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Jessica Alba: I'm a Prude, I Never Slept My Way Through Hollywood!

Jessica Alba: I'm a Prude, I Never Slept My Way Through Hollywood!

Jessica Alba gives a coy smile as she leaves A.O.C. after dining out on Tuesday evening (May 27) in Los Angeles.

The 33-year-old actress recently covered EW‘s Summer Issue, looking sexy in a teeny bikini!

“I never slept my way through Hollywood, so I never felt like I compromised. Apparently people do it, I didn’t. I felt like I never compromised myself because I’m a prude. I don’t know. I grew up Catholic. In my head I’m always thinking, ‘Oh God, can my grandma see this?,’” Jessica told the mag.

FYI: Jessica is wearing a Monica Rose for Lovers + Friends skirt, a Pam & Gela jacket, and a Bones & Feathers collar.

10+ pictures inside of Jessica Alba leaving dinner…

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jessica alba im a prude never slept my way through hollywood 01
jessica alba im a prude never slept my way through hollywood 02
jessica alba im a prude never slept my way through hollywood 03
jessica alba im a prude never slept my way through hollywood 04
jessica alba im a prude never slept my way through hollywood 05
jessica alba im a prude never slept my way through hollywood 06
jessica alba im a prude never slept my way through hollywood 07
jessica alba im a prude never slept my way through hollywood 08
jessica alba im a prude never slept my way through hollywood 09
jessica alba im a prude never slept my way through hollywood 10

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  • Xoxo

    Who cares…this is the second times it’s being announced and nobody cares…NEXT…

  • hor

    well that is not a statement that Minka kelly can say out loud. We all know how she got FNL

  • MikeG


  • yep

    It always feels good when you know you did the right thing and didn’t comprise your beliefs.

  • xD

    hmmmm…. but what did you sell to the devil to keep your relevance alive with all the constant pap pics these past years and no good movies under your belt LOL. she’s so full of it, “i’m catholic”… AND? most catholics aren’t even prudish, stop talking out of your a$$ again jessica. most of these actors that have achieved the actual fame have done seedy, secretive things with producers, directors, agents, and casting directors to get where they are now with their notoriety and many actors and actresses will never admit it just so they won’t get blacklisted which is the worst kept secret in hollywood. like you think they earned their unnecessary, exorbitant amounts of money just through clean and pure, thespian work… my a$$

  • gina

    not a prude, just not pretty enough to get anyone who’d sleep with her. and who wants to kiss an ashtray… she smokes while running a ‘healthy’ company??? ok, sure….

  • yawn

    @yep: you believe this dumb, irrelevant actress? lmao this is her BS excuse of not getting better roles when she won’t admit that she’s a terrible actress, plain and simple.

  • allison

    She maybe a prude but in most of her movies she play the sex kitten. Not much of an accomplishment imo. Even now in 2014 she would not have gotten that EW cover if she was not in a bikini. Most major actresses (which she seems to think she is) get the cover because of the movie they are starring in.

  • Dee

    LOL. Sure, Jessica Alba. Sure. Wtvr you say.

  • Amy Lee Christian

    She is one of the most reviled actresses in all of Hollywood. Nobody will work with her as she has been black listed. She treats cast, crew and fans like total garbage.

  • Fbomb

    Natalie Portman is in France so we have this pretentious hypocritical ÔéČunt running her stupid mouth. Shes baring her @ss in this photoshoot, yet trying to say shes a good Catholic girl. In school all Catholic girls talked like her but were the biggest hores of all. Everyone knows this, and shes one of them.

  • Tyla

    Good for her! Can’t stand untalented hacks who sleep or cheat their way to the top with sex or money. Alba made it by working hard. That’s how they should all do it. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case.

  • guest 1

    She’s slept with her share of men and we all know it. She has several celeb boyfriends and probably some who are not celebs. Look it up.
    She might be saying this for the benefit of her husband and children, BUT WE KNOW BETTER.

  • yo

    who cares. she shot “the Alba”. nice bum. :D

  • anna

    Not even that would have helped your career, Jessica.

  • Zeke

    Shes trying to stay interesting but she hasnt been for years. Shes a mother of 2 with an ugly unemployed husband. Reality check Jessica, you arent all that.

  • Kit

    No one wants to put her in movies anymore because she’s old and stretched out. Movie directors want young pretty girls. Alba is used up, she isnt hot commodity anymore.

