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Vanessa Hudgens Attempts to Go Incognito in Los Angeles!

Vanessa Hudgens Attempts to Go Incognito in Los Angeles!

Vanessa Hudgens tries to stay undercover in a black hat, but lets her long blonde locks flow freely on Saturday afternoon (May 24) in Los Angeles.

The 25-year-old actress showed off a little skin as she grabbed some groceries.

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The day before, Vanessa showed off the long length of her hair while out running a few errands in Studio City.

Earlier that same week, Vanessa got her coffee fix while stopping by Coffee Bean with a gal pal in L.A.

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vanessa hudgens attemtps to go incognito in los angeles02
vanessa hudgens attemtps to go incognito in los angeles03
vanessa hudgens attemtps to go incognito in los angeles04
vanessa hudgens attemtps to go incognito in los angeles05
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  • zacfan


  • Sofia

    She’s more average than any average passer by..and always wears exotic carnaval staff to overshadow her shortness and thai face lol.

  • em

    Well.She doesn’t have to. No one recognizes her When was the last time she was in a movie that anyone watched? I think she’s the laziest actress of her generation. Other actresses are working their a$$es of but she..uh she’s just wasting talent.. Go audition something woman, there’re plenty of roles out there.

  • neighbors

    Neighbors is expected to rake around 15m for the weekend

  • Whatever!!!

    A career based on buying coffee and working out. This girl would be lucky to get a Lifetime movie but even that is probably a stretch for her.

  • zacfan

    15m? that’s a lot of trips to skid row!

  • zacfan

    laziest? i don’t know about that. but i’m sure she’s not the druggiest actor in hollywood. if it’s a race, someone we know wins the most rehabbed actor and you know that!

  • zacfan

    and you’d wonder who’s back to orem, any guess?!

  • abby

    yeah. Perhaps if it’ was a race, ‘who visited shrinks most’, someone we know would win by a mile : D

  • zacfan

    i mean someone doesn’t have to worry about gas when driving by skind row, wink wink :)

  • zacfan

    @abby: let’s pretend you’re not ignorant but drug addiction is a “psyche diagnosis.” and someone needed and still needs a therapist aka shrink, i’m sure i’ve read it in the interviews.

  • LOL Vanessa who???

    Keep pumping this nobody jared. Really believable. lmao

  • One more time, Vanessa who???

    Vanessa incognito? ANYTHING to get noticed

  • No fake celebs please

    This site is a joke

  • Huge bogus blond hair

    Please dont notice me!

  • zacfan

    incokenito? yeah someone is!

  • Im wearing zebra pants

    with huge fake blonde hair fanned out on my chest, i am incognito now, yeah lol

  • Gina

    This girl lives for the paps, she dresses for the paps; there’s nothing “incognito” about her.

  • abby

    @zacfan yeah. Let’s cut the c rap and admit they are both in the same boat : D

  • abby

    @zacfan Oh did you know, someone’s fame keeps increasing. Afterall someone’s recent film was a blockbuster.
    who’s 6th ? who’s 6th?

  • Nightwish

    Wow, her real hair is orange and fake hair is blonde. Looks pretty comical especially with her gross looking fingers. Time to change extensions.

  • kami

    she needs to get rid of those ratty looking extensions. they look awful. she’s a naturally pretty girl, why does she try to make herself look awful?

  • zacfan

    @abby: i don’t know what boat you are talking about but someone’s ship sank in a puddle of water, that’s for sure!

  • Chase

    Incognito? No one even cares or knows who she is anymore! Get a job already doing hair or nails or selling shoes!

  • maria

    @abby: Honey, no one proved she was seeing a shrink in the first place. But if she did, it’s still fewer times than he was in rehab. Don’t even with that one. Seeing a shrink for any reason is peanuts compared to alcohol and drug addiction. Maybe if he had seen a shrink, he may have avoided becoming a party boy with insecurities.

  • maria

    @Nightwish: I don’t like the hair either, but how do you find such petty things to hate someone for?? Fingers? Are you serious? “Dude, I can’t be friends with you cause I don’t like your fingers, toes, and hair.” What a superficial jerk you are.

  • Nightwish

    @maria: Your girl is extremely superficially oriented, therefore, i make superficial observations. Where pray tell is b!tchy lately? I am shocked that she isnt partaking in your PR smoothovers. Maybe the hudgens reality has finally settled in on her, namely, no job, no life, loosing money, acting like a star when shes not etc lol

  • Nightwish

    @maria: Good god woman, do you see that instagram pic of her showing off those witch hands? Does that not suffice enough for you that she wants a response for how they look? And im superficial, wows

  • Nightwish

    Oops i stand corrected, hudgens primary intention was to show off her stomach, not so much her nails lmfao

  • shame

    @kami: Yeah, the hair looks like a joke, I think she’s desperately trying to be like one of these shallow HW airhead heiresses/reality stars who crave fame and attention while bumming around and acting like overgrown adolescents. Her daily contributions to society are duckface selfies, photoshopped pics of her abs, and asinine tweets either speaking in baby language or trying to sound ghetto. It’s obnoxious enough when a 14 year old acts like this, but a 25 year old woman? Come on.

  • florence2

    You very rarely see her and Austin out together anymore showing their dose if PDA like they used to.Are they still together as they were joined at the hip at one time and always sucking face.

  • Dubstep_empress

    @shame: Well said! My feelings exactly@Nightwish: She really is so phony. She acts sweet and all but its ultimately very self serving. Its an attention addiction!

  • maria

    How special. Two pages in, and the sad people/person feels compelled to pass judgment on someone they don’t know. Maybe if you had millions of fans on social media, you’d feel the need to share fun, little daily tidbits with them. This is how PR works in this era. Get over yourselves. If you don’t like it, leave. No one is forcing you to follow her every move, every instagram pic, every tweet, etc.

  • maria

    @shame: Not for nothin, but Tisdale has posted pics of her butt, and plenty others do more. Your point? This is how it is. Again, get over it.

  • lol

    @maria: how special…one of the most judgmental people on here is criticizing others for passing judgement on strangers. did you forget about your own constant efron bashing rants? he’s a stranger to you, and no one forces you to follow his life.
    btw tisadle is an idiot too. YOUR point?
    people come on jj and see vanessa headlines non freakin stop and get annoyed by her stupidity. as long as she keeps getting headlines on here people are gonna criticize her idiocy. get over it.

  • Arlene Dickinson

    She is a complete sham. Paparazzi on speed dial.

  • maria

    @lol: Yup, I AM judgmental of him, because once an a$$, always an a$$. And I have NO problem passing judgment on him. Vanessa has never treated her guys like that, and never will. She has more respect for people and her relationships in her pinkie compared to him. He USES women, and STILL does. And what is your annoying reason for hanging here all the time??

  • Zex

    @lol: I know right… Hypocritical.

  • maria

    @lol: You are an a$$. How is picking on someone’s fingers and toes not superficial and stupid? My observations on Efron are right on. His actions have always spoken for themselves. I have never lied about ANYthing I have called him on. NW, on the other hand fabricates everything, talks smack about every body part, and is paranoid about her fans. And don’t get me started on why YOU are constantly here.