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Kate Middleton Makes First Official Appearance After Bare Butt Photo Hits the Web

Kate Middleton Makes First Official Appearance After Bare Butt Photo Hits the Web

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (aka Kate Middleton) and Prince William receive a gift from a group of youngsters as they arrive at Macrosty Park on Thursday (May 29) in Crieff, Scotland.

The 32-year-old royals, who are in town all day, will tour the Strathearn complex, the housing Crieff High School, the famous Grouse Distillery, and visit a village fete.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Middleton

Recently a photo of Kate‘s bare butt has been unfortunately published by a German tabloid. The Palace has not commented on the picture, however, this has not been the first invasion of privacy photo that has been published of Kate.

FYI: Kate is wearing a Jonathan Saunders coat.

15+ pictures inside of Kate Middleton and Prince William visiting Macrosty Park…

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Credit: Jeff J Mitchell; Photos: Getty, WENN
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# 1

No invasion of privacy here – the scene was all out in the open! Unless this is how Kate likes to show her hot butt “accidentally on purpose” she should wear full back panties in the future.

# 2
do dee do dee do @ 05/29/2014 at 8:46 am

….. waitin’ for the vajayjay shot

# 3

The Duchess is lovely and the person who sold that ghastly picture is tasteless. There’s no need to mention such horrid activities. Focus on the positive!

# 4

—Each morning or even months before the trip she gets an intenary

—The dress lifting up is no unique, it has happened several times already

–Therefore you would think that she and her team and the entire royal family are aware and taking precautions

–Why can Paris Hilton and Britney have thier crouch shown even when entering and coming out of a PRIVATE car , while this woman countinues to flaunt her privates in the public space on a public tour, being photographed for the world

–the Royal family is taking the sit back and watch approach. They were hard on Diana and therefore became UNPOPULAR. They are soft on this one and the public will eventually realise that the queen is who she is because of a stiff upper lip and lots and lots and lots of practice in appearing in public

—I wish her luck, but this marriage in itself is happy now, but with each marriage, the question is how long. And when William starts looking within his GROUP of close friends for bed mates, he is going to have worse of a scandal than Charles did

–Ultimately Harry seems more carefree and happy and carefree, nice to have allt eh money and fun with less responsibility…lol

# 5

Pure Crap!
I completely disagree. Kate is a lady and cheap shots of her dress going up is just nasty and twisted. Her wholesome and natural manner is what we all find endearing. Leave her alone. She and William are happy and I don’t think William would ever lower himself to have an affair. He has more devotion to Kate than most husbands. I am happy for them. She’s a great role model for women around the world. A natural beauty, kind and warmhearted. What more do you want from them?????

# 6

@miapocca: Cynical much? I’m sure Kate didn’t do this on purpose. She is still learning what to do, how to do it. She probably had a thong on which many women wear these days. There was a time when NO publication out of respect would publish a picture like this of anyone. If anything this shows how far we have sunk as a society that we publish pictures like this of not only Kate but others and then make fun of them, criticize them and hold them to standards we wouldn’t hold our own friends too.

# 7

Glad she has fans…but just to let you know

The Queen wears weighted skirts, this is WELL known

Did you ever see a picture of anyone of the princesses with thier dresses blown up?

She has been climbing up the social ladder long enough, now that she is there, she needs to work at it. Its not easy being in that position and excuses are for those who intend to fail

# 8
Give Kate a Break @ 05/29/2014 at 10:08 am

Kate is still learning that she should maybe think about wearing panties with a dress on windy days. These things take time.

# 9
Why so gusty? @ 05/29/2014 at 10:18 am

I blame the naughty wind for revealing her bare round exercised and firm sexy buttocks,….. like a ripe peach.

@miapocca: So basically you’re saying that William and the Queen and all the other royals are being duped by nothing more than a social climber who doesn’t love them? WOW what little confidence in THE QUEEN you have. Do you really think that someone like that could sneak into her family without her knowing. My guess you love the Queen but here you are disrespecting her, her judgement and her loyalty to uphold a respectable family filled with respectable people.

— If I didn’t know any better I’d probably guess you were a British commoner pissed off that you didn’t get a chance with William. The ugly jealousy rears its ugly head whenever one of you ladies comes in here with the most ridiculous excuses for why you hate, and why everyone else should hate, Kate.

@miapocca: love it! you are absolutley right! finally someone on jj who is not climbing up the royal and common kate middleton ass!
and you climbers, please stop telling people with other opinions about that british royal family what to say and what to think!

The only person who thinks she is the right person for this Role, is she. She has NO class or moral.

