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Kim Kardashian Shares First Wedding Photos to Kanye West - See Her Wedding Dress Right Here!

Kim Kardashian Shares First Wedding Photos to Kanye West - See Her Wedding Dress Right Here!

Kim Kardashian just shared the first picture from her wedding to Kanye West on Instagram!

The 33-year-old reality star and 36-year-old rapper tied the knot in a lavish ceremony this past weekend surrounded by friends and family.

“Mr. & Mrs. Kanye WestKim captioned the picture. Kim later posted another pic of the couple kissing.

Kim‘s mom Kris Jenner also shared a new pic of the back of Kim‘s dress: “Breathtaking….such a magnificent dress @riccardotisci17 !!! #Givenchy #Stunning #Love #herecomesthebride”

Kim wore a gorgeous Givenchy dress for her special day, while Kanye wore a Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci tuxedo. Find out all the details about their attire!

Stay tuned to for all the Kimye wedding coverage.

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  • ugggg

    No more Kardashian news is necessary. Her dress is horribly ugly. From the pic from People it looked okay but seeing the full table cloth it is hideous just like them.

  • Yeesh

    After all of her pre-wedding dieting, she wears a bib down the aisle, because she can’t wait to scarf on anything that isn’t nailed down after the ceremony..

  • sharleen

    girl, this dress is awful – i am not the only person who thinks that way)

  • .

    @sharleen: have you read the other comments?

  • Huh

    This dress is very David’s Bridal. Don’t like it at all. Surprised it is Givenchy.

  • Mindy


    bib down the aisle – I was going to say the same. What an ugly wedding dress? Counting down to the divorce.

  • Alya

    can they f@#$k off now!

  • kel

    That dress is awful. Money doesn’t =taste.

  • barf

    I wonder exactly how much was paid for this dress, because it wasn’t worth it….but know the kardashians, they probably weasled it out ot the designer for free.

  • ha

    Just love those tacky PLASTIC chairs for their “high class” ceremony. LMFAO.

  • go go


  • maggie

    Oh wow, it looks like a bib from the front!!! How ugly

  • sky

    y’all are hating on them and they are laughing all the way to the bank, who’s the b**ch now.

  • JustSayin

    I genuinely hope this marriage works out not bc I like them but so I won’t have to hear about all of the bullshit detail by detail crap that came with this wedding.

  • scarlett

    I’ve actively avoided the whole circus, but I assume they’ve sold these photos to some magazine or other? If they have, I wonder if they’ll actually do something selfless for once and donate the money to charity. I doubt it.

  • allison

    I like the sleeves of the wedding dress. I like the front from the waist down. I don’t like the top or back part of the wedding dress. Love the hair and makeup. Kanye looks nice.

  • @sky: Nobody…You’re just an idiot.

  • Sam

    Obviously Givenchy has a sense of humor.

  • King Really

    why do we worship such unintelligent people?

  • King Really


    we’re still laughing. and we’ll be laughing harder when two years from now they’ll be like Heidi Montag and Spencer…oh wait, what was his name again?

  • King Really

    @sky: also, people like you – ruthlessly devolved, brain dead, insecure people who follow the kardashians because you don’t have a life on your own. you’re the detriment to society. if it wasn’t illegal we’d exterminate the kardashian fans for the good of the human race. they kill the quality of the gene pool.

  • Arrow 12

    They should just stay where they are at. Please don’t come back to the US. I bet everyone in California is so happy is so happy right now.

  • sexythang

    Amazed at how modest it is. I bet the modesty top comes off to have a sweetheart neckline after the ceremony. Lots of churches in Europe won’t let a bride be ‘shoulder-less”.

  • lili

    @#13 – if you think that money is everything you have a lot to learn about life. Yes, these two self-centered morons have money and fame but all their money and fame won’t change the fact that they’re still two self-centered morons.

  • essie

    lol it reminds me of that scene in Reality Bites.. ‘You look like a doily’

  • Anon

    Even though it’s surprisingly modest, I don’t like it. I also think she cheapens anything she wears. Her body is just horrible. I don’t know why anybody would pay for their body to end up looking like that. Plus, a third wedding wearing another elaborate white dress is a joke.

  • fedup

    @sky: You are a worthless imbecile. They only have money because of idiot fans like you that defend them. I bet you defend Beyonce and Jay Z too, add Jennifer Lawrence, Miley Cyrus, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, Rhianna and Chris Brown, and the fakest of them all Brangelina. So much more to add to that list of “influential people”, but you should know who by now.

  • gevenchy

    I actually like the dress. I think she just makes it look ugly to you guys, but the dress stands out more than her.

  • We should all just take the privilege away from all these people. That way we won’t have to hear about them all, and society can become intelligent again.

