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Alexander Skarsgard Makes Chiltern Firehouse Even More Hot!

Alexander Skarsgard Makes Chiltern Firehouse Even More Hot!

Alexander Skarsgard keeps a low profile while exiting celebrity hot spot Chiltern Firehouse on Friday (May 23) in London, England.

The 37-year-old Swedish actor isn’t the only known face that has been seen at the new restaurant, Tom Cruise and Chris Evans was also spotted grabbing dinner there in the past week.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

The night before, Alexander carried a small duffel bag while jetting out of LAX Airport.

In case you missed it, check out Alexander in a new character poster for his upcoming movie The Giver, also starring Taylor Swift, Katie Holmes, and Meryl Streep.

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Photos: Bauer Griffin
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  • Swan

    So beautiful, it hurts.

  • Lala


  • Makesmecry

    There a skank.

  • Tami

    He’s lovely!

  • Cafélady

    …well, the headline is true – perhaps they should already the extinguisher keep ready..I mean, a ‘firehouse’ and mr. hot and sexy in person there…that’s may be a bit too much together.. ;) LoL…cool styling, btw, love it… I hope dinner was good and worth the paparazzi-storm after it…

  • Lookin good

    Great legs!

  • chelle

    So does this mean he’s been killed off true blood…. They are still filming….. That’s gonna end the show on a good note… Just saying

  • fa

    i dont want to press on a page about kim or whatever her name is. i’ve come to say STOP POSTING STUFF ABOUT HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Alexander Skarsgard is much better

  • Cari

    @chelle: Sorry Chelle, but no. Eric “lives.” If you bothered to follow the fan news he comes back.

  • Eileen

    Isn’t he STILL dating mrs Winberg??? somebody has just told me she’s moving to London by the end of this month to be with him the entire summer….sounds interesting though.

  • oh

    @Eileen: Yes, she’s moving to London for good, but she probably will be live with her boyfriend who live in London. On her instagram is photo from bed with this guy –

  • Hmm

    Looks to me like her picked up a male date for the evening. More picks of that guy on santress tumblr.

  • Eileen

    @Oh: I see. Did not know she had a boyfriend, I mean, a lover…my friends keep telling me she’s been having this on-off ‘thing’ with Alex over the past few years.
    Thanks anyway.

  • Pal

    I didn’t know Carol and Alex had thing for each other I thought she was just a good pal of his ?

  • maria

    why do we never see him with his so-called girlfriend .

  • oh

    @Pal: Yes, she is only his good pal, nothing more … but Alex and a girl/woman on one photo is for some people always a date. This is ridiculous, of course, but people like to talk about celebs and their love life, even if it’s completely false :)

  • jgbjhgjjh

    So he is in London to prepare for the Tarzan movie? Table read with Robbie maybe? By the way, the hookup rumours on those two, is gonna go sky high. Just wait and see.

  • chelle

    @Cari: I meant this season… Lol !!! I know he’s been filming but they aren’t finished for season 7. That’s what I meant

  • @18

    No it’s not. And go ur self please…moron

  • JJ

    He’s so damn loveable!

  • Cafélady

    @chelle: …it’s possible that his part of work for S7 is already done – but who knows? Honestly spoken, I hoped anyway that they would give us a spectacular final season, with an big spectacular end in the final episode or something…where almost whole ‘Bon Temps’ would be involved – something in that sort. And that not, one important role-character after the next will be killed, one in every episode and the like…but like I said, who knows? I guess, we will see it then.

  • Aww

    He looks cute bashful

  • Finally a hookup

    Wow both him and margott r in London finally ready to hookup ya know Alex liken em blonde and young why wouldn’t he make a play for margott she needs press and w Alexander as her new bfriend she get press just like Kate bosworth the new straw dogs couple all over again ….. Don’t tell me it isn’t gonna happen because it is will get gossip from London and set inclu pictures soon ….of the couple all flirty and hand holding at some party, club, shopping trip etc ……

  • swedish baby

    plz it makes me sick already, caroline is gonna spend loads of time with him I bet, she’s in london already…

  • @swedish baby: yes caroline is there and so is her fiance wynton…

  • Virgoandscorpio

    @24 @25 just stop w the Margot Robie already….go knit yourself a sweater or something..

  • Virgoandscorpio

    She a skank if he makes a play for that…I am jumping out of the titanic…buy.

  • Already

    @: I thought she and Fares were together? She moved on from him pretty fast, if they are engaged already?

  • olaf

    @already ,she’s not with and never has been with fares or his other friends .
    has been with alex for less than 10 years on/off but has been on again for very longer time now. they are very serious.
    some people (ladys) pretend it’s not happening but him and her are not hiding the relationship like some might think.
    they are very open and have been out in public events together ,sadly gossips want to put him with (lesbbian) elaine page or kate bosworth and now margot.
    he just plays along with rumors of the other women at least it keeps his fans on there toes and never really knowing what is relly going on.

    and most of all his real relationships PRIVATE.


