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Beyonce Wishes Unconditional Love to Kim Kardashian & Kanye West After Missing Wedding

Beyonce Wishes Unconditional Love to Kim Kardashian & Kanye West After Missing Wedding

Beyonce took to Instagram to send congrats to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West after their wedding in Florence, Italy!

“Wishing you a lifetime of unconditional love. God bless your beautiful family 🐝,” the 32-year-old entertainer captioned the pic of the couple.

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Earlier in the day, Beyonce posted a selfie of herself in braids while reportedly spending time in the Hamptons during the wedding ceremony.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Beyonce’s message to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West after missing their wedding?

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  • ladyb

    Damage control? A lot of people have been blasting her with the selfie she posted.

  • Cara

    OF COURSE she posts this after seeing how people are reacting to her tacky moves of not being at the wedding and then posting pics of herself in the Hamptons to drive that point home. I wish for you a lifetime of shittty record sales, Beyonce.

  • ninabo

    No show to the wedding? Picture of her in the Hamptons right as the wedding and reception are taking place? Offering best wishes VIA INSTAGRAM???? This “power couple” is so distasteful.

  • ladyb

    By the way, NY Post has a view of Kim K in her wedding gown – just the top part, it looks very Princess Grace of Monaco from the top.

  • Holmes

    Even if people think bad of Kim, it is her wedding day. I don’t get why so much shade is being sent her way. I hope they have a happy, lasting marriage. You can be vapid and egotistical AND be a real person with feelings and a capacity to love. That’s how I read these two. As far as “bee” goes, she and her fam are no better than the Karadsahians. She just happened to be born with an ability to sing.

  • anti-Beyonce

    Beyonce is trash.
    @ladyb I saw that pic of Kim too and she looks stunning from the side.

  • ladyb

    Kanye really likes Beyonce – I mean he made a fool of himself at the Grammys or whatever award show that was because of Beyonce. If Jay-Z did not go either, not cool on their part. I don’t even like Kim and her materialism but Beyonce and Jay Z are wrong here.

  • Xoxo


  • nev


    yes and shady. ewwww.

  • well

    well she and kanye are old friends, and she has no reason to hate kim. so why not wish them well?

  • sdf

    Kayne West did not attend Beyonce’s and Jay’s wedding. Little known fact for all you dufus’s

  • Reallytho

    For real people….I didn’t know it was a law where the best friends girlfriends needed to be besties. They are very opposite where Kim loves the camera following her all day and night and Bey just prefers to just highlight the music and promote “Sasha Fierce.” Hey I loved the selfie and she was smart, she waited until she knew they were married before posting her well wishes. LOL There is no damage control people. Believe me it caught the public’s eye so all that does is promote her more. You guys are falling for all this right when her and Jay are about to tour together. Haven’t you figured out how celebs use the press yet? LOL

  • stella

    Kanye is supposed to be her and Jay’s close friend.This is just plain disrespectful.

  • CarrieFromBelgium

    @Cara: it’s fascinating how some peoples defend these D list useless famew**res and their parody wedding.

  • ladyb

    sdf, you don’t know that. Their wedding was hush and Kanye was not that popular at that time, at least not among white folks. He could have been there and no media reported on it, as they kept it private (remember when Beyonce used to be private?)…We don’t even know if Kanye was invited as their wedding was reportedly very small. What we all know is that Kanye and Jay Z’s friendship have become strong over recent years and we are very sure the couple was invited.

  • Joelle

    ladyb @ 05/24/2014 at 5:36 pm #7

    Like her? I thought he was going to turn Kim into Beyonce at one time. Especially after she had the blonde hair after hooking up with him.

    Kanye might just be Jayz’s friend and the queen might not like Kim. No reason for her to go and front. We know how she feels about her hubby JayZ, she just stood back while her sister tried to kick his butt
    . lol

    Let’s hope this is the end of Kim having these lavish weddings. Three times?! Wonder what she’s going to be hyping next. She’s done the wedding and another wedding, the rich and famous boyfriends, the baby… hmmmm. Time for her to have a special to give us a tour of her new multi-million dollar house.

  • heights91


    He wasn’t invited

  • heights91

    he wasn’t invited

  • chris

    LOL if you think beyonce wrote that

  • Verity

    You know Beyonce could care less about Mr. and Mrs. Kartrashian. This is just damage control for the selfie. I would have said nothing and let the selfie speak for itself.

  • essie

    lol you know Beyonce was snickering when she wrote ‘lifetime’…

  • welly

    That man never smiles. allways has a serious face. This marriage won’t last. Nice of beyonce to send a message to them.

  • Alaia

    You can tell nobody likes Kim. Not even her brother bothered to turn up. All those designers are being forced to dress her because Kanye is like a kid without his toys if they refuse to say ‘no’.