  • welly

    what a augly wedding dress. Please no more pitchures of these two dumbs heads. Sick of hearing about looking at these dumb ass.

  • lol

    this dress is laughably atrocious..Please enough of the two jack A**.
    Five years ago he was the idiot who jumped onstage and ruined Taylor Swifts every media article is about these morons.

  • Pretty Ka

    I like the dress on her; it’s very modest… I’m sure it must have looked better in person too. Wishing them much happiness. Hope it lasts!

  • tick

    I can’t believe that tramp wore white. She is anything but pure. Definitely not sweet or innocent. That’s for sure. Kim is like a basketball …always getting passed from one black guy to another.

  • Not so bad

    I dont like the Kim or the Kartrashians but the dress is not that hideous people!! I have seen much worse wedding dresses than that one. I mean the bib part is not attractive that I do agree but the back part is pretty

  • groundcontrol

    I think they both look lovely and I wish them well.

  • mekaela

    I think kanye lover givency is jealous of kim he always make kim look ugly this dress looks like a bib in the front why does she listen to kanye dressing her im sorry the dress is awful they need to fire tisci from the house of givency

  • SMH

    Front of the dress is really, really bad…there’s actually a dress in the Givenchy autumn collection that looks like it without sleeves. I bet that was his inspiration. The back of the dress i stunning, but the front is awful. I guess she cared more about people in the aisles looking at her take her vows then she cared about frontal photos or what Kanye saw lol. At least she had a built in bib for Nori.

  • azz

    Kanye is genuine dog taking the sloppy left overs from the co ck kitchen .

  • anna


  • sky

    hey mother*flowers,

    at what point did i say I was a fan of the Kardashians…I only pointed out that y’all are still f**king poor and they are still filthy rich. Whether you like it or not, if you had their money you would throw yourself this extravagant wedding too. what f**king good are you doing hatin on these people. termites like king really are the reason for the bulling problems in America. The only losers here are y’all. Y’all feeling powerful sitting behind a keyboard hating on people.

  • amanda

    @sky: Kanye pr team ftw.

  • http://google else

    Who are you evil, envious, people? Do you leave your house/room or do you spew filth all day on every site? Are you so jealous and full of hate for these people, who does no give a Sh..t what you say, think nor feel, that you write such hateful things? Be kind or keep your spite to your self.

  • italian girl

    I live in Florence and it was a beautiful sunny day, not too hot. They were lucky because the day after it was raining anytime.

    There have been many fans at Forte Belvedere (the location) since the early morning because they wanted to see the celebrities but it was quite difficult because of the security service and the monument was closed to the tourists during the whole wedding day.

    Florence is known all over the world because of its beautiful Renaissance masterpieces and in these days is also known because of this event (many celebrities choose to celebrate their weddings in Italy!)

  • Uhh

    @sky: I wasn’t hating on her, just her dress..but since you bring it up… why do I care if they’re rich? Being rich doesn’t mean does. Health does. They have enough money to help people …they could give a million dollars and help a bunch of people in downtown LA alone re-build their lives like that one guy on YouTube did with that homeless man Eric. 1 million dollars wouldn’t even put a dent in their bank accounts. But they’ll hold a garage sale on an episode of KUWTK just for an episode storyline. All the money in the world won’t buy them class. They throw money around like it’s water. They blow their money on lavish parties to have a media hyped wedding. Kim’s own brother didn’t go to their wedding because she was childish to poke fun at his weight and how he couldn’t wear Valentino at their “brunch”, so get him a custom knew he was overweight. And he’s childish for dipping out on her wedding when that’s his sister. But, hey, he’s rich too and even he said she’s superficial. Wow, I’m so so so envious of that life. Spare me.

  • Haha

    Kate Middleton wanna be??

  • ugh

    I hope the marriage works but that dress is ICK

  • freya


    They are all laughing all the way to the bank BECAUSE WE HATE THEM. If the hate stop there will be no reason for them to laugh BECAUSE THERE WILL BE NO REASON FOR THEM TO GO TO THE BANK AT ALL.

  • sky

    #44 why is it your business what these two people do with their money. Its their money they can do what they want. if they want an over the top wedding, they can have an over the top wedding. think about it, you are jealous and hating on 2 people you don’t know. Just because they have a public persona it does not mean that’s who they are away from the lime light. You just seems to angry at these two people because they have money.

  • HotMessInAWalmartDress

    That dress is ugly. I mean REALLY ugly. With the lace on the arms its like she’s trying to imitate the royal wedding by putting her own spin on it. But she failed miserably. She’s even said in an interview once that she feels like American royalty. But she tried to hard this time. That knock off looks cheap and gives her no shape. I’m actually disappointed. I love weddings and was excited too see what her dress looked like. What a let down!

  • HotMessInAWalmartDress

    @Haha:My thoughts exactly.