    …i thought he was with a woman called hannelli
    she is Norwegian and she was with him in LA last year .
    they have been out and about in LA and NY sometimes with caroline!! fares & keith
    she was holding his hand at the met ball after party in 2013 and his movie premier ,she was his date .

    so unless he’s with both cw and her i say he’s just with hannelli.

  • @Already: think the fares thing was rumour. check his instagram and hers, they’ve been togeather a while.

  • olaf

    @ , “”" yes caroline is there and so is her fiance wynton”"”"
    NO ,he’s not ,there just trying to throw off the scent from alex’s ‘crazier’ fans .
    wynton is just a colleague and friend of hers during her time in
    everyone around NY knows alex&cw are in a serious relationship and have been for ages.
    though that may upset or even send some ‘fans’ into outright insanity it is the truth.
    i hope they are not going to react to his real GF the way they do to KBOS , ERW or Margot.
    he is a grown man in a grown up relationship .

  • @olaf: this is the same stuff you said when you were trying to convince everyone he married ellen page.

  • Ahem

    Why can’t some of you nuts just admire him without stalking his lady friends?

  • GF
  • GF
  • swedish baby

    That’s what they told me. Wynton is just a friend, she definitely is in london to be with him, they even bought a place together.
    just wait and see as soon as the paps find out….they won’t be able to deny it anymore.
    plus many people told me when they’re out and about in NYC they don’t hide anymore…

  • Sup

    I don’t think he is with cw. I think they are very good friends, maybe even fb. But I don’t smell romance and my senses are pretty right on. In any way he won’t be able to satisfy everyone’s expectations, some people will be disappointed. That is life…

  • London’s Calling

    Brought a place? So he is moving to London?

  • Babysteps

    Yes I would love to have a swedish baby with Alex, one day.. but first things first…

  • sexy pants

    Oh bless and look no matter what you all will be up in Skarsgard bizness getting angry, being delsuional, talking smack the world will come to end because no one really know the date and 99.9% of you will not be involved in your own lives sadly but Skarsgard and poof that’s its you are no more and you cant go back and you wasted your life on something trival and not yours.

    You were given your own lives go live it and be concern with that Its not healthy to be this distracted from living. If he aint sharing he doesnt want you to know and if he doesn’t want you to know stop forcing yourselves in there.

    There is more to life than wondering who he is and isn’t doing or may be doing again if he aint telling or showing he doesnt want you to know and if he doesnt want you to know get involved in your own lives and its truly sad whether or not these women are these things you say they are you are becoming a Judge to a trial that he never ask you for he will choose what he chooses and he and him alone will have to live with that and the consequence not you or I JUST HIM.

    Anyways this will fall on deaf ears because the blind always walk in darkness you cant make them see light when their eyes are closed but dont say I didnt warn you. All I hope he does with his Life is to make good decisions and be a good person cause every action gets a reaction that for me is more important anyways but continue living in his life and not your own. Everyone is given their OWN life go live it.

    He has a good soul you can see it in his eyes

  • Whatstheothernameforballs

    Come on..lets pants….raise hands up in the sky and say…amen! Hallelujah!! Preach glrr!!!

  • @34

    Never remember anyone saying ellen page and alex where seeing each other.

    most people have always known ellen is a lesbian ,i never doubt that.

    you are in denial about CW ,i dont know maybe it hurts you personally or maybe your a troll.

  • FitterHappierHealthier

    he looks much much healthier now than a few years back .

    i wonder if he’s just been getting botox/fillers around the eyes?
    or is it natural……getting more sleep less drink putting on weight/muscle
    whatever it is he looks good.

  • london town

    Most of you are actually in denial about CW and I honestly dk why. She’s nice and lovely and good fun, I personally hope she’s the one who makes him happy, those two are more than just ‘friends with benefits’ . Much more.

  • May

    He’s already met and is hanging out with Margot, his wierdo director friend Henry Alex Ruben is with him in London, and she’s in his instagram pic with him with her flat mates, so it’s more then likely Alex is with them.

  • @@34: when you were lionel ritchie and all the other names you used, which you admit in the comments in this post. same stuff from you, you’ve just swapped EP for CW.

  • nemo

    pffft @ all the dating rumors.
    he’s obviously in a serious relationship with Betty White.

  • Godgrabbedmefromtheballs

    Let me tell u why cw and Askars doesn’t. She looks like a horse. Sure she could be fun or funny but its a horse gdammit! they ll be too similar. Wrong animal. They won’t match.