  • ummmmriiiight

    She’s lying. My friend saw Mark Wahlberg F****** her on a patio outside at a party…she’s known for doing things like this to get roles. I met her Mom once at an upscale lounge on Sunset – she was proclaiming that her daughter was “above” all of this – that she was “better than this” – talking about women drinking champagne, laughing and dancing at at the lounge. Guess she gets her denial lying habit from her Mother. YUCK And to top it off, she is anything but eco-friendly. She wastes like no other and has a nasty attitude toward people in blue collar jobs. UGLY ON THE INSIDE – and kinda on the outside, too!

  • Hofosho

    Only a hoaaarrr would make such an announcement, like really…why the need?…next..!


    I like her. You guys are a bit harsh. Love her Sue Storm especially.

  • agent 38

    she is idiot shirley she must have more important things to talk about than something so irrelevant and stupid lol amazing

  • My dislike

    for her started when she clearly threw Paul Walker Co. for the bad reviews and box office bomb that was “Into the Blue”. She acted as if she was a secondary actor in that movie and didn’t even want to promote it. What did she call it, oh yeah, “That was Paul’s movie” Her getting the role in the Fantastic Four movies blew up her head, she was a total jerk to everyone. Look where that took her…

    She says things when it’s convenient and she back peddles a whole lot.

  • darla

    Its known thru Hollywood shes F’d her way into a few roles back in the day. Not anymore bc shes marketed herself as a “hot, hip, natural mother”-which in turn has made her a lot of money which in turn has led to her having major plastic surgery to keep her body (the only thing she had going for her)hot, therefore getting roles.

  • Jamie

    @My dislike, I couldn’t stand her before that since she was so overrated in the looks department and overexposed. That was just the final nail in the coffin. While she was filming Into The Blue, she said the complete opposite about how it was such a wonderful experience. In an MTV interview prior to the film’s release in 2005, she talked about how it was the easiest time she ever had playing someone’s on screen girlfriend.

    Then the movie bombs and she does what she always does, blames everyone else. She threw Paul under the bus, placing the blame solely on his shoulders because it was ‘Paul’s movie’ and ‘I was only in a few scenes.’ lol No, you weren’t bitch. You were in a lot of scenes. And if that wasn’t enough, then she bitches about how much ‘that kid got paid’ for ‘barely doing any press.’ Hey Jess, ‘that kid’ was 7 1/2 years older than you. LOL Paul on the other hand, said nothing but nice things about her.

    I also remember someone who worked on set with the stunt divers saying that while Paul and Josh Brolin were absolute sweethearts, Jessica was a complete bitch to the stunt divers and always yelling at her assistant. The hot tubs were used to warm up the divers between scenes (Paul even talked abut it in a Teen Hollywood interview in 2005) and Jessica would demand they get out so she could get in, bitch about how she was ‘never doing this again,’ then go on the late night talk show circuit talking about how she’s been ‘diving since I was 14 years old.’ She’s such a phony.

    While Paul was alive, all Jessica did was complain about working with him for Into The Blue and bitch about how much he got paid. She was a complete jerk. But after he dies, all of a sudden she’s talking about him in GQ UK and saying nice things about him like they were actually close. Why? Because, she had a film to promote and only Robert Rodriguez is willing to hire her these days since she’s turned most of Hollywood off with her attitude and antics. She treats cast, crew, fans and locals like shit.

    No wonder Paul said she was ‘annoying and a pain in the ass’ in his Complex February/March 2006 issue. He tried to cover it up by saying something positive afterwards and that he liked that about her, that she was so feisty and said one thing and meant another. That’s why the media tried to sell this story that he actually liked her. But, it was so obvious he was only doing that because he’s a professional unlike her. The whole interview came off like him just thinking she was a hot piece of ass and that’s it. LOL

    In his Teen Hollywood 2005 interview, he even talked about how the first time he met her for a movie they were supposed to do together prior to Into The Blue that fell apart, they were bickering and arguing. They didn’t get along. He never talked about her again after the Complex interview and it was in stark contrast to how he’s talked about all his other female costars. He always had glowing things to say about Jordana, Michelle and all the other female costars he worked with, but not her.

    She whines about how she’s a ‘sex object’ and then turns around posing half naked in mens’ magazines to keep herself relevant since she has absolutely no acting talent whatsoever. She’s a real piece of work.