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Katie Holmes Joins Star-Studded Drama 'Woman in Gold'

Katie Holmes Joins Star-Studded Drama 'Woman in Gold'

Katie Holmes takes a stroll though the park after dropping off her daughter Suri to hang out with her friends on Friday afternoon (May 30) in New York City.

It was just announced that the 35-year-old actress has joined the star-studded cast of the upcoming drama film The Woman in Gold.

The film is “set in 1998 and follows a holocaust survivor (Helen Mirren) who solicits the help of her newly minted lawyer grandson to help her sue the Swiss government to get back priceless artwork stolen by the Nazis,” according to Deadline.

Orphan Black‘s Tatiana Maslany will play the younger version of Helen‘s character and other actors set to star in the film include Ryan Reynolds, Daniel Bruhl, and Man of Steel‘s Antje Traue.

FYI: Katie is wearing Koral jeans.

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katie holmes joins woman in gold 01
katie holmes joins woman in gold 02
katie holmes joins woman in gold 03
katie holmes joins woman in gold 04
katie holmes joins woman in gold 05

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Patsy

    She is not aging well at all!!!!
    that is 35?
    looks 50ish at least

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  • Drats

    She has terrible legs

  • nina

    justjared, please we know you guys just discovered the term “star-studded” and we understand that you’re so happy about using it but can you take it down a notch, I’ve opened the site for 30 seconds and I read it three time already. Grab a dictionary. Read a book. Chill. (everytime you use it I’m leaving this here)

  • Verity

    @nina: Exactly. This movie is not star studded, it has only one star and that’s Helen Mirren. JJ has been spending too much time lately, sipping that Kartrashian kool-aid he’s lost his way a bit.

  • Katie

    Tatiana Maslany is amazing Can’t wait to see more of her yay

  • Jon M’Shulla

    Her herpes is showing.

  • Lidia

    I get the feeling she thinks she is too cool for school and that is why she doesn’t make an effort in her appearance.
    She may think it’s cool and she is being all el naturel and I don’t don’t give a d^mn but this is Hollywood and you have to play the game.
    I know she can’t help some of it since she is getting older and the cuteness is no longer there but she just comes across like she doesn’t care how she looks at all most of the pictures I have seen.
    Unless you are some great actress like Meryl you have to play the game to some degree. People go to movies to see pretty and escape for the most part. In character roles you can be not so pretty but you better be a great actress and I don’t think she is there yet.

  • Cari

    Ugh. She has mascara under her eyes from the night before. Katie dear-a Q-tip with a little oil would have taken care of this. And it appears she has on permanent lip liner or something. Dirty hair too. And of course a wrinkled blouse with ill fitting jeans. Ms Fashionista on the prowl again.

  • bee

    I think her hair looks gorgeous. You can criticize some things, but I don’t get the complaints about her hair. Can’t imagine having people scrutinize me to death every time I leave the house. I can understand judging red carpet appearances, but she’s just taking her daughter to the park. Oh well, I guess it’s the price of fame, and she doesn’t seem to let the negativity get to her.

  • Cari

    @bee: She also co-owns and is the ‘hair’ of Alterna hair products. Look at pic 4. Her hair looks lank, stringy and unwashed. A good brushing would also help.

  • Lidia

    Most people I know don’t go to the park or any place as unkept as she normally is.
    It has nothing to do with red carpet. That is why people comment on her dress sense so much.
    She is a celebrity so there is added pressure that she knows she might get her picture taken at any moment. That is the price they pay and it’s not a big one considering all the perks they have so she should try and be better presented when she is out and about.
    Cari is right, she endorses products so it’s important to at least try. It’s not like it’s a one off thing but she looks rolled out bed in most of her candid shots.

  • bee

    I guess I have a different opinion on what “unkept” is. She’s not wear dirty, ripped, worn out clothes. Let’s see here…white button down shirt, jeans, military green coat, tennis shoes…I agree that the jeans are not the most flattering for her figure, but I’d hardly call her look “unkempt”. Seems like a normal outfit to take your kid out to the park. *shrugs*

  • Katie

    Wow, people really love to hate this girl. Feel sorry for her, she doesn’t deserve all this hate from these petty people who apparantly have nothing better to do than spew hate wherever they go

  • DTBH

    @bee: a smart person wouldn’t read posts, magazines and tweets. I heard that Gwyneth Paltrow thinks it’s worse than being in the war.

  • QueenOfTrashin

    Solid white athletic shoes are soooooo 20th Century.

  • Fame/Celebrity is like war


    Goop is that you?

  • Nathan

    Katie looks good to me. I like the shoes, the jeans I like the whole outfit. katie is cool.

  • Cari

    @Katie: discussing her fashion sense is not hating. If we were calling her fat, ugly, etc — that is hating.