    How said that Givenchy went from dressing Audrey Hepburn to that piece of trash.

    Beyonce purposely avoided that trainwreck.

  • Helena

    @well: I’m quite indifferent to Beyonce, but the woman has worked hard all her life. She is the antithesis of that thing Kanye married. It wouldn’t shock me if she didn’t like her. She has gotten everything by sleeping her way to the top and having a famous father.

  • kami

    ha ha ha ha ha ha. beyonce has a good pr person to write that.

  • Carry

    Bey and Jay Z are so fake. They pose for pictures when it’s conveint for themselves. What about when they where claiming to be friends with Chris Martin/Gwyneth Paltrow. Nothing about Im sorry for what you two are going through. They pose for pictures to day hey we got some famous rich white friends. Jay Z and Beyoncé use African Americans the same way.

  • kacer

    People are so gullible. It was the media that hyped the pic as some kind of statement by Beyonce. She probably doesn’t much feel like dealing with the press right now. I don’t get the big deal about either post.

  • C

    Why would JZ&Bey attend Kimye’s wedding? They r the ultimate Hollywood A-listers, totally different levels. Why would they want to be associate w/the Kardasians really? Certainly not these two music industry royals. They r chilling in Hamptons—-the exact neighborhood that doesn’t want Kourtney&Khloe film their show there. No homeowners willing to rent their house to the crew for filming aka take that reality drama&reputation somewhere else. The residents represent the 2%uber rich with class. They are the one Mr&MrsCarter want to associate with.

  • cath

    Bea you are a nasty hypocritical piece of work. See, it made no difference to kkanye andbkim, they got married without you being there. You think you better than kim but you are not.

  • snapcracklepop

    Hilarious post by Beyonce! A lifetime?! So much subtle shade- she’s brilliant.

  • linkee

    Some of the pictures from the wedding are being shown on

  • ELMO

    Wow….where was Jay Z when Beyonce sent her best wishes to the newly weds? Just don’t think he’s aware of her posting because it seems sneaky.
    News Flash!!! You’re not a private couple…be true to yourselves. You cannot enjoy yourself or be happy for anyone else if it means attention is taken away from you on a large scale.
    The wedding was on that scale.
    The money spent was on that scale.
    The designers, Celebrities, and wedding location was above that scale.

    Your wedding…..vs…..Kanye’s wedding….not even close!!!
    Oh noooooo of course you’re not going.

    Your best wishes for the newly weds was not even on the scale it should have been for this type of wedding….you should’ve been dressed to the top of your game before you even decided to take that selfie.

    ……..Tickle Me😳

  • JW

    Why in almost every photo of Kimye, he is looking at her and she is looking at camera. Even in this photo with baby North. Kanye is looking at their baby but Kim is as usual looking at the camera. *smh* This chick seems to care more about being photographed with Kanye West and nothing more. Pictures tend to tell a story. When I see Kimye photos, I’m left with the impression that he loves her but she just kind of likes him but she loves the fame more.

  • Noxy-Baby

    It’s sad that we are so focussed in slaming Queen B, when she actually took her precious time off her busy schedule and sent them a message. Not everyone is forced to attend weddings, especially this one, besides it has been a while since they had been besties. Even if JZ is still friends with KW, that does not mean B and Kim should be besties. We all have likes and dislikes, she still has a damage control of her own to deal with, worse she was going to steal their limelight, as she has done already.

    Instead of People focusing on the New weds, they are busy focusing on her and yet she has a lot in her plate and probably will be having dinner with them when they return from their Honeymoon. So guys stick ur noses where it concerns u, and stay away from this one. Come on people, give B a break, she’s human afterall, being a celebrity does not mean u havew to be there always, it was a funeral, then it would have been a different story.

  • Jamie

    Are you people this DENSE? Did you ever stop to think that “maybe” her reason for not attending is because she did not want more attention on her, than on Kim and Kanye on their wedding day?

    She was not even there and she’s getting this much attention, imagine if she was there.. maybe all involved including kim and kanye decided this was best?

    Now..i never get why people comment on these forums and call people sluts and whores. Do you know these people personally? yea kim had a sex tape which got out .. i hope when you record yourself having sex and it gets out you are ok with being called a slut and a whore.. we are all quick to judge… how many of us could take an embarassing situation like this and turn it into an opportunity to make as much money as she has? not many of you trolls i’m sure.

  • Ivette

    I personally think Beyonce is two face….how u go from wishing Kim & Kanye well “UNCONDITIONALLY” to not showing up to Kim & Kanye’s wedding…GET OUT OF HERE WITH THAT FONYNESS!!!!!!!!!!