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Leonardo DiCaprio Refused to Be Filmed for 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians'

Leonardo DiCaprio Refused to Be Filmed for 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians'
  • Leonardo DiCaprio was at an event where Keeping Up with the Kardashian cameras were filming, but he wouldn’t get in front of the camera – US Weekly
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  • lol

    Very rich for a guy who was once banging Paris Hilton on the regular

  • Jo

    Leo probably doesn’t want cameras to catch his gay affairs ^^

  • wow

    Good for Leo; glad to see that someone out there doesn’t bow down to this family of garbage. Leo has class and self-respect, traits sorely lacking in the Kartrashian/Jenner families.

  • Jade

    @wow: leo is too good for that trash family. there’s two kinds of people – the people who are fans of the kardashians (don’t have lives, love their tv show, generally have a low intelligence) and the people who hate them. Those people are the normal ones and Leo is one of them. I pity anyone who calls themselves a Kardashian fan. That’s like openly declaring yourself too dumb to function.

  • oook

    @wow: he has class f’ucking that trash Hilton?!! LOL

  • Alya

    that’s our man.good for him.his A list star with a real talent and respect

  • lol

    @Alya: lol…

  • Why

    He IS friends with the Kardashians & Paris (more than friends)! He took his girlfriend to the Kanye West concert. He is friends with everyone famous…his Management team doesn’t want him to be seen with Reality stars because it takes away from his A-List appeal.

  • wow

    For those of you bashing Leo – enjoy yourselves.. But I still prefer him over two families of self-absorbed, greedy, disgusting clowns who think the world revolves around their every move and who try and get themselves in the news with some stupid stunt or comment every single day.

  • nothing new

    Leo don’t want to be filmed/photographed most of the time, especially when his girlfriend of the season is around.

  • also…

    @wow: Bashing Leo? This is an everyday thing for him so why is it such a huge thing that he refused to filmed for the Kardashians? Have you ever seen him leaving his own girlfriend behind just to run away from the paparazzi? AmFAR Gala in Cannes where he was the only celeb with bodyguards who protected him from photographers ( not paparazzi – official event photographers ) or MoMA Garden Party in NYC where he personally asked the photographer ( not paparazzi ) to delete his photo? I`m not bashing him I just don`t see it why is it news now? He does this all the time.
    By the way he was there to celebrate with the cast members and Paris Hilton. He was there for their party to celebrate Frankie Delgado`s birthday who is friends with the family. So he is not too good to mingle with them?

  • wow

    For those of you bashing Leo – enjoy yourselves. But I still prefer him over two families of self-absorbed, greedy, disgusting clowns who think the world revolves around their every move and who try and get themselves in the news with some stupid stunt or comment every single day.

  • wow

    @#12 – Sorry for the double post.

  • wow

    @#11 – if you read some of the comments it sure sounds to me as if people don’t like Leo very much. That’s just my opinion, of which we’re all entitled.

  • also…

    @wow: Well, different people different opinion. But it won’t change the fact that some posted facts about Leo not just theories.

  • also…

    @wow: I can’t argue with you about the Kardashians. Everything you said is true but I’m not so sure it was just about the Kardashians. What about AmFAR where he did the same thing? And it’s really not bashing. This is Leo Kardashians or anyone else ( sometimes even his gf ).

  • @wow

    That’s because JJ posters get a kick out of bashing Leo 24/7 or reading comments that bash him. That’s why they love Lainey but hated her when she used to be nice to Leo.

  • also…

    @@wow: Just like you don’t do anything but complain about JJ posters. For a change lets hear what’s your take on this story! On the actual Leo story not on the JJ posters or on Lainey.

  • @wow

    And let’s hear you say something positive for once or make a comment without shading Leo, Toni, Dave, BZ posters, and people with different opinions than you every single day. Oh that’s right, you can’t !

  • Bobby

    amazing YOU GO LEO!…kardashian trash

  • also…

    @@wow: Oh, you give new meaning to exaggeration! You are nothing but a drama queen doing nothing but whining about JJ posters and me. Your comment is full of cr^p as usual and of course not a word on the actual topic. Typical!

  • @wow

    LMAO, as if you or anyone else comments on TOPIC esp when there are threads of just Leo without Toni mentioned. And you are the ultimate drama queen but you lack self awareness as per usual. LOL @ the lack of comments on this thread since dear Toni isn’t mentioned, what happened to the “Leo fans”???

  • @wow

    Last thread has around 700 comments but its already going to be Friday tomorrow and it was posted on Sunday. No Toni mentioned either so go figure!

  • me

    Maybe now the media will realize The Kartrashians are out of favor.
    Leo was definitely right about this one!

  • Dream Girl

    Good call Leo.

  • godog

    smart move… no need to waste time, air, space on fecal matters.

  • ####

    He might have refused to be filmed but as soon as they stopped filming he went back in to party. Just saying….

  • Leo Knows Best

    Good move on his part, by not allowing his life blood to be sucked by those thirsty fame vampires. Another thing, why are so many of you upset if he goes out and has a good time? He deserves to have as much fun as he can, as long as he’s not hurting himself or anyone else.

  • also…

    @wow: So what? Is there anyone other than you who bothers to check the # of comments? What does it matter? Is there a quota or something? You keep a log?

  • lol

    lmao, #also and her lapdog loved this piece of gossip. Leo is not some kind of God, he is human, he is not above anyone, get it over!

  • also…

    @lol: Why don`t you `get OVER IT` that I post here and some agree with me? Ignore my comments and your problem is solved. You keep reading them and keep whining about me. `get it over`

  • lol


  • also…

    @lol: Exactly. Everything you post is `lmao` category

  • sexyback

    @also+wow+jo+lol=trolls stalking every leo thread even if its not worth commenting on.!!!!!!!!!

  • @sexyback

    Take your own advice.

  • Redbull

    I totally agree with sexyback. Must you trolls comment on every thread.

  • Redbull

    You guys are even on bradley C. Thread. I was wondering where you guys went.