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Ian Somerhalder is As Handsome as Ever at 'Vampire Diaries' Mexico Photo Call!

Ian Somerhalder is As Handsome as Ever at 'Vampire Diaries' Mexico Photo Call!

Ian Somerhalder is as handsome as ever while attending a press conference and photo call to promote the television series The Vampire Diaries at Four Seasons hotel on Thursday (May 29) in Mexico City, Mex.

“Mèxico thanks for all the love&screams!Hope to see you soon!Till then youll see me on TVD every Sunday10pm onMTV-enjoy😍 you beautiful people” the 35-year-old actor wrote on his Twitter. “Thank you!!!!!!!!!”

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Ian Somerhalder

Ian most recently promoted his hit series in Barcelona alongside a bunch of the cast members.

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ian somerhalder handsome as ever in mexico city 01
ian somerhalder handsome as ever in mexico city 02
ian somerhalder handsome as ever in mexico city 03
ian somerhalder handsome as ever in mexico city 04

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  • Tiana

    There is just something about him, with his fine self!

  • Wendy


  • Uta

    Smoking HOT HOT HOT!

  • Sadie

    Love him!

  • Xenia

    Ian is gorgeous and he has a golden Heart. Best Idol ever :)

  • kelly

    amazing, gorgeous guy!!!

  • come one

    His smirking is disgusting

  • Lucy

    He’s awesome! Love him in TVD….

  • Rachel

    Looking hot at ever!!! Thx fro the new pictures Jared!!!

  • Rachel

    * Thx FOR the new pics

  • clmguest

    Glad to see Mr. Somerhalder still smiling in spite of his whirlwind schedule after TVD Season 5 finale. From Brussels, Germany, to Sao Paula, Brazil, to Barcelona, Spain, to Mexico City, Mexico to his next stop in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Many of these stops to spend time with TVD fans, to which I have yet to hear of him being rude or unkind to so much as one of them. This humble gentleman in between these stops, owns several businesses, informs about the upcoming Environment day on June 5, 2014, speaks up for abused animals and highlights the amazing animal transportation achievements of Mr. Mahle, empowers young people, positively impacts the planet through ISF, and is building the abused animal sanctuary/environment education facility. Well done for using his influence so brilliantly and lovingly. And, he is finding time to be with the woman he actually loves, M.A. This man truly has way too much going for him for anyone to assume that his career is over after TVD. May God continue to bless him with the energy he needs to inspire so many.

  • Bea

    He is so sexy and the only reason I still watch TVD!

  • lana

    so hot!!!!!!!

  • Susan

    @Sadie: who doesn’t? He’s super awesome, gorgeous and the kindest Person ever.

  • Danielle

    I admire him for sooo many reasons. He’s the best and I can’t wait to meet him again <3

    @clmguest: well said!!

  • Joanna

    He’s sooo handsome. Love him so much :))))))

  • Matt

    he’s starting to look old, even with all the fillers in his face.
    thinning hair and bad outfit.

  • Kim

    He’s getting hotter and hotter every Day

  • Lilah

    I love Ian…talented, gorgeous and uses his fame to do good through tireless charity work.

  • pup

    He’s soooo handsome!

  • Saskia

    What a beautiful man, in and outside. Hope he has a great Time in brazil this Weekend.

  • jess

    yay, new Ian pics!!!! :)

  • Minnie

    This Man is so loved. He can’t even walk without getting mobbed by tons of Fans and Media. He’s a ROCKSTAR. But please let him breathe too guys.

  • Ems

    He is soooo hot !!!
    Stunning !!!
    ♥ ♥ ♥

  • Minnie

    And he looks oh so handsome!!!! Love his Hair, outfit, smile, everything!!!

  • jess

    forgot too say i love the blue jacket makes his eyes look even more amaze than normal!!! :)

  • Mandy

    @jess: I agree! Love his blue Blazer. Love him <3

  • Rocker

    @Matt: I agree with you…his losing his looks😞

  • sarah

    He’s going to be lost when Paul and Nina’s contracts are up next season and move on with there careers. Poor guy is hanging on for dear life for TVD’s. Knows that he’ll never have what he’s got now. He’s good looking and all but it’s sad his acting isn’t big movie material. Whereas Nina and Paul have had success with real movies working with real movie stars.

  • Rocker

    Luv his eyes though 👀👀

  • Well

    First of all I believe Ian is a very smoking hot, handsoem good looking sexy man that I do not doubt as it is pretty obvious but those photos do not give him any justice, he looks like he has not showered in days, his hair is messy and his wardrobe looks all sloppy and do not even match. When he dress correctly , combed hair, tailored suit etc etc he looks incredible gorgeous, delicious sexy.

    Here I dislike the way he looks.

  • Elisa

    Love his messy Hair look ( super sexy) his blue Blazer brings out his eyes even more and the scruff looks so hot on him…he’s perfect!!

    @sarah: more like the other way around. Sorry but Ian slays Nina and Paul by far. In everything…acting, Fame, Fans, personality, hotness! Ian IS TVD and he’s the reason why it’s still on air.

  • Why only him

    I want to ask one thing Why Ian is the only one from all the TVD cast doing promotion for the show all around the globe, what about Paul, Caroline or even Nina? The ones promoting the show are members who are not even on the show anymore. But Ian is the one doing all the promotions.

