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Diane Kruger & Joshua Jackson Are Picture Perfect at Announcement Dinner!

Diane Kruger & Joshua Jackson Are Picture Perfect at Announcement Dinner!

Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson get together for a photo to celebrate the announcement of her as the new Woman held at the Goldstein Residence on Monday (June 2) in Los Angeles.

The 37-year-old The Bridge actress was also joined at the event by her co-star Demian Bichir, Academy Award winning director Quentin Tarantino, and many more.

FYI: Diane is wearing a Giambattista Valli dress. The Goldstein Residence is a Los Angeles landmark and one of the best known examples of architect Lautner’s modernist style.

20+ pictures inside of Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson at the event…

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Credit: Pablo Frisk
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  • ugh

    So he flew from NY for a photo app, after he looked like he wants to cry the last time we saw him?

    These two are just sad, I really hope this charades will be over soon, they’re just breaking my heart and making me feel sorry for them

  • Jeanne

    @ugh…they were also at a concert in LA Sun night, so he didn’t fly in from NY just for this.

  • jodi

    @ugh: I think he was in LA last week. Nobody saw him on set yet. His role is small, smaller than his Fringe role was. He is not the lead, they don´t need him on set all the time.

  • jodi

    Sorry, I just looked at Diane´s last week pictures. She was alone every day, so Josh was obviously on set.

  • someguy

    Damn, does she look gorgeous. :)

  • jade86

    You think he was not on set, but you don’t know for sure. He was on set actually. There is a picture of him with the crew while Ruth Wilson was filming. Just because he is not the lead doesn’t mean his character has to be small. The story is not just about an affair, but about two marriages and both Josh and Maura Tierney will have important rules.

  • ugh

    Because she never alone when his in LA :/

  • jodi

    @jade86: D.West and R.Wilson are the main characters. Maura Tierney is #3. Josh is #4.
    In Fringe he was #2 and he wasn´t in every episode.
    But you are probably right, he was on set. Because Diane was alone the whole week.

  • ugh

    Have you even watched Fringe? He was in every episode but one, same as Anna Torv.
    And Diane is always alone, she was alone for 3 months and he was in LA.

  • flora

    No, that’s not true. Josh was out of several episodes during the first half of season four when they went back and forth between universes.

    I am not loving his look here, but hopefully it’s just this one picture and he’ll actually look much better on the show.

  • Mike

    @Netty: Right? He looks like the embodiment of a hipster nightmare here! LOL! I always thought his stock plummeted when he hooked up with this fame whore who has to do paid media placement on this site. But how he looks here, that just is the worst ever. Damn. LOL!

  • Totoriqw


    That’s nice to know. Now I KNOW I won’t be watching.

  • Jo


    Do you even know how stupid you sound? Guess not. Couples don’t spend every waking moment with their partners. For you to expect them to be, is beyond stupid. Why do you need to see them together in pics, every single time anyway? The pics you see of Josh or Diane alone are five minutes of their day. You’ve got no idea how they spend the rest of the day. They could see each other for the rest of the day for all you know.

    This show is not Fringe, where the core three were needed in a lot of shots together. The story is completely different, and so will the time needed on set . Since, there are no sightings, doesn’t mean he isn’t on set or with Diane in LA. Sheesh.

  • ugh

    What so you want from me? I didn’t say he was in NY because Diane was alone. I said that just because Diane was alone it doesn’t mean Josh is not in LA. So who’s the one that’s stupid again? Learn to read. Sheesh.

  • Jo


    LOL. I can read just fine, thanks. Do you even read your own posts. Your Diane is always alone. She was alone for three months and Josh was in LA. That’s what I’m referring to. Why is it that you expect that every time they go out/ get papped they should be together. It’s not normal to spend every waking moment with your partner, and yet you expect them too.

    I know Jeanne. Doesn’t Ugh make your head hurt.

  • Trixie Larue

    When is he going to dump this loser?

  • flora

    JustJared rules of dating: (1)You have to be with your partner 24/7, (2)when you’re with your partner, you have to be smiling all the time at each other, (3)if you’re not with each other all the time and smiling through every single second of that time, you might as well break up immediately because you’re clearly miserable. Also, complete strangers who have never even met you or been in the same room as you obviously know how to read your body language and interpret your emotions accurately from said language so you should probably just do what they say and break up if they tell you to. Sounds practical right?

  • Jo


    Haha. Bingo.

  • jodi

    @flora: If Diane wants to get an Emmy nomination she has to follow these rules that you listed. LOL

    Emmy nominations voting begins Monday, June 9, 2014.

