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Amber Heard: People Have Always Found My Love Life 'Particularly Salacious'

Amber Heard: People Have Always Found My Love Life 'Particularly Salacious'

Amber Heard looks seriously chic on the cover of W magazine’s June/July 2014 issue.

Here’s what the 28-year-old actress had to share with the mag:

On how her engagement to Johnny Depp hasn’t impacted her career: “I haven’t noticed any change in my career. And, for better or worse, I’ve always had a love life that seemed particularly salacious to some people. Before, it was also seen as unconventional.”

On when her friends meet her love interests: “Whenever my old friends meet someone I’m involved with romantically, they immediately warn them: ‘She may look refined, but when she’s angry, she can go trailer park really fast.’”

On riding horses: “When I’m in L.A., I come ride here five times week. No matter how crazy things get, [my horse trainer father] will immediately get me back to normal.”

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Credit: Steven Klein/W magazine
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  • Lisa

    Is this nobody serious??? Talk about believing your own publicity.

  • Sorry, Amber, you’re not that interesting. But you do come across as arrogant every time you give an interview. Your acting is HORRIBLE…. “Three Days to Kill” proved that.

  • amanda

    She had a life before Johnny Depp?…. All jokes aside, she has her head pretty far up her own a.s.s amirite?

  • Didy

    She is soooo beautiful on these pictures, her face is so expressive, strong and delicate at the same time, with unique features. And she has also a wonderful body!
    Great interview! I’m sure she lives her life and doesn’t care about what others can think. Go, Amber, you’re a great person and artist, you (and your beloved Johnny) deserve to be very happy always!

  • Didy

    @: She has confidence in herself, what is important to every person to have, but she is not arrogant, she is nice, down to Earth and kind to every people who talk to her.
    She’s honest, sincere, I really like her, and she’s right, all the celebrities have the right to have a love life, and that’s only their business!
    And about her acting, she did a GREAT job in The Rum Diary, The Ward, Drive Angry, Zumbiland, All the Boys love Mandy Lane, Pineaple Express, Paranoia, Three Days to Kill… She is really good and talented!

  • Falala

    Have ya’ll even read the full article on that site?? because i don’t know what she has said wrong this time. In fact she puts herself down in this interview so i don’t see how she is showing herself to be far up her own a**. You people are always willing to tear her down no matter what she says or does. Yes i agree that she can’t act for toffee and i don’t like these pics because i think she looks way better than this (but maybe that is the kind of look this magazine goes for) but this interview ain’t bad if you look at it without hate-tinted glasses. Just saying.

  • sexythang

    She looks beautiful.

    So what if she has a temper.

  • Kara

    she is a homewrecker and nothing will change that

  • Falala

    @Kara: Violins playing……..

  • Yah

    Model – Yes, Actress – Nonono

  • Xoxo


  • ABF

    @Lisa: The only nobody here is you. You are not a bovody when you are on the cover of such famous magazines.

  • ABF


  • ABF

    @Kara: How is she a homewrecker? She started dating Depp when he was already over with Vanessa.

  • ABF

    @amanda: Yes, she’s been acting for 10 years and she was the face of Guess campaigns before she was with him.

    Did you actually read the interview? Because she said that the horse looks like her and that there’s more beautiful girls in LA.


    Point taken. Amber Heard would make a great Maude LeBowski, and and Johnny Depp would be a natural as the long haired Dude.


    No.10 at 2:01;
    Model? Actress? Who cares. Great lay? Absolutely.


    No.8 at 1:39;
    “…that’s just your opinion man” The Big LeBowski.

  • PS

    she is very white, thin legs, no chest and tumbling ass ..

  • Ann

    Oh, she’s gorgeous! I just love her! She makes a adorable couple with Johnny!

  • lelo

    I admire her so much, she is my favorite actress! And she’s really drop dead beautiful!!!!!!

  • Me

    @:To you and all those people who say that she is a bad actress, that she can’t act, and things like that: or you never saw her best performances or you know nothing about what acting means! She acts very well, with presence, feelings, we can see it in her eyes when she is playing a character.
    Don’t forget that she got Bruce Robinson and Johnny Depp very impressed by her acting, she did better than Keira Knightley and Scarlett Johansson in theaudition to play Chenault in The Rum Diary. No wonder she was chosen for the role!

  • tee

    I don’t see anything wrong with this girl. The only weird aspect is her marrying Johnny Depp. That kind is strange. It reminds me of when Evan Rachel Wood dated Marilyn Manson. They become these props that hang onto their man in public appearances.

  • Falala

    @Me: No love. I like amber but the roles she wants to play i.e. tough chick does not suit her, so she cannot act those roles properly. I do think emotive roles would suit her better or ugly roles. Because then she would have to push herself and dig deep which would show her acting skills in a better light, rather than just standing there and looking pretty whilst trying hard (and failing miserably) to sound or look tough. That would be my advice to her. People are used to seeing her just look pretty and bland in movies, she needs emotive roles that would portray anger, fear, tears, different tone of voice etc. That way she might be able to connect with the audience.

