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Santa Barbara Shooter Identified as the Son of Hunger Games' Second Unit Director

Santa Barbara Shooter Identified as the Son of Hunger Games' Second Unit Director

Elliot Rodger has been identified as the shooter, who went on a killing rampage, near University of California, Santa Barbara on Friday (May 23) in Calif.

The man was the son of Peter Rodger, a second unit director on the 2012 blockbuster Hunger Games.

“They want to send the deepest condolences to all the victims’ families involved at this time,” Peter‘s attorney Alan Schifman shared to ABC.

Elliot killed six people before committing suicide with the use of a gun. A few hours before the shooting, Elliot posted his last Youtube video, where he talked about how unfair he felt life was.

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  • w

    why are you posting a video of a Killer?

  • hmmm

    and why is it necessary to say to link him to the Hunger Games ..I’m sure his dad worked for other films? As if that even mattered.

  • Shame

    Don’t glorify this monster. Take down the video out of respect for the families of the victims.

  • Not

    Please remove just jared… no one wants to hear this….

  • scallywag

    New evidence tells that Elliot Rodger was part of a group that subscribed to the hating of women, who blamed women for their misfortune and woes. Could this be the instigating moment which led to the shoot out? He also posted other disturbing videos where he wondered out aloud why women hated him?

  • anon

    THIS is why messed up kids with a need for attention go on shooting sprees. It gets them front and center on a ‘celebrity’ blog. What the hell are you thinking, Jared & co? Idiocy. This has no place here, no matter what obscure movie connection he has. 7 people are dead. Ugh

  • Potter

    Speaking as a guy who’s gone from nerd to jock. Women can be shallow.

    When I was a nerd most chicks didn’t go for me. And, I wasn’t a glasses dorky nerd. Just a normal guy. Then when I started to put on muscle more and more women wanted to go out with me. I’m now around Hugh Jackman phy and all women want me from the intellegent to the shy to the athletic to etc. I’m not justifying this man’s evil actions but he would not have flipped out if just one out of the several women that have come accross him in his lifetime had not been shallow.

    This is indeed tragic, for this young man and all the innocent people that got killed.

  • scarlett

    Just remove the video and even better the post. Don’t project this onto his family. It’s a tragedy for everyone involved and doesnt belong on a celebrity gossip site at all.

  • dan

    Is this another MK ultra agent? His father is part of the satanic Hollywood movie scene. Who was grooming this kid for this activity? Time will tell when the fake media brings forth new policies or Militant University procedures.

  • some men are overgrown babies

    @Potter: Disgusting nonsense! hearing about women being shalow and only going for the hot guys, coming from a guy, now that is rich! guys only go for the hotter girls too, more so than girls even, that’s life. Anyway frustration doesn’t give anyone the right to take it one others so don’t event try and justify or explain his actions. Keep your offensive BS to yourself.

  • True

    @Potter: Why doe men feel to ENTITLED to women’s bodies?

    There are plenty of plain Jane/nerdy girls out there who can’t find a boyfriend, but are ignored, because they don’t look like VS models. You don’t see them going about shooting up fraternities and males because of this.

    Maybe he should’ve hired prostitutes or something. Maybe become an actor/famous director, seeing that he has ties to Hollywood–that would’ve helped him score gold diggers.

  • anon

    stfu, Potter, don’t act like there’s any sense or reason to what this guy has said and done. Women don’t owe men sex. Shallow girls don’t owe you sex, smart girls don’t owe you sex. Nobody cares how ripped you are, it doesn’t appeal to *all* women (lie to yourself all you want) and being denied sex is no acceptable excuse to kill anybody. It shouldn’t even be being discussed.

  • Please

    @Potter: I think you’re talking about girls, not women, because you sound like a boy. It works in reverse, too, by the way. Guys (especially in southern cal, I’ve found) can be very shallow, too. No difference. Do you see them going after the shy, skinny, wallflower girls?? Idiot.

