has the same pr that selena gomez used to have. girl needs a new pr team and an agent who will get her some good parts. if emma roberts can get roles, surely vanessa can. oh, i forgot…emma roberts has nepotism going for her. no acting skills required.

  • Lauren

    It must be nice to be this girl. Seriously. Who wouldn’t trade places with someone whose relevance stems from a film series that ended 5 years ago, her past relationships/present relationship, her appearance, andgoing to music festivals? Dream life right there.

  • Haters Suck!

    Vanessa is just drop dead gorgeous.

  • Robin

    Have you ever given any thought as to how many other similar ‘white girls’ those actresses have to compete against to land a role? Just don’t underestimate others who are hardworking for the sake of making it look like the actress you like is getting mistreated. No one in the industry gets roles handed down to them , well unless you are Dicaprio or Winslet or Depp. They earn them. Show some respect.


    Get a life vanessa

  • Get a damn job Hudgens

    Omg i miss the boat life! Maybe she’ll fall overboard and do everyone a big favor. Narcissistic b*tch

  • Phony hair duckface

    Stupid posts with this washed up wannabe

  • MT

    @Robin: Actually I’m going to have to disagree with you on that one. A lot of people get roles handed to them in the industry. You’d be surprised at how many stars actually admit they didn’t have to audition for a role & the directors call them asking them to be in a movie. These days there’s only a handful of celebrities who actually work hard for their career instead of getting everything handed to them on a silver platter. It’s quite sad but it is what it is I guess. I’ll bet that at least half of the people Living In A Box named are some of the people who don’t have to go on many auditions (I’m 100% sure JLaw is one them).

  • MT

    @Get a damn job Hudgens: Um I’m guessing you don’t know what Narcissistic means. The proper definition of it is “inordinate fascination with oneself; excessive self-love; vanity. Self-centeredness, smugness, egocentrism.” all of which has proven NOT to be what Vanessa’s personality is from people who have actually met her & according to her closest friends. BTW it’s extremely offensive of you to amply that it’ll do us a favor if Vanessa fell off a boat & died. How can you even feel remotely ok with writing that? You don’t like her that’s fine but don’t say she has to die. You’re parents didn’t raise you very well did they? @kami: No. Her & Austin are still together. Someone actually spotted them together after Austin’s play on Wednesday so.

  • maria

    @Robin: Robin, I meant no disrespect whatsoever. But yes, girls ARE handed roles, as MT explained, but what I meant, is that all these roles are written for white girls, and ALL the white girls compete for them. Very few roles are meant for multi racial girls or women, and they never cast these lovely talented women unless necessary. No one else but a black actress could have played Lupita’s role in 12 Years a Slave, right? Halle Berry slaved in nothing roles until she finally was honored with an oscar. It IS a tough road, and Vanessa is trying to prove her range with roles in Frozen Ground, Spring Breakers, and Gimme Shelter. She did a great job in all three. She has the “stuff”, but the powerful white Jewish Hollywood Machine in Hollywood needs to start branching out and giving other talented non-white girls a chance. I am frankly tired of the same little actresses getting handed roles. JLaw is so tiresome at this point. Stewart is so untalented, but it’s nepotism at it’s finest. I could debate this more, but I think you can see my point.

  • Nightwish

    @MT: Why dont you take a flying f* ck off a cliff and spare us your long winded hudgens defenses? We already have tina and maria’s nonsense to contend with. Is there anything more important in life than your talentless attention seeking twerp idol to think about? Doesnt celeb worship and all stupidity associated with it bother you in the least, this dumbing down of the american population while our country goes to the crapper? No, i didnt think so, thats why you obsess over a shallow loser while we worry about the important things in life.

  • Welly

    Hate the sanders. Get those augly nails cut.there she goes spending money things. Women go buy a boat.

  • maria

    @Nightwish: Oh puhleeze. We are ON point with our comments, loosier, but it drives you insane. No one here sleeps and eats these celebs or issues. Chill. No reason we can’t make accurate observations. Yes, that list was all white girls, and it is damn true girls are handed parts. ALL true. Go cry over Stewart’s miserable face on her post.

  • MT

    @Nightwish: LMAO. You seriously did not just say you “worry about the important things in life” because I sure as hell know that could not be further from the truth. Don’t you ALWAYS leave a comment on Vanessa’s posts? Yes. Don’t you always waste your time replying to someone & telling them stuff like “climb off a cliff” just because they don’t have the same opinion as you? Yes. Don’t you always leave at least 5 comments on her posts? Yes. You’re nothing more than a hypocrite who will without a doubt reply to this message because YOU have nothing better to do than to stalk Vanessa’s posts. If anyone needs to get a life it’s you. At least I don’t go stalking someone I claim to hate & leave the stupidest comments. I actually have a life & I actually focus on the things that I like & that makes ME happy. Can’t say the same for you. Go ahead & try to deny anything I just said but WE ALL know it’s the truth. Please do us all a favor & go away. It’s not like anyone will miss you. You’re an obnoxious, good for nothing jerk who hasn’t accomplished anything in life so you go hating on someone who has done far more than you ever will.

  • Ethan

    Haters are always gonna hate beautiful girls like Vanessa. Jealous ain’t pretty people.

  • welly

    Hopefully austin dumped her. Its nice not seeing him out with her. Her career is going down the strain. She’s a nobody know.

  • Angel

    @welly: A few things. It’s down the DRAIN not strain & it’s NOW not know. Before attempting to insult someone please make sure you don’t like look a complete idiot. Why did you feel the need to leave 2 comments in one day? Stalker much

  • Shell

    Are you all really arguing over celebs who could care less about what is said the haters are lame and so are you over obsessed fans chill out seriously vanessa fans are nuts