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Rob Kardashian Skips Sister Kim & Kanye West Wedding!

Rob Kardashian Skips Sister Kim & Kanye West Wedding!

Rob Kardashian chats on the phone while arriving on an international flight at LAX Airport on Saturday (May 24) in Los Angeles.

The 27-year-old reality star decided to skip his sister Kim Kardashian‘s wedding to Kanye West at the very last minute!

Rob reportedly flew out of Paris on Saturday morning before Kim and Kanye tied the knot in Florence, Italy, according to Us Weekly.

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Rob isn’t the only family member who didn’t attend the wedding, Brody Jenner was also absent from the festivities.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Rob Kardashian skipping Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding?

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  • Bobby

    LOL…as I said before…Jared…you post Kim updates 5 times per day…every post has about 90% negative comments…even Beyonce did not care enough about the wedding to attend…heck even Kim’s half brother didn’t attend…nobody cares so STOP posting crap about this **** every 5 minutes…seriously what do you get out of this…does Kim pay you or something…NOBODY CARES…this is ridiculous…her own BROTHER didn’t attend…proves how much people love her, NOT.

  • cali

    Fake relationship. No one cares!

  • K Hater

    Good for him.

  • Nahte

    @Bobby: If negative comments about a post’s subject were a reason for a celebrity blog (which, by its very nature, has nothing to do with substantive news) to not make that post, TMZ itself would cease to exist. Floods of cruel commentary make up the very lifeblood of celebuzz. Only an empty comment thread would persuade a blogger to quit a subject, so your very action proves your claim of Kim’s irrelevancy wrong, whether you or I like it or not (and believe me, I WISH people wouldn’t pay money for these stories too–consumers AND capitalists).

  • mkia

    Team Rob

  • Doug

    Its a media ploy anyways. I think Rob knows whats going on and he probably wants nothing to do with it. Kim and Kanyes public media circus is only supposed to make them money. Any person in that family that attended was there for PR exposure and not a wedding. Weddings are supposed to be private & heartfelt and nothing that Kim does is private and heart felt.

  • Whatever!!!

    @Nahte: Oh shut up. Bobby is right. Everyone hates them and your comment is a waste of time.

  • Xoxo

    Well they’re all about what you wear and the photogs
    And forget that their own brother has personal issues
    If I was him, I’ll go home too

  • alan

    why is he so fat i just cant understand

  • Verity

    Good for you Rob. Who wants to be part of their so-called low key, 600 guest circus anyhow. Run brother run!!!

  • CarrieFromBelgium

    #TeamRob #TeamJayZBey

  • ……..

    @alan: It sounds like you don’t understand alot of things.

  • welly

    He is fat.Good for him not going to kim wedding. Stay out of the hole. thing.

  • Whocares

    Kris booted him for being too fat and not having a) a drunk black girl on his arm, or b)not having anything to offer insofar as a scandal.

  • Sissy Wilson

    We care u hater, did you ever see a crowd following beyonce or Jay-z??? they jealous cfause Kim outshines them, so stop hatting, n 4 haters like you that say “she famous for doing nothing”, I say then you should have some riches, homes, etc., CAUSE U an’t doing notten !!!

  • Robocop

    @Sissy Wilson: Kardashian fans are so eloquent and articulate — and support her vapid and useless life because “shez bootiful!” (a verbatim quote).

  • http://@angelogagony69 Johnye

    I think Kris told him to go home because he was too fat to appear with the family.

  • janhser45

    Maybe hes waiting to see if it makes it past the 72 day mark before he acknowledges it .

  • remember da truth

    What all of you are missing is the fact that he flew all the way there — flying from LA to Paris even on a private jet takes about 12 hours — and was there for at least a couple of days It’s not like he decided not to acknowledge it or be a part of it.

    Something must have happened after he got to Paris and after the rehearsal dinner, because he was there with the family up until the flight to Italy Saturday morning.

    The boy has issues, and his usual response to feeling inadequate is to run away and feel sorry for himself. Seeing his sister covered by the world media, brunching with Valentino, etc reminds him of his lack of purpose, success, or identity and it probably just got to be too much and he turned tail and ran.

