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Nina Dobrev & Jason Derulo Walk Red Carpet at World Music Awards 2014

Nina Dobrev & Jason Derulo Walk Red Carpet at World Music Awards 2014

Nina Dobrev turns heads in a gorgeous dress on the red carpet at the 2014 World Music Awards held at Sporting Monte-Carlo on Tuesday evening (May 27) in Monte-Carlo, Monaco.

The 25-year-old actress wore a stunning Jenny Packham gown with a Jimmy Choo clutch for the ceremony.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Nina Dobrev

Jason Derulo was also spotted on the carpet ahead of his performance at the show.

Other performers include Mariah Carey, Miley Cyrus, Fall Out Boy, Flo Rida, Ricky Martin, and more.

The 2014 World Music Awards will air TOMORROW, May 38th @ 8PM ET/PT on NBC.

10+ pics inside…

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Credit: Pascal Le Segretain; Photos: Getty
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  • S

    Nina never disappoints! She looks absolutely stunning.

  • Pam

    Sorry but Nina has never looked so bad. The make up is horrible, fake boobs, her Hair is a mess, the only thing that I like is the Dress. Claire holt could wear this way better tho! She’s a natural Beauty.

  • Vessy

    @S: So true!

  • Vessy

    @Pam: Fake boobs? the look normal, like they always are. She may have one of those push up things underneath but they are not fake and i can tell. i have seen a lot.

  • Tom

    What happend to her face? Ugly. And next Time go to a Convention like the Rest of the cast. She’s arrogant and selfish. Pathetic.

  • Pam

    @Vessy: if you compare pics, you will notice she has done more than just her boobs

  • Katie

    the boobs are so fake .. and distracting .. too much make up .. something wrong in her face may be tired .. love the dress tho

  • Raj

    @Tom: Arrogant? Really, when did you see her this way. She has been nothing but nice to her fans. Gee, cant this place go without haters anymore :(

  • rio

    Katie ..agree with you .. the boob push up is so obvious .. and takes attention from her face .. wrong style ..

  • Tom

    @Raj: nice? When? Only when paps are around. On Set and when you meet her on the street she’s moody and rude. She’s definitely not a celebrity to look up too. TVD cast was in France last Weekend for Fans, Miss Nina “i’m better than all of you” Dobrev was in France too but instead of attending the con she went to Monaco. Selfish!!!

  • Kai

    @Tom: I met her accidentally and she was great, so down to Earth. She has always been so. Everyone who met her randomly says it. And regarding the cons, she did not go because she was filming until a few days. Then she came to Monaco for work. it s normal for celebs like her. i do not understand this hate. I was at 2 of the cons a few years back with her, she was so sweet, wanted to please everyone but fans were so rude. i was ashamed. I would understand if she does not want to go.

  • Kai

    At the con i could not even get a signature because of the others….then when i saw her in New York, i told her and she was supportive.

  • Nicole

    the dress from down to the wist is great .. the upper half ruine by obvious push up breasts so asymmetrical .. and too much make up

  • Vessy

    She did not attend the previous cons because she was filming a new picture. Now she went to Monaco as a part of her promotion. Its normal not selfish.

  • Rose

    I am a stylist and this kind of dress requires a spacial pushup bra. it does not give volume but better shape and pushes them up. The dress without a bra does not look good on anyone, even young girls. She looks spot on with the dress. The makeup is evening makeup and is more layered but its good for the dress and the lightning. When you wear gold fabric like this it is better to have this type of makeup. Otherwise it give pale look. The did very well. i saw many others from the red carpet and most of them did not know what they were doing…..clearly!

  • lisalu

    I like the dress ok but it’s not a great color for her skin. She looks so much better in colors like red. I agree that her look has changed a lot. Not sure if that’s just aging or what. I also agree that Nina makes herself available to the fans a lot less than the rest of the cast. Doesn’t necessarily mean she is rude, but it does come across as selfish compared to the others.

  • S

    Are you people really bitching about accentuated breasts? Wow, the jealousy meter is off the charts here. Nina is at an AWARD SHOW. Duh she’s wearing a fair amount of makeup, you catty bitches.

  • Tom

    @Vessy: stop defending her. Everyone knows she hates conventions aka meeting her Fans there. Her last one was 2-3 years ago. While everyone else from the Cast goes. And not just once a Year, they do a lot and Nina is never Part of it. She got mobbed in Paris once? So what? Happens to Ian Paul Nate etc all the Time. She’s not a shy Girl and it’s her Job so get over it already. She has no excuse for not going to a con. Anyway I’m done with her. I rather meet the others anyway.

  • Vessy

    @S: Well, finally someone gets it. and btw, she cannot be always available and smiling every moment because we all want that. She is a person and has sad moments too. i see her pics with fans everyday. How much more available do you people want her to be?

  • Abdul

    @Tom: I am amazed at the hate this girl gets. She did not get mobbed only once. Cons are not compulsory. She gets to meet her fans on many occasions. I live in LA and i met her 3 times. She has been only polite and one of the times she was crying. i noticed it after i stopped her. I bet all this hate comes from Ian fans who hated her because she was dating him and now hate her because they blame her for everything. No wonder she does not like Cons. i would not either.

  • Vessy

    @Tom: She does not need excuse for anything….so sad people can be so biter.

  • sarah

    Gorgeous. Nina is living the dream.

  • Melanie

    @Tom: Her face is very pretty. She has more makeup but she is pretty.

  • Shonda

    @Pam: She put sticking up-lifters on the boobs, i have the same. they lift them and they designed for big cleavages like this. She has not done anything else. Her face is the same, the makeup is different. Tomorrow we will see her look as usual.

  • Sasha

    The look overall is heavier but she is pulling it off very well. I agree that bright colors look better on her.