  • LaCroix

    This cover is not flattering at all. Usually she photographs very well..

  • Yeah

    @tee: Their is nothing strange about her marrying someone she loves.


    No.19 at 3:18;
    Are you aware that the new BMW3 was called the ’318′ when it first came out?

  • mime

    My God, I just read the article for W. How Amber is arrogant, full of herself, ambitious, stupid and every time she makes reference to being engaged to Johnny.
    She’s awful and vulgar. I see her photos she’s so slutty

  • mime

    She’s so slut*y

  • Falala

    At this time, I have to admit that Amber is self-absorbed

  • Lala

    She looks great there. Interesting interview. She seems very self deprecating and well grounded. Nothing wrong with what she said. And by the way it so funny come here and read comments about how “uninteresting” she is, and still she is interesting enough to this losers come here to read and then write a comment LOL

  • al

    I was curious to know who was Amber. Basing in this interview I think she is unattractive and BORING

  • Falala

    @Falala: Firstly, please do not use my name…find your own name. Second, can you please quote the part of that interview that showed she was self-absorbed?? Ta

  • Falala

    @mime: It is clear that you are one of those that just cannot see without hate-tinted glasses…I can also tell that you did not read the interview (this is because she hardly made any reference to johnny at all) or you probably read it and deep down thought ‘oh she did not say anything silly..damn’. So because you do not like her you rip into her anyway. You must be a practicing bully loool.

  • Falala

    Amber is narcissistic

  • Falala

    @Falala: Everyone who knows the real falala, knows that i am not a hater of amber. This is evident in all my posts here and on perez. So it should be easy for everyone to suss out the fake one.

  • horse

    Well! *claps hands* that settles it! She has low self-esteem *rubs hands together* who’s next?

  • Milla

    This ” nobody ” did already about 30 films in 10 years of acting, and is a well-known actress in the whole world, with lots of fans (because even though her films are not the most successful ones, they are still “Hollywood movies”, so they play on theaters of many countries – or at least they are sold in DVD or Blu-Ray and you can find them easily in video-rental shops around the world)!
    This “nobody” won already four awards in her career as an actress , even before turning 28!
    This “nobody” is considered one of the most beautiful faces in the world , she was and still is cover of the most famous magazines of several countries , she was the model chosen to represent the Guess in its campaigns (and she has even launched her own perfume); she is an icon of beauty!
    This “nobody”, for years , has been present in the list of the best dressed women in most events she attends!
    This “nobody ” is engaged to Johnny Depp , one of the biggest heartthrobs in Hollywood , one of the most eligible men in the world!
    JEALOUS MUCH?!?!?!

  • Me

    @Falala: “she needs emotive roles that would portray anger, fear, tears, different tone of voice etc”.
    She did it (and did it well!) in The Ward, Zumbiland, Syrup, Drive Angry and others… No mention to her acting in The Rum Diary (IMO, she is just perfect in that movie!).

  • Me

    @Falala: “she needs emotive roles that would portray anger, fear, tears, different tone of voice etc”.
    She did it (and did it well!) in The Ward, Zumbiland, Syrup, Drive Angry and others… No mention to her acting in The Rum Diary (IMO, she is just perfect in that movie!).

  • Falala

    @Me: No honey, she did it well in ‘The ward’ and a lil bit in ‘North country’. That is why they were both good. In the others, it was not enough. It was as if she became too conscious of her looks. When one focuses on making sure they look pretty, they forget to act. I think that’s her problem. She needs to forget her face and just go for it. That is why i said she needs more emotive roles that will show her angry, scared, in tears and so on. Raw emotion pulls the audience in. Perhaps that way she would not seem so cold or ice queenish. She might actually be able to get more people to like her. Also, when she is posing, she needs to stop sticking her nose up, it makes her look snobbish. I honestly don’t know where she gets that habit from or who told her she looks good doing that. I like her and because of all this bullying she has been getting, i want her to do well and prove people wrong. I am not a huge fan but i always support the underdog.

  • Nima

    Vulgar and arrogant junk actress ! And amoral person, that we knew it !

  • Mel

    Salacious ! Yes, it’s that !

  • do

    She is far too full of herself and focused on her appearance to be able to be a real actress !

  • jamjam

    @Falala: wow, well said. I totally agree with you. She needs to stop trying to look pretty and just act. I think she is that girl who has been told many times that she is pretty and now she feels she needs to remain pretty. Because of that she forgets to act. She also needs to stop punching above her weight and choose roles that suit her better because she sure as hell can’t play tough chick roles.

  • do

    The future Mrs Johnny Depp ! It is maybe to count your chickens before they are hatched, he can again wake up Johnny !

  • scarf

    no interest

  • ma

    She looks like a ghost !

  • Matt

    @Milla: wow! Amber is even worse than I thought. She did it all and is still a nobody.

  • dim