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Rihanna's Perfume Ad Restricted in UK for Being 'Sexually Suggestive'

Rihanna's Perfume Ad Restricted in UK for Being 'Sexually Suggestive'

Rihanna caused a stir earlier this week when she went almost naked while accepting her CFDA Fashion Icon Award and now she is causing some controversy in the UK with the ad for her new perfume Rogue.

The 26-year-old singer is pictured topless with just a pair of underwear while laying down next to a large bottle of the perfume.

The U.K.’s Advertising Standards Authority has issued a ruling that the poster campaign was “provocative” and “sexually suggestive” and should only appear with placement restrictions to try and make sure that children do not see it, according to WWD.

“It’s not an outright ban, but it’s about placing [the advert] a bit more sensitively,” a spokesperson said.

The ruling followed a single complaint about the ad featured on elevator doors and the original complaint said the ad was “overly sexual and demeaning to women,” which the ASA did not uphold.

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  • leelee

    She must save a lot of money not wearing clothes.

  • http://@lilianlilsexy lily

    She is a whore!!!

  • Jesse

    It’s absolutely ridiculous. Most of adverts is “provocative” and “sexually suggestive”. In fact that’s exactly what sells the products. I’m not a fan of her but I don’t like unequality. There are much worse ads which offense me just looking at them. And they are put on very visible places. I don’t understand. Pictures of women like that are all around.

  • Lena


    These MENSA “nevergonnahappens” just looooove pushing the envelope of shocking don’t they. I often find myself sucking on an orange sugar free popsicle thinking “gee Lena, the day these ding dongs actually show us their brains is the day cats will be mating with dogs, republicans will be voting for democrats, and the day you’ll be able to return electronic equipment in the same box with all the items just the way you bought it and actually close the lid all the way.”

    The only problem with saying something like that out loud, ie, they’ll show us their “brains,” is that after being completely nude all the time turns into “been there done that..And boring,” we’re gonna have Miley Cyrus showing us her new surgically altered unscrewable skull cap and her tattooed and pierced left frontal “brain lobe” and someone like Rihanna will show up to the next big fashion event with her skull removed and her exposed brain all blinged out.

    Seriously, sarcasm aside about the possibility of these nitwits showing us their brains for a change, after these youngens outdo each other with their desperado attention seeking so called shocking bare body nudity, then what’s next to steal attention from each other and get us to notice? Public sex epiditions? Porn? It’s sad and silly. It’s not that the rest of the MATURE world is scared and too repressed to do this. It’s just that we’re just smart. Or that we catch a chill easily. LOL. :) That’s all, you stupid girl.

  • sam

    ”””The U.K.’s Advertising Standards Authority has issued a ruling that the poster campaign was “provocative” and “sexually suggestive” and should only appear with placement restrictions to try and make sure that children do not see it”””

    I wish the US would protect children like this. They let that b*tch walk around naked, without a concern for children seeing her.

  • Lena

    Expidition was actually supposed to be exhibition. I didn’t realize the spelling error until I got naked and ran through my neighborhood screaming. LOL. :)

  • Lena


    Sam, you are SPOT on with your focus. When the Willis girl was hunting and gathering for fruits and vegetables on the streets of New York with her naked breasts exposed like a cave girl, people came out to say that it was terrible that people criticize women for launching the naked boobs during public baby breastfeeding. And as a woman, I get that women need to feed their babies, and I favor private areas in bathrooms/lounges or back of restaurants out of plain sight where they can do this. Or at least women should try to not call attention to it. Cover the baby/boob with a blanket. Everyone got all nuts and resentful screaming “but it’s natural” and “what about equality?” and “you’re ashamed of breasts.” And I’m like no I work in child dependency and neglect. It’s about protecting the baby and mother. Whether people want to believe it or not, a woman walking through society with her breasts exposed is dangerous in this day and age. Breastfeeding is a vulnerable event for mama and child. There are predators out there and she is sending a signal to people. Vulnerable situation. Ideals are wonderful. But reality is another thing. When a woman breastfeeds in public she is vulnerable with a newborn at that point and she’s exposing her child and herself. To muggings and kidnapping. Someone grabs her purse? What’s she gonna do? Detach baby from boob, stick boob back in blouse, get up tick tock tick tock…. I just think in PUBLIC, people should be on guard duty with their babies and children at all times.

    There is a UN website on human trafficking. There is a story of a school in Eastern Europe where the children keep getting kidnapped from the school yard and the locals are convinced that the children are being stolen and sold for their organs on the black market. So it’s a very dangerous world. & I was discussing that when you have a litter of rescue kittens, mama cat doesn’t feed her kittens in the middle of the room, but rather what she does is she finds a very safe spot to feed her babies hidden away.

    Why should women whip out their breasts in the middle of the street and start feeding her children when they should just go into the corner and do it discreetly? Or a private bathroom lounge if available? Or at least have daddy around in public to prevent harassment. It’s not about equality and rights. It’s about protecting your babies and the children. It’s great to have all kinds of rights to be able to express yourself. In an ideal world. But we don’t live in an ideal world. We live in a world where people have weird brains. There are predators that have weird ideas and it’s about protecting yourself and the children and sending the right message so that society can get along and not get all crazy. I get that some people might think that’s repressed thinking but unfortunately theory is often a country mile from reality.

  • Roxie

    We all know what her body looks like already…….put some clothes on girl and really shock the world!!

  • marq

    @echo-chamber of the pogrom:

    there’s also this courageous non-conformist:

  • New Ditty

    Well-earned my attention minute.

  • Reb

    Everything this woman does is sexually suggestive. That’s how she makes money.

  • m

    And when Beckham had his D in your face it was OK ha??? Cmon people….

  • commonsense

    @m: Exactly!!

  • But David Beckham???

    @m: Exactly. David Beckham can have every nude ad in the world, nobody says a word because he is man. Pathetic hypocrites.