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Leonardo DiCaprio & Girlfriend Toni Garrn Grab Lunch with His Mom Irmelin During Cannes!

Leonardo DiCaprio & Girlfriend Toni Garrn Grab Lunch with His Mom Irmelin During Cannes!

Leonardo DiCaprio and his girlfriend Toni Garrn grab lunch together at Hotel Du Cap-Eden-Roc on Friday (May 23) in Cap d’Antibes, France.

The 39-year-old actor and the 21-year-old supermodel was joined on the lunch by his mother Irmelin.

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Earlier in the week, Leo and Toni attended the amfAR’s Cinema Against AIDS Gala during the 2014 Cannes Film Festival, where he auctioned off a trip to space with him.

15+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio and Toni Garrn meet up with his mom for lunch…

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leonardo dicaprio toni garrn grab lunch with mom 01
leonardo dicaprio toni garrn grab lunch with mom 02
leonardo dicaprio toni garrn grab lunch with mom 03
leonardo dicaprio toni garrn grab lunch with mom 04
leonardo dicaprio toni garrn grab lunch with mom 05
leonardo dicaprio toni garrn grab lunch with mom 06
leonardo dicaprio toni garrn grab lunch with mom 07
leonardo dicaprio toni garrn grab lunch with mom 08
leonardo dicaprio toni garrn grab lunch with mom 09
leonardo dicaprio toni garrn grab lunch with mom 10
leonardo dicaprio toni garrn grab lunch with mom 11
leonardo dicaprio toni garrn grab lunch with mom 12
leonardo dicaprio toni garrn grab lunch with mom 13
leonardo dicaprio toni garrn grab lunch with mom 14
leonardo dicaprio toni garrn grab lunch with mom 15
leonardo dicaprio toni garrn grab lunch with mom 16
leonardo dicaprio toni garrn grab lunch with mom 17
leonardo dicaprio toni garrn grab lunch with mom 18

Photos: INFPhoto, AKM-GSI
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  • lol
  • Oh lawd..
  • #866

    @Check ur ignorance at the door: please don’t bore me with your ghetto tales..Leo isn’t into black girls. Just because he met a few women of color on the red carpet means he’s into women of color?? No, sorry to break it to you he’s not. He’s into tall blondies…GTFOH and get some self-esteem! I don’t really care who Leo loves but to say he has a penchant for blk women is reaching
    @sexyback: thank you sexyback, some people are just so desperate and examples of Leo talking to someone. And yet still you still wouldn’t want to be treated like Toni because Leo treats her like sh*t so I wouldn’t wish that on no one blk or wht anyone decent…

  • lol

    @Oh lawd..: You’re back!!! I so looooove you. You’re my gif inspiration haha

  • HAHA12

    @Oh lawd..:

  • Nice


  • HAHA12
  • Rob

    I like that after he is seen whispering sweet nothings into the ears of multiple woman, even as late as last night in the Billionaire’s Club in Monaco, that he is “conveniently” photographed with his current girl and mother to smooth things over. Sunshine & Sach’s deserve a raise!

  • Oh lawd..

    Never left boo <3

  • ponpon

    So what has been going on besides that Coachella rain dance and donating money for wild animals? I haven’t really been paying attention since he doesn’t shoot until Sept.

  • Just_sayin

    I dont know isnt the woman in white floral top is toni’s mom, on last pic Leo’s mom is behind that woman

  • lol

    @HAHA12: LOL. Way too calm girl. Needs more anxiety!

  • ####

    They have to make it look like nothing was up in Cannes. This must have been the good bye lunch before he headed to Monaco.

  • check

    Grabbing lunch where they can be papped Check.

  • HAHA12
  • Nice

    That’s not Irmelin

  • lol

    @HAHA12: LOL – That’s right. I hear nothin’, I feel nothin’ I just dance

  • Just_sayin

    @####: loool still no leo face pics and the only pic of Irmelin is the last behind another woman

  • Just_sayin

    @Nice: exactly but she’s in the last pic

  • Question

    Why is she kissing another man on the lips? Are they dating or not?

