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Kristen Stewart Has 'No Problems' After Cannes

Kristen Stewart Has 'No Problems' After Cannes

Kristen Stewart dresses down and keeps her glasses on while arriving at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon (May 25).

The 23-year-old actress sported a ‘No Problem’ ball cap and held onto an open Chanel bag as she headed through the terminal on her way to an awaiting ride.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kristen Stewart

Just a few days before, Kristen joined her Clouds of Sils Maria cast including Chloe Moretz at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival in France.

In case you missed it, check out the trailer for the film!

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69 Responses to “Kristen Stewart Has 'No Problems' After Cannes”

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  1. 1
    Hmm Says:

    You would think after a successful review of her work in Cannes she’d be more pleasant in mood. She seems very depressed it would not surprise me if down the line she’ll be in rehab for drugs. No one is that dour as much as she is…unless they have deep problems.

  2. 2
    Yay Says:

    Kristen looks beautiful!

  3. 3
    luly Says:

    ella fue la reina de CANNES estaba perfecta su pelicula en ranking final del festival quedo en primera posicion estaba entre las 5 mejores actriz en festival de SUNDANCE quedo en primera posicion pelicula y actriz ella sigue subiendo y siempre sus fans en todo el mundo le desmustra su amor y apoyo por siempre

  4. 4
    JJ Says:

    Chanel girl :)

  5. 5
    SIILL Says:

    HMM eres tan estupido ella tiene que estar cansada fue ultima hora que llego a cannes cumpliendo su compromiso como no va estar cansada que te piensa que es piedra y ella siempre esta hermosa la envidia te mata porque ella estaba incrible en CANNES con todo el exito que tubo ella es la chica mas centra que hay y muy valiente fuerte con su moton de pelicula lo que hace es trabajar y trabajar asi que deja tu envidia y largate por otro lado a opinar si no es de tu agrado que haces metida aqui no se si ere hombre o mujer pero alli te va

  6. 6
    TML Says:


  7. 7
    Take a Chill Pill Says:

    @Hmm: It’s an interesting point of view people have towards Kristen. People love to party, but they hate to get up for work. People love to spend time with friends, but they can’t wait for summer because “school sucks”. People love their nights, but are grumpy in the morning. Those are all normal feelings toward everyday things, but apparently Kristen Stewart is supposed to work non-stop long hours on a movie, after they yell “cut” she hops on a jet from Louisiana to Cannes, France…hops off..gets into hair and makeup, is in good spirits on the red carpet, celebrates throughout the night, wakes up and does a full day of press only to hop back on a long flight to Los Angeles where the minute she steps outside there are 10-20 men shoving a camera in her face yelling G_d knows what and because she’s not giving them anything, because she’s not smiling or looking at them it’s assumed that she’s in a bad mood. If she is in a bad mood, the annoying paps are a good enough reason, but has it occurred to you (or anyone else) that maybe she’s just TIRED? She was in the best spirits and so happy at Cannes but because she gets off a flight without a big smile on her face then she’s headed for rehab. You guys are a bunch of quacks. She could be in the best mood but she’s just simply tired. It’s a 100% normal feeling for people, everyone suffers from it. It’s not that hard to grasp. Lay off.

  8. 8
    Take a Chill Pill Says:

    @Hmm: Enjoying a few days and then being tired doesn’t = rehab. If that’s the case, when she heads to rehab then she will be joined by Robert Pattinson too. He had a VERY successful trip to Cannes and was at the airport with a blank expression…clearly he has emotional and drug problems. (rolls eyes)

  9. 9
    Hollywood Says:

    Very Pretty

  10. 10
    whatever ! Says:

    @Take a Chill Pill: Well said … i guess they want a puppet , someone that will fake a smile just to please the the oh .. so adoring public . Right .. the same people that want her to look like all these others with fake smile are the same ones that will also critisize her if she does smile than she is called a fame wh@re .. the best way is to ignore and that is what she does .

  11. 11

    “I like your hat.” The Unbearable Lightness of Being.

  12. 12
    ridiculous!! Says:

    I think she look just fine . And you can see the difference between the morons in LA and the morons in cannes . The ones here are most disgusting , because she was very happy and smiling in Cannes .i’m sure the french paps hurled stupid stuff at her , but nothing can compare to the crap they give her in LA .

  13. 13
    Ghost Says:

    She’s a dirty looking ho who can’t act. Protest that all you want but it doesn’t change the facts.

  14. 14
    hmm Says:

    I’m saying she always looks miserable…she’s not working digging a ditch..she was in Cannes…presenting her film…even at Cannes standing next to Binoche and Chloe and the director she looked deadpan. if it’s such a chore why does she do it. As for flying, she in first class all the way.
    I hardly think she’s stepping off a plane from the economy section.

  15. 15
    Fercat Says:

    She’s too busy to be in rehab or having serious problems. K Stew seems to just be an introverted type.

