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Amber Heard & Johnny Depp Passionately Kiss in New York!

Amber Heard & Johnny Depp Passionately Kiss in New York!

Amber Heard gives her fiance Johnny Depp a passionate kiss hello when he stops by to visit her on the set of The Adderall Diaries on Thursday afternoon (May 29) in Brooklyn, N.Y.

The 28-year-old actress was also seen giving her co-star James Franco a hug while filming a scene that day.

The film is based on the memoir written by Stephen Elliott, which “centers on the gripping account of a young man (Franco) navigating the unstable terrain of truth and identity.”

Make sure to check out Amber on the cover of W Magazine‘s latest issue!

FYI: Amber is wearing the Calypso St. Barth Kesari Silk Top.

15+ pictures inside of Amber Heard on the set of her new movie…

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amber heard johnny depp passionately kiss in new york 01
amber heard johnny depp passionately kiss in new york 02
amber heard johnny depp passionately kiss in new york 03
amber heard johnny depp passionately kiss in new york 04
amber heard johnny depp passionately kiss in new york 05
amber heard johnny depp passionately kiss in new york 06
amber heard johnny depp passionately kiss in new york 07
amber heard johnny depp passionately kiss in new york 08
amber heard johnny depp passionately kiss in new york 09
amber heard johnny depp passionately kiss in new york 10
amber heard johnny depp passionately kiss in new york 11
amber heard johnny depp passionately kiss in new york 12
amber heard johnny depp passionately kiss in new york 13
amber heard johnny depp passionately kiss in new york 14
amber heard johnny depp passionately kiss in new york 15
amber heard johnny depp passionately kiss in new york 16
amber heard johnny depp passionately kiss in new york 17
amber heard johnny depp passionately kiss in new york 18
amber heard johnny depp passionately kiss in new york 19

Photos: SplashNewsOnline, INFphoto
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  • Billy


  • Amy


    LOL, right? It looks like she saw a pap and grabbed him.

  • Love

    Loveeeeeee ,like it

  • Jo

    But she is crazy this woman ! It is always her who catches him, he is completely passive ! She looks like a floodlit harpie ! And sallacious, that it is herself who says it ! Poor Johnny ! All that is very bad for him ! She makes him look more and more ridiculous !

  • manga

    We see although she dominates him completely ! He becomes ruined with her ! It is a pity !

  • LOL @ staged

    @Billy: What’s staged about kissing her boyfriend before leaving to work? The paps are there and they were taking pictures of her on set as you can see, was that staged too? At least they are not acting so cozy and like if they haven’t seen each other in months like other actually staged couples.

  • Meh

    He was grabbing her too, in the picture in “us weekly”.
    With so much kissing like this, like the other day on the car and then other day on his set, i’m starting to believe that’s true they have the steamiest relationship in Hollywood as Radar said ;)

  • LOL @ staged

    @Amy: Lol, no! It looks like she was kissing him before she goes to work, you know, like most normal couples?

  • mmmm
  • JDF

    @Jo: @manga: I’m really sick of you spreading nonesense with different names.

  • assman

    Johnny is washed up

  • manga

    She is getting fat ! She is going not to growing of 20 kg, as she was some years ago ! Otherwise, she is going to kick down the red carpets !

  • JDF

    @assman: As washed up as your mother’s pu$$y? If he was washed up then how come so many people care about his personal life and relationships? Do they care that much when you are washed? Stay delusional, loser.

  • Dee

    I feel bad for her, from all of his conquests she’s the one who got Johnny Depp to commit to her and put a ring on it….and *STILL* NADA is happening for her….then again, Johnny Depp isnt doing too great either he’s just a weirdo hippie who dresses like shxt now days ….definitely lost my lady boner when it comes to him these days.

  • Carla

    @Dee: Why do you feel bad from someone whose obviously happy and in love? Why don’t you feel bad for yourself?

    What do you mean by he is not doing so great? He is the fourth richest actor on the planet and I doubt she cares about how his career is going.

    Saying he is a weirdo hippe is so shallow and stupid and makes you look like you know nothing about him. He’s a great, sweet, fun and gentle guy and his uinque fashion sense is one of the best things about him.

    Lose your lady boner all you want, Amber is obviously still got her boner going on for him.

  • Carla

    @assman: Loool, he is the fourth richest actor on the planet. Washed up my ass but keep saying that if it makes you feel better about your loser self.

  • commonsense

    She reeks of desperation, it’s clear she wants to be a star so badly

  • kaka

    She has a strange look in her new movie ! Would she finally begin playing well without the brushing of “Rhum diary” and the smart make-up of the red carpets ! Well done, although she is not so beautiful without these accessories !

  • Aim

    A salacious kiss Amber !

  • mmmm

    They are together in a party tonight for Aleim Magazine in NYC. Amber did an interview for the magazine, i don’t know when it will be on the stands

  • They have so many fans!
  • Pamela

    How much does he have to pay her for a kiss on his germ infested mouth?


