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Adriana Lima & Justin Bieber Talked Nonstop at Cannes Film Festival?

Adriana Lima & Justin Bieber Talked Nonstop at Cannes Film Festival?

Adriana Lima shows off her boxing skills while hosting the #UrbanJungleWorkout for the St. Luke Foundation for Haiti at the Aerospace gym on Wednesday (May 28) in New York City’s Chelsea district.

After the workout, the 32-year-old Brazilian supermodel keep herself hydrated with an Amazonia beverage.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Adriana Lima

It was recently reported that Adriana and Justin Bieber spent some time together at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival.

Justin pursued her hard. They were talking nonstop,” a close source shared to Us Weekly.

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Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Gary He
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  • Yep

    She’s got such a great face.

  • mirandbar

    gonna love to see the Lima derp fans explain this one after they harassed Miranda. lmao. There are actual partying picture and videos of lima & Beiber. Left her children behind for 2 weeks to play around with a boy too, shes a gross tard.

  • Daria

    @Yep: mangled teeth and a wide bloated face with a weak chin? not great at all. Its her eyes and coloring. Giver her brown eyes,mousy brown hair and pale skin and shes a DOG face.

  • Jennay

    She literally looks like a model 24/7

  • Amy


    There are also pics with her and Leo from Cannes.

  • pappy

    @mirandbar: Exactly. Such a tool

  • add

    #2: Nothing to explain hun. Read the comments all over the Internet. Most people don’t even believe this. It’s cutevhow you keep pressing the idea that she and Miranda as alike/have the same career. Give it up and go find a model im Miranda’s caliber.

  • lol

    At least Bieber is better looking than her ex

  • Jolie

    Hahaha. In his dreams.
    That said, you guys thst photo of Adriana in all black in the street is really something

  • ghj

    Shes so ugly and overrated, her breath stinks with those teeth.

  • lol

    This slow chick banged Bieber she cant even speak english.

  • anna

    You need to be super desperate to be anywhere close to bieber. That being said, I’m sure that’s some shit his team is stirring up.

  • abc

    She looks like a man.
    Amazonia beverage? Is this an ad?

  • Eeww…

    It just shows how Adriana is so desperate for attention that she’d hook up with a 20 yr old that looks 16……that’s just sick!!!

  • eliso

    what gonna do that little shit with this piece of woman!?

  • use

    @Eeww…: actually what is shows really is your desperate attempt to make thid story believable. Adriana isn’t known as an attention seeker whatsoever (that title goes to the obvious model).. She come this far without so you’re going to have to work harder to convince people of this.

  • hmm

    I tried Amazonia Beverages and it so delicious and it tastes really clean and healthy as well. Adriana looks really good with the hoody. She looks so beautiful and raw… as for the Bieber scandal, I don’t have time for this media manipulation

  • lol

    Aww saint lima. NOT! funny her fans are always the first to believe rumors about other models, but with her, its just gossip. Lmao. Hypocrites.

    She has a type. Shes dated nothing but known womanisers Lenny,The Prince,Marko,… Its clear she likes the bad boy types.

  • mj

    Most beautiful women in the world! <3

  • Miranbarmakes nosence

    Uhm yeah and in the video you can see Justin putting his hands on Adriana’s waist and she clearly REJECTS him. So that’s why I don’t believe this dumb rumour and also cause a weak ago the rumour was that he wanted to go home him with her and she refused politely and now all the sudden they hooked up!?. The reason why people would believe it with models like Miranda KERRdashian is because she’s an attention seeker and would do anything for fame including hooking up with Bieber. I personally never believed the Miranda and JB rumour but hey I wouldn’t be shocked if it where true. And Adriana isn’t like that if she wanted Bieber or attention she’d have posted tons of photo’s with him on Instagram or Twitter or something (like almost anyone would do)but she didn’t it was him who posted a picture of her on Instagram probably to make that Disney girl he went out with jealous. All we see here is pictures of them arriving at the same club. There not even a picture of them leaving together and the video where she reject him makes it clear that nothing went down only a little boy having a crush and who can blame him.

  • Gale

    None of them are even known as womanisers so I don’t get what your saying.

  • Gale

    Gosh jealousy really shows she’s clearly a beautiful woman. Her teeth merely make her look mortal. She’s got gorgeous eyes, full lips a very symmetrical face, bronzed skin, dark thick hair and on top of that an amazing personality. She’s out there raising money for charity while your here hating. Good bye troll.

  • Gale

    Give anyone brown eyes, mousy hair and pale skin and they would look like a dog face. If you take someone’s good features and replace them with ugly ones they will become ugly. So what your saying makes no sense. Her eyes are her prettiest features but her lips, skintone, dark thick hair and nose are amazing features as well. Her face is very symmetrical which I like and WTF a weak chin. Talk about nitpicking. What you want her to have a strong chin. That would make her look manly oh and her face isn’t bloated anymore she’s lost the bebyfat in the face. Which by the way made her face look very cute. She’s absolutely gorgeous her teeth although not straight could have been fixed but she didn’t which says a lot about her character. Just leave it hater.

  • Eeww your an idiot

    No what’s sick is how gullible, naïve and stupid you are. You don’t really believe this do you there is absolutely no proof. All there is a picture that he posted on instagram and on top of that there is video where he’s trying to dance with her but she rejects him look it up if you don’t believe me. You are literally to stupid to insult. I hope your not older than 14 because stupidity like this is should not be accepted. If she was so desperate for attention why didn’t she post tons of pictures with him on social media like other girls would do. Because she’s not like that.I’ve been a fan of hers for a long time now and trust me I don’t fangirl over attention seekers. That’s why I stopped liking Miranda.

  • GirlPlease

    It takes more than blue eyes and tanned skin to be considered the most beautiful woman in the world by ask man, GQ, maxim, People magazine etc and millions of people. Fergie has tanned skin and blue eyes yet many people think she’s ugly.

  • Stoplying

    No they aren’t stop spreading this lies.

  • Stoplying

    She can speak 5 languages (Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian and English). How many can you speak. You try learning another language as an adult. Considering that they are people who grow up speaking English but still make grammar mistakes I think she can get a pass.

  • ceci

    Adriana is the best!!!