  • lr

    So overrated and the worst legs in the business!

  • guest 2

    Katie was spotted CARRYING 8 YEAR OLD Suri in her arms. She is still carrying that big ol’ girl.

  • MC142

    You mean the daily mail photos?
    90 percent of the comments were all saying the same thing.
    I feel bad for Suri because she seems a little behind emotionally in some ways but it is not normal for an 8 year old to want to be carried.
    It looked very funny since Suri is getting tall now.
    I don’t know any 8 year old that would want to be carried in the park like a toddler in front of their friends. Nothing to do with affection towards the mother they just know it’s too old to be carried that way.

  • Samantha

    How is it that other parents – Michelle Williams, Sarah Jessica Parker, Tina Fey, Naomi Watts, Sandra Bullock – can keep their child(ren)’s school activities private, but not Katie?

    Whether its some sort of cooking, art or park activity with Suri involved it can’t be private or kept from the papz? Is it that none of the other above parents child(ren) have such activities at their schools?

    Coming or going from an activity may be hard to keep from being snapped (not impossible) but in the midst of the activity Katie seems to have a higher pic capture rate by the papz.

    Just a thought.

  • Missy

    Most of the celebs you mentioned are regularly papped with their kids. Naomi Watts and SJP in particular are usually seen with their children several times a week. Katie was only photographed with Suri a few times this month. So it’s kind of odd to single her out.
    And I’m not sure what you mean by “school activity”. I haven’t seen any photos of suri participating in activities at her school.

  • Samantha


    I wasn’t referring to regular outings, but specifically school activities.

    The current pic at DM seem to be a school outing with other children. The first pic at DM shows a blonde woman wearing the same Avenues style key/id pass that Katie has been snapped wearing, so deducing these recent set of pics were of a school outing.

    As for a Katie and Suri only being snapped a few times this month (May) there are more than a few () pics at DM for this month of Katie and Suri out and about NYC, shopping, airport and school runs.

    JJ doesn’t have the pics but other blogs **cough**DM**cough** do.

  • Amy Lee Christian

    How much money did she make with the Fake Cruise Marriage? I’m glad she escaped from the clutches of Scientology. Unfortunately her career has been destroyed by it.

  • Missy

    I believe they were playing at a publc park after school. If they went to the park for a playdate after school, it’s not surprising that some parents would still have their school i.d. on.
    There have been 2 sets of photos of Katie and Suri shopping this month, 1 set of airport pics, and the recent park pics. That’s 4 overall.

  • Samantha


    True, could have been an after school, parents and children, stop by the park thing.

    And the ’4 overall’ (posts, not pics) still can be considered a few monthly postings (containing multiple pics each), with only counting what DM has, that is true too.

    Not surprising.

  • Missy

    “And the ’4 overall’ (posts, not pics) still can be considered a few monthly postings (containing multiple pics each), ”

    Isn’t that what I said? I said that they had been photographed a few times this month.

  • Samantha

    @Missy: ]

    Yes, you did say that.

  • Samantha


    a few = 4

  • Samantha


    correction – a few photographs = 4 postings with multiple photographs

    Not surprising. :-/

  • Othello

    Get a life, #12. There are bigger things to worry about.

    Right, #13.

    So what, #21.

    You and them are all idiots, #22.

    There aren’t that many photos of her daughter, #23. They are as uncommon as for other celebrity children.

    Right, #24.

  • annie

    Can’t be bothered with these few posters who post over and over under different names , spreading their negativity around, as someone said last week, she’s prettier and richer than you will ever be! Get over it!

  • Fame/Celebrity is like war


    “She’s prettier and richer than you will ever be! Get over it!”

    And that’s all that matters?!

    Katie can always count on her #1 fan to make vacuous, superficial endorsements like this –priceless.

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  • Tori

    @annie: See comment #36 from an Aniston fan. And YOU think KH posts are mean and bad. This is what is often spewed in various forms on the JP threads. Often ones just as bad on the Kidman threads. I don’t see anything as bad as this on the Holmes threads. Katie bought into the Hollywood scene the minute she signed with Dawson’s Creek. She knows, by now, how the game is played. She looks like crap most of the time and if she as no clue then she obviously is as dumb as a rock. But I think she knows her detractors criticize her and doesn’t care. Good for her. But I also think she is just as ambitious as other actresses out there. Just as ruthless as they are going after parts. And yes, Annie, you can read between the lines there.

  • Between the lines

    I’ll bite
    So you are saying she goes for those same roles but she just isn’t getting them?
    That is probably true because I find it hard to believe all she would want is very small forgettable roles she is getting now.
    If she isn’t getting those roles she is going for or being offered other good ones you have to ask why not.
    She is in a totally different category now that when she was 25 and under so those days are over.
    A poster above blamed the marriage however I think it’s just due to her 1) outgrowing a certain cute girlish look she had back then and 2) now at 35 that she can’t rely on that it has to be about the chops.