    Why only him???


    Hahah I can only laugh at sarah’s comment. Everyone knows Ian has done more Movies, tv shows, has worked with more famous People then his 2 Co Stars. Ian’s career is doing pretty awesome, everyone loves him, wants to work with him, so don’t worry ;)


    @Why only him: because Paul and especially Nina DON’T CARE! Plus the Fans want Ian!! There is no denying he is the Star of the show! And Nate still goes to cons because he cares about the Fans, Nina doesn’t.

  • I disagree

    @sarah: Can you tell me in what movies Nina had had real success?

    Ian had appeared on Lost who was a very successful show, then he was a successful model before that.

    Ian is always invited to appear in TV talk shows, daytime shows, he has done many interviews for magazines, he even had appeared and spoke before the Congress, he alwyas is invited to environmental and animal charities, where other real celebs go,


  • Why only him

    @PETER: So you think it is good or bad Paul or Nina do not care about fans?

  • Amy

    Well I know for a fact that Ian truly cares and the Rest not so much, for example it’s always him thanking the Fans on the official TVD Facebook Page. Paul/Nina never cared. Ian goes to conventions, takes a Million selfies with Fans all around the World, he chats with us, skypes with us, he records Videos for us, tells us how much he loves and appreciate us. I’ve never seen such a caring and amazing celebrity like him. I’m thankful to call him my Idol ;)

  • Amy

    @I disagree: Nina only got invites because of Ian. That’s a fact. ( White House Dinner, Oscar and Emmy Parties etc. )


    @Why only him: honestly? I don’t care because I’m not a Fan of Nina or Paul but if I were I would be pissed. So yea it’s definitely a bad thing.

  • Why only him

    @Amy: I agree Amy but it is odd that the show are many actors and all the actors make the show not just one. All of them should be grateful to the fans not only Ian. The show had been a success cause fans watch the show why the other actors do not acknowledge that I found that a bit selfish from the other cast members

  • Amy

    @Why only him: true! And as much as I love Ian to be everywhere, I also want him to have a break. He’s doing so much but he’s only Human and all this travelling, different Timezones etc is really exhausting. Don’t get why they don’t force Nina to do some press for TVD. She doesn’t wanna do any cons so why not go and promote TVD? But apparantly anything is more important than the show and her Fans. Its sad and selfish ( agree with you) .

  • Why only him

    @Amy: It is like Ian is the only cast member who puts his face on behalf of the show while the other cast members seems not to care at all. The show is about stories from all the characters it is not just Ian Somerhalder on the show and itis not only a 1 man show. But I guess Ian is the only one who appreaciate the support from the fans towards the show.

    Nina is just a self absorbed girl, who only thinks in partying, who likes to figurate in fashion parties I mean that is not bad but she can do both things. But no she only thinks on herself and she is forgetting that The Vampire Diaries is the show THAT MADE HER FAMOUS and successful or at least popular in the USA and thanks to Ian, she became known in the Hollywood circle when they became a couple, before TVD I did not know who she was but I knew who Ian was.

  • sarah

    @Elisa: So you do understand that since Julie and Caroline has made TVD’s all about Ian the show and ratings are at an all time low.

  • sarah

    @I disagree: Check out wiki. At least the movies Nina was in we seen by people. Yep sure Ian was on Lost, for a hot minute. As for movies? TV is NOT the big screen. Proof will be when TVD’s season 6 is done. The rest will move on to bigger and better. Now worries about Ian. He’s now typecasted and will always be “Damon”.

  • http://verysexy,sexy!! sharyllee

    I do not think he is handsome!! yuck!!

  • Jamie


    I don’t think you’re sane. Yikes! Visit with an optometrist may be in order.

  • LOL

    Thank f$&@. An article without Ian Somerhalder AND Nina Dobrev in the title. I was beginning to think the two were joined at some typecast hip. Thou should not be seen without the other. Thou should not have a personal life without the other.

  • Laughin’

    @clmguest: “the woman he actually loves. M.A”. LMAO!! Looks like Ian’s drastically packing up and moving to the country manor to become a hippie artist. Are you saying he “actually loves” Meghan Auld because she was in Barcelona for a few days? From a female POV I’m laughing because he treated her so, um..well, NOT!! Is the girl desperate with no self respect? Ian already looked elsewhere twice while so “in love” with her. Once in 2009 with Ashley Greene while filming the TVD pilot and all during Season One while lusting and acting very inappropriately with Nina Dobrev. Not to mention the lack of a mourning period when he jumped Dobrev’s bones straight away/overlapped around April 2010. I’m sure she can find someone new that isn’t so far removed from her current lifestyle, instead of going back to a relationship that never worked many times before, that’s just settling.

  • Helena

    Ian’s docu series Years of living dangerously, produced by James Cameron, will get an EMMY nomination and we’ll see more similar projects from him in the future. He’s also a goodwill ambassandor of UNEP along with Gisele and Don Cheadle, the official ceremony is next week. So his future after tvd will definately be work heavy. His work for the enviroment is amazing and gives him the recognision and respect of the right people! I also hope he’ll be in some big movies.