  • Rose

    @ Potter. What happened to you is that you became confident in yourself and that’s attractive. If you feel good you smile more and look to the eyes to girls. Not saying a good physique doesn’t help, but it is mostly about confidence. Men and women are attracted through our eyes but true connection is always about self steem and conection. It works both ways

  • ZSTR

    The big problem of USA: The Guns, What’s the problem with that? a lot of countries don’t sell guns to all the people and we live much better, the police protect us it’s his work, and it’s not normal have a gun at home

  • OhCanada


    ‘Getting muscles’ like Hugh Jackman clearly has not solved your problem, creep. You have a hate-on for women, period! Get help. NOW.

    Also, the women who ‘rejected’ him did so out of g-d given instincts. (read the Gift of Fear). Since we are the ‘weaker’ sex physically, we have instincts that alert us about men who might murder us in our sleep.

    Any woman who dared dated that creep would have been stalked for life until he killed her. Also, he and yourself have externalized your problems. Look inside. Deep inside. The rejection by women is only symptomatic of the real problem inside of you.


  • OhCanada

    Also, that murdering twerp was not straight by ANY stretch of the imagination. Women picked up on that as well and went after straight men.

    He clearly also didn’t resolve and or accepted that he was gay. I BET money he was FAR more angry that the ‘blond sluts’ had vaginas and were getting the men HE WANTED!

  • Angie

    @Potter: Any person can be shallow, male OR female. I’ve met plenty of BOTH.

    There’s too many rejected, angry people who direct all blame to their crushes WITHOUT considering other factors like their own personality. I guess they don’t have the guts to admit they have more than one reason for people to reject them.

    Yes I’m physically attracted to men who are handsome but their personality is more important.; I want us to respect each other.

    If I was only into handsome guys, it’s like saying “I only want to dine at restaurants that is pretty on the outside, I don’t care if the food will give me food poisoning.”

  • psychmama

    This should be taken down, JJ. As a behavioral scientist, focusing on Clinical Psychopathology, this kid is/was clearly mentally ill. I’m sorry that he didn’t get the help he needed to fight his demons, but this isn’t a positive thing for the victims or their loved ones to see. It’s a very sad portrait of a very disturbed young man. Your showing of this, and naming his father, but not his mother (Why? Was she not famous enough? No “Hunger Games” to her credit, so no mention?) is also irresponsible. To glamourize this troubled young man because of who his father is doesn’t help matters. His parents will spend the rest of their lives wondering what they could have done differently to help their troubled son. Why not an article on the victims and their loved ones? That would be proper, but I’m sure not as eye catching as “Son of Hunger Games AD”. TAKE. IT. DOWN.

  • angie


    Could it be that those women who rejected him saw or felt that he was somehow off? Not all women are shallow nor are all women attracted to good looking men. Women can be very intuitive when they want to be. Just a thought.

  • JDK

    “Watch the video below!” – as someone who has been deeply affected by the tragedy, Jared – you are a sad sack of life.

  • Jen

    I’m never visiting this site again after all the Kimye posts AND this insensitive, glorifying post. This site is for suckers.

  • Bo


  • sasha

    I’m with Jen..this site is full of CRAP. Glorifying a murderer on a celebrity blog site HA what a joke…If we want the new we will go to the NEWS not a celeb site. Hope many people boycott this pitiful website NOW. There are many better things to do than keeping up with celebrities lives..go out and live YOURS. I’m done, and I hope you are too!

  • rita

    never coming back to this site again after this post. how insensitive to the families who have lost loved ones. you’re treating this tragedy like it’s entertainment. wish he would have shot you, Jared.

  • Darren

    Jared you’re a piece of crap for posting this.

  • Leigh

    @sasha: sasha, amen to everything you said. you’re right, I and everyone here needs to stop feeding sites like this with views and visits. Kill the demand and you kill the supply.

  • Potter.

