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Barack Obama Arrives in Brussels Amid Calls for Impeachment

Barack Obama Arrives in Brussels Amid Calls for Impeachment

Barack Obama waves to the cameras while arriving at the military airport to attend the G7 Summit on Wednesday (June 4) in Melsbroek, Brussels.

The President of the United States is stepping out after some of his right-wing critics have called for him to be impeached after he freed five Taliban commanders from the Guantánamo Bay prison to release prisoner of war Sergeant Robert Bergdahl.

The reason why they are calling for the U.S. House of Representatives to file articles of impeachment is that he reportedly did not give Congress thirty days notice before releasing the prisoners from Guantánamo Bay.

WHAT IS YOUR STANCE on the situation?

15+ pictures inside of Barack Obama arriving in Brussels…

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barack obama arrives in brrussels amid calls for impeachment 01
barack obama arrives in brrussels amid calls for impeachment 02
barack obama arrives in brrussels amid calls for impeachment 03
barack obama arrives in brrussels amid calls for impeachment 04
barack obama arrives in brrussels amid calls for impeachment 05
barack obama arrives in brrussels amid calls for impeachment 06
barack obama arrives in brrussels amid calls for impeachment 07
barack obama arrives in brrussels amid calls for impeachment 08
barack obama arrives in brrussels amid calls for impeachment 09
barack obama arrives in brrussels amid calls for impeachment 10
barack obama arrives in brrussels amid calls for impeachment 11
barack obama arrives in brrussels amid calls for impeachment 12
barack obama arrives in brrussels amid calls for impeachment 13
barack obama arrives in brrussels amid calls for impeachment 14
barack obama arrives in brrussels amid calls for impeachment 15
barack obama arrives in brrussels amid calls for impeachment 16

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  • Jack

    Impeachment? What a joke. The last guy lied us into a war that killed thousand and thousands of people and turned Iran into a Middle East Super Power. WTF.

  • Vendetta Chronicles

    Seriously? There’s no way that they’ll succeed impeaching one of the best presidents in U.S. history.

  • lil

    Best presidents?? You’re joking, right??

  • Gemma

    @Jack: AGREED. Actually, the whole political system is a joke.

  • Anon

    One of the best president’s in US history? You must be 12 and/or slow. He’s one of the worst, truly terrible. We have become a joke to other world leaders, just ask Putin. Obama and his administration are shady as he!!, but they manage to dodge everything.

  • isabel

    either way, they would bitch about something. if it wasn’t about him letting the 5 taliban commanders go free, it would’ve been about him not doing enough to bring back home sergeant bergdahl.

  • RepubliDICKS

    Republicans are so stupid. Obama had the chance to impeach Bush like many wanted but didn’t. They never liked Obama from the first day of office when that ugly talking turtle said they wanted him to fail. They can forget 2016, because they won’t win either, no matter how many people they try to stop from voting so they can cheat. Pathetic. If repubs don’t like what I said, I have an ass you can kiss.

  • James

    Obama is awesome. One of the best presidents in U.S. history! And I can’t wait for Hillary!!!

  • dmitri


    why do americans care so much about putin? lol

  • dmitri

    I sometimes wonder how your country functions. Everything is turned into a big controversy!

    You Americans act like politics is a sport. Your side vs the other!

  • offtheproperty

    An adherent muslim bringing jihad to America since 2009.
    He should be sitting in Ft Leavenworth prison.

  • offtheproperty

    @dmitri: We care about our country and our children’s futures, something you apparently don’t understand.

  • Hez tha Bess : b …..l

    This incompetent loser looks like a burnt match. He needs to get in his little clown car and putt putt off to Hawaii permanently to play 36 holes of golf a day where he can’t possibly do any more damage.

  • offtheproperty

    @Gemma: How cool to be explicitly cynical about the future of your country, which has given you everything. The alternative, the obama future, is going to be the biggest shock of your life and you’re going to pray to God for a chance to have it back.

  • Best Pesident Evah!

    Then again I can barely read and have no idea or interest in what’s going on in this country. Ask me about “Dancing with the Stars”

  • Michelle

    You really couldn’t do more to shut a country down than this guy and his administration.

  • amy blue

    It was all a misunderstanding, The emperor without a clue thought the white house dog Bo was missing and did not want to upset Michelle. He didnt realize we were trading the terrorist dream team for a traitor

  • Sue

    For those on here who support this horrible president, please educate yourselves. His actions with Bergdahl was illegal and members of both parties in Congress have stated so and are not happy with his actions. I support impeachment 100 percent. Between Benghazi, the IRS scandal, and the list goes on and, Obama needs to be removed from office.

