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Jonah Hill Addresses Homophobic Remarks on 'Tonight Show' - Watch Now

Jonah Hill Addresses Homophobic Remarks on 'Tonight Show' - Watch Now

Jonah Hill flashes a smile while making an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday (June 3) in New York City.

The 30-year-old actor was on hand to promote his new film Jump Street 22 and addressed his recent controversial homophobic remarks. Watch the video now.

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On the same day, Jonah‘s co-star Channing Tatum kept a low profile while catching a departing flight at the airport in Vancouver, Canada.

In case you missed it, Jonah has also apologized for uttering a homophobic slur at a photographer over the weekend.

Jonah Hill – ‘Tonight Show’

10+ pictures inside of Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum in different countries…

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Photos: NBC, AKM-GSI
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  • Amy Lee Christian

    First Sterling and now Hill. Revered members of the Jewish faith.

  • Rex Reed

    Jonah Hill is a complete fraud. How this horrible Man ever got any acting roles is beyond most people’s comprehension. Apparently he can’t even learn his lines and needs a teleprompter.

  • Gmitse Ko

    @Rex Reed: Yes but he is twice nominated for an Oscar. ROTFLMAO

  • Saul Ginsberg

    Even Jews are embarrassed by this complete idiot.

  • assman

    douche, hail Bryan Singer

  • vienna

    looks like he put back on a lot of the weight the loss. I guess he can’t keep it up because he did it the quick and wrong way.

  • not homophobic

    how is it homophobic if he demanded the faggot to suck his dick? he wants faggots to suck his dick.

  • meme

    Seriously I think all Americans are really over sensitive it seems like you can’t say anything whiteout someone being over sensitive and defended by it i just don’t get it I am so glad I don’t live in a country like that

  • ham

    he chaned his story tonight on fallon just saying the pap called him and his family hurtful names but earlier on Stern he said the pap also followed him around all day which is dubious bc there are no photos of him anywhere except at the incident location ! regardless he acted like a 5 year old boy with his hate what a pathetic loser he really is !

  • jon m’shulla

    His 15 seconds are over. Bye-bye to the chubby nebbish.

  • leila

    Omg now he’s going on talk shows. He’s so pathetic! No one will believe you jonah! You fat disgusting excuse of an actor. The best thing you can do is to shut up and continue to eating your feelings


    Mild, considering America kills the foreign alien homosexuals who immigrate to America from across the ocean with mathematical precision. No big secret, justjared. America has a xeno policy since before Columbus and secured by Washington. The faggos haven’t got a chance trying to exist within America but at least back in their home of eurasia they have a real home that belongs to them where they are from.

  • DanaJ

    Americans are crazy. The man has to make houndred of apollogies after he was insulted by a paparazzi. I just don’t get it. There is nothing to appologise for. Everyone has gotten so phony and scared. It’s sad.

  • nick

    @Gmitse Ko:

    Do you “ROTFLMAO” for his overrated, not nomination worthy performances in both moneyball & wows? lol

  • frank

    Oh get over it you pathetic bitchy people.. it was an accident. I wonder how many of you f**king hipicrits say something racist or homophobic every day, yet have the f**king nerve to give jonah hill sh*t for it accidently slipping one out. Its sad how many times this guy has to apologize to idiots like you. The pap got on his nerves and (yes like a dumb ass) slipped an f bomb. Oh well.. at least he’s known for supporting gay rights. I’m sure there’s more gay people not giving a sh*t and forgiving hime than you random bitchy people.. who take to sites just to vent like pu**ys.

  • Noelle

    There are a lot of people that comment on this site that are just flat out rude. The name calling is very immature and childish. He made a sincere apology. I believe he is a genuinely nice person.

  • Job

    @meme: if you don’t live here just rest assured that wherever you live will always revolve around America….

