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Adam Lambert Makes Fur Entrance at 'We Will Rock You' Show!

Adam Lambert Makes Fur Entrance at 'We Will Rock You' Show!

Adam Lambert keeps it fierce with a fur jacket while attending the last performance of the Broadway show We Will Rock You at the Dominion Theatre on Saturday (May 31) in London, England.

“Was blown away by @katyperry s Prismatic Tour last night. The production is insane!!! Congratulations!” the 32-year-old entertainer tweeted earlier in the day about Katy Perry‘s new tour.

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A few weeks ago, Adam showed off his tattoos in a sleeveless shirt at a grocery store in Los Angeles.

It was recently announced that Adam has just bought a new home for $2.995 million in the Hollywood Hills, according to the L.A. Times.

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adam lambert fur entrance at we will rock you show 01
adam lambert fur entrance at we will rock you show 02
adam lambert fur entrance at we will rock you show 03
adam lambert fur entrance at we will rock you show 04
adam lambert fur entrance at we will rock you show 05

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  • luizita

    Is that Shoshanna Stone, publicist to Adam and Britney Spears? Her ankle boots rock, I’d steal her right off her feet.

  • ewww

    murderer! fur is dead and he should know better :(

  • Sam

    Aww, the gorgeous Adam Lambert is in London!

  • kitty

    Don’t worry about the fur. Most likely it’s fake. Adam’s looking so good. Can’t wait for the Queen tour.

  • Justme

    Adam frickin’ Lambert, best voice on the planet, who cares what he wears, just look at him! He’s fabulous

  • Terry

    I doubt the fur is real. Hysterical cries of “murder” don’t help the cause anyway. I will never understand why people think overly dramatic knee-jerk attacks are a great way to win folks over to their way of thinking. Anyway – he’s looking fantastic & relaxed. Thanks for pics JJ

  • Jason

    That is not real fur. Way to go Justjared. You are just a small step above Perez Hilton for writing sensational untrue bs. Congratulations.

  • Summer

    The DREAM TEAM…the Legendary Queen with the BEST VOICE on tbe planet Adam Lambert will Blow roofs off every Arena this summer. .we are soooo lucky they are giving us this TOUR..SOO EXCITED!!!

  • Mal

    @ewww: Do you eat meat? What are your shoes made of? Until it is illegal, people can make the choice to wear it.

  • Harvey Levinberg

    It’s great to see this Man has leveraged his filthy disgusting lifestyle into a career of Filth. I hope young Families don’t allow their Children to witness this immoral rubbish.

  • Dobe

    @Harvey Levinberg: WTAF are you talking about. Idiot !!

  • Gianni

    Hey, Mal, just because you CAN do something, doesn’t mean you should. Lots of things, like lying, cheating, being a douchebag are legal, but that doesn’t make it okay or acceptable in other people’s eyes.

    That said, I really hope that fur is fake.

  • mandy

    OMG, Harvey, you are so crazy it’s actually funny! You must get help for your anger issues.

  • hep.

    @Harvey Levinberg: Who are you to judge anyone?…did someone appoint you God?…Adam Lambert has a right to live his life on own terms and he did not seek or need your approval.

  • queenrosered

    What’s with all the idiots who simply ASSUME the fur is real anyway?
    A) it’s unlikely since I’m sure he knows Brian May’s stance.
    B) Unless you’re a total vegetarian, go look and see how cows and pigs, etc. are slaughtered for YOUR table, and
    C) He IS a grown man and FREE to make his own choices! SHEESH!

    That said, he IS stylin’ as usual! The Queen+Lambert shows are going to totally ROCK! :)

  • Joey

    Adam Lambert thinks he looks cool, sadly he doesn’t.

  • http://GiniSantana Gini

    Adam isn’t cool…he’s HOT! Burning HOT!

  • Blessings

    Absolutely love him and he does look Hot!

  • Cubic

    @ewww: Do you eat meat? If yes, then you are a hypocrite cos you would have killed more animals than the one around his neck! And how sure are you that it’s real fur and not fake fur?

  • Cubic

    @Harvey Levinberg: You are yet another self-righteous hypocrite…

  • Toni_Soprano

    Gorgeous!! Best singer on Idol ever, don’t care who won or not, Adam is the best!!

  • ewww


    No, I’m a vegan and I don’t use anything that comes from the animals. I wouldn’t scream ‘Fur is dead’ if my month is still chewing flesh. But people are saying his fur is fake so I apologize.

  • Zara

    I’ve seen Adam wear fur again and again and have looked for a statement from him indicating that’s it’s not real — and the faux fur these days is amazing, so there’s no reason, appearance-wise, to use real fur in fashion. However, the only comment I can find from him is, “I know this is the most un-PC way to put it, but I didn’t kill the thing so I don’t see why I can’t wear it.” Which kind of takes speciousness to a new level. As much as Adam enjoys sharing his fashion, I think if the fur were faux, he’d be talking about it.