  • ?

    The right wing God regan gave Iran weapons for hostages which put us on the road to the position we are in with that country now. But people tend to skip over that.

  • AntiStupid


    As some1 from Germany, let me tell u that Obama has better foreign policy that ur previous leader. He isn’t considered weak, it’s just ur media bullshitting ur ppl.

    Putins action in ukrain has nothing to do with the US. U guys have no ppl down there, nor does this is effect ur econemy. Stop making this about Russia vs USA. Stop comparing ur dick with russia. Crimea is about ukraine and russia, it affect Europe directly, not the US.


    No.5 at 7:12;
    Oh come on.
    Stop being so hard on my beloved half Jewish sidekick and drinking buddy. He is only doing his job.
    Obviously, libertarian Nazism is the high-tech wave of the future. To paraphrase my Mel Gibson based Jackie Treehorn character in The Big Lebowski. Who usually votes Democrat.

  • emhm

    2 things here: it’s Bush’s fault and you are all rayciss


    Are you even aware that Barack Obama is the prophetic forerunner to the anti Christ? And that I AM is actually the Mormon Masonite anti Christ to be in all those Da Vinci Code novels that were written by a man named Brown?

  • Anon

    @AntiStupid: First he said he would send troops into Syria, he didn’t. Then he threatened to send troops into the Ukraine, he didn’t. Russia’s obviously against any intervention. We, the US, appeared weak. The fact that “Dmitri”and a German citizen support him, says it all about why he’s horrible for Americans.


    PS Stupid;
    By anti Christ, I mean anti apostate Christian Christ of course.
    Ergo I AM is the anti Christ in their eyes. Who likes the ladies, if you get my drift…


    Probably any one of those three inspired of God Austin Powers movies about the new 666 beast being born again in Brussels, Belgium would be worth a look for you. Everyone has to start somewhere; line upon line, precept upon precept…

  • Missy

    I can’t believe I voted for this bozo. Sorry Liberals, the Dems are getting just as corrupt as the Republicans already are.
    And anyways, why the eff are you comparing him with Bush? He IS Bush. Not pulling our troops out of Afghanistan and trying to start another war with Syria and ONLY getting stopped after Putin told him he would support Al-Assad if the US began supporting the rebels. And he is sending US troops into Poland in an effort to meddle with Ukraine. Yeah, real peace keeper this dude is.

  • Bo

    They once said Nixon would go down as the worst President in history,
    at least he had the courage to resign when he F*#c&d up.
    Obama is far to egotistical to admit it.
    A true AMERICAN.

  • Teabagger Tears Taste Delish.

    Republicans would impeach Obama over a hang nail. Historians have already pegged Obama as being one of the 10 best presidents America has ever had. Just because y’all hate him over lies that Fox News feeds you doesn’t make any difference. You want to be ignorant, fine. But stop bringing down the rest of this country. Just like school, the F students are bringing down the curve. Republicans would rather praise Putin, shut the government down, sit on their ass than do their actual job and work with Obama. THAT should be punishable by fines and jail time. Screw the republicans. They wouldn’t know patriotism is George Washington himself came back from the dead and attempted to school them. They’d cry he was the antichrist, unpatriotic, Muslim, non American, he should be shot, he was a liar and who knows what other B.S. they have to tell themselves to makes themselves feel good about screwing over America and Americans.

    — P.S. my favorite part is the republican noose committee is full of morons with little to no understanding of the constitution and they think they’ll go after a man who made his career about the constitution and the law. Good luck. Republicans have been whining about impeachment since he won the election in 2008 and here we are 6 years later and nothing. All republicans do is lie and make sh!t up and then when it’s time to face the music, they have no proof. Just like the B.S. about Obama being a non American Muslim. There’s no proof because it’s all a lie but when you’re a racist tw@t, you’ll believe anything that fits your anger and fear.