    @ the women who replied

    Some of you are right about men being just as shallow when it comes to women too. I will give you that, since we are all being honest.

    But, he looks like he was led on by quite a few women who never had sex with him. Now I’ve seen way more women lead men on than the other way around!! Most of the time when a guys not interested he won’t hang out with the woman. But, if you go out to a popular part of a city then I guarantee you will see a hot woman leading a guy on who she does not intend to have sex with. The woman then says, “Oh, we’re just friends and he knows it. hehe.” When the woman knows damn well right that she is leading the man on. The guy hangs out with he for months or years and then she gives it up to the first pretty boy in a wk! I have met plenty of frustrated guys. As I said, it does not justify his evil actions and I do feel for the poor souls who died because of it all.

    Oh, and to the one girl who said, “It’s because he’s not straight and women knew that” or whatever you said. Yeah, right, STFU, I’m very social and I have seen girls say, “that guys weird” to one of my Star Trek loving friends when all he was was a way better person than the girl. Instinct my arse.

    BTW, to the woman who said I got more confident when I got jacked. No I didn’t my personality is the exact same and several, ok, pretty much all women come onto me now. I haven’t changed worth a damn. It’s all shallow and anyong who says other wise if full of it.

    Don’t get me wrong, I do not not hate women. I have met a couple of truly good hearted women but they are few and far between. This guy has probably come accross and thousand women in his lifetime and not one of them put out when they put out to so jackarse bartender or whatever in a second. Again, his actions are evil but if the women who crossed his path were less shallow.

  • Angie

    @Potter: Thanks for not being a sexist bigot, I hope? (Not sarcasm).

    Everyone handles it differently.

    You turned out much better than he did and you probably still would if you were rejected by 1000 women especially if you noticed that you weren’t the only guy in existence being rejected.

    My guy friend asked out a BUNCH of girls including me and every girl he knows, he never took it hard; but most of them probably weren’t serious crushes.

    I get rejected too but I will never act like my coworker when I turned him down. When he asked me out after he broke up with his girlfriend, everyone thought it was random because he and I never flirted. I didn’t like him back, but he went around telling our coworkers that we were going to go on a date before he even asked me out. I said I wasn’t interested and I liked someone else and he has never forgiven me.

    There’s just something mentally wrong with this gunman and now I see why it’s bad to report this kind of news because we’re talking about someone’s son, brother, ..etc.

  • Ethan

    This kid has Aspbergers and was under the treatment of a number of therapists. This explains a lot. Adam Lanza also had Aspbergers.

  • hmm

    on page 9, 3 weeks from now, it will be reported that this kid was on anti-depressants which is usually the case with most every mass killing…but we wouldn’t want to hurt Big Pharma business

  • Lauren

    Another coward killing himself and not facing his crimes!

  • BAN Guns in USA

    Whoever said anyone can own a gun is wrong. RIP to all the victims.

  • Rrr

    Please remove this post. This does not concern a celebrity. Even if he is the son of someone in the movie industry, he is not connected to Hollywood personally. Leave these type of posts to CNN, please.

  • another CLUELESS lib

    Ban Guns

  • wow

    This guy murdered 6 people. Why are you posting his video?? Disgusting.

  • Ban Knives in USA

    – Rodger appears to have “fatally stabbed” three males within his residence before embarking on the rampage,.
    Whoever said Americans could be trusted with knives was wrong. Hear that Chefs?

  • offtheproperty


  • KL

    they are saying he was on Vicodin and Xanax, had Asperger’s Syndrome like Lanza, and was addicted to violent video games

  • Jessie

    Obvious there something wrong with him! Take the video down its disrespectful and in bad taste! You should be ashamed of yourself!!