    Yes, there is a food chain, and as omnivores, most people eat meat. The problem is the horrific cruelty of factory farming. And the same is true of the fur industry, although probably even moreso. Anal electrocution is just one of the methods of killing fur animals so that the coat isn’t damaged.

    Our culture had moved away from the use of real fur in fashion, and I really don’t understand why we’ve decided that it’s ok again. Especially since it’s not necessary.

  • James

    That’s my feet in the Left hand picture, woooo

  • Lory

    @Harvey Levinberg: You are spouting off about nothing—this guy has done so much for the LGBT and disenfranchised youth. He has received award after award. I think it is the gay community you have a problem with. And why are you even here if he bothers you so much?

  • Sinc

    Then it should be outlawd like was mentioned before

  • magsmagenta


    You must really be an idiot if you think he would wear fur when he was out with Brian May, the fur is obviously fake. You should really know better troll.

  • Sinc

    Lying, cheating has consequences usually because there are rules in place. I agree I would like to see fur go away but it is legal and we are in the US. People get to choose things legally–like smoke weed in some places (I don’t agree with that) . If we are going to go this route, then people who are offended should not eat meat, not wear leather shoes or clothes, and be activists in a sane and non aggressive way (not paint throwing, etc). Lobby government, grassroots petitions, join the sane groups and get information out there, etc.

  • MNary

    @Zara: If we didn’t wear fur, we would have died in past. How do you think people in cold countries survived? Fake fur does nothing to keep warmth. So I wish vegans would kindly stop imposing their lifestyle. With that said, pretty sure his fur here is fake, used more like an accessory than anything else. In any case, if you wear fur – fake or not, you don’t make any statements, you just wear it.

  • Mal

    @ewww: I appreciate you are Vegan but do you own any shoes or clothes out of leather? I mean we can’t just go half way with our beliefs, Time and time I see horrible videos about slaughterhouses and imagine the way leather is obtained if it is real. People should be activists in peaceful ways I wouldn’t wear fur but like I said it is lawful and an individual choice.

  • notanidolfan

    Adam Lambert, try to concentrate on your rehearsals with Queen and stop behaving like a lovesick teenager. A grown-up man liking a young guy’s IG pictures day in day out is never a good look.

    It is embarrassing and degrading to Freddie Mercury whose place you are now supposed to fill.

  • air

    @notanidolfan: Lol, what a ‘subtle’ trolling. Too bad you always troll about the same things, and in the end you are left with nothing, while his life goes on even better than before. Instagram likes are nothing compared to stalking, that a basic troll does every day, you know.

  • irie

    One of the worse outfits I have seen Adam wear. The jacket is sooo much hipper without the freaking fur or faux. The entire look is just off. Rude to wear something like this in a theatre, especially at this event. Not only does it generate offended reactions, but it is view blocking and distracting. But Adam never has cared if he offends people, in fact he thrives on it. Adam needs a stylist.

  • Zara

    @magsmagenta: I tried to find out if the red jacket Adam wore during Dragon Attack, in his earlier Queen concerts, was synthetic fur, but never found any indication that it was. The designers simply called it fur.
    When Adam showed off the wardrobe items from the Glamnation tour, he referred to the collar (with heads, I believe) of the opening oufit as “fur.”
    The wolf’s tail he wore in…I think it was Japan? — certainly seemed to be real, and no mention was made of it being otherwise.
    The reason I rememer these things is because I’m a fan of Adam’s. I enjoy his music and performance, and I’m really looking foward to seeing him with Queen. But using real fur in fashion supports a cruel and quite unnecesary industry. If you can point to any evidence that this collar, or any fur Adam has worn, is not real. PLEASE DO. But I’ve seen this discussion before, and people just end up saying, “It must be fake,” and using each other’s suppositions as fact.
    I’m not sure why you called @ewww an idiot and a troll.

  • ewww


    lol no, you’re an idiot. go die or something. you’re annoying f***

  • ewww


    noo of course not. the only reason i became a vegan was for the animals. I do not use any cosmetics that are tested on the animals either. I don’t know much about Adam but he does seem like a great guy and very talented too. Personally, I just don’t think wearing fur is right. It’s like wearing corpses. Why would anybody want to wear a corpse? I don’t understand. And we’re not living in the ice age anymore. There are faux fur which is think is a great choice to wear.

  • Zara

    @ewww: Good grief. No one is an idiot. And no one needs to be sworn at or told to die. You had an ethical point to make, and that’s good. The absurd personal attacks don’t have any relation to the issue being discussed. Take the high road. Keep to the point.

  • pr64

    it doesn’t get any better than adam. when will certain people get it?? he’s gorgeous, humble, extremely talented and an all around mensch!! deal with it, haters!

  • Tony

    “while attending the last performance of the Broadway show We Will Rock You at the Dominion Theatre on Saturday (May 31) in London, England.”

    Surely that should read “while attending the last performance of the WEST END show We Will Rock You at the Dominion Theatre on Saturday (May 31) in London”

    After all, if it is in London, it isn’t a Broadway show…. and everyone knows London is in England!

    You’ll be telling us New York is in the USA next!!