  • http://comcast Brenda

    I will always be proud of Katie for making The Great Escape. I am sure she loved Tom when she left but she was protecting her daughter from Scientology. This had to be hard on her.

  • Tori

    @Between the lines: let’s put it this way a few of the producers and directors she has/is working for have had lots of casting couch rumors.

  • Tori

    @Between the lines: And by the way it cold be as simple as her management team saying if you hire KH in this role I’ll get you actor X for you movie Y. I just question how an actress with A list name recognition and C list talent with a STRING of FAILURES behind her can get hired with the frequency she does. Most actresses with her record and talent would have faded away or been consigned to bit parts.

  • Nathan


    Katie Holmes is not that kind of girl. Katie has huge name recognition and she is still drop dead gorgeous plus she is an amazing actress. Katie Holmes dose not need to have sex with producers and directors to get parts in movies.

  • Sincerely Concerned

    IMO, she is still grabbing an audience as the Mrs. Ex Tom Cruise and directors know that. I really do hope she can bring it.

  • annie

    sorry, let me rephrase that..”.pretty talented and rich”.
    ok let’s see, shall we?
    #1 tom used to buy her roles
    # 2 divorced tom, but his name still buys her roles
    #3 NOW the new thing is, maybe she’s sleeping with the aging overweight producers and directors who are giving her work. TIHS!
    not to menton that other fat little rich old guy who hangs around her, forget his name, she would JUST LOVE every moment being screwed by him( sorry)
    this is getting more interesting by the second .
    jesus you guys will say anything!

  • annie

    @ Tori
    do you go around making the same comments about other actresses as well, or just katie, because they deserve it more than her.
    naomi watts looks good on the red carpet, but horrid everyday wear, same for jen garner, sarah j parker. the worst legs i have ever seen on anyone are Alessandra Ambrosio and Heidi K everday style is quite off at times.
    your friend nicole kidman looks really bad without her wig,and falseness and her clothes look, i guess what a 50 ry old would wear when she wants to come across all sophisticated.
    Kate Hudsons movies and Jessicas Albas , flop all the time, and if it wasn’t for Robert Rodriegas Jessica A would hardly ever work.
    And it goes on and on, so let’s keep things in perspective.
    Angelina Jolie creeps me out with her blackness all the time, her tatoos , her viens, the super thin legs, that look out of place on her, that nobody mentions. Over rated plus!
    the list can go on forever!

  • Nathan


    annie your on fire tonight and i love it and i totally agree with everything you said.

  • annie

    you know nathan, sometimes……you know what i mean!

  • Nathan

    Yup annie I know exactly what you mean.

  • Tori

    @annie: I have never called Katie fat. I’ve said her legs aren’t her best feature and she could dress to minimize that. I’ve also posted similar comments about SJP’s style. Neither Gardner nor Watts interest me, but they both have a lot more talent than Katie.
    But explain to me how some one who has had a series of big flops keeps getting parts with good films? Kidman sells big overseas even tho she flops in the US. Jolie’s films continue to make money. And both often have awards out the wazoo attesting to their acting talent.
    If you read other gossip blogs then you know it has been insinuated that Hudson and Alba have used the casting couch. Plus Both of them have not worked as much as holmes over the last few years. How exactly does a C list talent who has had flop after flop get the roles she is getting?
    And next time you criticize people for attacking Holmes reread your post above because you are just as bad even though you like to pretend you re not.

  • annie

    yes, but the big difference is , I have never ever ever commented one way or another about them when featured on jj, , they don’t interest me, to comment , but Katie interests you very much to spend so much time posting about her. You are here all the time, posting under different names as well, saying the same old things, but when somebody gives a comparison, to other actors out there, well that’s not in the ”slamming of katie” rules.
    sorry doesn’t work like that!
    Matchete kills made 8mill in 2,500 cinemas
    ACOD, had really good actors in it and made only 175, 000,
    the Killer Inside me , with JA and Kate Hudson, made the same., they were indie movies
    Katie’s Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark , made it’s money back, 25, million, Dream House with Daniel Craig and Rachel W made much less.
    Yet she does get leads, heaps of them don’t, guys get the leads mostly.

    You people get me going, I don’t care what you say, i REALLY DON’T, when it makes sense, all these examples of oscar wins , not everyone out there has won an award or oscar, and are doing well, and working, what is your problem?
    . She gets work because obviously producers like her work, or her or something, that your dislike of her can’t get past.
    She landed Tom Cruise and had his kid…..and he is a big movie star, actually the most consistantly big star out there, if the truth be told.
    I don’t pretend anything!