JustSayin @ 05/29/2014 at 2:08 pm

Why is it Kate’s fault that the photographer has no morality or any sense of self-control? I understand that she’s a royal and doesn’t have as many rights as most people, but that doesn’t mean she has no rights. I think this is clearly an invasion of privacy.

Kate The Butt @ 05/29/2014 at 2:27 pm

There’s a video “kate middleton gives Calgary the bum’s rush”, in it you see it all. There are still photos that show her naked fanny in entirety.

This crass, exhibitionist needs to be given a psychiatric evaluation. If she were a man she’d likely have been arrested by now. Kate shouldn’t be allowed near children. She flashed a child cancer victim in Calgary. She’s flashed other kids too. It’s a disgusting shame and there’s nothing funny about any of it. This is serious. Imagine if George were flashed by some woman ? Oh well yes, that would be a big deal, yet Kate goes around with her dumpy butt hanging out {and her front as well, if you aren’t wearing panties and a wind comes up….}, flashing anyone and everyone.

Kate The Butt @ 05/29/2014 at 2:28 pm

@JustSayin: Hey stupid, it IS “Kate’s fault” as she is IN PUBLIC and with all the flashing she is what you call “publicly indecent”. She’s 32 years old and can’t keep her filthy butt covered up. Enough of the excuses for the filthy slag.

Kate The Butt @ 05/29/2014 at 2:30 pm

@grow up: The “queen” is a corrupt old **** bag who had a pedophile for a friend. Jimmy Savile. Look it up.

Kate The Butt @ 05/29/2014 at 2:31 pm

@Give Kate a Break: You are trying to influence people to think in a warped way and thank God most will see through you. The 32 year old Waity Kate has been in this role for THREE YEARS. More than enough time to learn to keep her stinking butt covered up.

Kate The Butt @ 05/29/2014 at 2:33 pm

Give me a BREAK. Three years in the family and she’s 32 years old. You must be a paid shill.

JustSayin @ 05/29/2014 at 6:33 pm

@Kate The Butt: You are exactly why rape culture is on the rise. Congrats, stupid!

Kate is an exhibitionist. She REPEATEDLY goes out wearing light, short, flowy dresses with no panties. She got naked on a balcony, exposing everything, even the royal cooch. I can understand maybe if you’re a complete moron doing it once, but this girl has made it a habit to flash the paps and everyone who will look. This is her thing, and it’s weird. Her husband is a weirdo for putting up with it. Being a duchess is is a job. She must behave professionally and with dignity when representing her country and the rest of the royal family. If she can’t manage that, how about being a respectful wife and mother?

Oh, and “Just Sayin”- are you serious???! People who criticise Kate for showing her bare bits support “rape culture” and are stupid? Explain, please.

“Do you really think that someone like that could sneak into her family without her knowing?” Ahem, Fergie, anyone? Are you delusional? Anyone at school with Kate would tell you how common she is, and by her very “waitiness” she showed that she would have done ANYTHING to snag the naive William. I have to agree that she is some kind of exhibitionist, just like guys who walk around with their flies open. How is this photo an invasion of privacy when she’s the one who put it out there for all to see–this wasn’t an upskirt shot–the camera was several feet away. Wear proper underpants if you’re going to be climbing in and out of helicopters. She knows that–she does it on purpose. Ugh–so classless.

Akramgolteb @ 05/31/2014 at 5:53 am

Doesn’t anyone get a hint? After so many times it has happened in very similar circumstances, we can conclude Kate Middleton likes showing off her bare butt & she has found a way of doing it without her being accused of doing it on purpose. After a second time happening, doesn’t she have enough sense to wear pants instead when going on trips in helicopters or going down on tarmacs. Yes she has but she really wants to shows the world her butt so she wears these flimsy flowing skirts & wears a T thong underneath. Bring it on Kate, keep on doing what you do best, I just love it.

pebblesandme @ 05/31/2014 at 12:19 pm

@NYC: Kate is flaunting herself, as usual. This is ALL her fault and no one else’s but hers. This marriage is over!

I can’t believe there are people here who describe Kate as “wholesome” and a “role model”. If someone thinks that a flasher is wholesome, I have to wonder where they come from, like what is lower than showing your azz while you’re at work, with your husband? Maybe she is a role model for a streetwalker, or a recovering pervert, but even then, couldn’t they reach a little higher than Kate? I would not like my kids to look up to her as a role model.

And I think she must be having issues with her hubby or the royal family to be doing this kind of rebellion. They need to get her some psychiatric help, because this is red flag behavior.

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