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Vanessa Hudgens Treats Herself to a Massage on Memorial Day!

Vanessa Hudgens Treats Herself to a Massage on Memorial Day!

Vanessa Hudgens rocks a turquoise maxi jumper as she steps out of her car to pay the parking meter on Monday afternoon (May 26) in Studio City, Calif.

The 25-year-old actress treated herself to a massage at Massage Envy Spa before heading to a organic shop nearby to pick up a healthy smoothie and some groceries.

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The day before, Vanessa was spotted sporting platform shoes while running some errands in West Hollywood.

FYI: Vanessa is wearing a Porter Lyons cuff.

15+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens out and about in Studio City on Memorial Day…

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vanessa hudgens gets pampered on memorial day 01
vanessa hudgens gets pampered on memorial day 02
vanessa hudgens gets pampered on memorial day 03
vanessa hudgens gets pampered on memorial day 04
vanessa hudgens gets pampered on memorial day 05
vanessa hudgens gets pampered on memorial day 06
vanessa hudgens gets pampered on memorial day 07
vanessa hudgens gets pampered on memorial day 08
vanessa hudgens gets pampered on memorial day 09
vanessa hudgens gets pampered on memorial day 10
vanessa hudgens gets pampered on memorial day 11
vanessa hudgens gets pampered on memorial day 12
vanessa hudgens gets pampered on memorial day 13
vanessa hudgens gets pampered on memorial day 14
vanessa hudgens gets pampered on memorial day 15

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • welly

    What kind of outfit is that. Show some more boobs women. Spending money like there’s no tomorrow.

  • welly

    Hiding her face like she always does for the pappazzi’s. Never see her with her mom or her sister anymore. She bored and looking for something to do with herself.

  • Not this b*tch again!!!!

    Enough jared!!!

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    Enough is enough

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    Get your vanessa pap pics for 99 cents!


    this chick is not a celeb

  • Celebrate Gurl!

    Crippled and Mangled war Veterans are Overjoyed

  • huh

    what does she think is wrong with her mouth? Weird girl

  • Get a job any job

    She looks old

  • Went to the spa? Who cares

    Yesterday it was groceries, day before that gym yada yada

  • Living in a box

    I want to post a joke here but what the point she already wearing it. Look at the outfit, it’s laughable.

  • Emjay

    She looks so ridiculous holding that bag over her face like she’s a superstar who doesnt want to be noticed

  • JJ

    She’s getting too thin. I actually think she looked better with extra weight on her.

  • Whatever!!!

    She has to be a friend of Jared’s otherwise she would never be featured on a site like this. She has NOTHING going on other than photo opportunities. PATHETIC. Listen to your readers Jared – they are sick of this chick.

  • tina

    The same sad person making comments under different names only increases the number of comments. Btw, you do know they know it’s only one person don’t you? How dared you refer to disabled veterans as “crippled and mangled?” Maybe you need something more in your life then your biggest problem wouldn’t be what she wears or does with her time. I have had a busy couple of weeks with very little time to come here and find people making statements using my name. (Yes, nutcase I’m talking about you). You people really need to get lives. And no, worrying about how she spends her time and money is not a life.

  • http://Shanice15Xo Haters-Get a life

    The same people who r here regularly posting under different names how pathetic!

  • http://Shanice15Xo Amoore

    Well said Tina :) but these people won’t listen anyways I’ve gave up..

  • Perez

    Whose next Jared? Joe schmo at Home Depot? Catch me I’m on my way to Target holding a bag ever so slightly to pretend to hide my face. Really Jared hates her. I think this site alone brought her career down. Overexposure. Who wants that?

  • tina

    @Amoore: Don’t allow others to prevent you from supporting who you want. The nutcase who spends his time here putting her down would love to feel he caused a fan to leave.

  • welly


  • Selma

    Always Gorgeous Vanessa <3

  • freya

    On another note Emma Watson whose like 5 years younger than her graduated from Brown University What an accomplishment . And what
    degree has Vanessa Graduated from…. that does not include selfies, going to the gym, beauty salons, and grocery stores and especially making D- grade movies.


    @nightwish, Own Up!


    @freya: Emma Watson comes from a middle class family, having a degree is just a personal aspiration of hers. But does it help society or contribute to the betterment of others? No. You don’t have to have a degree to make a difference. How many other celebrities have degrees? Why the need to compare Emma to Vanessa? Give me a choice and I’ll back Vanessa any time. Vanessa has had to strive very hard for her achievements and be where she is today and that is what I admire the most about her.

  • truth

    And someone offered Emma the role of Hermione on a silver platter? I think not. All the actors out there have come to where they are by working out. Don’t single out your girl as the only one.

  • Nightwish

    @BOHJI: Hudgens could use an education. It would adjust her outlook on life and hopefully temper her silly vanity and desires for cheap attention. Maybe it would even translate on screen and she wouldnt come across as so stoopid and shallow. Funny though, thats what her fans idolize her for. Its all about looks. I pity her at 30 yrs old


    @truth: Maybe not but she was at an advantage n had the means to do what she had to at the time financially and had proper legal advice and minders. Vanessa’s parents have had to make many sacrifices to help their daughter with her career besides because of their ignorance, others took advantage of Vanessa unlike Emma. I have been following Vanessa for a good couple of years and have good reason to believe in her genuiness
    And Nightwish, you of all persons should know better where I’m coming from. I don’t idolize Vanessa. What I see is a girl who has survived her many downs and choose to look at life positively and live her life spiritually. She may not be as popular, well known or recognized or have many film roles under her belt but she is exemplary of if you stay true to your self and not be what others want you to be you can still be where you want to be without making a spectacle of yourself.

  • Nightwish

    AMOORE you are a F*king fraud! You use a fake name in comment #17, then in #18 you accuse others of using fake names. BUSTED! such a hypocrite

  • Nightwish

    Is that your real name amoore – ‘shanice’?

  • Glamour

    Hi guys . How are you ? I ‘ve been so busy . How have you been ?

  • zacfan

    @freya: tell emma watson’s degree to the one who flunked rehab college 10 times and counting.

  • http://Shanice15Xo Amoore

    “Nightwish”So introducing each other now?wanna be friends?
    lol NO!stalker much??so what if i posted under a different name?..anything will be done to get rid of you haters on here by all means!!don’t bother replying I have a life to live anyways..

  • Battle of the dummies

    I can;t decide who’s stupider…Vanessa Hudgens, or the internet’s dumbest troll zacfan.


    @Battle of the dummies: it’s gotta be your namesake, don’t you think so? Shtoopid!

  • maria

    @BOHJI: Well said, Boji. These whiney dimwits don’t seem to understand that she is in the business of being famous, and living in the public eye. Some people falter and succumb to drugs and alcohol from the pretentiousness, but Vanessa has scooped herself from adversity, and continues to thrive, both personally and professionally. Maybe she realizes working non-stop isn’t good for her or her relationships. She manages to mix it all, and live her life, and ignores these nasty lunatics. I don’t idolize her in any way, but just respect the way she’s come back from a mistake, and a relationship that she thought was more. If working on some other interests, being with her guy, and being around for her BF’s wedding preparations, was more important to her this year, then I have even more respect for her.


    @maria: Amen, :)

  • zacfan

    This is all what druggie can do

  • vanfan

    @zacfan Can you believe it on IMDB, Neighbors is 3rd and Xmen is 4th? Amazing I know. Oh did I forget to mention Zac is 13th? But that a drop from last week’s 6th. alas