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Charlize Theron & Sean Penn Headed Down the Aisle Already?

Charlize Theron & Sean Penn Headed Down the Aisle Already?

Charlize Theron goes incognito as she hops out of her car and heads to work out at her gym on Saturday afternoon (May 31) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 38-year-old actress and her boyfriend Sean Penn are reportedly getting very serious about their relationship.

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“They absolutely want to get married,” a source told Us Weekly, with another source added, “They want to grow their family.”

The day before, Charlize sat down for an appearance on The Graham Norton Show to promote her new movie A Million Ways to Die in the West in London, England.

FYI: Charlize is wearing a Bag Junkies tee.

15+ pictures inside of Charlie Theron getting her fitness on…

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  • ForMe

    Charlize made a really inappropriate comment the other day,but I’m glad to see that she isn’t hiding. Hopefully her reputation and career won’t suffer.

  • rape

    don’t rape her…..

  • dubudu

    She had a nose job and her look is actually strange

  • Weirdo

    @rape: Your comment doesn’t help either. Your turning her comment into a punchline,which is even worse than what she actually said.

  • AshleyLove

    Her mother killed her violent, abusive husband, and now she is marrying a known abuser. How ironic. Sean nearly killed Madonna with a baseball bat, after strapping her to a chair. He beat Madonna on a regular basis. I feel sorry for her son.

  • Jasmine

    it wasn’t a wise comment but I think people are blowing it out of proportion.
    it was a metaphor
    how many have used the example of “these battles i have to fight” or something like that in your personal life. We know you don’t really mean its a war (like Gwyneth) or rape (like CT)
    Not saying it was the wisest thing she ever said and I agree celebs should learn know people take lines like that and run it for days to get blog hits.
    However, I also think people should just roll their eyes at celeb stupid comments and not take it too serious in the first place.

  • fjfdk1

    @AshleyLove: Evidence and witnesses to the picture and voice recording?His wife pleaded guilty to assault and received date shows?If you’ve ever gossip, saying based on the date of the article? you see ? At that time Madonna she was never caught by the paparazzi surrounding the scene all over you?

  • Katie

    Can someone please tell me what inappropriate comment she made? I must have missed it

  • Ugonna Wosu

    I don’t think her comment was all that wrong. If you look up the definition of “rape”, its not just sexual. Its anything forced upon you or seized from you forcefully. She’s CORRECT. The celebs go through emotional rape all the time.

    I have seen regular folks use the word to describe losing GAMES. People should get over themselves.

    NO, the importance of rape will not be lost if you use it to mean the other things it ACTUALLY means. If women let the definition be lost, that will be their responsibility. I think most of us as a society should be intelligent enough to remain the gravity of sexual rape. And to remember the other contexts the word can be used in.

    The fact that so many online have jumped on her case, is proof of rape. I mean, aren’t victims normally told to “shut up”? Its been over the top, even if I believed she was wrong. Is she causing more rapes to happen by making a stupid comment? No. So use the energy to campaign for real crimes and not a celebrity’s comment.

    Lets assume its only a metaphor(which I don’t think it HAS to be in order to be acceptable). People should also learn about analogies and metaphors. People exaggerate and make analogies to make a point all the time.

    If I hear someone saying they were murdered when all they did was fail a test or lose a game, I’ll be sure to call all the necessary domestic abuse organizations on their asses. You know, since everything is literal nowadaysw.

  • Ugonna Wosu


    why are people so gullible?

    she said JUST LAST WEEK she is not interested in MARRIAGE!!!!

  • Go

    What about what she said about feeding her cleaning ladies food she didn’t like and then saying THEY DIDNT EVEN LIKE IT. As if they’re dogs and would eat anything. Charlene is a b1tch.

  • booth

    @Ugonna Wosu:

    George Clooney said the same for years.

    see how things change.

  • fjfdk1

    All articles are in fact requires the necessary evidence and photographs confirm this video really
    There is no evidence that article is garbage


    Everybody knows that all 6 of Aniston’s fans are plain crazy.
    That’s why they are called FILTHY FREAKS. Just like Aniston is called a
    Filthy Sports F_uck by real people.
    That doesn’t mean you should spread this garbage around.
    JJ doesn’t read any threads, genius!
    The more successful Angelina gets, and the happier they are, the more the freaks hate Angelina And Brad and even their little ones!
    The bigger total loser Aniston gets, the more they hate the JPs!
    Almost 10 years after Brad dumped Aniston! As did everyone else.
    My point being, don’t spread garbage, that certainly doesn’t help anyone.

  • Mary

    Perhaps she feels that the clock is ticking and if she wants to have her own biologigal child(ren), then she must start soon.
    I’m sure that she’s unsure where all this is heading but as she has know Penn for 18 year then perhaps he was The One all the time?


    I appologize to CT’s fans and people posting in this thread for my
    off topic post above. Sorry, but I still think it was necessary. Unfortunately!

  • Ugonna Wosu


    didn’t that take 20 years?

    Uh huh!