  • Madame S

    Oh brother! Johnny Depp has turned into the ultimate fool. Talk about a mid-life crisis….

  • So funny

    @Pamela: Nothing. She’s probably still can’t believe that she gets to kiss his gorgeous mouth. Millions of girls all over the world would kill to kiss him! And are you describing your mouth? Yuck.

    2 times sexiest man alive does not need to pay any girl to kiss him.

  • So funny

    @Madame S: Kissing his fiance makes him the “ultimate fool” and makes him going through a mid-life crisis? Talk about exaggerating. Are all other men who kiss their girlfriends “ultimate fools” too?

  • Falala

    Ya’ll need to get over it..jeez what is the big deal with two consenting adults kissing?? Every couple kisses so keep it moving.

  • katt

    @Pamela: In what does Johnny Depp need to pay a woman to kiss him? Are you for real?

  • STD

    Passionately? It looks like she just grabbed him catching him off guard. God you fans have issues.

  • ahf

    @STD: Hmm, you do realise that JJ is the one who came up with that headline right? And yeah she looks like she’s kissing him passionately and is enjoying it.

  • Madame S

    @So funny: Come on, babe, we all know she’s using him and deep down he probably knows this. Unfortunately for her, “Amber Heard” is not going to happen. She’s too bland and untalented. Johnny had a good and interesting woman, mother of his children, next to him for years. Amber is boring and not headed anywhere in Hollywood. So yeah, he’s a fool with a likely mid-life crisis.

  • anna

    @So funny: Wake up, no one wants to kiss his mouth these days.

  • Tina

    Passionate kiss? hahhhaaahhahahahah. With that kiss Amber’ll be pregnant very soon.hahahhahahha

  • JDF

    @Madame S: No we don’t. She’s been with him for 3 years and she never let him hook her in a high prifile project or get her a good role and she was ok with not being pblic about their relationship when he waited one year to came out in the public with her for the sake of “the mother of his children” and his kids, who live with him.

    What’s the point of being with him to use him when she’s still doing the kind of movies she did before him?

    So yeah, she’s with him because she’s in love with him and he wouldn’t be with her if she wasn’t.

    There was nothing good or interesting about Vanessa, she was bland and uninteresting and ugly and also gap-toothed. Amber is so much better than her and at least she’s some personality.

    Yeah he was with Vanessa but she preferred her career over him and they had problems and broke up like any normal couple. Get over it.

    You are the only fool here and no he’s not going through anything. He’s a happy, healthy man who is in love.

  • JDF

    @anna: Hahahaha, you wake up. Millions of girls would kiss him in a heartbeat. Speak for your unwanted self. Nobody wants to kiss YOU and not him.

  • yes

    Amber has a strange way for kiss to Johnny. mouth open, but she does not kiss him on the lips. Only on the side.

  • Amanda

    @yes: That’ just how she gives him a quick kiss before going to work though.

  • STD

    @ahf: Hmmm…then the title suits it, because Johnny doesn’t reciprocate.

  • Sole

    I don’t know in what planet do you live, but in planet earth that’s a passionate kiss…look how she grabbed him, she’s like scratching his ear and neck, that’s pure passion. Just try to use your nails in a lovemaking and we all know how it goes. And Johnny have her by her head in another pictures. I wonder if she always says hello like that? LOL! I bet she’ll be pregnant as soon as they marry.
    And stop with the Vanessa nonsense. Vanessa is moving into Benjamin Biolay’s apartment in Paris, reports the French press! forget about her

  • ahf

    @STD: He is grabbing her heard and is looking into it in another pictures.

  • Matte

    according to US Weekly he kissed her first

    maybe the kiss heated up and that’s when Johnny dropped the arm, because if you pay attention to the first picture here, he’s almost standing on tiptoe to kiss her, she was on the stairs, that’s an uncomfortable position for a kiss

  • Love

    I know you I walked with you once upon a dream ❤

  • mmm

    haters gonna hate! continue complaining haters but they look in love, happy, Johnny was leaving her on set and Is he kissing her hand after their kiss on the mouth?
    AWWW! <3

  • Sandra

    @mmm: Wow he looks so good in the last 3 pictures of him alone! Lucky Amber

  • crazyinlove

    They literally can’t get their hands off each other these days!Get a room you two!

  • Anais

    @mmm: Open your eyes .This is a stage, they are acting for the camera.They knew that they were being photographed. Johnny has fled from the paps for two years and now suddenly they are caught twice, in front of everyone and to pose so that Kiss looks better. You are in denial. That is not a passionate kiss.
    I think that the majority of fans who follow this couple are teens
    and they sigh as dumb girls by something that is false and laughable

  • JDF

    @Anais: You open your eyes, they are not “acting” or anything the photographers took these pictures with cameras with zoomed in lenses and that’s why they look close to them.

    The majority of of fans who follow them are nice people who are happy for people who are happy and in love. Accusing them of being fake and staging kisses is what’s false and laughable. You are in denial.

  • JDF
  • JDF
  • JDF
  • JDF
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