  • Ian

    Why would Nina Dobrev be there? Did she take up singing?

  • dmt

    May 38th?



  • wacky

    Wow the queen show kindness to her fan !!! wait there is teens choice award on way & she needs votes …. Dobvrics GO GO GO vote for her but don’t worry as soon as she done with u she gonna go beck 2 his castle & forget all about u ! oh no sorry my bad she gonna laughing at u hard & tbh i don’t blame her ! abt con there was a cons in middle of TVD shooting & most cast member been there despite of working till morning where was she at those time!?? Oh whats wrong W/my memo con isn’t red carpet events why should she is been there !!! hahahahahahahaha

  • Getes

    @wacky: So, U R basically talking about every young celebrity. So why not show herself like all they do? What is with the jealousy. There are actors in athletes invited there who Do not sing there every year. Gosh, those crazy Ian fans….this hate will destroy you soon, just see!

  • Alicia

    She looks beautiful like always. I wasn’t big fan of the color of the dress at first but it grew on me. Her face is flawless and her make up looks better than in other recent events actually. As for not going to cons, in my opinion it’s because of her pr agency! It’s my personal opinion, I don’t know anything but I believe her agency don’t want her to do cons (except comic con which is huge). As for how she treats her fans: I never met her and I don’t have a personal experience but I’ve heard both good and bad things about her which is normal as people have good and bad days!

  • wacky

    @Getes jealousy!!!!?????of what !!!??? no sweetheart actually i admired her 2 have Ppl like u as fan !!! u even don’t know what i mean!?? !!!if u doubt yourself that’s not me problem bec clearly i am not the only little boy who see the Queen is naked :)& honey many of these young celebrity coming 2 Hollywood where are they now !!???

  • Riso

    @wacky: I have followed her career for the last 8 years and have met her a few times. she has not changed since the Degrassi yews, always so sweet and caring. And those celebrities that are typical in Hollywood have nothing to do with her. She is mot Rianna and Kim or Kanye. Why do people expect her to be always in good mood, she is a person too, we all have good and bad days? Going to such events is part of their job, she is not ignoring her fans. She cannot be a dancing monkey every time you meet her randomly, she does not have to be. She only has to be nice for events and she is always nice. i do not understand all the stupid hate.

  • Riso

    @Ian: She is a presenter. TV and film actors get invited to present every year. it is Nina’s first yer? What is your problem?

  • troll

    Nina has no style watsoever. At least Lizzie Olsen tries.

  • doyouseewhatisee?

    What are you commenters talking about! She looks horrible! She looks like a drug addict. The dress looks like it was bought at a goodwill, her hair is a complete mess! It looks like she just got up and got dressed without a shower or any effort.

  • Elle

    I think this is the worst dress she has ever worn… It is so tacky!

  • http://justjared Ana

    Nina looks so beautiful in that dress, her hair, her make up, her outfit, her body EVERYTHING is PERFECT..@Tom @liaslu @katie @Rio you’re all go to HELL, I seriously don’t understand when will these stupid ian’s fans will leave Nina alone . A man who even don’t respect her and talking shit about her in cons and interviews, IAN IS A HYPOCRITE, SELFISH, He actually only care about Money not fans #TBH leave Nina alone, she is so happy and care her fans so much

  • http://justjared Ana

    @Elle you’re absolutely blind, you need to go to hospital lol

  • http://justjared Ana

    @doyouseewhatisee? Yeah I see you’re Pathetic

  • http://mapuii7 goshitsmaegirlzzz

    i love nina fashion…end of story

  • Vessy

    @Ana: I agree with you on her style and the hate she gets. Every fashion critic loves her style, she never disappoints. If she is a mes and trashy then there is not one single well dressed or styled star out there, not one. As for Ian he is a nice guy and i love what he is trying to do for the world and everything. it is unfortunate that it is his fans mostly who crap on Nina…. just because they dated. I am his fan too, but this does not mean i hate on Nina……

  • Vessy

    @doyouseewhatisee?: OMG, U R so hilarious….please tell me you look better and post a picture…but take a shower before that so i can make a comparison…, stupidity really has not limits.

  • Raphael

    Jason Derulo another one I wanted in my beeeed!

  • doyouseewhatisee?

    @Vessy: I know for a fact i look better than that, swerve bitch! I’m not an Ian fan either i don’t worship you’re teen dramas and pretend Nina cares for me the way you do. *Snap snap snap*

  • Betty

    I think she looks beautiful. Unfortunately I’m not so sure anymore how beautiful she’s inside and that’s what matters.

  • Vessy

    @doyouseewhatisee?: With all this hate and negativity, its not possible to look good. You are ugly inside and that is worse!

  • Caro

    @Betty: She is, more then you think. At least i had the opportunity to meet her many times as my job requires it. i see many Lohans and Biebers and Nina is nothing like them. Nothing!

  • Robin

    Hey, you are not the only one who knows her. I worked with her as a grip for the first season of TVD to support my classes. She was very sweet, she would always bring candy and gifts for the crew and mess with us. I am on one of her videos she posted on YouTube. During work one of her relatives passed away and they told her after shooting. She was upset but did not want to bother us with her tragedy. She returned to work 2 days later. She went to Canada for the funeral so they gave her days off. When she returned she was still sad but it did not affect her acting or attitude. As a boy i had a crush on her like others. i think she lost and uncle or an aunt, i do not know. Nina would pay the bill for everyone when we would go to a restaurant. She has always been so good, i do not understand who said all the bad stuff. Probably hateful people who do not even know her personally. Remember, stars are people too and they have bad days.

  • Kate

    @Robin Great post, how was Ian, Paul, Zach, Matt, kat, Candice, Steven and the others?