    We can expect Diane´s PR team to write several “engagement” stories , like they did in June 2013:

    “Josh and Diane are very close to getting engaged,” the pal reveals. “They decided they’re ready for the next step. They’re excited!”
    The pal adds that Jackson will propose this summer and says their wedding will happen imminently.

    Joshua Jackson Spotted Engagement Ring Shopping for Diane Kruger. “He was looking at an $80,000 3.5-carat emerald-cut platinum engagement ring,” an onlooker dishes in this week’s issue of Life & Style. “He thinks it’s perfect.”

    This year they should do an “engagement party” with A-list celebrities – That will be fun!

  • flora

    Yes, I’m sure Diane’s PR team completely disregards Diane’s insistence that she will never, ever get married again by creating engagement rumors. That seems like a really smart way to keep your client.

  • Toni


    Josh was asked about that when the Bridge had their premier season 1 launch in early July 2013 after that little statement release and he told them ” I think it’s fair to say, we are not going down that path. Others may like to do it, which is ok, but it’s not for us.”

    So, since they shot it down, I’m guessing it wasn’t from their PR team. As, Flora said, why would they even do that, if your client is dead against doing it.

  • jodi

    @flora: PR team´s job is to create attention for their client. And Diane´s team is doing it very well.

    “Engagement “stories will create some buzz and more attention. It worked perfectly last year.

    They´re not forcing her to actually get engaged.

    It´s just for publicity. Her show will be on FX in a month and she wants to get an Emmy, these stories are created for PR.

  • jodi

    @Toni: It´s a perfect PR strategy: create some rumors and then deny them. This way you get attention twice: when you create rumors and when you deny rumors.

    Diane doesn´t care if the stories are fake or real (she lies in interviews all the time). She wants attention and her PR team creates attention.

  • flora

    Yeah… You’re gonna have to show some receipts about this particular theory, otherwise it’s all just supposition and assumptions on your part as far as I’m concerned. But nice try, though.

  • ugh


    I wrote that in response to Jodi she said that Josh was in NY because Diane was alone, you idiot. God, what is wrong with you? I didn’t say anything about that that that every time they go out/ get papped they should be together, I said the opposite. So no, you don’t know how to read.

    But whatever, be a moron :/

  • Jackson and Tarantino

    As the wine started really flowing, so did the crazy conversation. Listening to Jackson and Tarantino rank the hottest actresses from the 1980s and ’90s was a highlight. (Michelle Pfeiffer? Check. Naturally, “Pulp Fiction” star Uma Thurman was also on the list.)

  • jodi

    @flora: LOL

    There´re many PR receipts: publicity stunts, PR spins, propaganda… articles and books are written about it.

    Diane´s PR team is using many PR tricks- and it works. It works very, very well.

  • flora

    No, those aren’t receipts. Articles and books about public relations don’t serve as proof that someone’s PR team manufactures engagement stories about them despite the fact that that person has emphatically stated they will not ever get married. So my point stands that unless you have actual proof that any of your assumptions are based in reality, they remain assumptions.

    So many folks on here claim to know so much about these two. Someone claims to know that they’re faking their relationship, another one claims to know that they’re both miserable, someone else claims to know that Diane’s PR people sell engagement stories to the tabs and yet another someone claims that Diane is sleeping with Demien Bechir. Basically the only thing that I know is that no one here actually knows them or anything about their personal lives as individuals or a couple beyond the brief glimpses we see in pictures from time to time.

  • ugh


    Let me ask you one thing, from the pics we get every time, do you really think they look as happy as they used to look like two years ago?

  • jodi

    @flora: Every time Diane is promoting a project there´re the same stories: she puts on a ring on “that finger”, engagement stories follow and then in interviews she says how she doesn´t believe in marriage, but wants to have children one day (but not right now).

    She and her PR team are using this pattern every year. And it works every time.

    The latest “engagement” rumors were in January 2014 when Diane was promoting her movie “The better angels”.

    From People :
    On Tuesday, the German-born actress stepped out in L.A. with Jackson, her boyfriend since 2006 – and she was wearing a very sparkly ring on that finger.

    Sources tell PEOPLE that Jackson, 35, has had marriage on his mind in recent months, and the former Fringe star has seemed ready to pop the question since last fall.
    It´s a known fact that People and US Weekly are “the mouthpiece of celebrity publicists”.

    In 2011 when Diane was doing promotion for “Unknown’” she and Josh put on “commitment rings”. And with that trick Diane got lots of attention, because everyone was speculating if she is secretly married. Few months later “commitment rings” disappeared. The rings were just another publicity stunt.