    Also, he was afraid of being a bad husband after his first marriage. CT has never been interested. EVER.

  • Ugonna Wosu


    its not like she was giving them poison. she was giving them edible food, which she happened to not like but they probably MIGHT have. People have different tastes.

    You’re better off blaming her for her rape comments.Cause this is lame.

  • His Son

    Didn’t Sean Penn’s son yell out the N word and other racial slurs to a photographer?

  • Go

    @Ugonna Wosu: the rape comment was idiotic and shows how disconnected with reality Charlene is. Like I said she’s a b1tch.

  • fjfdk1

    @His Son:
    You got children of celebrities, they are said to look like under a microscope the privacy think of who was taking
    We reserve the right to intrude into their privacy?

  • fjfdk1

    We give the money to see a movie is not their private lives
    I have never made money on the privacy of celebrities

  • fjfdk1

    I think their movies if you are you looking for fun or a good movie if you don’t look at the fun

  • K

    @Go: Charlene? How can you possibly know anything about her or say that she’s a bitch when you don’t even know her name? YOU’re the idiot here, not her ugh

  • Weirdo

    @Go: If you’re going to criticize and call the woman a “b1tch” at least get the name right. Stupid.

  • Jk

    @Mary: ummm if that were the case she’d done it while her clock was ticking..she’s 38 and Penn is like 50. Their chances of having a normal child together are maybe 1%.

  • Lena


    Charlize. Did I get her name right? Which idiot said rape is a metaphor? It’s JUST a metaphor? Really?????…hmmmm…And WAR is a metaphor? Oh it’s just a metaphor. So it’s okay since it’s just a metaphor. What is a metaphor exactly? “A metaphor is a figure of speech which makes an implicit, implied or hidden comparison between two things or objects that are poles apart from each other but have some characteristics common between them. In other words, a resemblance of two contradictory or different objects is made based on a single or some common characteristics.” And rape has common characteristics to paparazzi pictures? How? Which parts are similar exactly? Vaginal tearing and bruising (or anal bruising?). Charlize is suffering vaginal tears when she sees paparazzi pictures of herself? And STD’s. Is Charlize suffering the risk of stds like hepatitis, aids, herpes or gonorrhea when she sees herself in paparazzi photos? Does Charlize have to get questioned by police officers and doctors after a rape exam when she sees herself in paparazzi photos? After she sees herself in paparazzi photos, does Charlize go into a mental hell shell for years, unable to physically connect with another human sexually, sometimes unable to work, eat, sleep, while often waking up screaming, sleeping with the lights on or with a knife, etc? Are THOSE the similar types of characteristics that rape shares with a vain woman seeing herself in paparazzi photos to make it an appropriate metaphor? Golly, and the nerve of people to think her so called metaphor was atrocious….

    And celebrities go through emotional R/APE all the time? How exactly? When cashing $15 million paychecks? When wearing $20,000 dresses to red carpet events day after day as they go to awards ceremonies to vote on award after award to honor themselves? While ra/pe victims and war heroes with no legs watch those televised events from critical care wards at hospitals? Are they suffering emotional ra/pe from papercuts on the party favor grab bags filled with $6000 watches and mink slippers? As they stub their toes while leaving the first class section of planes (or their private jets) after arriving to their monthly exotic vacations all over the world? While stressed out in rush hour traffic because the whiskey isn’t topped off in the Waterford Crystal bottle in the back of the limousine? When they walk into boutiques off the street, ask the manager of the store if they can have $2000 worth of free stuff and the manager says “no”? When someone else in Hollywood is getting the attention that day from the news outlets and they just know that they deserve that air time more because they are a bigger talent? Because a divas’s personal assistant arrived too late to personally wake her up at 4:40 in the morning because her child caught pneumonia and she spent all night in the ER and the assistant heartlessly cared more about her child than the vain snake in the grass diva actress? You mean THAT kind of emotional rape? Get real. Charlize….(still got the name right?) is a dumb bimbo diva who possibly rode the casting couch to fame like is par for the course in Hollywood..And now that she’s got fame, even though she has EVERYTHING, she isn’t happy because these narcissistic slobs are endless wells of need, and by definition can’t be happy unless they suck the last drop of energy from all 7 billion of us, and all available resources out of everything there is on Earth… Oooooh, like my metaphor? Relax, it’s JUST a metaphor…. LOL…

  • Weirdo

    @Lena: Didn’t ask for the soliloquy. Take a pill. Calm the eff down.

  • Go

    @Weirdo: no. I will call her Charlene. Charlene in a b+tch and everyone knows it except her 2 fans. The whole world knows she’s an entitled jerk.

  • Lena


    You didn’t ask for the soliloquy? In other words, you just want to be a controlling @$$ and everyone needs to accept your statements, and then be quiet. Luckily, I don’t feel like I take orders from you. Nor did I ask for YOUR permission before I wrote what I did.

  • Weirdo

    @Go: You have dyslexia I get it.

  • Weirdo

    @Lena:You said all you needed to say in a few sentences. Your previous dissertation was not needed. See how easy that was.