    When an actress drops out on a bunch of projects, don’t show up too often other than PR gigs and lose a bunch of weight, that’s when you should get suspicious.

  16. 16
    her acting Says:

    @Hmm: The critics gave her a great review but after watching a clip of hers from the movie,it felt like she was playing herself,nit a version of herself like she does in all other movies but herself exactly as she is. I guess I can’t say too much cause I haven’t seen the whole movie but I wasn’t impressed with her acting at all after seeing that clip of hers

  17. 17
    Take a Chill Pill Says:

    @hmm: What on Earth are you talking about? Who the heck walks down the red carpet and doesn’t close their mouth for even a moment? No one normal, that’s who! If she got out of the car with a smile and didn’t stop all night then people would think it was a fake smile. I saw a post of her at the premiere with nearly 100 photos and in 95% of them she’s smiling and LAUGHING (gasp) LAUGHING and she actually looks happier than I’ve ever seen her before therefore your theory of her time in Cannes is invalid. I mean there are a lot of things Kristen has said that I don’t agree with, there are a lot of things she has done that I don’t agree with, but I’m not going to hate on her because I DO NOT KNOW HER. Neither do you. She could be the friendliest person ever or a b*tch on wheels, but I don’t know and I’d never form that opinion based off of some tabloids written by people getting a check for their stories nor based off of some photos where some greasy guy is shoving a camera in her face. If you aren’t famous they are called “creepy pervs” but in Hollywood it’s simply “paparazzi”. Their job is to catch you doing something they can sell. If she gives them nothing, they get nothing. Look at how much they’ve gotten from her in the past, I’m sure she doesn’t want to even flash them a smile because they don’t deserve it. I would never smile for a creepy perv. It just seems like you’re grasping at straws to put her down. Digging a ditch? Cute angle, but I don’t think it requires much to get tired. Doctors, ditch diggers, students, actors, parents, children, etc. EVERYONE gets exhausted and first class or coach…what she did this week is enough cause to be sleepy. I’m sure you get tired from much less. She was very happy on the Cannes red carpet, you just picked 1 out of 10 photos to make your lacking point. If that’s the case, I can find a few photos of Chloe and Juliette without a smile as well…are they headed for rehab? This girl stays away from the clubs, you don’t see her falling down drunk. She made a bad move two years ago and has been so low key ever since. She spends her time working or being with close friends but people call her out. Should she be attention seeking like everyone else on this site? Who knew a young Hollywood actress desperately staying out of the spotlight would be just as bad as the ones who call the paps to make sure they stay in the limelight? Sounds like rehab time! (rolls eyes) If you have a valid point, fine, but you do not. I don’t think it’s a chore for Kristen to be happy but it’s clearly weighing on you that she doesn’t seem happy enough for your tastes. You form opinions off of someone you do not know based off of photos from intrusive moments and some interviews. But, hey, if it makes you happier to be a judgemental person… if it makes you happier to find faults in other people…if it makes you happy to have such an interest in what’s going on in someone elses head (someone you don’t know, in fact) then keep on keeping on. I’m sure there are some (hundreds) of pictures of Hilary Duff smiling on her way in and out of the gym that you can look at. That’s all I have to say about that.

  18. 18
    I see dumb people Says:

    puddles have more depth

  19. 19
    Althea Lecompte Says:

    Kristen stewart feel that there is not problem faced after the cannes.

  20. 20
    bb Says:

    mi niña estaba hermosa en CANNES feliz por los buenos comentarios hacia ella …su vestuario estupendo su cabello su preciosa sonrisa la mejor del mundo

  21. 21
    Brooklyn Says:

    I personally like the fact that she’s not always walking around with a huge, FAKE, smile plastered on her face. Most in Hollywood feel the need to ALWAYS be “on.” Kristen obviously doesn’t feel that way. I say: good for her!

  22. 22
    What a wretch Says:

    @Take a Chill Pill: Yeah, your excuses for her are all well and fine, but how about every other minute of her life when she is JUST as miserable, sour, and b*tchy?? Quit giving her excuses. She’s a miserable person, talentless, and average looking. Can’t stand to look at her face, always frowning, always miserable. She wanted this life; suck it up, Stewart.

  23. 23
    What a wretch Says:

    @Take a Chill Pill: Bad move? Yeah, you might call CHEATING WITH A MARRIED MAN AND ******** OVER YOUR LOYAL BF a “bad move”.

  24. 24
    molly Says:

    no matter what she wears or where she wears it she looks more real then the made up barbie dolls we are use to seeing . Kristin stay the way you are true to yourself . And don’t worry who robert is with he is turning into a male ***** and it will bite him in the butt one day . As for your circle of friends , I think they were just waiting for you two to be over so they could have a shot at him . Make a new circle , the ones you have now should be let go . Enjoy your life kristin its a good one .

  25. 25
    ace11 Says:

    Best looking girl in Hollywood

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