  • M

    Hey nerd to jock @potter. I have dated both nerds & jocks and the only thing that matters is their personality. I’d take a nerdy guy over a gym rat if his personality is better. I married a nerd yet I work out hard because I like it. Right now I have a nerdy guy friend with a big tummy & I adore him & my gym teacher who does triathlons is awesome too and really smart & I adore him too. It’s all about personality. I highly doubt u would have dated an “ugly” chick as a nerd. There are women who go for jocks despite their personality & there are men who go for hot chicks whether or not they have good personalities. Basically u are a sexist idiot.

  • Danielle

    What? What does it matter that he is the son of someone who worked on Hunger Games? He could have been the son of Al Pacino, that doesn’t make any difference. You should remove the post

  • anonymous

    why would you post this video? so casually too “watch the video below!” minimizing how horrific it is. this video in no way deserves the same recognition as your other posts…yet it is treated and written the same as any celebrity sighting blurb. sad sad sad sad. you presented a tragedy as mundane and everyday. please remove.

  • Katie

    so disgusted you would post this in such a distasteful way. lost so much respect for you.

  • Katie

    @Bo: EXACTLY MY THOUGHTS! gross jared.

  • pojhkl


    because of course you don’t care about a woman’s physical appearance? i’m sure you date women who are fat? i’m sure you only date nerdy girls? or were you able to date nerdy girls when you were a nerd but refused to?
    so it’s ok for men to only want hot girls but it’s not ok for women to only want hot men? do you know how many magazines are created for the sole purpose of telling women how to be attractive? when was the last time a woman was praised for her intelligence or kindness? in how many films are we objectified and sexualized as if we were things or pieces of meat. we’re shamed if we’re flat chested or 2 pounds overweight or god forbid over 25 while men should somehow be allowed to be fat, old, and bold and still date hot young girls. COME ON have you ever dated a girl that was unattractive? or nerdy?

  • pojhkl

    p.s potter the reason why women didn’t date that creep is survival instinct. it takes one second looking into his eyes or listening to his terrifying laughter and horrifying god complex to understand that guy is sick, mentally ill and dangerous. so sorry for our sense of self preservation. these women are probably still alive today cause they refused to be alone in the same room with him this guy is a mass murderer. there would be something very wrong indeed with these girls if they HAD been attracted to that psycho.

  • OhCanada


    Oi!!!! I was going to argue with you. But I realize you are making excuses for this murder’s behaviour. For that, you are an utter wank stain.

    Pi-ss off! And no I WILL not STFU as long as creeps like you blame women for your inadequacies. WE are NOT at fault or will we ever be. Get stuffed and get help.

  • Jules

    @Potter “Again, his actions are evil but if the women who crossed his path were less shallow.”

    Are you SERIOUSLY blaming women for his actions? You’re disgusting. So what if women didn’t want to have sex with him? BREAKING NEWS: no one is obliged to have sex with anyone! WOMEN DO NOT OWN MEN SEX. So what if some women are shallow and he had the misfortune to cross their path? That does not, in any way, justify ending other people’s lives! That a childish, nonsense excuse for a pathetic human being.

    Also, women don’t need ‘survival instinct’ or any of that BS to reject a guy. If she doesn’t want to, guess what? She doesn’t have to! The same way if a guy doesn’t want to, he doesn’t have to.

    When did “because I don’t want to” stopped being reason enough for people? What happened to the whole “free will” thing?

    People like you make me sick.

  • Simply Girl

    Potter, while this truth may apply to quite a few girls, there are young women out there who just want a nice guy, someone simply and intelligent with out all of the hoopla and the “omg he’s so fine”. But, young women like that often get looked over because we don’t look like the Taylor Swifts or Beyonces of the world. Furthermore, you don’t see us going on rampages and killing people. We go to school do very well and accomplish what we dream of because being a looker and every guys desire won’t be our only way to survive. He has no excuse and if he would have stop looking at sorority girls and approached a nice girl, I guarantee he would have found someone. On a different note, I do believe just jared should remove the video. Its fine to report it in one post, but posting the video is disrespectful and rude.