  • Joelle

    @Anon @ 06/04/2014 at 8:21 pm #24

    You want to volunteer your services? Undoubtedly you think we have an endless supply of soldiers to send all over the world for every conflict. Instead of just sitting on your a ss spouting nonsense, you need to educate yourself a bit. We’re not trying to get into MORE conflicts without any consideration to our manpower, how long these conflicts may take and the possible fall out. Aren’t we still in Iran and Iraq? Where are those weapons of mass destruction? The Republicans sold us that bag of rotten goods. Don’t we already have troops in many other places throughout the world? We aren’t the police of the world, sad as the state of it might be. Do you want the draft to be reinstated. H ell, you might not even know what the draft is. Dumba sses like you think that all you have to do is send troops, kill people and boom! the problem’s solved. Didn’t you learn anything from Bush? War is real, not some GI JOE film. Weak? Grow the h ell up!

  • Fedupintheusa

    @Teabagger Tears Taste Delish.: Wow! You have a lot of pent up hate. It is very unproductive to waste time defending politicians, including Obama.

  • Trixie Larue

    He’s gone from the great ‘hope’ to the great ‘failure’. Detroit is burning, soon every major city in America will be like Detroit.

  • Bo

    @Teabagger Tears Taste Delish.:
    @Teabagger Tears Taste Delish.: y’all explains it all.
    Obama regardless of his political affiliation is destroying this country. Get over your old tired diatribe.
    AMERICA deserves better.

  • Anon

    @Joelle: You missed the point you fool. I was against intervention in both cases, but he opened his mouth both times and backed down both times. Get your head out of your a$$ and realize that your hero is a turd, mor on.

  • Basher


    ITAWY … all these lying conservatives were braying for this guys release for years and accusing the President of leaving him in Afghanistan. did they really think no one was talking to the Taliban. GMAFB!!

    And Saint Ronnie’s supporters paid Iran to KEEP our hostages through the election in 1980 so Jimmy carter wouldn’t win re-election and then sold 1500 missiles to Iran and funded Iraq in their war to get 7 hostages out of Lebanon.

    But the used condoms in the R column want to put him on Mount Rushmore. Their only problem is that the President did this in the open without standing on his head and whistling dixie so they can’t bitch about him NOT doing it any more.

  • Basher


    THANKS YOU!!!!!!!!!!

    Just as I suspected.

  • marsh

    What happened to ” The U.S. will not negotiate with terrorist”? If the terrorists that were released in exchange for Bowe were considered “not a threat” then why were other soldiers lives lost to capture them? Mr. President has put those poor soldier’s lives at risk even more that are still fighting for your right to sit on your democratic ass and not work.

  • Bo

    The countries that you refer to have been at at war for thousands of years.
    Pick up a history book and you will learn.

  • Rethugs Think Facts R Useless

    @Sue: You people sound like Jan Brady…Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi. There has already been FIVE DIFFERENT COMMITTEES that have found no wrong doing and have cleared both the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton. And now we have another one. This crap is nothing more than a republican witch hunt being paid for by American tax dollars. It’s amazing, George W. Bush has repeated Benghazi like scandals and you dolts sit on your a$$ and say nothing. He had his own IRS scandal involving the NAACP and again you sit. Then he has the biggest scandal of all time: freakin’ 9/11 where he KNEW something was going to happen and HE sat on his a$$ and 3000 Americans died. Then he lied to the American people and went to war with the wrong countries that ended up killing several thousand American soldiers and a million+ innocent human beings in those countries. And again you sat. Wait I take that back y’all pissed and moaned that liberals were the antichrist nonpatriotic a-holes for daring to say boo about Bush. And now you have the audacity to claim Obama the worst president. Read a freakin book ya morons. The saddest part is republicans are banking on y’all being hateful morons because if they can keep your eyes on the shiny ball of Obama hate, you won’t pay attention to how they are trying to destroy America by getting rid of things like fair wage laws and the min. wage that guarantee you a good wage. No they want us to be like China where people work for $1/hr. They want to do away with unions (you know unions, the people who brought you 40 hr work weeks and weekends off and bathroom breaks and fire doors and sprinklers and safe buildings and the list goes on) because without unions, they can make the work week 60, 70, 80 hours and they don’t have to abide by safety laws and buildings and can scrimp on codes that cost to much. They want to do away with child labor laws because children need to start working. And they want to make sure fraking companies and chemical companies can pollute our fresh water without having to tell us or be held accountable. They want to ship the jobs overseas. They want to cut healthcare out so insurance companies can gouge you with high premiums while denying people who desperately need insurance or they’ll die. They want to destroy Medicaid, Medicare, disability, SSI because people don’t deserve it and if they don’t have money for food and a home and heat, who cares. They want to raise taxes on the poor and middle class so much and give tax breaks to the wealthy and companies. They want to take the middle class taxes and give it to the billionaire companies free and clear. They want to control who can and cannot vote in this free democracy we call America. They want to privatize education, the police, fire, post office and several other government agencies and when you privatize them, the public has no say anymore. THAT means whoever owns the police can set the rules. Whoever owns the post office can raise the price of a stamp to $5 if they see fit. They want to cut funding to injured vets and have republican governors refuse federal aid to help vets AND the sick and then when everyone dies, they can blame Obama instead of taking the blame where it should rightfully fall. AND THE GODDAMN LIST GOES ON. But ooooohhhhh Obama’s the enemy. WAKE UP. You hate how this country has gone down hill, well it started in 1980 thanks to Reagan and then Bush Sr. and Bush jr. and their republican cronies and y’all conveniently blame Obama. Educate yourselves and fast because by the time YOU finally catch up to what many of us already know, it’ll be too late, we’ll be screwed living in some fascist dictator republican controlled oligarchy and you’ll have no one to blame but yourselves. And turn OFF Fox News. Why would you want to support a channel whose second biggest contributor/investor is a Saudi Arabian whose family and country helped FUND the 9/11 terrorists. Shame on all of you for supporting a channel that not only supports foreign terrorists but also domestic ones like Clive Bundy and Sarah Palin, who rally the masses with lies and fear and create maniacs and militias of morons.