  • Pr Strikes Again

    Damage control to forget that he was fooling around with a married woman.

  • HAHA12

    @Pr Strikes Again:
    It seems pointless though cus there aren’t even any pics of them interacting together. She’s pictured talking to everyone EXCEPT Leo

  • Right

    Sure Leo ;)

  • Just_sayin

    @HAHA12: a combo of both moms? Lol
    Well i googled “toni garrn’s mother” and only pics of leo,Irmelin and toni came up….weird

  • HAHA12

    I think thats because she went on a vacation with Leo and Toni earlier this year

  • woman

    That woman looks far too old to be Toni’s mum. Toni is only 20, I would assume her mother is late 40′s-50′s. Not 70′s like Irmelin

  • “Love is Real” Theme Song

    Everything collapsed inside me, inside me…

  • woman

    Sorry 21

  • Blacksharpie
    She has the same clothes on so it must have been right before she/they left.

  • Just_sayin

    @HAHa12: I’m sorry really I’m lost. I know her mom was at courchevel so you’re confirming that it might be her in the white floral blouse or i didn’t understand what you’re saying :)…sorry

  • Just_sayin

    @woman: ok thks

  • Maybe

    Maybe Irmelin’s sister?? I dont know I think I’ve read in an israeli article (back when he dated Bar) about Irmelin visiting Bar and her family with a sister or cousin, I think it was a sister. It was many years ago maybe 2007 or something….just a thought

  • also…

    I don’t see Irmelin at all.
    Another photo op? Those photos from Monday must have been bothering Leo a lot.
    I have to say the same thing all over again. PR or not this girl has no shame, no pride, no self respect. Leo is a deadbeat boyfriend and the cash cow for all those people around him including Toni, his friends and even family. No way people with dignity and some brain would be ok with this situation. Both are pathetic and just sad. They can be rich and famous I just feel sorry for both of them at this point.

  • Just_sayin

    Good eye! I thought that he had his hand on her back but not really sure…he’s just there to do the deed it seems.

    Also i really think she’s not that smart because smiling than posting on IG with all that has went in a few days, how could you post about leaving cannes and needing sleep when your bf doesn’t acknowledge you at lunch?!!
    And again for some reason doesn’t seat next to her, not frontal pic of the two of them, but passionate kiss the night before (leaving out the passion of course lol)

  • also…

    It seems like Leo’s PR team is specializing I damage control not in building an image or controlling someone’s character. Too bad it doesn’t work on the long run. Leo can’t fool anyone anymore.

  • I dunno

    but I kinda started to like Toni after all this “stuff” going on, I love the way she handled it. Toni and Leo probably had a talk with each other and they must have gone through any missunderstanding or whatever it was that night in cannes night club. I love that she didnt act like any drama girlfriend would, and I think that is what Leo loves about her – that she has understanding and is not into drama. Take Bar for example, she was so dramatic – once there was rumors about him cheating you’d see pictures of her in Israel magazines looking like crazy, angry and sad – we would read about a break up and she would eventually go out and party (flirt with guys) during their short break up and then they always ended up together and everytime she did the same thing. Is that what a good girlfriend does? NO, she stays and tries to figure things out not flips out the first second – bar was drama queen and where is she now? almost 30 and single, leo dosen’t want to hear about her anymore all she does is spends time with her friends. Toni will gain a lot with this attitude, when she is at Bar’s age she will probably be married or in a steady relationship (with leo, i’m sure) if not with Leo with any other guybecause she is the kind of girlfriend that has personality, and seems to be understanding and smart as well. Good girl, dont make a fool of yourself as bar did

  • also…

    @just_sayin: Leaving out the passion AND an actual kiss. Everyone can see it was a kiss on the cheek.