  • Miles

    He’s fat, he’s ugly, he rides on Leo’s coat tails or worse. If he had said the ‘N’ word or spic, the world would be in an uproar…

  • FreedomFinger

    SO the guy says something homophobic. He goes in front of millions of people and apologizes, he does support the LGBA, ect ect.. And some of you don’t think that’s enough with that let’s just move on?

    Ok, everyone writing that he’s a douche, an idiot and, wow “fat” something or Jew are the biggest hypocrites ever. I’m ready to bet that all of you have slurred the N word, the Fa–ot word, called someone “homo”, whore, fat f**k or something else at one point in your lives so please shut the hell up. You are no one to judge him.

    Paparazzies follow celebrities and non-celebrities (Kadarshians ect) in hope they catch them slipping up. Some of them are ok and just want a funny quote or story, but most of them can harass them out of their minds. Of course they won’t sell the 500 first pics of the celeb walking around, they’ll sell the “money shot” or the bigot slurs so for those asking about the facts about the story because he changed some of it between two interviews, it still sums up to a pap following Hill every where and harassing him.

    California (first) should pass a law against the paparazzis limiting them to social events. This would limit the right to just take pics of someone walking around and having a good time or with their children and then selling them for a high price to some sleezbag magazine or website.

    Hill apologized, get over it and move on with your lives. He has done more for the LGBA with 1 single tweet in 2013 ( than any of us ever did in our lifetime. He probably got more shirts sold to help their community just with one single tweet.. What have you all done?

    It slipped out, you all have slipped out slurs, probably worse slurs… I’m the first one to admit it. It happens… now move on..

  • M

    He’s probably in the closest which is why he said those things and why he works for the Gay community. He’s pissed that he is in denial of his gayness.

  • mike


    I am too. Stay where you are

  • Tonico

    @Rex Reed: Totally agree

  • Tonico

    Who is he trying to fool?

  • Mr Hankey

    What IS the proper vernacular when asking a stranger to “please s**k your d**k”?


    I think that maybe Jonah DID use the right word?

  • Marion Carroll

    I believe Jonah’s apology was sincere. He was pushed to the breaking point and lashed out. He has always been a supporter of the gay community. We’ve all seen many people lately making their rounds apologizing for offensive comments. Jonah’s apology was so heart-felt I don’t think it even compares to others we’ve all seen lately. I think the word he used has lost most of its original meaning, especially among young people.

  • Marion Carroll

    @M: Not everyone who supports the gay community are gay! Join the 21 century!

  • Marion Carroll

    Well said Frank. As a gay man, I was not the least bit offended by Jonah’s remark. People are way too sensitive these days! The word doesn’t really even have the same meaning as it once did. Gro@frank:
    Well said Frank! As a gay man I wasn’t the least bit offended by Jonas comment. People have become way too sensitive! The word doesn’t really even have the same meaning today as it once had. Grow up people!!

  • Marion Carroll

    Amen!! As a gay man myself, I wasn’t the least bit offended! The photographer was being an asshole! I would’ve said the same thing!

  • willie

    @Marion Carroll: hahaha funny , someone one saying sox my d ick u f ag g ot doesnt offend you but someone saying i think your shorts are sexy does lol good one my friend excellent

  • What

    @ham: The paparazzi may have got tons of pictures of him. How much do you think magazines are going to pay for Jonah Hill pictures with no real story? And that’s why you only see the photos of when he had an outburst: A story behind the picture.

  • dee

    why don’t you talk about Mila Kunis, Logan Lerman, Natalie Portman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Andrew Garfield, etc. all being Jews instead.

  • Lame

    Never cared for this guy. He reminds me of a Chef I used to work for, & the guy was a total douche. His movies aren’t funny, & neither is he. As far as the homophobic comments- get over yourself, butterball. Not even the chubby chasers want you.

  • apples

    this is a perfect example of a hollywood hack putting down a group of people with a slur and he got caught so went on every talk show with phony apologies ….. ignorance breeds ignorance ! we have come a long way NOT !