    …….Oh and this new impeachment crap. Sorry but Obama DID tell members of congress in the legal proper manner. He doesn’t have to invite ever member in congress to the oval office so they can sit on his knee and hear the story of a prisoner exchange. He told the proper people. I swear hell has to freeze over before these a-holes in congress will actual work on moving this country forward. They’d rather sit on their butts and watch this country fail and crumble before they’ll work with Obama and liberals. How that isn’t considered treason I’ll never know.

  • gg

    @#39 – Tell us, since you seem to be in the know, just which members of Congress – besides senile Harry Reid – were informed within the past 30 days of Barry’s intention of releasing Gitmo prisoners. Come on, name names ….

  • ema richmon

    We would like to know IMPACH THE PRESIDENT FOR WHA?
    For kicking they Butts twice, by large MARGIN
    THEY want to impeach because he is SMART, INTELLIGENCE, AND BRILLIANT.



  • Edward Snowden

    Good bless him!
    When the NSA was monitoring Angela Merkel´s cell-phone, he didn´t know anything about it.
    If Angela Merkel does not give asylum to me, she has “no balls”. And then she´ll never ever get voted again as the first head of germany.
    The germans people have a lot of conscientiousness. They never forget, that I don´t get asylum in their country, although I did so much for them.
    If I don´t get asylum in germany. It´s not yet too late!
    Thus, Merkel will not be voted again as the first head of germany.
    This is my deepest wish, if I won´t get asylum in germany.
    Please, all my german fans, don´t vote Merkel again !!!
    Spread this post to the whole world. Hyperlink it!
    Edward Snowden

  • Edward Snowden

    If Angela Merkel wants to be sincere, she should give asylum to me!
    Otherwise she´s not sincere!
    Otherwise she has not the right kind of sense for justice!
    Gerhard Schröder would had given asylum to me. He “has the balls” to show the USA his forehead. Merkel – obviously – has lost “them”!
    Edward Snowden

  • Flo

    Revealed: The Destroyer of Obama’s Tyranny

    (One of the following will stop the runaway train called “Obama” and will be famous forever! Check everyone listed and guess who will achieve this:)

    A Republican; a Democrat; an Independent; a Chinese dissident; a Muslim jihadist; a talk show host; a teenager on meds; a movie star; a White House policeman; a Black rap artist; Michelle Obama; a Jewish columnist; a 90-year-old jogger; a death row inmate; YOU; a member of a Russian garden club; a Wall Street insider; a perennial lottery loser; a Secret Service agent; a recently discovered superbug; a vengeful pig farmer; a 105-year-old Tea Party member; a mad Army general; a gay alien from the Exonica Galaxy; the world’s first transgendered dog, or one of Obama’s live-in relatives.

    (The correct answer, buried above, is three letters long and in caps. For more on the same tyrant, Google “The Background Obama Can’t Cover Up” and also “WHITE HOUSE-GROWN TERRORISTS starring Obaba Black Sheep…”)