  • Ss

    Rob is clearly very uncomfortable with the recent changes his body has undergone, and it is effecting every aspect of his day to day life. I think it is a shame that his family cares more about media attention than one of their own. It might not mean much, but what Rob needs to do is separate himself and hold his middle finger high. Normal people in normal land don’t get shit on for something as trivial as putting on weight, and this family has done all of its members a huge disservice by focusing so much on vanity. Have fun burning in hell Kim.

  • wow

    he disgusting mother probably made him leave because she didn’t want his fatness ruining the wedding photos.

  • hahakim

    it is not about him and his body. SS IT is about that he gets that she is self centered just like her mother and 2 jenner 1/2 sisters. Khloe kinds of gets it. All they care about is money and clothes. Kim craves the attention. She use to call the paps now she pretens like they bother her but refusing to smile . But, she loves it. Hate how all websites call it wedding of century. none likes her or Kanye. What a shame her brother is in pain. Shame on you kim

  • ha

    @Sissy Wilson: It sounds like YOU have even less, including knowledge of proper English. Go back to school and stop worshiping this family, you moron.

  • ace11

    Rob should get far away from his family as possible

    Their poor father is rolling over in his grave tonight

    3 slut daughters and a whore ex wife



    Also her brother don’t like her lol ….

  • tymps

    I don’t even think his family noticed that he left …

  • RK

    @Sissy Wilson:

    English is not even my primary language but mine is not as bad as yours.

  • RK

    @remember da truth:

    Why does it have to do with success ? The boy lost his father at a very young age and his life is a permanent circus due to his family being filmed 24/7. His family got famous because his sister got peed on in a porn video. Don’t you think he is the one who should be ashamed of her and not the other way around ?
    Depression is a serious disease and will has nothing to do with it. He may be suffering from agoraphobia for all we know and freaked out. He does not want to be seen and he finds himself in the middle of a media hurricane surrounded by shallow people taking selfies and congratulating themself. When you’re looking for a purpose in life being around people that shallow where everything is about appearance and money is teribly suffocating.

  • sue

    Stay strong Rob. Many people are hoping the best for you. Take care of yourself.

  • lvdavis30281

    Rob knows the real deal, that it is a circus and Kim is going to make Kanye look like a fool in the end; Kim has had over 10 men is a very short period of time, she has made her round with black men, so when Kanye lay with her he is also laying with the ghost of all those men she has been with. Nothing clean about that union. My heart goes out to their daughter, what a mess she has been born into.

  • lvdavis30281

    Well at least Kanye knows he married a whore of a woman. His eyes is wide open . . . she is going to make him have alot of regrets but as he has said in the past, he has sold his soul to the devil.

  • http://JustJared celestialacademician

    @RK: Well said. I agree with you 100%. Rob will be alright. This to shall pass.

    @lvdavis30281: That is what makes it worst. Having wide open eyes and still diving into the sea of regret. Kanye is stubborn and hard headed. His own mother would try to talk some sense into him, and he wouldn’t listen to her. He will always do what he wants to do. Kanye doesn’t even love Kim anyway. He does love his daughter. This is all business.

  • Rocky

    @remember da truth:

    He has problems that his mother AND his sisters are NOT addressing. They are so busy living in their make believe word that I’m sure he feels left out. He has health issues that need to be looked at as we’ll. Will it take him dying for this family to give a s…?

  • BigTonyT

    I heard Kim didn’t want him in the photos……because of his looks…

    The Kar-trash-ians. Why does anyone care anyway.

    KK – She’s a strait up hooker.

  • Observer

    They are a national disgrace.
    Good for you Rob!

  • Dawn

    You go Rob. The only one in that circus who’s normal. Mom & sisters are wh0res … they’d go running down the highway after a dollar being dragged on a fishing line. Allow the wagering to commence. How soon before Kim & Ye-ego get divorced?

  • boymike

    This is Kim’s 3rd marriage. It’s a joke….wearing white??? See if this one will last more than 72 days. Then, she’ll be looking for the 4th spotlight again…then 5th. She’s going for Liz Taylor’s record. Call her Zsa Zsa Kardashian. God, when will she just go away? Who names their kid, North? Freaks. Arrogant freaks. I give it (the “marriage” a year), maybe.

  • http://Twitter Ka06

    Rob kardashian skips wedding???? Judging by his weight, he does NOT skip lmfao