  • also…

    @I dunno: are you for real? That’s how you handle a wondering boyfriend? Acting like all is good? I’m sure their conversation was very sufficient. Leo must have practiced it a lot with his exes and Toni as well ( Nina Agdal ). It must be a good speech if she fell for it all over again.
    Nobody really bothered about to I so far as Leo’s gf and she just made herself even dumber and pathetic. JMO

  • @I dunno

    I dont agree with you at all. How is a woman that allows herself beeing treated this way even close to smart? Understanding? I don’t know if I would understand my bf if he acted that way in a nightclub out with friends, it’s not ok. I dont really see why people that supports Toni have a need to trash Bar in every post, I get it she was one of the most “hated” girlfriend of his – they all were but bar lasted for long so I guess she got more hate- but I don’t understand what she has to do with Toni or this situation at all? Why do Toni’s fans bring her up, even leo’s fans dont care about her? It’s maybe the DM article that claimed she looked better than toni at amfar LOL

  • @39

    @@I dunno: Well why do people have to trash Toni based on Leo’s actions? He’s the one that picks up these women and treats them like dirt!

  • Just_sayin

    @also: last pic behind the first woman. On last thread you read @ponpon’s posts. Dont know if it’s true but it’s echoing has been said about him being kind of “depressed” so i would feel bad for him because and not for them cause like you said he’s the cash cow, no one seems to be helping him, and maybe he’s in too deep to shake it off by himself.
    And like i said, they need to keep him that way. Imagine if he wakes up, stop thinking that he owes everything to his mom, his entourage, if he learns how to deal with the solitude. So many people would have to Work….i mean they dont help him JMO. So u feel bad for him, if you’re really alone feeling used and that’s the only reason people give a damn about you. Being erratic and mean in your behaviour seems like it might be the way to go.
    The revenant i understand is about friends’betrayal and seeking revenge…sometimes (melodrama coming your) i think he chooses to portray human flaws for a reason…(ok now gasps and tears) maybe that’s his way to express whats happening or how he feels.

  • also…

    @@I dunno: OMG! such a great comment! Toni is making a fool of herself and it all comes down to Bar? What does she have to do with this? Many people looked much better than Toni at the AmFAR event ( pretty much everyone with some self esteem ) and Bar was mentioned because she dated Leo. I’m not a BR an by any means and it’s not about defending her but all these crappy excuses for both Leo and Toni are just stupid. Face the music already! A woman like Toni deserves no respect or admiration.

  • @40

    Why do these women stay with him given how badly he treats them? Blake had sense to leave, so idg why everyone is acting like poor Toni is trapped in this situation when she could give him the boot

  • @40

    And for the record, I’m not blaming the girls. But it seems stupid going on about feeling bad for Toni. I don’t if she still chooses to be with him.

  • #36

    None is better that the other.
    Toni is Bar 2.0. Bar like Toni also looked the other way while he cheated in exchange for vacations and gifts and career boost. But she was lucky twitter and instagram was not what it was then.
    Now can we leave the exes out of this till at least post 100?

  • Yep

    @I dunno: Everything in exchange for self-respect . #Winning

  • Just_sayin

    @dunno: i stopped at “maybe that’s what leo loves about her” and kind of choke at “any misunderstanding” thanks :)))))))) LOOOOL. Having said i respect your opinion. Sorry french sometimes do sarcasm one too many time…but really.

  • @also

    Oh please you always defend Bar any chance you get. Sorry hon but she aint much better then Toni, she chose to be a doormat for 5 years and her joke of a career tanked after the Leo connection was gone, she’s a big attention wh0re too

  • also…

    @@39: Nobody defended Leo’s actions. Not by any means. If you followed his threads ever since the Monday night photos you must have seen that.
    What should people say about Toni in your opinion? What should people say about someone who keeps getting humiliated and all she does is smiling and acting like nothing happened? Not just as Leo fans but as women what do you expect?

  • lol

    @#36: Post 100 – Haha. I prefer doomsday gifs to be honest