    Diane gets attention- that´s the goal. Baby talk, engagement rumors, “commitment rings”… her PR tricks work very, very well.

    And Josh Jackson is very, very useful for all of that – very smart of Diane and her PR team to use him to promote Diane´s image.

  • fransar94

    About the commitment ring: Josh was the only one he was wearing it almost all the time… The only times I saw her pictures wearing it was when they were at the ”Unknown” premiere and then in March/April 2012 maybe, when they hadn’t make an appearance together since early January… Maybe she wore it other times as well, but Josh was the one wearing it all the time

  • jodi

    @fransar94: OK, and where is his commitment ring now? Did he explain why he stopped wearing it?

  • fransar94

    Well I think that he stop wearing it around the time that I said Diane was seeing wearing it… Around that time.. But he was wearing it like always… It meant something to him… Obviously… I mean if Diane wasn’t wearing it and Josh did…. And then there were not pics of them together… So maybe they were having a break or something…Or they had no time to meet…,

  • jodi

    @fransar94: If the ring meant so much to him, why did he stop wearing it? Did he actually say anything about it?

  • fransar94

    We’re talking about Josh… Of course he said nothing… As far as I know… Maybe a fan that follows Josh more years may heard of something… I don’t know…

  • Lisa


    You know this could be a PR thing to, going out and look really sad and bad and then a day later they’re all smiles and hugs. This all comments are the result of people saying that they might break up or not… And it’s working.

    It’s either PR or they are really bi polar

  • flora

    @ugh: Let me ask you one thing, from the pics we get every time, do you really think they look as happy as they used to look like two years ago?

    They look the same to me, but I’m not sitting around analyzing pics from 2 years ago and trying to compare them with pics from this year to gauge their level of happiness. First of all, that would be insanely creepy. Secondly, there are circumstances beyond what any of us are capable of knowing that can affect their appearance in any given pic. Maybe they’re annoyed with each other, maybe they’re annoyed by the photographers, maybe they have indigestion. Literally, a million different things can be going on that none of us can ever know about so to broadly paint over their lives with some arbitrary judgment like, “Aw, they’re so cute and in love all the time!” or “They’re not smiling at each other, they’re miserable” is silly. You don’t know that, neither do I and pretending to be a body language expert does not give anybody any more insight into their lives.

    @jodi: Diane wears rings whenever she feels like it. All you have to do is peruse her pictures on this site and you’ll see how often she wears them. She wears different ones on different fingers and there’s no pattern to it whatsoever. Not that I know her, but from the way she accessorizes, Diane doesn’t seem to place any more importance on the placement and/or use of any of her rings than she does for any of her other jewelry. Sometimes she wears earrings, sometimes she doesn’t. Same as it ever was with any of her rings.

    And why would Josh ever have to explain why he stopped wearing his ring? That isn’t information any of us are entitled to know.

  • jodi

    @flora: She wears rings very often, but engagement stories in People and US Weekly only appear when she has something to promote- that´s the pattern. And those stories are created by her publicitst (not by People or US Weekly). She is then asked in interviews about her rings and she says her standard phrase: “I don´t believe in marriage, but I really, really want children”.

    Don´t get me wrong: I understand that it´s part of her job. She gets more attention and as a result she gets more work and more money – nothing wrong with that.
    Other celebrities are using their children to get attention and awards. Diane uses Josh Jackson – if it works, then good for her.

    And Josh´s ring… @fransar94: thinks it was very meaninful for him and that´s why he was wearing it all the time.
    I think that he stopped wearing it because it meant nothing to him and was just a publicity stunt. It got them both attention, but that´s it.

  • flora

    Those engagement rumors pop up randomly and are not always tied to one of them promoting something. They usually get rehashed during a slow gossip news week (especially during the summer because that’s wedding season). As for Josh’s ring, there’s no way to know what it meant to him or them unless you ask him so both you and fransar are just assuming anyway.

    I certainly don’t think any celebrity is above playing the game on some level and actually think it’s beneficial to them and their careers to be savvy at self-promotion, but I’m also not gonna assume that every. single. engagement rumor that surrounds Josh and Diane exists only because her people are selling it to tabs in order to help her career. And I certainly do not buy into the wackass theory that Diane Kruger sits around at home plotting which rings to wear on what fingers in order to maximize her publicity potential.

  • jodi

    “Josh and Diane are very close to getting engaged,” the pal reveals. “They decided they’re ready for the next step. They’re excited!”
    The pal adds that Jackson will propose this summer and says their wedding will happen imminently.”
    “Jackson, 35, has had marriage on his mind in recent months, and the former Fringe star has seemed ready to pop the question since last fall.”

