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Adam Lambert & Luke Evans Are Handsome Presenters at Glamour Women of the Year Awards!

Adam Lambert & Luke Evans Are Handsome Presenters at Glamour Women of the Year Awards!

Adam Lambert suits up while attending the 2014 Glamour Women of the Year Awards held at Berkeley Square Gardens on Tuesday (June 3) in London, England

The 32-year-old entertainer was joined on the red carpet by Luke Evans, who posed with his Dracula Untold co-star Sarah Gadon.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Adam Lambert

During the ceremony, Adam presented the Band award to Little Mix, while Luke presented the Next Breakthrough to Downton Abbey star Lily James.

Over the weekend, Adam rocked a fierce jacket while arriving for a showing of We Will Rock You.

FYI: Sarah is wearing Dolce&Gabbana.

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  • Lily

    Adam is so hot!
    He’s in London rehearsing for the Queen tour and we fans cannot wait for the tour to begin. It’s going to be a great summer. Long live classic rock.

  • Hmm

    I wonder if Luke hit on Adam during the awards?

  • Rex Reed

    His brand of disgusting filth will never be in vogue. This type of moral degradation should never be celebrated.

  • @Hmm

    @Hmm: Probably did.

  • Ha

    Luke really needs to come out of the closet…..again.

  • Kat

    I always have to laugh when supposed haters take the time to click on an article with Adam Lambert in the title and then further take more time to post some stupid useless irrelevant comment. I for one have one busy life that I can’t imagine having the time to post some comments on something I supposedly disagree with. I think you haters – yes Rex – you should get a life. Stop hiding in your basements trolling and posting garbage. Success is the best payback for haters and Adam has that. More importantly he always has a smile on his face in these photos therefore he is extremely happy with his life and doesn’t give one aota how you haters feel.

  • Yeah

    @Hmm more likely it was vice versa.

  • pr64

    love ya, kat!! and for those who don’t get it, I feel sorry for you all. would any of the adam haters act like that in front of Elton john?? learn to live with it, people. adam is a brilliant entertainer with a voice from heaven and the looks to match. there is no law that says you have to listen to him. but you don’t have to rag on him either. let him live his life and continue to delight us glammies who adore him

  • bella

    Accept differences is part of a more peaceful life.
    We should be outraged at being treated like fools (Luke’s case) where he pretends to be someone all the time just because he wants fame badly.
    I admire people like Adam ! He shows to everyone who he really is. Kuddos for him !!
    Instead of playing games with his fans ( like Luke does all the time) he is authentic and deserve our respect for that.

  • Cubic

    Rex, do you act all righteous in front of others and secretly watch porn in private? thought so… you are just another self-righteous hypocrite.
    Adam is sexual, just like all of us. The difference with him is he is unafraid to express it while others like you suppress it. The one show that got all the self-righteous people firing at him was based on a racy song. It was at 11pm, really, it was no big deal. What he did that day was only a stage antics. However, most of his shows are very decent, too decent sometimes. He is actually a respectful and a well-respected person. Everyone who knows him including his fanbase knows that he’s the sweetest nicest guy. You clearly are clueless about him. Think about it, if he’s a ‘disgusting filth’, how on earth did he gain millions of fans worldwide that consist of fans from ages 2-90 something, from toddlers to students to professionals to parents to grandparents from all walks of life? People have mad respect for Adam. How many times have people told you – never judge a book by its cover?!

  • Lee

    @bella Luke’s fans shouldn’t be interested in his personal life anyway. Who cares what his personal preference is. The focus should be on his work not who he’s sleeping with. Personally if I was a celebrity I’d “fool” with the public about my personal life just to toy with and annoy you because it’s none of your business to begin with.

  • bella

    I don’t really care about what he does between walls. I have no problem with that. It’s his life and he has the right to live it the way he wants.
    But I think I deserve the same respect that Sir Elton John always showed to his fans: he never ‘hide’ what he was ( like Adam) and we all love them for their talent and charisma.
    What bothers about Luke is that he wants fame and fortune so badly that he seems to do anything to get it, no matter if he has to lie or pretend to be what he is not.
    Sorry, maybe I am just a bit of naive…

  • Lee

    @Bella Are you forgetting that Elton was once closeted and had a wife? There are interviews where Luke openly says he Gay and now says he doesn’t talk about his private life so how is he lying? I think people forget or maybe just don’t know that a lot (actually most) of the currently Out celebrities were once hiding in the closet until their career got big enough to where they felt it didn’t matter (Elton, Ellen, Ian Mckellen, Jodie Foster).

  • bella

    @Lee maybe you are right ! And I have to say that in all the cases you mencioned, I felt somehow being deceived by them.
    In Luke’s case, he was so proud of being gay that I felt more disappointed when he “went back to the closet” as if being gay was something wrong, that would undermine his ambitions.
    I loved the way he used to talk about his life, with no worries about what producers or executives will say. Now, he lives according to his PR team.

  • @13

    Luke is lying because he talks about having a girlfriend.
    I guess that he believes that no one will remember those old interviews.
    Maybe the stress of living a lie is why he looks so much older than his age.

  • OhPlease

    @15 Point me to where Luke has ever said he had a gf? I know he’s talked in general about what he likes in a woman but that doesn’t equal having a gf. TEN YEARS ago he said he was Gay, a few years after that he said he was Bicurious. He’s never described himself as straight. People act like sexuality is always black and white like you know for a fact he’s had no other sexual experiences outside of men. Grow up and stop judging.

  • JLM

    @Rex Reed: Wow! Good Christian are you??

  • JLM

    Folks don’t care who you are sleeping with and don’t care who these guys are sleeping with. I think Adam is an amazing vocal artist and performer and that is what I care about.

  • @16

    Just search Luke Evans girlfriend, and you will see a lot of posts. Even rumors that he and his gf, Holly, got married over the weekend.
    I don’t care who anyone sleeps with. But I have no respect for liars and hypocrits. Luke is both.
    Love Adam, though.

  • @19

    @19 Are you stupid? Those are tabloids that his PR didn’t even bother to respond to. The married rumored originated from mediamass which is a fake website that parodies tabloids. He’s never commented on having a gf. He now says he doesn’t talk about his personal life. Google will only send you to a bunch of speculative & judgmental gossip blogs which is probably where u got your info from.

  • bella

    The whole thing was fake. This Holly ‘something’ is his ftiend till now and we can see her in many photos with Luke and his bf ( a blonde guy).
    I think he realized that would be a mess and stopped with all.
    I alreadyvsaid above: the problem is not who’s he sleeping but the way he makes us fools.
    The funny thing is that he does a big effort do hide something that most of the people alreadt know and is unemployed for almost a year.
    Adam never lied about himself and is getting a big sucess.

  • moving on

    You still aren’t proving that HE lied or faked anything. And nobody can make you a fool you can only do that yourself.

  • http://twitter funbunn40

    @Rex Reed: Rex you obviously must not be talking about Adam Lambert, as he doesn’t in any way fit your comment. I’ve personally met him and he’s a beautuful, thoughtful man that tirelessly and unselfishly does much to help others, along with being extremely talented. His performances with the legendary Queen have been magnificent as well as his personal concerts. I will soon see him in Chicago with Queen.It will be music at it’s finest.