    @flora: People and US Weekly didn´t make this up. The “sources”, “pal” a.k.a. publicists wrote this BS.

    D. Kruger doesn´t plan her publicity stunts. Her PR team does. They are paid for it.

  • flora

    That’s one story out of at least half dozen engagement stories that have popped up over the years. It does not mean that all of the engagement stories have come from her people. Also, while People and US have the most celebrity friendly reputations, they are also not above just fabricating things like the lesser tabloids. To believe otherwise is foolish.

    In an earlier comment, you said this: Every time Diane is promoting a project there´re the same stories: she puts on a ring on “that finger” which suggests that you believe she does sit around and plan publicity stunts.

    As easy as it is for you to believe that Diane’s team pushes engagement rumors to coincide with her projects, it’s just as easy for me to believe that sometimes, those rumors are just lies that tabs fabricate out of nothingness in order to fill up column space. It’s an easy story because they’ve been together for so long, it’s not a controversial story at all, and it doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings or reputation.

  • jodi

    @flora: BTW the latest Josh/Diane engagement rumor was published in January, during HW Awards season, when tabloids were very busy covering all the red carpers, and just few days before Sundance festival where Diane was promoting her movie.

    Never mind.

  • jodi

    Dear publicists! Enough with the old stuff! Nobody believes anymore that Kruger and Jackson will ever get engaged and married.

    If Ms Kruger will use Mr Jackson´s name during talk shows in the next few weeks- I would really like to hear the story how he broke his foot last year. How, where, who was there, all the details. I´m sure his fans will really like that story.

  • flora

    The latest rumor was probably the most ridiculous out of all of them because the Bulgari ring that was supposedly her engagement ring didn’t even look like an engagement ring. IIRC, it was a gold snake-shaped thing that didn’t even have a traditional diamond on it. What’s more is that it was a mass market piece that anybody with money could buy. While that might be fine for some people, celebrities usually go the custom-designed route when it comes to engagement jewelry and I have no reason to believe that Josh Jackson would have veered from that tradition, especially since Diane herself has said that Josh has helped design custom pieces for her before as presents on special occasions.

    There was another rumor a couple of years ago that he bought her a necklace at an auction as an engagement present while they were in Cannes and she wasn’t promoting anything then. She was already all over the entertainment news for being a juror at the festival, not to mention all the coverage she got during those two weeks for her style choices. She didn’t need an engagement rumor to amp up her publicity game during that time, but US reported on the fake story anyway. I’d have a hard time believing that her people were the ones responsible for that.

  • Lisa

    I have to agree with Jodi, it’s all PR.

    If you’ll pay attention you’ll see that the only posts that gets more than 10 comments are either Josh alone or both together. So why would they post pictures of her all the time? No one cares about her yet still she gets at leas two pap post a week. And where’s Josh? He’s only important when he’s with her?

    It makes no sense to focus all the attention on the one who no one cares about. Unless someone is paying you to do so.

  • jade86

    Joshua Jackson was at 2014 FIFA World Cup McDonald’s Launch Party, yesterday. So, he is in the Big Apple again and with the Cole’s look.
    I bet he will shot his scenes for The Affair. Yeah!

  • belluci


    I aways agree with everything you write. Joshua and Diane are a wonderful couple and both great at their job.


    It’s always nice to see new pictures of Joshua. He looks great!

  • jodi

    “Even when I was little, I pretended to be someone I was not. I’ve always told a good story to amuse people, to get what I wanted. Maybe it’s called being a liar.”

    Diane Kruger, Hollywood Reporter, 2014

    This statement is very telling.

    @flora: Oscar winner Marion Cotillard was in Cannes that year. You know, the woman who stole Diane´s husband & big love G.Canet. Marion got lots of attention and praise in Cannes and looked fantastic.

    What´s a better way to get more attention than your rival than engagement rumors? ; )

  • nate

    I like her. She is talented and very pretty.

  • Lola

    Wow, I dont know what is scariest: me landing to some of Kruger pics here (ended up here looking for Bridge spoilers) or me keep visiting her pics pages for a whole hour just to read your comments?
    Everytime the same ppl saying pretty much the same stuff :D
    When I am frustrated I play Candy Crush I can only guess in your case you just wait JustJared to publish Kruger’s photos so you can attack the comments sections.

    I would call you “obsessed” but hell I ‘ve been reading you for the last hour so I really shouldnt call you anything :D
    Still guys, except if Kruger has harmed you personally this is not a very normal behavior.. Who cares if she is happy, unhappy, successful or not, if her PR says that or this, I mean WHO really cares, except herself?